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The Great Red Union RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Conciliatory Federation of Amblibahdesh (elected )

Founder: The Holy Imperium of Achain

Last WA Update:

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 346th Most Nations: 634th Largest Black Market: 809th+26
Most Valuable International Artwork: 901st Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,294th Most Compassionate Citizens: 1,452nd Lowest Crime Rates: 1,462nd Most Inclusive: 1,470th Nicest Citizens: 1,538th Most Advanced Public Education: 1,554th Most Scientifically Advanced: 1,609th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,620th Highest Poor Incomes: 1,623rd Largest Welfare Programs: 1,646th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,675th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,757th Smartest Citizens: 1,796th Largest Governments: 1,833rd Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,864th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,871st Most Secular: 1,943rd Best Weather: 2,033rd Most Popular Tourist Destinations: 2,064th Healthiest Citizens: 2,079th Most Subsidized Industry: 2,276th Most Corrupt Governments: 2,306th Highest Average Tax Rates: 2,328th Longest Average Lifespans: 2,388th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 2,440th
World Factbook Entry

Hello, fellow comrades of Nation States! Welcome to The Great Red Union, or TGRU for short! We are the successors of the former RMB RP group of The Communist Bloc. We are a small, tightly knit community of friends, who mostly spend their time off site, but compensate with expansive and detailed role-play and world building.

Members of government:
Founder: Achain
Regional Emperor: Matterio
WA Delegate: Amblibahdesh
Minister of State Security: YugoslavUnion

Please join our LinkDiscord Server!, as that is where we carry out most of our activities.


  • Region was founded on 2/9/2018. (DD/MM/YY)

  • The current year is 2077, and the month is January.

  • More participation in the RP is encouraged.

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    TGRU RP Maps (Updated)

    FactbookMiscellaneous by Matterio . 291 reads.

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    General Roleplay Guide

    FactbookMiscellaneous by Achain . 529 reads.

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    Anti-Fascism, or, Why We Fight

    MetaReference by The international working class . 11,438 reads.

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The Great Red Union contains 27 nations, the 634th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Advanced Defense Forces in The Great Red Union

Nations ranked highly spend the most on national defense, and are most secure against foreign aggression.

As a region, The Great Red Union is ranked 1,757th in the world for Most Advanced Defense Forces.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Conciliatory Federation of AmblibahdeshPsychotic Dictatorship“Eviscero et Laceret”
2.The Liberal Socialist Republic of YugoslavUnionScandinavian Liberal Paradise“From the Ashes we rise”
3.The Nordic Ordernsstaat of IcelandenPsychotic Dictatorship“Bestill gjennom frykt”
4.The Marxist-Leninist Union of Soviet LestlandDemocratic Socialists“Into our Death: Blue, Black, Red!”
5.The Vasilist Empire of MatterioScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Matterio is ascendant!”
6.The Holy Imperium of AchainCorrupt Dictatorship“Even in Death; I still serve!”
7.The United Socialist States of RoulixLiberal Democratic Socialists“Gloria Fortis Miles”
8.The Multiple USSR Disorder of Kremlinian RussiaPsychotic Dictatorship“Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!”
9.The Empire of TentauneboonIron Fist Consumerists“We rise out of the ashes”
10.The Communist Federation of United Democratic Peoples RepublicsLiberal Democratic Socialists“El PaŪs de la Eterna Primavera”

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The Great Red Union Regional Message Board

Now why are you playing more than one nation if you canít find the time to RP as your main nation? Youíre just putting a heavier load on yourself

Hello everyone, greetings from the Federation of Allies.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone here and wish a good day to you all.

To Achain, YugoslavUnion, Soviet Lestland, Amblibahdesh and Kremlinian Russia, it has been quite a while since we last met, how have you been?

United Front of Texas wrote:Now why are you playing more than one nation if you canít find the time to RP as your main nation? Youíre just putting a heavier load on yourself

Burger king.

Vologda Sosnogorsk wrote:Hello everyone, greetings from the Federation of Allies.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone here and wish a good day to you all.

To Achain, YugoslavUnion, Soviet Lestland, Amblibahdesh and Kremlinian Russia, it has been quite a while since we last met, how have you been?

Hello yes this is Kremlinbot there is nothing to see here everything is ok.

Vologda Sosnogorsk wrote:Hello everyone, greetings from the Federation of Allies.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone here and wish a good day to you all.

To Achain, YugoslavUnion, Soviet Lestland, Amblibahdesh and Kremlinian Russia, it has been quite a while since we last met, how have you been?

No love for me?

Roulix wrote:No love for me?

Ah crud, I didn't recognize you from your flag. How has it been Roulix? I see you have taken from the French and Germans.

Vologda Sosnogorsk wrote:Ah crud, I didn't recognize you from your flag. How has it been Roulix? I see you have taken from the French and Germans.

I've been good, how's it been going for you?

United Front of Texas wrote:To: Roulixian governmental leadership

From: President William B. Travis of the United Front of Texas

Hello and good day, I write this letter to you in order to properly introduce the United Front of Texas. I suspect you may not know what or who we are, so allow me to explain. The United Front of Texas is a sovereign Democratic Republic founded in mid-2008 in the former United States. What started out purely as the state of Texas succeeding from the failing U.S. of the time has now evolved into a nation of respectful size.

Starting from deep within Texas at the states capital city of Austin and soon encompassing the entire state, the United Texas Fronts government quickly took over in a semi-peaceful revolution. Not a year later the people of Texas would come together in a way not seen since the Roman Empires time to stabilize and fortify the state as a cohesive unit. The next year the UFT was forced to expand its borders westward due to constant raider attacks and unfortunately at the same time the UFT was forced to move eastward in order to secure much needed supplies and important ports. The East proved to be heavily infected with mutants and that cleansing effort is still undergoing as UFT troops stabilize the Eastern regions.
There is much more information to be told but the sun sets on this day and I didnít write you to talk about the UFT.

The main issue and cause of my writing this letter is to schedule a proper meeting between our heads of states and or representatives. We will also need to talk about the sudden influx of catholic Europeans into the UFT in the last few months. I hope the jet delivering this letter makes it to the reader safely and swiftly.

Yours truly, President William B. Travis

Letter From A Stranger

Upon receiving a letter from the west, the cogs of a Roulixian government begin to churn. In the necessity of speed, the Pope is selected to represent Roulix. A message is sent to Texas asking to arrange a meeting a soon as possible. Pope Pius XV son of Pius XIV who was raised up by Radical far-right Pope Pius VIII. Pius XIV was deeply troubled by his father's political tendencies and pushed him further left and later assassinated by far-right terrorists. His son (Pius XV Current Pope) grew up learning much about the world and developing even further left ideas, often quoting anti-capitalist verses from the bible. Pius XV developed a hatred for the fascist ideas, and actively opposes it when possible.

Pius XV writes:

Dear, William B. Travis of Texas

It is great to hear from another world leader, and we would love to meet as soon as possible. Time is of the utmost importance, at your earliest convenience we can Host the event here in the capital of Roulix.

God Bless, Pope Pius XV

Vologda Sosnogorsk wrote:Hello everyone, greetings from the Federation of Allies.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone here and wish a good day to you all.

A lot of pings censored by the Angie gang

Nothing much, mate. Just RP and standard stuff. We keep the Discord for casual talks these days.

Roulix wrote:I've been good, how's it been going for you?

It has been peaceful and quiet times in my region. Me and Sherechia (ex-Strczya) are trying to keep the RMB as lively as possible with the amount of spare time we have.

Achain wrote:Nothing much, mate. Just RP and standard stuff. We keep the Discord for casual talks these days.

Classic, as long as it isn't the sh*tshow that was TCB's RMB about 2 years ago, we're all happy.

The Bohemian War | Czechoslovak People's Army and Polish People's Army | 30th of March - 30th of April (first month of the war)| Location: Czechoslovak Frontlines, from Liberec province to Zlin province.

The forces of the Czechoslovak People's Army had long been large and well equipped, better equipped even than many forces belonging to the other Warsaw Pact countries, and with their own weapons production thanks to a long and deep rooted military industrial complex stretching back to Austro-Hungarian times. The Czechoslovak People's Army had quickly moved to strike through the border between Liberec province and the German held Central Bohemian province, seeking to strike into Prague and cut off the enemy forces in Moravia by quickly securing a large swathe of Czechia. The Czechoslovaks had adapted Soviet Rhine strategy to their advantage in their potential assault on the German forces, and they knew that by quickly striking before the enemy had time to reinforce their line, the Czechs would be able to employ their Soviet style army to the best of its ability. Czech tanks, namely T-72Ms that were employed along the breakthrough divisions, quickly struck through the village of Svijany, as enemy forces had set themselves up on the other side of the river Jizera. Using their river crossing ability and support from SPGs, Czech tanks quickly overwhelmed the enemy positions south of the river, and secured themselves a beachhead into Greater Bohemia. The SPGs had rattled the enemy forces, breaking them up into easily manageable pockets of resistance for the T-72s and BVPs to deal with. This quick assault had broken the enemy border garrison, and the German forces would have to respond quickly to the breakthrough on their own frontlines in order to prevent a rapid Czechoslovak victory.

The German relocations would be devastating for the German forces, however, as it would require taking away forces from the border with Poland, which was already preparing to mount an assault over the Oder river and seize Frankfurt, something that would be utterly unacceptable to the Germans. Losing their own cities would be a disaster, and so the Germans instead relocated weaker Czech infantry brigades to hold the line against the Czechoslovak advance, something incredibly horrible for the poor soldiers forced to fight face to face with their own countrymen; who had tanks and armoured equipment while they did not. Czech forces relocated to the fighting often either defected to the Czechoslovaks outright, or presented very little resistance to the Czechoslovak onslaught. It was only local German brigades that provided any meaningful resistance. The Czechoslovak attack stopped at the Elbe river by the 10th of April, some 50 kilometres inland; and the German and Czech forces had been utterly destroyed in the early stages of the assault, as they had not planned for a Czechoslovak and Polish joint early invasion. Nevertheless, the more well equipped German forces still remained ready to defend along the Oder-Neisse line against the Polish People's Army, and German forces knew they could garrison the Sudetenland more effectively than anywhere else in Czechoslovakia. The utter annihilation of Czech forces in the Greater Moravia region showed that the Germans were defending more than they could possibly defend against two enemy nations. German forces were quickly retreated to the Sudetenland and awaited a Czechoslovak attack in the mountains.

Meanwhile, the Czechoslovak forces in the south, around the border between the Zlin region and the Southern Moravian region noticed a German fallback on the 20th of April, and began a rapid advance to seize the city of Brno, which could be used as an administrative logistical centre for the Czechoslovak forces on the advance through Czechia, something which would be necessary to facilitate the continued rapid advance of Czechoslovak forces. Czech forces, now realizing they were completely alone and facing down superior Czechoslovak military forces, surrendered and defected en masse, securing the Czechoslovak south, and allowing the occupation of Brno, to the cheer of the city's inhabitants. With Southern Moravia secured, Czechoslovak forced stopped their advance on the border with Vysocina region on the 30th of April, as logistics had to be set up in Brno before a continued advance could be pursued. Nevertheless, the assault had been catastrophic for the German supported Czech government, which was considering surrendering outright to the Czechoslovaks as mounting pressure continued. In many cities, riots had broken out against the German backed government, considering the desire of the Czechs to return to a natively ruled country, even if it was one many Czechs were divided on due to past policy during the Soviet era. The German Luftwaffe, which was smaller than the Czech and Polish airforces combined, was forced to pull out of Czechoslovakia and return to an area with better air defences, namely the Sudetenland and Germany proper. Regardless, the air domination enjoyed by Czechoslovak and Polish forces allowed them to secure aerial supply lines and conduct bombing campaigns on German military bases and fleeing convoys. With the early campaign conducted, plans were now being drawn up by the Poles and Czechoslovaks for the total victory against the Germans, and the push towards Prague (which was now defended by the only well trained and equipped Czech troops) and the Sudetenland, which was under German military control.

Czech forces and Polish forces strike the Germans out of Czechoslovakia! | Trybuna Ludu, Warsaw, 30th of April, 2010.

With the advances conducted by the Czechoslovak ground forces into the heart of the German controlled Bohemia on the 30th of March, the Czechoslovaks had been on track to eliminate the foreign invaders from their home country with the support of the Polish People's Army and Airforce. The Czech 1st Army, that had been located at Liberec, was the first to cross into Bohemia, with Czech tanks leading a spearhead across the river Jizera. The 1st Tank Regiment, supported by the 1st Artillery Regiment and 3rd Engineer Battalion, managed to seize control of an early beachhead, before quickly striking towards the Elbe river, with the rest of the 1st Army supporting along the flanks, aiding in expanding the beachhead into controlling the entire region before the Elbe. With a large portion of Greater Bohemia under Czechoslovak control, our allies have been able to secure a German retreat into the Sudetenland, leading to the capture of Brno and Southern Moravia from rapidly surrendering puppet forces, who were abandoned by their German elite divisions. This great success shows the strength of our Czechoslovak friends, and the continued loyalty that both Poland and Czechoslovakia show to their fraternal alliance, the Treaty for Mutual Assistance. Polish aerial forces provided assistance to Czechoslovak air forces in dealing with German air control craft, such as Typhoons, the limited number of which allowed for Polish MiG-23s, MiG-29s and Czech MiG-29s to secure control of the skies above Czechoslovakia, while German air forces pulled back along with their German ground force equivalents. The securing of the frontline and the breakdown of enemy forces has allowed our forces and Czechoslovak forces to achieve a great victory against the imperialist occupiers of the Czech country.

Poland and Czechoslovakia, as fraternal countries, still have much ahead of them in order to finally defeat the German invaders once more, but they shall succeed, and the German Democratic Republic shall be restored following its illegitimate merger with the current German government in 1990. Citizens, it is the duty of all to stand against the German invader and secure a victory for the Polish People's Republic in the coming campaign, as fighting in Germany proper shall be far more difficult than the current victories enjoyed against the enemy in Czechoslovakia. The great horrors of the current German regime shall be exposed to the world for all to see, and Poland and Czechoslovakia shall stand triumphant. The Soviet Union in exile has expressed support for the Polish People's Republic, and the Polish People's Republic shall do everything it can to support the Soviet Union's reestablishment following the war against the Germans. Polish troops shall be sent as volunteers to assist Soviet Army forces in retaking their country from the Imperium's forces. We shall triumph, for our cause is just.

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