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Largest Soda Pop Sector: 203rd Fattest Citizens: 471st Largest Pizza Delivery Sector: 506th+12
Largest Retail Industry: 507th Rudest Citizens: 713th Highest Disposable Incomes: 794th Most Politically Apathetic Citizens: 971st Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,015th Most Efficient Economies: 1,183rd Largest Mining Sector: 1,292nd Largest Publishing Industry: 1,490th Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 1,556th Most Devout: 1,759th Largest Gambling Industry: 1,837th Most Pacifist: 2,214th
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The embassy with Union of Indigenous Peoples is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Alliance of Constitutional Monarchies is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with The New Doge Region is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Construction of embassies with The Communist Movement has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Democratic Federation of Malaysia has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Imaginary History has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous has commenced. Completion expected .

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Corporation of The NewsStandAnarchy“your one-stop, non-stop news shop”
2.The Colony of A Carrier PigeonMoralistic Democracy“Coo!”

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Regional Happenings


The NewsStand Regional Message Board

Hagston wrote:Someone should commend you guys. Donating real money to real charities is above and beyond.

Most certainly.

We, The Grand Republicss, will be releasing The Grand Republicss Times soon.

The Grand Republicss Times first issue is here!

Economic Boom In Simairrica

Simairrica is now experiencing a massive economic boom, helped by the recent election of Conservative president Gary Landgrab.

The boom has made Simarrica's Stock Market go up.

This is truly the greatest boom we've had since 1987. said Simairrica Vice President Carlton Lawrence.

President Landgrab is pushing this country forward in a way we never had with liberal presidents like Adam Bobama. Said Mayor of Sim City Jacob McGarold.

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San Andrreas' Tallest Building Complete

The tallest building in San Andrreas, the Los Santos Tower, is now complete. Standing at 978 feet tall, it towers over
the city of Los Santos. It will open for business in 1 week. The structure contains shops, offices, and even residential apartments.

Terrorist Captured In Patra City

Just yesterday the high profile Black Hawk terrorist Vin Gi-Chin was arrested by the PCPD. Gi-Chin is a member of the Black Hawks, known for attacking the Legolannd territory (now state) Plateonia.

Patra City, capital of Patrakos, was a hideout for Gi-Chin after the Byrixia War ended.
PCPD officers and Legolanndian FIB agents surrounded Gi-Chin's hideout.

Mike Bloomberg Of New York Arrested After Scandal Revealed

Micheal Bloomberg, of New York, Amurricaa, was arrested yesterday after it was revealed that he had transfered $10 million to a far-left socialist nazi campaign in Sudan.

Far-Left Communist Nazis Arrested In Lego City

In Lego City, Legolannd, Far-Left Communist Nazis were arrested after they attacked Lego City PD officers.

The group's leader was Hans Adolf, a noted neo-nazi that was kicked out of Germany for his violence.

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Police In Nobrook City Complete Biggest Drug Bust Of The Decade

Last week the NCPD made the biggest drug bust of the decade in all of the TGR. 44,000 lbs of Cocaine, crack and heroine was found in a secret basement in the industrial district of Norbrook City.

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Laraniemian Express time!

Written by Laraniemians for Laraniemians

Laraniemian Express
Laraniem's #1 read
Main Headlines


On the 24th of January 2020, Laraniem elected the region's 5th World Assembly Delegate: Koxor. In this edition of the Laraniemian Express, Koxor was interviewed about the World Assembly Delegacy and NationStates in general.

What do you hope to achieve as WA Delegate in Laraniem?

My main goal is to improve life for every member of Laraniem by trying to get the region more noticed by the international community.

And how will your role help you do this?

My role should allow me to associate with other delegates and educate and inform them of the trusted ideals of Laraniem.

Koxor was then asked about NationStates itself.

What about NationStates appealed to you when you first joined?

The ability to create and run a nation of your choice and having to make choices and solve dilemmas to keep your citizens happy and keep your country stable. It really challenges your logic and decision-making skills, especially as you don't know exactly how the decision will affect your nation.

Do you think parts of NS can apply/benefit the real world?

Sometimes. I think that some decisions may reflect real-world ethical or moral dilemmas and they may help people to solve them.

An interview to Koxor from Hagston


Discussion of a World Cup in Laraniem has occurred in the Regional Message Board. However, due to lack of numbers, a World Cup solely in Laraniem would be difficult. Luckily, Laraniem has embassies. For all of this to be possible, an interregional event would be apt. If a World Cup does occur, it would be a role-play event for a sport which has not yet been decided. For any updates on the LWC, be sure to check in with The Laraniemian Express.

Written by Hagston



Want to lodge an Advertisement in The Laraniemian Express? Telegram Hagston!



The Laraniemian Express© is property of Laraniem. To reuse articles or templates from this newspaper, please ask for permission from Hagston
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Post self-deleted by Legolannd.

New Poll
What are your thoughts on the impact of film based media's impact on today's culture?

Post by Legolannd suppressed by The NewsStand.

Knechting wrote:We've got a new Poll in IDA!

Is America a racist country?


Post by Knechting suppressed by The NewsStand.

Legolannd wrote:

I think they would probably prefer that you discuss our polls in our region or in your own

" 7º Edition "

7º Edition (16 Of February of 2020)

The newspaper The Week Of MAACAU is a summary of national and international news. Its team of journalists and supporters are committed to the news and truth to their readers, made up of experienced professionals committed to the quality of information.
We have a responsibility to ascertain the facts, and to take the utmost care of opinions of the most diverse situations to keep the reader with his ability to hold his opinion.

Chief Editor: AKIRA HONDA

Week Summary

The weekly summary of the nation's most important news, its repercussions and effects on people's lives.

Protests   The capital dawned with a crowd at the door of the transport secretariat, due to the increase in public tickets, There was no confrontation but the leaders of the demonstration ask the population not to use the trains and buses in protest .

Coldness It will be so that the city council will deal with the new governor-elect, the republican and conservative councilors will already promise tough opposition against the measures to increase taxes and cuts in health and retirement.

Young power Our team, who will manage the country for the next four (4) years, took office at the federal secretariat. What stands out is the average age (40) years, minus the military chiefs (60), it will be a very big challenge in view of the problems with the economy paralyzed at 5% per year (since 2017)

MAACAU 16/02/2020 16:13

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