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The Galactics Union RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Heliarchy of Rykil (elected )

Founder: The Founder Nation of The neo glactic empire

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Most Nations: 476th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 1,023rd Largest Black Market: 1,847th+3
Largest Information Technology Sector: 2,212th Most Scientifically Advanced: 2,461st Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 2,476th
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Welcome to The Galactics Union, traveler!
Disclaimer: We do not apologize for the previous Founder's typo.

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The Galactics Union contains 39 nations, the 476th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Foreign Aid Spending in The Galactics Union

The World Census intercepted food drops in several war-torn regions to determine which nations spent the most on international aid.

As a region, The Galactics Union is ranked 12,460th in the world for Highest Foreign Aid Spending.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Tenno-Driven Theocracy of GrantonlatisPsychotic Dictatorship“My Warframe is the hand, And I am the will.”
2.The King's Republic of JovilorDemocratic Socialists“Far beyond our lives, our glory will live on.”
3.The Imperium of VarskiCorrupt Dictatorship“Aurum in Pace, in Bello Ferro”
4.The Perpetual Confederacy of ElstreaMoralistic Democracy“Re-Unite the Stars”
5.The Community of Caravan 17Left-wing Utopia“No gods, no masters”
6.The Republic of The Arboreal LegionDemocratic Socialists“Isn't it time you tried going green?”
7.The Confederacy of VenthorMoralistic Democracy“Mission Accomplished”
8.The Unitary Empire of RETALIAIron Fist Consumerists“United We Stand, Together We Fight”
9.The Democratic States of The Galactic Empire of MexicoIron Fist Consumerists“Violence is a question, and the answer is yes.”
10.The Empire of The Burmecian HegemonyIron Fist Consumerists“Per Ardua Ad Astra”

Regional Happenings


The Galactics Union Regional Message Board

The Arboreal Legion wrote:New-Order2
Exploring further space away from their home world, the legion enters union space with a few non-combat ships.

they would be met by border outposts, demanding to know what they were doing here, and who they were.

Neo Animalia wrote:"Really? I had no idea. Do you need food, we have plenty back in the cafeteria?"
Compared to the frigid space of the Aesir ship, the chilled cryopod, or the cool air of the ship, the scientist is warm and her voice motherly.

    | BRYNHILDR | I nodded, "Is....Was not allowed." I thought about the question for a few moments, leaning against her a bit for the warmth. "Not hungry."


    This is for an NPC conflict.


      DAY 12 OF 20398 P.F.

    | The lead Maelstrom-class Fast Battleship, the SMS Vizekönig von Henschel, managed to partially diffract the incoming electron fire from the Imperator-class Battleships of the Æsir fleet. However, the diffraction was not enough as while the damage of each impact was diminished, the combined fire from the 4 capital ships quickly ripped through the hull, and the Vizekönig von Henschel began to fall apart as its sister ship, the SMS Herzog von Ostland began firing with its ventral Electron Cannons.

    The Rime-class Cruisers also fell under heavy fire from the Viking-class Heavy Cruisers and Inceptor-class Cruisers that had also begun opening fire, however the destroyers and frigates of both fleets managed to avoid the majority of the onslaught. It wasn't long before a blinding white light occluded the battlefield as the Vizekönig von Henschel's reactor detonated.

    The Æsir fleet wasn't without its own casualties however, as the Imperator-class Battleships took fire from the K.u.K. Kriegsmarine fleet. While none of the damage was exactly critical or career ending, the ships were covered in orange spots from the heated metal caused by the electron cannon fire from the enemy fleet. However, due to the armament of a majority of the enemy fleet, mainly consisting of lighter coilguns, most of the Æsir ships remains relatively safe and undamaged from the smaller ships.

    The Herzog von Ostland's port side lit up with vapors as it launched a massive salvo of over 700 missiles, half of which went around below the ship and the other half went above it to head towards one of the Imperator-class Battleships. At the same time, it also launched 25 Mk.3 Mod.1 Fusion Torpedoes, the arsenal split between the three remaining Imperators. The Herzog von Ostland then began to tilt 20 degrees to starboard in an effort to get a firing solution for its Proton Cannon.

    It was also around now that the two swarms of fighter craft collided and brewed into a rather large dogfight between the two fleets. Unfortunately the superior hangar space of the 4 Imperators compared to the Maelstrom meant that the Kriegsmarine fighters were heavily outnumbered. Occasionally a cluster of fighters would get wiped out by a salvo of Electron Cannon fire from either side.

    Around 30 seconds after the missile and torpedo launch, a massive shell of explosions began surrounding the Imperators as their Point Defense Arrays began intercepting incoming ordinance. Around 40% of the missiles heading for the Imperator Heimir were intercepted, with 40% more impacting the shields before the shields were overwhelmed, allowing the remaining 20% of missiles to impact the hull. The shieldless Heimir also began getting struck by a salvo of fire from the Herzog von Ostland, the beams, unobstructed by the previously online powerful shielding, carving deep into the ship. Heimir then began to turn away as explosions rocked its dorsal hull.

    The battle was once again occluded by several red-white flashes as the fusion warheads detonated prematurely, set off by intercepted torpedoes. The detonations, while not effecting the ships mechanically or electronically, temporarily blinded them.

    Unfortunately, the Herzog von Ostland was reaching its end as the underbelly began to buckle from the constant diffracted electron cannon fire. The commanding officer ordered the ship to be set on a collision course with the Heimir and to have its reactor overloaded. This was to be set in motion as the crew abandoned ship. However, before the ship could fully turn, 3 light 128mm G-Particle beams ripped into the hangar bay, causing the fighters inside to explode as well as other flammable materials in the hangar. While the structural damage to the ship was minimal, there was now an out-of-control fire in the hangar, caused by flammables being ignited by the now molten metal in the hangar. This erupted into a cascade of explosions as the fuel tanks for refueling the fighters and the ammunition caches in the nearby storage areas cooked off. The explosion sent fires down the vents and halls leading towards the magazines for the mid-ship torpedo tubes, eventually causing a magazine detonation that tore the ship in two.

    The Cruisers that were under heavy fire from the cruiser forces in the Æsir fleet had begun to sustain heavy casualties, which lead to a general retreat being called by the acting task force commander of Iserlohn's response force. While the ships had prepared to retreat, the fleet sustained more losses before the remainder of the K.u.K. Kriegsmarine's response force disappeared in a sequence of blue flashes of their frameshift drives.

    As the battle was now over, with the fighters having been mopped up during the retreat of Iserlohn forces, the Æsir forces began their recovery, transfering troops and supplies from the Heimir to another Imperator-class battleship, the Magni. Once the transfer was complete, the Heimir made a Frameshift jump with two Inceptor-class Cruisers to a forward operating base located deeper in the Veil.

      K.u.K. Kriegsmarine
        2 x Maelstrom-class Fast Battleships
        23 x Rime-class Cruisers
        120 x Gust-class Destroyers
        86 x Pfiel-class Fighters

      Imperial Navy

        3 x Inceptor-class Cruisers
        16 x Proclamator-class Destroyers
        65 x F100 Strike Fighters

        1 x Imperator-class Battleship (Heavily Damaged, returned to shipyard)
        2 x Inceptor-class Cruisers (Not Damaged; Sent to escort Heimir back to shipyard)

      K.u.K. Kriegsmarine

        Iserlohn Defense Fleet Mobilized; remaining in Iserlohn System
        Kyffhauser Defense Fleet Mobilized; remaining in Kyffhauser System
        Ostland Fleet Mobilized to counter Æsir incursion force
        Südland Fleet Mobilized to form second line against Æsir incursion

      Imperial Navy

        Incursion Force progressing to Rinschheim Starzone to engage enemy forces
        High Admiral Alvíss' forces mobilized to assist the Incursion Force
        High Admiral Baldr's forces preparing for second incursion via coreward direction

Post self-deleted by Aredita.

Free Jovian Republic wrote:
    | BRYNHILDR | I nodded, "Is....Was not allowed." I thought about the question for a few moments, leaning against her a bit for the warmth. "Not hungry."

Amber wraps an arm around her shoulders.
"You must be terrified. But don't worry, I'm here."
She puts her other arm around Bryn's shoulders, giving her something she probably never had before: A hug.

Just wondering: Why was my post suppressed?

Aredita wrote:Just wondering: Why was my post suppressed?

We have a rule against advertising other regions/discords.
Sorry if it wasn't posted.

Neo Animalia wrote:We have a rule against advertising other regions/discords.
Sorry if it wasn't posted.

Oh, I'm so sorry if I violated your rules. I'll immediately delete my post.

I didn't know that my post was advertising. I guess I should have read the rules.

Aredita wrote:Oh, I'm so sorry if I violated your rules. I'll immediately delete my post.

I didn't know that my post was advertising. I guess I should have read the rules.

It's okay, don't worry.

Neo Animalia wrote:Amber wraps an arm around her shoulders.
"You must be terrified. But don't worry, I'm here."
She puts her other arm around Bryn's shoulders, giving her something she probably never had before: A hug.

    | BRYNHILDR | I looked down a bit as she said that, before getting pulled into the hug. I froze a bit when she hugged me, before burying my face into her because of the warmth, all the while my tail wagged back and forth. I then turned my head, resting it against her as we hugged, "Please not go."

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