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The Fallout Wasteland
Est. July, 26 2015

"War... War never changes."
In the year 2077, a nuclear war plunged America into a fiery holocaust, only to set another bloody chapter in human history. The year is 2289, and there’s always a new story in the wastes.

Welcome to The Fallout Wasteland. You may create/join a faction. Moderators will enforce the rules pinned below. Please join the Discord (linked below) to join the community. OOC comments are not allowed on the RMB and will be suppressed. To be placed on the map, make a request on the #map-request-wing channel of the Discord. LinkDiscord Invite

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The Fallout Wasteland contains 48 nations, the 439th most in the world.

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As a region, The Fallout Wasteland is ranked 4,161st in the world for Most Valuable International Artwork.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Boston Enclave of ArdentusDemocratic Socialists“Restoring America”
2.The Institute of Iok-SototLibertarian Police State“Mastery Through Knowledge”
3.The New American Republic of FreeAmericanStatesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“In the Republic we Trust”
4.The Ödland Reich of New FrankenFather Knows Best State“Alles für den Führer!”
5.The Vault-Tec HQ of The Vault Boy GuardianInoffensive Centrist Democracy“War... War never changes.”
6.The Irradiated Wasteland of Xenophobic NeedlesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I empty my explode like a blood sausage!”
7.The Confederacy of New-Confederate StatesMoralistic Democracy“Deo Vindice”
8.The Mercenaries of Fifth Imperial RemnantFather Knows Best State“Here on Gunner business, so back off.”
9.The Dictatorship of The samuels dominionsFather Knows Best State“We can, we will, we did!”
10.The Northern Empire of JixdelistanCorrupt Dictatorship“From the scrach we will rise”

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The Fallout Wasteland Regional Message Board

Official Construction Edict by the Presidium, the Functionariat and the Secretariat in Regards to the Prefecture of Charleston

In a new edict issued by the Industrial Bureau of the Secretariat of the United Prefectural Directorate on behalf of the Director and enacted by the Presidium, it has ordered that the following Prefecture is to expand their scavenging efforts in order to feed the growing industrial heartland within Morehead City and further accelerate the industrial revolution that is planned to propel the United Prefectural Protectorate to the height of its power and beyond.

[Constructing: Small Containment Center, Charleston, Completed 2/27/21
Scavenging Teams, Charleston, Completed 2/27/21]
[Resources Expended: Small Containment Center (6 Scrap/10 Concrete), Scavenging Teams (6 Scrap/1 Steel]

Old Friends Part 1: Providence

Office of President Winters, Boston

"Sir, we have some news" Silverhawk said. "With commander Lebannault's recent victory in Nuka-World, and some tinkering with the Minutemen's Radio Freedom system, we managed to pick up a signal from Providence and Governor Greenwood." President Winters smiled broadly. Providence had been one of the many towns the Enclave had come across in their trek up to Boston, and been the last before the Enclave hired the Gunners and gone intentionally mobile. They had faired pretty well after the great war, only suffering minimal damage from the blasts that hit Boston and New York. During the Enclave's time there, they had assisted in fending off Raider attacks, training up the city militia into a capable fighting force
"That's great news," Winters said, "they're still ok! We can finally formally bring them into the Enclave. Send the Vertibirds, I'll go there myself." He went to stand up, but before he could, Lebannault cut in,
"Not so fast sir. There's some bad news too. The broadcast was asking for help. It seems that not too long ago, this new gang showed up and began uniting the smaller ones."
"EIB doesn't have much intel on the situation yet," Silverhawk cut in, "But I'm hoping to send agents to infiltrate and assess the situation once we secure Providence." Winters nodded and said
"Commander Lebannault, you head to Providence with 30 Sentinels. Aid the locals in stopping these attacks. Silverhawk, dispatch some of your agents to infiltrate this new gang. Find out what they call themselves and who's leading them." Silverhawk and Lebannault nodded and headed out the door. Once outside, Silverhawk turned to face Lebannault and said, "I know what's going on with you and the President. Be careful. If I found out others might." He walked off, leaving Lebannault standing there, blinking in shock.

Providence, Rhode Island

The Vertibirds were greeted with cheers and awe. Town guards rushed forward as the Sentinels stepped out, helmets coming off. Old friends were reunited, children who had only heard stories finally got to meet the people they had heard about. Then, Commander Lebannault stepped out, shaking hands as he made his way through the crowd and finally saw her.
"Governor Greenwood!" he shouted over the noise. The woman, dressed in a professional outfit, turned and lit up when she saw him.
"Commander!" she responded, rushing towards him and hugging him. "I'm glad to see you're back. Hopefully to stay this time."
"Not quit, but I am here to help you stop these Raider attacks and actually formally re-integrate the city." Governor Greenwood's face turn dark, she nodded.
"Good, come with me. There some stuff you need to see." Lebannault followed her and her security detail, comprised of men with dark blue combat armor and rifles, actual professional soldiers. They reached a section of the defensive wall that encompassed the settlement, but it was breached.
"The raiders made this in the last attack," the Governor said. "We managed to drive them back, but we lost a lot of good men in the process. I'm worried that we won't be able to hold them back if it happens again." Lebannault nodded grimly and responded,
"Don't worry, we're back. Even with only a handful of Sentinels, we should be more than enough if it comes down to it."
Just then, a man dressed in the armor of a Providence soldier rushed through the gap in the wall, out of breath and with a worried look on his face. He collapsed to his hands and knees, panting. Lebannault kneeled down and helped him up,
"What's wrong soldier?"
"It's....them..." he said, still out of breath. "They're coming. I didn't get a full count but, they're coming." Lebannault turned to the Governor who nodded. Immediately, Lebannault began barking orders, telling civilians to grab ammunition and ordering the defenders to set up a firing line along the gap with fallback lines in place. He ordered one of the Vertibirds back to Boston to get reinforcements. Within an hour, they had arrived. Immediately Lebannault saw they were in fact different. They marched like an army, seemed to have some semblance of standardization in their equipment, and actually seemed to be ready for more than just a simple raid. They struck at the gap, Sentinels and town guards fired into the ranks of Raiders, but they just reformed and charged again. They pushed the first line, forcing the town guards holding it back, and right into a kill zone. The Enclave Sentinels revved up their Miniguns and Gatling Lasers and fired, chewing away at the raiders, leaving behind bodies and piles of ash. The Raiders pulled back, not desiring to be slaughtered for no reason. While a small number of town guards began to make chase, Lebannault, shouting over the chaos of battle ordered them back to the walls.
"We're not losing you to a dumb mistake. We can get those scumbags later." A few hours after the attack, the vertibirds with reinforcements arrived, along with Silverhawk. The bodies were tallied, and Providence was formally admitted into the Enclave. However, the scout who reported the attack said they had come from the former settlement of Newlon, formerly the city of New London. Pacing late at night, Lebannault was interrupted by Silverhawk knocking on the door.
"Enter," he said, and Silverhawk did.
"This is regarding the intel about the Raider base at Newlon. I had an idea. If your forces can drive the Raiders out, maybe even capture a few, we could plausibly slip a few Operatives into their ranks and start gathering intel on these Raiders." Lebannault smiled and said,
"Good. I'll put together the forces and plan for the attack." As Silverhawk nodded and turned to leave, Lebannault said, "And Silverhawk. Sam and I know what we're doing. No one's gonna find out about us." Silverhawk turned back, a genuine look of concern on his face and said,
"I figured it out and wasn't even looking. If someone else does," he shook his head, "I don't know what the scandal will be. People might be more accepting of you guys since the bombs fell, but even the darkest ideas survived the bombs. Just look at where we came from."

2,000 raiders killed or retreated
500 town guards and Enclave privates lost (50 removed form my population count)
2,300 people integrated

Winding Blow (Part of the Marksman Campaign)
Expansion Post 2

Cheyenne had fallen to the forces of Revolutionary Middleland and was currently being occupied. Now, Lop Bop and his cohorts in the Middle high command strategized a northward expanse in order to free up territory to place vital assets far away in the event of a war- to establish a reserve line of supplies. Opening a northern front was seen as less important than a southern or eastern front, but this was seen as another type of intermezzo- as they could easily take some of that region's most important areas with a decisive strike to later focus resources on the subjugation of the east at a later date. This targeted campaign would put Middle in a better position to swallow up the eastern regions later. The moment word came from Wyoming that Cheyenne was incorporated, the Middle organizational high command ordered the practice of Phase Two.

For context, the four phases of the Marksman Campaign were as follows:

Phase One: Take Cheyenne, WY to win control over vital city resources over the Legion and to prevent an easy Legion encirclement of Nebraska.
Phase Two: Take Omaha, NE to win control over vital city resources and to open the door for Phase Three.
Phase Three: Take Sioux Falls, SD to win control over vital city resources and prepare the way for the complete incorporation of the northernmost great plains.
Phase Four: Take Oklahoma City, OK to win control over vital city resources and prepare the way for the complete incorporation of the southernmost great plains.

The people of Nebraska would have had a few months to prepare for the invasion of Middle- and after losing the southern half of their state to the communist primitivists, what were once rag tag village militiamen would unite under a nostalgia for old colonial ideas and would form the New Continental Army, spanning the remainder of Nebraska with unofficial sympathizers in Liberal, Kansas and the remainder of the Oklahoman panhandle. Leading this newly formed entity would be a charismatic young man by the name of Georgius Theodore Washington (Georgius T. Washington). He would quickly form a united army, and would have overseen winter fortifications.

Middle's assault would be coming in the early spring. Lop Bop was infuriated when he had caught wind of the formation of the New Continental Army. Such archaic ideas- they were the old world status quo which his perfect society had set out to destroy. Phase Two would be a direct attack on the de facto capital of the New Continental Army- with no mercy.

4,800 soldiers of Revolutionary Middleland's army would be mobilized and would take a week to prepare. Accompanying them would be a terrifying barrage of forty-five of the hell cannon-type launchers. After a restful night of sleep and a morning of political indoctrination, the black tunics and red scarves began their blood-thirsty march across the plains and through the half melted patches of snow. Tossing aside the rural skirmishes, the first battle would take place at Gretna. The city would be heavily fortified, but the sheer numerical strength of Middle's army breached through the scrap walls and toppled gun towers without the use of their cannons. After hours of bitter suburban fighting, the city would be in flames and its residents abducted. The blue coats among the dead wintry grasses would be saturated in crimson blood.

Thankfully, the militiamen of Gretna had done their job in that Georgius T. Washington and other NCA HICOM would have ample time to flee. Their location of choice would be the farthest space away from the battlefield - the northwest corner of the state.

Meanwhile, Belleveue, Chalco, and Waterloo were put under siege by Middle's companies. While things initially came to a stalemate, a cavalry detachment would break the lines by hooking around at the child-only village of Boys Town, setting fire to the once-whimsical houses and holding the villages' child soldier platoons at gunpoint. This pressure on the backlines would inevitably divert forces from the front to go deal with this attack, but as soon as those companies left, the lines broke and Omaha was put in range of the hell cannons. The thumping and distant booms filled the air. The NCA defenders fought bitterly for hours, but the uncontested presence of artillery forced them to pull back to the distant northern city of Norfolk.

Regrouping, Middle's army launched a sweeping assault through the farmlands, often resorting to bayonet charges to overwhelm pockets of rural defenders. Even despite sustaining moderate casualties, the pressure on Norfolk's southern limits began to mount. Attempts from the NCA to relieve the capital from the other portions of the state fell, as mobile cavalry units cut down more rural defenders- the state's most elite units confined to that single city.

It would be five days before Norfolk would run out of ammunition and begin the retreat to the more rural province of O'Neill- outside of the targeted zone by Middle.

Middle would loot for blueprints, coming up with barely anything. It made sense because the NCA was given the chance to retreat, and they would have taken almost everything they could.

A medium foundry was found, almost intact thanks in part to the NCA's repairs but sustaining minimal damage from shelling. Resources would be funneled into repairs.

Middle would gain 1,000 residents exactly after casualties.

Stake Your Claim (Part of the Marksman Campaign)
Expansion Post 3

The New Continental Army had been forced out of their own capital in one decisive blow. Revolutionary Middleland was rife with rage at the free world, and the inexperienced blue coated old world patriots were the first to have a taste of that miserable Pandora's Box. Before the American pretenders could consolidate enough strength to retaliate, Phase Three of the Marksman Campaign needed to happen- no ifs ands or buts. Under a time constraint, 2,000 of the 4,800 in Omaha would be marched northwards. Their next objective was something that Lop Bop could only dream of- until now. A foot in the Dakotas. As it stood, the organization of Revolutionary Middleland's high command were giddy with childish ambition and drunken on countless victory after countless victory. The time of slow expansion, wasted resources, and limited manpower was over. The days where Middle couldn't even step outside of Topeka without resistance were long gone. It did the citizen's indoctrination well to be in the hands of such a successful military force.

And so, boots transferred from melted snow to ice once again, and crossed the state border almost instantly after Omaha's collapse. The ignorant and disorganized South Dakotan people were reduced to pulp at Yankton and Vermillion, ten minute skirmishes breaking every bone in the city-soldiers' bodies. With only 5 hell cannons allocated to them (the other forty were kept in Omaha for defensive purposes), Middle would have to rely on its soldiers strength to make the rural theatre a victory. By the time the farms had been fought through and a company arrived at Beresford, the whole of the borderlands would have fallen. The battle of Beresford saw a crushing defeat of the militiamen. When it came time to take the civilians in, a riot began. 80% of the civilian population would be ruthlessly mowed down in the riots.

Marion, Parker, and Worthing were all encircled by the armed forces of Revolutionary Middleland. Each hamlet was constrained by the red scarved tyrants as the armies marched past them, tearing at the farmlands in search of holdouts. Each city surrendered after a few hours of fighting.

Middle's forces culminated and regrouped in the satellite city of Tea. Sioux Falls' defenders would have been alerted as to what was going on by now, but it would be too late for them. The terrified Dakotan defenders' lines were faltering as undisciplined groups of militia fled to safer parts of the state. To send a message, the five hell cannons used Tea as a starting point to lob off shots at the regional capital. A single company marched into the city, and the militia willingly surrendered on the term of leniency to their POW's.

Several documents would be looted. The Sioux Falls Airport would be found in a damaged state, and the repairs/conversion to an air force base would begin.

Middle would gain 2,450 people.

The Ancient Art of Steel
Long ago, before humanity nearly wiped itself out with the power of the atom, we had cities and factories made out of metal. Not just plain iron or copper, but a refined, superior one named "Steel". It formed the bones of skyscrapers, clothed the automobiles and terrifying war machines, and was so coveted it became a metric for development. Countries measured how much steel they produced to each other like children arguing in a playground.

But it held up, and not just literally. Steel really was, that good. Better than any iron hoe or axe the artisans of the Republic has produced. Now they've begun experimenting with "updating" this material, scavenged from the carcass of the Old World, reforging it for our use.

Cottage Industry, converting Scrap to Steel at 4:1 ratio

Scraps on the Plate (Final Part of the Marksman Campaign)
Expansion Post 4 of 4

All while the northern front was set in stone, Lop Bop saw to it that an old enemy got what was coming to them. Middle's organization was interested in consolidating itself further south, as well. Phase Four was unfurling right in front of the agrarian communists' eyes. The radicals were getting just what they wanted, all according to plan. Nevertheless, they needed to clean up the valuable assets before the Osage put them to use. The less the native American faction had to fight with, the better. After all, they had been given all of this time to consolidate themselves. Revolutionary Middleland had better step in before they launched a pre-emptive attack on Middle themselves.

The scene in Lop Bop's bunker was one of stern analysis. Middle would not have the resources to mess around and risk a loss of such a valuable tile. However, because of the previous victories, the scene in the dark room felt unusually easy. The map of Oklahoma was one of complexity, but Lop Bop moved red checkers around with a subtle intelligence, his previous experience with the natives factoring in to his assurance that victory would be inevitable.

"We'll send cavalry assets first, and decimate their normally mobile rural lands. Once their cavalry is defeated by ours, we will harass Oklahoma City until infantry arrive with a proper encirclement."


Two waves would be established. One of 2,000 cavalry and one of 1,000 infantry. Forces would be swelled southwards on the border in preparation for this lightning strike. A quick and decisive victory- clean like a knife through butter or a needle through fabric. As soon as the horsemen galloped across the half-melted plains, the walloping cries and bells of the Osage guardsmen filled the air. Insignificant plains became fierce battlegrounds between cavalry units. Although the riders of the Osage were more experienced, Revolutionary Middleland had both numerical superiority and automatic weaponry. The shrieks of horses filled the air, and signaled the start of Oklahoma City's end.

The city of End brought the brunt of the cavalry force, and its defenders were overwhelmed and expelled. Stillwater was set ablaze with its civilians unable to escape Middle's wrath. Kingfisher willingly surrendered. As the horsemen continued their advance, infantry filled in the gaps and held those three cities. Cashion and Okarche would seemingly implode like a person whose spine suddenly disappeared. There would be staunch resistance at Edmond, and it forced the cavalry to break up and begin their irregular pattern of encirclement of both Edmond and Oklahoma City, harassing the Osage long enough for the infantry to breach Edmond's city limits. A short retreat south, and the cavalry's grip constrained like a predatory snake, infantry putting pressure on OKC's north. With no hell cannons, Middle would be relying on brute force for this invasion.

Osage's cavalry assembled at Norman (south of OKC) and attempted a counter-strike. While it initially worked in repelling the cavalry's southern encirclements, the survivors reformed and attacked Norman head on, temporarily abandoning the infantry to overwhelm this quick reaction force. Norman collapsed after a few hours of brutal close quarters fighting, and suddenly the capital was facing a war on two fronts. The surrender would come a few days later.

The city would be looted for blueprints, coming up with several documents that the natives had already hoarded for themselves. The Wiley Post Airport would be found in an almost-pristine condition, and resources would be directed to build a small airforce base there to serve as Middle's southern air branch for when planes would actually be made later.

Middle would gain about 1,971 people after casualties.

Road to the river part 1 (Expansion Post 1/2)
It has been a long time since the last expansion which resulted in the promotion of captain Huyt to the rank of General now standing at the border between Jixdelistan and a Terrorist controlled region he knows how dangerous it is to stand like that but he hopes for the terrorists to make a move so he can prove himself another time and his enemy’s play right as he wants. After a couple of minutes, a loud BANG goes thru the air hitting his hat as it falls he grins with a big smile and says under his nose: Just like I planned these terrorists are going to be dead by the next week. General Huyt goes back to his division HQ and contacts the Emperor/Major Jixdl :
- The terrorists have tried to kill me (he says with a scared voice)we have to attack them before they attack us allow me to strike them down NOW!.
Emperor sighs and after a while he speaks:
- I will allow you to attack them but I need to know if you can succeed and if not we will send the 2nd. Division to help you.
- Understood I will send a Scout team to find out how many terrorists there are and what is the safest route.
- Ok then I will wait for the rapport.
General Huyt then goes to one of his Lieutenants and orders him to ready a scout team.

Expansion: Warwick

The addition of Concord had brought in two new farming settlements, Tenpines Bluff and Abernathy Farm. Both were useful, and provided additional food for the now expanded Enclave, which was now growing steadily larger with the incorporation of new Settlements outside of the Commonwealth. Given the expansion of the Enclave's population, the determination was made to expand one of these farming facilities to better provide for the needs of the people. Ultimately, the expansion resources went to the Warwick homestead, thanks to it's proximity to key areas such as the Castle and the now rebuilding city of Quincy. Such an effort required somewhat minimal resources compared to what had been needed before to repair and construct new industries. The supplies were sent out, and the improvements to the farm began. Once completed, the farm produced nearly twice what it had been before, a truly great success.

4 scrap used
Farm in Quincy Upgraded to level 2

Official Construction Edict by the Presidium, the Functionariat and the Secretariat in Regards to the Prefectures of Conway, Georgetown, McClellanville, Charleston and Beaufort

In a new edict issued by the Industrial Bureau of the Secretariat of the United Prefectural Directorate on behalf of the Director and enacted by the Presidium, it has ordered that the following Prefectures are to construct radio towers in order to facilitate swift and efficient communication between the Prefectures and ensure rapid compliance with and completion of the edicts issued by the Presidium.

[Constructing: Radio Towers, Completed 2/25/21]
[Resources Expended: 5 Scrap Electronics/5 Steel (5 Radio Towers)]

Middle the gaining the incorporated, the awesome.

The newly incorporated Sidney, Nebraska zone in the panhandle had been long known as a barely-hospitable badlands, but its long-empty towns would be perfect for extracting the resources vital to Middle's long-term war aspirations. Thusly, resources would be devoted to maximize output.

Sidney, NE tile upgraded to stage 2 output in 7 days.

7 steel resources would be devoted to crafting 1,225 M16 rifles in an attempt to lessen the deferment and supply issue.

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