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Pinguioris wrote:I'm top 2% rudeness, and top 7% niceness. I guess we're just emotional?

Maybe everyone has mood swings or something.

Pinguioris wrote:I'm top 2% rudeness, and top 7% niceness. I guess we're just emotional?

sounds like me to be honest

Kastonvia wrote:lmao Vice City is my favorite GTA

A man of culture.

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Hello TNPers! ^^

Remember to endorse Delegate Madjack, Vice Delegate Kastonvia, and the Security Council to become a Keeper of the North! :D

If you found the WADP helpful, please upvote this dispatch to help others find it!
TL;DR: Empower your nation and make our region safer!
~ If you are not already a member, join the World Assembly.
~ If (or once) you are a World Assembly member, become a Keeper of the North.
~ After you have become a Keeper, continue exchanging endorsements.
~ While you are a World Assembly member, vote on World Assembly resolutions.

What is this?

The North Pacific WA Development Program (WADP) is a campaign to increase awareness among nations in The North Pacific of the benefits of World Assembly (WA) membership, maintaining high endorsement counts, and voting on WA resolutions. We hope that this campaign will result in a significant increase in the number of WA members, the number of endorsements exchanged, and the number of WA votes cast within The North Pacific. If these objectives are achieved, The North Pacific will become a much more influential and secure region.

Who is running this campaign?

This campaign is organized and coordinated jointly by the Delegate and the Security Council of The North Pacific. The regional security aspects are managed by the Security Council of the North Pacific and the voting aspects are managed by the World Assembly Delegate.

I am interested in helping. What can I do?

First of all, you should make sure to do what is mentioned in the TL;DR box above: first join the World Assembly if you are not already a member, continue to become a Keeper of the North, then continue exchanging endorsements, and finally make sure to vote on World Assembly resolutions.

If you want to go above and beyond, you can help promote this campaign in the following ways:

~ Approve ("upvote") this dispatch.
~ Send telegrams to nations in The North Pacific pointing them to this dispatch, or directly encouraging them to join the World Assembly, become Keepers, and exchange endorsements.
~ Advertise the campaign in materials you publish by using the campaign logo (shown below with code) and linking to this dispatch.

How can I keep track of how well we are doing?

Take a look at the reports tab above, which includes many statistics informative of the progress of the campaign.

What do I gain from all this?

First, as mentioned above, by participating in this campaign, you help make our region safer and more influential. This is good for all nations in The North Pacific, including you!

Second, if you do decide to join the World Assembly member, become a Keeper of the North, actively exchange endorsements, and consistently vote on World Assembly resolutions, your nation and your game experience overall will improve in several important ways, described in detail in the three previous links.

Third, if you show that you are actively exchanging endorsements, we will promote your nation so that you can gain endorsements even faster!

Fourth, we will be handing out a generous amount of participation awards and achievements. That's right, there will be a lot of bling you can use to show off. We will also be maintaining special regional censuses, to highlight the most active and consistent endorsers in the region. You can find out more by looking at the benefits tab above.

Last but not least, every day we give away free legendary cards through the card lottery. By participating in this campaign, you can expand your collection to include some of the most valuable cards in the game.

I have some thoughts on improving the WADP, whom do I contact?

Thanks! We greatly appreciate all constructive feedback. Please contact Vice Delegate Kastonvia with any comments or questions you may have. The Security Council runs regular surveys regarding the WADP and other areas. No survey is currently open. This page will be updated with ongoing surveys.

This dispatch is updated automatically on a daily basis. Please do not edit manually.

Jointly sponsored by the Delegate and Security Council of The North Pacific.

Read dispatch

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Federal Parana wrote:omg guys funni minecraft game theory jreem 100 giga chad super mega 100% any% dying in real life speedruncraft post on r/minecraft omg laugh guys i said minecraft

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Omnicontrol wrote:Why are we talking about virgin GTA when we could be talking about HYPERULTRAMEGAGIGACHAD MINECRAFT 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

ew a Minecraft lover

Stop. Spamming.

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Anyway, changing the topic. Best grill is a charcoal grill, fight me.

Dorsique wrote:Anyway, changing the topic. Best grill is a charcoal grill, fight me.

No disagreement here.

Dorsique wrote:Anyway, changing the topic. Best grill is a charcoal grill, fight me.

excuse me would you want to repeat that


Civil War: Day 7

Kyushu Island, Osaka Stateland

The fighting was intense on the coasts and beaches of Kyushu, the defenders, fighting desperately to hold the last bases of the state. A nuke of the West of Kyushu decimated the Western front, with those surviving the blast in full retreat. With the West opened, the mutant landing parties started rushing inland. The land battle in Kyushu has finally behun.

Losing the Western front from the nuke attacks made the soldiers on the island losing morale at an increasing rate, to the point that all forms of rally cries, support were useless.... The men were giving up. Until....

On the Eastern and Northern Front, distant booms can be heard from distance away, however, nothing hit Kyushu. Taking up a binocular with night vision, the watchman ran towards to command tent after what he had seen.

"Lieutenant, the allied fleet has arrived!"

"Really? There is no way the fleet would have arrived here in Kyushu though, the entire island's blockaded... You sure about that, Private?"

"Yes Ma'am. I did see the allied fleet, they're currently engaging the mutant fleet, heavy assaults on the Eastern waters, they're trying to breakthrough!"

"This is very good news, this might be the news we need to motivate the army to press on, but I'll need to verify this information first. If you don't mind,"

"Yes Ma'am, right this way"

The Private led the CO of Kyushu's Defense force out of the command tent, just as they stepped out from the tent, they saw a plane ablaze, crashing, probably miles away from the command tent.

"Military Supplies, for humans use. that plane should be the one carrying supplies for us," one of the officers, commented, after inspecting the dropped cargo.

Immediately, the CO organized a small search party to get to the crash site, to see if there is any survivors.

She then proceeded to wade through the thick, concentrated coastal defenses, surveying the seas. What the private reported was indeed true. The allied fleet is engaging the Mutant 5th fleet. But she also saw something worrisome. the Mutant 11th and 15th fleet is sailing Northward from East Falbien, and closing in on the allied fleet.

She placed lowered the binoculars and rushed back to the command tent, summoning every single battalion commanders.

"I have verified the reports of the Private, the allied fleet has arrived off the coast of Kyushu and is engaging the Mutant's 5th."

This information stirred up the commanders. The tent was filled with murmurs, the CO could see the already-extinguished fire reignited in their eyes. She let the commotion go on for a few seconds and continued,

"While the fleet is holding their own, but they have to dock, like right now if possible. The Mutant's 11th and 15th has already disembarked from East Falbien and sailing full speed towards the fleet. If they do not dock, they'll be overrun!"

The camp stirs up once again, this time, the atmosphere felling grim.

Time waits for no one, the CO understands that, while she will discuss with the tactician on their approach, time is ticking. The mutant fleet cannot reach the allied fleet, or they will be overwhelmed and sunk. She immediately asked for all commanders to return back to the frontlines with their battalion. 3 divisions will hold the Western front, 2 will send suppressive fire and defensive fires to hold back the mutant landing party and aerial forces, 1 division will build a man-made coastal barrier and turn the zone into another temporary defensive position.

Another 2 battalions were sent to reinforce the fatigued Southern Front. The coastal defenses has been holding well against the attacks from the mutants. The Mutants had little chance of trying to breakthrough with South Kyushu and North Falbien firing down on the waters. That is, if North Falbien continues to hold.

All remaining battalions will send their full force towards Kyushu's East, manning every single batteries, artillery and firing every single projectile towards the blockade. Their goal, is to punch a hole in the Mutant positions, to hopefully get an opening for their allies to breakthrough and dock on the island.

With their new orders, the commanders and battalions sprung into actions in their respective positions, with renewed vigor.


Kyushu Island, Crash Site

A team of scouts and medics followed the smoke to the crash site, along the way, finding scattered supplies from the forces of Eternal Dominion. When they reached the crash site however, there were no survivors.

A medic went to pick up a nearby radio "This is the Kyushu Response Team. IF you can hear me, We're at the Crash Site, Over."

No response....

"Must be the jamming,"

"Or maybe the comms fried.... Planes came down very quick!"

"They probably went to find the other missing survivors, or us,"

"Well, as long as they don't go West. That place's a hellhole now with that nuke."

"This.. should do it"

One of the scouts shot a flare high up into the sky, right beside the crash site.

"Lets hope the survivors spot it and come to us.. Island's too big for us few to scour"


Kyushu Island, Western Front

Reinforcements from the Command Tent arrived, according to their plan, 2 fresh divisions will hold the line with the already tired troops, pumping in a little more drive in the troops by announcing that allied reinforcements have arrived. The men on the front fired their guns, making sure every bullet hit something, dropping mutants after mutants. Artillery and Anti-Armor aiming on the Mutant tanks even before they could fire. Behind them, is a whole division of troops, building and setting up defensive barriers for the frontliners to fall back to when needed.

Air Raids intensified as the mutants tries to break through the Western Front, with the Osaka Aircraft answering back with their own to take down the hostile aircraft, impeding the mutants from going forward. The positions were constantly also being bombarded by Naval Missiles and the Osaka Aircrafts dropping with the AA gunfires from hostile ships. Both sides, locked in a gruesome battle of attrition, with no significant progress.


Kyushu Island, Eastern Front

The Statelane 1st to 5th Armored Battalion, together with 14th to 16th Infantry Companies arrived to reinforce the Eastern front, provided more manpower and artillery to try and break the Mutant's naval siege. By now, 75% of the Eastern Coastal defenses were already destroyed, hence the additional mobile artillery were a sight for sore eyes to those already fighting in the East.

The artillery were quickly set up and went on ahead to choose their target, only to be met with a first drawback.

"Ma'am, the radar jam is really bad. We can't get really get a lock. Progress is very slow", the Artillery Crew Reported.

"Then you manually target them you dumba*s,"

"Not while in this dark. I can't even differentiate who's friend and who's foe. the IFF isn't that much of a help either, ma'am. Don't wanna shoot friendlies by accident,"

"Alright, you wait here, I'll go and get you something to help with targeting,"

After a few long minutes, very bright flares were shot up into the sky, luminating the skies for both the Kyushu defenders and the Allied fleets alike. The flares then proceeded to drop into the sea, with some managing to land onto the mutant warship, painting a "Shoot me, I'm here" target. Even after longer minutes, a nearby lighthouse sprung into actions and focused it's beams onto the seas, scanning around the waters, revealing friendly and hostile ships.

The artilleries manually lock on to the mutant ships, loaded with AP rounds and started firing towards the warships. While most of the fast ships managed to evade the attacks, the heavier and more deadly battleships were hit and sunk. The mutants answered to the attacks. A bombing run from a bomber jet successfully destroyed the lighthouse, killing the battalion commander that went over there to work on the lightbeam. With only signal flares, the artillery crew work their very best to memorize the positions of the enemy fleet and try to sink more ships every time a flare went up.

The Eastern Front is holding, for now..


72minutes LATER....

Kyushu Island, Command Post

Alarms sounded in the command area, the CO and the tactician stopped whatever they're doing as a soldier rushed into the tent, calling for the CO.

"What's going on? Why were the alarms activated?"

"Ma'am, the...the.. the mutants.. they.. they.." the soldier panicked

"Relax, slow down...."

"The mutant.. they're... dropping...."

"What? Dropping?"

"Yes, they are paradropping."

"Oh for f*cks sake,"

The CO loaded her shotgun, "Alright then, lets go meet these paradroppers, rendezvous back with your squad soldier."

As they walk out of the command tent, up in the skies were dozens of military crafts, with mutants jumping of the aircraft, landing on the vicinity of the command post at fast speeds, without parachutes.

The guards around the command post quickly set up a defensive perimeter with heavy MG mounted and light artillery, preparing to fire at the mutants.

AA guns went to work instantaneously together with handheld missile launcher and 2 SAMs started firing at the military planes and the paradrops to soften up the enemy landing..

*Hmm... The alarm sounded, the fronts would be worried... they might abandon their posts and return here... I have to stop them.... But, i can't comms to them..*

*Wait a Sec....* The CO looked at the PA system... *I can't contact them, but the PA is loud enough, to hear me...*

"Hey you! Comms guy! Set the PA to maximum! I need to send an urgent message!"

Minutes later, a message was looped on the PA system, so loud that some of the allied fleet closest to the Island could even hear it



Kyushu Waters, Eastern Front

The allied fleet could feel the intensity of the firing from the island intensify, many of the mutant ships ablaze, it is a no-brainer to know that the Eastern Defenses are trying their very best to open the way for the fleet to dock. However, the amount of ship in the 5th is just so huge, that fighting hasn't yet stopped and there are already casualties on all sides. It didn't take too long before the Mutant's 11th and 15th fleet shows up on the edge of the fleet's radar. The mutants are getting reinforcements, however, their currently position to the fleet is still very far away. They still have time to make it ashore, although it will run out, eventually.

To make matters worse, radar has also picked up a small fleet on the allies back. It seemed to be flying the flags of Memester, which are military transport ships. The nation's transport aircraft flew into Kyushu easily without the Mutants interfering, but every zone is too hot to land and the planes has no choice but to circle around until a suitable LZ is spotted

Both Naval forces fighting's progress came to a stalemate. Fighting was gruesome. Although many Mutant ships were sunk, the mutants were still trying to sink the ships by clawing on the armors of the boats, or trying to climb up the ships. The surviving frigates were also firing at the weak openings in the allies' formation, the battle was has very little front and backs, until......

The Shirashowan First Fleet managed to find an opening in the Mutant lines and they went for it. Taking advantage of the brief opening, the Shirashowan First Fleet and the Mutant 5th Fleet came into a very bloody battle. Even with the supporting fires from the Solarian Fleet, the Shirashowan First Fleet still sustained massive casualty. After a gruesome 15 minutes of bombardment, the 5th on the Eastern side of Kyushu collapsed. The blockade was removed and the allied fleet has a window of opportunity to push through the enemy and reach the Kyushu docks. However, the remaining 5th immediately went full speeds towards to the allied fleet to stop them from going any farther. Torpedo Bombers, Fighter Jets, Bomber Jets, Battleships and Frigates came in huge numbers, converging on the allied fleet.. Countless of torpedoes were fired but it was the Shirashowan First Fleet that took the brunt of the damage, with majority of their ships sunk or heavily damaged, rendering them useless in the battle, at least for now. Before going down, the 1st Managed to shoot down majority of the 5th's Bombers and Torpedo Jets... Rendering the not only the 5th's Navy on the East useless, but also their aerial support.

The Kyushu Northern Front has also broke formation to join the East, while continuously shooting at the mutants to slow down their advance towards the allied fleet.

The Southern Front mutant's fleet is still being pinned down by the Pincer attack from Falbien and Kyushu..

(Window of Opportunity to enter Kyushu Docks are now open)


The Mutants continued to communicate with the 5 kingdoms of Britannia's mercs for weapons, however, due to the tide of the war, the mutants has no urgent need of the light tanks and counter-offered to buy the tanks at 5mil a piece as opposed to the initially offer of 7mil a piece

Esthe wrote:No disagreement here.

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Amestris and Freedonia wrote:excuse me would you want to repeat that

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Dorsique wrote:Anyway, changing the topic. Best grill is a charcoal grill, fight me.

Easily too agreed. Charcoal is the only way to grill.

Osaka Naomi wrote:SR RP
[spoiler=The Civil War: Battle Of Kyushu]

-snip -

i think u forgot to end ur spoiler*

Welcome to all the new folk joining us here in TNP. If you are into military stuff, we do actually have a regional military that does real operations, known as raiding and defending.

It's known as the North Pacific Army, and you can find more about it here:

The North Pacific Handbook

TL;DR: Join the North Pacific Army Linkhere to experience one of the most exciting aspects of NationStates!

What is this "raiding/defending game" I keep hearing of?

A new player to NationStates could be forgiven for mistaking talk of R/D for the real world "Research and Development&qout; but as the question suggests, this is about raiding and defending. In NationStates players are allowed one World Assembly (WA) nation and using that nation they can endorse any nation in the region, with the nation receiving the most endorsements becoming delegate. The WA delegate mechanic enables a kind of warfare game, which comprises two broad types of operations. Raiding is the act of a group of players moving their WA nations to a region and endorsing a given candidate to seize the delegacy. Defending is the act of a group of players using their WA nations to prevent such a delegacy seizure, or restore the previous delegate.

So how can I partake in this?

There are many well known defending and raiding organizations that you can choose to take part in, which brings us to question three.

What is the North Pacific Army and why do we need it?

The North Pacific Army (or NPA) is the regional army of our fine region which takes part in both raiding and defending operations, as required by the region's interests. We welcome anyone who wants to join in whatever capacity they are able to.

How do I join the North Pacific Army?

Simply register on our regional forums and fill out the application form Linkhere.

How do these missions work and what do I need to do in a mission?

This depends greatly on what force you wish to join. The NPA as a military body has several functions and if you wish to join, you can choose what sort of role you wish to take:

  • The Auxiliary or Pilers - Nationstates updates two times a day (these two updates are known as minor and major) and during these periods every nation in a region has their endorsments calculated and the nation with the highest number of endorsements is made the WA delegate. Pilers do not have to be around during either update but rather need only check their email, forum PMs or nation telegrams to check if they need to move and reinforce a position during any given time. The benefit of being part of this crosssection is that you are not required to be online at update and will be given a rank. It is notable that you will not gain promotions as fast as the second force, the special forces.

  • Special Forces, as mentioned above, are required to be online during the update so that they might move into a region at a given time. It is also a requirement that updaters have access to Discord. Updaters will be promoted much faster than the Auxiliary and are also considered to be members of the Auxiliary.

Note that by being a member of the NPA, you will be required to create additional nations (puppets), transfer your WA membership from your main nation to those puppets, and move the puppets to other regions.

Someone asked me if I can help with a mission in another organization. What do I do?

Before doing anything, make sure to inform the High Command, which is comprised of the Minister of Defense, their deputies, and Generals of the NPA. As long as you have obtained permission from them, there is no reason you cannot help with another mission. Sometimes it might even be possible to do both at once.

My question isn't here. What do I do?

You can find more information in Linkthis thread on The North Pacific forum, contact Minister of Defense Palutenia, or any one of the Mentors.

This dispatch is updated automatically on a daily basis. Please do not edit manually.

Read dispatch

Hope you will consider checking us out and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Have a nice day!

Osaka Naomi wrote:SR RP
[spoiler=The Civil War: Battle Of Kyushu]

You forgot the /spoiler tag...

Tringapore is ranked 106,217th in the world and 4,700th in The North Pacific for Largest Pizza Delivery Sector, scoring 1,080.84 on the Pepperoni Propulsion Productivity Index.

Tringapore wrote:Tringapore is ranked 106,217th in the world and 4,700th in The North Pacific for Largest Pizza Delivery Sector, scoring 1,080.84 on the Pepperoni Propulsion Productivity Index.

The Republic of Dorsique is ranked 115,315th in the world and 5,080th in The North Pacific for Largest Pizza Delivery Sector, scoring 846.6 on the Pepperoni Propulsion Productivity Index.
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Has anyone ever had goat?

Amestris and Freedonia wrote:Has anyone ever had goat?

I have on gyros, of course.

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