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The Noholian Utopian Housing Complex: Le Phalanstère Nouveau (the new phalanstery)

Firstly invented by Utopian Socialists in the XIXth Century, Phalanstères, in theory, are huge housing complexes in which a "phalange", a utopian community of hundreds (or even thousands) workers live, work and share. In Nohol, the theory has, in a few exemples, reached the stage of the experiment, mostly funded by benevolent and utopian industrials but none active phalanstères subsist in Nohol to this day.

With the proclamation of the Socialist Republic though, it will change: the Office of the State's Secretary to Urbanization, in the continuation of the Lyvelain Reform of 2021, has decided to open three Phalanstère in three different provinces. The difference with Project Lyvelain Housing Complex (which, in theory, were neighbourhoods of concrete prefabricated glorious socialist apartment blocks with their own schools (primary->high schools), police stations, fire brigades, small hospitals, etc..., powered by Green energy, housing ~30K people and linked to bigger cities and each others with railways and highways), 40 of which were built, is that a Phalanstère is a unique huge building combining housing and workplaces. The inability of a Phalanstère to be self-sufficient in services makes the Government forced to place them near bigger cities.

The Government plans to collaborate with CILs (Local Industrial Councils, representing no particular sector of the economy but rather many different factories in a specific and limited area) and GCIs (Grand Industrial Councils, representing a specific domain of the secondary sector of the production at a National level) so as to coerce their force and to optimize the Phalanstère positioning.

If the experiment were to work and if after a few years, these Phalanstère are guaranteed stable, viable and profitable, the Government plans to open many more.

Tunikaland Today[b]
[b]Special Report

The research is complete

Announcing to the public the results for researching Tunikaland's capability on manufacturing microchips has been complete. Here are some of the highlights.

Plausibility of microchip manufacturing
What was found was that Tunikaland's economic ability to support such an endeavor was favorable. Also the area where, after discussion with the locals is environmentally and economically plausible.

Lachima in the Chichen SST is where the facility and factory will be constructed. This was after discussions with the locals and a referendum was also conducted.

Future capabilities
If successful, this will open new doors on other technological developments and manufacturing on things such as smartphones or computers. It could also aid in developing a potential computer/A.I central planning program.

The factory will complete construction in a few months time.

Good night

Plans have been put in place to create more infrastructure in Escopoli. The traditionally frigid province has been garnering some attention in recent times due to the efforts of Pur Menlo, who managed to get this place in the God Games. The infrastructure is being built more there due to this recent surge in attention.

The mikalan empire

The Free Nations Region

A Historic Agreement

In accordance with the rest of the Mikalan provinces, Drinan Peninsul has become the last to finally agree to the 15% emissions reduction plan created by Prime Minister Moreós in October of last year. This comes after the Drinanin provincial Parliament voted in favor of the bill, with a slim 53% majority.

While the bill has been generally popular in the historically liberal bay area provinces (Parlavak, Drinan Peninsul, Naltrin, Mianla, Foresto, and Kiveula), Drinan Peninsul has been the sole exception, with many in the province’s inland regions believing that it would give the federal government too much power over energy production.

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Moaab wrote:(will revive this sh*t starting from tomorrow, wait for me)

(So that was a f*cking lie lmao)

Parliamentary Quotas Edited

Recently, the Legislature passed amendments to their Parliamentary Quotas, a Law of Special Appeal (meaning it was passed with a supermajority and must be repealed with a supermajority) that sets demographic requirements for the House of Parties. The law requires that of the 250 representatives, appointed by parties under a party-list proportional representation system,

- At least 100 must be "masculine" (Hyonan has no solid gender distinctions so it's flexible between man/woman)
- At least 100 must be "feminine" (again, fluid gender)
- At least 38 must be gender fluid (in any way you would consider that)
- At least 10 must be Bothnoyedic or some Uralic minority
- At least 3 must be foreign-born
- At least 1 must be black or "amber-skinned" (as classified by the mildly insensitive workers of the National Census Authority, it's a very insignificant population in Hyonaland, but still noticeable)

The Parliament usually updates the guidelines after each census, and a change was due.

Ascoobian Central News

A Daughter Silenced

The death of Civil Rights icon Grace Silvia, at the age of 98, has shaken the nation. A coalition of activists including Silva's "Daughters of Liberty" were responsible for the Quiet Revolution of 1975; where hard-won political and civil reforms without bloodshed. Including the pardon of many republican traitors of this dark era. This shock to the national zeitgeist has sparked a renewed public interest into the Quiet Revolution and the leader's own heritage.

Silva herself was the daughter of Alicia Silva, the first and only president of the defunct, decrepit Ascoobian Republic that was overthrown in our Glorious People's Revolution. It is only natural that increased economic stability and a thriving Middle Class has called the ever-elusive enigma of expanding political rights into question again.

The divisive nature of this figure has made the decision to provide a state funeral a controversial one. With many labeling her as a traitor and foreign plant seeking to dismantle The Revolution, and others as a national treasure to be remembered for assuring the survival of the nation through reform. Those that idolize her as an example, particularly the modern interpretation of the "Daughters of Liberty" has reported a revitalization and intend to escort her cremation urn along the funeral route in opposition to Police orders, which will have a heavy presence to maintain the peace between Daughters and reactionary protesters.

2022: New Government, Same Issues, What will Happen?

The United States of Mesoiluxotaltan, a once-prosperous North East Storveld nation, has found itself in the midst of a devastating national crisis. For years, the country has been facing a 5 decade old civil war, internal conflict, civil unrest and instability between the centralized government and local tribes and cartels, such as Maya Country, Inca Country, CRNG, Sinaloa and many more. The conflict has left the country in ruins, with widespread violence, poverty, and unemployment. The economy has been hit hard, and the government is struggling to keep the country afloat.

In an effort to turn the tide, the Newly Elected Hermanos Meso Unitas Administration government, which was elected in 2022 has implemented a series of economic reforms aimed at stabilizing the economy and revitalizing the country. The reforms focus on several key areas, including job creation, foreign investment, and infrastructure development.

The government is keen on creating jobs, and to that end, it has launched a massive public works program. The program aims to employ thousands of workers in the construction of new roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects. The government is also encouraging the private sector to invest in the country, offering tax incentives and other perks to attract foreign companies. These investments are expected to create new jobs and help spur economic growth.

At the same time, the government is implementing a series of measures to address corruption, which has long been a major issue in the country. The measures include strengthening anti-corruption laws and increasing transparency in government operations.

The government is also trying to improve relations with local tribes and cartels, which are seen as key players in the ongoing conflict. The government has initiated peace talks with these groups, hoping to find a way to end the violence and bring stability to the country.

Despite these efforts, the situation remains precarious, and the country is still facing significant challenges. The conflict continues to rage on, and there are many who are skeptical of the government's ability to turn things around.

As the crisis continues, the people of the United States of Mesoiluxotaltan are left to wonder whether they will ever see a return to the prosperity they once enjoyed. It remains to be seen whether the government's economic reforms will be enough to save the country, or if it is already too late.
Glory to United Meso! Viva!

Today is the 100th anniversary of the end of the Ulvartan revolt.

In 1921, Johanna III Luca Rubrosa, after six decades of rule, died of old age. She was succeeded by her son Simeon, who became Simeon II. Simeon was initially unpopular with the populace, as he was incredibly timid, and thus very neglectful of his rule. A popular pro-Republic figure, Theo Ulvartus, gathered his followers to the central plaza outside of the Domace af Johanna and called for the cowardly emperor's head. The Ulvartan revolt, named after Ulvartus, truly began on the 14th of May, 1921, when the royal guard invaded what they thought was an anti-royal outpost and killing everyone inside, but actually ended up shooting an innocent family, including three children. This was used as fuel to recruit people to fight against the so-called tyranny of the empire.

The Ulvartan revolutionaries were initially winning, as Simeon wished to not fight in the conflict, but then two things ended up happening: the first thing was that Simeon would be told of his duty by Provincial Governor Dorian Kalper in the now-famous Kalper Speech. This motivated the young king to shed his timidity and take up arms himself, training to be just as great of a military person as his mother. The other thing was the hiring of a new general, a man from Escopoli known as Fil Yorme. His knowledge of the wilderness rendered him able to adapt to war life easily, and his decimal method of choosing his soldiers based on skill proved vital for the pro-royal side of the army.

On the 17th of February, 1923, the Battle of the Domace occurred, and while Ulvartus put up a great fight, Yorme's superior tactical mind and Simeon's bravery (cemented after being shot in the head and surviving, which he used to convince more people of his divine status) would end up with Ulvartus being killed in battle. The rebels surrendered a minute after Simeon showed Theo's head and proclaimed "Your treasonous leader has been elevated higher than he has ever been." as a mocking remark. At 5:45 p.m. that very day, the Treaty of Skarsten was put into place, granting more rights for the citizenry and a mandate for the emperor to show their strength. Simeon would lead the empire until his death in 1987, aged 88, while Yorme would be promoted to Magister Militum, the highest rank in the Skaristannic military, a position he would hold until 1965, when he retired four years before his death to throat cancer. The quelling of the revolt had been a source of pride for the Lucan Dynasty.

Elizabeth III has ordered that a statue of Simeon II be erected at the bottom of the staircase that leads to the Domace.


The Parliament of Verdeu has announced that it will be undertaking a new project to construct hundreds of kilometres of highspeed railway for both passengers and cargo, to deliver cargo and passengers rapidly from around the entire country, starting in Viancensos and branching off in multiple directions. The project is expected to cost up to 800 billion Va'ret on a timeframe of ten years, and will be handled by Dafenay Constructions, in conjunction with Smith Holdings.


Party seperated!
As a result of constant disputes within the "Iniative for Athorya" (IfA), a fraction of the party members left the party to found their own one. The so called "True Athoryan Party" (TAP) is mostly made out of the most nationalist right-wing people the IfA could offer and is expected to not gain many votes. When asked, why the establishment of a new party was neccessary, party leader Frederick Körtz (61) stated: "Nowadays the IfA is not standing for the things it stood a few years ago. We want to give the Athoryans the things they deserve. Many years under the rule of tha PAC has weakenend our nation, but most people can not see this problem. The government uses targeted propaganda to keep our mouths shut. The TAP stands for the return to the glory our nation had at the start of the 20th century. This also means getting revenge on those who are responsible for the foul things that happenend in the last centuries It is what the people want. And nobody will stop us, as we are the only ones who know how to do it right. Glory to Athorya!"
Members of the TAP started demonstrating against the state in small towns across Athorya. Nearly no one joined the protest, as most Athoryans think,the TAP is to radical. "The way they march through the streets is scaring me. There is no way that this party will be good for Athorya. The government must do something!", a concerned residents told our journalists on the spot. In order to counter the TAP, teenagers as well as young adults started to form a organisation named "Future of Athorya" (FoA). "There is no space for racism in Athorya! I believe, that we must do something to stop the TAP from gaining more followers. We will not allow that they ruin our nation and by that our future. Lets all hope, that we can stop the spread of this "party". Do it for our future!", Sebastian Damper (23), head of the FoA, told us in an interviw.
President Sylepha expresses, that the government wants to avoid any conflict. The TAP may seem hostile to democracy, but to prohibit it would speak against the principles of democracy. At the same time, Sylepha states, that if the TAP will behave anti-democratic, it will have consequences.

Azteca Post
An Independent News Outlet Funded By Our Readers

Mayan Republic Ends Checkpoint System

Several months after the infamous attack on a government convoy and largely due to lower overall criminal activity, the Mayan Republic has rescinded the checkpoint system across federal and republican highways. Governer Chimalmat has announced the end of the checkpoint system stating that Mayan roads have become safer and that tourism should be a focus in the upcoming spring season.

Mayan Industry Booms; Other Republics Still Reeling From Divestment

Several months after the Russian divestment from Tonatiutlan, the Mayan Republic not only continues to receive industrial investments but they have increased significantly. Several large industrial compounds have already been announced to be constructed in economically stagnant areas and small business loans are now being offered to support local Mayan businesses in the Republic.

Several republics in Tonatiutlan, most notably Anahuac and Chichimeca, are still recovering from divestment and a minor recession. Governor Necalli has denounced continued support to the Mayan Republic, going so far as to claim that Chimalmat is a criminal and traitor for accepting Russian support. Necalli's office has clarified that this was just rhetoric intended to show displeasure and were not direct accusations.

Vice-President Pledges Further Cooperation with CONEFO

VP Paquini has made a speech to the National Congress. Notable moments from the speech included: A desire for greater cooperation with CONEFO, ending foreign investment in industry, and decreasing Biemas influence in Tonatiutlan as a whole.

National News

The National Congress right now was talking about the upcoming Budget meeting as many where a bit worried about... The money that many where worried that would go. Currently, the highest amount of money is going for the Administration for 30% of the GDP and probably might go down... Again... Which many didn't really want to decrease... And the second was... Education. NO way the parties will decrease the budget in that one as it has slowly started to give the dividends. It is days that are counting and the plans for the budgeting will be judged.

There was some buzzing bees and chirping birds about a possible merging of parties... Mainly the Nationalist and Conservative Party to make a more stronger front. As the two have some of the near on par levels and would be much better, which can help both sides. No word of either chairmans of the two parties respectively if this is underway or is this a future plan. Both right now have little power as the main parties of the Independent, Democrat, and Liberal party still the most powerful but... Could help them boost a bit more better.

Hyonaland wrote:Parliamentary Quotas Edited

Recently, the Legislature passed amendments to their Parliamentary Quotas, a Law of Special Appeal (meaning it was passed with a supermajority and must be repealed with a supermajority) that sets demographic requirements for the House of Parties. The law requires that of the 250 representatives, appointed by parties under a party-list proportional representation system,

- At least 100 must be "masculine" (Hyonan has no solid gender distinctions so it's flexible between man/woman)
- At least 100 must be "feminine" (again, fluid gender)
- At least 38 must be gender fluid (in any way you would consider that)
- At least 10 must be Bothnoyedic or some Uralic minority
- At least 3 must be foreign-born
- At least 1 must be black or "amber-skinned" (as classified by the mildly insensitive workers of the National Census Authority, it's a very insignificant population in Hyonaland, but still noticeable)

The Parliament usually updates the guidelines after each census, and a change was due.

A letter would arrive on the doorsteps of the parliament building in Hyonaland. Inside would be a hand written letter reading:

"To the dishonourable nation of Hyonaland. We send this as a sign of disapproval for your new "standards" for your election. An electoral requiring set demographics? A joke to running government. -Prince D. Daz"

Shortly afterwards, another letter would be sent in haste from a Royal Nigarian postal service.

"To whom it may concern, we apologise for the Prince's letter. He has a very brash way of wording his thoughts and he didn't think before sending. Accept our apologies. Prince F. Frey"

Royal nigaria wrote:thing

In response the this unprecedented message from the government of Royal Nigaria, the Committee For Demographic Quotas reciprocated the unnecessarily bitter vibe in a short but sweet response.

"For truly, the merit of minority rights in Diyar's finest democracy cannot compare to the evident integrity of a Prince whose runny mouth must be corrected by a post office.

As for the Royal Nigarian postal service, we accept your apology, and understand your side of the situation. Remind your prince not to clash with the notoriously bitter sarcasm of a distraught Hyonan."

Avian influenza outbreak in Namhyangon Region

Authorities in Namhyangon Region, perhaps the least developed region in Hakha, have reported an outbreak, so far only in birds, of avian influenza. According to them, so far more than 5,000 birds have been infected and 4,500 of them had to be culled. There are no human cases so far, but preventive measures have already been taken, such as the announcement of the purchase of medical equipment from other regions such as Khadar or Hoekyiay.

The national government said that they will only send assistance to Namhyangon if the outbreak spreads to humans, but for now there is nothing to worry about, so in national terms they did not care and went on with their lives as usual.

For our part, we will keep you informed about this as much as possible.

Avian flu spreads and government breaks down

The outbreak of avian flu in the Nahmyangon region has finally been contracted by humans, the first 4 cases were poultry workers, those same 4 are currently hospitalized and under review at the Nahmyangon City Hospital, although there is a possibility that they will be moved to another region due to the precariousness of the hospital named above.

The precarious health care system in the north in the face of an imminent epidemic has prompted the national government to take measures, first of all, it has ordered the most developed regions (the 5 southern regions, Yenangkyina and the 3 northern coastal regions) to donate part of their medical equipment to the regions of the deep north, where Nahmyangon is located. Likewise, the Secretariat of Health did not rule out a future purchase of equipment from abroad.

In other news, the resignations of the secretaries of Religion, Defense and Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock due to differences with the government led by Kaung Kan Pyay, the secretaries who resigned later aligned with Maung Ye Lin, second vice president of the People's Assembly to form a dissident parliamentary bloc of Kaung Kan Pyay in the Constitutional Front, which represents a major blow to the government 9 months before the mid-term elections.

The main problems raised by this dissident line have to do with the parliamentary decisions of the Prime Minister, condemning the fact that he wants to establish a government having 1/4 of the seats of the People's Assembly and without creating any alliance (disagreement with the government by decree). They also questioned several decisions of Kang Kan Pyay in economic and foreign affairs. This dissident line will compete in primaries of the Constitutional Front against the ruling bloc, a weak ruling bloc line with many chances of losing the government prematurely.



Hakha wrote:Avian flu spreads and government breaks down

Assistance Package
The United Aquileian Kingdom, noting that this avian flu may have far reaching consequences beyond that of Hakha as well as the great humanitarian and economic consequences at stake, has offered its help in immediately containing the spread of this disease and aiding in effectively treating all those infected. A number of humanitarian organisations are already sending in medical professionals to help end this crisis as well as additional medical resources from basic PPE to specialised medication and operating equipment. Parts of the military have also been activated to assist in this response, with a concerted 3,000 personnel called to directly aid in the treatment and quarantining of patients. Military airlifts delivering critical medical and other necessary aid is also commencing. It is noted that whatever it takes, there will be an end to this crisis before it heads truly global. The Aquileian Government has also raised the travel advisory level for Hakha to Level 3 - Reconsider Your Travel, due to the potential rapid spread of the avian flu. A significant proportion of the Aquileian populace expressed annoyance at this due to perceived restrictions of freedom, although the Aquileian Government has stated that this is necessary following the outbreak of the avian flu, which is likely to be highly contagious.

Diplomatic envoys have been sent to both Athorya and The Outer Union to show that the Skaristannic Empire is not looking for military expansion anymore, but instead look to help out in any way they can.

Azteca Post
An Independent News Outlet Funded By Our Readers

Peace In The United Republics?

After several months of quiet inactivity between the Federal government and the Republic of the Maya, it's safe to say that Mayan defiance towards the Biemas has been accepted, at least according to a prominent political scientist. The scientist went on to say that this intentional neglect by the Federal government, likely a desire not to flare up a constitutional crisis during a minor economic crisis, may open up the possibility for more republican freedom in domestic policies. The Federal office only had to comment, "We believe that this is the best course of action for this delicate political matter."

Crime Rate At An All-Time High

In response to the minor recession affecting much of Tonatiutlan, crime rates have risen to all time highs, with many major cities declaring emergency responses. The Mayor of Zaachila replied to these concerns in an address, calling upon the Zapotecan government to assist with guardsmen and calling for a crackdown on crime as murder and theft rates continue to rise. Only the Mayan Republic and the Totonac Republic have not seen a massive crime increase.

Major Legislative Laws Set To Be Voted On In The Near Future

The National Congress is set to vote on several bills that would drastically change Tonatiutlan's current course. These bills include the Amendment to the Biemaszone Act, set to reduce government use of the Biemas, the Industrial Development Act
that will place tariffs to protect Aztec industry, and the Anti-Dependent Funds Act which may end Russian investment permanently if passed. Vice President Paquini is a major advocate for many of these bills, calling them the "Sovereignty Acts."

Local Panic As Volcano Shows Activity, Scientists Assure No Eruption Is Close

Ceboruco has gotten the people of Xi'oi City awake at night. Literally. Constant earthquakes have become more common in recent months, with many quakes during the night making sleep difficult for the 90,000 inhabitants in this town in the Chichimecan Autonomous Republic. While many locals fear that the dormant volcano may become active again, scientists at the National Geological Academy have assured residents that normal geological activities include minor tremors. Meztli, the Head of the NGA, stated, "These tremors are usual and consistent with our readings, they will die down as they have before. The people of Xi'oi City have nothing to worry about."

Scientists have detected a possible tsunami heading westwards towards the coast of Castroworth. An Amber Warning has been set for floods in that province, and preparations are underway for a possible evacuation.

Nationwide Elections

The results are in for the 2023 eObet federal elections, which include the results for the Eskustaheilleá (eObet legislature) elections, including that for president.

The previous center-left government, led by the National Progressive Alliance, sought to maintain power in the Eskustaheilleá, however they were competing against center-right parties whose influence has been growing, including the Federalist Union, Party for Liberty and Development, Northern People's Party, Obets First Party, and the Democratic Party of Obets which has aligned itself with the center-right Federalist presidential candidate Alli Maja. Most electoral experts have stated that no matter the results, who the DPO joins will determine whether the leftist stay in power.

For president, progressive Śames Marksi strived for a third term. However, he had lost official support from the Democratic Party who backed strong center to center-right challenger Alli Maja. Marksi was endorsed by his party, the NPA, along with the democratic socialist People's Bloc and the Alliance of Transhumanists. Alli Maja was endorse by the FU, PLD, and DPO. Since the Northern People's Party and Obets First Party ran their own candidates, this election will most likely result in an instant runoff. Should Marksi fail to reach over 50%, Alli Maja's opposing campaign will have the advantage in an instant runoff due to the NPP and OFP having similar ideologies to other center-right and centrist parties backing her.

Legislature Results

Registered voters: 9,844,288
Valid votes: 7,461,971
Turnout: 75.8%

239 seats are appointed by county, where counties are apportioned seats proportional to their population, and within each county there is an open-list party-list proportional representation election. Parties are given seats based on the seats they win in each county. 100 more seats are apportioned using closed-list nationwide party-list proportional representation.

National Progressive Alliance

The largest party in Obets supports a general progressive platform, including the current redistribution of income system, workplace equity, environmentalism, expanding civil rights, installing parliamentary quotas, empowering the lower and middle class, and globalism.

Votes: 2,565,280
Seats: 116

Federalist Union

The party has grown significantly over the past decade. They support traditional liberalism, including lowering corporate taxes and taxes on consumer goods, better infrastructure and developing huge urban centers, and are generally considered a party for the upper and upper-middle class.

Votes: 2,025,752
Seats: 90

Democratic Party of Obets

Previously a pirate party, the centrist Democratic Party has shifted towards a civic nationalist agenda. Factions of the party support both progressive and libertarian ideals, and whichever faction dominates the party this term will determine whether the left or the right forms a government.

Votes: 1,455,871
Seats: 68

Party for Liberty and Development

Also called the "Rural People's Party," the PLD has a strong base in the southwest of the country. They are socially libertarian and support developing and empowering rural areas in Obets. However, the party is also relatively popular in suburbs.

Votes: 590,644
Seats: 26

Obets People's Bloc

This party closely aligns with the NPA, and promotes democratic socialism, environmentalism, and left-wing populism. While the party used to dominate in urban areas, they have lost support after the Progressive party became the dominant party in Obets.

Votes: 361,280
Seats: 17

Northern People's Party

Being one of the only regionalist parties in Obets, the Northern People's Party appeals to minorities and workers in the far north and the Arctic of Obets. The party usually wins by a landslide in counties such as Alatnamaa, Pohjanmaa, Tavastia, and Gaamamaa. As a joke about the party and also the sparseness of population in the north, the NPP is called "the largest party by land area" by its opposition.

Votes: 237,438
Seats: 13

Alliance of Transhumanists

Founded just 3 years ago, the Alliance of Transhumanists is seen as an alternative to the progressives. The party is seen as an experiment using Julian Huxley's philosophy of transhumanism, which combines mass technological advancement with the centuries-old transcendentalist movement. This year marks the most votes the party has ever received.

Votes: 122,657
Seats: 6

Obets First Party

The oldest still-existing political party in Obets has become the smallest one in parliament. The far-right party was the dominant party for much of Obets' history after independence, but as they radicalized towards ethnonationalism and far-right policies, the party has gone in a downward spiral for decades.

Votes: 98,866
Seats: 3

4,182 votes were cast for other parties, but his is not enough to make a minority seat. As most forecasters predicted, the DPO will decide who forms government based on whoever they align with. We will have results after the first parliamentary session occurs one week from today.

Presidential Election Results

Śames Marksi, who has been president for two terms of 12 years, ran for a third term without the support of the Democratic Party. Rather, Alli Maja, Marksi's strongest opponent yet, swayed the official endorsement of the party and split Democratic voters this election. Matias Rovosten, the Northern People's Party candidate, and Ignahó Asappi, running for the Obets First Party, did manage to take away enough votes to let neither Marksi nor Maja achieve 50%.

Round 1 Results

Śames Marksi - 3,581,746 votes, 48%
Alli Maja - 3,544,436 votes, 47.5%
Matias Rovosten - 237,291 votes, 3.18%
Ignahó Asappi - 98,498 votes, 1.32%

An instant runoff has been declared, meaning the second choices of both Rovosten and Asappi's voters will be distributed among Marksi and Maja. Results will probably come tomorrow.

The rumours of a tsunami ending hitting Castroworth are proven to be false, as the wave had seeming dissipated by the time it would have reached the shore. The evacuation that was in session has been put to an end, so people can return to their homes.

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