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Ooh, I got The Confederacy of Wysterian Expeditionary Forces. Nice.

And Kompa Ru, too! Maybe I'll get lucky enough to get all the Heartland before it ends...

Doubt it, I've been trying every half hour and I've only got 5 so far.

Oops, I have 7.

Considering how few nations are in this region it's quite hard getting our cards.

This is very true. So far, I've got myself, HotRodia, Kompa Ru, HeartWoods, and WEF.

All I keep getting is Crystal Palais..

Doctors say there's no cure.

At least it will be epic.

Finally got everyone in the region, minus ones that popped by to get cards of course.

Well it seems I opened the 18th most boxes.

I think it was an interesting time, I definitely made time to try and be available every half hour or so to open my boxes.

It was interesting seeing others flags and regions, I certainly wouldn't have seen them otherwise.

That's neat about discovering new nations, actually. And honestly the cards are cool in that respect. And it's entirely fitting that the founder of the Heartland was able to get everyone in the region!

I had to buy some in the end.

Lifespan is now up to 27 years. Progress! And still low taxes and crime rate. Woot! To think, a year ago it was 24.

(It will still take years to be reasonable...)

Seems somewhat strange that I am #1 friendliest nation here and the least inclusive at the same time.

Hi neighbor, get off my lawn..

Wow, up to a 28 year lifespan, only three months later? It seems to be going faster. Thank goodness.

Pretty sweet news if you just turned 27.

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