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As a region, The NewsStand is ranked 4,648th in the world for Largest Insurance Industry.

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The latest Force Flyer is out!


Zetaboards, the forum software of choice for many notable regions within NationStates, including Force, The North Pacific, The East Pacific, and The Rejected Realms, is being sold to TapaTalk. This means more than just a simple change of host; it means that things like themes, permissions, and working bbCode among other things that some regions have taken years to perfect will be gone. This shift is gradual and although many of the largest regions haven't faced it yet, smaller regions, Force included have. It hit us without warning and to compensate, we are shifting over to a self hosted forum at the moment. For us as a new region, the change isn't too major, but for many older regions with years of history in those forums, it's huge.
by Renegalle

Elections in Heart

The Heart elections were an interesting spectacle, with two candidates withdrawing, two standing, Southern States and Johnpre both withdrew, and Alemputo and The scottish republic battling it out for the office of Prime Minister, There was a debate and two press conferences, each featuring difference in opinions, interesting questions, and, best of all, each candidate showed lots of respect for the other, and in the end, Alemputo was victorious, but both candidates showed respect, in this intriguing election period.
by Lashnakia

Elections in Force and the Trouble with Crazybloxian

Early last month, Candidacy announcements began for Prime Minister of Force, the three that decided to run, were, Libertatis Regalis, Seoul-Pyongyang and Crazybloxian Empire, Now, we all know, that Libertatis Regalis was re-elected convincingly, however, the build up to election had controversy, Crazybloxian Empire was a controversial candidate, who had his election mainly based off RP, which was also a bit controversial, his inactivity was a downfall, not joining discord till late, and not answering questions, in the end he left the region, clearly seeing he was going to lose, This was unfortunate to have a candidate like that, thankfully the other candidates were very sensible, and the election ended peacefully.
by Lashnakia

PM Bennisia of Heart; A Region in Turmoil

A few months ago, some controversy broke out, with Bennisia II angered because he couldn't stand in an election, he kept constantly trying to prove he was right, which lead to more problems and complications, which ended in him being removed as PM of Heart, Bennisia II brought activity to Heart, but also brought problems and controversy, he ended up moving to New Western Atlantic, where there has been more controversy since, but that's for them to talk about, not me.
by Lashnakia

A New Future for RGBN

RGBN is a laid back region, once comfortably large and active (130+ nations) has been reduced to just 10. Being among our very first embassies, we took notice. An agreement between Force and RGBN was made handing over control over the region to Force and allowing the founder to lead as Governor. Now, under Force control, efforts are being made to make RGBN the great and welcoming region it once was through recruitment and a revamped system of laws and leadership.
by Renegalle


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Force Population: 158
The New Kingdom Population: 36
Heart Population: 55
RGBN Population: 10

Total WA Members: 55
Force WA Members: 38
The New Kingdom WA Members: 6
Heart WA Members: 10
RGBN WA Members: 1

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New issue of The Confederation Coverage!

The Confederation Coverage Issue #6:


Editor:Naora Natson of Shronok

Hail The Confederation!

The latest news and other random stuff from The Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

This issue features

  • Introduction

  • The War with TNMU is over! Content on the War.

  • Population Growth.

  • The discovery of an alternative rocket fuel "K2B"

  • A religous war has broken out in Lizc!

  • Interview with The Viceroy of the Confederation Walter Memmon!

  • Random Musings from Naora Natson

  • Ask Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery

  • And more!

    Introduction to this issue

    Hello and welcome to this issue of The Confederation Coverage! Times have been busy recently for The Confederation of Corrupt Dictators so this issue won’t be short on content. The war with The New Mappers Union ended recently and the Confederation emerged victorious. The region has also seen huge growth in population recently. Stuff covering these things and more await in this issue of The Confederation Coverage!

    The War with The New Mappers Union is finally over!

    After 335 days of fighting, bickering, and plenty of hypocrisy the war ended after The New Mappers Union officially surrendered after the Treaty of Vocraye was signed by leaders of both sides. The Treaty of Vocraye(link below) was written by The Secretary of State of The Confederation, Alyssia Broussard of The Dominion of Cylain.


    There was much celebration and July 25th is a date that will live in the region's history. Despite everything embassies have been rebuilt in hopes of better relations in the future. After the treaty was signed at the Confedereichstag The Viceroy of the Confederation, His Excellency Walter Memmon of Jocospor gave this speech at a press conference,

    "The war against the Union, as we know it, has ended. [at this moment, the Viceroy gestured to the Confedereichstag] The great building behind me represents many things. It represents the incredible foresight of the three emperors who have ruled their Imperial Empire. It represents unity, progress, order, security and stability. But most of all, it represents the might that be the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators. Just now, within these hallowed walls, the High Imperator, Constantin I of The Federation of Earth and Moon of Democratic Empire of Romania, having discreetly entered Vocryae, signed an end to hostilities between our two regions. At one point, the High Imperator fell to his knees and begged for Imperial forgiveness; thus inclined, I offered Constantin an arm and assured him that no hard feelings would be borne against him or his people. For there shall be no hard feelings. Why, the Union has almost provided us a service. Today, the Confederation has achieved its greatest victory since the defeat of Yorktown Aristocracy. After three hundred and thirty-five days, the Confederation has brought down those who sought to destroy it. I say to you all here now, and to all the nations of this glorious collective: Never shall the Imperial Empire bend to another. Never shall an Imperial Citizen bow down before anyone but their Emperor. Never shall the Confederation know defeat. Hail the Confederation!"

    There was an enthusiastic response of "Hail the Confederation!" and applause by the crowd. His Supreme Majesty Emperor Emanoel II quit his slumber and poured himself a celebratory glass of scotch. Members of the Imperial Palace among many others joined in the revelry. Even I took a drink of scotch and I usually don't drink alcohol due to a general dislike of it. Of course some of the finer details such as installation of a new President of the Executive Council of TNMU still need to be worked out. The Confederation of Corrupt Dictators remains strong!

    Hail the Confederation!

    Population Growth

    The Confederation has seen a huge growth in population recently. As of this writing it is at 145 nations. Around 60 of these nations have arrived within the past week. This can be attributed to many things. The victory over The New Mappers Union has arguably helped. Also The Confederation was NationStates featured region on July 29th. This helped bring even more international attention to the region. Hopefully the region's population can continue to grow as it hopes to increase its international presence.

    New positions in the region

    Due to the growth of the region recently the Viceroy has recently ordered there be more positions in hope of helping nations feel involved. Positions like all the leaders of the Confederation Defense forces have been added within the past month that serves under the Minister for War. It is also worth noting that due to an abuse of power the previous head of the Bureau of Security was replaced by Director Lucius Sulinus of The Imperial Empire of Riakou. These positions have all been filled as shown in the below factbook.


    There are also some positions created to serve under me. Though most of these haven't been filled yet.


    The discovery of an alternative rocket fuel "K2B"

    Director of the Military Department of Spacial Development Steve Lasseter of The Emirate of Nemo from A Bugs Life has been working hard on developing the region's space program and military. Scientists from all over the region are working on trying to get a prototype of a rocket finished. This has been helped by the recent discovery of a fuel known as "K2B". They started out using regular fuel but that K2B has proven to be way more efficient along with being more a more stable fuel in general. Hopefully The Confederation can continue to grow as a power in space. After all space is the "final frontier".

    A design for a spaceship the Spacial Department hopes to complete one day.

    A religious war has broken out in Lizc!

    As stated in the headline a religious war has broken out in Lizc. President Giuseppe Corelli stated, "Attention dictators! A religious war has broken out in Lizc. Protestant militias have attacked the Confederation embassy in New Palermo! They have already taken the coastal city of Charlestown and have started a campaign in the Lizcian countryside killing nondenominational Christians and Catholics. The Lizcian Armed Forces are being mobilized as we speak, sending the navy to pummel Charlestown. But we need air support badly. Catholic militias have also started a purge of Lizcia Protestants in retaliation of the civil war."

    Support has been given from The Confederation military and it is hoped that the situation will stabilize soon.

    Some air support to help deal with the situation.

    The Federation of Pancakes Royal Family situation

    Recently the royal family from The Federation of Pancakes was able to move out of the sanctuary that was provided for them in Lizc. They have gained back some of their strength after having been exiled from their previous territory due to a revolution at United Federation Of Pancakes. The Royal Family now has an island territory where they plan to build back up some of their power. So far this has been a success.

    Interview with Viceroy Walter Memmon of The Imperial Empire of Jocospor

    We have gotten lucky. The Viceroy of The Confederation of Corrupt Dictators has taken time out of his busy scedule to do this interview. This interview will discuss many things. This interview of Walter Memmon was conducted by Brad Jensen. Enjoy!

    Brad Jensen:How and why were you chosen to be the Viceroy?
    Walter Memmon:I was selected personally by the Emperor. When His Supreme Majesty regained control of Jocospor - after the tragic death of his father in the Vocryae bombings, a terrible incident that is seldom spoken of in the Imperial Empire - he re-enacted Order 26, which, as you know, is the executive command that establishes the Supreme Council and reasserts the Imperial Empire's control over the Confederation. At the time, the Supreme Council was being chaired by Hunteth Veredon of The Grand Empire of Valerox - who, as we sadly have learnt, turned out to be a traitor. Having served in government for many years, and having worked closely with the previous Imperial Chairman of the Committee and then Viceroy of the Confederation, Heinricus Haas, the Imperial Cabinet thought me well suited to heading the Confederation on behalf of His Supreme Majesty.

    BJ: What was your first government job?
    WM: My first government job was acting as an undersecretary to Porter Coy, the Foreign Affairs Direktor in the cabinet of Emanoel I. In the role, I dealt with delegations hailing from all manner of places. I was later moved to work within the Imperial offices of the Confedereichstag, and dealt primarily with what was then the Office of Force (now the War Ministry). From these stations, I was able to gain firsthand insight into the machinery of high-end government, and developed my skills as a militician.

    BJ:Do you have any thoughts you would like to say here on the Confederations recent victory in the war against TNMU?
    WM:[laughs] Well, look, I don't think there's much to be said - is TNMU really worth the time and effort talking about? Oh! - yes, just quickly, we're currently in negotiations with the Union to appoint a Confederation nation as the President of their Executive Council.

    BJ:How did you come up with the idea for "The Imperial Delegates League"?
    WM:It's been an idea of ours for some time now. We believe in getting as many nations involved in the World Assembly whether they're part of it or not. After all, the Confederation intends to one day wield supreme control over the organization, so it's important to us to foster an interest within the region. The time seemed right, after so much growth and prosperity, to create a kind of forum that allowed nations to raise queries, discuss content and submit proposals pertaining to the World Assembly.

    BJ:What is a typical work day for a Viceroy?
    WM:I leave home early in the morning, around 5am. I have residences at the Confedereichstag, so, sometimes, if I've worked a late night, or in particularly busy times, I stay there. Once I've arrived in my office, however, I begin with reading and writing telegrams. Usually there's quite a few. That takes a while, up until lunch. After lunch, it's meetings. Reports from Supreme Councilors, receptions of various heads of state, you name it. Around 6pm I finish up. Sometimes I'll eat dinner at that Confedereichstag, other times I'll make it home in time to dine with my family. That cycle basically repeats. Oh, yes, and once a week I go to the Imperial Palace, to meet with the Imperial Cabinet and sometimes His Supreme Majesty himself, providing them with updates on the Confederation.

    BJ:How would you describe your working relationship with the rest of The Supreme Council?
    WM:I can't comment on that.

    BJ:I see.
    What do you like about working in The Confedereichstag?

    WM:The Confedereichstag is a great building. Titanic in size, it offers amazing office views. It's also convenient to have all the offices of the Confederation within one building. Funny that you bring up the Confedereichstag, there's currently a bit of debate about a regional map being drawn up. Some people are just flat out refusing this idea, but others are willing to compromise. The Confedereichstag is getting a little dated, and there are some people I know lobbying for a new building. Why not hold an architecture competition? We're thinking it could work.

    BJ:If said Architecture competition happens how will you go about doing it? In other words what would you accept?
    WM:We'll be accepting designs for a new, state-of-the-art government complex. Nations can provide us with whatever they desire, whether that's a mere drawing or a fully thought out blueprint. We're also likely to make this an international competition.

    BJ:What will you do with the Confedereichstag after the new government complex is finished? I was thinking maybe it could become a museum of Confederation history.
    WM:Not a half bad idea. We could always redevelop it into something, sure. Another idea was a performing arts complex, or even residential apartments for government officials. What we can say for sure, though, is that the building will not be demolished, not under any circumstances.

    BJ:Recently the Confederation has seen huge growth in population. Who and/or what do you credit for the growth?
    WM:This can be attributed to many things. Firstly, it cannot be left unsaid that the Imperial Empire did not plan for this years ago. The seeds of growth were sown back in 2016, when the Confederation first tasted a spike in numbers. Since then, the Imperial Empire has been working rigorously to grow the region - and recently, the toils of its labours have been rewarded. Specifically, though, I believe we can attribute the population boom to the Confederation's dealings in the World Assembly, and this very paper, which is published widely across the world and known by many as a reputable and advanced news medium.

    BJ:Is there anything in particular that inspired you growing up?
    WM:Jocospor inspired me. The Imperial Empire was a wondrous place to grow up, and I spent my young days marveling at its strength and power, and hoping that one day I would make it even stronger.

    BJ:How close are you with your family?
    WM:Incredibly. My wife, Sara, and our two daughters, Caroline and Meredith, live together in our family home within Vocryae. We often spend nights together when I'm not working in the Confedereichstag, playing board games and watching movies. I also help the children with their school work, and invite them into the Confedereichstag on convenient days.

    BJ:What are some of your favorite movies?
    WM:I'm a huge "Confederation Wars" fan - you know, the saga they made about the early days of the Confederation? It' amazing, and if you haven't seen it I'd absolutely recommend it. My favourite film from the series would have to be "Wager the Great Strikes Back", followed closely by "Revenge of the Feroxians".

    BJ:Do you read literature very often when you do get time?
    WM:Books are a lot more time consuming than movies, as I'm sure you know. I try to read when I can, but I usually can't. Right now, I've been reading on and off this great series called "A Confederation of Ice and Fire". I'm up to the second book, "A Clash of Emperors". I'd recommend it, definitely.

    BJ:Do you have anything in particular that you do for fun when you do get some free time?
    WM:Other than movies and reading, I sometimes play golf with a few members of the Imperial Cabinet.

    BJ:Do you consider yourself good at golf? I haven't really played much golf so I can't say for sure if I could be good at it.
    WM:I'd say I'm okay. I have been fortunate, once I scored a hole in one on a 117m fairway. I was pretty impressed with that, as was Gaspard Remau!

    BJ:As a region, what do you think the Confederation still needs to work on?
    WM:An interesting question. I'm very pleased to say that the current and recent RMB standard has been maintained to a very high level. So in that regard, the Confederation doesn't need to work any harder. All WA nations should endorse the Imperial Empire - we've had instances where some are not doing that, and we're going to crack down on it, starting soon. Otherwise, the region is in pretty good shape. Go out and recruit for the region as much as you can, and spread the Confederation's word throughout the world. Now, I've another appointment. That's where we're going to have to leave today's interview.

    BJ:Thank you for your time Walter Memmon.
    WM:Thanks very much.

    Random Musings from Naora Natson

    Well here are some more musings.

    Following new legislation in AppleTime, the Forestry Department has decided you really can't fight fire with fire.

    Well good job Forestry Department!

    In Zentenae, senior executives have become freelance basket-weavers in search of less stress and better work-life balance.

    Basket Weaving can be a de-stressor. Except if you get frustrated really easy if you screw up even in the most minor of ways.

    In Fetra, 100-year-old politicians are now a thing of the past.

    Except 99-year-old politicians may possibly be a thing of the future.

    Following new legislation in Refarria, if a tree falls in the forest Leader is personally notified.

    Is there a tree phone or something?

    I guess that is all. I am probably going to try to phase out this section in future issues. So there may be no more "Random Musings" in the foreseeable future.

    Ask Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery

    "Go ahead and ask your questions. Yeah even you people that have some nutty questions in mind go ahead and ask them" -Sean Connery's clone.

    Here is this month’s installment of Ask Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery!

    Anonymous asks,
    What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?

    Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery:I have many favorites. Asking me to choose one is like asking me to stay with a woman for more than one movie.

    A Grocery store worker asks,
    How do you feel about GMOS?

    Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery:I feel we should make sure and have food be as natural as possible. That being said I am open to genetics just not in my food.

    A person asks,
    How do you feel about war?

    Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery: I feel that due to the human condition it is unavoidable. Though that being said I am proud of my region's recent victory in their war and hope to enjoy some peace for a while.

    Generic person who asks generic questions about relationships asks,
    Yo! Homeboy! What should I do for my 9th wedding anniversary with my wife?

    Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery: Homeboy? Um ok I guess if you feel you need to call me that. Anyways um take her out to eat I guess or something. Have a babysitter take care of the kids(if you have any) and go out and enjoy a night out in the town.

    Well there you have it. This feature may also be phased out. You can still try to send in your questions I guess. If there turns out to be a lot of them maybe this can be brought back. I am not going to guarantee anything though.

    Fun Stuff

    Random Song of the Moment.



    Thanks for reading! As you can see a lot has been going on within the region. Remember to stay Determined! Anyways see you next issue!

    Brought to you by The Confederation of Corrupt Dictators Overseer of the People Naora Natson from Shronok

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Good Morning/Good Afternoon to you, our beloved embassy region!

With regards to last months cheese poll, mozzarella and “other” was tied!

Now I have a question for all of you!

Would you like to see more of the fun polls every month?

We have decided to do a fun poll every month and you can telegram us ideas and what not!

Don’t want to participate, that’s okay! If your region leaders and all of you don’t want to participate in the Union of the Kind Ones’s monthly fun polls (we need to come up with a better name) event, please have one of your region leaders telegram me!

If you have any comments/questions, please feel free to telegram me (Compound Light Microscope) or any one of our officers!

Hope you have a wonderful day/night!

-His Majesty 👑 Of Union of the Kind Ones

Union of the Kind Ones Fun Poll Event!

Dear embassy region!

Here is the fun poll for the month of August!

If you could only have one superpower, what would it be??!!

Here is the poll! Have fun!


-Compound Light Microscope

Monarch of Union of the Kind Ones

Hey The NewsStand, can you post our weekly Newspaper?

Everyone, who do think which French fry is the best?
Type C for curly fries
Type S for standard fries.
Mine was S.

Compound Light Microscope wrote:Good Morning/Good Afternoon to you, our beloved embassy region!

With regards to last months cheese poll, mozzarella and “other” was tied!

Now I have a question for all of you!

Would you like to see more of the fun polls every month?

We have decided to do a fun poll every month and you can telegram us ideas and what not!

Don’t want to participate, that’s okay! If your region leaders and all of you don’t want to participate in the Union of the Kind Ones’s monthly fun polls (we need to come up with a better name) event, please have one of your region leaders telegram me!

If you have any comments/questions, please feel free to telegram me (Compound Light Microscope) or any one of our officers!

Hope you have a wonderful day/night!

-His Majesty 👑 Of Union of the Kind Ones

Well, you said, (we need to come up with a better name).
How about, Fun-thly Polls, because fun-thly, rhymes with monthly, and the word fun is in here, so what do you think?

Issue 11 of the Driselbian Post out now!

    Please upvote this dispatch!

    August 13th, 2018

    NOTE: Due to the former Minister of Culture, Mazda-otta, resigning and Eldurgoth taking over, the modern RP lore has been restarted with a new timeline. Due to this, we have no news in the roleplay section.

    Also, due to a lack of submissions to the Opinion section, we will remove it in future issues unless a submission has been received, this in order to lift some of the burden our writers endure.


    New Minister of Culture restarts MRP

    The new Minister of Culture in all his glory

    SHARE THIS: Link Link Link Link
    John Smith, Junior News Correspondent, Driselbian Post (
    August 13th, 2018 | DRISELBIA

    DRISELBIA - A new Minister of Culture has been appointed by the Chancellor after the former one, Mazda-otta, swiftly resigned and left to join Trigori's breakaway region Montealba, in a move that surprised many roleplayers in the region. Eldurgoth, a man of Conventian descent with an extensive history of roleplaying in not only Driselbia but in other regions, has been named the new Minister of Culture and has already started a new, popular roleplay lore, one based on a time period just before WWI. So far it seems, Driselbia's roleplay has survived the unholy split.

    The Post has sent Reporter Kintada to interview our new Minister of Culture. From him we heard about the new roleplay he is working on, his views on the current affairs of Driselbia, and on Ireland in his new roleplay.

    Driselbian Post wrote:What is your general goal as Minister of Culture?

    Eldurgoth wrote:My general goal as Minister of Culture is to succeed Mazda-Otta, his RP being the first truly successful Driselbian RP. It had lead to an era of stable and interactive RP, I don't want that to be lost as he sails away.

    Driselbian Post wrote:Can you tell us anything about the theme/setting of your new roleplay?

    Eldurgoth wrote:The theme as of the moment is a WW1 Alt-history RP, I think this mitigates some of the problems Mazda's RP faced with the numerous nuclear war crisis that led to a soft reset and overall a lot of issues when it came to conquest and war, something I think that truly drives RP.

    Driselbian Post wrote:Whats your history with the UCR? Why did you come to Driselbia from there?

    Eldurgoth wrote:I was with the UCR for a few months, in that time I was just a pleb but watching the higher ups and listening. I watched the RP, and talked in the Discord little more than that. The crisis that befell the UCR and led to the 3rd dissolution of it, was saddening to see because it was clear people truly cared for the region however the crimes of its then leader condemned the region absolutely.

    Driselbian Post wrote:Do you see any parallels between the UCR then and Driselbia now?

    Eldurgoth wrote:As of right now, no. I used to think so but Driselbia has its own set of problems, in the aftermath of Trigori's departure it is clear to me there is a different issue entirely befalling us. Whilst the UCR fell to the actions of one man, it's highly centralized empire's crimes, Driselbia is cracking from the actions and contrasting views of multiple people, but unlike the UCR it will continue to live and breath.

    Driselbian Post wrote:Previously, Driselbia has two roleplays: Modern and Fantasy. With the departure of those who created the fantasy world, what happens to the dual roleplay in Driselbia? Do you have plans for a second roleplay to be launched after the WWI-era roleplay? (Update: The Whermacht, the leader of the FRP lore, has returned from Montealba and the lore seems to be up and going to this day.

    Eldurgoth wrote:If people want it then of course. I mean, I loved the FRP and the MRP. If we were to develop it again, I'd very much approve of it. I may not be able to run it, but I'd love for it to live and I'd encourage it anyway I could. I think for right now, I'll focus on MRP. If the Monteabla boys returned they could have their own corner to do them too. We can have tons of roleplay going on, without all the politics.

    Driselbian Post wrote:Do you have plans for anything other than roleplay to come from the Ministry of Culture, or is RP your only focus?

    Eldurgoth wrote:RP is my main focus though I'm definitely wanting to ensure Driselbia can have more than that. We need to be unified and as the MoC, I can do that. We can be unified by Driselbian memes, jokes, and much more arising from Driselbia citizens. We should interact and immerse ourselves in a fun and light-hearted culture, if we cannot laugh and have fun whilst also role-playing seriously and having fun there then I would fail as MoC. I won't, let that happen. That's why I urge any citizen of Driselbia to join the Discord and interact at #the-bar and elsewhere.

    Driselbian Post wrote:I actually have a map concept for a RP, would you like to see it?

    Eldurgoth wrote:I have seen the map you made Kintada, shame on you and your cows you stole. I will make Ireland look a jigsaw puzzle and have Dublin be a Nordic slave market. I will have your people be in perpetual potato famine. YOU HEAR ME SEAMUS, I WILL MAKE IRELAND EUROPE'S SYRIA! the RP sense of course :^))))))))))

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    Driselbian soldiers securing the region
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    John Smith, Junior News Correspondent, Driselbian Post (
    August 10th, 2018 | DRISELBIA

    DRISELBIA - The region of Auroran, a region of historical importance to Driselbia, has recently been liberated by the Driselbian Royal Army from the occupational army of the so-called Empire of Exus. The DRA swiftly took over the region with the help of a swarm of puppets that were sent to Auroran while the DRA simutaniously moved in to secure the region.

    The region of Auroran was one of the regions that merged into Driselbia. It unified with the South East Asian Region, or SEAR, when Driselbia was a new region, being the fourth region to merge into Driselbia, after the initial three, Krumpelberg, PFQ and SEAR. This region had been lost to us for a significant time. After the region was abandoned, it ceased to exist. The region had since switched hands numerous times between various raider groups and small, enthusiastic, imperialist regions.

    The Empire of Exus has as a response to the Driselbian liberation placed itself under lockdown, setting up a password in order to prevent the region from being invaded by Driselbian forces.

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    Flag of the 'tax haven' of Driselbia
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    Solomon Brown, Junior News Correspondent, Driselbian Post (
    August 13th, 2018 | DRISELBIA

    DRISELBIA - Recent immigration to Montealba from Driselbia has worried the leadership of the region after the region was founded by Trigori a while ago after a political scandal. The nations that left everything to join Montealba are all from former Krumpelberg. Since some of these nations were active members in Driselbian society, activity dropped somewhat after their departure, and their departure has even led to Driselbia's RP being shut down for several days.

    One returnee has told the Post that the main reasons people, mostly former Krumpelbergers, packed up is due to several reasons: Trust in Trigori, Mazda-otta, lack of faith in Driselbian bureucracy and wanting to start anew.

    The Driselbian government has responded by recruiting new nations, mostly people from former PFQ, and quickly appointing Eldurgoth as new Minister of Culture after Mazda-otta resigned shortly before his departure.

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      • Driselbian Royal Army liberates Auroran, vows to 'take Exus too'

      • MRP is going well, people showing interest

      • 4 new people have joined Driselbia since August 11th



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    Caduceo, Foreign News Correspondent, Driselbian Post (
    July 31st, 2018 | THE BAR ON EVERY CORNER

    THE BAR ON EVERY CORNER - Some of you may remember that in the last issue of the Driselbian Post, we talked about how The Bar on the corner of every region had ordered the closure of its embassy in Driselbia after protesting the raid that the Royal Driselbian Army launched against Nasunia. Any Driselbians who are regular customers at the bar will be happy to know that the situation has been sorted out diplomatically, and that the closure of the embassies have been cancelled.

    Lake of Fur, the "guy in charge of the jukebox" of the bar indicated to King Qandaristania of Driselbia that the bar was changing its mind on the closure of the embassies, and the King agreed and cancelled the closure. We talked to King Qandaristania, and he says that he was in contact with the staff of the bar, and negotiated with them via telegram in order to stop this closure.

    This comes despite the fact that Nasunia had made attempts to get regions to cancel their embassies with Driselbia. After the Driselbian Royal Army infiltrated Nasunia with spies, gained the trust of Nasunian leadership, and prepared the groundway for an invasion. When the Army's main force invaded they put a puppet of a Driselbian Royal Army member, named the Lorencian Nation, in power as WAD, before razing the region and retreating. In response, the Nasunians had held a poll in their region, asking the Nasunian Assembly to vote on a proposal which, if passed, would have asked Nasunia's allies to break off relations with Driselbia. However, this motion was losing overwhelmingly and so was cancelled.

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    Unofficial flag of the World Assembly
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    Ali Johnson, Junior News Correspondent, Driselbian Post (
    August 13th, 2018 | THE REJECTED REALMS

    THE REJECTED REALMS - A nation in the Rejected Realms has allegedly found the light, by finding the 'truth' regarding the World Assembly. In a dispatch called 'The WA is not your friend', Tevehas explains the alleged links between the World Assembly and the spooky 'New World Order'.

    According to the dispatch, there are satanic forces within the World Assembly that want to undermine nations in the NationStates universe. The dispatch calls for nations to abandon the World Assembly, citing that it's just 'not your friend'.

    We're aware of its sarcastic undertones, which many readers of the dispatch will enjoy.

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      • Driselbia-TAF talks on diplomatic ties

      • Nasunia refers to Driselbia as a 'puppet dump' in its newspaper

      • Szabor announces merger into Driselbia as 'a last resort'



      Comedy Stage
      Unwind and laugh with us as we share with you this week's best jokes[/font]
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      The Newsroom, Driselbian Post (
      August 13th, 2018 | MISCELLANIOUS

      Welcome to the comedy stage! Get a snack, a cold hot Fanta and sit, sip, and read!

      MISCELLANIOUS - Hello and welcome to the comedy stage! Sit back and enjoy your cold Fanta, get a snack and read the latest comedy with us. We hope you enjoy them!


      The teacher asked little Johnny if he knew his numbers. “Yes,” he said. “My father taught me.”

      “Good. What comes after three?”

      “Four,” answered the boy.

      “What comes after six?”


      “Very good,” said the teacher. “Your dad did a good job. And what comes after 10?”


      The man and the penguins

      A man was driving down the road when a policeman stopped him. The officer looked in the back of the man’s truck and said, “Why are these penguins in your truck?”

      The man replied, “These are my penguins. They belong to me.”
      “You need to take them to the zoo,” the policeman said.

      The next day, the officer saw the same guy driving down the road. He pulled him over again. He saw the penguins were still in the truck, but they were wearing sunglasses this time. “I thought I told you to take these penguins to the zoo!” the officer said.

      “I did,” the man replied. “And today I’m taking them to the beach."

      And now, some relevant Polandball comics!

      National Anthems

      Ottoman Struggles

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        Newsroom working hard to provide the latest issue to you[/font]
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        The Newsroom, Driselbian Post (
        August 13th, 2018 | MISCELLANIOUS

          And now a quick message from the newsroom!

          MISCELLANIOUS What's up guys! issue 11 now in all its glory, in front of your eyes, on your screen. Anyway, we need new writers since we're about to change the way the Post works soon.

          We're however still looking for reporters and journalists who could help us develop this newspaper to become something much better and deeper than it is now. If you're interested in taking part in the newspaper, then please contact the chief editor Qandaristania!

          Hail Driselbia,

          Qandaristania, Muscovqing, Bordurian Islands, and Kintada of the Driselbian Post newsroom

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          © 2018 Driselbian Post, All Rights Reserved.

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