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Abdoa wrote:Can someone please update the WFE?


Nassau-Windsor wrote:Done.


Members of the Union,

There are two pieces of news that you should know about. First, the (13th) Parliament has impeached Nassau-Windsor from the Presidency. The WFE should be updated to note that the office is vacant. (although the Positional Commission still has authority) Second, a bit of good news, the Recruitment Task Force has published its report, which includes the results of the survey from last week. You can read it here:

I officiallycall a special election for replacing the President. Cannadiates have 72 hours to announce cannadiacy.

When the election occurs, I will be running for President.

I have long experience in the region and Union, and I believe that my consistent activity and deference to our written constitution and law qualify me in all ways to serve as the symbolic head of state for the Union. If you have any questions, please TG me, and I will be delighted to talk with you!

Parliament is starting up again!

At Debate:

"the Speaker of Parliament shall publicly announce on the RMB that a Special Election will be held. From that moment, there will be seventy-two (72) hours for members to publicly announce their candidacy on the RMB. If there is only one valid candidacy by the end of the announcement period, that candidate shall automatically become the President and no election shall be held."

Congratulations to the Right Honourable President Abdoa!

I must point out, however, that he must immediately resign from the Cabinet under Article III, Section E, Subsection 2 of the Constitution.

At Debate:

At Vote:

Well, I thank the membership for bestowing upon me the honor of serving as you President - I would like to remind everyone that my term only lasts until the end of this month of January, and that regular elections will be held starting on January 23, 2018 for the office of President.

Also, the Recruitment Council now has two vacant spots: you should contact me by telegram if you want to serve on the Council - all you need is to install the NationStates++ browser extension and you will be added to the list of recruiters for the Union, heightening our recruitment efforts.

Finally, I encourage everyone in the Union to volunteer to, at least temporarily, serve in one of the other vacant spots in the Union government:
-SENATOR, we need more people here, and the workload really isn't that big, contact Nassau-Windsor
-Minister (Leader of Parliament, Minister of Development, Minister of War, Minister of Communications), contact Hashkin
-Chief Citizen's Advocate, contact Libertarian Democracy
-Civil Court Justice, contact Libertarian Democracy
(-RP Moderator
-Commissioner of Sport
-member of the Union Commission on Sport
-Culture and Activities Commissioner)

We need YOUR help.

I encourage you all to take on a position in the government, no matter how small. Workloads are not intensive for the most part, and it is a very fulfilling experience being a part of the elaborate clockwork that is the Union. Please consider it!

At Debate:

At Vote:

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