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The Revolutionary Front RMB

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Founder: The Armed Republic of The 4th International Communist Brigade

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Largest Basket Weaving Sector: 965th Largest Welfare Programs: 1,529th
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The personal administrative region of Comradeland.

Actions and dates will be recorded here for posterity and record keeping.

If you would like to register your region for defense, I would be happy to deploy a puppet as additional defensive insurance

Also, any comrades who wish to join the the struggle feel free to message me.

Eternally at war with fascist dogs and capitalist pigs. There can be no peace in the class struggle, no hope for the oppressed until the final victory of socialism.

Comrade General: Comradeland
Comrade Captain: Scienutopia

Embassies: Aryan Heritage, Kingdom of Tonga, North Catalonia, Republic of Vanuatu, US Virgin Islands, Greater Korean Empire, Republic of Zambia, Democratic Republic of Yemen, Republic of Togo, Nationalist And Conservative Union, Eastern Republic of Uruguay, Republic of Zimbabwe, Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Republic of Guinea, Republic of Nauru, Socialist Union Of Europe, and 418 others.Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Somali Republic, Republic of Namibia, Republic of San Marino, Republic of Sierra Leone, Republic of Niger, Republic of Senegal, Republic of Palau, Kingdom of Swaziland, Union of Myanmar, Department of Reunion, Republic of Singapore, Nordic Fascist Union, Republic of the Sudan, Politics Of China, The Russia Motherland, Conservative Alliance, Leftkorea, The Communist Republic Of Japan, The Alliance of Axis Powers, Korean Peoples Army, Northern Imperialist Alliance, The Eurasian Empire, The Federation of Nations, The Grand Empire Of The East, Union Of Democratic Socialist Republics, Allied States, The United Democratic Nations, Land of the Liberals, Democratic Republics, The Union Of Supreme Socialists, Alliance of Dictators, League of Democratic Nations, These United States of America, The Union Of Supreme Socialist Republics, Democratic Socialist League, Rule Britannia, Free Haven, Keepers of Life and Liberty, The Republic of Peru, Reichskanzlei, Stalins NKVD, Socialist States of Former Britain, Fascist Republic, War, Communism of The Communists, Kazakh SSR, Swedish Social Democratic Party, Nazi Germany 1930s, The Communist Superpowers of the World, Central Powers of the world, Imperial Catholic Nazi German Reich, The Confederacy of Imperialist Nations, Liberal, Good Guy Alliance, The Land of Anarchy, Anti fascist regional alliance, International Socialist Union, The Namekian Fascist Empire, Aryan Brotherhood, Coalition of Fascist Communists, Federation of Military States, The Great Military States, The Greater Reich, The Third Region, Yukreya, The spainish empire, The Greater Austro German Riech, Francoist Spain, The German Front Lines, Red Army Base 101, La republica de cuba, Capitalist Alliance, The AntiCommunist Vanguard, Communist Front, Antifa, Nazi Europe, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, The Unholy battlegrounds of WW2, The Imperial Axis Dominions, Soviet Communism Union, The Cold War Relics, Colony Of The Libertatem Empire, The Communist Regime, The US Army Paratrooper Division, Stalins Commissariat Region, The Glorious Communistical Alliance, Intel HQ, The Freedom Fighters, Upper Silesia, The Red Party, The American Dream, Trento, Reichsmarktplatz, United Communist, The Armed Stalin Cult, Soviet Socialist Republics, United Fascist States, Workers Revolutionary Party, New Soviet States, The Fascist Imperial Legion, North Koreans Peoples Commissars, The Greater Socialist Empire, New Comintern, Fascist Hungary, The Union of The Light, The ACLU, Marxist Nations United, Liberal Bloc, Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, World Party of Socialist Revolution, The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Bavarian Soviet Republic, The Czechoslovak Republic, Finnmark, Northern Italy, The Slavic Proletariat Union, British Crown Dependencies, Holy Germatic Order of German People, The Republic South Korea, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Iron Cross, The True Communist Region, Regione Italia, The Second Reich, Karnten, Revolutionary North Korea, The Empire of Germania, The Korean Peninsula, INTERNATIONAL RED STAR UNION, Libertarians United, Socialista, DPRK, Workers International League, Marxist utopia, The socialist region, Libertarian Free Society, Ranejaval, Greater Reich of New Germania, Alliance of Affluent Nations, Capitol Alliance, Libertarian Paradise, The Socialist Collective, The New Femina Fascist Empire, Feminism, The Socialist Atheist Empire, Kingdom Of Luxembourg, Patriarchy, The Alliance Of Nationalist Republics, Marxist Workers League, The Feminist Front, The Matriarchy, The Alliance Of The Axis Powers, Confederate Coalition, Union of Communist Republics, Socialist Nations, League of Right Wing Fascism, West Europe, Feminist Region, Alliance of Strong Imperial Nations, The Chinese Communist Party, United Democratic Nations, Union of the Free Fascists, Slavya, The White Syndicate, MAGGIORE ITALIA, Vatican City State, Reagan rots in hell, Chinese soviet republic, Stalinist Utopia, Future North America, Deutsche demokratische republik, International Union of Socialist Youth, Monarchy, The Great Plains Of The Twelve Tribes, Region of Socialist Republics, The Imperial German Reich, Dobrich, The Capitalist Agenda, Second Warsaw Pact, The Chernobyl Union, Soviet Worker State, Revolutionary committee of slavia, Hitler Incorporated, Fascist States Of Denied Freedoms, Left Opposition, United Comunist States, Nazi Zombies, Banana Republic, Socialist union of nations, Socialist alliance for the people, French Resistance, Federation of bosnia and herzegovina, Luxemburg, Anti antifa, Anti communist, North korean peoples commissars, Seafieldia, Conservatism, Nationalist, The seventh reich, Fascists, Mecklenburg vorpommern, Communist eurasia, The new facist empire of italy, Union of the soviet socialist republics, National socialist peoples states, Democratic Communist Pact, Union of Soviet Democratic Socialist, United Socialist Order, Moscow Pact, Soviet Order, Revolutionary International, The Cooperative Army, Nihilistic fascist world front, Soviet, Nkvd, The greatest soviet union, The Socialist Communist Alliance, Marxist, Soviet empire, Sol system, The Communist Republic, Zhe Intranational Communist, The national fascist alliance, Supreme nazi europe, Peoples commissariat of internal affairs, The vanguards, The republic of moldova, World Communist Union, The True Communist Utopia, Nazi euro, The 4th international, Atheist alliance, The red wave, League of anti fascists, Union of Socialists and Communists, Marxism leninism union, International Workers Assembly, The Allied Communist Union, Pantelleria, United socialist nations, Communism Union, Tea Party, The republic of malta, REPUBLlCANS, The Communist Commune, Freedom Gulf, United Libertarian States, Rejected Communists Vol2, United Socialist Satellite Republics, New Soviet, International League of Communist States, The Chernobyl Peninsula Alliance, Fascist Italian Empire, Red Nations, The International Communist Union, United Soviet Socialist Republics, The liberty isles, Union of socialist system regimes, Zionist Empire Colony, European league, Marxist Proletariat Union, United Catholic Nations, Union of Fascist and Communist States, The ultimate axis powers, Republic of finland, United scotland, The african union, Coalition of invaders, Greater german dominion, Republic of estonia, Lower Franconia, Republic of abkhazia, Republic of rwanda, North america and south america, Sea of Aland, Berlin State, The Federation Reich, Kingdom of Thailand, Hamburg state, Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, The Union of the Ideology of Liberty, The Settlement, Magix, The White Riders, Allied NATO Forces, Republika Makedonija, Socialist Region, The Council of the Primordial Tradition, Neo island, Sea of Okhotsk, The Communist, The Fascist Empires of Communism, The Liberals, The Social Quarters, Alliance Of Communist Nations, Ellef ringnes island, The Commonwealth of England, Jumhuriyyat al iraq, Rossiyskaya federatsiya, Steiermark, Dawlat iritriya, Mecklenburg, Nordrhein westfalen, Right Wing Spartans, The axis islands, Greater gotland, The Realm of RGP, Saarbrucken, Stewart island, Libertatem Libertatoe Vodka Distillery, Holy Roman Catholic Church, Kiel, The Confederate Commonwealth, Conservative States of America, The Republic of Iceland, Southampton island, The Islands of the North Sea, Socialist States of India, National socialist peoples navy, Land of equality, Lietuvos respublika, Republic of malta, New america united, United europa, Region of evil dictators, Sfr yugoslavia, Bathurst island, The sultanate of oman, Red banner northern fleet, Republic of cabo verde, Trainingslager, Republica da guine bissau, Schtaffen 1939, Republic of karelia, East siberian sea, Republic of cameroon, International socialist party, Middle franconia, Sado, Alliance of sovereign states, Republic of kosovo, Bloc anti imperialiste, Socialist Unity, Nazi Germany 2014, Union of Communist states, Commonwealth of Fascists and Nazis, World of Nazis, Christian Anarchism, The German Democratic Socialist Republic, The Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Transgenders Women United, The Global Communist Union, Territory of Iran, The Republican Party, Jihad, Union of Socialist States, Black Panthers, Bremen state, Bharat ganrajya, Innsbruck, North german confederation, Lefatshe la botswana, Republique de maurice, Republique du senegal, Potenza, Republic of burundi, Republic of equatorial guinea, Anarchists, Anarcho Syndicalism, 1984 Was An Instruction Manual, Ephesus, Red Grand Fleet HQ, Free Capitalist Alliance, Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics CCCP, Sozialistische Weltrepublik, Greater Europa, The Grand Socialist Union, Right Wing Uprising, Leon Trotsky, Revolutionary Communist Union, Fourth International, SRBT, Socialists United, Axis of Fascist Nations, The Red Fleet Naval Base, Brandenburg Gate, Marxism, Communist Democracy, Paris Commune, The German Socialist States, Stalin Personality Cult, Medinat Yisrael, The Alliance Against Nazis, The Republic of Chile, Sinai, Socialist Liberal Union, Euskadi, Pan American Union, The Kingdom of Bhutan, Toroxian Community, Mamlekhet Yehuda, The Colony of the Seychelles, The Jewish Zionist Empire, The Neo Collectivist Union, New NATO, The Kingdom of Afghanistan, The Gulf Empire, League of Insidious Oppressive Nations, The Independent Soviet Union, Communist and Socialist Union, The Colony and Protectorate of Kenya, The Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria, The Greater German Reich Recruitment, Blahbania, Red Harbor, and the Greater German Reich.

Tags: Anti-Capitalist, Communist, Minuscule, Password, and Anti-Fascist.

The Revolutionary Front is home to a single nation.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Soda Pop Sector in The Revolutionary Front

The World Census recorded sales of fizzy syrup water in order to determine which nations have the largest beverage industries.

As a region, The Revolutionary Front is ranked 16,861st in the world for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Armed Republic of The 4th International Communist BrigadeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Onwards, until victory forever!”

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We are proud to greet our first dedicated revolutionary member. My close comrade in arms Comrade columbii. Hopefully this is but the first of an elite fascist fighting machine.

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