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(How's everybody here doing?)

A mass state of insanity had begun to overtake Ukraine, it's citizens brainwashed by propaganda issued by the Black Raven Movement, made and sold by the mouths of it's commissars, party leaders, and regional officials alike. It's operations in disbanding and removing the ability to think critically and independently from the minds and souls of the Ukranian populace involve:

-Disbanding and tainting what some would call "reality tunnels" which allow individuals to see reality as a whole.
-Forced lobotomies on the Russian, Polish, and Ukranian populations for questioning the state itself.
-Mass propaganda, such as films shot a la Leni Riefenstahl, depicting scenes of supposed "Slavic and Ukranian supremacy" such as the infamous Ukranian propaganda film "Mass Tribute to Perun", a war film based on Pagan achievements in both the Kievan Rus' era and the modern day, made to depict historical enemies of Slavic ethnicities as "barbaric, blasphemous pigs".
-Sterilization of the Tatar minority in Crimea, due to their Turkic descent.

A grand, horrifying dystopia is brewing in Ukraine, and if reaches other countries democracy in Europe is pleasantly f*cked. The rising wave of the far-right and the resurgence of Fascism across the globe, with the African Rejuvenation Front, located in the north of Central Africa and the Congo, being a prime example of fascism having adapted to the areas needs and grievances. If we don't do anything to stop it, what shall become of our world?

God help us. Free Radio Ukraine, out.

Albe resurgent

amorgos is the 25th largest island in the aegean



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questionable intentions

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Dans un halo scintillant de feux défiants les raisons, la voûte magnifique d'un Temple noir se dessinait au-dessus des âmes.
Dans le berceau de Dieu elles se laissaient renaître, pour contempler sans rien garder, espérer ou attendre.
Il ne restait rien de ces siécles qui pliaient les corps, éteignaient la vie, niaient l'existence pure et son Principe.
Seul un écho profond répondait aux origines et les magnifiait à chaque nouvelle percée du silence.
Le temps ne martelait plus, rien n'avait été, rien ne serait plus jamais.
Son architecture de fantasme monumental, c'est faux aise sur elle même
Dans un halo de Ténèbres éclatantes, ils fusionnèrent avec le moment sublime, le Grand Mal que toute la vie attend.
Ils virent leur œuvre improvisée s'effondrer puis l'oublièrent sereinement sans songer à la suivante.
Ils sombrèrent dans l'éphémère, suprême, alcôve délicieux sanctuaire des immortels.
Ce qui fût n'est plus, ce qui sera n'est pas, et la chaos se tût.
Et la chaos se tût.