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OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely unintentional and coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of Works

The Board of Works has said it would "build the largest hospital ever" in Phra hanuman, as part of a inter-PA effort to construct better healthcare infrastructure.

The hospital, which is located in Vientiane, will be modelled after the First Affiliated Hospital of ZZU - which is the largest hospital in the world, with a capacity of 7,000 beds. The new hospital, named the Vientane People's Hospital, will boast a capacity of 7,500 beds, serve as a teaching hospital for medical students across the world, and employ over 1,000 staff members and personnel. Construction will be overseen by the Communications Construction Company by use of local workers and employees, and the hospital will be later donated to the TSPR People's Government by 2025 as a public enterprise with a price tag of $18 billion ZGD. The Board of Works will donate $12 billion ZGD to fund its construction, raise $1 billion ZGD through IPO, with the remainder to be covered by other means.

Over 5,000 rural clinics will be sponsored in the $5 billion USD investment, with improvements in staff training, medical equipment, and construction to be brought on across all PA nations. The Board of War has also proposed to donate over 5,000 surplus military trucks and vans to various countries in the PA for use as ambulances, along with the establishment of the Board of War Road Organization (BWRO) to help construct roadways across PA member states to improve accessibility to healthcare.

The BWRO also acts as a work relief programme for the unemployed; 300,000 unemployed people will be hired by the Board of War upon passing a physical exam and/or a period of conditioning, tasked with manually constructing roads, digging ditches, and building paths to better provide access to rural clinics across the Pattaya Alliance's territories. Workers could be any age, any nationality, and married or single as long as they were in need of work. This also includes opportunities for veterans, who will be generally assigned to help run and direct the operations of camps. Workers will also be given on-site training, receiving pay ranging from $2,700 ZGD to $4,500 ZGD per month depending on their rating and on-site occupation. To help support their dependants, workers will also be required to allot a minimum of $1,000 ZGD of their monthly pay from the BWRO as remittances; they receive benefits such as subsidised housing, food, clothing, and medical care for the duration of their tenure.


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La primera gran colombia

29 November 2020
Investigation Concluded

The investigation into former President, Alvaro Uribe, and sitting President Ivan Duque has concluded. The Supreme Court of Justice of Gran Colombia has ruled that Alvaro Uribe is indeed guilty to ties to paramilitary groups during his presidency, the court released documents that show Uribe wiring money to various paramilitary organizations that was used to purchase weapons and cocaine production tools to further their wealth and power within the nation. Along with the testimonies of leaders from said organizations including the United Self Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC, now defunct) Alvaro Uribe was arrested and sentenced to 25 years (at the age of 68) for his explicit involvement in the growth, support, and direct connections to former paramilitary organizations like the AUC. He is suspected to be in prison for life, however if he outlives his sentence, the court stated that he could possibly face trial a second time.

Furthermore, Ivan Duque (who is in the same party as Democratic Center founder and former president Alvaro Uribe) has constantly denied and involvement and stated "I am not afraid of the truth of the Armed conflict in Colombia" but he very well should be. In fact despite his statement it is obvious that he is trying to hide something, with the appointment of his best friend, Prosecutor General Francisco Barbosa, to take charge of the criminal investigations that could imprison Duque’s allies. Additionally, Duque appointed a far-right ideologue who has denied the existence of the armed conflict as the director of the National Center of Historical Memory. However as many Colombians are aware, the Armed Conflict did infact exist, especially after the United Nations Department of Human Rights released a death toll rising over 200,000 due to the conflict between paramilitaries and the government.

29 November 2020
Construction on the 'Great Highway'

The 'Great Highway' construction was projected to be completed by December 20th, 2020. However after the encouragement to hire over 1,000 Colombians for the construction AND necessary repairs (post-construction), the project could be completed as early as December 10th, 2020. The Ministry of Transport announced in a statement to Noticias Caracol, "What we're seeing is a large group of people being hired and promised long-term employment to construct and maintain the project and other highways as well, this will be beneficial for our overall economy as a slight drop in unemployment is always a good sign."

The highway is supposed to connect the rest of Colombia to the Amazon department which includes the border city of Leticia. Leticia has seen a high rise in population due to the project and numerous planned cities are starting to reach the Department's governing body to decide which to allow and which not. The department desires cities that enforce "green cities" which are cities that are powered by renewable sources of energy while also limiting the environmental impact of founding new cities in certain locations. It is important to mention that the Amazon Department, of course, is located within the Amazon rainforest and its main focus is to preserve it as best as possible. President Ivan Duque authorized another 5 billion USD to develop the highway and repair any damaged highways nationwide. He also authorized another 2 billion USD to fund any potential green cities and their renewable power sources overall cost.

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With the nation prepping to leave the EuroZone in the near future, The Royal Court has passed through a quick assurance for allies that trade will remain regular and that the nation will not end trade relations at any point due to the passing of the Guilder Act. PM Rutte also sent out a statement to their fellow European nations stating that they will continue to allow the use of the Euro for trade related purposes, but the nation will be transferring off of it on a domestic level.

The Country realizes its position as a founding member of the European Coal and Steel Commission and the EU and what this might mean for the world to see them leave the EuroZone however in the words of the PVV, the time is now. Der Telegraaf released an article this morning, touting off about how the nation will be freed from the "tryanny of the euro" and how using the Guilder full on the nation can actually print its own currency and have power over its own finances instead of being beholden to other more powerful European nationstates. Currently the Treasury Department is in the process of prepping for the "exchange process" that will begin in January of 2021.

Here is a transcript from Der Telegraaf on the current situation:

"Nu de natie buiten de economische invloeden van Duitsland en Frankrijk staat, kunnen we ons eigen economisch beleid voeren zonder aan hun wil vast te houden. Dit is echter geen uiting van haat jegens onze buren. Dit is een verklaring van economische onafhankelijkheid van een valuta die we in de eerste plaats nooit hadden moeten aangaan."

(With the nation now outside the economic influences of Germany and France, we can pursue our own economic policies without holding on to their will. However, this is not an expression of hatred for our neighbors. This is a declaration of economic independence from a currency that we should never engage in in the first place.)


On the same day though Handelsblad revealed their own twist on the issue, revealing their distaste for the Benelux leaving the Eurozone, calling it a "blazing act of high treason upon the citizens of the nation." The article went off about the benefits of the EuroZone and the ease of business it allows between the Benelux and their neighbors. The paper condemned the Rutte administration for what they call the abandonment of the people for the interests of the populist few. PM Rutte has refused to comment on it as of yet but he and Handelsblad have never had the best relationship, the paper constantly berating him for the vast majority of his governments actions.

Even so Handelsblad repeated many of the same factual points Telegraaf did, though to the opposite direction politically speaking. The nation is becoming more divided on the issue though with approximately 36% of people opposing the Benelux leaving the EuroZone, another 38% approving of it while the remaining 26% are indifferent or unsure of it.

Here is a transcript of the Handelsblad Article on the current situation:

"Feit is dat de Benelux de EuroZone nodig heeft. De voordelen zijn gewoon te mooi om te laten liggen. Variërend van handelsgemak en een meer verenigd Europa tot het staan ​​tegen buitenlandse concurrentie op onze gedeelde markt. Het zou absurd zijn om hier als eerste domino te vallen en het continent te laten verdelen."

(The fact of the matter is that the Benelux needs the EuroZone. The benefits are just too good to pass up. Ranging from ease of trade and having a more united Europe to stand against foreign competition in our shared marketplace. It would be absurd to be the first domino to fall here and allow the continent to be divided. )

Currently the Labour Party has already released attack ads against Rutte for what they call "Economic recklessness" hoping to unseat him from the Prime Ministership this January.

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Federative states of america

Fox News
US government requests extradition of El Mocho
November 30, 2020

Following the news surrounding the capture of El Mocho, news which made both American and Mexican headlines, the United States government has requested the extradition of El Mocho from Mexico. This is because El Mocho was implicated in the murder of a United States Border Patrol agent who was found dead along an El Paso border trail 3 months ago.

Despite initial suspicion of human trafficking involvement in the murder, El Mocho has now been revealed to have approved the hit on the agent. If extradited, he will be tried in the US for murder of the border patrol agent and probably sentenced to death.

This is the second victory scored in the war on drugs in the past week. The news of the arrest of El Mocho came to the United States only 48 hours after an extremely successful raid that saw 4 drug dealers and their accomplices arrested was organized by the DEA in Houston.


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Fox News
Mississippi: democrats submit flag change proposal to state legislature
November 30, 2020

Yesterday, Mississippi democrats submitted an extremely controversial bill to the Mississippi state legislature in Jackson. The bill mandates the abolition of the Mississippi state flag by 2021 and the selection of a new state flag within 4 months after the current flag is abolished.

Supporters of the bill have been calling for the removal of Mississippi’s state flag for years on the basis that it contains an allegedly racist symbol, the Confederate flag, in the top left corner. Attempts to eradicate all Confederate symbols from Southern states have been made often in the past, extending to everything from state flags to statues. Proponents of movements such as Black Lives Matter have usually led these efforts, often vandalizing statues beyond repair and forcing local communities to remove them. People who vandalize public and private property are always punished severely if caught, but this is not always a deterrent.

On the other hand, conservative republicans, both in Mississippi and across the South, blasted the bill as erasing the state’s Southern heritage as the home of Jefferson Davis and an important state of the Confederacy from 1861 to 1865. Defendants of Southern heritage also argue that the Confederacy had nothing to do with slavery, a claim that may have some basis in reality as only 2% of Southerners ever saw slavery in action, and furthermore that slavery as an institution was already dying out in the South during the late 1850s.

Experts on Confederate history also argue that, despite some claims to the contrary, nearly every Southern state flag actually contains what can be interpreted as Confederate symbology. Even the flag of Virginia, the most liberal Southern state, includes the motto Sic Semper Tyranus emblazoned across its front. The same words were shouted by infamous terrorist John Wilkes Booth after he shot President Abraham Lincoln and leapt onto the stage of Ford’s Theater. Furthermore, many Northern flags feature Union symbology, especially the famous triangular flag of Ohio which was based on a Union pennant.

Last night Governor Reeves hinted at supporting the legislation, causing many hardline Southern republicans to label him a turncoat and a fraud over the past 18 hours.

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OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of Justice

The Board of Justice has announced the creation of a series of new law enforcement organizations, aimed at bringing 'law and order' to different parts of the Zhen.

Under these reforms, the following organizations will be created:

  • The Nyingchi Rifles: a paramilitary force which can perform many roles, including the provision of internal security under the control of the army through the conduct of counter insurgency and border security operations, provision of aid to the civilians in times of emergency, and the provision of communications, medical assistance and education in remote areas. The Nyingchi Rifles will contain 70,000 personnel at 100% capacity.

  • The Ngari Rifles: a paramilitary counter-insurgency force, who undergo pre-induction training and operate in a grid structure to deal with insurgents at high altitudes. In peacetime, they take on the role of the Nyingchi Rifles, and are qualified to handle internal security and border security operations. Similar to the Nyingchi Rifles, they boast a force of 70,000 active personnel.

  • Imperial Industrial Security Force: an armed law enforcement division which provides security to government infrastructure projects, facilities, and establishments, as well as those belonging to SOEs. Formed by a merger of various smaller security forces for different SOEs and government departments, it is comprised of 200,000 active personnel.

  • Imperial Railway Protection Division: formed as a way to lessen the burden on the National Police, the IRPD enforces the law within railway stations in the Zhen. Its duties include the prevention of overcrowding, controlling vehicle traffic within station premises, arresting criminals, and removing persons with disease, preventing hawking and begging, attends to medical incidents in trains or stations, and so on. They are also granted the power to report and arrest passengers for crimes such as ticketless travel, theft, sexual assault, and enquire any accidents on railway property. The IRPD has 100,000 armed personnel.

  • Imperial Mountain Strike Corps: a quick reaction and counteroffensive force, with the primary goal of conducting covert operations behind enemy lines in high-altitude scenarios. IMSC personnel are trained to fight under mountainous, high altitude and snowy conditions, as well as counterintelligence, survival, snowboarding, alpine skiing and Nordic skiing. In addition, such troops are also deployed for long periods of time in the Qingzang Gaoyuan. The IMSC has a classified amount of personnel.

These reforms come after concerns of internal migration, wherein a larger population could fuel more social tensions, friction, and crime. At current rates, it is expected that migration rates increase exponentially before flattening out, as the worldwide recession has forced some to look back to rural villages and the countryside as their breadbasket. The Board of Revenues has also encouraged rural migration in a bid to redevelop the west.

The Board of Works has also made plans to construct a series of roads near the Western border, targeting frontier areas such as the Aksai Chin, Yadong, and Zhangmu Counties. Over 20,000 workers have been contracted to work on the projects, with $1.6 billion USD being injected for funding.

With these roadway expansions, the Board of Works hopes to encourage more overland trade and greater border activity, which would be especially beneficial amidst a worldwide recession.

Aksai Chin:
Arunachal Pradesh:


Board of Works

The Board of Works is considering turning the entire Tibetan plateau and surrounding mountains into a huge national park to protect “the last piece of pure land”, according to news outlets. This reportedly including the Himalayas, and if implemented successfully, it would become the world’s biggest national park, dwarfing that of Greenland's Northeast National Park. The Third Pole, as it has been affectionately named, would be more than 250 times larger than Yellowstone National Park in the US, and boast an even more diverse and sophisticated landscape.

Surveys indicate that the areas would cover approximately 2.5 million square kilometres, and preliminary surveys have already begun as of 2017. UAVs and earth-observation satellites are assisting teams of researchers and scientists, as they race to draw the boundaries of the new national park, which is slated for a launch date in the near future.

The to-be National Park is also rich in natural resources, and is home to the country's largest copper reserves, as well as major deposits of chromium, iron, lithium, gold, oil, and natural gas. The 500 salt lakes within the park also contain borates and potassium salt, all of which could be used in industrial or agricultural applications. The park would also cover cities, towns and nomadic settlements, which boast a population of 7.8 million locals.

"The government has looked into establishing exclusion zones for cities and settlements," an MEE spokesperson said. "Depending on the size of the settlement, it will be granted an economic exclusion zone, allowing them to exploit the land within the zone for economic purposes, such as rezoning, construction, or other purposes. These zones will have a radius, ranging from 10 to 90 kilometres from a particular site.

We aim to minimalize any chance of resettlement, which could severely impact the local population."

The BOW has also stated that any foreign nations wishing to seek refuge for endangered animals can place them inside the new Third Pole National Park, free of charge.

"It is our shared destiny. We should aim to protect all endangered species, regardless of political boundaries."

Much of the Plateau is of relatively low relief and is home to a variety of ecosystems, most of them classified as montane grasslands. While parts of the plateau feature an alpine tundra-like environment, other areas feature monsoon-influenced shrublands and forests.

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Ermenistan repsublika

Armenian Weekly

President of Republic of Artsakh Arayik Haroutyunyan announced that Russian Aid will help the peace

President of Republic of Artsakh told to the media that Russian Military will be the guardian of Peace and Stability in Nagrono-Karbakh. He also told to us that the remaining territory around Stephanakert will never gave back to Azerbaijan and the people who lived there will be here for longer time. He said that Artsakh will remain free from Azeri aggresion and that we should keep peace with Armenia and Azerbaijan

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OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of Works

The Board of Works has announced the implementation of the "62 Villages South of the River" scheme, a settlement plan to establish 64 Zhen settlements in the Qingzang Gaoyuan. It was devised in order to assure a Zhen presence in the area, and to provide stimulus to the local economy by contributing via small-scale, localized businesses.

The "62 Villages South of the River" scheme was also a plan to promote and integrate a stream of immigrants to the area south of the Yellow River, following widespread unemployment across the country after the fallout from COVID-19. Although a majority have been recently drafted, several million of the homeless or jobless still need a purpose in life, or a new home. The Board of Rites, therefore, has promoted the scheme as an instrumental part in helping the disadvantaged find new homes and new careers in Xizang as cohesive units.

The plan aims to bring 5,000,000 new residents to the Qingzang Gaoyuan over ten years, by establishing new settlements across the board. Over $4 billion ZGD has been injected into the "64 Villages" plan, with a focus to attract and build infrastructure.

The Scheme will also grant 0.6 km² of unsettled land south of the Yellow River away from a >1,000 person large settlement to any household, as long it satisfied the following conditions:

    be a resident of the Zhen;
    at least 50% of family members residing for 5 consecutive years on the land;
    clear, enclose and cultivate <10,000 m² of land during the first year, or support economic activities during the first year;
    build a house on the lot during the first year;

62 predetermined locations have been designated, each estimated to support 10,000 to 140,000 persons. The Board of Works will also inject $400 million USD towards the installation of public utilities such as water, electricity, roadways, and telecommunications, to render settlement easier:

    35°19'37.4"N 102°12'24.1"E - Wenfang 文芳

    35°03'40.8"N 102°24'09.1"E - Chongxi 衝西

    34°50'06.5"N 101°32'12.0"E - Beiman 北滿

    34°51'58.0"N 101°25'41.6"E - Mangzhou 芒州

    35°39'58.0"N 100°22'55.2"E - Aijun 愛軍

    36°04'04.1"N 98°11'03.9"E - Mangke 芒克

    33°22'29.2"N 101°17'25.5"E - Mengge 蒙哥

    32°25'01.7"N 102°44'02.9"E - Juce 橘萗

    32°11'26.8"N 102°47'43.3"E - Chengzong 成宗

    31°49'57.2"N 103°31'45.9"E - Yi 壹

    30°16'28.5"N 97°24'12.8"E - Duoguncheng 多袞城

    27°35'34.6"N 88°54'27.8"E - Aixin 愛新

    27°28'13.1"N 88°47'49.1"E - Border Post 7 邊境站7

    27°32'42.6"N 88°47'13.8"E - Border Post 8 邊境站8

    28°10'03.6"N 89°19'06.3"E - Ying Town 英鎮

    30°14'09.2"N 81°11'49.3"E - Qian Village 謙村

    35°12'01.2"N 79°48'00.1"E - Daišan City 代善城

    35°05'56.9"N 79°41'11.2"E - Chaowu City 超武城

    31°04'06.3"N 81°09'44.1"E - Fulin 福林

    31°00'44.0"N 81°06'57.6"E - Zhiren Town 志仁鎮

    33°27'41.9"N 79°50'01.7"E - New Argun 新璦琿

    33°25'57.4"N 79°45'33.7"E - Taitong City 太同城

    30°02'23.5"N 93°22'35.5"E - Xiwan 西灣

    30°03'39.0"N 93°25'25.2"E - Zhongwan 中灣

    30°04'06.7"N 93°28'55.4"E - Dongwan 東灣

    30°00'48.4"N 93°46'50.3"E - Tannu 唐努

    29°58'02.6"N 93°45'40.4"E - Linzhong 林中

    29°57'24.2"N 93°46'06.8"E - Black Dragon City 黑龍市

    29°55'45.9"N 93°45'13.2"E - Zeya 子亞

    18°32'58.6"N 108°54'41.9"E - Nuclear City 3 核電市 3

    29°49'05.6"N 93°42'35.3"E - Tufeng 土鳳

    29°48'41.9"N 93°38'32.8"E - No Name 無名

    29°45'18.7"N 93°18'56.6"E - City of Eternal Illumination 永明城

    29°59'03.6"N 93°06'47.5"E - Chengke 成柯

    30°00'20.7"N 92°52'46.4"E - Chuxing 處星

    28°20'20.6"N 97°00'51.4"E - Youwen 優文

    29°17'52.0"N 97°11'17.4"E - Dakang 大康

    29°23'05.9"N 96°53'46.0"E - Da Zhuang 大壯

    29°09'15.3"N 95°09'50.8"E - Ding 鼎

    29°11'24.4"N 95°01'25.0"E - Mountain of Clouds 雲山

    31°53'52.3"N 91°32'52.1"E - Sakhawan 薩哈灣

    32°06'25.7"N 91°27'17.8"E - Zhun 屯

    31°54'38.8"N 94°06'29.0"E - Meng 蒙

    29°59'16.7"N 92°53'24.8"E - Yu 豫

    32°10'37.7"N 91°53'38.4"E - City of Great Exceeding 大過市

    32°08'58.8"N 91°54'43.6"E - Orel City 奧列利城

    32°07'26.4"N 91°55'55.2"E - 1739 一千七百三十九

    31°58'17.2"N 91°42'48.0"E - Ostrov Station 俄斯破站

    31°54'37.3"N 91°43'49.4"E - Mingcheng 明城

    31°49'19.2"N 92°04'34.9"E - Beijun Wan 北俊萬

    32°00'31.4"N 80°04'30.1"E - Hinggun 興滚

    31°50'52.0"N 92°02'37.9"E - New Taikoo 太古新市

    30°57'53.3"N 86°55'23.5"E - Great Luck 大吉

    30°46'46.3"N 90°51'40.9"E - Cape Beihai 北海角

    31°04'30.3"N 87°02'37.6"E - Tokko Lake 脫口湖

    31°01'02.8"N 87°22'18.5"E - Nanshan City 南山城

    22°53'12.2"N 115°35'40.6"E - Nuclear City 1 核電市 1

    28°49'11.3"N 96°43'01.8"E - Triangle River City 三角河市

    29°23'20.2"N 89°03'39.1"E - Haotian 浩田

    21°37'40.6"N 111°16'49.6"E - Nuclear City 2 核電市 2

    29°21'57.9"N 88°57'45.9"E - Mingfeng 明風

    19°26'10.1"N 110°40'57.0"E - Nuclear City 4 核電市 4

BNI Nation, Northern Netland, Selviand, Federative states of america, and 6 othersPhra hanuman, Malayu, El-estado-mexicano, Great Indonesian Republic, -ethiopia, and Ermenistan repsublika

Seri sayam

(Previous Gridlock RP, as well as purchase of Chinese warships, has been retconned.)

MFA Traivut Secures Siam-US Deal

The brief, certainly consequential rift between the Trump Administration and the Kingdom of Siam has seen the latter pushed roughly towards the sphere of the Chinese Zhen Dynasty, and will end today with the official lifting of the arms embargo upon Siam. Under the framework of the agreement, signed in secret between Siamese and American representatives in Bangkok, mediated by Japanese officials, the United States will cease the seizure of Siamese corporate assets operating in the United States, drop support for Kra demands for reparations, and most importantly, pledge to de jure refrain from backing Kra claims to the entire southern Siamese region, paying it instead only lip service.

The agreement essentially re-inducts Siam back into the US system of Pacific alliances, a final conciliatory act from the Trump administration as Bangkok, and the world, awaits the incoming Biden administration. Japan played a large part in the success of the conference, pushing for Washington to negotiate with Siam and normalize relations, largely thanks to Foreign Minister Traivut's extensive connections with Tokyo. The Minister also represented the Siamese side during the conference, and has been credited by the bureaucracy with the termination of active US support for the extensive and damaging Kra claims.

Despite the end of this period of quasi-hostilities between Siam and the US, the trust that had previously existed between Bangkok and Washington has mostly evaporated, with Siamese corporations reluctant, the most major among them being Kanchanaburi Electronics, reluctant to expand their commitment to the American market beyond what has been returned by the US Government. Siam will also be maintaining the existing economical partnership with the Pattaya Alliance, and will still move forward with plans to acquire British Eurofighters and to re-open cross-border trade with the TSPR, though the National Assembly has dismissed all motions to further associate the Kingdom with the alliance.

Bangkok has also highlighted fresh plans to further link the Japanese and Siamese economies, with Siam being the fourth-largest importer of Japanese goods, behind the US, China, and South Korea (OOC: Since Taiwan and HK got annexed), and is reportedly interested in dispatching MFA Traivut, along with his naturalized Japanese spouse, on a diplomatic visit to Japan. Traivut is the highest-ranking official well-versed in Japanese cultural practices. The visit will be likely be meant to further cement Bangkok - Tokyo economical and financial ties in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, boost Japanese public opinion of the Kingdom, and also to further defense ties, with Siam's new flagship currently ready for delivery in a Japanese shipyard.

Federative states of america

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The Canadian Parliament has announced an increase in immigration acceptance into Canada. Before, only a mere 250,000 immigrants would have been able to enter the country, now it has been bumped up to 500,000, nearly double of it's previous numbers.

The Albertan provincial government has announce it's involvement in multiple charity group within the province. This has been a good sight to see, and seemingly, homelessness and poverty within Alberta is starting to decline, and economic growth of Canada has started to accelerate with new people in Alberta being employed into the work force.

A murder has occured today within Montreal. The suspect is a white female, 26 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, slim. The victim is an asian male, 54 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, slim. The suspect has been caught, found guilty and will spend the next years in prison. The Canadian Parliament has sent their condolences to the man's family and friends.

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La primera gran colombia

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2 December 2020
Government demands consequences from America for the DEA agency's unanswered plot

After the successful laying down of arms on November 30th to finally reach a peace agreement and end to paramilitaries in Colombia the Supreme Court of Colombia decided to release crucial documents that implicate the DEA's numerous attempts to disrupt and dismantle the peace process. Numerous politicians from all sides of the political spectrum within Colombia were outraged that the government would allow this form of 'new-age imperialism' in an ally's nation.

How the DEA attempts to kill peace process

On January 25, 2017, five days after President Trump took office, Gran Colombia’s prosecution began illegally wiretapping Ivan Marquez’s (chief peace negotiator of FARC) nephew, Marlon Marin, on suspicion he was trying to embezzle funds meant for healthcare for demobilized guerrillas. Within a month, Marin was recorded talking to a man with a Central American accent about laundering money that involved a US citizen, Vicent Schifano. Marin and two businessmen from Cali, Armando Gomez and Fabio Younes, re-initiated the money laundering attempts in June, which included “five TV’s.” The prosecution has always maintained the idea that this referred to five kilograms of cocaine, but El Espectador (Gran Colombian national newspaper) reported this most likely referred to $5 million that required laundering.

Enter the cocaine, During a September 25th meeting, Mexican DEA agents reportedly gave Marin $25,000 to get them five kilograms of cocaine. The federal agents received this cocaine from Gran Colombian prosecution officials on November 1st, according to court documents obtained by El Espectador. Marin would claim that this cocaine came from Santrich after having turning into a government witness against the FARC leader. Even the War Crimes Tribunal of Gran Colombia released exactly similar info and research into this case, and the future failure of the DEA's actions...

DEA starts screwing up

The evidence that does exist of that day is Younes telling Marin he didn’t trust the DEA officials and wanted to be certain who they were. The FARC leader’s nephew said “that’s all sorted,” but the businessmen insisted he wanted out. In a phone call from New York, the federal agent on December 7th identified himself as the son of Mexican drug lord, Rafael Caro of the Sinaloa Cartel, causing Marin to begin to lose faith, mainly in Schifano for talking too much when receiving the laundered $5 million they had begun negotiating in June. Federal agents called Schifano on February 13th, 2018 to meet them in Miramar, Florida, where he received a new car and $5 million in fake money. The New York resident accepted the money, according to El Espectador, after which the agents confiscated his car.

Controversial former US Attorney, Geoffrey Bergman, charged Shifano with conspiracy to commit a crime with Marin on April 9th, the same day the FARC leader was arrested in Gran Colombia. “As alleged,” Bergman said on April 10th, “these defendants conspired to ship thousands of kilograms of cocaine from Gran Colombia to the streets of the U.S. Thanks to the investigative work of the DEA, they are now under arrest and face significant criminal charges.” A subordinate of the prosecutor arrested the New York native in Miami the same day to make sure Shifano would testify against Marin, who in turn would testify against Santrich.


By then, Bergman, the DEA and Martinez, who is suspected of all kinds of criminal activity, had all but killed Gran Colombia’s peace process. Why they would do such a thing is entirely unclear. An original peace agreement was signed back in 2016 and it took another four years just to get the actual peace ratified and official. Government officials are calling for either the removal of all DEA operations and agents in Gran Colombia, or to introduce better restrictions and guidelines that can prevent something as absurd and illegal as this from happening in the future.

President Ivan Duque stated, "Of course we love our American ally like our brother, but this is something that cannot occur in a country that has already endured so much in its history. Thankfully this didn't totally destroy the peace process and we were able to make amends on our own terms with little help from the United States. We request answers and consequences for the agency and agents involved. This is truly disgusting politics and should have no place in Gran Colombia." Duque shakes his head while being visibly angry and walks off camera while you hear him slam the door behind him.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court ordered the immediate release of those accused by the DEA while drug trafficking charges are going to be investigated further. The court also arrested prosecution officials for the trafficking and selling of cocaine to lure former FARC members to an 'easy financial life'. This DEA plot was the cause of the rearmament of FARC's former political chiefs last year. The people, and the government of Gran Colombia demand answers and consequences for those involved.

Federative states of america

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Zaire republic

Tshisekedi announces candidacy for AFDL presidential nomination
December 2, 2020

Yesterday, at the annual AFDL party conference in Kinshasa, politician Félix Tshisekedi confirmed plans to challenge Joseph Kabila for next year’s AFDL presidential nomination. Many attendees of the convention applauded this as Tshisekedi is seen as the party’s only means of overcoming the debauchery of Joseph Kabila’s 2007 and 2014 nominations. Nonetheless, Mr. Kabila has wide support from the party elite and will also be seeking the party’s nomination. The division of the AFDL is likely to aid the MPR in securing a solid 2021 victory.

Mr. Tshisekedi is the son of Étienne Tshisekedi, a longtime politician firmly opposed to Authenticity and to the policies of our eternal president Mobutu Sese Seko. He ran for Legislative Council position for the Kinshasa district in 2018, but lost to the MPR candidate.

Whoever does win the AFDL nomination will run against MPR candidate President Nzanga Mobutu in the 2021 presidential election. Although it has never won any of Zaire’s 3 presidential elections since 2000, the AFDL has admittedly grown in popularity to an extent. In 2000, only 39.4% of the popular vote was won by Laurent-Désiré Kabila; in 2007, Joseph Kabila won 44.8%; and in 2014, however, this dropped to 43.9%, causing another victory for incumbent President Nzanga Mobutu.

Some AFDL members attributed the 2014 loss to the fact that Joseph Kabila was their party’s nominee. Kabila has a controversial past and has often been accused of corruption. Serving as Mayor of Kinshasa since being expelled from the presidential cabinet in 2006, Kabila has amassed a fortune in personal wealth and lives on a wealthy private estate near the community of Nsele in Kinshasa Province.

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Board of Works

The Board of Works has officially approved the delivery of over 800,000 COVID-19 testing kits to the city of Xin'an, which has been battered by a 4th wave of COVID-19 infections.

Compulsory mass virus testing is seen by some pro-establishment politicians as the ultimate step to curb infections and resume cross-border travel, but the city’s leader has again voiced her concerns about the limitations of carrying out a citywide mandatory coronavirus screening programme. The Xin'an Federation of Trade Unions published an online survey on Friday, saying out of 18,740 people it had interviewed over the past week, 97% of respondents supported the mass screening initiative.

Despite the barriers to universal testing, the Board of Works has confirmed that it would donate the 800,000 testing kits free of charge to the Xin'an SAR government as a show of goodwill. The tests had arrived from Dawan City last night, being flown and then trucked across the border.



Board of Justice

The Board of Justice has reported that the intensity of Dzungar-Manchu violence has surged over the past few days, following a lull in violence after the BOJ successfully underwent a campaign to pacify the city. The campaign, which lasted for an entire month, saw over 500 people arrested. Most were members of the Tianshan Beidao's Dzungar local minority, many of whom had rallied to an ultranationalist call to arms in a lengthy feud with the Manchus that had lasted for centuries.

Most of the 18,700 Manchus in the region have already left the area, as the imperial government offered $100,000 ZGD in cash subsidies and transport fees to help them move out to prevent persecution.

However, a spanner was thrown into the plan of peaceful relocation when Zhen Airlines 690 was hijacked by a group of Dzungar radicals just this morning. The jet departed from Dihua airport, carrying 32 mainly Manchu passengers and a crew of 3. The plane flew to Hami, where it picked up an additional 7 passengers, including the 5 hijackers, and it was held on the ground for two hours for refuelling. Just after takeoff from there, the flight was hijacked and seized. The hijackers diverted the flight to Turfan, where it was held on the ground for five hours for refuelling.

At the airport, the 5 hijackers were joined by at least 3 others, supported by local radicals. The 8 criminals transferred all 39 passengers to the transit hall of the airport terminal where they kept them under guard for now. One of the attackers issued a declaration and formulated their demands: in addition to a ransom of $50 million ZGD for the release of the airplane, they demanded the release of over 300 Dzungar radicals, ultranationslists, and militants. They threatened that if these demands were not met, the Manchus would be harmed.

So far, the airport has been surrounded by the BOJ, with the city's highways cordoned off and roadblocks erected across the Circuit. The Board has shown no indication of a further course of action.

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Bulgarian romanian republic

Parliament,Italian Empire

With covid still a problem in the world Parliament and Catherine is working together to fix the banking system and pass legislation to help people with medicine and there bills and food , the covid pandemic as layed off workers and cause havoc through everyday life parliament and Catherine as noticed the struggle every day people have has since the layoffs and they decided it's time for government assistance.

Catherine will also keep her plans to visit Germany and Yugoslavia today if not by end of week to strengthen ties and trade during this pandemic

Catherine is also working on legislation to give parliament to help people with there rent during this pandemic as well.

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Project Zbik
/ Gniezno National / December 4th, 2020 /

The government has initiated a nationalistic project to give Lechia it's own breed of Cat. To do this, it's using the European Wildcat as a base. The government hopes to finish the project in several decades. This project has also extended to birds, as there are hopes to breed native eagles until they have a species of White Eagle. The status of both projects will only go public when a major milestone is reached in either of the programs.

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Board of Works

The Zhen Dynasty has become the second country in history to put its flag on the moon, around 5 decades after the US first planted the Stars and Stripes on the lunar surface when Buzz Aldrin and others visited the moon. Pictures from the Board of Works show the green Azure Dragon flag holding still on the windless lunar surface, propped up by a series of metallic poles and supports.

The images were taken by a camera on its space probe before it left the moon on Thursday to return to Earth. It also brought the 2 kilograms of lunar rock samples to be collected in four decades. Researchers from across the world hope the samples will help them learn about the moon’s origins, formation and volcanic activity on its surface, as these samples were collected from a previously unexplored area known as Oceanus Procellarum. If the return goes smoothly, the Dynasty will be only the third country to have retrieved samples from the moon, following the US and the Eurasian Union in the 1960s and 70s. The samples will be returned to Earth in a capsule programmed to land in its northern border region.

Since the 1970s, the Zhen has poured billions into its space programme, hoping to construct a crewed space station by 2022 and eventually sending humans to the moon. In 1970, the Empire launched its first satellite. Human spaceflight took decades longer, with the first “taikonaut” reaching space in 2003. As of October, 18 "taikonauts" have already been chosen to lead the launching of the Zhen's first crewed space station, including 17 men and one woman, 7 of which are aviators from the Air Force, 7 of which are spaceflight engineers and were researchers or technicians in aeronautics, astronautics and other related fields, and the last 4 being mission payload specialists. Work on the space station is expected to be fully complete by 2022, with the Tianhe core module to be launched next year, followed by another 11 launches.

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OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of Revenues

Changchun Film Studio and Alibaba Pictures have both announced investments into Phra hanuman's movie studios, with each company contributing $1 billion ZGD investments. These investments, which were made to local animation and film studios, specifically targeted firms such as Benetone Films, Kantana Group, and Phranakorn Film - as well as numerous small, low-budget establishments across the country.


Board of Works

The Board of Works has announced that the government would begin to sponsor biofuels for aviation, as it aims to severely cut down on foreign reliance for fossil fuels.

Previously, the Board of Works had embarked on a variety of large-scale nuclear reactor projects, aimed at providing long-term, environmentally friendly power for various rural and urban areas. Now, the Board of Works has announced that it would provide grants for the development and test trials on waste vegetable oil and jatropha-based biofuels. Currently, aviation biofuels are considered by some to be the primary means by which the aviation industry can reduce its carbon footprint. NASA has determined that 50% aviation biofuel mixture can cut air pollution caused by air traffic by 50–70%.

In October of 2011, Zhen Airlines flew the nation's first flight using aviation biofuels. The flight was conducted using locally grown jatropha oil from PetroZhen, which lasted 2 hours above Shuntian, and used 50% biofuel in 1 engine. In 2015, the first commercial biofuel flight was conducted, carrying 156 passengers from Shencheng to Shuntian. The fuel, supplied by Sinopec, was a fuel blend of approximately 50% waste vegetable oil biofuel mixed with conventional petroleum jet fuel.

Under the new grants, the Board of Works will gradually funnel $1 billion ZGD worth of funds to both Sinopec and PetroZhen, with the aim of cultivating jatropha and waste vegetable oil biofuels for aviation use. Two Comac ARJ21 regional airliners, each of which will be powered by jatropha and WVO biofuels respectively, will perform commercial flights from Shuntian to Jiangning, scheduled for a year's time.


Board of Revenues

The Board of Revenues has made plans to tax carbon emissions, starting with import sources and per capita consumption.

Some have speculated that this new 'carbon tax', a form of climate mitigation, would target the importation of coal and oil (some of the largest emitters of GHGs), as well as incentivise businesses to make use of carbon dioxide scrubbers, and target per capita emissions of CO2.

This tax will be formally considered as an "Environmental Protection Tax". A tax scheme has been roughly drawn out, taxing each citizen $1 ZGD for every 0.01 metric tons worth of CO2 emissions per capita. As of 2018, Zhen citizens registered 7.95 metric tons of CO2 emissions per capita; under the proposed tax scheme, this would mean that each citizen would be required to contribute $795 ZGD annually as part of their carbon tax, with $1.113 trillion ZGD worth of revenues to be collected each year.

Exemptions are given to select demographics, such as rural villagers who may not have access to environmentally friendly methods of power generation.

Other plans to implement a $50 ZGD tax on each metric ton of imported coal, or $60 ZGD per barrel of imported oil, have also been tabled. Once again, exemptions are granted to select companies and nations, which have a favoured trade status with the Zhen.

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Noticias del Imperio Mexicano | News from the Mexican Empire

Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano (Mexican State Public Broadcasting System)

Canal Catorce (Channel 14)

México Tackles COVID-19 as Christmas Approaches

While México was not as badly hit as other countries in the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic (although this is only according to reported numbers which may not be accurate), the country has been struggling with containing COVID-19 in recent times. The COVID-19 rate of new cases has been increasing despite efforts by the Imperial Mexican Government to regulate the virus. Caudillo AMLO even sent out a plea to the country's citizens to be mindful of practices that assist in containing COVID-19 (such as wearing masks which, yes, is prevalent in richer areas but may not be as prevalent in what is considered "poorer" socioeconomic neighborhoods).

However, the Government has decided to begin putting its weight in the war against the virus. An Imperial Decree issued by the Emperador would see the acquisition of 500 more hospital beds for allocation to Hospitals in Mexico City. However, it is believed that soon hospital beds may begin to be distributed amongst other cities in a consistent & more even rate. This will come once Government funding & logistics are fully detailed.

Anyways, while there have been questions of enacting a "strict" lockdown as certain countries have done. The Emperador, personally, rejected such a notion. Emperador Ferdinand stated,

"We do not need to enact such harsh measures. While yes, we are struggling. We have managed to keep the virus somewhat controlled in comparison to other countries. We do not need to put an even greater strain on our country by forcing people into a lockdown. We will simply continue to face the virus as we have already done so."

While some criticized this move as putting more lives at risk than is necessary. Some individuals point to other key elements which may have had a huge impact on this decision. Such points include but are not limited to:

  • Cartels openly defying the lockdown & possibly utilizing it to their benefit

  • Business lobbying in the Council of State

  • The unrealistic nature of enforcing a nationwide lockdown adequately considering México's resources

Thus it is believed that this decision was moreso a way to save face & score some PR points with certain demographics than risk having the lockdown blow up in the Government's face. Although Government officials have continued to express concern over mass groups of citizens in the streets for any occasion. However, the 12th of December will be the holy day of the Virgin de Guadalupe which may see millions gather for such an event despite Government warnings.

Adding on, health workers are also beginning to crack under the intense pressure from the virus. However, Caudillo AMLO did release a statement in which he stated,

"We will be looking to reward our frontline workers for their heroic efforts. After all, they are the real heroes in all of this."

Although one of the most critical issues facing México is not the quality of workers themselves. Rather, it is the actual availability of them. Other news outlets have reported that workers have either gotten infected or have begun to use their PTO or sick time to not attend work due to the fear of pressure, infection, etc. which has fueled a shortage of medical personnel in certain areas.

Thus Caudillo AMLO has requested to meet with the American Government to perhaps discuss a joint relief effort aimed at relieving the virus in both countries. AMLO has also indicated that he may even pursue this on a global scale. By which he means pursuing it through the chambers of the United Nations.

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México to Re-evaluate Bilateral Security Agreements in the Aftermath of Generals Arrest

Federative states of america wrote:Fox News
Former Mexican official arrested in LA
October 19, 2020

For the past several days, American media has been packed with rumors surrounding a former Mexican official who was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport. General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, once Mexico’s defense minister and a high ranking retired military officer, arrived at the airport with his family on Thursday night. This prompted the Drug Enforcement Administration to take immediate and decisive action against the corrupt officer while he was on US soil. Therefore the DEA tipped off local authorities, and within an hour Cienfuegos was arrested.

According to federal law enforcement officials, Cienfuegos will face charges of drug involvement and money laundering in the United States. He is being held by the US until further notice. Cienfuegos is thought to have been deeply involved in Mexican cartel operations. According to the US department of justice, the hunt for just such a high ranking Mexican official had taken place over a period of months or years.

This is expected to be a disastrous blow to the standing of the Mexican government, due to the high rank Cienfuegos once held as minister of defense. The Cienfuegos affair reveals just how deeply corruption can penetrate into the government of America’s most important neighbor.

While the announcement of the arrest of Cienfuegos definitely caught all of México offguard, it would seem the country is now delivering its response to the incident. Caudillo AMLO stated,

"In unison with the Emperador, we will be working with the United States Attorney General to resolve the situation. However, we unilaterally CONDEMN the United States for this frankly ridiculous act. The Mexican Government was not notified or in any way, shape or form made aware of the investigation into Cienfuegos. This clearly breaks certain bilateral security agreements made with the United States in 1992. We request that the American Attorney General work with us to extradite Cienfuegos back to México so he may be tried in our courts. As any prosecution on the American side could potentially lead to a situation involving illegally obtained evidence. Should the United States not be cooperative in this effort then we may be forced to take drastic measures to reduce our friendly relationship with America so far.

These measures may include unilaterally dissolving any & all security agreements pertaining to the War on Drugs made with America so far. This could potentially jeopardize the presence of any DEA agents or operatives within México & their operations.

While we do not wish to move in this direction. We will pursue it should the American government not see reason in this situation. The Mexican Government will be awaiting the official response from the Yankee Government."

The announcement was quite the statement. It would certainly seem that Cienfuegos was one man the Mexican Government wanted back in its hands. While it can be said that the Mexican Government was embarrassed by the Generals arrest. It would seem the Government may have other interests in returning the General to México. Time will tell whether the Mexican-American governments will resolve the situation amicably or if this could see a huge break in relations between the two countries which has not been seen in decades.

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Council of State to Debate a Bill on the Legalization of Marijuana Soon

Recently, a bill on the legalization of Marijuana nationwide has been circulating through the certification process for approval. However, it would seem that soon the final floor vote will be held on the bill to see if it moves along in the process for approval. Now, for the bill itself. The bill focuses on legalizing Marijuana while still keeping it regulated in some form to ensure that it is not simply flooded on the streets to anyone who wants to utilize them.

The bill will include measures aimed at pardoning previous convicts for Marijuana related offenses. In addition, the bill aims to assist businesses & farmers in economic terms to ensure that they are not necessarily "left out to dry". One official was quoted as saying,

"We aim to clear jails of Marijuana convicts, promote business, & combat the Cartels."

Which can clearly be seen in the provisions pertaining to the bill. So far, the bill has gained a positive reception in the Imperial Committees it has been in. However, the final floor vote would determine its future. Nonetheless, it is believed that it will pass. Even Caudillo AMLO praised the bill for offering a new & revolutionary path for México in the war on drugs.


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日本からのニュース | Nihon kara no nyūsu | News from Japan

日本放送協会 | Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai | Japan Broadcasting Corporation

NHK総合テレビジョン | NHK Sōgō Terebijon | NHK General TV

Japan Building an Expeditionary Air Force to Counter PA

Recently, an exercise was conducted on Hokkaido between the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force & the U.S. Air Force. The exercise was mostly aimed at promoting the capabilities of a Japanese Expeditionary Force for future conflicts. To achieve this, Japanese airmen were assigned to guard airfields during the exercise. This represented a large break from tradition as it was typically the job of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force to handle security for airfields. Thus it is essential that Japanese airmen be properly trained to oversee security missions over an airfield as the expeditionary unit will primarily be an air-based one.

Other activities included practicing ground refueling techniques from Japanese aircraft to American aircraft & vice versa. This would promote technological cooperation between the Japanese & American military. Something which prevented the utilization of Japanese helicopters in Afghanistan in 2001.

Another goal of the exercise was to ensure that the Japanese gained some experience with American hardware. One of the issues concerning the aforementioned technological cooperation was the actual configuration of Japanese aircraft. This was often not fitted to American hardware which led to issues with transportation & logistics. Thus it is hoped that continued cooperation between the two Air Forces will see the technological "barrier" overcome in time.

However, on the political front. The Japanese Government is hoping to enact changes which could see the aforementioned issues tackled. Naturally, one of the Government's greatest opponents is Article 9 along with other constitutional restraints. However, Prime Minister Suga has expressed confidence in pursuing measures that would see Japan continue to build up its military capabilities. When asked why, Prime Minister Suga explained that the threat posed by the regional hegemon: Zhen Dynasty & it's newly signed Alliance has incited worry through the political landscape of Japan.

Thus in the event of a conflict, strategic assets like the Senkaku Islands would be the first targets for the Zhen Dynasty & co. hence why the JSDF has begun to pursue the formation of units that are mobile & capable of rapidly countering any forces that may arrive from the Zhen Dynasty.

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Japanese Government Honors Agreement to Pay for New American Bases in Guam & the CNMI

Recently, the Japanese Government confirmed that it will be funding approximately $3 billion USD worth of work on new American Marine Corps bases in Guam & the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The funding comes from an agreement signed in 2009 between the Japanese & American Government.

Overall, the move is aimed at reducing the amount of American troops in the Japanese mainland. Specifically, the amount of troops in Okinawa. It is widely known that the American personnel presence in Okinawa accounts for a large portion of the American military presence in all of Japan. This has often led to political issues & local protests. Much of which the Central Government in Tokyo often ignored or attempted to minimize. However, it would seem that the Central Government will finally be able to deliver something concrete to the region.

The relocation of American troops would naturally calm Okinawan concerns, even if only briefly. What's more, this could see the Japanese Government promote the idea of it focusing on handling the security issues pertaining to Asia while the United States begins to focus some of its attention more on Oceania.

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China Copies America while Japan Advances Forward

While the Imperial Chinese Government recently announced that it had, effectively, done what the Americans had done decades earlier (although in a far less spectacular manner as the Chinese did it with machines rather than austronauts). The Japanese Government was busy advancing forward with its own discoveries. The Hayabusa 2 spacecraft successfully released a small capsule towards the Earth which contained samples from the Ryugu asteroid which could provide clues to the origin of the solar system & the life on our very own planet.

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency stated,

"In a very precise maneuver, the spacecraft was able to successfully detach the capsule. We have already rerouted Hayabusa 2 for a new mission in Outer Space. While this is but one step for Japan, we will continue to leap forward in spatial exploration."

The location of the capsule has not been revealed yet & we cannot comment on rumors at this time. However, it is believed that this marks a significant discovery for Japan. It represents the first successful retrieval of subsurface asteroid material. Which could prove to be a huge boon to scientific efforts as the material may not necessarily be affected or as affected by radiation.


Demon Slayer Series Continues to Boom in Japan

The unbelievably successful series Demon Slayer has continued to maintain its spectacular record in Japan as the final volume of its Manga series hits Japanese Bookstores. The Demon Slayer movie has been breaking several records recently & is on track to possibly be the highest-grossing film in Japanese history. Currently, the series has already earned the spot of 2nd highest-grossing film in Japanese history.

Anyways, the final volume has already seen dozens of fans line up at stores to pick up their own copies. The amount of copies published is believed to be almost 4 million. A high number but one that may see itself consumed considering the popularity wave the series is riding. In addition, the film itself is believed to have grossed around $265 million USD so far.

Vtubers, & now Demon Slayer. It would seem the entertainment scene in Japan is definitely seeing success in the aftermath of COVID-19.


BNI Nation, Northern Netland, Federative states of america, Malayu, and 2 othersGreat Indonesian Republic, and -ethiopia

Lechia bans Gender Studies

/ Gniezno National / December 5th, 2020 /

The king of Lechia himself has declared that Gender Studies, a college course, is now illegal. This quickly proved to be a very popular move among the citizens, who quickly went to praising the start of the "Crusade against Marxism in Colleges." Of course, there is expected to be outrage from outside the country in more liberal nations like the UK, France, and Germany. Luckily, King Pilsudski gives no damns about what citizens in other countries think or say about him.

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OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely unintentional and coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

National Assembly

The National Assembly of the Empire has officially approved the Imperial Budget for FY2021, after discussion and deliberation.

Funding for various government ministries expect to be rejiggled and changed. The total budget allocated for the Imperial government is $2,611.223 billion USD (or $2.6 trillion USD), while local governments can expect to receive around $120 billion USD in trickle-down taxes as well.

First and foremost, it is said that the office of the Grand Secretary will have its funding halved from $1 billion USD to only $500 million USD. This is followed by a massive increase in the budget of the Board of War, which is expected to increase from $370 billion USD to $420 billion USD for the upcoming year, to better provide for the defense of the Zhen as well as become a necessary deterrent to Japan and the United States. The Board of Revenue, Justice, and Personnel are expected to have their budgets remain constant for FY2021, although the Board of Rites will expect a $10 billion USD cut to $90 billion USD, as will the Imperial Household Department, whose budget will be cut from $12 billion USD to $8 billion USD. The Board of Works, which is also in charge of public works and welfare, is expected to see its budget increase by $100 billion USD to $940 billion USD, a tremendous surge compared to previous years.

The Ministry of Posts and Communications, which runs the postal service and is in charge of scientific policy and development, will have its budget remain at $144 billion USD. However, the Imperial Censorate will receive a cut of $10 billion USD, giving it a new budget of $30 billion USD. The Provincial Support Budget, a fund used to bail out local governments in cases of emergencies, will be formally halved from $500 to $250 billion USD, after a spate of bond defaults and fiscal mismanagement incidents from local governments and high-profile SOEs rattled the $13 trillion USD bond market. However, the Board of Revenues has said it would not bail out these entities for the better, encouraging them to seek financing from alternative means and become more fiscally responsible over the long run.

The note of caution comes as analysts issue warnings that the Dynasty could see more bond defaults ahead. The Dynasty's inaction has hinted that it would be tolerating more bond defaults as a means to 'reset' the bond market, by allowing ailing businesses to go under and promoting stronger, more manageable ones instead.


Subjects of Taxation

Tax Rate

Expected Revenues


Selling/importing goods, processing/repair/installation services, selling services/intangible property/immovable property Link[Source]

Standard rate of 13%

$879.26 billion USD

Excise Tax

Imported Raw/Rolled Tobacco ($1.48 billion USD),
Imported Alcoholic Drinks ($4.93 billion USD),
Imported Beauty Products ($4.6 billion USD),
Imported Refined Petroleum ($17.4 billion USD)
Imported Hair Products ($332 million USD) Link[Source]


$8.047 billion USD

Vehicle Purchase Tax

Fossil Fuel Car Sales (23,139,000 units) Link[Source]

$700 USD per car

$16.197 billion USD

Enterprise and Individual Income Tax

Incomes derived in the Zhen

12.5% for local enterprises
10-12.5% for non-local enterprises
1.5-22.5% progressive scale for individuals
10% for interests, dividends, bonuses, leases, contingents

$348.075 billion USD

Real Estate Corporate Tax

Assets owned by real estate companies ($595.6 billion USD) Link[Source]

0.5% of asset values

$2.978 billion USD

Real Estate Individual Tax

Real Estate assets owned by individuals ($65 trillion USD) Link[Source]

0.5% of asset values

$325 billion USD

Investment Tax

Real Estate Investments ($142.65 billion USD) Link[Source]

0.8% of investment values

$1.14 billion USD

Resource Tax

Production of Natural gas (177.7 billion cubic meters), Linksource
Coal (3.55 billion tonnes), Linksource
Crude iron ore (75.18 million tonnes), Linksource
Salt (81.98 million tons),
and Imported Crude Oil ($145 billion USD) Linksource

$1.6 USD per cubic meter (Natural Gas)
0.6% (Crude Oil)
$5.5 USD per tonne (Coal)
$2 USD per tonne (Salt)
$2.9 USD per tonne (Crude Iron Ore)

$284.32 billion USD (Natural Gas)
$218.022 million USD (Iron Ore)
$163.96 million USD (Salt)
$19.525 billion USD (Coal)
$870 million USD (Crude Oil)
Revenues for Iron Ore, Salt, and Crude Oil directed to local governments ($1.251 billion USD)
Remainder (Natural Gas, Coal) directed to national government ($303.845 billion USD)

Tobacco Tax

Tobacco goods revenues within the Zhen ($234.604 billion USD) Link[Source]

25% of all revenues

$58.651 billion USD

Vehicle Tonnage Tax

Freight Volume (10.85 billion tonnes)

$1.7 USD per tonne

$18.445 billion USD

Port Throughput Tax

Cargo Throughput at ports (60.33 million TEUs + 18.30 million TEUs from HK)

$2 USD per TEU

$120.66 million USD

Environmental Protection Tax

CO2 Emissions

$795 ZGD per capita

$1.113 trillion ZGD
$275.205 billion USD

Industrial Pollutant Levy

Industrial CO2 Emissions (7.8 gigatonnes)

$14 USD per tonne

$109.2 billion USD

Urban/Township Land Use Tax

Urban population (844.2 million people)

$2.8 USD per urban resident

Revenues directed to local governments ($2.363 billion USD)

Oil Tax

Imported Oil (Link416 million tonnes/3,049,280,000 barrels)

$60 ZGD per barrel

$182.956 billion ZGD
$28.017 billion USD

Coal Tax

Imported Coal (239.43 million tonnes, as of Q3 2020 cumulative)

$50 ZGD per metric ton

$11.971 billion ZGD
$1.833 billion USD

Farmland Occupation Tax

Area of arable land occupied by taxpayer

Varies between locality

Revenues directed to local governments ($1.303 billion USD)

Deed Tax

Deeds for transferred land or properties (i.e: inheritance, gifts, etc.)Link[Source]

Varies between locality

Revenues directed to local governments ($28.5 billion USD)

Vehicle/Vessel Tax

Cars with Zhen license plates/registrations (250 million cars)

$100 USD per car

Revenues directed to local governments ($25 billion USD)

Construction Tax

Construction services within the Zhen ($3.3 trillion USD) Link[Source]

Varies between locality

Revenues directed to local governments ($5.4 billion USD)

Customs Duties

Goods imported into the Zhen, goods entering the Zhen ($1.61 trillion USD) Link[Source]

3.5% of goods value

Revenues directed to local governments ($56.35 billion USD)

Local Revenues from Tax

$120.167 billion USD

Local Budgets

$14.668 trillion ZGD
$2.071 trillion USD

Tax Revenue (Federal)

$2,376.013 billion USD

SASAC Profits (Federal)

Link$913.35 billion ZGD
$139.867 billion USD

Pre-existing Surplus (Federal; 2020)

$95.343 billion USD

Budget (Federal; with new tax code)

$2,611.223 billion USD

Total Spending

$2,467.5 billion USD

Grand Secretariat - $0.5 billion USD
Board of War - $420 billion USD
Board of Works - $940 billion USD
Board of Revenue - $20 billion USD
Board of Justice - $200 billion USD
Board of Personnel - $355 billion USD
Board of Rites - $90 billion USD
Imperial Household Department - $8 billion USD
Ministry of Posts and Communications - $144 billion USD
Imperial Censorate - $40 billion USD
Provincial Support Budget - $250 billion USD

Total Outstanding

$143.723 billion USD

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Bulgarian romanian republic

Gender identities

Catherine and parliament has decided gender roles are important and no one should be discriminated against because of it , so under parliament act 3349 No citizens shall be allowed to be discriminated against be because of there gender roles.

Under this new act boys and be girls or girls boys , or whatever they believe is right it also makes it illegal to be against that , if the court decides that discrimination was made there could be fines up to 5000 euros, jail time both or community service ,

Parliament and Catherine Catherine believe that in the present year discrimination is a thing of the past that needs to be left in the past to help make this world a better place to live.

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OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely unintentional and coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of Works

The Board of Works' HL-2M tokamak fusion reactor in the Qingzang Dadao was recently commissioned and had achieved its first plasma discharge.

The device is capable of generating plasma with a temperature of over 150 million degrees Celsius, and is expected to greatly strengthen the research and development of key technologies in plasma physics research in the country. The HL-2M project, which was approved in 2009, was independently designed and constructed by the Southwestern Institute of Physics. According to various sources, the duration of the HL-2M trigger discharge is around 10 seconds, with an energy confinement time of a few hundred milliseconds.

The commissioning of the HL-2M tokamak will provide key technical support for the Zhen's participation in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project and frontier research areas, including flux instability and ultra-high temperature plasma magnetic phenomena. The Zhen is a member of the ITER project, which is currently under construction in France, along with the European Union, the US, India, Japan, South Korea and the UESS.

The HL-2M was an upgrade from the Zhen's previous model, the HL-2A, and comprise one of three major domestic tokamaks now in operation in the Empire. The other two are the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) machine, and J-TEXT. Since the 1960s, the Zhen had already started nuclear fusion research, with decades of hard work paving the way for a preliminary conceptual design of a proposed tokamak nuclear fusion reactor which was finished in 2015, intended for steady-state operation, as well as tritium self-sustainment. It is capable of providing anywhere from 200MW to 1GW of fusion power, and aims to bridge the fusion experiments between ITER and DEMO — the proposed nuclear fusion power station expected to build upon ITER.

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Independent yugoslavia90


Yugoslavia announced that it will be put effort for new Covid vaccine

The Yugoslavian President Alexander Vucic announced that Yugoslavia will produce its own vaccine. This effort will be put to make the vaccine affordable to the public and to make it better than usual. Also, the government announced to work with China, Europe and America to make effort to develop new vaccine that can stop the spread of coronavirus

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