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The NewsStand contains 4 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Crime Rates in The NewsStand

World Census agents attempted to lure citizens into committing various crimes in order to test the reluctance of citizens to break the law.

As a region, The NewsStand is ranked 20,211th in the world for Lowest Crime Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Corporation of The NewsStandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“your one-stop, non-stop news shop”
2.The Confederacy of Paperboy 3000Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Here's your paper ”
3.The Rogue Nation of News PaperboyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pride and Industry”
4.The Colony of A Carrier PigeonAnarchy“Coo!”

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The NewsStand Regional Message Board

The latest Force Flyer is out!

Finally, peace with SCUT...or at least temporarily

On the 1st of May, Force and the SCUT opened a secret communications line between each other in the midst of war. Talks began slow and there was a great deal of arguing between Renegalle and Morriband. This continued for the next two days in which little to no actual negotiation happened. Then on the 3rd day of this drawn out argument; Libertatis Regalis (Prime Minister of Force), New Legland (CDF Commander of the SCUT), and KYSsers (Foreign Minister of the SCUT) began negotiating in a separate chat behind the scenes. Since the majority of the arguing was going on between Renegalle and Morriband, there was no longer any as they weren't in the chat. Within about 20 minutes, both sides had agreed to temporarily cease all hostilities through the signing of an armistice. Renegalle passed along a draft of this armistice to Libertatis Regalis who in turn presented it to the representative of the SCUT. Both sides agreed to the armistice and it was legally passed without the involvement of the SCUT's Leader (they did show their approval for it the following day). The armistice was in place for 2 weeks after its signing and has been renewed for a further 2 weeks. It is the hope of both sides that a permanent solution to this conflict can be made in the near future.

Treaty Signed with AIR

From the 11th to the 12th of May, Force and AIR negotiated a treaty with each other. In this treaty the two parties recognized each other's government as legitimate, agreed to improve each other's militaries through joint training operations, agreed not to provoke or attack one another and provide assistance in case of a threat, and to further expand the scope of the treaty in the future to bring the parties closer together. AIR is a massive interregional alliance with its collective nations totalling 1,672 spanning over 8 different regions. As Force expands in size and influence, it is vital that we forge strong relationships to help ensure our survival.

Libertatis Regalis Elected Prime Minister

These Prime Minister elections featured three candidates; all of whom ran in previous elections. All of them had prior experience in Force Government. The candidates were Libertatis Regalis, Harkhirchluvo, and Seoul-Pyongyang; they had been in the region for 11 months, 3 months, and 5 months respectively. Debates went well and were surprisingly very diplomatic unlike debates in the past. On April 22 when voting concluded, Libertatis Regalis was elected. Libertatis Regalis received 16 votes, Harkhirchulvo and Seoul-Pyongyang received no votes, and 1 person abstained from voting. Libertatis Regalis had served previously as Minister of Internal Affairs for about 11 months, has been WA Delegate for 7 months, and was Prosecutor for nearly 3 months. They also received the highest honor in Force; Dot Citizenship.


Total Population: 276
Force Population: 173
The New Kingdom Population: 61
Heart Population: 42

Total WA Members: 49
Force WA Members: 34
The New Kingdom WA Members: 8
Heart WA Members: 7

Current Government:



Term Began



February 4, 2017 (founding)

Prime Minister

Libertatis Regalis

April 22, 2018 (elected)


Western Chosetus

December 27, 2017 (elected)

Minister of Internal Affairs


April 23, 2018 (appointed)

Minister of Foreign Affairs


April 22, 2018 (appointed)

Minister of the Military


December 1, 2017 (re-elected)

Minister of Roleplay

Sword BJ

April 22, 2018 (appointed)

Minister of Culture


April 23, 2018 (appointed)

Minister of Judicial Affairs

Impits Menouss

February 13, 2018 (elected)

Copyright © 2018 by the Force Foreign Affairs Ministry

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So Season 2 of Mark's journey has been kicked off, don't miss out!

A lot has happened to Mark, choose what happens next.

Spread the word! Vote while supplies last: page=poll/p=121033

Issue 5 of The Crazybloxian Times!

The Crazybloxian Times

Spy Mission on Euroslavia Begins
Wikipedia is destroyed!
Charities become nicer!
Making Progress: Amelyn-2, the 2nd universe!
Archive right here: View it

First Nuclear Power Plant Volts!
The first Nuclear Power plant has just begun construction and is expected to finish next year. (Next year in roleplay). The president has met with the chief manager of the Nuclear Assembly of the Crazybloxian Empire. The Nuclear Assembly has developed explosion-proof nuclear equipment. Construction has showed no sign of failing.

Spy Mission on Euroslavia Begins
Due to erupting tensions over Euroslavian citizens serially murdering Crazybloxians, the CEDPF (Crazybloxian Empire Diversity Protection Force), has handed out 2.1b sliding doors to families whose other family members were serially murdered by Euroslavians. The issue was now Level-4 priority due to the seriousness and the action that families are demanding. The ASA (Airport Security Assembly) has banned all Euroslavians from entering and 89,762 Euroslavians were sent to slaughter/torture camps.

Wikipedia is destroyed!
After days of hacking, the hackers have finally managed to destroy Wikipedia. They ended up making more pages blank, actually clearing 2 million rather than the intended-to-clear 500,000. Wikipedia has heavily suffered and is expected to heal by 3065, and a complete destruction of Wikipedia is planned by 3031.

Making Progress: Amelyn-2, the 2nd universe!
Official statistics from the CSAA (Crazybloxian Statistical Archive Assembly) has indicated that 5,720 planets have been colonized in Amelyn-2 as of now. Tourism has increased significantly, and exploded by 48% in the last 5 weeks, with 6m tourists; chart statistics are:
16% Renegallean
8% Seoul-Pyongyangese | Origin: Seoul-Pyongyang
62% Crazybloxian | Origin: Crazybloxian Empire
1% Menoussian | Origin: Impits Menouss
8% Inglonian | Origin: New Inglon
9% Libertatis Regalisian | Origin: Libertatis Regalis
2% Unionsrepublikian | Origin: Unionsrepublik

Charities become nicer
Recent statistics from the CSAA has shown that charities have displayed 8% greater commitment to ending world hunger in Force. Hunger levels in Force, sourced from the Crazybloxian Spy Mission Assembly, show that 1 in 38,992 people, living in Force member countries, have no access to food. The most obedient charity as of now is WorldHungerEnd.

Empire Expands Significantly!
The Empire has had an expansion revolution, and expansion was accelerating to 6 planets every 7 months. This was after a huge advancement discovered during expansion. The President has called this a “huge achievement of glory” A meeting amomgst the Ministry of Technology was planned to discuss new expansion tech, and to tackle the issues amongst the Crazybloxian Empire.

One Galaxy In Amelyn-2, occupied!
Today the President has announced that one entire galaxy has been occupied by the Empire today. The Empire has recently been outnumbering other members of Force in terms of expansion. The President announced plans to colonize 377 planets. Human technology has also been seen surging through advancements unrestricted. Plans to occupy 5 galaxies in Amelyn-2, the second universe, is being considered by the Law Passing Council.

Euroslavia Is Obliterated!
The president announced on 5:00am about the successful obliteration of Euroslavia using lasers. The laser tech was the most advanced currently in the arsenal of the Crazybloxian Empire. Plans to obliterate Libertatis Regalis with the same laser is being considered by the Law Passing Council. 1 billion casualties were reported over the 3 months. The laser would work by entering the Euroslavian atmosphere, then releasing 100m degrees Celsius of heat on Euroslavian civillians.
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I could not get Orthanc at Isengard,Empire of Troy,Trevelyan,Polandball Nationstates
I'm sorry,please forgive?

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Special Release | May 21, 2018

Media Officer: Glacikaldr
Editor-in-Chief: Glacikaldr
Deputy Media Officer: The Church of Satan

An Outsider's Perspective on Catalyse's Resignation
OPINION | WRITTEN BY GUEST Intern Kozmix | EDITED BY Senior Reporter Glacikaldr

Wait WHAT?!

Sundays are, well, not the kind of days you expect to see news like this. Usually this is a Wednesday thing. So, some context: I was chilling in the The South Pacific roleplay lobby, thinking of LoTR fanfiction, when - suddenly - I was pinged. In the Rejected Realms Discord no less. "Someone knows me? In TRR? COOL!" I jumped in to check it out, and it read "@everyone" - darn it - "please look into this: Link".

Dejected as I was: I was also intrigued. Well, I jumped again, this time into the thread, and read it once. Then I read it again; Catalyse, the well-known and well-loved TRR delegate, had written a short and heartfelt resignation. No flowery language, no over-the-top antics; just a simple and very real post. Yet, to be fair, I didn't know Catalyse very well, or at any capacity beyond seeing her name as Delegate of the Rejected Realms (TRR) every time I looked at all the regions in the world by population. That is why I asked to put this article in The Rejected Times: to share an outsider's perspective.

Moments after the Discord ping, posts poured in over on the forum. They shared the same vibe: support, gratitude and appreciation. I chose not to comment, as I did not know what to say. This was someone who had chosen to take the reins of, and lead, the Rejected Realms, for a period of almost 5 months. I understood and sympathized with the contents of their post. I spoke to a former TRR Delegate, and their review of the job was one that explained the exhaustion I saw in that post.

Catalyse, I may not have known you personally, but the people under you have loved and respected you, as well as the leadership you offered in the time that you have held the position; and that speaks volumes. Your tenure has occurred over two major GCR interruptions: the Lazarus coup from LWU coming to fruition and Balder's heightened reaction to a TRT publication. The fact that the statements and reactions from TRR on both these fronts have been composed is a show of strength and great self-control on your part. Your critical situation handling is commendable alone.

The fallout following this resignation was an immediate silence broken by the question of, "What now? Who's next?" The buzz around it is something I got a very small glimpse of (I'm still new, okay?). The Church of Satan, a respected Deputy Media Officer and former Delegate, was the first to post their intention to run, with a brief and crystal-clear statement of interest. Nequedum (aka PowerPAOK and Glacikaldr) is also one of the aspirants. Neq is a very enthusiastic Reject and has worked hard as the Media Officer as of late, and as Editor-in-Chief of The Rejected Times [I approve of this message]. Crazy Girl (CG), a popular citizen, Commander of the RRA, and long-time NSer, has offered cookies and coffee in exchange for support. Other runners include Wabbitslayah, whose detailed plans have gained both attention and concern, and Elfine, who is Linkdabbing HARD on 'em haters. I wish all the best to the candidates. Hey, look at that, Democracy IS great!

In conclusion, Catalyse, thank you for a great Delegacy, and I hope you get some well-deserved rest before you're shipped out the frontlines of the RRA. To the rest of the Rejected Realms: get ready for what may turn out to be a very intense election.

A Note from the Editor-in-Chief: Regardless of your preferred candidate and affiliations, I humbly request that all citizens vote, and that you make your voices heard this election as by doing so you support a strong and stable RR. To the citizenry who have read this: I want Rejects of pure intent, who support someone's position, to play an active role in this democratic process. I invite you to continue talking about the election with your peers so that you may determine for yourselves who you believe would be best for this region. Elections are meant to be a time of activity and introspection, and I wholeheartedly believe that the Rejected Realms does exceptionally well in realising that ideal when at its best.

NOTE: The Rejected Times does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Rejected Realms.

Discuss this Special Release over on the NationStates forum here.

Find The Rejected Times Index here.

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⏄ Bismuth Tribune ⏄

4:19 PM 5/21/2018

~ The newspaper for Capricornarius now has a new name! It is now the Bismuth Tribune, and it has a more clean format, but still looks raunchily like a 90s website, just how we like it.... From now on, Bismuth Tribune will have a pretty mauve band above it with magenta text.

I am now taking requests for news, as you can telegram me to mention stuff in the future newspapers, and even suggest comics and submit stories.

Bismuth is a chemical element with symbol Bi and atomic number 83. Bismuth, a pentavalent post-transition metal and one of the pnictogens, chemically resembles its lighter homologs arsenic and antimony.

While we're at it, let's try some new news on our new little newspaper.

I've made a new map of Earth to give a close prespective of how Capricornarius, Pagan Rose, and Serendipity would look. I even added a little globe. According to the poll page=poll/p=120743 ,,, We are in 2018 as of now and we are able to colonize other galaxies outside of the Milkyway.

This is what our Earth looks like now. Please don't be sad that I didn't include India or Russia.... Which I sortaaaa did. Somewhere.

I use MS Paint and Jasc 7 to create these maps.

Not too long ago, The Grand Equalizer, along with the help of Avadam Inn, took over Warzone Asia. This exiting reign promotes peace and love, kittens and EQUALITY :^D

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Archive of my past news here!!!!!

Welcome to the Crazybloxian Empire TCT archive!

Here you can find a list of my old content.
All the Issues
Issue 1 • Issue 2 • Issue 3 • Issue 4 • Issue 5 • Issue 6 • Issue 7 • Issue 8 • Issue 9 • Issue 10 • Issue 12 • Issue 13 • Issue 14 • Issue 15 • Issue 16 • Issue 17 • Issue 18 • Issue 19 • Issue 20 • Issue 21 • Issue 22 • Issue 23 •
“Exclusive Articles”
Euroslavian Citizens: Sent to Genocide!
Crazybloxians Demand Peace
Diplomatic pressure reaching “steam” levels
Crazybloxian Empire is out of the Universe
Crazybloxian Empire takes action against the zombies
Risk Universalis Monarchy Assasination Force is created
Crazybloxian Empire declares war on SCUT


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Hello! My region is officially closed!

Spread the news please.

So long, farewell everyone! I'm heading on vacation and I'm guessing a number of you are as well! This region is shutting down for the summer only!!! So don't close embassies just because you're blocked from posting or because there's no polls. Don't stress they will return. Have a great summer!


(P.S. I will still take suggestions by telegram only, they just won't be added until I get back. Thanks!)

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Am I gonna get a route??

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