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Welcome to the Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations! We offer a safe haven in NS and hope you join our lively community.

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Executive Branch
President:[Vacant; Commission]
Prime Minister:Hashkin

MoJ: Lord Libertarian Democracy
LoP:Lord Abdoa

Lord Abdoa
Lord Libertarian Democracy

WA Members, endorse our Prime Minister!

NOTICE: Residents actively participating in regional activities controlling 2+ resident nations must disclose to the Founder all such nations and any associated forum accounts, and those knowing other nations must disclose such contacts too (see Disclosures Act).

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    RP Map Policy

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    Constitution of the Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations

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    Cabinet Master Dispatch

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    Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations Government Terms

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    On elections and appointments

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    SO 2016-7, Emergency Measures Act

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    Job Openings

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The Parliamentary Union of Nations contains 7 nations, the 2,090th most in the world.

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The Largest Gambling Industry in The Parliamentary Union of Nations

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As a region, The Parliamentary Union of Nations is ranked 11,085th in the world for Largest Gambling Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Union of Allied Districts of Libertarian DemocracyCapitalizt“From the ashes at the bottom, to the riches at the top.”
2.The Democratic States of HashkinNew York Times Democracy“Progressive in the streets, agressive in the sheets”
3.The Republic of New MerniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity, Discipline, Work”
4.The Confederation of Saint Artica and the Nordic KingdomsLeft-wing Utopia“ᚢᚾᛁᛏᛖᛞ ᛋᚺᚨᛚᛚ ᚹᛖ ᚱᛖᛗᚨᛁᚾ”
5.The Constitutional Republic of LhistoniaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Democratia, Populus, Labor.”
6.The Free Republic of AbdoaLeft-wing Utopia“Live life to its fullest!”
7.The Interstellar Empire of UnitedTerranLeft-wing Utopia“Victory is life!”

Regional Happenings


The Parliamentary Union of Nations Regional Message Board

Libertarian Democracy wrote:The Union Administrator, Jerry Spencer, sits anxiously behind his ancient walnut desk, staring out in between the window muntins. His fingernails chewed to the base. Arguing fervently on the opposite side are the Foreign Minister and the Deputy UA. Spencer swings his swivel chair around and slams his fist on his desk, and bellows "SILENCE!". All three officials freeze for three seconds that felt like three hours, then take their seats. The Administrator clears his throat, and continues.

"We cannot have this happen now. Not in the current political state. The Parliamentary Union is hanging by a mere thread, and imagine the chaos if the public knew! Imagine the consequences if the People knew that all this time there never was any gridlock, and that everyone just lost interest. Is that how we want to be remembered in history? Are we to be the fools that tanked the perfect alliance?"

He pauses, taking a deep breath. Spencer rises, and starts pacing laps behind the desk. "The fact of the matter is that if Lhistonia leaves, people will see us for who we really are. Lhistonia must remain."

The Foreign Minister quips, "What are we to do? Threaten them? No war - trade or military - will convince a people to take your side. Our hands are bound."

The Deputy has another idea. "You're not going to like this, Jerry, but I have to say it. For Lhistonia is leading in the polls. We need to tackle this issue before it becomes our problem. I suggest that we simply change people's minds."

The Foreign Minister scoffs, "And how precisely are you going to go about that?"

"I'm glad you asked. How do people choose a side? They certainly are not all political scholars, they don't have their own ideas. They are told what to believe by the news, by their friends, by what they read and hear. I suggest that we infiltrate Lhistonian media and fix the inconsistencies in their reporting."

Spencer looks appalled. "Are you suggesting that we undermine the democratic process? What the hell's the matter with you? Are you out of your mind? That would cause irrevocable damage to the Union, the Parliamentary Union, and nations worldwide. Absolutely not!"

The Deputy goes to speak, but Spencer cuts him off. "The Foreign Minister is right. For now, we need to focus on damage control. Both of you, dismissed."

With both men gone, Spencer picks up the phone, and the sweet voice of his assistant greets him. "Get me the Intelligence Director immediately."

Also, For Lhistonia is the unionist coalition.

The results of the elections are in my factbooks!

Following the deposing of Prime Minister Diana Andrews, factions have broken out cross the Empire. Deputy (Now Acting) Prime Minister Zutcsh ch’Jinaq now leads the country. However, since nobody in the Senate wants to attend sessions, the rest of the Cabinet has resigned and APM ch’Jinaq is leading only what is left of the Democratic Socialist Party in one of four growing factions across the Country.

ch’Jinaq leads the Partnership, a coalition encompassing both sides of the Senate as well as citizens across the Empire that supports continued membership in the Union. Members include much of the younger Senators and population, the Green Party, several Conservative Senators, and the Democratic Progressive Party; the oldest party in the Empire plus a significant number of supporters that had previously turned away from the Party. The Partership holds support of a rather violent 16.3% of the country.

Despite initial polls granting popular support, Opposition Leader Jafex Terel Only has the support of 24.2% of the population. Support of course comes from his Federal Conservative Party, former DSP allies the Independence Union, and The Alternative, in the Conservative Caucus. The CC has lately been advocating for severance of ties with the Union, and the seizure of foreign assets in other nations where possible equal to the billions of credits lost by Andrews.

The Communist Party controls about 39.5% of popular support, although much of this support seems tied to communist memes. Comnet trolls seem to make up the bulk of the CP’s support. The Communists have been vocally challenging the Government recently and have been pushing for strong military alliances to overthrow the entire PUSN and to unite the Union member states in a single Communist Maxistist utopia.

The remainder of the Senate and population surprisingly seems in favour of pro-Union former PM Diana Andrews, who has split the Democratic Socialist Party between the more radical and violent younger members and the older establishment (with exceptions at both party factions). The increasingly popular right-wing parties of the National Socialist Party, Fascist Party, Logical Union, and Terra Prime have backed Andrews despite their different ideologies.

Andrews, and possibly Terel will support fresh elections to grow support from Comnet troll armies and ch’Jinaq’s shrinking base. Violence has become common ever since yesterday’s vote of no confidence, and the country is left without a functioning government. The Imperial Government has found itself unable to maintain control as armed anti-Union demonstrators clashed with military and law enforcement in several engagements that entirely kicked out Imperial forces from entire worlds. The leaders of all four factions have been summoned to the Capital to hopefully bring back order before the Empire is forced to impose martial law.

Following yesterday's vote, order has returned to Lhistonia. The unionist coalition now holds 499 seats out of 750 in the National Congress of the Republic (NCR), and unionist president Konagher has been re-elected with 68% of the vote. The separatists hold 227 seats, and their presidential ticket received 32% of the vote. It's a clear victory for the unionist front, despite all of the polls predicted a hard battle and very close margins. This is mainly due to the undecided voters that on the day prior to election day were 26.09% of the electorate. All parties have now consolidated in clear positions, all except the Lhistonian Liberal Party, which was split about the PUN issue. It now has 24 seats in the NCR, which may seem very little, but may come in handy for a political move that could be performed by the separatists: the separatists could present a law in parliament to exit the PUN, which wouldn't pass, but it wouldn't be rejected either, because the Lhistonian constitution demands for this kind of legislative decisions a majority of 2/3 to either reject or approve said law. The unionist bloc is 1 seat short of a 2/3 majority, and if the separatists could convince all of the LPL to vote for their law, parliament would be in a gridlock. The same clause of the constitution says that if after three rounds of voting in the NCR no majority has been reached, a popular referendum for the law will be held.

If this so called "constitutional stunt" can be achieved, the separatists would have some chance of winning, but they would have to turn most of the people's mind since they only achieved 32%. There should happen some kind of scandal, like discovering that some foreign power has undermined the elections in favor of the unionists...

In a surprising stunt never before seen in Imperial history, the. Conservative Caucus officially merged into The Partnership, supporting the Deputy Prime Minister in forming a Coalition Government. The Partnership now holds 112 of the Senate’s 203 voting seats, and plans to back any pro-Union policy for the time being. When asked about his reversed stance, former Leader of the Opposition (Now Minister of Union Affairs) Jafex Terel said that “the Union may be against the interests of the Empire, but I must say that despite this, we have never seen better friends and allies. There will be a day when we are ready to pull out, but that day will only come when the nation is ready to fully support it”. The Democratic Socialist Party is still split on the issue, but former PM Diana Andrews saw her support fall once again as members of her faction of the Party defected to now Prime Minister Zutcsh ch’Jinaq’s faction of the DSP.

While Terel is currently supporting the Partnership, he is predicted to pull out around the next election or when popular support backs his usual anti-Union stance.

Hours ago in the capital, armed law enforcement stormed the Government Quarter and placed the entire sector on lockdown, preventing citizens from entering or leaving for about twelve hours. Eyewitnesses claim that armed soldiers entered several Ministry buildings and soon leaving with computer consoles and equipment, taking an average of nine hours for each team to enter and leave a total of 15 Ministries, excluding the individual departments and support agencies that were also inspected.

Minutes ago, the Ministry for Union Affairs closed its doors after according to one employee, the entire building was emptied of files and equipment. Similar reports were made at the Ministries of Immigration and Foreign Affairs, which in contrast to MfUA, remain open. Files from the other two Ministries deal specifically with citizens of other Union members.

Today, the Prime Minister announced that all immigration regarding foreign residents of the Union are having all, of their cases pending, preventing an estimated 2.7 million Permanent Resident certificates from being issued. The PM claims that this is only temporary, and that no Union citizens will be prosecuted from immigration code violations, and has granted a “blind immigration” program, where all unregistered immigrants and foreign residents will be able to register for permanent resident status regardless of if their application has been denied at the request of law enforcement or if they have been denied for another reason.

Vando Square, Litto Island, 14h33 local time:
Several thousand former members of the Communist Party congregate at the remote town's central square, chanting pro-Union cries and holding banners and posters of with the faces of formerly senior, now strangely disappeared, pro-Union communist leadership figures (among them former Speaker Isabella Bandaie and General Secretary of the Party Mira Ralna).
Suddenly, the seemingly peaceful protest against the increasingly authoritarian rule of the interim government turns violent, as regional government-supported militia arrive to suppress the meeting.
Within five minutes however, the militia have been surrounded or turned back, as the riled-up activists seize control of the municipal buildings and local former communist leader Ungo Vladoran, almost drunk on the intensity of the moment, proclaims the beginning of an insurrection to "restore democracy," in front of multiple news cameras.

Presidential Palace, Undra Parma, 15h05 local time:
President Utno Zakkor holds an emergency session of the interim government, at which now Minister for Defense Harro Gutmar briefly explains the explosive situation to his colleagues: a local committee of the former communist party, now calling itself part of a newly-created League for Abdoan Unity in the Face of Oppression (LAUFO), has seemingly launched an insurrection against the interim government, and already seems to have galvanized other committees into action, taking over municipal and regional facilities in remote parts of the country.
The President looks at his right-hand man, far-right Speaker Zak Borran, and nods. The government will simply have to accelerate its plans, he declares, matter-of-factly.

IPP headquarters, Chadjbi Parma, 15h17 local time:
At the central headquarters of the Islands Prosperity Party (IPP), the former centrist ruling party before the communist surge at the last few elections, Party President Hallon Vost bites his nails anxiously. His secretary shakes his head as he listens to the TV in the next room over, where now-silent operatives are busy continuing to print electoral campaign posters for the upcoming elections.
We probably won't need those for a while, Vost thinks to himself, mulling on whether it would be wiser to simply leave the country at this point.

Of course, that's not minding the fact that none of these actors know that the airport has mysteriously stopped scheduling takeoffs, and the arrivals terminal has suddenly gone silent.

Lhistavia, Lhistonia, National Congress of the Republic - 21h07 local time:

Lucas Galani, the 31 years old Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, of the Left Party-Socialist Democracy (from now on LP-SD), after a 2 hours-long speech, in which he furiously defended the remain of Lhistonia in the Union, receiving applause from the Government Coalition (unionists) for several minutes, has been kidnapped while he was returning home.
It is believed that the kidnappers are part of some far-right anti-unionist movement, who could have acted in light of recent developments in the Union, and especially in the Terran Empire and Abdoa, where unofficial sources say the Lhistonian government may hold sympathies to the LAUFO insurrection. It has yet to be proven who are these people, or if they have any connection to any parties sitting in the Lhistonian parliament, or even to Abdoan entities, but this could lead to severe implications.

Developments soon.

In another shocking revelation, it has been confirmed that now Oppositions Leader Diana Andrews is missing. There are no signs of a struggle or forced entry at her home, and her Comnet device has not been located. She is believed by the Ministry of Intelligence to have left the country (this has not yet been confirmed), and has liquidated most of her assets. Her fascist allies in the Senate have denied this and have claimed that The Partnership has kidnapped and seized her numerous assets in order to help provide even the slightest additional funding to government coffers after yet another financial disaster.

March 25 marks five days after national holiday March 20, and is the standard national tax day for all citizens. The Chancellor of the Exchequer today has confirmed that during the Andrews period, she managed to send as much as 95.9% of all collected taxes into “foreign aid”. In the closing days of her tenure, after it was discovered that she sent significant funds to what seem to be foreign political actors, Andrews managed to transfer all of the remaining funds to foreign bank accounts, all while the Ministry of Finance and related agencies and departments are unable to access their systems for the next 20 years. The Ministry of Finance was left unguarded during the military raids on government offices, and its staff had been forced out by unknown persons dressed as soldiers. In conclusion, the Imperial Government cannot fund any social programs or other departments of their jurisdiction except for the military, and the transaction cannot be canceled or altered in any way. The Crown has issued warrents for the arrest of Andrews, but it is feared that she cannot be found.

The people of the Empire are saddened by the abduction of Lhistonia’s Foreign Minister, and the Cabinet has personally donated 15m Credits from personal bank accounts to find any investigation taken on by the Lhistonian Government.

The new Minister of Union Affairs walks into his office, closing the creaking door behind him. His aide hits a comm button “Minister, you better come out here and see this.” Grumbling, the Minister rises out of his leather chair, and grabs his illegally kept service weapon, fully expecting an armed takeover of the building, following the violent protests and uprisings over the last month. He pushes aside the blinds, and what he sees frightens him. He pushes open the door and faces the rows on computer consoles, all of which are manned. However, every screen is dark, aside from a message no Ministry expected to see so abruptly. It reads “ALL FILES RESTRICTED DUE TO LACK OF DIPLOMATIC ACTIVITIES.” The Minister nd his staff looks outside across the plaza and watches the entire building go dark as it appears the famed PUSN has finally seemed to have shut down for good. “My God!”

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