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Out in The Frontier of Orlais stands The Adamant Fortress, a relic of expansions long past.

Once a bastion in The Western Approach for those fighting The Blight, these abandoned fortifications have been in disrepair for too long... until now.

Set forth on your journey and join the The Reclamation, an expeditionary branch of The Grey Wardens!

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In War, Victory.
In Peace, Vigilance.
In Death, Sacrifice.

Embassies: The Order of the Grey Wardens, The Amaranthine Isles, and Amaranthine.

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The Frontier contains 174 nations, the 122nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Publishing Industry in The Frontier

The World Census tallied social media complaints from students regarding overpriced textbooks to determine which nations have the largest book publishing industries.

As a region, The Frontier is ranked 9,674th in the world for Largest Publishing Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of New Kal Wes WyopochilaFather Knows Best State“We Will Endure”
2.The Empire of Middle Gre MovorteCorrupt Dictatorship“Mission Accomplished”
3.The Republic of United Slavik StatesCorporate Bordello“Stability is the key to success”
4.The Empire of ErschenstaftLeft-Leaning College State“Fur Kaiser, volk, und Vaterland”
5.The Kingdom of PolandeaIron Fist Consumerists“lick my penis”
6.The Kingdom of GroosGermaniaIron Fist Consumerists“Volksgemeinschaft”
7.The Republic of The CatskillInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Will Endure”
8.The Republic of HenquienseInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unidos e fortes, pátria boa”
9.The Kingdom of ZarvitanIron Fist Consumerists“Prosper, As We Shall.”
10.The Democratic States of DrakacholLeft-Leaning College State“Forward WE March”
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Who wants allies

How to become a monarchy?

Who wants trade chicken nuggets with blood with me

Hi can someone tell me how to get a stronger military

Hello, "The Frontier" countries . How are you doing?


Legion of H wrote:Hi

Hi my imperial friend

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Some news from The Wardens, our organization military!

You know when you go on YouTube and it starts recommending random weird things to you? For some reason, the mysterious workings of the algorithm have decided that I really want to see cow hooves being trimmed. “HIDDEN PUS SURPISE”, they exclaim. “HUGE CAVITY IN COW FOOT”. I frown, mark it as not interested, go watch another video.

Then again. “COW’S ROTTEN TOE… and I’m not touching it!” The thumbnail is gross (and by thumbnail I mean the video, not the nail of the cow’s toe - actually, I mean both, that was also gross). I don’t understand why this is being recommended to me. This time I watch about thirty seconds, just out of morbid curiosity, before closing it out to listen to music instead. Why’s the algorithm so weird?

One last one - “COW WITH A BIG PROBLEM?!” - before I shut off my computer and go to bed. I don’t think about it any more. Why would I?

Then I wake up. It’s early morning, probably just before 5 - the sky is a dark desaturated blue, the moon sneaking off towards the horizon. I stare up, appreciating the beauty of the dim stars, and the gentle lullabies of owls in the trees, and the earthy scent of hay in my nose - and then realise I was meant to be in my bed. I sit up, confused.

I hear footsteps behind me. Swishing in the grass. Gentle moos. “Who’s there?” I call out.

“Sh,” they answer immediately. I try to look at them but it’s too dark. There are several people, all of their features indistinguishable in the darkness. Behind them the cows advance, a great horde of them, dense as a cloudbank. But oddly I don’t feel scared. The closest to me hands me a burlap sack and says in a low voice, “We’re collecting sharp rocks so that the cows don’t step on them.”

“There!” whispers one of the others, pointing to a tuft of grass. We move over to it and descend on the stones, a flurry of smooth action. And then another, and another. All the time the warm mass of cows moves forward behind us. Our bags rattle like a pouch of charms.

We reach a river bank, and I empty my stones out on to a large, water-polished rock that gleams like a mirror.

“Each one of those,” I hear a low voice saying, “is a cow that you’ve protected.”

I count them. One hundred and twenty nine.

I come out from the trees on the bank and it’s late afternoon all of a sudden. Golden light like it’s trapped in amber. The sunlight is bright on the leaves and on the cows’ backs. Still I can’t make out any faces.

“Here,” one says. They are sitting by a cow, trimming its hoof. “Look.” There, embedded in the soft cushion of the cow’s foot - a sharp black rock, jagged like a volcano’s tooth. They trim back the hard horn of the outer hoof, then the softer part, more gently, until finally they extract the rock. “It would have hurt for her to walk,” they say mournfully. “We do what we can.”

I go to the cows - how can I not? - and they regard me with their big black pools of eyes. They limp towards me and offer me their hooves, and I find the tools beside me in the grass before I have a chance to wonder how. I trim and cut and draw out stones until by my side there’s a pile of rocks, and all around me are forty one serene cows, eighty two big black relieved eyes, one hundred and sixty four healed hooves.

By now the sun is low in the sky. One of them comes up to me, pats me on the shoulder. “You’ve done well, my friend,” they say. “But it’s time for you to go. Your kind can’t stay here long.”

“But they need me. Let me stay. Please.”

“You can still help us, from the other world.” I realise I recognise their voice. A snippet from somewhere. Another life, perhaps - I barely remember. There was a white glowing screen, and… a bed…?

“How?” I ask.

“It’s simple, my friend.” They fix me with a sad, knowing smile. “Moove and endorse.”

Major 2022-06-29

First Warden Grea Kriopia
High Constable Sir Merlin
Chamberlain Luca
Warden-Commander Vincent Drake
Warden-Commander Haku
Warden-Commander Tim
Warden-Lieutenant Quebecshire
Warden-Lieutenant Sulenia
Warden Wolflandil
Warden Aav

[ADN] Takkaviita
[LDF/SB] New Makasta
[LDF] DinoNet
[SPSF] Pronoun
[SPSF] Purple Hyacinth
[SPSF] Venatrix
[TMG] Noverra

Defences: 129
Herd United
Les Rouge Mann
Parallel Pacific
Deep Sea 9
Le Royaume De France
Celtic Nations
Hundrati Union
Deep Sea 4
The Sovereign States Of Dictators
Das Deutsches Kaiserreich
Liberty Union
Continente Perdido
The New World Of Name
The Disputed Territory Of Helsinki
The United Nations Of Esnal
Do What You Want
Southeastern Conference
The Terrible Countries Of The World
Orlando Florida
The North Pacific Rebellion
Real Boy Archipelago
Confederation Of Terranovo Football
The Free Alliance Of Aldorria
Feminist Frontier
Regions Of Democracy
The Jungles Of Ooga Booga
Deep Sea 5
Dachshund Region
Dachshund Region
Colonial Governments In Exile
Christian Nations
Region Of Ships Bigger Than The Galaxy
The Holy See Of Vagen
The Southern Alliance
Mc Mc Mc
New United States Of America
Louis Vuitton Dons
Viera Forest
Gensokyo Grassroots Federation
The Poopy Empire

Detags: 3
Jewish Autonomous Region Of Crimea
Alliance Pour La Domination Mondial
Council Of Ponderosa

Minor 2022-06-29

First Warden Grea Kriopia
High Constable Sir Merlin
Chamberlain Luca
Warden-Commander Roavin
Warden-Constable Nakari
Warden-Lieutenant Quebecshire
Warden-Lieutenant Merni
Warden-Lieutenant Sulenia
Warden Ducky
Warden Fauxia

[ADN] Takkaviita
[LDF] Craig
[RRA] frattastan
[SPSF/FNDA] Warrior

Detags: 38
Greater Middle East Cold War
Leppburg Islands
United Nations Of Liberalia
The Meat Grinder
Union Of Independent States
Union Of Jeremianfive Nationalists
Post Russian Nation
Emu And Her Lost Nations
0000000000 Soviet Union
Norvus Ordo Seclorum
Open Ocean 10
Intergalactic Sector Ab
Congress Of Nations
The Kidney Stoners
Democratic Union Of Humanity
Giga Federation
Fluffy Squishfish
Cheesy Region
Russian Order
Economy Of Euroasia
The Nation Of Goku
United Maka Soviet Socialist Republics
I Rember
Coalition Of Freedom
Isb Tok
The Abyss Empire

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