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The Fallout Wasteland
Est. July, 26 2015

"War... War never changes."
In the year 2077, a nuclear war plunged America into a fiery holocaust, only to set another bloody chapter in human history. The year is 2171, and there’s always a new story in the wastes.

Welcome to The Fallout Wasteland. You may create/join a faction. Moderators will enforce the rules pinned below. Please join the Discord (linked below) to join the community. To be placed on the map, make a request on the #map-request-wing channel of the Discord.

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    The Resource System

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The Fallout Wasteland contains 57 nations, the 304th most in the world.

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The Most Avoided in The Fallout Wasteland

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, The Fallout Wasteland is ranked 3,167th in the world for Most Avoided.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Nuked landmass of Old WastelandsCompulsory Consumerist State“War... War never changes.”
2.The Atomic Empire of NukatopiaFather Knows Best State“war never changes”
3.The Irradiated Wasteland of Xenophobic NeedlesLeft-Leaning College State“I empty my explode like a blood sausage!”
4.The Reavers of Sol System TridentCorporate Police State“For SONY!!!”
5.The Protectorate of 15 Floor Tenpenny TowerIron Fist Consumerists“I almost wish there was another nuke we could detonate”
6.The Free Land of -New Vegas-Compulsory Consumerist State“The House Always Wins”
7.The Protectorate of The Territory of MojaveFather Knows Best State“The Platinum Chip of the Wasteland”
8.The Barren Remains of Wasteland AliveLibertarian Police State“War, War never changes.”
9.The Disputed Territories of Rusted Colonies of The WastesCapitalizt“Family is Built on Scrap”
10.The Rogue Nation of Separatist RebellionAnarchy“Freedom!”

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The Fallout Wasteland Regional Message Board

Wasteland Alive wrote:Bigger Picture: The Takeoff


After Torr arrives at the entrance gate, he is swarmed by ten guards, aiming their assault rifles at him. One of them notices that Torr doesn't seem to be hostile and lowers his weapon.

Anette Guard - "Um. . .are. . .are you here for the meeting?"

At the runway, as Mr. Anette oversees the final preparations he notices the three helicopters quickly approaching. He turns of one of his workers.

Edgar Anette III - "Wade! Go help the bozos at traffic control, I'm sure they're pissing themselves right now. . .we need the runway clear!"

Wade seems hesitant at first but after Anette glares at him, he races to the traffic control tower. Up in the tower, a couple of ghouls seem confused at the sight of the helicopters. One of them gets on radio and makes contact.

Traffic Control Director - "This is restricted airspace, please identify yourselves and your motives."

Pilot: "Tower this is Eagle Five requesting permission to land at your facility, we are carrying representatives from the Reich responding to your communiqué. Over."

Wasteland Alive wrote:Bigger Picture: The Takeoff


After Torr arrives at the entrance gate, he is swarmed by ten guards, aiming their assault rifles at him. One of them notices that Torr doesn't seem to be hostile and lowers his weapon.

Anette Guard - "Um. . .are. . .are you here for the meeting?"

Torr looks at the guards with suspicion clear in his eyes, he didn't trust whoever these folks are but they must be the one's who sent that radio message. Torr glances back at his two soldiers and orders them to lower their weapons, no need to get into any unnecessary altercations after all. He then looks back at the guards, his presence terrifying but there's intelligence still clear in his eyes, "I suppose you could say that, I have just been informed about your radio message and made my way here as fast as possible." He answers as he folds his arms over his chest, his assault rifle slung on his back, as he waits to see what the guards do.

Awfully Quiet For a Mutant 3/3:

The town of Lakeview, not as nice as it was a few hours ago, serves as the next jumping off point for Betty's small, but effective, army. The city of Klamath Falls is the next target that will solidify this territory as the Warren's, however this will prove to be quite the challenge. Betty believes that she has been waiting too long for reinforcements from the Fort to hold Lakeview, the communities within Klamath Falls could be informed about the Warren's presence by now. However the First was adamant on staying put and holding Lakeview until more mutants come, in his letter he stated that he didn't want the mercenaries to come back and retake the town. Betty could understand the reasoning behind his orders but that doesn't mean she had to like it, so she waited there for a couple more days before the reinforcements finally arrive which means Betty can finally move out towards Klamath Falls.

After a few days the small force finally arrives at the massive ruins of Klamath Falls, it's few skyscrapers reaching towards the sky as they have for more than a hundred years. Betty would be lying if she said she wasn't at least the tiniest bit intimidated at the monumental task ahead of her, but she had to push forward and succeed in the name of the Warren. She orders a detachment of her Nightkin soldiers to enter the ruined city and find places of interest, such as the exact locations of the communities and the super mutant gang would be the most valuable. In the meantime she sets up an outpost on the outskirts of the city to further strategize their attack on Klamath Falls, letting her soldiers do what they want during the worst part of war, the waiting.

It took a couple of days but the Nightkin report back with very helpful information, noting the communities that have housed themselves in the city's ruins and have located the stronghold the super mutant gang has been using to terrorize the communities within Klamath. Betty dismisses them as she formulates a plan, staying in her tent for hours as she converses with the voices in her head as she works out a battle plan. After a few hours she leaves her tent and gathers her soldiers, leading them towards the ruined city, the mutant gang's stronghold more specifically. Betty believes that this gang could be used to assist them with seizing the Klamath communities before they had time to rally and formulate a counter attack. Soon Betty and her forces were at the base of an old world skyscraper that had pointed metal pikes and mutilated bodies strewn about, a small group of mutants outside to prevent outsiders from entering.

The mutants guarding the stronghold hold their weapons, a bladed board and a pipe rifle respectively, at the approaching force. The one with the pipe rifle points his weapon threateningly at Betty, "Who you and why you here?" He asks, dashing away any hope for an intellectual conversation. Betty holds her hands up, fighting wasn't going to get them anywhere, "We from up north, from a place called 'The Warren'." She answers, her voice deep and gruff like most other mutants but it still holds a bit of femininity within it. The mutant guards widen their eyes slightly at the declaration, looking over at one another for a moment before the one with a board looks back over at Betty, "You stay here, me talk to boss about this." He then heads inside the building to fetch whoever their boss is, after a few minutes a particularly large mutant walks out with a super sledge strapped on his back.

The Boss takes a look at Betty and her force for a few moments before he finally addresses them, "So… you from Warren huh? Why you here?" He asked, his intelligence much higher than his two grunts. Betty nods, "Yes, soon the south shall be ours, we come to give you a place within the Warren." The mutant gang Boss looks surprised but maintains his composure, "What would me and my boys have to do to join the Warren huh?" Betty shakes her head, "You don't have to do anything, just help us attack the towns within Klamath." The Boss ponders this for a minute, resting his large hand on his chin as he does so, "I suppose I could agree to this, but I remain in charge of Klamath for the Warren." Betty nods, she could agree with those terms and if he ever became an issue down the road then he'll be dealt with swiftly.

This added about a hundred and fifty super mutant Brutes to their campaign, which will assist largely at the daunting task ahead of them. The reports showed that there were four main communities within Klamath, the first is downtown which is the largest and most well defended, the second is the Metro which controls most of the city's underground railway network and only have a small settlement up top, the third is Uptown which is the smallest of all of them but they had the most trade caravans out of the four so it's speculated that they have a chokehold on trade, and lastly is the Skyrise which is a small community of people living on the roofs of the long abandoned skyscrapers. Betty believes that if they could capture Uptown then they could starve out the other communities and make them weak. Once she hashed out the plan she ordered her soldiers, along with the mutant gang, to march north towards Uptown.

Uptown was nothing but a couple of neighborhoods that were walled in with a couple of towers watching the roadways in and out of Uptown. The community was well defended so it would be almost impossible for her Nightkin to infiltrate behind the walls so Betty decides to order a small group of Nightkin to place their last explosive charges at the base of the southern wall, the Nightkin returning back after only a few minutes. Betty pushes down the trigger and watches as the explosion causes the southern wall to collapse into a heap of wood and metal, her soldiers rushing in a few seconds later. The mercenaries defending the community caught wind of the mutant force in Lakeview so they were better off when the attack happened, but they were soon overwhelmed and retreated from Uptown and left the settlers behind. With Uptown under Warren control they can now stop the caravans that tied the communities together and starve them into submission.

After a week of waiting within Uptown and raiding any caravan that dared try and reestablish contact with the other communities, Betty believed that it was time to move and secure the rest of Klamath. With over a hundred Nightkin and about fifty Brutes she moves on to Downtown, where most of their mercenaries fled after they stopped receiving much needed supplies, so they fell without too much fuss. Next was the Skyrise, their superior elevation giving them a bit of an edge but soon fell when their stores of ammunition ran out and couldn't fire upon the mutant force. Lastly was the Metro which stood longer than all of the other communities, but they too couldn't hold out against the might that is the Warren, and by the end of the week Klamath was finally there's. Thanks to much needed reinforcements from the Warren the territory soon fell when the two largest population centers fell, leaving it ripe for the taking. Lakeview and Klamath are to become the newest settlements within the Warren, a large factory being found and worked on in Klamath, Lakeview being the first Warren town to fully adopt ranching as they're primary food source. This is great for the Warren, it seems as though no one can stop them.

Klamath Campaign Results:
Warren Forces (-72)
Mercenaries (-321)
Settlers (-257)
Prisoners Turned Into Mutants (+490)
R91 Assault Rifles (+55 units)
Hunting Rifles (+120 units)
Various Melee Weapons (+250 units)

Projects Started:
Large Factory in Klamath Falls- Finishes June 24th

Orcus Rex: Mass Fusion, pt. 1
A quad of vertibirds lift off from the FOB Boston, headed for the other side of town. Before starting a full operation to remove the super mutant threat, the Enclave requires that certain strategic locations be secured. As such, the vertibirds and their load of soldiers head for the Mass Fusion tower, one of the highest vantage points in the city and an important technological location.

The plan is for them to assault the tower by air. Recon has failed to identify any occupants of note, but that doesn't mean there isn't anybody inside. At the very least, there are probably ferals. As such, the assault team is composed of two squads of mechanized soldiers (8) and two riflemen squads (18), along with a comms unit and a pair of snipers who will set up an observation post and comm hub on the top of the tower.

The vertibirds fly across the bay and over the city ruins, the noise of the rotor wash echoing off the rubble. Thankfully, the top of the tower is deserted, and the landing of the assault force happens unopposed. The landing takes nearly half an hour as the sensitive comm equipment is unloaded from one of the vertibirds onto the veranda. While the signals unit unpacks the equipment, the soldiers search the skytop offices and laboratory, finding the executive keycard that will allow them to descend from the roof. Oddly enough, there doesn't seem to be any sort of fire escape stairwell, which would have been a violation of city code before the war.

The lights are on in the building, but the reactor at the top of the roof is dormant. The elevator also seems to have power. Potentially, there is another power source elsewhere in the building that is keeping the lights on. The team enters the elevator and begins to descend the building.

Immediately exiting the roof, the team is surprised to see, though the elevator glass, people scurrying around inside. Not ferals, actual people - wastelanders, by the look of them, ragged and worn from life in the wasteland. Adults and kids, both. The wastelanders seemed to have set up a settlement inside the building - unsurprising, in retrospect, given the tower's relative security and sturdiness. Nevertheless, the soldiers are taken by surprise, and fail to notice some of the armed wastelanders cut the power to the elevator before they had even descended four floors.

The elevator doors at least have a failsafe and open when the power gets cut. The soldiers hop out and are immediately confronted by a group of the tower's inhabitants, armed with handmade Kalashnikovs and homemade grenades. "Stop right there, intruders!" one, clearly a leader of some kind, yells.

The captain commanding the expedition, Captain Dickinson, laughs. "Brave souls, to challenge men in power armor. We mean no harm to you. We were unaware there were... human, occupants of this tower."

"Who are you people?" the leader challenges.

"Captain Roger Dickinson, United States Army. I represent the Reorganized American Republic."

The soldiers relaxed their weapons somewhat in confusion. "What is that?" the leader asked. "Some sort of mercenary group?"

"No," Dickinson replied. "We're the actual U.S. Army. We're here to deal with the Super Mutant threat. May we speak to your leader?"

The troop leader hesitates, before gesturing at a soldier. "Go hop on the ham set, tell Erika we got ourselves some visitors on the fourteenth floor," he ordered.

The soldier ran off. The Enclave soldiers stood at ease, weapons lowered but ready, while the tower defenders stayed with their rifles leveled. Eventually, the soldier came back and whispered something to the troop leader's ear. "All right. Just one of you. Leave your weapons and/or your power armor, and come with us. The rest of you, make yourselves comfortable."

The captain nodded and complied, setting down his weapon and stepping out of his power armor. "Lead the way," he said.

New Decandsor wrote:

Pax Romana Chapter 1: Pro Bono Terras


Caesar II looks up at the night sky at the moon, shining bright in the darkness. She was outside of camp, down the hill by a river. It wasn't a safe option, considering the threat of the Militia. But she needed some fresh air. Her army had been marching for two straight days. They had everything to destroy the Militia, but there was still a feeling that has crept up on Caesar II. She doesn't know exactly what it is, or what it means. She was so engrossed in her thoughts she didn't notice when Centurion Axes walked over next to her.

Centurion Axes - "Beautiful night, isn't it?"

Caesar II turns around startled, her hand on the hilt of her sword. When she see its Axes, she laughs.

Caesar II - "Damn, don't sneak up on people like that. A sure way to get yourself killed."

Axes smiles.

Centurion Axes - "You know, when Sallow created the Legion, it fed his worst temptations, his worst demons. His darker aspect took control, and he went on a path of destruction. Many in the Legion admired his strength, but knew that deep down, he was soft. He was considered a liability. But you. . .you are different. You don't use violence and destruction to appease your demons, you use them as tools. To the slaves, you are an idol. You were a slave yourself. Freed by Sallow and made his Heir. A story that inspired them. To the common soldier and civilian, they see you as a strong and willing leader. But those in power, they see you differently. They see you as a threat. This Militia, the Dux, the assassins, that's what it's all about."

Caesar II looks back at the sky before the same feeling creeps up on her. She hears Axes' voice in her head: the assassins. She looks over to Axes who is still fixated on the sky.

Caesar II - "How do you know about the assassins?"

Axes calmly looks over.

Centurion Axes - "The weak idolized you, put you up on a pedestal. The farmers covered in pig sh*t rally behind you and hold you up as their 'Caesar'. Pathetic. You have brought the Legion down and muddled it in weakness covered by a friendly mask. Over the past three years you have held up the weak at the expense of the strong, the ones who should be ruling this world! Like I said, Sallow was a liability. You are a threat."

In one swift movement, Caesar II draws her sword and presses it against the chest of Axes.

Caesar II - "You admit to attempted murder and treason."

Centurion Axes - "What, are you going to drive your sword through my heart?"

Caesar II - "No. . .once this Militia is dealt with you'll be nailed to a cross. And then, you'll be carried to every corner of the Legion so that everyone can see what fate murderers and traitors meet in the Legion."

Caesar II hears a snap behind her and turns around. Her sword meets with the sword of the Legate. She looks shocked at the Legate, hesitant. Suddenly she feels a sharp pain through her abdomen. She looks down to see a sword through her stomach. She made the mistake of turning he back on Axes. She falls to the ground and stumbles away. She turns and avoids the strikes of the Legate, who swings his sword down like a beast. Their swords meet once more. Caesar II kicks the Legate in his leg, causing him to stumble. With all of her force, she brings her sword down on his helmet. It cracks and when he stumbles, it falls all, revealing the Legate's face. It was horribly scarred, with massive burns that cover the majority of his face. The remains of his face is comprised of scar tissue and mangled skin. His eyes have no light in them, they are filled with darkness. Caesar II turns to find herself backed up to the river line.

Centurion Axes - "Pro Bono Terras."

The Legate drives his sword through Caesar's heart. In her final moments, Caesar looks into the dark, cold, lifeless eyes of the Legate. Her body falls back into the river. Caesar II, once dubbed Tacet and Domina by Sallow, who had once been the girl Amelia, now drifts downstream, a lifeless corpse.

Pax Romana Chapter 1: Pro Bono Terras


The bells rung throughout the capital of the Legion. Dread, sorrow, and confusion lingered in the atmosphere as the hundreds of residents in the city poured out from their homes and made a trek to the far edge of the capital. To the Hill of Caesar. The sun was hidden behind dark, lingering clouds. And everyone knew what it meant: a storm is coming. Thunder rang out as lightning flashes in the distance. Crowded around the Hill of Caesar were the Praetorian Guards, wearing blood-red robes over their gleaming armor. The residents looked up the hill, every few feet their were spikes, their tops covered by black cloth. Further, they saw dozens of crosses with people lashed onto them. They cried out in pain and misery, blood dripping from their bodies to the ground beneath them. After a few minutes of waiting, more Praetorian Guards arrived at the peak of the hill. In the center was a hooded figure: The Minister. He raises his arms, revealing the strange markings across his body and muttered words unintelligible. He lowered his arms and looked directly into the crowd that has gathered and spoke in a disturbingly raspy voice.

The Minister - "By the grace of the gods, the Caesar is dead! Let the bells ring! The heretic is dead!"

The crowd quickly became panicked. Their faces turned from confusion to downright fear. The Minister smiled beneath his hood. The Praetorian Guard surged forward to the edge of the crowd and drew their swords. The crowd, noticing the soldiers, began to calm.

The Minister - "The gods have made their will known, and have chosen a new champion! Bow before your new Caesar!"

The crowd watched as the former Legate, Ramses, walks past the Minister to the peak of the hill. His armor was newly furbished, engraved with the head of a bull. His robes were dark red, almost black. His face was covered with a new helmet of a face with a spiked beard and the helmet of a Legionnaire warrior: the head of Mars. The new Caesar looked over the crowd before speaking in a deep and powerful voice.

Caesar III - "Kneel!"

The crowd hesitates, unsure what to make of what they are seeing. When they don't, the Praetorian Guards march forward with their swords drawn. The crowd quickly begins to kneel, each individual falling to their knees before their new Caesar.

Caesar III - "Good. . .for the past few years we have had the burden of caring and providing for the weakness within our borders. . .no more! The degenerates among us will be placed back into the chains where they belong or they will be dragged from their homes and slowly nailed to crosses like these traitors who thought they could test the might of the Legion!"

He looks to the people nailed to the crosses, still crying out in pain. They were members of the Militia that had caused trouble in the Caddo Region, quickly quelled and exterminated by the Legionary forces. The crowd looked on, fear covering their faces.

Caesar III - "They meet the fate any who dare to stand up to the Legion. The weasel that tried to call herself 'Caesar' was a disgrace to these great lands, she allowed the weak to gain power and brought down the strong. No more! Our armies will march across every mile of this Earth, we will conquer every town, city, and nation we come across. Those who fight us will be slaughtered, their wives raped in the streets and their children will be placed in chains! This is the will of the gods! This is the will of the Legion!"

The Caesar turns to the Praetorians and nods. They head to the spikes covered by black cloths and unveil them. On the spikes were the heads of the former Dux's and Praetor's of the Legion. Among them are the leaders of the Militia from Caddo and the anti-slavery movement that helped Hawk and Ordall, Dr. Joseph Kingswell's head was among them.

Caesar III - "Look at them! Memorize every detail! This is the fate of everyone that do not bow before the might of the Legion! I am here to save the Legion, to lead it to greatness, to restore its glory! And I promise, our Empire will stretch from every corner of this world! I am the Monster of the East! And I will consume and destroy all those who stand against the Legion! Pro Bono Terras!"

Beacon of Freedom: Part Four

The soldiers left The Castle at 0800 a armada 2000 strong the largest offensive operation since the fall of the old Minutemen. The operation was split into 4 different groups each of around 500 men, but it would vary, the goal of this Operation was create a zone where there was no hostiles surrounding the Castle up to a acceptable area. The one benefit the Castle had in its location was the fact it was a Peninsular, this meant a front line of Minutemen Firebase's could be established. There was two waves of troops that would engage, the first group known as "Group N" or the north group would be assaulting a Super Mutant Fortress that was located between The Castle and The South Boston Police Station, there Goal is to search each house on there way to the police station find any survivors, bring them to safety and also kill any raiders on there way. Once Group N had arrived at the super mutant fortress they would begin there assault, free any hostages and then make sure all hostiles were killed, once achieved they would leave a few men to give any orders needed to the second wave for Group N and setup a fire base in the police station. Whilst Group N did everything they had planned with there orders a second group known as Group S or the southern group would push south all the way to the South Boston High School, there they will setup defences and begin building checkpoints on the roads between The Castle and University Point for a future excursion back into Quincy, we know the area well and do not believe any Super Mutants or Raiders will attack from our south but as a precaution and also to make sure hostiles cannot wander into the region we must gain control of the area.

0800: Group N

The First wave of Group N moved in under General Thomas Gage, he believed the northern mission to of the utmost importance due to its higher activity of hostiles and also the small factory that was found by earlier scouts. It was around two hours before the the main fighting truly began a small group of raiders bumped into the first wave before they arrived at the mutant fortress, the unlucky souls were so heavily out matched that a lot of them ran away before loosing half there forces, about 10 raiders were killed another 5 captured and 27 ran away. Only around 10 men were injured in this engagement with a following 2 being killed in the initial firefight.

1000: Group N

The first wave surrounded the Mutant stronghold, from what Thomas could see there were atleast 34 Mutants in the Fortress this left him with good hopes for the battle that would ensue. Thomas ordered that all suppression M60's ready up at each entrance into the fortress along with all the M16 operators. He then ordered all the M14 troops to get into elevated positions around the fortress. Once everyone was ready Thomas took a deep breath then twisted the top of the blue flare and hurled it over into the fortress, all that could be heard from over the wall was confused grunts all of Thomas's men made sure they were ready and in position, then they heard it. Three loud thumps, then nothing, then when the whistling began 3 large explosions from inside the fortress. Mutants started fleeing from every gate to come and fight there invaders only to be met with unrelenting suppression fire, some super mutants still heavily wounded fired back with hunting rifles, but one by one mutant fell. Thomas then ordered the attack, by this point a large majority of super mutants had died but a small amount of resistance was still alive, in the chaos of the charge a super mutant managed to cave a soldiers head in with a super sledge. The fighting lasted around 40 minutes before the last super mutant was subdued. The battle lead to the deaths of 14 soldiers. Group N successfully made it to the police station and men were stationed in the old factory to cement the occupation

0800: Group S

The southern group was met with very little engagements, there was a few raider encampments that littered the coastline some of them housing ex minutemen. Group S led by Harold Beckett ran a strict policy of no raider survivors and any they found who did not immediately surrender where executed. The force made it to the High school with very minimal casualties numbering around 8 dead from combat and accidents on the march and 12 wounded. Once at the High School they established everything needed to turn it into a military command building and hopefully in the future a School and Court House, for now however the Minutemen will begin clearing the streets and ruined houses to resettle the civilians living in tents and have no land of there own. Group S will also be tasked with the planning and building of new farming and building projects, Harold Beckett has also been tasked with the final securing of the Firebase front line and also sending further assignments of men down south towards quincy to secure key locations. This is a big day for the CPG and marks the Castle as a new beacon of freedom in the commonwealth.


The Minutemen have made a large push out from the Castle and secured much of the peninsular for themselves in this they gained:
Small Factory - Completed on June 14th
a new front line area and land to begin the foundations for a government

22 Injured (out of combat for 2 IRL days)
24 Dead

Orcus Rex: Mass Fusion, pt. 2
The tower defenders restored power to the elevator, and Captain Dickinson was led inside by the troop leader. The elevator took them down, all the way to the ground floor, past the ruined floors somehow teeming with human life. Each floor seemed to have its own function, culture, and vibe, with different decorations having different color schemes between floors. Each floor was alive with people performing various activities, from cooking to painting to dancing and/or conversing with one another.

"It's like a mini-city in here," Dickinson commented, impressed. "Where did all these people come from?"

"Outside," the troop leader responded. Dickinson glanced at him, but he declined to elaborate. Dickinson shrugged and went back to observing the floors as they dropped down.

Eventually, they reached the bottom, where another group of Defenders is waiting. These Defenders are dressed differently, however - each of them wears a Victorian-era suit and a bowler. They're clustered on either side of a young woman similarly dressed, though with a dress to go with her bowler. "Greetings, Captain," she says, standing tall and proud. "I am Victoria Blevins. Welcome to the Boston Shelter."

Captain Dickinson bowed, and Victoria laughed. "I'm not a queen, captain. Just the mother of this our little family of refugees. Stand up, man, you're embarrassing me."

Dickinson straightened, slightly embarrassed himself. "My apologies, miss. Forgive my ignorance."

"Forgiven," Victoria said with a laugh. "Come with me, Captain, let's go to my office."

Victoria and her guard led the captain down the staircase to the basement, past the secretary manned by another bowler-topped guard to a back room that had been turned into an office. Victoria walked behind the ornate desk and sat down, gesturing for Dickinson to do the same. A solitary guard entered the room and shut the door behind him, standing at attention beside it.

"So, I'm told you're a Captain in the U.S. Army," Victoria began after they were settled. "Here to drive out the Orcs from the Sanctuary, is that it?"

Dickinson was momentarily confused. "If you mean drive the Super Mutants out from Trinity Tower, then yes, miss, that's exactly what we're here to do."

"Yes, that's what I meant," Victoria replied, an amused smile on her face. "Seems like you've got the wrong tower, captain, this is Mass Fusion, not Trinity Tower."

"I'm well aware," Dickinson dryly responded. "We are here to secure the building as a first step in taking care of the - uh, whadidjacallem? Orcs? The Orc Problem. We were not aware that the building was occupied."

"Mm-hmm," Victoria murmured. "Many people aren't. We don't make ourselves a target. The Shelter is where the people of the streets go when there is nowhere else to go." She regarded the captain. "Now that you know, Captain - what will you do? Will you leave?"

"We would rather not," Dickinson replied with a frown. "This building is a strategic location - you can see almost anywhere from its top. We don't mean to intrude, but in order to take care of the mutants, we need this location."

"But we were here first," Victoria countered. "We have poured our blood, sweat, and tears into this tower. It's ours. Would you have us leave just because you need it?"

Dickinson's eyebrows raised. "No, no! Of course not!" he replied, putting up his hands in protest. "That's not what I mean. We're not kicking anybody out of anywhere, except the mutants. All we want is to establish an observation post and communications center on top of the tower. The only reason we came down here in the first place was to make sure that our backs were secured."

Victoria nodded thoughtfully. "How much are you willing to pay for the privilege?" she asked.

Dickinson was taken aback. "Excuse me...?"

"You heard me. How much are you willing to pay for it? It's our tower. We have a right to demand recompense for your presence. How much?"

"Well, um, how much do you want?" Dickinson asked.

"Clean water," Victoria replied. "I want clean water. There isn't enough rainwater to supply these people. The tap water is practically green, and boiling it only does so much for it."

Dickinson sighed in relief. He had feared she was going to ask him for something hard, like twenty thousand caps a day or something. But a water purifier was something he could do. "I can give you a water purification unit," he replied. "Install it, and then teach your people how to maintain it. How about food? We can supply you with food, I'm sure you can't grow that much in here."

Victoria narrowed her eyes. "You're awfully eager to offer me stuff," she said suspiciously. "What's the catch?"

"No catch," Dickinson replied. When Victoria's gaze didn't falter, he did a little. "Okay, maybe we want to convince you to join us. We're rebuilding America, and we'd have you participate."

Victoria guffawed, long and loudly. "Rebuilding America? Now that's a scam!" she said between peals of laughter. "Oh, that's funny! Captain, do you know how many factions Boston has seen come and go, promising to rebuild the wasteland, offering us a better life? Oh, let's see, there were the Apostles, back before I was around, but they got smashed by schism and the Orcs... then there was the CPG, but nobody ever really took them seriously. Bunch of farmers playing around at army. Then there was the NEC, bunch of cowards that promised grand things but when the hammer fell ran off to Canada like a pack of rats on a sinking ship. And now there's you, supposedly the U.S. Army, come to fix all our problems! OH, my side! Tell me another one, captain!" She dissolved once more into peals of laughter.

Dickinson was not impressed. "I am not joking, Miss Blevins," he said, mildly angry now. "The RAR is more powerful than you realize, cooped up here in your tower. The wasteland is rebuilding, and we're rebuilding it. We're not playing around. We'll get rid of the mutants, and we will rebuild America. It is in your long-term interests to join us and be a part of the solution. But we won't force you. If you want to hide here in your tower, starving, while the wasteland is reborn around you, you're welcome to do so."

Victoria laughed once more. "Touche, Captain. Tell you what. If you actually get rid of the Orcs, then we'll consider joining you. But only after. And I want that water purifier immediately."

"Fine," Dickinson replied. "Don't worry. We'll do it. You will see."

"Yes," Victoria remarked. "I suppose I will."

Say Hello to my 'Little' Friend:

The city of Klamath was getting a well deserved makeover, mutants lined the streets as they worked to remove piles of rubble from the streets and tearing down any buildings they couldn't use anymore. The work went pretty smoothly, only a small feral ghoul horde was found in the sewers and they were dealt with swiftly, but as the mutants cleared the city they found a particular building that stood out more than the rest. Above the entrance was faded lettering that read, 'World War Museum', the Brutes didn't understand the wording of course but they informed their commander, who then informed the First about this find.

The First has his reservations but soon dispatches a team of his more intelligent mutants to scavenge the museum to try and find anything of use. The team scours the site but most of it has been reduced to nothing but rubble and scrap, however they finally find something after hours of searching the site. It was a large artillery gun that stood in the middle of one of the rooms mostly intact, one of the mutants approached the worn plaque that would tell people of what this thing was and what it did. Apparently this is a piece of Infantry artillery that was used by a place called the 'United Kingdom' during the first and second World Wars, the mutants may not have known what the World Wars were or their historical significance but they knew that this would please the First immensely so they do their best to drag it out of the ruins and towards the Warren for the First's approval.

The First is obviously surprised by this amazing find and rewards the group accordingly, afterwards he takes time to examine the artillery himself. It wasn't in the best condition but with the right parts it could be operational once again, however ammunition might be an issue. He orders some Brutes and Overlords to haul the weapon into the underground tunnels that is the Warren and have his lieutenants and more mechanically gifted mutants take a look at the piece of artillery. Even though it can't be used currently, it holds plenty of potential for the future to expand the Warren's military might.

QF 18-Pounder Infantry Artillery Gun (+1, however in need of repairs)

New Franken wrote:Setting Sun: Part 9
I-96 Trading Post
Rat-tat-tat! As the men march on the trading post small skirmishes break out on the way from patrols of the Grand Proctor's men. A few casualties were taken, but no fatalities. The mobile infantry surrounded the trading post, blocking any escape and harassing the enemy any time they could see them. Even taking out a few every so often. The Reichtroopers surrounded the post soon after setting up emplacements for mortars. General Zeigler ordered the mortars to begin bombardment and the shells began to rain down on the Order of Salvation.

Inside the Post
The soldiers hunkered down as much as they could in their power armor as shells exploded all around them. One soldier yelled to another;
Soldier: "We need to get back to the Grand Proctor for orders!"
Soldier 2: "But we are pinned down here!"
Soldier: "The three of us need to make a break for it!"
They started to run to the radio tower where Gamble set up his command post. As they ran the mortars continued to fall, one mortar hit the point man right in the leg destroying the armor and shattering his leg. He fell to the ground screaming. The two kept running as fast as they could mortars sill exploding all around. The soldier looked back to his comrade, a mortar hit him right in the back of the head. He dropped to his knees and slumped over, completely decapitated. The soldier turned back and kept running as fast as he could, diving into a ditch, finding cover in a large drainage pipe. The mortars began to slow in frequency until they stopped completely. He crawled out of the pipe and finally made it to Gamble's command post.
Soldier: "Sir we aren't going to be able to handle this much longer. Those mortars can devastate our armor."
Gamble: "Send out a white flag and ask for a meeting."
The soldier did what he was ordered and Gamble joined him shortly after, bringing Colonel Wagner and other prisoners with him.
Ziegler met him near one of the gates.
Gamble: "I am Grand Proctor Gamble I would like to discuss terms of our surrender."
Ziegler: "Very well."
Gamble: "In that building over there I have prisoners including Colonel Wagner. I would like to exchange them so my men can return to Grand Rapids unharmed and I will be your prisoner."
Gamble motions his men to bring out the prisoners and they do so.
Ziegler: "Colonel it is good to see you alive, we assumed you were dead."
Wagner: "An exaggeration General."
Ziegler: "And a good thing it is. Grand Proctor I will agree on one condition they surrender their equipment; weapons and armor."
Gamble sighs: "Very well General I accept."
The Reichtroopers entered the post and secured it, forcing all Order members to relinquish their equipment.

Engament Results:
Reichtrooper casualties: 43 dead, 146 wounded (From early skirmishes); 147 dead, 0 wounded (From the initial enemy attack; an entire Company wiped out.)
Order of Salvation casualties: 167 dead, 202 wounded (Mostly from mortar bombardment.)

Salvaged Equipment:
500 various models of power armor; most of which were beyond repair potentially even damaged purposely by their owners, 500 variety of firearms also in various states of disrepair.

Setting Sun: Part 10
General Ziegler ordered the division to gather up and escort the survivors back to Grand Rapids. On their way there they ran into Ambassador Schneider and his envoy, due to their disguises they were immediately arrested.
Schneider: "I am Ambassador Schneider I need to speak with your commanding officer!"
The others with him also protested the arrest prompting the Leutnant to send for General Ziegler.
Ziegler: "Ambassador Schneider? Why are you dressed like that? Men get these men some proper clothing."
Schneider: "The Cavlinite had us arrested, one of their Zwins smuggled us out. We mustn't siege the city."
Ziegler: "I'm sorry Ambassador but that decision is not up to you."
Schneider: "General the Zwin that get us out believes he can take power and stop this war without killing all of their people."
Ziegler: "I will brief the Führer and get orders from him."
Schneider: "Fair enough General."
Radio contact was made with the capitol; General Ziegler and Ambassador Schneider spoke with the Führer and he agreed with the Ambassador. If it is possible to have a peace annexation of Grand Rapids it would be preferable.
When the division made it to the outskirts of the city a messenger came out to meet them.
Bryce: "I am Grand Proctor Bryce, Calvinite Ferel greats you. Ambassador you and your associates are invited to join the Calvinite for dinner. Please follow me."
Schneider and Ziegler followed Bryce along with a platoon of his best men. They enter the dining hall and were treated by the Calvinite.
Ferel: "Ambassador so good to see you again. I'm glad you were able to convince the General here not to siege the city."
Ziegler: "Actually we advised the Führer on the situation and he ordered us not to attack outright."
Ferel: "Really? Well it seems that the former Calvinite misjudged your Führer."
Ziegler: "Don't misunderstand the Führer rules the Reich with impunity. If he thinks someone is against him he will not hesitate to deal with them."
Ferel: "I believe you. Now gentlemen we should discuss how to end this war. As I told the Ambassador before smuggling him out I and my colleagues did not want hostilities between us in the first place. I know there is little chance for a resolution that ends in our independence at this point. I am willing to surrender to you on the condition that the Calvinite is not dissolved and that the people here are free to continue to worship."
Schneider: "We can agree to that condition with some conditions of our own. Your church is confined to only within the walls fo the city, meaning your missionaries can not proselytize anywhere in the Reich."
Ziegler: "Second, the Order of Salvation and any other militias will be disbanded. Lastly, the former Calvinite will be handed over to my custody, assuming he is still alive."
Ferel: "He is, I agree to your terms gentlemen."
Schneider: "Very good I will contact the capitol and send for officials to conduct a census and write up papers for everyone."

Two battalions were left in the city to police the area until a Reich-Staatspolizei Station is established. Reich officials arrived a few days later and a census was taken, 4,082 people were added to the Reich. A location for a hospital was also selected. A medium factory was also located in moderate condition. Trade caravans from the west also began to move through the city only days after the war ended.

Repairing the Roadways and Experimentation:

The First has ordered his mutants to hold off on further expansion and solidify the Warren's rule over their new territories, with this in mind he begins repairing the major roadways from Baker City to Fort Bonebreaker and then to Lakeview for faster troop movement between the Warren's vast territory. The First also begins repairs on the artillery gun, ordering his men to also make schematics for future manufacturing, this will take a couple of years before the Warren could boast artillery power however. Lastly is something of a pet project of the First's, further experimentation with the true power of FEV.

FEV improved upon humanity by making the super mutant bit what would happen if other creatures were dumped, this question plagued the First's thoughts for years but could never act on them since the land above the Warren didn't have much in the way of wildlife. However the Warren is much larger than it was back then and he finally has enough subjects to continue his pet project, his first was the easiest to test. He took a common wasteland creature, the wild mongrel, and dumped it into the vats, what came out was a large, hairless, green mutant that resembled the dog it once was. It's maw filled with sharp teeth as it lashed out at any and all, the First considered it a success, if they can be trained then they could be useful in assisting the Warren's army.

The next test was harder, however, it required that the First use multiple creatures, instead of just one, to see what the resulting monstrosity would be. The First took a human, mongrel, and a couple other wasteland creatures, and tossed them in the FEV vats together. After a few minutes of waiting what came out was a horrific monstrosity of flesh, limbs, and tentacles, however the creature, deemed 'centaur' by the First, took orders from the mutants quite well. This was also deemed a success but the First decided that this was enough experimentation at the moment, FEV is precious and needed to make more super mutants so it wouldn't be smart to waste it on other experiments that could prove futile. For now the First puts a lid on his other experiment ideas and contents himself with the two he tested, telling pleased with himself at finding new and useful uses for their FEV.

Projects Started:
Roadways From Baker City to Fort Bonebreaker- Finishes June 3rd

Roadways From Fort Bonebreaker to Lakeview- Finishes June 5th

Experiment Results:
The Warren is now able to create Centaurs and Mutant Hounds after capturing the required creatures

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