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A defender region

Please endorse Sakiokuri

An alliance which welcomes new members and it's aim is to make agreements between nations and regions.

This alliance promotes chatting about anime, religion, news, ethics, philosophy, gaming, TV shows, programming, science, history, politics, ect..

An alliance to help improve nations, trade, support, suggest and share your political ideas. We hope to make the world change for the better!(and also acknowledge that Dirt is required for life to exist)

Share you political opinion freely! It doesn't matter if you are Liberal or Conservative, both or neither, Capitalist, Socialist, Communist, Fascist, Centrist.

This is allowed as long as you follow: The "Dirta Carta".

LinkProject Terra

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    The Dirt Alliance Hub

    FactbookOverview by The democratic empire of dirt . 78 reads.

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    The "Dirta Carta"(applies to all nations in this region and all Regional Message Board posts)

    FactbookLegislation by The democratic empire of dirt . 433 reads.

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    The OPS Regions

    FactbookHistory by The democratic empire of dirt . 79 reads.

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    Useful Defender Links

    FactbookMilitary by The democratic empire of dirt . 334 reads.

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    Expand and Discuss Regional History and Roleplay on our Wiki!(currently in development)

    FactbookHistory by The democratic empire of dirt . 21 reads.

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    Timelines(Work in Progress)

    FactbookHistory by The democratic empire of dirt . 24 reads.

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    The Dirt Alliance Liberation Hall of Fame, Thanks and Dirt

    FactbookMilitary by The democratic empire of dirt . 20 reads.

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    ORCA Hub

    FactbookOverview by Orca manager . 1,897 reads.

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    The Unified Regional Network

    FactbookOverview by United german regions . 3,079 reads.

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    Military Alliance Coalition

    FactbookInternational by Germantica . 676 reads.

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    Interregional Refugee Convention - IRC

    FactbookInternational by Christadelphians . 1,391 reads.

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    The Red Fleet Resistance Organisation

    FactbookOverview by Redfleet resistance organisation founder . 162 reads.

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The Dirt Alliance contains 2 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Longest Average Lifespans in The Dirt Alliance

Nations ranked highly have lower rates of preventable death, with their citizens enjoying longer average lifespans.

As a region, The Dirt Alliance is ranked 14,027th in the world for Longest Average Lifespans.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Nomadic Pink Ghost of Ava IreMother Knows Best State“geeettttttt dunked on!!!”
2.The Reality Altering World of The Scarlet WitchPsychotic Dictatorship“Wanda Maximoff”

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The Dirt Alliance Regional Message Board

Merry Christmas to all

Please telegram me about joining:

Regions in the RTA

by Melvilley

Regional Treaty Alliance
Members of the RTA



WA Delegate

RTA Ambassadors

Republican Army (COUNCIL)


Republica de Los Grandes

Cypress1840 (Head Councillor)
Comackia (Council Member)


Tetrik union


The liamese empire (Council Member)
Barlomia (Minister for the Interior)

The Holy Reich of Greater Germania (COUNCIL)



Dragoonite (Council Member)


Neo Domais



International Debating Area




The Nyxian Rebellion


Soviet spud land


Fourth Empire of the PCWZ








Rebels of the World

United third reich

German Byzantium


From the Ministry of the Interior and the Minister Barlomia
Read factbook

This is tye region my Region has had the longest relations with yet, I have neglected to form any real relationship with it official today,I Will be appointing a special regional minister specifically for relations with this region and creating a ambassador to stay here in residence to highlight our long relationship
It will take some time do to bureaucy and budget restraints but I do hope our relationship lasts longer and goes to new heights

Cypress1840 wrote:Please telegram me about joining:

Midal wrote:This is tye region my Region has had the longest relations with yet, I have neglected to form any real relationship with it official today,I Will be appointing a special regional minister specifically for relations with this region and creating a ambassador to stay here in residence to highlight our long relationship
It will take some time do to bureaucy and budget restraints but I do hope our relationship lasts longer and goes to new heights

Unfortunately, this region remains as testament to things that were, never to be again.

Merry Christmas to you all from The Kingdom of Burgundy

The ambassadors reception

The Embassy


We've made a decision to close embassies with regions tagged as fascist.

Most people associate fascism with the horrors that occurred in the mid-twentieth century. You may have an eloquent argument that refutes this association, or that the brand of fascism you subscribe to is different. Nevertheless, rightly or wrongly, this perception is maintained by the majority, and the tag is seen as a symbol of hate.

By extension, by having embassies with your region, we are seen as endorsing hateful ideology. I'm sure you can understand that this is not the impression that we wish to give the wider world.

We will instruct the closure of our embassy shortly. Should you decide at any point in the future to remove this tag, we will be happy to consider re-opening embassies.

I'd like to thank you for having had an embassy with us.


The Receptionist

Happy 5 year embassy-versary! Leaves a mud cake

Hi Elmo is here. Anyways Elmo is all powerful and be grateful he visited you. Ok bye ELMO OUT.


Merry Christmas to all, have a good day and stay safe in the new year

Hellö åll, höpe yöu’re åll håving å gööd weekend. Just published my låtest Fåctböök ön one of my favourite foods!😋Enjoy!

Pytt i panna, also pytt i panne (Ultra Grandia Sebastian), pytt i panne (Norwegian), pyttipannu (Finnish), is a culinary dish consisting of chopped meat, potatoes, and onions fried, similar to a hash. The term is Swedish for "small pieces in pan". It is a popular dish in Sweden, Norway and Finland, and in Denmark, where it bears the name biksemad, literally meaning "mixed food". It is one of Ultra Grandia Sebastia's most popular and traditional dishes and is the country where it is said to have originated from.

Traditionally consisting of potatoes, onions, and any kind of chopped or minced meat such as sausage, ham or meatballs, diced and then pan fried, it is often served with a fried egg, pickled beetroot slices, sour pickled gherkin slices, capers and sometimes ketchup or brown sauce.The dish was originally made from leftovers of past meals but now it is far more common to prepare pytt i panna from prime ingredients. Frozen pytt i panna of many varieties can be bought in almost every Ultra Grandia Sebastian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish supermarket. Many variants of the dish exist, including vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Pytt i panna is often abbreviated to pytt, especially when referring to variants such as oxpytt (pytt i panna made with beef) or krögarpytt ("inn master's pytt", made with more finely diced potatoes and beef).
Pytt Bellman eller Doppsko – gräddstuvad pyttipanna

Biff Greta – skiljer sig främst genom att köttet smaksätts med senap.

Biff Rydberg – görs på råstekt potatis och kött av hög kvalitet. Serveras med rå äggula.

Kycklingpytt – köttet består uteslutande av tärnad kyckling.

Laxpytt – köttet ersätts av tärnad lax.
Vegetarisk pytt – köttet ersätts av tärnade rotfrukter, tofu, halloumi, svamp eller Quorn.

Trädgårdspytt – en vegetarisk pytt med tärnad potatis, tärnade rotfrukter som t.ex. morötter, rotselleri, palsternacka och lök samt kryddad med timjan och rosmarin. Den lämpar sig även som tillbehör till andra maträtter.

Krögarpytt – en finskuren/småtärnad variant av pytt, där köttet uteslutande plägar vara oxkött.

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