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(sadly the true MU has fallen to people we agree with sigh)
Micro Union
Welcome to the MU! we are a Communist region which loves Karl Marx!

Now turned into New Makasta embassy hub, there are plenty of great things to explore now
from former fashist region refunded to prevent there hate from spreading.
to random GPers names that I take to troll them (such as 9003)

Anyway, Long live defendering and join The League or Sakara

Embassies: Sanctum, Reventus Koth, The Declaration of War, Ebrilond, Grand union, Conservadom, Pee, The crimson axis hq, Gagium, World union of third positionists, Holy union of christian states, The Redlands, Evangelical christian nations league, Iron legion of hungary, The nimbus reach, simul, and 316 others.Makasta, My region for stupid people ie me, Xynn4never, Python, Conservative bloc, socialist republic of montana, Foedus christianarum nationum, League of capitalism, The turtle isles, Dragons republic of puppets, Dragons, The national federation region, The empire of united nations, Third Hellenic Republic, Order of the republic, Taiwan empire, United kingdom of britain and eire, Liberty And Democracy Front, The iron legion, The chernobyl union, United libertarian republics, The Wild Horde, Free autharchy, Namekian fascist empire, Velikiy slaviya, The prosperous region, The armageddon assembly, The Macro Union, Der emporium, League of righteousness, The union of sovereign states, The tripartite pact, New republica, Classical sparta, Autonomous confederacy of the new world, Reap military base, Thils, Hiperboreea, Lavocaelum, Legionary axis, Imperton, League of autocrats, The free imperial union, The realm of neerod, Demonica confederation, Second reconquista, Natsoc, Project x, Tribal lands, The supreme galactic empire, Great Declaration of War, The royal house of waldora, The imperial ministry of law, the neoconfederate states of america, white nationalist confederacy, federated global states, the holy league of righteousness, Paradise of Nekoria, Langor Empire, Novskya, The Great Declaration of War, The Greater Declaration of War, south arctic alliance association, Siege Maximus, Battlefront, Ryccia, Apatosaurus, liberal, Chinese Empire, Freed oxiania, The alliance of independent nations, International alliance of dictatorships, Union of monarcho fascists, Yugioh, Divide by zero, Liberal Order, imperial conservative alliance, The Democratic Socialist States, The New Union of Fascism, Communist Dictators, Interworld Comintern, Collective Socialist Treaty Organization, The Revolutionaries, The Democratic Socialist States Wa, European Union of Socialist Nations, Socialist and Others Region of Ash, Eastern Bloc, Red Star Alliance, Workers United Against Capitalism, The United Socialist Factors, Socialist International, United Soviet Soviet Soviets, chelyabinsk oblast, The Great Soviet Union, New Communist International, EEU, the autocratic islamic league, The Soviet Coalition, the great lapine axis, the galactic federation of nations, Soviet Union 2, gc puppet dump, federacy of conservative nations, The united imperial provinces, Universal space, Laotis, The kriosian belt, Nekoium, FCN RP Region, 6969, anti trump alliance, the united union, uacn, the states of muenstereifel, sikhi empire, socialist and others region of ashs, world socialist alliance for development, XSA, new union of marxist socialist states, Asnaria, brilliance, National Department of Logistics, Dad, TAKTIC Command Center, the corsup conservative league, alteri earth, Potestates enim Axem Lentis, Burnemke, North American Sussy Alliance, united nations of the new world order, Blue Archive, the union of iron confederacies, get a win vinny, evanescent, Castaway, Lord and heaven, South pacific military alliance, Alkoran coalition, Corporate allies united, Strength in war, European federation of labour, Councils, New world confederation, Vromia, Teutonic kingdom, The ab ortu cinere axis, The vobranian nation states, The central alliance, Axis union, Hand confederacy, The fourth realm, Absolute independence, On guard, The continent of heronia, The insurgency, The great league, World axis union, True North, Triseria, Palumban Nations, Albanian union, FhaEngShiA, Qualidea Code, The United Peoples of Centrism, The Republic of conservative Nations, RCN, Freedom army, Giveroavinfendapinkmask, 9003, Patriots, SCP Foundation, Cul blackhawkers, Aflandia, Reno, Yonkers, White, Santa Clarita, The GOP, fascist union of the new order, The grand republicss, Black Hawk, Akuma No Riddle, The Storm, Temple, Miravana, TAKTIC, NSG, Golden ray of light, Zizou, HumanSanity, Mikeswell, Koth, Holor region, emodea, hawkmilton, Aav, SPode humbleD Minions, JoJ, Albrook, East Durthang, Vilita, Laudesia, A Stacked Deck, The Heros, And The Wheel of Time Turned, Closing In, Saq, Freedom in Exile, Domais, New Sunville, The Nova Catalog, laud, imperial dodo, istillian, Sonic underground, Second best card farm, lucklife, The coping JP, Akame Ga Kill, Shattered Plans, The Broken hope of those, Last freedom, The Mercy, Freedom from the Mercy, Ever Wandering Souls, Shark pog, Jesus whale, The Almighty Jesus Whale, THE CYBER NEXUS, Venico, vorhollah, Hulldom, sakana, Dalimbar, Project Skye, Project Valhalla, Project Shield, Holoratus, Wascoitan, Project Rising, Project Amber, Nimarya, Wasc, Holor, Dome Artan, Wizard Ferret, Twisted Aladdin, Army of Obama, The weague, Obama army, pirate viking medjai jedi fort, Arrokuda, Team Leo, raid shadow legends, Zukchiva, Luca, Refuge Isle, aga, NyaPO, Abandon all Hope, my face, cards alliance, Terror of the Angels, end666, A Bloodred Moon, grandfather clock, Grea Kriopia, Monitors of the Caribbean, sandzone warbox, the Confederacy of Layem, Polite Penguin, Vando0sa, Freedom of Darkness, NS Tetris, Lunaflower, The Curse of the Lost Mercy, The reborn who is she, Tim Opolis, Zoran, Budgie Snugglers, SUS region of the baka UwU nya sus, rwby ice queendom, a leaf on the wind, When you are the so sus you get the ban, Pig onk onk region, King Isle, Starkiller101, Who freed them, Anarcho Bidenism, Giraffeton, Cursed WFE region, cowboy bebop, PCMPCM, Xor, Riemstagrad, Cope, Angel, McStooley, Deadeye Jack, Altmoras, The Universe World, Coalition of Free Saxons, krunker, malphe ii, Region of this card, cretox, Dali, trans rights, middleearth, Dawn Denac, New New Makasta, The ministry of catgirl affairs, National Revolutionary Guard, I will raid a foundress region, The Asterisk War, and honeydewistania.

Tags: Anarchist, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Fascist, Communist, Defender, Democratic, and Minuscule.

The Micro Union contains 2 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Healthiest Citizens in The Micro Union

A measure of the general physical health of citizens in each nation.

As a region, The Micro Union is ranked 10,583rd in the world for Healthiest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The People's Republic of The Micro UnionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For Unity And Justice”
2.The Republic of Kitsune Commander of MUDAConservative Democracy“Fighting for the peace and truth of all without notice”

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The Micro Union Regional Message Board

I remembered the password for this nation because it's something special to me

Frachen wrote:I remembered the password for this nation because it's something special to me



As of today I am ordering MUDA into a state of war with the MDA and any and all actions to be taken to defeat them at all roads and to protect the intrest of the poepleof this great region

Glory to Micro Union

Glory to Freedom

Glory to Marx


We note with sadness the closing of your embassy with The Embassy. If our nations have done anything to offend the nations of The Micro Union, then we sincerely apologize. We wish only lasting success for the Comrades of The Micro Union. Farewell.

Lower Slobbovia wrote:We note with sadness the closing of your embassy with The Embassy. If our nations have done anything to offend the nations of The Micro Union, then we sincerely apologize. We wish only lasting success for the Comrades of The Micro Union. Farewell.

You have done nothing to offend us I am merely changing this region into my hub for embasses for my captured regions. and since you whee the only embassy taht wasnt like that I diddnt want to implay anything so I to am sorry abousing the embassies but I think it is neccery

please understand


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