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The Free Nations Realm contains 3 nations.

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As a region, The Free Nations Realm is ranked 14,860th in the world for Highest Wealthy Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Colony of EUAF Base LeuchteInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For One, For All”
2.The Republic of FNR RoleplayNew York Times Democracy“We Exist”
3.The Republic of Keeper of the RealmDemocratic Socialists“FNR”

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The Free Nations Realm Regional Message Board

A new settlement has been established near the borders of Valkyria as a point of both defense and trade. The government has opted to call it Adelaide, after the Aliciate's greatest merchant, Adelaide Cross.

Alicetopia wishes to build a railroad encompassing all of northern Karshe. Elizabeth Kane, Alicia and head of the Socialist Party, requests the permissions of both Nihangok and Urdasia to begin construction on said railroad.

The Urdasian Republic is more than open to a transnational rail system encompassing northern Karshe as proposed by Alicetopia, and the Republic believes that its strong base in transportation research and manufacturing can prove invaluable in this endeavor. The Urdasian Republic gives its permission, and will happily invest in the project financially, especially if Urdasian transportation companies and researchers are contracted as part of this project.

The State of Nihangok is interested in the Trans-Karshe railway proposal and believes that this will improve the economic cooperation and growth between all involved countries. The Nihangoki Government gives its permission to construct the railroad and wishes to further communicate with the respective governments involved on: the nature of the project, any gauging issues which may arise, contributions from each involved state including financial, construction, fabrication and research, as well as the ownership arrangement of the railway. The Nihangoki Government proposes that a delegation of all interested and involved parties jointly meet for further deliberation on this subject matter, and invites delegates to the southern Nihangoki city of Yinhe for this meeting. Alternative proposals for this meeting are also welcome.

Zastava Automobiles, the premier Serbian Auto Manufacturer know for their cheap yet reliable cars, has announced that they will begin exporting their newest models of the Zastava Koral. (The Yugo) According to their press release, Zastava is hoping to expand into markets ignored by traditional automobile manufacturers, markets in developing states where foreign investment can make a significant difference. Any private or state enterprises looking to import the Zastava Koral, a budget car designed for reliability with minimal parts, are encouraged to get in touch with their sales department to open a branch on their nation.

Denolia Shall Know Peace

In a historical event in Denolia’s history, recently a new government presides over the lands of Denolia, as the revolutionary Unionist movement overcame the previous system of united-in-name-only, squabbling regional dynasties.

In the days since then, the eclectic composition of the Unionists have been finding their footing, as new regional government form from the ashes of the preceding states, implementing new reforms on the regional scale, and over-all getting themselves together to form the new legitimate government of Denolia.
On the national level, the leadership of the Unionist movement have been squabbling amongst themselves about the exact nature of the new Denolian constitution and what Denolia should look like once it moves past its provisional governance. But what it at the very least clear, the Union of Denolia shall try its best to be a democratic republic.

The Provisional Union Government has agreed that open national elections shall be held ideally in January of next year for the national legislature and the office of President. Regarding the latter position, although no candidates have officially thrown their hats in the ring quite yet, many suspect General Stefan Leyan will be the most prominent possibility, considering his role in the Unionist revolution and his popularity among the Denolian people all across the nation.

In the meantime, the Provisional Union Government and its central directory will handle day-to-day affairs, implementing basic reforms all Unionists can get behind, and starting to open up to other nations to form both diplomatic and economic relations.

Although Denolia is not entirely out of the woods yet, with the newborn Union still in a very interim nature, what all Denolians can be rest assured of is that the period of outright strife and bloodshed if over for now, and the Denolia will known peace. Hopefully, with Faith, Liberty, and Unity, it can stay this way.

In order to sort out the planning and funding or the North Karshe Railway, the Alicia of the country, Elizabeth Kane is going to visit Yinhe, Nihangok's capital, for a few days.

A broadcast is made and a tall man in a suit and a feathered headdress appears on the screen in front of a podium

"Greetings nations of the world. I am Chief Kuruk of the great nation of Jaston. We have of recently made policy decisions to open ourselves up to the world and to trade with others. If you would like to know more of our nation we are what you would call a constitutional monarchy however ruled by me the chief of this nation. We have no quarrel with no nation at this time and home alliances to naturally form between us and other nations of the world. May we all prosper together."

Just as soon as the broadcast started it ends after his final words

Election on the Horizon!

Recently, Ruzelna has been buzzing with activity as the national parliamentary election on November 15th draws ever closer. Various political parties and candidate campaigns have been rallying their supporters, and polling has become more volatile than ever.

Ruzelna is a multi-party democracy, with numerous groups with their own policies and visions, but there are three main parties that hope to capture the position of Prime Minister and head of the government :

- The National Action Union is the incumbent ruling party, head of the governing coalition and party of the incumbent prime minister. It was propelled to victory in the parliamentary election of 2019, bringing together a large range of voters on a syncretic platform emphasizing national populism, economic national, and a general rhetoric railing against an incompetent and out-of-touch elite. Although quite popular during its initial ascendancy, it has found itself in tight competition with opposition parties, with not only controversy and external criticism but even disputes between internal factions plaguing the National Action Union.

- The Civic Democratic Party is considered the main opposition party and is currently the largest of them. A big-tent party with a broad coalition of supporters, and a platform of both economic and cultural liberalism, the party prides itself as an icon of sensibility and moderation. It lost power in the 2019 parliamentary election as a result of its own scandals and unpopular leadership, but after its candidate won the 2021 presidential election, it rebounded and became more competitive once again; despite the Presidency being mostly ceremonial, the Civic Democrats’ victory showed voters’ discontent with National Action Union rule. However, it still has to contend with the unpleasant memory many voters have of when they were last in government, and must maintain its broad coalition without bleeding votes to other parties if it wants a chance to be the largest party.

- The Left Democratic Union is a fellow opposition party, currently being the second largest opposition group. It represents a more progressive direction in politics, advocating an egalitarian message in both the economic and cultural spheres. For most of this campaign, this party was considered to be the inevitable junior partner in a Civic Democratic coalition should the Civic Democrats emerge triumphant; however, some polling indicates that the Left Democrats may be attracting some support from voters hesitant to a return to the Civic Democrats, and may be enchanted by the Left Democrats’ slightly populist rhetoric. However, many polls still indicate the Left Democratic Union at third place behind the Civic Democratic Party and National Action Union, and many are still skeptical of the Left Democrats and being radical and not prepared to lead a government, so they will have to put some real effort if they hope to be the triumphant party this election.

Of course, there are numerous other, smaller parties competing this election, and any party will need to form a coalition for a government to be formed, but these three parties are the ones with the most realistic chances at leading a coalition formation.

The polls have been volatile recently, so it’s expected that a lot of activity will be seen as these parties try their last ditch efforts to try and capture the hearts of Ruzelnans. Whatever happens, let us hope that Ruzelna goes down the road to prosperity.

Charting the Course for International Relations

Although Denolia’s government is still in its provisional status, with the constituent assembly of the Provisional Union Government haggling over details and the overarching philosophy of the new Denolian state, a ground work is being laid for future executive institutions to serve the most basic functions of governance.

Among these institutions is the Foreign Relations Directory, which, as the name implies, will be tasked with handling relations with other nations, as well as bringing Denolia as a whole into the international stage and/or economy.

Although the Provisional Union Goverment is still currently more focused on domestic matters, it has been indicated that the Foreign Relations Directory wishes to reach out to the Kingdom of Zennovia, a nation across the sea from Denolia, due to Zennovia’s perceived “proximity, similarities, and shared desires for development”. There are also rumors the FRD wishes to reach out to negotiate the acquisition of automobiles from Quiameth in the interest of acquiring vehicles which would be affordable for the currently meager Denolian economy.

Although it’s not entirely clear where these proposals will go at this juncture, the FRD will certainly work to improve Denolia’s image after decades of chaos, and present the new Union government as a legitimate government.

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