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The Javinian Union RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: Ailind (non-executive)

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The Javinian Union was originally founded by Ailind, Zalbopoeia, Nukahavistan, and Marrshland in order to prevent conflict, ensure the safety and civility of all citizens, to increase prosperity of all member nations, and to uphold the tenants of liberty, equality, and progress.

On January 14, 2016, the regional flag was set.

On January 14, 2016, the region split into three districts governed by three Sars.

On January 22, 2016, it was decided by regional poll to give the WA Delegate emergency powers.

On February 18, 2016 the WA delegate had decided to give up the emergency powers as the crisis was averted.

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The Javinian Union contains 3 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in The Javinian Union

World Census experts tracked millions of international tourists in order to determine the world's favourite nations to sight-see.

As a region, The Javinian Union is ranked 21,800th in the world for Most Popular Tourist Destinations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Virgin Queendom of Caroline VIIAuthoritarian Democracy“Don't you forget about me”
2.The Republic of Can Bloiald IslandsCorporate Police State“Might Makes Right”
3.The Jingoistic States of Atlae-157Authoritarian Democracy“Gloria in Terra”

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The Javinian Union Regional Message Board

Ailind wrote:Friends, Romans, Ambassadors; lend me your ears!
As the Union Representative for Ailind, I would like to propose that we restore democracy to the Union and hold our first election! Whilst it was necessary to grant the World Assembly delegate emergency powers in order to deal with certain matters involving ex-member nations, we here in Ailind believe that The Javinian Union is now stable enough to once again be a bastion of democracy and progress!
The power of those who sought to abuse democracy has been diminished through the weathering of time, but our resolve as a Union remains strong. Now is the time to return to our principles, now is the time to restore the voice and the power of the people! I would propose, on behalf of Ailind and all her people, that we, as a Union, need to stand together in solidarity and show those who would oppose us that we will not bow down and lower ourselves to their level! I believe we need to hold our first election as soon as possible as a testament to the strength of the Union and the strength of the people! I hope that other member nations would stand with me in this effort.
With highest hopes,
Jacholas Fritz, Union Representative for Ailind

In response to Ailind Representative of The Javinian Union:

The Zalbopoeia is not what you think it is. No longer does it stand as a democratic nation with equal opportunity for all. It is dead. Baron Gordon Sphiznog has clenched this land with a fist of darkness. He has corrupted our system, and sucked the land dry of all liberty. There is very little chance that his reign could be ended. We are the glimmer of hope.

I come to you and the nations of the region today through the Zalbopoeian Channel for International Communication. Me and my colleagues have bypassed the national firewall and opened this channel to us for a short period of time. I must be quick with my message. Everything you have seen Sphiznog do looks amazing. On a surface level, his policies and programs seem to have aided the nation, but you must look closer. Peppered through the clauses of the Sphiznog Conversion Act of Zalbopoeia (the act passed immediately after Sphiznog seized power) are phrases encouraging the creation of backdoors to privacy and also encouraging the exploitation of the people. We are the True Zalbopoeian Reclamation Corps. We seek to claim the throne from the oppressive and totalitarian rule of Gordon Sphiznog, the murderer of our true leader and the purger of the Night Bloodline.

Things aren't easy though. We've been operating underneath the nation, within the channels and alleys of our cities. We've raised nearly unanimous support from the people, but the militaristic rule keeps us at bay. They make examples of TZRC sympathizers. Public floggings and military executions of the innocent people (children and all) are no longer seen as abominations. Sphiznog and his men are monsters. The murders, while painful, are what keeps us going. They encourage us to fight harder. We claw our way into the press, and spread our message, but the publications are almost immediately suppressed. We cannot fight with violence. Such an act would only result in the genocide of innocent Zalbopoeian citizens, which is why we sit in hiding, waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a move.

When such an opportunity is in our sights, nothing can go wrong. The operation has to be perfect. This is why we come to you, the members of The Javinian Union. We need the support of outside nations. We request that the nations that sympathize with our cause lend us support of some kind, be it financial or simply basic intelligence services. Please, do not feel obligated or pressured into aiding our cause, but we would appreciate any support you are capable of providing.

We are the True Zalbopoeia Reclamation Corps., and we fight for Zalbopoeia as it should be.

Enigma, Leader of the TZRC

Post self-deleted by Marrshland.

As the crisis is adverted the emergeny powers will now be released from administrators. With this news the Administration of Marrshland would like to emplace a Declaration of Freedom where all members of the Javanian Union should not only uphold the values of freedom, but ensure freedom spreads to other nations. For no person have to live in an oppresive dictatorship.

Also We would also like to take this opportunity for the The Javinian Union to host its first holiday Democracy Day on February 20, 2016 in which we would like to host polls for the Nations incorporated in the The Javinian Union to take part in for opinion on the State of the Union .

with best regards,

Clint Malone, Union Representative for Marrshland

Sprite spirit shall strike sawesomely


New duckian ambassador iii

Dear All Members Of The Javinian Union:

We the United Nations Of Eurasia would like to establish a trade and military partnership with the Javinian Union. The UNE is a group of regions that are united under one Orgenized Union in which votes on our own bills. The most recent was a partnership with another group of now DEN hating regional liberators and we liberated a region recently due to the bill being passed. If any of you would like to join our other 6 regions we would enjoy such. One of our UNE regions The New TNP have proposed a embassy, we hope you accept this so we can stay in contact. Now I got to go since i'm a bit busy explaining since I have 3 ambassadors, well, we hope you join us or at least ally with the UNE!

Court Chief Of The UNE, Proud North Pacific Army Member: New Ducklands

Mr blooms html

Dear Beloved Region The Javinian Union,

As a status update on the various military projects we have been working on, due to recent action, we no longer have a standing military. All development has been transferred to state-managed, privatized military corporations who are not required to maintain transparency standards. Additionally due to earlier action, we of Mr blooms html have incidentally banned all private enterprise that is not state managed, hence the aforementioned development shift. The Triumvirate council will be requesting updates, but can not be consistently "in the loop" as it were. Please, fret not. The SPARTAN V initiative is still well underway. Thank you for your time.

Vassal of the Union,
Mr blooms html

Friends and neighbors of The Javinian Union,

The collective peoples of Zalbopoeia have formally declared war on the nearby nation of Blackacre. Intelligence agencies of Zalbopoeia have discovered that the government officials of Blackacre have been funneling an extremely large amount of money to major terrorist organizations. These organizations primarily operate out of Turkey, a country on Zalbopoeia's border and formerly one of our largest trade partners. Upon discovering this information, Blackacre sent operatives to assassinate our leader Ione Lexington. They were swiftly dealt with, and Ione Lexington was unharmed, but their act cannot go unpunished.

We have developed a plan, and have the ability to claim victory over Blackacre, but unfortunately this plan is very dangerous. It will cost us many innocent men and women, not to mention thousands of soldiers. That is why we come to you all. We would like to request support in our effort.

Blackacre is a small country to the northeast of the northern Zalbopoeian border, and invading them requires Zalbopoeian troops to pass through the Balkan Neutral Territory, an area just to the north populated by small villages and cities who are by and large extremely pacifist. We would prefer not to drag conflict into this region of the world. If anyone supports our effort, Blackacre must be hit from the north and the west. In a few weeks, Zalbopoeia will be able to send troops through the southwest (once we take care of the terrorist organizations and protect the homefront).

We ask for your support in this effort.

James Franklin
Zalbopoeian Minister of Defense

Hello all!

We, Darkmyr, are pleased to announce the reconciliation of wars caused by internal strife in the prior nation, Mr Blooms HTML. We have returned, in all our glory and intend to stay. Thank you for your time.

Always yours,
Ashallyn, Leader of Darkmyr and Representative of Darkmyrian Foreign Relations

El territorio en disputa de Vigo II nos complace decir que seremos parte de su region ya que ha tenido tantos paises en el pasado y solo quedo
Venimos para hacer esta region grande de nuevo
Por favor acepta si rechazas me voy a otra region
Encajere bien
de: Vigo II
Para: Zalbopedia

Liberated. Please join The Snakes!

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