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Welcome to The Great Experiment, a region of roleplay, legislation, and democracy. Join our LinkDiscord server for fun discussion and roleplay!

Our new Constitution has passed! Check out this dispatch to get involved in government, or telegram Holy Empire of Loaf.

- New Constitution!
- Gerrnae is planning TGE Olympics, telegram them if you are interested!

Stake your claim on the regional map by sending a telegram or DM to Apezia!

Historical maps: LinkBy Far Tholk and LinkThe Sungopia Mactu

Embassies: The Embassy, The Peaceful Coffee Shop In Chicago, Homelands, Bus Stop, Future Earth, Regionless, The Commonwealth Federation, Dauiland, SECFanatics, Sunalaya, The Bar on the corner of every region, The Mysterious Raiders, The Great Universe, Driselbia, The Galactic Imperium, United We Stand, and 35 others.Force, Northern Atlantic Ocean, Existence, Gypsy Lands, Hollow Point, Lardyland, NationStatesHolics Anonymous, Christmas, Nintendo, Australia, Arctic, Africa, One big Island, Underworld, Roman Empire, Solid Kingdom, The Illuminati, The SOP, Cape of Good Hope, Florida, Weed, The Graveyard, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Kingdom of Galea, Libertas, Lezra, Mordkan Empire, Embassy Hub, The Great and Mighty Region of Morshu, The Proletariat Coalition, The Church of Yesnt, The Dawn of Unity, Dream Land, Alyr, and The Dank Meme Alliance.

Tags: Democratic, Large, Map, Modern Tech, Multi-Species, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, Role Player, and Sports.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Great Experiment contains 87 nations, the 159th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Overall Tax Burden in The Great Experiment

World Census financial experts assessed nations across a range of direct and indirect measures in order to determine which placed the lowest tax burden on their citizens.

As a region, The Great Experiment is ranked 17,855th in the world for Lowest Overall Tax Burden.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Free Land of RiemstalpurNew York Times Democracy“Riemstalpur”
2.The Federation of Free Ostil StatesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Freedom through Strength, Justice through Democracy”
3.The Democratic States of Epsilon-minus Semi-MoronsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ow My Balls!”
4.The Republic of Libera PopulumCorporate Bordello“Vires fiducia”
5.The Federal Republic of HerzegovrinaCorporate Bordello“Dare he tell me there’s no Bosnia”
6.The Free Land of LibertarieaAnarchy“Liberty, Peace, Prosperity, Democracy”
7.The Empire of Sitty PanCapitalist Paradise“To Love To Serve”
8.The Federation of Keq ZuhkuIron Fist Consumerists“20 dollars says you won’t live past 40”
9.The Federal Republic of UltreniaMoralistic Democracy“The truth may guide us”
10.The Republic of 00000000000001111101 101111110000000New York Times Democracy“Do the D.A.N.C.E!”
1234. . .89»

Recent polls: “Bill -”“Your opinion on the new sonic design?”

Regional Happenings


The Great Experiment Regional Message Board

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Disclaimer: this is a joke, do not take any of it seriously. I do not actually hate any of you and many things in here are exaggerations or outright false.






So without further ado let's get to the BEST HAPPENINGS IN OUR GLORIOUS REGION:

Admins Continue To Oppress Regional Roleplayers
The moderation team, despite the protests of hundreds of nations, continues to enact stricter and stricter roleplay regulations. Today, an edict was issued mandating that every nation spontaneously remove half of their territory, and people who disobeyed were threatened by bans. "I just feel that people are taking the map too seriously," said Loaf, when we got through to them on the eighth ping. "Roleplay should really be about interacting with your fellow nations, not talking about who gets what territory on what map. That's why each nation should just give up half of its territory - it's not like they have any worldbuilding or maps associated with that land. And I'm sick of explaining for the fifteenth time to Joe Nation why we made this rule, so I've just decided to ban everyone who argues about it." A credible source has also told the Lab Report that Loaf is planning to ban Bvakkstyi and Yanuvi, the only two nations still over the three plot rule, the next time either one says so much as the word "h*ck."

Otamatone Delegates Treat Assembly Like A Revolving Door
For today's list article, I am honored to present the doorstopper list of Otamatone delegates as it goes through its long and perpetual civil war:

  • General Tone, who is, you guessed it, a violently misanthropic and genocidal Otamatone who owns five cats

  • Areola, who maybe is still in the Asembly?

  • Sofnjamic Prince #5, because he drew the short straw

  • Ben Steed in a mask

  • Yano in a mask

  • Lenborg in two masks

  • All of General Tone's cats in General Tone's removed skin

  • Gé, for excrement and laughter

  • Baalzebub Himself

  • Link\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

  • w͓̤͓̺̟̬e̺̳̬̜͈͔̬͆̈͌ͣ'̔ͫ̈́̄ͦ͏͍̪̩ř̜̒ȅ̟͓͑̇̑̒͝ ̖̺̀t̛̙̂̇̑ọ̭̫̖̠̯ͤ̔͐́ͦö̬͚̮̦̼͉ͧ́̕ ̟̭̗͕ͨͣ̿̃͂͢l̫̲̊̾ͫ̈͆̚a͈͓̹̰̙̪̯̒̑̾ͨͦt̗̪̩̘͙̩͒͐ͥ̄͡ͅe͖̫̘̬͙ͯ̅͋͛̀ ̫̪͚̣̰̬̝̃̑͒̽͛̃͝n̋̊͋͝o͈͖͔̪̩͊̑̉̓ͩ͆͜w̷̮̍̑

  • h̞͍̝̹͈̫ͮ͑̇̄̋́ě̪̜̦͔͆̃̒ͪ̚ ̲̪̫̖̯̟̈ͤ͂͞į͇̭̗͉̗̀ͥ̃ͬ̋̆͑͑s̸̘̟̰̹̟̭̠̘͌ͤ̉̂͊ͫ̄̄̚ ̸̪͎̫̙̙̱ͬͪ̐̿ͮ͒͆c̶͚̖̯̓́̌͑o̴̢͎͈͈̤̹̲ͣͫͨ͜ͅṃ͈̘͛͝ỉ̠̝̦̳̼̙̅̀̈́͊͗̚n̵̢̛͍̯̦ͧ͛͋̉͆͊g̶̛͚̬̱̞̠̺̜̦̓͘

What a friendly crew!

Disturbing Pornographic Film Shown in Assembly
Today in roleplay, after hitting us first with really bad slashfic of ambassadors, our esteemed ambassadors from Nightcrest presented a shocking and scandalizing pornographic video to the entire Regional Assembly. Responses included "What the hell is that thing?" "That looks like it hurts," and "I didn't even know he could do that!" Kélahi Yano gouged her other eye out, Jinwald is still staring at eyebleach, and Deathblade burst a blood vessel. When stopped in the Assembly hallways by sneaky Lab Report officials, the Nightcrestian ambassadors said, "Who the hell are you?" and "Do you even have media permits?" Apparently Loaf City police want them arrested on obscenity charges.

Bvakkstyian Artist Renders Loafian Figures In Exquisite Detail

NationStates wouldn't let me include the horrendous Yanuvian completion of Bvakkstyi's avatar, complete with crudely drawn genitalia.

Tholkian Citizens Magically Not Zombies Anymore
After a long hiatus from roleplay, a few weeks ago the entire citizenry of Far Tholk was suddenly people again, and not zombies. Ambassador Williamsdóttir clawed her way out of her grave with a living hand, aided by her fellow dezombified citizens. It's unknown why the people of Far Tholk are breathing humans instead of unbreathing zombies, but they have suddenly come right up to speed on all regional events. Remarking on the mass curing of the Tholkian People, President Sonja said "yeah it's pretty great to not be made of green flesh all of a sudden, and I don't really care why" before taking some other mysterious substance.

Slightly Different Communists Duel for Influence
Kélahi Yano's renewed Revolutionary Itheria has subjugated The Great Ashlands, while Bvakkstyi still maintains a stranglehold on the largest total area of land in the region. Both Yano's Eternal Revolution and the Bvakkstyian Communist-Nationalist Union preach essentially the same thing, yet they continue to stand at odds with each other. It is surprising to all of us at the Lab Report that one of the violent communist organizations has not managed to envelop the other, especially considering the Bvakk king's penchant for edible land and Yano's penchant of automagically becoming self-righteous dictator of any land she considers relevant as well as becoming the Second Coming for definitely no reason. A substantial political analysis shows that the two unions are "90.3814058% related" and that they "probably share a common ancestor." Logically, this common ancestor is hypothesized to be Zergadnkastan.

21% Citizens of Trianglean Are Actual Geometric Triangles
Diplomat Lenborg, on a whim, asked Trianglean's Ambassador Aline where his nation's demonym originated from. Aline responded, "Yeah, it turns out a lot of our citizens are actually triangles. Who would've known?" The Lab Report was barred from entering the polygonal nation on the grounds of "you people are insane" and "you're just going to falsely quote us in your paper," but the Lab Report found several studies on the physiology and behavior of Literal Triangles, not to be confused with Nonliteral Triangles, Nonlinear Triangles, Hyperbolic Triangles, or Elder Triangles, and Literal Triangle-Triangle National relations. It turns out that the phenomenon of Literal Triangles is actually complete hogwash and that shapes can't be sentient, and that the error was created by a misprint of the Triangle Census. Still, weird to think about!

Fifteen Noran Apes Wreck Assembly
It all starts with a whisper. Or an ape from Norska Atala who experts claim is hyperintelligent but actually just screams like an idiot all the time. Essentially, the Noran ambassadors continued to bring in more and more primates from their nation, all with Certified 70 IQ certificates (how do you IQ test a primate?), who were all under the control of the ambassadors. However, one day, Moi gave a statement to the other apes, who proceeded to overturn every desk in the room, eat the entirety of the Loafian food supply and the Bvakk drug arsenal, and repeatedly bludgeoned the resident Otamatone. Since then, the apes are being temporarily kept in the Loaf City Zoo.

The Lab Report would provide you with more high-quality news, but we're afraid we need to hold onto some material for next time.


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