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The Natan Region RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The People's Republic of Slarvainian

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Most Cheerful Citizens: 422nd Most Rebellious Youth: 511th Most Cultured: 577th+22
Least Corrupt Governments: 578th Highest Workforce Participation Rate: 596th Most Devout: 629th Nicest Citizens: 640th Most Compassionate Citizens: 686th Largest Publishing Industry: 726th Most Inclusive: 870th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 947th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,028th Most Advanced Public Education: 1,067th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,163rd Fattest Citizens: 1,325th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,396th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,577th Highest Economic Output: 1,602nd Largest Welfare Programs: 1,607th Most Nations: 1,744th Smartest Citizens: 1,867th Healthiest Citizens: 1,951st Highest Poor Incomes: 2,092nd Largest Gambling Industry: 2,227th Largest Governments: 2,317th
World Factbook Entry

Welcome to THE Natan Region.

We are the official Natan Region. After the Usurper, The United States of Natan, seized control of the government during the Z-Day event, the government has decided to move regions to free The Natan Region from the tyrannical rule of the previous founder.

Premier: Frankish provence

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Regional RPs:

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    The End of Government. Long Live the Free Region of The Natan Region!

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    Constitution fourth Revision

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    2nd Premier Election Final Results

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    1st Premier Election Final Results

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    An OCC analysis of NS: What is it that we’re doing here?

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    Day Thirty-Seven

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    How I will Rule…

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    Day Twenty-Nine

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    Day Six

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    Day One

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The Natan Region contains 8 nations, the 1,744th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Economic Output in The Natan Region

World Census bean-counters crunched the numbers to calculate national Gross Domestic Product. Older nations, with higher populations, were noted to have a distinct advantage.

As a region, The Natan Region is ranked 1,602nd in the world for Highest Economic Output.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The People's Republic of SlarvainianScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Put down your greed and lift up your brethren”
2.The United Provinces of SkartokCorporate Bordello“Nothing beside remains”
3.The Benevolent Democracy of Replica UnionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Imagination rules the world.”
4.The People's Grand Republic of The United Kingdoms of AmericaLeft-wing Utopia“For Unity in the Kingdoms and Democracy for the People”
5.The Queendom of Olive Lemon DropsScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Drink Sweet Tea!”
6.The Islamic Republic of South GragastaviaCorporate Police State“Patience is the plan for he who has no plan”
7.The United States of Huks Gares 8Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“The best lack all conviction”
8.The Republic of BlatzburgCompulsory Consumerist State“Sequere pecuniam”

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The Natan Region Regional Message Board


Hi, it's a me again, Novemics, as Slovizem!

Glory to Slovizem, glory to our Tsar!

Don't mind me. Just your resident rogue state passing through. Definitely not Skartok's puppet.

Saint shem

Was six hours too late to prevent a CTE.


South Gragastavia wrote:Don't mind me. Just your resident rogue state passing through. Definitely not Skartok's puppet.

I'm also definitely not a Slarvainian puppet for RP reasons.

I'm the evershifting Novemics NS account. Though, this is more appropriate for me given our discord server.


A quick reminder from last year:

All citizens can cast one (1) ballot for the presidency. On it, the name of one candidate. At the end of the voting, votes are tallied and the candidate with the highest number of votes wins. The runner-up becomes one of the two vice presidents. The other vice president will be appointed after the election. That's all you need to know, so let's do this! The sitting president, William Stacey Padmore, is listed first, but after him, candidates are listed in order of party size.

-Incumbent President; running for second term (2019 will be second consecutive year in office)
-From North Karimek
-Former senator and business magnate
-Widely popular in southern provinces
-Supports government centralization
-Supports foreign investment with some limitations to protect Skartokian jobs
-Opposes tariffs (flip-flopped from supporting tariffs on domestically-produced but foreign-owned goods)
-Was unable to pass graduated income tax bill
-Was unable to pass big business subsidy bill
-Keep the Skartokian Military Great (Again!)
-Passed major military reform bill that unified command structures of each branches
-Appointed "Military Supremo" to oversee joint branch operations
-Passed (albeit narrowly) infrastructure improvement bill. Muh roadz.
-Allocated additional funding to Skartok's growing public school system
-Failed to pass standardized school curriculum
-Passed bill to reaffirming labor rights (chiefly limited to workday to ten [!] hours)
-Passed bill for agricultural subsidies
-Considerably more in favor of Shemiki than he was when campaigning; still promises neutrality
-"Crusty old geezer" that some think is too old for politics (Like Bernie Sanders, but senile.)
-Seen as jingoistic by some critics; proponents argue he's just a patriot
-Rumored to have caused a train to derail by rolling over in bed
-Accused of running a political machine; doesn't deny it (in fact, acknowledges that he is)
-Also very fat (350+ lbs)

-Former Governor of Pevensey and President of Pevensey College
-From Pevensey
-Cousin of Senator George Preston (RP-North Karimek)
-Noteworthy for remarking, "I'll take all [Padmore's] s/h/i/t and still ask for more." Shame on his for using profanity!
-Managed to unite Wallayan and loyalist factions in provincial legislature to prevent
-Criticized for attempting to limit the garrisoning of loyalist troops in his province during the war
-Rumored to be a pocket Wallayan
-Created a system of public schools in Pevensey six years before Greenway did it nationally
-Greenway used Preston's model as a basis for the national system
-Aims to make Skartok's schools the best in the region
-Supports foreign investment; opposes tariffs
-Passed bill in Pevensey that reduces zoning restrictions
-Passed bill consolidating Pevensey emergency services; met with resistance from private purveyors
-Passed unemployment insurance bill for Pevensey provincial government employees and contractors
-Deployed militia troops to border with Eastbridge over border dispute
-Managed last-minute agreement when Cyrus Woods threatened to intervene with national troops
-Signed tri-provincial trade agreement with North Karimek and Eastbridge
-Markets himself (unsurprisingly) as "The Education President"
-Thought to care about very little besides education; seen as especially weak on foreign policy
-Thought to have sold out Pevensey to moneyed interests
-Failed to pass numerous bills amid obstruction
-Supports universal suffrage
-Reported to have remarked that he was actually "running for the vice presidency" (acknowledging that he did not think he would win)

-Former Military Governor of Granmont
-From South Karimek
-Favors strong restrictions on industry
-Wants to limit workday to 8 hours
-Wants to outlaw all forms of child labor (they should be in school!)
-Prefers provincial-driven school curriculum to national standards
-Supports term limits for all national-level elective offices
-Also wants to drain the swamp
-And wants to literally drain the swamp to fight malaria
-Endeavors to create region-wide cap-and-trade system
-Would prefer a system of appointment for most senators and assemblymen
-Wants to reduce legal protections for those suspected of a crime
-Wants to create a national crime agency
-Mildly in favor of tariffs
-Somewhat hawkish foreign policy
-Wants a Skartok free of undue foreign influence
-Gained some notoriety for being heavy-handed in putting down pro-Wallay demonstrations during his tenure in Granmont
-Thought to be willing to risk a war with Shemiki or the Replica Union to assert Skartokian independence
-Rumored to be a closet communist
-Actually allowed women to vote in provisional council election

-Former assemblyman from Ravensfield
-From Ravensfield
-Led band of irregular loyalist forces in civil war
-Gained fame since the war for being a radio preacher
-Radically religious
-Opposes almost all foreign investment
-In favor of tariffs
-Aims to build up Skartokian manufacturing
-Skartok for the Skartokians
-Seeks to expand Skartokian sphere of influence, even at risk of provoking Replica Union or Shemiki
-Wants to establish classical Polatilianism as state religion (this is not a stretch - about 70% of Skartokians identify as classical Polatilians; another 22% identify as some other form of Polatilianism)
-Wants to impose strict immigration laws based in ethnic origin (white, chiefly) and religion (Polatilians only!)
-Interestingly, wants to legalize abortion

-Current director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs's Foreign Commerce Department
-Career navy officer (now retired from the military)
-Mentioned in passing that he wants to be premier
-Francis Fleetwood, minister of commerce, pledged to vote for him for president, though

For those of you who didn't see on the Discord, William Stacey Padmore won re-election and Henry Preston became the elective vice president.

For all your small inspirations:viewtopic.php?f=5&t=460145

Slarvainian wrote:For all your small inspirations:viewtopic.php?f=5&t=460145

Excellent. I know some people like doing newspaper clippings (In fact, I might do some myself), so I might suggest adding "news articles" as one of the suggested topics in the OP.

It's good to be home. It's really unfortunate that those over in the North Pacific seek to keep regions safe from raiders by destroying our right to self determination.

Since it was the North Pacific it appears like little will be done for recourse. These regions only respond to you if you're over a certain number. Natan encountered this for years.

Any way I'll cleanup and maybe this will happen again in two months.



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