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Welcome to the Mass Effect Universe, a region based in Mass Effect lore and full of role play experiences and opportunities! Taking place after the events of the Reaper War in 2188, players will operate as one of the many Mass Effect species to shape the future of the Galaxy. Will Peace in our time be established for a lasting commonwealth? Or can war and strife never truly be defeated? The choice, and its consequences, fall completely to us.

Current RP Date and Year: May 2194

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The Mass Effect Universe contains 11 nations, the 1,328th most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Second Golden Age of The Second Krogan EmpireCapitalist Paradise“Glory to the Krogan!”
2.The Colony of ParascCapitalizt“Long live freedom!”
3.The Republic of The Salarian Techno UnionCorporate Police State“For the Union!”
4.The United Human Colonies of The Systems Alliance of EarthInoffensive Centrist Democracy“To The Stars”
5.The Unified Galactic Community of The Citadel CouncilInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace to the Galaxy”
6.The Meritocratic Commonwealth of The Turian Hierarchy of PalavenMoralistic Democracy“Duty, Honor, Family”
7.The Restored Faith of The Quarian ConclaveMoralistic Democracy“By the Homeworld I have found!”
8.The Congressional Republic of Mars and its MoonsDemocratic Socialists“Per aspera ad astra”
9.The Commonwealth of The Asari Republics of ThessiaDemocratic Socialists“Blessed Eternity, Peace Reign”
10.The Holy Ecclesiocracy of The Illuminated PrimacyPsychotic Dictatorship“By the Enkindlers”

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Roleplay Chapter 1: The Battle of the Borders - Part II: The Council’s Reply

The Salarian Embassy, the Citadel, the Sol System, Systems Alliance Space, Sunday 10th May, 2194

Inside the Salarian Embassy, Technocrat Dantalion was busy attending to the multitudes of issues that crossed his desk daily, Dantalion always played music during this long periods of work, he had a fondness for the human composer Mozart, playing was Sull’aria, a part of the Marriage of Figaro. Dantalion tyoed with one hand, while waving in time with the music with the other. As he gleefully enjoyed his work, Dalatrass Linwon and one of the finest members of the Spectres, operative Jondum Bau. The Dalatrass cleared her throat as Dantalion looked up seeing the pair.

“Dalatrass, Jondum. What can I do for you?” inquired Dantalion.

“You clearly haven’t heard then?” replied Linwon.

“Hm? Heard what now?” asked Dantalion with an confused look on his face.

The Dalatrass looked to Bau, who obliged tapping his omnitool; revealing President Balak’s live decree, it was originally only sent to channels in the Alliance, but of course STG had intercepted it with ease. Dantalion watched the video almost without blinking, it had captured his direct attention and he did not like what he saw. As the video ended, Bau closed his omnitool and looked at Dantalion who has reclined in his seat, in deep rumination.

“Well?” stated Linwon.

Dantalion hesitated before speaking, it was a full minute before he spoke, the Technocrat was clearly ruminating on what exactly to say, it was understandable of course, war so soon after the Reaper War was evidently not a circumstance desirable to anyone.

“This circumstance is deeply concerning, I sympathise with the Batarians, but I equally agree with the Alliance, if Commander Shepard had not destroyed the Alpha Relay, the Reapers would’ve poured through far sooner and crucial time needed to stall them for the Crucible would’ve been lost. It is imperative that we see this through, we need to convene the Council at once, send a message to the Matriarchy, the Hierarchy and the Alliance. Balak is not a man who makes empty threats, if he doesn’t get what he wants, he will launch into war, the Batarians have been hankering for a full war with the Alliance for years.” stated Dantalion.

“Of course Technocrat, perhaps mediation may solve this issue. If not, then a showing of galactic pressure or even force may be our sole alternative. We cannot afford to descend into war, the horrors of the Reaper War still linger and the galaxy is not ready for another conflict, it is still rebuilding. We must do whatever it takes to prevent this” added Bau.

“Indeed, send the invitations to the other Councillors Bau, we need to move on this forthwith. Delay brings us to closer to Balak’s deadline and as you said, the Hegemony President is not often known for not following through on his words. He was willing after all to destroy a human colony with an asteroid I believe” stated Linwon.

“At once Dalatrass, Technocrat” replied Bau leaving to fulfil his duty.

“Do you think we can allay this impending disaster Dantalion? Balak is more or less certifiable, he’s a terrorist with no morals or compunction about killing indiscriminately.” inquired Linwon.

“We won’t know unless we try Dalatrass, we cannot allow this situation to escalate to its inevitable crescendo, we have a duty to this galaxy. Come now Dalatrass, to the Council Chambers.” returned Dantalion who got up and left with Linwon, sealing his office as they both departed. Upon arriving at the Council Chambers, both the Dalatrass and Dantalion sat, looking at each other with baited breath, awaiting the rest of the Council to make an appearance.

Roleplay Chapter 2: Project Paramountcy - Part I: Alpha Phase

The bridge of the SNV Hytensia, Alcyoneus, the Arcturus System, Systems Alliance Space, Saturday 25th April, 2194

Aboard the bridge of the Salarian ‘Synosium’ class heavy cruiser SNV Hytensia, Vice Admiral Telorn had been dispatched from Sur’Kesh by Dalatrass Linwon to aid Professor Ilkiss Soh, the lead researcher of Project Paramountcy. Both Salarians stood on the bridge and observed the asteroid below, and the target of this exercise, an Eclipse outpost responsible for shipping tainted eezo across Alliance Space, endangering the populace and military and scientific personnel who rely on the eezo for their own unique purposes, so this exercise was not only beneficial to the Union, but the Alliance too, even if they were unaware of it.

“Professor, are the subjects ready for deployment?” asked Vice Admiral Telorn.

“Indeed Vice Admiral, the preliminary tests of Paramountcy have been more than satisfactory, the specimens have reacted well to the neural inhibitors, if this exercise doesn’t go well we have a contingency, the inhibitors also contain a small explosive charge the size of a pebble that will kill the specimens. It will also mean that six years of research and development will have been wasted, the Project might get pulled. I’m ready to deploy now Telorn, let’s get this started” replied Professor Soh.

“Of course Professor” returned Telorn.

Telorn radioed down to Captain Solen, the STG field commander overseeing the operation, Solen had gathered three ‘Uplifter’ dropships in Hangar 01 of the Hytensia, alongside the three Yahg specimens in each of the dropships, three STG squads accompanied the Salarian forces; codenamed Task Force Vidacese. The dropships were loaded and the doors to Hangar 01 opened allowing them to depart downwards towards the Eclipse base below on the asteroid Alcyoneus.

The Uplifters descended cloaked and dropped off just shy of the base, the base was domed, with artificial gravity and air, it was remotely controlled from the command centre, but it was also vulnerable to a close circuit cyber attack, of which could be affected by a viral attack, a speciality of the Salarians. Captain Solen emerged with the rest of Task Force Vidacese, the three Yahgs were removed from their containment vortexs, Solen turned to see the three hulking armoured creature, they were deployed with arm wielded kinetic shields and M76 Revenant attached to their other arm. Solen waited for further instruction as back on the bridge of the Hytensia, Professor Soh swapped his channel frequency to that if the inhibitors.

“Specimens, walk forward’ he commanded.

The Yahgs, to the amazement of Captain Solen obeyed the command.

“Professor, this is Captain Solen, the Yahgs are behaving as expected, better than expected. We’re proceeding with the operation, Task Force Vidacese is moving out” reported Captain Solen.

“Excellent Captain, proceed as you were” responded Professor Soh.

Task Force Vidacese proceeded forth towards the base, Eclipse mercenaries sighted them as they approached, sealing the dome’s entrance and sending out forward teams that took defensive positions in the craters and behind large rocks on the asteroid’s surface, STG did the same, the Yahgs moved up with their shields raised and their arm cannons firing pinning down the Eclipse forwards teams, one of the Yahgs smashed a small mining vehicle with his shield that flew across the battlefield crushing four Eclipse mercenaries in their defensive position in a crater.

An Eclipse engineer directed a squad to flank Task Force Vidacese, only for them to run into one of the Yahgs who sprayed liquid death against the squad perforating their bodies with bullets. The few remaining Eclipse mercenaries retreated back into their dome under the pretension of security, from the Hytensia, one of the Salarian technicians, uploaded a small closed circuited virus to the systems of the base, the dome began to drop followed a deluge of fire from the Hytensia’s forward batteries, that obliterated the base and all who remained there. Captain Solen was given a retreat order and began to reload his troops and assets back onto the Uplifters for the return journey to Sur’Kesh.

“This was most rewarding Professor, this exercise has shown the success of Project Paramountcy, the untapped potential for the war that the Yahg possess, just like the Krogan, but that could present a moral dilemma” commented Telorn.

“I can see where you’re coming from Vice Admiral, we didn’t implant the Krogan with a much needed inhibitor to manage their more objectionable behaviours, this time however, we won’t make that mistake” replied Soh.

“Then let’s return to Sur’Kesh, we have much to report” stated Telorn.

The Professor nodded as Telorn ordered his helmsman to return the Hytensia to Sur’Kesh to submit a mission report.

Mars and its Moons, The batarian hegemonic state of kharshan, The Shadow Organisation of Cerberus, and The volus protectorate of irune

Roleplay Chapter 1: The Battle of the Borders - Part III: The Phantom Menace

Odin Station, Unknown Location, Unknown System, Monday 11th May 2194

In an unknown location in an unknown system, the new Cerberus headquarters, once again a station though this time known not as Cronus but Odin Station. Professor Arlo Sabian, the Director of the Prometheus Cell walked passed various working Cerberus officials over to an elevator platform, he interacted with a console that brought the platform skywards, as it reached its destination, he faced a door and proceeded through it into a large room facing a similar sight, a large sun, a man in a chair faced a monitor, the smell of tobacco was potent and smoke utterly encapsulated almost the entirety of the room.

“Professor Sabian, I presume you have a good reason for disturbing me?” inquired the Illusive Man.

“Of course sir, I thought you’d be interested in the progress of Project Imperius, our alpha stage tests have returned very satisfactory results, the neural chips mimic the effects of indoctrination, though more focussed; less unwanted accompaniments, the hallucinations, increased mental instability to psychosis and hearing voices.” replied Sabian.

“That’s excellent news Professor, I’m impressed with your progress, you’ve been a fine asset to Cerberus. Continue the good work and keep me apprised” commented the Illusive Man.

“Your confidence is much appreciated sir, I will endeavour to serve Cerberus and you as faithfully as I can, Cerberus represents and protects humanity, we are both the sword in the hand of humanity and it’s stalwart shield, with Project Imperius, we may well shift the perspective of those parochial fools to a more acceptable standard” returned Sabian.

“Indeed Professor, that sentiment is laudable, continue your work as you were and know that I will be playing close attention, you’re dismissed” stated the Illusive Man.

Sabian nodded before leaving the room, the Illusive Man sighted his active side console to his right connecting to a network on the Citadel, the call was from the Director of Sovereign Cell, Kathryn Becker. Becker was one of the most deeply ingrained and most important members of the Cerberus hierarchy, a First Contact War veteran and one of the few people alive to truly know the Illusive Man, in addition to that, she is a family friend of the Hacketts having known Steven for almost four decades, has connections in every major Alliance organisation, possesses prodigious influence over the Citadel staff and political structure both high and low and a vast network of informants and agents within the galactic hierarchy, from the highest echelons to the lowest, currently she serves as a trusted liaison to the Alliance big brass.

“Kathryn, I presume you have something to report?” stated the Illusive Man.

“I do Jack, something very interesting, the tension on the Alliance-Hegemony border is more than palpable, Balak is teetering on the precipice of declaring war, with some persuasion I’m certain he will not hesitate to declare war and plunge the sector into discord. Balak wants concessions from the Alliance, but they won’t concede it, Balak will perceive this as a slight, he’s just looking for a reason to slaughter humans and destroy the Alliance, he won’t need much, his sheer hatred for humanity is well known.“ replied Becker.

“Intriguing, I understand we’ve opened several shell companies, all under the Perses Arms and Munitions Corporation, a war would significantly increase demand, and we have supply, the Alliance would be funding Cerberus. A war would be a lucrative endeavour, but perhaps we won’t leave that to chance. Send word to your operatives in Kite’s Nest, find a Batarian colony, destroy it, implicate the Alliance but wait, allow the Alliance a chance to negotiate, set up a veneer and then we can tear it away. With that, Balak will certainly declare war, that will divert Alliance attention and provide a surge in demand for arms” stated the Illusive Man.

“Something that we’ll be happy to provide of course?” added Becker.

“Precisely” retorted the Illusive Man.

“I’ll see what I can do, rest assured Jack it will be done. I’ll be attending the meeting, I’ll be keeping you apprised of course” returned Becker.

“Thank you Kathryn, this endeavour may indeed prove very lucrative and more” replied the Illusive Man, cutting the communication as he did.

Human Embassy Offices, the Citadel, the Sol System, Monday 11th May 2194

Becker closed her computer and dialled her secretary.

“Alyssa dear, would you be so kind as to inform Prime Minister Mikhailovna of the current developments along the Human-Batarian border, the Council has been called to mass, Yuveleva may wish to attend herself, this meeting is quite possibly one of the most important since the Reaper War, this situation has a high probability of escalating beyond our control. War is the last thing we need, it is imperative to begin a dialogue.” stated Becker.

“Of course Madam Becker, at once” returned Alyssa.

Becker sealed her office, closed all professional and business communications and opened a private channel of communication to one of her many operatives across the galaxy, she also had a side folder opened showing a map of the galaxy, she had been perusing through Batarian space looking for a potential target and as luck would have it, a small colony of at least 2,500 Batarian colonists named Velokar on the planet Cholis in the Indris system.

“Agent Hathaway, this is Becker. You are to journey to the planet Cholis in the Indris system of Kite’s Nest cluster, there you will find a colony named Velokar, infiltrate the colony, plant a series of bombs and wait for further instructions.” ordered Becker.

“At once Madam” replied Hathaway.

Becker reopened her office and returned everything to how it was before the seal, she reclined in her chair a while before seeing to her various emails from her contacts and an update from Perses, the corporation was in its infancy to be sure, but it was growing at a steady rate, as she looked through those emails, Becker awaited the response from Prime Minister Mikhailovna and all that would follow it.

Mars and its Moons, The batarian hegemonic state of kharshan, The Salarian Techno Union, and The volus protectorate of irune

(If in future roleplay we could all adhere to the set standards of chaptering, titling and splitting into parts, that would be dashing. I feel as though it makes the RP far more clear and fluid, oh and do remember to use parentheses for OOC and neglect them for RP)

Mars and its Moons, The batarian hegemonic state of kharshan, and The volus protectorate of irune

The batarian hegemonic state of kharshan

(I’m just going to add a little something, if you don’t like it Systems, feel free to alter it)

Roleplay Chapter 1: The Battle of the Borders - Part IV: The Arrival

The bridge of the H.N.V Malevolence, Harsa System, Kite’s Nest Cluster, Wednesday 20th May 2194

Ten days had passed since President Balak’s ultimatum, the Hegemony’s First Fleet had gathered just outside of Kite’s Nest’s Mass Relay, the flagship of the First Fleet, the H.N.V Malevolence lead the Hegemony formation towards the relay, on her bridge stood Grand Admiral Gharzah Udakha, the Grand Admiral of the Hegemony Navy and a chief Hegemony diplomat, Khorvar Des'danak who would the first governor of the first Batarian colony in the Artemis Tau Cluster. The First Fleet was the designated war fleet of the Hegemony, but on this joyous occasion, the most powerful fleet created the Hegemony would lead the way in one of the greatest advancements in Hegemony history, a symbolic victory over the hated Alliance.

“Today is good day for the Hegemony my friend” announced Grand Admiral Udakha

“Indeed it is, the planet Therum, that will be the largest Batarian colony in this new system. I hope the Alliance have kept it in good condition for us” stated Governor Des'danak.

“Do you think that the Alliance have totally evacuated the cluster?” Des'danak added.

“The President was very clear, they had 10 days to evacuate, those 10 days have passed, any human still left in that cluster will be exterminated or enslaved as they are trespassing in Batarian space.” replied Grand Admiral Udakha.

“Excellent, I hope a few remain, my troops are itching for a chance to execute some humans and I’m sure the slavers guilds would most appreciate some new volunteers. Let us proceed through the relay, to our latest and rightful property” stated a rapturous Des'danak.

“Indeed, all vessels of the First Fleet prepared to jump to hyperspace through the relay, we should exit in the Knossos system, all ships make for Therum” ordered Grand Admiral Udakha.

With that, the First Fleet began to move towards the relay and one by one the ships jumped into hyperspace until the entire fleet had traversed through the relay towards Artemis Tau. Meanwhile in Artemis Tau, the human colonists on Therum went about their days as normal, a small research vessel S.S.V Challenger was studying a large asteroid just south west of the relay, with a full view of Therum and the relay itself. It’s captain, Elias Fordham was studying the composition of the asteroid as the Hegemony’s First Fleet entered the Knossos System.

Fordham tried frantically to contact the Alliance stations orbiting Therum as he watched the Malevolence pass the asteroid, leading the formation, it’s colossal frame like a mighty great sword pierced the space around it like a hot knife through butter. It was followed by three supercarriers, several Eeluram dreadnoughts and the rest, cruisers and frigates. A Hegemony transport fleet containing at least 30,000 colonists waited back in Harsa for the signal from Grand Admiral Udakha, speaking of, Udakha was shocked by what he saw, an Alliance fleet and several orbiting platforms and stations over Therum itself.

“What is this insolence? Open fire on those filth!” snarled Governor Des'danak.

“Belay that! Governor Des'danak, I respect your authority of course, but you do not give commands on my ship. All ships hold position, do not engage unless fired upon. The Alliance was given their chance, but I will not endanger the fleet needlessly, get me a line to President Balak on Khar’shan at once” ordered Grand Admiral Udakha.

Fleet Composition
1x Ka’hairel class superdreadnought, 3x Khor’darah class supercarrier, 6x Eeluram class dreadnought, 50x Kes’heel class cruisers and 65x Yu’Garr class frigates

Mars and its Moons, The Salarian Techno Union, and The volus protectorate of irune

(Welcome The collectors harbinger and The great prothean empire to the region, I’m Lucien, if either of you have any questions or queries about the region, the roleplay or anything in between, do not hesitate to ask. Again, welcome and we do hope you enjoy your stay here)

Mars and its Moons, The volus protectorate of irune, and The collectors harbinger

Council Chambers

Councillor Curinia Antalon made her way to the Council Chambers for an emergency meeting of the Council, most likely regarding the growing tensions between the Batarians and the Humans. It seemed like an endless affair, with the Hegemony constantly encroaching on Alliance borders. With the recent demands, it would seem that war was almost assured. The Turian Hierarchy was staunch allies to the humans and if the Batarians would deploy any military forces against the Alliance, it would mean the Turians would respond in kind. She entered the Council Chambers.

Mars and its Moons, The Salarian Techno Union, and The volus protectorate of irune

The Turian Hierarchy of Palaven wrote:Council Chambers

Councillor Curinia Antalon made her way to the Council Chambers for an emergency meeting of the Council, most likely regarding the growing tensions between the Batarians and the Humans. It seemed like an endless affair, with the Hegemony constantly encroaching on Alliance borders. With the recent demands, it would seem that war was almost assured. The Turian Hierarchy was staunch allies to the humans and if the Batarians would deploy any military forces against the Alliance, it would mean the Turians would respond in kind. She entered the Council Chambers.

RPS1: The Battle of the Borders - The Council’s Reply

The Council Chambers, the Citadel

Technocrat Dantalion and Dalatrass Linwon were already waiting in the Council Chambers as Councillor Antalon entered, the Salarians looked to the door at the Turian Councillor and Dantalion got up from his seat and greeted Councillor Antalon.

“Curinia, welcome. I wish this meeting was routine, alas, it seems that the tinderbox that is the Alliance-Hegemony border is teetering on the precipice of near combustion. Needless to say, such a circumstance is hardly desirable so soon after the Reaper War, peace has been underlyingly tentative, but peaceful nonetheless and that is something we wish to preserve at all costs. Tell me, what is the Hierarchy’s take on this situation out of interest?” stated Dantalion.

Before Antalon could answer, Linwon interrupted with her thoughts,

“This situation is most regrettable, the Union should consider its position with sagacity and care. We needn’t endanger Salarian lives needlessly. My exegesis of the current event is that I have considered that while the Batarians have acted impetuously and without any truly cogent thought as they’re not known for being circumspect. It cannot be denied that the Hegemony has just cause to pursue these actions, after all the destruction of the Alpha Relay, while entirely justifiable given the consequences of inaction, was hardly venial and did result in 300,000 Batarians to lose their lives. Compensation is the least the Alliance could do. Though knowing the oft austere President Balak, it will not come cheap nor easy. Given the notoriously cold relationship between the Hegemony and the Alliance, I think this unfortunate situation could very easily descend into open conflict” commented Linwon.

The volus protectorate of irune

(Foremost, the Council ambassadors need to be updated, second, I do believe the regional timeline is a jolly good idea, provided it receives regular updates of course and last, I have endeavoured to make a poll, feel free to discuss on the RMB)

Mars and its Moons and The volus protectorate of irune

The collectors harbinger

The Salarian Techno Union wrote:(Welcome The collectors harbinger and The great prothean empire to the region, I’m Lucien, if either of you have any questions or queries about the region, the roleplay or anything in between, do not hesitate to ask. Again, welcome and we do hope you enjoy your stay here)

Thank you

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