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So I was looking through some of our old posts and I found the link to our Wiki:

Boy does that bring back some memories.

As for resetting, I'm not necessarily against the idea, but if we do, I think we ought to form a new region. This region should forever stand as a testament to the fun we had in days of yore.

We don't have the level of activity to reset. It will still just be 2-3 people actively visiting the region. We won't really attract new members. I'd just prefer to keep this archived honestly. Also, thanks for finding the wiki link. I was unable to find it on Google or by looking through our region's notes and archives, but I never really went through all the old text posts. We have the map again!

Yes, I too am glad the map has been found again. The problem is that it is quite difficult to read. Some of the smaller countries, particularly those in the East, are nigh impossible to identify.

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I shall Hare Hare Yuki to make you feel better, but it may just disturb the peace if I do that.

Haruhi Susumiya wrote:I shall Hare Hare Yuki to make you feel better, but it may just disturb the peace if I do that.

Thanks but no thanks; we shall continue our sweet slumber till doomsday, it seems.

Your intentions of spreading excitement all over the world are noble, but we are quite fine at the moment.

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old WFE

[color=purple]Welcome to The Nation of Nations and Friends![/color]

[color=gold]Become a legend and claim your glory![/color]

Join the regional role play and have fun!

[color=red]Help wanted: Recruiters[/color]

[color=green]New map will be made soon![/color] Old Map!

[color=Darkred]Raiders will be shot on sight![/color] Legends are Born here!

old flag

What a pain in the rear. I'll fix up a new World Factbook Entry later. In the meantime, how do we get rid of that raider as an officer?

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Thy constantin

Hey there, you blessed members of this region!

I come from another region in hopes of your region merging with ours! Why yours? You all seem like friendly people, and seem to share the same interests as us.

We promise to give you Government positions, and strike a deal if you do agree!

I am a messenger in hopes of merging small regions into one huge region of all types of nations, and I’m hoping that you will join us in this quest!

As I’m moving from region to region to advertise, I will leave this region to advertise, but do contact me through telegram for inquiries or to tell me if you have reached a confirmation!

‘till time allows,
Thy constantin

Alright, so tomorrow afternoon the zombies shall strike. Remember to log in and set nations for cure.

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This message will be sent to all Embassy regions. Your region is NOT the only region to receive this message.

The Union of Justice is currently going through its list of embassies and doing a sort of “spring cleaning.” This means that the Union of Justice Government will be shutting down our embassies with regions that have been raided or deemed too inactive. The UOJ government has decided that a region with no rmb posts within a period of 28-30 days constitutes it as an inactive/dead region. Raided regions will have their embassy with us shut down automatically unless an appeal is sent to a member of the UOJ government, preferably myself or the Foreign Minister Pidg.

The UOJ government will look at the appeals and see which ones are substantial enough to keep said embassy regions open. We will alert you if your embassy with us is closing.

Appeals Process:
Please include as much information as you feel as if you need to state your case. Please include the following information at the least:

- Region Name
- WA Delegate Name
- Regional Leader Name
(If the WA Delegate and Leader are the same person then just send that nations name)
- Founder Name
- At least Three reasons why the embassy should not close.

Thank You!
- Callaxium


Merry Christmas from our region to yours!

**Sends a large tray of homemade Christmas cookies**

Gypsy Lands wrote:Merry Christmas from our region to yours!

**Sends a large tray of homemade Christmas cookies**

*Gives candy canes*
Thank You for your kind gesture.

I have temporarily put up a password to defend against the recent invader attacks on regions which we have embassies with.

If anyone wishes to enter the region, telegram me for the password.

The ambassadors reception

The Embassy

*Sends you a diplomatic cable*

Sending a token of continued friendship:

**delivers a basket of muffins, pastries, jam and butter, and Hershey's kisses**

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