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Pyrao wrote:
Verin watches, horrified as Siegfried drank blood like a vampire from the traitor’s neck. He wonders if Siegfried has any mortals or knows when he is going too far. "U-uh I think that was sorta of unnecessary" Verin says looking at the dead corpse.


Svensgaard *answering Verin* - Yes he could have been more brutal than this but I only ask him to stop to interrogate the soab and have more information.

*After Percival information given about Lady Inquisitrix*

- You must know Percival that I am of the Svensgaard-Atrides dynasty, son of a Atrides bloodline mother and Svensgaard bloodline Father, now just close your eyes.

*Percival close eyes and see a opal format stone of psilium the Atrides chemical and magical element to Steward portals he fallen on agony for a lot of time, Atridesians saw it with incredible indiference, thinking that if is the Emperor itself doing it, whatever it is is for good reason, Lilith begun do question the action made*

Lilith - Svensgaard, you are giving to an untested and untrained person a Steward power!

Siegfried - In fact he is making even more than that, did you see the shining purple on the psilium? It is a countermeasure.

Svensgaard -I put DEIRDRE inside, he will see her as a soldier in a hud, her chosen face and voice, she is not trapped on the stone, but she can took control of him.

Siegfried - What is the nature of Deirdre after all.

Deirdre *the sound on the mind of Siegfried* - The one female army... the biggest Atrides weapon... I sense the planets pain... I can CAUSE pain... I can make people suicide, I can make people cum like a whore... I am made of unknown... I can be the sweetest little girl on the galaxy and the worst bitch genocidal wave on the universe and loving it having multiple orgasm from people suffering!

Siegfried - Deirdre, you feed from...

Svensgaard - ... people suffering, she is a sadist, she is supposed to be a wisp but her energy form is made of... "unknown". Percival and Deirdre is a countermeasure to each other. And he is going with you... Percival, continue the investigation with them, I will return to the party later. Oh you are now under direct control of Siegfried, Lilith and Verin, Deirdre...


Verin - Relationship status Svensgaard?

Svensgaard - She is an entire army, she is the only who don't answer to me at all on Atrides
.. and she is feeding a lot right now, relationship, well she is always the "Emperor sex scandal on Atrides".

Verin - I see, it's complicated.

Siegfried - Any sugestion where we will go now brother?

Atrides - Take the new ship, our joint venture for a physical, magical and psychic cloaking device worked very well, it is the best spy ship on the galaxy and all nations on The Enlightened Union contributed to that. Where will you go? It's up to you.

(RP-On - The Political mess)

(The political mess is a spin off roleplaying about events that is happening on intergalactic scale between Atrides and any other power, it is ongoing with the main campaign but it's far more simple, it's almost always a message to The Enlightened Union saying about actions generally an intervention or Atrides trying to be more reasonable, but still being a warrior, scientist, poet religious badass people over there, and of course, for a little more realistic roleplaying Atrides have problems, as the climate is darker and edgier, and Atrides was already that, Svensgaard is trying to be "lighter and softer" because it will become almost a Warhammer 40k Imperium nation, and it's not that the intention, not always.)

(Percival will be the main character for a time on the campaign and played by me, he is becoming lighter and softer, and got a feed, he may have the power of Stewards now but he never had it before, he know magic and will use it, Deirdre IS AN OVERPOWER CHARACTER, in fact, without going on spoiler, she is THE ATRIDES ULTIMATE SUPERWEAPON ALONE, the problem is that Deirdre don't have any respect for the hierarchy and feeds on suffering, she is on Percival mind to be a counselor, as she basically knows the feelings of all species an unlike most Atridesians, SHE HAVE EXCELLENT SOCIAL SKILLS, and for the investigation campaign, SHE HAVE ALREADY SEEM EVERYTHING, SO SHE CAN SEE ANY ELDRITCH ABOMINATION AND DON'T FEAR OR EVEN BECOME IMPRESSED, what make her an excellent companion to Percival, what must be made clear is that to see is not equivalent to understand, Deirdre may see a lot of things without any danger, but she can't know what most of these things are about, only sense them, it is Percival that have this skill and it's my main character for a time, you can mock and give orders to him, he is a newcomer after all, even Deirdre will mock him sometimes but he is EXTREMELY competent on investigation, he projected himself to be the top edge Inquisition investigator and as you read he knew how to fight and use weapons of every sort you can imagine, you may have problems to trust him, Svensgaard is reasonable, Percival is LEARNING to be reasonable, and have the will to do it.)


Message to The Enlightened Union and the government of Brancaland.

1. A region of Brancaland, as you or your intelligent services have known for sure, have been taken by the nasty cult of violetists who supports human sacrifice, to become even worse, that region have been taken by radical ultra-violetists and they made a fundamentalist nation and the governement of Brancaland was unable to deal with this crap.

2. The unlegitimate ultra-violetist on Brancaland begun to persecute Christians and begun a GENOCIDE.

3. This made me, Emperor of Atrides, a Christian planet to declare a CRUSADE.

4. An crusader marine liberator army entered Brancaland space and liberated all Christians and other persecuted people to be killed by these fundamentalist scum, with no civilian casualties and destroying the new fundie nation installed on part of the Bracaland planet with our mighty Crusader Army.

5. Remembering how the Universe Community is unfair on putting us on the low bottom of International Aid, apparently giving food and medical relief is the only way of helping to them, when in fact Atrides liberated a lot of people under oppression nearby granting peace to all nearby civilizations, including the extremely unstable planet of Marche Noir, that is always with one tyrant or weak republic after another.

6. We consider that a CRUSADE is legitimate when ANY religious, ethnic or sentient species group is being deliberately suffering a genocide, and it's made using the Atrides Christian code of ethics, that consider the dignity of sentient life a value worth to fight for, as Atrides never made a genocide and never had slavery, helping to eradicate the practice with the Spartacus Fleet, who fight in the holy name of God, slaver ships and fight with the Spartacus Army slaver activities on planets out there.

7. The Brancaland Empire sent a message denouncing us about invading their space territory and dropping in their main planet territory playing the "kinghts on shining armor", my answer to the weak Brancaland government is that we basically saved you asses because your entire Brancaladian Army were no match for the ultra-violetist nation, if we don't made the crusade in time the entire Brancaland would become a ultra-violetist menace for the galaxy, a bunch of fundie aztec-like empire making bloody human sacrifices of Brancaland people on all planets, considering the total lack of controlling even it's own territory stability we have good reasons to ignorate invading borders that you can't even control on space and main land, and we reserve the right to do again if it's necessary, if the Brancaland Government don't like this, Brancaland is free to declare war on Atrides anytime so, considering that your army on space and land is unable to deal even with fundies violetist threat, we will be free to depose your useless government once and for all.

Thank you.

Emperor Svensgaard of the Star Empire of Atrides, the Brasilistan Protectorate and Trade Commonwealth League.

RP On.

Svensgaard is back into the flying fortress letting Percival with Deirdre on a hud on his mind, after the Atrides Emperor itself almost killing them putting psylium into his head putting Percival as the smartest or dumbest thing he ever did. Svensgaard called Archbishop Clementius, that appeared as always on a hologram, softly talking.

Svensgaard - I was reading about these so called gods out there and you received the Metallicans here blessing them in the name of the "gods". We have a theology problem here Archbishop.

Clementius - There is no problem at all.

Svensgaard - I suppose the Atridesian Church is monotheistic.

Clementius - And we are.

Svensgaard - There is a contradiction here Archbishop.

Clementius - It's that sort of problem you called me? I think you pass to much time with the strict rules of the inquisition.

Svensgaard - Well, explain me, you were the chief of the Magisterium anuway and have higher authority on this for me.

Clementius - Each of the gods represent an aspect of the universe, one of the forces that it is composed, so each one of them is in fact just one of these forces of a single god, our God. When I blesses them in the name of the gods, I was secretly blessing them in the name of God, because all the "gods" are in fact one, and they are not God shards, each of them is the avatar of one of the faces of God

Svensgaard - Some of the gods are goddess, females, God is male or female?

Clementius - God can't be divided, despite having multiple avatars, if we put a gender on God, we are dividing him,what a shame, you never study basic theology? I don't expect such ignorance, not from you Emperor.

Svensgaard - That's why I have an Archbishop, I must dedicate more time to theological studies, this was a basic theological logic mistake, thank you.

Clementius: Remember that God always tell us to search knowledge, God bless you Emperor.

Svensgaard - God bless you too Archbishop.

*The archbishop go to another place, as an AI he can move faster than anything on the planet. Svensgaard go to the library to study xenotheology*

((Iím going to make my response tomorrow))

Pyrao wrote:((Iím going to make my response tomorrow))

Make the answer calmly, don't worry friend, the whole thing is about fun, and let's go, we are making an adventure worth of a RPG book with our imagination it's incredible, if it takes some time to continue the story it is not a problem at all.

The Death of Freedom of Speech and the Growth of Intolerance
Intolerant Anti-Bully laws are killing Freedom of Speech.

By: Izzy Kalman, on the site Psychology Today.

On July 4, the United States will be celebrating Independence Day, the birth of our nation. Unfortunately, the greatest freedom provided us by this new democracy has been dying and few people seem to be aware of it or care about it. And many others are even cheering it on.

The democratic world has made "tolerance" its number one social goal. Nevertheless, this goal has been elusive, as victimized groups continue to lobby for laws that remove the stigmas against them, and educators, social scientists and parents continue to proclaim the horrors of bullying. Despite decades of diversity education, members of the various races congregate largely with their own kind in our schools and neighborhoods.

The truly ironic thing is that the most essential element of a tolerant society has been with us for the past two centuries, as it is also the central element of democracy, but we are slowly but surely killing it. That element is in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is called Freedom of Speech. We need to be allowed to say what we want, as long as our words don't cause tangible harm to people's bodies or property, or society will stagnate and we will be prisoners in our own skulls, only permitted to say things that the authorities approve of. Without Freedom of Speech, we would never solve problems that require abandonment of current ways of thinking. Without Freedom of Speech, the government could be as despotic as it wishes, killing off any protestors without impunity. Where the concept of Freedom of Speech is absent, people believe they are entitled to kill others who say things they find offensive. Without Freedom of Speech, we would literally be living in the Dark Ages.

We Americans love to call our Constitution the greatest political blueprint ever created. It was formulated by wise, educated, brave men who studied philosophy and spent a great deal of time hashing out the principles for a system of government that maximizes human freedom and well-being. But the ultimate freedom, Freedom of Speech, is now dead.

Do you think I am exaggerating? Perhaps. But only a drop. Who teaches Freedom of Speech anymore? It is ignored from grade school through university. And if it is taught, is it ever given more than brief lip service? Is more than one paragraph ever allocated to it? Are its meaning, purpose and practice discussed? Even many journalists today, who owe their professions to Freedom of Speech, do not believe in it because they don't study and understand it.

As I repeatedly demonstrate at my seminars, in my videos and in my writings, Freedom of Speech is the key to peace among people. It is a wonderful principle not only for running a country. It is also a wonderful principle for interpersonal harmony. And though it is a wonderful psychological and moral principle, it is never taught in courses in psychology or morality.

Not only is no one teaching Freedom of Speech anymore, that precious freedom is being slowly but surely killed. It is being murdered by the growing social movement that has successfully brainwashed virtually everyone into believing that the solution to human emotional misery is to create, by force of law, a society in which no one says anything anyone else finds offensive, in which there is no stigma, and in which there are no imbalances of power. There is not one social movement in the history of the world that has enjoyed such unanimous support as the anti-bully movement. Not one religious or political group has criticized it, despite its being contrary to the basic philosophies of most religions and political groups. Not one psychological organization has criticized it, despite the fact that it violates the principles of almost all major schools of psychology. Neither the American Civil Liberties Union nor any other rights-advocacy group has criticized it, despite the fact that anti-bully laws violate the most basic democratic right, Freedom of Speech. Even organizations that are dedicated to promoting Freedom of Speech have failed to criticize this anti-free-speech movement.

The number one tool of science is logical thinking. 2,400 years ago, Aristotle said, "One thing no government can do, no matter how good it is, is to make its citizens morally virtous." Simple logic will lead anyone with a basic understanding of human nature to realize that a society in which everyone is always nice to each other is impossible. It has never existed-and will never exist-because it can't exist. Only in Heaven, if such a place exists, is such a society possible. And logic will lead thinking people to conclude, as Aristotle and our Founding Fathers did, that the attempt to create such a society by force of law can only cause more harm than good. But the social sciences, in their zeal to protect the feelings of people, have thrown logic out the window and are unwittingly creating a less tolerant society. We are in effect teaching: It is very important to be completely tolerant of everyone. And if anyone shows you any kind of intolerance, we will have no tolerance for them!

Ironically, some of the most intolerant, offensive people you can find are ones who most forcefully insist that we need to create a society in which no one is intolerant or offensive. As I am wont to say at my seminars, few people get insulted as much as I do. I have given seminars to tens of thousands of people, and I get evaluations at the end of the day. It never ceases to amaze me how nasty mental health professionals and educators can be! Thanks to my website and blog, I receive letters from people all over the world. Because I am the world's most visible critic of the anti-bully movement, I am also the world's leading recipient of the vitriol of anti-bully zealots. Many angry emailers naively accuse me of having no idea of what it's like to be bullied. They should read my email! They should read the threatening letters sent to Cross Country Education for daring to sponsor my seminars! They should have been there to witness the vicious attacks against me at a few of the presentations I have given in schools! They should read some of the nasty comments to articles about my work on the Internet! Very few people get bullied and cyberbullied as much as I do! (And i haven't tried to get any of my bullies punished!)

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." ~Voltaire

Freedom of Speech requires me to respect your right to say what I don't like to hear--even to publicly insult and humiliate me--just as it requires you to respect my right to say what you don't like to hear. And just because we have ideas that are unacceptable to each other, it doesn't make us enemies. You may be giving me the best advice in the world but I don't realize it and find it offensive. Should you be prevented from, or punished for, saying it? We are supposed to love each other despite our opposing ideas. When I recognize your right to say things I don't like, I don't get angry at you for saying them. You, in return, respect me for acting respectable. Furthermore, since I don't get angry at you, you cannot have the pleasure of getting me angry, so you don't seek to torment me with words. All wise people throughout the world understand this. It is the most basic ingredient of peace.

Unfortunately, because Freedom of Speech is no longer taught, and our citizens have been indoctrinated with the very opposite, many people today cannot tolerate criticism, insults, or views opposite to their own. And that's why bullying has becoming a more serious problem during the very period that we have been trying hardest to get rid of it. Especially during the ten years since the Columbine massacre, the anti-bully movement has been teaching us that no one has a right to say anything to us that can cause us emotional or psychological distress. So when people say things that are offensive to us, we feel totally justified in getting angry, thinking self-righteously, "You have no right to say that!" and the situation escalates as they become even meaner back to us. And when we try to get them in trouble with the authorities, that's when they really want to kill us!

So that this won't be just theoretical, I would like to present you with a couple of recent examples of intelligent, educated people who would like to deny me Freedom of Speech.

I received the following email from someone identifying him/herself as Real Person, who had apparently read my article, The Psychological Solution to the Stigma of Obesity, and didn't like it. The article is written respectfully and is based on ideas that any decent Cognitive Behavior therapist or Rational Emotive therapist would whole-heartedly advocate. (I just reread it, and I happen to think it is quite good. I believe it will help any obese person who is willing to face reality.) The subject line of the email was, Sometimes the freest speech is silence. What this writer obviously wants, as you will see, is my silence, not his/her own, God forbid.

And the greatest freedom is to not have to listen to you! You know nothing. Some cute slogan and a soapbox and you're off... There needs to be an anti-bullying movement in every heart, everywhere! It's called common decency and respect for others. With your help, and the idiocy of bureaucrats, people have divorced their own actions from any sense of responsibility. Who are you to say that the stigma of obesity isn't worse than the obesity itself? Cruel words lead to cruel actions. It's just too bad that the gentlest souls far too often direct those actions toward themselves. Then idiots like you turn around and blame them. Do the world a favor and just shut up. Listen for a change. You might be surprised at what you haven't heard.

This person insists there must be decency and respect for everyone. Except, of course, to me, because she doesn't agree with me. She doesn't question her right to be as nasty and insulting to me as she wishes.

I received the following comment to my blog entry, The "Perfect" Anti-Bully Law, from someone identifying herself as Jeannette:

You have either no understanding or no experience - probably both - of any kind of bullying behaviour that reaches deeper than mild irritation. There are few people for whom the usual daily small and sometimes painful lessons of childhood - do not give them sufficient life skills to deal with the kind of bullying your 'booklet' describes. I checked out your infallible rules. Complete nonsense....I have listened with too much patience already to voices like yours, who recommend these simplistic solutions - ideas from people who - on finding themselves in any similar situation - would have not the slightest idea of any way to cope, and would be brought down very low by it....If you have never experienced that - you may not hope to understand how your article sounds, like nonsense, to anyone who has.

You have absolutely no right whatsoever to be making this attempt to harrass those who try to protect the lives of children and adults from one of the most pernicious ills of our time.

This intelligent writer believes that since I am criticizing the failing anti-bully movement, trying to wake the public up to the folly of anti-bully laws, and providing free advice that has helped countless people throughout the world successully deal with bullying, I am somehow "harassing" her. Have I ever done a thing to stop her--or anyone else--from trying to protect children from each other? It is not I who is fighting for laws that force us to think or behave in a certain way.

She says I "have absolutely no right whatsoever to be making this attempt..." Absolutely no right whatsoever?! How about the First Amendment?! But Freedom of Speech is dead, and even the most educated people today have forgotten it. These anti-bully activists who are so dead set against nastiness have no hesitation to be nasty to anyone they don't agree with. Only one point of view is permitted today. The only Freedom of Speech we have today is to say things that the anti-bully crusaders approve of. Three cheers for the demise of democracy!

If you haven't already viewed these videos, I invite you to see the power of Freedom of Speech in action. Two of the three sample videos from my Victim-Proof Your School program that can be viewed on my website demonstrate the power of Freedom of Speech to stop bullying. In each video scene, I first try to deny the other person Freedom of Speech; the second time I grant them Freedom of Speech.

The following is a scene in which a student is cursing a teacher: How Should Teachers Handle Being Bullied

The following is a medley of scenes of people calling me idiot (it would work with any other insult): The Idiot Game

I hope you are getting an increased appreciation for Freedom of Speech. If society were to spend a fraction of the time and effort teaching the meaning and practice of Freedom of Speech that it does fighting for anti-bully laws, we would achieve a greater reduction in bullying and a greater increase in tolerance and harmony than we can ever hope to achieve through the most intensive anti-bully laws!


Here are some more great quotations on Freedom of Speech:

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. - George Washington

Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties. - John Milton

If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all. - Noam Chomsky

The first principle of a free society is an untrammeled flow of words in an open forum. - Adlai E. Stevenson

A people which is able to say everything becomes able to do everything. - Napoleon Bonaparte

The only way to make sure people you agree with can speak is to support the rights of people you don't agree with. - Eleanor Holmes Norton

The very aim and end of our institutions is just this: that we may think what we like and say what we think. - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself. - Salman Rushdie

(RP On)

While Siegfried, Lilith Verin and Percival (with Deidre literally on his mind dur to the psystone powered by Svensgaard) are on the Atria walking for hours, for more than seven hours they have been walking, everything is safe, they might walk for days if needed, Siegfried is calculating where they must go. Percival is quiet outside, he was put under the Stewards command itself, but he is not angered, he is communicating with Deirdre inside his own mind, her beautiful face always like a HUD on his vision, teaching him the sensibility program to prepare somebody that was trained to be intolerant to be more friendly to almost all people, it's working slowly but very well.

*Commlink signal on Siegfried communicator, he saw two faces, Svensgaard and The Objector*

Svensgaard - Siegfried, I was thinking about something for a while, not about the necromancer issue.

Siegfried - Your agent is quiet, probably learning to be reasonable, don't worry.

The Objector - It is not about this.

Siegfried - Who is this one?

Svensgaard- He is The Objector, a sentient cyborg made to argument aginst me and everyone, he is made to be an opposition and prevent me from making mistakes. It's like the extreme opposition.

The Objector- Yes, and I will be short on words, Svensgaard will not do it yet or soon but he basically want's us to get out of the WA on the multiverse.

Siegfried - Why?

Svensgaard - Well basically because it is ineffective, nobody give a damn about it's laws, sand it's in fact a micromanagement movement controlled by extremist left-leaning SJW.

The Objector - The WA is ineffective on the legislative part of course, but it's an excellent proof that it's very effective against the multiverse raiders, so it's not that nobody give a damn about it's laws, it prevent entire sectors from being taken by extremists.
The micromanagement is surely boring, but I object saying that you must not care about this Emperor exactly because it's inefective, it's not minimally a threat to our sovereignity, the SJWs resolutions are not obeyed even by the extremist left-leaning nations themselves.

Svensgaard- Are you saying that we must stay on there because it might be used against raiders?

The Objector - Exactly, when you were on another quantum The Christian Republic, Raiders invaded the region and took power to the point of you asking help from Siegfried, a Protector army was uncapable of dealing with situation, it was the second in command while not removed that expelled most of them in time and endorsed you on power, a strategy made by you Emperor, that made it possible.

Svensgaard - This just show how the WA is useless, I needed to use the Inquisition on the entire region and purge them all.

The Objector - Yes Emperor, but it as a Protector Army who backed you up all the time, the plan was made among them, if you were a rogue nation this would be impossible, consider this Emperor.

Svensgaard - Siegfried have the galactic founder power, that prevent us from needing WA, that sector was without a founder power, he departed and left the region totally unprotected, the raiders perceived and, as they have Christian nation on the top of targets he attacked us al, but here it's different.

The Objector- Emperor, you must consider that despite The Enlightened Union having eldritch abominations, piracy, necromancers and the fact that it's depending on a little group Stewards and smart politics to preserve order and don't make the entire galaxy don't fall into chaos, maybe we may and will need the WA, we must not throw off a power that might help us even a little, and you must consider that this sort of thing will put The Enlightened Union on an isolationist platform that is exactly what we don't stand for, Atrides is trying to recover from centuries of isolationism to a semi-isolationism itself because it put us basically with the image of religious zealots on everyone that don't know us deeply such as Siegfried, and even he consider Atrides prone to zealotry, and I must agree with him on that, the Inquisitiorial Laboratory incident only prove the mistakes we did, we are not the jerks of the galaxy but we are basically seem as paranoid and moralistic, and you know we are a lot like this Emperor.

Svensgaard - I will consider this, let's see what Siegfried think. Thank you Objector.

The Objector - You are welcome. It is an honor to be on your service Emperor.

Svensgaard - Mat God protect us all.

The Objector - May God protect us all. *The Objector commlink face disappears from Siegfried display on the wrist*

Svensgaard - Ok Siegfried my good friend when you wish tell me what you think about that please.

Siegfried - I have much more things to think about now, but I will consider and answer in the properly time. See you after all this mess, and please fix the enviroment, the sky is like chrome, it's beautfull on cyberpunk sci-fi, but not cool to live with at all. I will still talking and making our investigation efforts, see you later.

*Siegfried and Svensgaard commlinks ended the call, Siegfried continue to talk Verin and Lilith about the main issue, the necromantic dangerious activity on the galaxy*

On the subject of bullying

Unfortunately, I have to disagree with the individual who wrote this text in part for a simple reason: he does not know what bullying is, in its deepest core.

Bullying is not about disagreeing with what other people say - that is contesting - bullying is not about being offensive towards another - that is being rude and uneducated - bullying is about relentless, cruel and abusive harassment by a member(s) of your work, community, and specially, school, that not only is based on slurs and slander, but by physical coercion, phsychological torture, physical attacks and the dissemination of rumours and lies amidst the society, workplace and school ambient.

I know this because I suffered bullying, and this man have the unfortunate idea to say that anti-bullying is about "loss of the right of free speech". No, it is about putting a gag on the mouth of individuals that are cruel to others that are weak and gentle, because they think that the only way to feel superior is to diminish others, not by intelligent debate, but by purely offending others just because they can. Is to put shackles in the hands and feet of others that physically assault others that harm people because they know are strong and powerful and will not receive any kind of retaliation, for the target of their cruelty is weak and too good-natured to think in harm another, even their tormentor. It is to put an leash in the neck of cruel individuals that attack others for the simple, sociopathic pleasure of seen others in pain and distress, be it to saciate a cruel delight in seeing the suffering of others, be it to discharge their frustrations in others weak then them, for they themselves also suffer bullying in their homes, in their work, or other places of social interaction.

The incident of Columbine is not simply about a derranged young man, but by forcefully ostracised individuals that suffered harassment from individuals stronger, crueler and more well connected then the two kids that, in a sign of pure rage against a school that saw them suffering every single day and did nothing to help, received the blunt end of their unjustified revenge.

It is not bullying to say to another "you are wrong in this matter for this, this and this", bullying is to go this other person, beat her for no reason, say that she is a fa@#$t and enjoy her humiliation in the front of others, and be much more slandered when the authorities who must do something do nothing for stupid and selfish reasons - "he is just a kid doing kid things", "he is the football star", "his father/mother made a great donation to our school", etc.

This individual is only now beggining to understand what is bullying, for his reaction is the same as the ones who suffered,because there is only one question that hammers in the head of a bullied person: "WHY I DESERVE THIS? I DID NOTHING WRONG!"

This individual in fact says correctly that there are individuals that are using the anti-bully movement as a weapon to justify their ideals and actions, but he is still ignorant of the matter for he never suffered rellentless physical and psychological harassment, every single day, during his biological, psychological and social development phase. He does not know the dread of going to school knowing that your torturer - because that is what a bully is, a torturer - will be there waiting to make your life hell inside and outside school, he does not know how it is to have your name in the center of a 1001 rumours where your person is inserted as the main character in shameful and demeaning behaviour, he does not knowof how it is to be the end of many jokes at your expense, putting you in humiliating positions, beat you, strangle you, all the while you are begging to stop and everybody looks to the side and your tormentors, with sadistic smiles and demented eyes, drunk with their power simply say "no".

Bullying is not about going against another point of view, as this unfortunate blind wants to see; Bullying is not about freedom of speech, as this mute prefers to say; bullying is not about expression, as this deaf man likes to hear.

Bullying is about cruelty of a human commited against another human just because they can do it, knowing about the impunity they have and the lack of resources of how to stop it.

I agree partly with you, I suffered bullying too, cruel bullying and it is partly responsible for my Chronical Anxiety Disorder and for years of heavy depression and even suicidal tendencies, today I thave TAG and need Clonazepam (Klonopin on US or Rivotril on Brazil) to din't stay on perpetual.anxiety. Andd lack of social skills a lot of times is due because for beimg excluded from the class due to bullying I had no way to develop it except on the internet, that for a long time was the only way of communication with other person I had at all, but I will answer the debate lately.

A spoiler first, the problem of the anti-bullying movement is not on the act, it is the broadening definition of it. Everything becomes bullying, that's the problem, my freedom of sensibility don't end where te sensibilities of other begins. If we follow this way communication and even reasonable debates became ironically impossible.

A criticism now becames a bullying, Monty Python is a bullying? It mocks Christians a nd I like Monty Python a lot.

The broadening of bullying definition is turning communication impossible.

You suffered bullying too, we are brothers in pain my good friend, I know how it is to suffer this too.

((Iím sorry for the lack of RP everyone. I have been very busy with real life stuff lately.))

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