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The NewsStand Regional Message Board

Can you put this dispatch in the news this week pls?

Lardyland has made it to 1000 embassies!!!

Congrats to Mediterranean and its founder Nova-Roma for being our 1000th embassy!!! Also a big thanks to San Lumen for accepting the embassy request.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I would like to thank every single one of the Diplomacy officers for helping get us there.

Thank you to:

1. Sung il meat, thank you for sticking with Lardyland after all we have as a region been through and being one of the most influential members of Lardyland and even the original spam region. You have requested over 850 embassies throughout Spam and Lardyland, the most out of any person (besides me) in Lardyland.

2. Xpert, even though I know he isn’t here, he has requested over 640 embassies, which is significant considering he is no longer with us. He was sadly CTE right before summer.

3. Chesist, even though you are a relatively new face around Lardyland, you have requested plenty of embassies yourself. Racking up a total of 231 embassies, you have earned yourself the position of lead diplomacy officer. I hope to see you as an extremely influential member in Lardyland in the future.

4. Lardy legend, you have requested 153 embassies, which is a considerable amount. You were lead diplomacy officer for some time, and I can tell that you hope to be powerful and influential in Lardyland very soon.

5. Pinochet Executionists, you have requested 123 embassies. Also, thank you for saying hello to a lot of our embassy regions, it does say a lot about us if you are willing to do that to so many regions.

6. Syria-Kebabistan, you have requested 84 embassies. I really think that you should try to run for an office here if you want to advance further in government.

7. King of the Ghosts, you have requested 56 embassies. The reason you have polls authority is because you are in the WA, which I hope other people look to your example in the future. Thank you.

8. HRH Queen Elizabeth II, you have requested 45 embassies.

9. Miedzy, you have requested a whole 17 embassies.

So yeah i’m pretty sure that’s everyone (if I have forgotten you feel free to TG me and I’ll add you in.

Oh wait...

I feel like I am forgetting something...

Nah, it’s not important.


Read dispatch

If you are interested in joining an intelligence agency, telegram me for more information.

After a month of absence, The Confederation Coverage is back! With major design overhauls the decision was made to reboot the Coverage. You will find more details on that and all the latest stories from the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators inside the issue! The Confederation State Broadcasting and the Social Assembly present Confederation Coverage Issue 1 Series 2!

an imprint of Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
"Justice and Truth, perfectly balanced"

13th October, 2018. Issue I Series 2
Published from the Confedereichstag, 1 Emperor Avenue, 3926, Vocryae, Jocospor

Welcome to the new Coverage

VOCRYAE: The Supreme Council is pleased to welcome the newest edition to the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators' world: Confederation State Broadcasting (CSB). For a long time, CSB had been privately operated with little effect by Jocospor, and previously before that under the loose administration of Wagner the Great. Given the region's growth in recent months, however, the Viceroy has seen fit to incorporate CSB into the region as an official, regionalised service.

Confederation Coverage is first on CSB's agenda. Judas Lyon, 41, newly-appointed CEO of CSB, said, in his opening address, that the corporation was "keen to give Confederation Coverage a bit of a face lift" and that "there has never been a more important time for the Confederation to have a professional, regional publication."

The essential workings of Confederation Coverage remain unchanged: nations from across the Confederation are able to submit their articles for the chance to be featured in the next issue. Other than aesthetic, the largest changes have taken place in the editorial department. Naora Natson of Shronok was formerly Editor-in-Chief; under this new system, she will become Co-Editor, sharing her responsibilities with Co-Editor Romulan Bitterborn of Jocospor. The editing of Confederation Coverage is now a two step process: Natson compiles the material as raw data and forwards it to Bitterborn, who applies a fresh coat of paint both aesthetically and grammatically.

Given the amount of work now going into the publication, Confederation Coverage will be published quarterly in the months of October, January, April and July. Four quarterly issues will make up one series. With the variation in style from previous issues of Confederation Coverage, CSB has christened this issue Issue I Series 2.

Once CSB is satisfied with the smooth operation of Confederation Coverage, Lyon hinted that it would turn its attention to other forms of medial distribution. "We're looking into setting up other, more frequent publications, along with a regional radio station."

To contact CSB, concerns should be addressed to Channel Six, CSB's head offices in Vocryae, Jocospor. Concerns addressed directly to Confederation State Broadcasting are likely to be disregarded.

A very, very shiny badge

ROYAL ULE: On the 25th of September, the Security Council passed "Liberate Confederation of Corrupt Dictators" by a commanding margin - 10,443 votes to 4,928.

This was, according to the proposal's author, to serve as a punishment for the region's "open embrace of fascists and self-identification as such", "blatant use of this Assembly as recruitment and ego-boosting" and our "previous attempt to commend [our]selves"... and look, it wasn't exactly the most successful attempt, but I promise you all that one day...

In passing the resolution, the international community of the World Assembly had intended to make the Confederation more vulnerable to a future raid attempt should Jocospor ceast to exist, which, simply put, just isn't going to happen. Despite the blatant abuse of power by the Security Council in passing a liberation proposal against a region with an active founder, I think one can definitely make the argument that the end justifies the means here: in the four days the resolution spent at vote, during which the Confederation enjoyed the full limelight of the World Assembly, we saw over 50 new nations join our great region - allowing us to reach the truly monumental milestone of 500 nations total for the first time.

And so, despite the Security Council's vile intentions, all that this liberation has achieved is bestowing a shiny new badge upon the Confederation... light blue is just so in fashion, isn't it?

A new puppet arises

FLAAK: The Confederation has just vassalised the region United Fascist Federation. The Federation is the first international territory to swear allegiance to the Confederation that was not created by the Supreme Council. It now joins the other international territories of the Confederation: Vangmar and Lex Magnus Corpus.

(Chairman of the Federation Andrew Campbell (seated left, UFF) and Chancellor Grulain Curronfold (seated right, CCD) ratifying the vassalisation)

The Federation must obey commands issued specifically to it by the Supreme Council. Otherwise, however, it acts independently from the Confederation, complete with its own laws and government. As well as this, the Federation is protected by the military might of the Confederation.

The North American Powers' separation from the Confederation left the Confederation without a nation to head the Department of Affairs, and given the competency of Andrew Campbell, the now-Chairman of the Federation, the Viceroy thought it within both region's interests good relations were maintained. Imperial officials assisted in the writing of Federative Law, and offered other advice concerning the Federation's government structure.

Chairman Campbell was received in Vocryae last Thursday and accepted the honorary position of Proconsul of the United Fascist Federation. Throughout the Confederation and all Confederation documents, he will be recognised with this title. "It's a great honour," Campbell told CSB. "I've been able to separate from the Confederation to found my own region, and yet, I really haven't done that, have I? I'm still a part of the greatest region in NaionStates, and I can't ever thank it enough for the support that it's given me."

The vassalisation of the Federation is yet another example of the Confederation's growth as an international power. "We're looking forward to continuing this," Viceroy Walter Memmon told CSB. "The Confederation has great plans to expand its territories, either through negotiation or force."

The Foreign Office is expected to draft up a formal document outlining the precise terms and conditions of the Federation's vassalisation by next week.

"Central Tax Fund to see region prosper," Director says

Over the last few weeks, the Confederation has slowly been rolling out its new Central Tax Fund, which is now in full effect across the region. (Follow the link for the entire fund.)

In summary, the fund sees the introduction of two new taxes to the Confederation: the Consumption Tax, a 3% levy on all purchased Confederation goods; and the Progressive Tax, a levy for all Confederation nations based on their economic strength. Various exemptions are permitted and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The War Ministry is to receive the greatest allocation from the revenue generated by the fund. Minister Dimitri Ivanof: "It's only fair. We've many enemies out there that are seeking our demise. The recent liberation only confirms this. With this new money, the Confederation will be able to build stronger defenses, as well as push its agenda by force when necessary."

Critics are hailing the Central Tax Fund as a "step in the right direction" for an "even greater Confederation." The Office of Economical Observation and Progression is being praised for concocting a fair yet rewarding tax plan. Director Lucius Sulinus credited the conception of the fund to Kindletopia, whose Vladimir Catyusha formerly held the post of Comptroller of the Ministry of the Collection and Regulation of Taxation.

Should nations wish to ask questions about the fund, they should contact Riakou.

Obituary, George Farrera pays tribute to the late Paul Fishers

KONTOGISTAN: The Confederation suffered a heavy loss recently. The Confederation’s War Minister, Paul Fishers of Kontoga died suddenly of a heart attack on the 13th of September. He was 41 years old. Paul was highly regarded throughout the region and accomplished many things. Some of the most notable being the victory in the war against The New Mappers Union and helping the Royal Family take back their righteous spot as rulers of the United Federation Of Pancakes. He was also formerly the head of the Bureau of Security. His promotion to Minister for War was largely based upon his excellent work with the Bureau. In honour of his passing he was even bestowed the title “Hero of the Confederation, First Class” because of all he has done for the region. He joins several other esteemed people who have also earned the title. Kontoga and the region have certainly lost a great man and he will never be forgotten. Here are some words from the Emperor of Kontoga, George Farrera on Paul Fishers death:

    To the Confederation,

    This is going hard for me to write but here it is. The Minister of War and a beloved friend of mine and of many other people here, Paul Fishers died suddenly today of a heart attack at 12:33 PM at the age of 41. This is a man I have known and respected for a long time. I remember when he first came into the Kontogan government. He showed ultimate potential then and proved himself over and over again to all who doubted him. I recommended him to become the Head of the Bureau of Security of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators. As the Emperor, the Viceroy, Alyssia Broussard of Cylain, and other officials from Jocospor and Cylain can attest too he was excellent and that eventually led to his nomination to become The Minister for War. He valiantly led the region's military in many forms. The war against TNMU was won under his tenure. Basically he is everything I or anyone could have asked from him. Though he has had some hard times including the recent death of his wife, Wanda Fishers who died just a few weeks ago. In the time leading up to his death he was struggling with depression among many other things which made it harder to be active in his position. Though he still seemed to thrive. As said earlier the death was sudden so he did not have time to write any last words but knowing him I would assume he would have said some words on how being part of the Confederation made him feel like he belonged and had a place in the world. He would have thanked all those who mentored him along the way. He would have just said so much that I can't possibly list it here. Unfortunately we are going through a lot in Kontoga right now and we feel we could not have anyone fill any sort of future position in this region for the foreseeable future. His funeral will be held so feel free to pay your respects to a man who has done plenty for this great region. May he join his wife in everlasting rest in paradise.

    (Paul Fishers laid to rest Krios Cemetery, Kontogistan)

    Funeral services were held for him September 14th. Many people attended the funeral and George Farrera gave the eulogy. The Confederation of Corrupt Dictators has lost a great man. He will surely be missed.

Dimitri Ivanof appointed new Minister for War

DUBROVA: Due to the death of Paul Fishers the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators was suddenly without a War Minister. After much deliberation the Viceroy and others from Jocospor decided that Dimitri Ivanof of Depackya would become the next War Minister. Dimitri previously served as Field Marshal of the Confederation Imperial Army under the Paul Fishers War Ministry. He was selected in part because of his excellent record and his expertise in military affairs. We are fortunate that Dimitri Ivanof recently agreed to an interview. Brad Jensen conducted the interview.

BJ: Hello Dimitri Ivanof. Thanks for accepting the interview request.

DI: Thank you for having me.

BJ: What inspired you growing up?

DI: Growing up, I was inspired by stories of great military leaders from around the world. These stories inspired me to enter the military at a fairly young age.

BJ: What was your first government job?

DI: My first official government job was when I was appointed as an adviser to the President of Depackya when we declared independence from another country.

BJ: You became the Minister for War of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators because of the death of Paul Fishers of Kontoga, who was the previous Minister of War. How would you have described your working relationship with him?

DI: I would describe it as a very good relationship. He once mentioned how I was a "good strategist" when we were discussing ways to handle providing military aid to a nation in civil war. I found him to be a very competent Minister for War, and a good man.

BJ: How did you feel when you heard of his sudden death?

DI: I was sad of course, but mostly shocked. He didn't seem unhealthy or depressed in any way while I was working for him. I couldn't of seen his death coming.

BJ: Despite the tragic circumstances leading up to it, how did you feel when the Viceroy found you to be a suitable replacement for the Minister of War position?

DI: I felt honoured, and a bit in disbelief. When I first applied, I wasn't sure that I would be qualified enough to be honoured with the position. Fortunately, though, it appears that I was.

BJ: As the new Minister of War what do you have planned for your department and how do you intend to accomplish said plans?

DI: I'm intending on having the Ministry become more active and involved in the affairs of the Confederation. For example, I recently dismissed the Confederation Police Unit Commissioner Antonio Borelli because of his inactivity. I've also been talking with the Viceroy, and I'm hoping to get permission to create another undersecretary position within the Ministry that would be in charge of leading raids on other regions. It's a bit of a work in progress, but I'm sure we'll get there.

BJ: How close are you with your family?

DI: I actually don't have much of a family. My parents died shortly after I enlisted, and my wife was killed during the Depackyan Civil War. I do have a son and daughter though, and, since they're the only family I have, I'm very close to them.

BJ: What do you like to do in your free time when you do get some?

DI: I like to either go home and visit my children, or spend some time at the library. My daughter jokes about how 'boring' that is, but it really is nice to sit down with a good book and get away from government and war for awhile.

BJ: What are some of your favourite books?

DI: I'm actually a fan of future-dystopian novels, like "1985" and "The Starving Games".

BJ: Do you like to watch films?

DI: Occasionally, if it's a good one and I have the time. Earlier this year I went to go see "Sean Connery vs Jar Jar Binks," and that had to have been one of the best movies I've seen.

BJ: It is indeed excellent. Anyways that is all I have for this interview. Would you like to add any closing thoughts?

DI: No, I don't have any. Thank you for having me for this interview.

BJ: Thank you for your time, Mr. Ivanof.

Borelli booted, Lee sworn in

SILVER LAKE CITY: On September 25th, Antonio Borelli, Commissioner of the Confederation Police Unit, was dismissed by the new Minister for War Dimitri Ivanof. Borelli, a native of Lizc, was appointed to head the CPU by former War Minister and current Secretary of State Alyssia Broussard of Cylain. In the days leading up to his dismissal, Borelli had completely disappeared from the War Ministry, and was failing to return communication from the Ministry. Because of his absence, the Police Unit was left without leadership, leading to his dismissal. The Ministry of War then began looking for a new candidate to take Borelli's place.

Three days later, on the 28th, Gerald Lee of The Dictatorship of The Dixie Confederate Union was chosen to replace the Commissioner. Lee was the former Minister of Defense for The Dixie Confederate Union prior to his appointment. The new Commissioner thanked Ivanof for his appointment, promising to lead the CPU well.

Bigger is better

VOCRYAE: The Confederation has continued its rapid growth. As of this writing the region is at 528 nations. The continued growth can be traced to many things including the attention being brought to it by its so called “liberation” and its growing power in the international scale. We are proud to welcome anyone provided they abide by Imperial Law.

(Regional population is on the rise, as seen in this candid shot of Vocryae)

Vacancy in government, Supreme Council desperate

VOCRYAE: There have been plenty of changes throughout the region as far as undersecretary positions go. One of the most notable is the appointment of a new head of the Confederation Police Unit as detailed above. John Jacobs of United Federation Of Pancakes was reappointed Field Marshal of the Confederation Imperial Army after the promotion of Dimitri Ivanof to Minister for War. Heath Campbell of The North American Powers, formerly Head of The Department of Affairs, is now known within the Confederation as Proconsul of the United Fascist Federation. Milana Katori of The Barefoot Anime Girls has been appointed Associate Justice.

That said, the resignations of both Edward Carr of Eerzege and Hunteth Verdun of Valerox has contributed to unfilled positions. A full list is detailed below:

    Within the Office of Economical Observation and Progression:
    • Ministry for the Collection and Regulation of Taxation

    • Department of Manufactured Production

    • Department of Commercial Trade

    Within the Supreme Judiciary:

    • Associate Justice

    • Proconsul of Vangmar

The Supreme Council is desperate for loyal Confederation nations to fill these empty positions with their ambitious candidates. Head to the Confederation's World Factbook Entry to see how to successfully apply for governmental/non-governmental office.

The Rift breaks even

BLOODBATH: Earlier in the months, a catastrophic event created by The Small Scientist led to a terrestrial rip in Krvava Koupel, which they deem “The Rift.” Over the course of three months, this Rift went from a medium-sized ravine to a giant gaping crack that has consumed three large towns and a small city. The Rift has also corrupted the land within an eighteen square mile radius, which physically corrupts, or psychologically makes mad of anybody who steps foot into these lands dubbed “No Man’s Land.” The Small Scientist set out his first expedition to The Rift on July Seventeenth, which ultimately failed when every expedite was either killed or injured. Several weeks later, another expedition set out, which brought the discovery of Shrines. These Shrines were discovered to produce Dark Antimatter, and on September Twenty Ninth, was used to create elemental weapons. The Rift shows no signs of shrinking, but has been deemed at a stable level for now.

Universities open across Confederation

PORT CASH: The Head of the Dept. of Education, Supreme Commander For Life of DeLongtasia Cameron DeLong, has announced the opening of new universities, collectively referred to as the Imperial Intellectual Institute (III), in select nations within the Confederation:

  • The University of Biological Studies (Jocospor): A large complex that's studies focus on the biological portion of science. Students here learn about various animals, plants, and other organisms while taking part in hands-on experiments. Degrees such as Virology, Biology, Marine Biology, and Dermatology can be acquired here.

  • The University of Technological Studies (Shronok): This university focuses on technological science, such as technical engineering. Students here get to take part in a variety of online and hands-on activities and obtain degrees such as Information Technology, Computer Science, and Computational Mathematics.

  • The University of Socio-Economic Studies (Krvava Koupel): This university is a much smaller complex than the rest, focusing specifically on the economic aspects of socio-economic class. The focus of these studies is mainly comparing the different aspects of socio-economics within different governments. Degrees such as Economic Science, Socio-Economic Science, and Political Science can be found here.

  • The University of Laser and Plasma Physics (DeLongtasia): In this university, studies are focused on the physical attributes of laser and plasma technology, as well as the innovations that have been developed because of them. Classes here are almost completely hands-on, providing an authentic study. Laser Science, Radiology, and Plasma Physics degrees can all be found here.

  • The University of Astronomy (Riakou): Here, studies are directed toward more interstellar pursuits and the study of planets, moons, and other bodies in space. While the field of study does not vary quite as much as some would hope, the authentic experiences and professional teachings make up for it. Astronomy and Selenography are the two degrees available here.

The Dept. of Education is asking Confederation nations to donate funds towards these great universities and make wonderful education a common occurrence across the Confederation.

(Jocospor’s University of Biological Studies)

Shots fired, L.M. strikes again

PORT CASH: Just recently, the Liberal Militia (L.M.), a terrorist group based in DeLongtasia, engaged in a shootout with DeLongtasian law enforcement, in Port Cash Square.

While details are scarce, it is believed that five L.M. operatives, disguised as civilians, entered Port Cash Square and opened fire on idle local police officers. Shortly after, Consilium Police officers were called to the scene. The militiamen, as told by witnesses, threw multiple Molotovs at the approaching officers and took cover behind an idle jeep. Two officers were said to have died in the blast. However, the remaining officers were able to call in air support and hold the shooters off with no additional casualties until a helicopter was able to subdue the shooters. The total DeLongtasian death tool is currently five law enforcement deaths and one civilian death. The militiamen were tried and convicted of murder and treason and have been sentenced to execution by neurotoxin chamber.

(Benjamin Fredlicher, 33, was one of the officers who died tragically)

"Go ahead and ask your questions. Yeah, even you people that have some nutty questions in mind, go ahead and ask them!"

Your favourite advice giver has returned to answer your questions! Remember, to have your question published in Confederation Coverage, send it to Shronok. Anyways, here is this month’s instalment:

Dear Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery,

  • A citizen of Muggles writes:

    "Me and the misus want to know why you blokes drive on the wrong side of the road.

    Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery: "I drive on whatever side of the road I want to! Or sometimes I fly on a helicopter or ride a boat. Recently I was abducted by aliens. They took me into the U.F.O and tried to examine me. I actually ended up becoming friendly with them. I told them about the wonderful drink of tea and let them try some. We then had a tea party with some biscuits. It was good. I tell you if they ever decide to take over Earth we are going to have some fun rulers.

  • An anonymous citizen of Tiny Utopians writes:

    "My girlfriend and I got into an argument the other day over a glass of soda. I said it was half empty and she said it was half full. We went back and forth for a while and things got pretty heated, perhaps a bit too far. How deep should I bury the body?"

    Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery:"I recommend burying the body as far as you can dig it. At this moment I am fighting some Ninjas so I can’t currently go into more detail on exact specifications."

  • An aspiring Cylainian actor asks:

    "Why are you so British?"

    Cripes It is a clone of Sean Connery: "Because I was born in the great land of The United Kingdom! Now waiter I want some fish and chips!"

Confederation Coverage is brought to you by Shronok, Confederation State Broadcasting, the offices of the Social Assembly and the community of Confederation of Corrupt Dictators. Enquiries should be sent to Shronok.

Printed with the express permission of the Viceroy of the Confederation, His Excellency Walter Memmon. Authorised by the Imperial Palace, Jocospor.


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The next Confederation Coverage will be published in January 2019.

Office of the Overseer


Heres my first issue

UPBC chronicle

Hello and welcome to the first weekly issue of the UPBC chronicle which is out every Saturday! Here are our top stories of the week!

Universal pact news

Tension is brweing between Cansilica and Erskiellander only time will tell if the conflict will blow over or escalate into war...

The Paralympics are nearly underway and will be held in Vivami
The events will start in a few minths so remember to apply on the Discord server or contact Daunlaund or Joushiki Nante Iranai for more info.

Other news

We are in need of writers so if you think you have the stuff contact me!




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I do one every saturday

New poll in Lardyland!

The Croupier deals three cards face up between himself and you. He then deals two face down in front of you, and another two face down in front of himself.

Care for a wager on ♠♥Sands Hold'em ♦♣ poker?

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The biggest ship, ever build.

Reveltral Luxury ship.

With a great power a great travel and a great crew.

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Reveltral Luxury ship.

Travel tour.
Reveltral Luxury ship is one of the biggest ships in the history of Nasunia and the world, it will travel in all Nasunia and will visit many regions like Union of Justice, Union of liberal nations, The Bar on the corner of every region, Teds nationstate emporium,The galactic empire of Britain and more.

Engine information.

The engine of the ship is very technological and modern, it go 8910 feet per hour. the main engine is powered with a special fuel made by our company called U5_789 or UBZ with this fuel the boat can go with more speed and it can power everything in the ship even if all the rooms were with light.

Rooms guide

The Reveltral have 1400 rooms, 720 are for the passengers, 420 are recreative rooms, 120 are for engine, 120 are special ones and 100 are for the captain and it's crew.

That's all you need to know, have fun in the ship!

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Communism: 400 Million Dead.
Communism, Marxism, Socialism: Societies Most Malignant Tumors.
Never, in our entire history, has humanity suffered such grievous devastation from a signal source. More than the Black Death, more than the Mongol conquests, more than the Colombian exchange, more than both World Wars. That's the total fallout of only 100 years of Communism on the human race. Smallpox alone has even come close to enjoying greater success in its mass-murdering career, falling short by 30 Million, although the Communist disease has proven far harder to eradicate. Over one Billion people were brutally enslaved by the Red Menace during the height of its outbreak, forced into hard labour, relocated, starved, shot, and stripped of all possessions. More efficiently and cruelly than any previously know pestilence, Communism today still tortures its victims in nations like North Korea, Angola, Ethiopia and Cuba. The Chinese Communist government, which still maintains concentration camps, slave labour and oppression, admits it's citizens "suffered" under Mao's reign of terror. No matter how weak or strong the strain of the Marxist disease to infect a nation has been; there has been no country contaminated with Communism whose citizens have not tried to flee its brutality, which abstained from horrific crackdowns on its own people, which refrained from mass murders in the name of "equality". Every form Communism is truly evil, and no form can be considered a joke (except perhaps in terms of economic viability) or tolerable in society. Just one contaminated host can spread the pestilence swiftly through deadly lies, exploitation and psychotic propaganda. This effective method of contagion is leading to the infection of today's more misinformed and impressionable members of society at an alarming rate.
This Concordats aim shall be to unite the defenders of liberty and truth against the cult of oppression and the lie! The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

  • Cease all internal Conflict Among Anti-Communists

  • Maintain a zero-tolerance policy toward any confirmed or suspected Communist, Socialist and or Marxist

  • Vote Against any Communist, Socialist and or Marxist WA resolutions/proposals

  • Refrain from entering any agreement, pact or treaty with Communist Regions

  • Endorse any and all fellow Anti-Communist movements

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We bring you the "Anti-Communist Concordat". A pact to resist the spread of the the Red Menace.

If you wish to help keep humanity safe and do your duty to the Earth, telegram El General Augusto Pinochet with "Add me" or like this post.

The only thing necessary for the tiumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

I leave my sincere thanks.

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