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World Census interns were framed for minor crimes in order to measure the response times, effectiveness, and amount of firepower deployed by the law enforcement agencies of different nations.

As a region, The NewsStand is ranked 8,385th in the world for Most Advanced Law Enforcement.

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Issue I

Issue II

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This week, Laraniem is asking the age old question:
What is your most liked pet?

Click here for the time of your life! Or at least a vote on a poll...

I am exited to see these results!

Pardon me if I haven't said this before, but I appreciate you all have accepted my embassy request. Accepting my one-man-show request was nice to very meaning of the word.

This week read all about it in The Independent Newspaper

-How did an election turned into a military conflict!

-What is the most favoured ideology of NationStates!

-The Ongoing Social Revolution!

-The Rocking South Pacific!

-Military Movements in Lazarus!

"Only News,Complete News"

Edition I
Issue III


Recently the region of India witnessed a great political battle.By political battle we don't mean election rather a tough conflict,in which,moderators had to interfere to put a full stop on it.

As planned,the region was going through WA Delegate elections,being held on their offsite forum.A few hours later,a suspicious nation called Bharadesh was created in the pacific and directly moved to India.

Everything was normal,Bharadesh was also chatting on the RMB and pledged it's support to Hindu Puri.A few hours later he changed his vote to the second and last candidiate,Hamramstan.Upon further restricted investigation by Hamramstan on the RMB,Bharadesh told that Hindu Puri abused and harassed him.Ironically,Hindu Puri told that he was not the one to abuse but Bharadesh was the one to abuse him.

Both of them were asked to provide a proof,Hindu Puri provided a screenshot where Bharadesh abused him in both native language and english,however,Bharadesh failed to provide any poof.

NDC party members still argued that Bharadesh was innocent.The matter was dropped.

But,Hmaramstan again took up the matter just a few hours before the election was to be terminated.At that time,Hindu Puri was 4 votes ahead of him and was sure to win.

It seems that Hamaramstan only took up the matter to affect the election results,as the conflict grew,the losing opposition left the region and founded another of their own region.It seems that nowadays,it is a acceptable scenario that when you're losing an election,just make some abusive posts,revolt in your region,and found another region,you are sure to get a bunch of sympathy.

The next day,Hindu Mahasabha contacted both Hmaramstan and Bharadesh through tg.This time Bharadesh abused Hindu Mahasabha and made some racist remarks.

We have the screenshots and imgur links,but as a responsible newspaper,we cannot provide it here.

Hindu Mahasabha further used an intelligent method to expose Bharadesh.Later he reported everything to the NS moderators,who took the charge and freezed both Hamramstan and Bharadesh stating that both the nations are controlled by the same device.

It is clear that Hamaramstan used a puppet or rather a dirty puppet to play a very dirty and abusive game to win the elections.

Currently,India has moved on,and looks forward to accelerate their development.

Military Movements In Lazarus

Lazarus alongside the Proclamation of War upon the New Pacific Order, have voted on a Proscription against that government. The proscription in the strictest terms will ban New Pacific Order citizens and residents holding citizenship or participating in any shape or form in the government of Lazarus.
Such a proscription will strip Lazarene citizenship from those who concurrently hold citizenship or participate in the New Pacific Order. This has been seen as a necessary second step following on from the declaration of war against the New Pacific Order. Proscription was being discussed prior to the declaration of war, as a possible measure whether Lazarus decided upon a war measure or not, generally as a means to prohibit New Pacific Order influence upon Lazarus in the future.

With the proscription passing by a strong margin of 95% for the motion, Lazarus as a region seems to wish to provide reassurance of their commitment to resist the New Pacific order both at home and abroad, and that it won't go back to business as usual. It also forms a basis for regional unity against a commonly perceived threat, supplementing the declaration of war it had passed on the New Pacific Order.

In order to pursue the war against the New Pacific Order, as well as carry out military operations for regional defense and security, Lazarus has established a military force, known as the Lazarene Regional Guard. This force shall be tasked initially with duties inclusive of offensive and defensive operations against the New Pacific Order, and Fascist regions, as well as defense of treaty allies and support of legal delegacy transitions.

Ideas of Ideology

The Last Week we conducted a poll asking NSians what's their ideology.This is what we got:









When the poll was hosted,for the first 4 hours conservatism was gathering more than 50% of the votes.The scenario was like this:





However,during the last few hours competition got tough between the Conservatives and Liberals,both claiming 22% of tge votes.

It seems that conservatism is still the most favoured ideology of NationStates.

The South Pacific Rocks

In an exclusive interview with our newspaper,Erinor,WA Delegate TSP,revealed about his success in the elections.According to him,"I won the trust of my people in both the RMB and forum which led to a major victory".He was competeting against a newcomer,Bepee.

When asked about foreign relations with The Pacific,he said that NPO shouldn't expect much from TSP under his rule,stating that majority of the decision was to be taken by Foreign Minister only.

To read the complete interview,click here.

The Twitter:A Social Revolution

Conversing with the CEO of The Twitter,Mukh,our reporters got to know about the ongoing Social Revolution."We have initiated a social revolution for NationStates.We strive to represent the RL Twitter.Using our RMB,residents of embassy region can tweet and can give any info to the whole world about any development,policy or ongoing issue in their nation or in their region.Our RMB is open for all the residents of embassy region",says CEO Mukh,when further asked about benefits and extra uses of Twitter,he say,"Yes,The Twitter can be used for some educational purposes as well,like posting links to some latest or important Researches,Study materials,etc.It can also be used to address a session or a professional conference as well,but to take such an advantage,the user must send a request to us,to let us make the necessary preparations.You can use the twitter, for targetting your political opponents as well,just like RL Twitter."

We conclude that,The Twitter is not just a social media for NS,but a social revolution.Any region can press the voice of their natives but twitter lets you practice your free to speech,under NS rules.We conclude that The Twitter is an important tool for the whole NS,to connect with other NSians amd interact with them.

We support the Social Revolution and ask our readers to join it as well,by establishing embassies with The Twitter and using thei RMB to tweet.From now on,we are going to give our updates on The Twitter as well.Follow us!

A Massive Support

The Independent Newspaper witnessed a massive support by it's readers.In the last week we asked our readers to upvote our main dispatch,and motivate us.We gained a lot of support from our readers and we are thankful for that.We promise that we won't ever let our Readers' expectations down.

The Independent Newspaper will be working more hard to deliver the best,fresh and Real News.We are fighting a war against Paid News and Expoilted News Agencies,if you want to support us you too can,via upvoting this dispatch.

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Read Barlomia's inagural adress to the people of RHINIA exclusively here!

Inaugural Address to the People - Office of the Prime Minister
You have all had your say, and it has resulted in me being elected to the office of Prime Minister, I am truly humbled by the margin of the victory and even having the honour of being PM. I thank you all for voting for me, and thank those who didn't. But most of all, I would like to individually thank all my fellow candidates:
Sammona | Flame1 | Castleon | Ashanara | Shamblia
Just because you haven't been elected does not mean your voice cannot be heard! We are always open to bills being proposed to us, so do not hesitate to get involved in the region.
I would like to outline my legislative agenda for the 5th Parliament:

First Legislative Docket
  • Resolution to Establish a Law Reform Commission after a Public Hearing

    • To open a short, public hearing to establish if a Law Reform Commission is a viable proposition

  • H.B.5 & H.B.9

    • To pass the tabled HB5 and HB9 from the 3rd and 4th Parliaments

  • Inauguration and Oaths of Office Act

    • To establish the certification of incoming elected officials, reflective of their constitutional mandates and service to the Crown. (Continued Mandate of New Actias)

My Status as WA Delegate:
I am aware that some have inquired about election for WA Delegate, and I would like to tell Rhinian's about my current plan as WA Delegate. My plan is to remain on as WA Delegate until I have been in the role for 1 year, by that time I believe it is best if I hand it over to someone else so I can maintain my place in Rhinia.

My Plans as PM:
To provide Rhinia with a stable base, I currently have the intention of using all my allotted terms if I am allowed to during the elections. I would like to ask Rhinian's to give me an extent of grace, as the boots of New Actias are incredibly hard to fill and I will try my best. I should stress I am not Actias and my style is different, but as the natural successor, my work ethic isn't. I will work hard to maintain the needs of our region.

Thank you all for electing me as your Prime Minister, it is an honour and I will pay it back tenfold!
Right Honourable Barlomia
5th Prime Minister of Rhinia

RHINE MEDIA is proudly owned and run by Patek Phillippe

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United Essentan nations

Hey I just opened a new poll in my region and would like if you voted. Thanks in advance.

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