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Doesn’t appear so.

Well, YOU'RE home!

But we need to get going. Hope to see you next time around!

The 21 hot air balloonists

*floats off into the sunset*
Thanks for hosting us!

Thanks for having us! Cheers!

Time to roll on, Adios.

Who’s going to clean up after those geese

Goodbye! waddles away

Gotta love geese, messes everywhere

Wait, where did my grapes go?

Oh hey, it's zombie time again aaaaand everyone is dead.

Happy holidays everyone ⛄️

And to you as well!

[tap tap] Is this thing on?

We almost got to 1 year with no posts 🤔

Herconia and Romm

Almost! But not quite.

Luxorian knights

Better luck next year?

Happy new year 😂

Happy new year!

Someone gifted me a new flag out of nowhere, too. It's very spiffy.

I am new in the region who should I endorse?

Wow, the penalty for politics is harsh.

But seriously, happy new year, you all. I don't know how much longer I'll be around, but I hope this year is better for you all than the last!

Happy new year!

Grays Harbor is back in the game 😲

He left for Texas years ago, once his puppets left the regions nations dropped by half 🤣

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