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We believe that it should be recognised that there is an alarming number in fellow RMAI nations that have seemed to fall to anarchy and thus ceased to exist. The 'DIDDLS' suggests that monthly 'persuasion adverts' be transferred to the previous leaders to remember to tend to their nations and thus the RMAI or to re-establish a new, glorious nation.

Execute that idea. I entrust you to act with haste, for the sixth annual endtimes are coming.

Those who prove themselves to the Horde will find themselves in our favour.

Firstly, I wholly support embracing the horde. Secondly, brains. Brains. Braaiins!



There is an announcement that needs to be made: the disastrous amount of corruption in our glorious nation was outstanding and that is why the collective initiative of Lefftileechlegakriegan has decided that we need to rebuild and pave our way back on the road to true socialism!

We basically abolished the government.

Our nation shall hold a collective of Syndicalism while the grand nation is rebuilt!

Good job on fulfilling the Communist Dream, comrade Lefftileechlegakriegan.

Post self-deleted by Quasiphage.

I would like to announce that my Martian colony, Quasiphagi mars, has successfully been established.

You all are welcome to establish a Mars Colony in The Martian Expanse.

Broadcasting live from Mars... Do you receive? Do you receive?


Hello! Feel free to create a Martian Colony.

i feel like this region is dead

Yes, certainly.

It is more active during minigames.


Of course daily propaganda is supplied to other nations to keep them enthused.

Good job on not dying, everyone who's still here.

Also be prepared for Easter Friday; who knows what Max Barry will be doing this year?


The Leeches shall be compulsory made prepared for anything.

Yo this place gay and empty, why tho?

We are a collective apathy. Our nations have differences but we remain united in our near absence of actually doing things.

I'm back. I'm here to help kick some nations' asses and chew gum. Fortunately, I have a lot of spare gum.

>When you're deceased

Several reports have noted rebels in the Quasiphagi countryside taking the Quasiphagi flag, rotating it a bit, and changing the colours.

Lord Norjam has made a statement on the matter: "Yeah, why not?"

I should really stop dying.

Merry Christmas from our region to yours!

**Sends a large tray of homemade Christmas cookies**

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