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I daresay that we did a good job with The Greater Nazi Empire. More dead than infected, and no survivors.

it took a while but we finally got Libertarian Confederacy

Stupid game, I select the answers that the trotterdams say with give me a better pizza industry, but it has the negative effect.

Selling a Soviet card for 19.17 NS dollars.

When you had 2.60 virtually stolen from you.

Tasria Pig Latin and Yam Pact are being liberated

I don't think you know the difference between raiding and refounding random regions, but ok whatever

Empire of Dogetopia and Righter winger

lol tbh idk why i call it raiding

Post by Ns football league suppressed by a moderator.

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CaPiTaLiStIc RuSsIa wrote:Yo.

91 days later, wassup.

Hello. Do you want get some cheap WMD? I also have the best anti-WA resolution weapon. You can see the catalog on our region page

Hello! Please do not open this or Ca21yrio48vnn,xjkfd tto ^Nom.. Nom... Tentacle clicks "lodge"^

Greetings! I'm R&S, Officer of Consulate Affairs at Liberalia, the region you have just formed embassies with. I'm here to say that Liberalia hopes this will develop into a long, prosperous friendship.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns (or just want to chat!), TG me any time!

Do you guys have any thoughts on time? Or travel? Or debates? Or debates on time travel? If so, hurry on over to Worldly Debate Region, where a debate is currently being held on the merits of time travel and whether or not it should be allowed or used if it is ever developed.