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The Democratic Republic of Freedom RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Imperial Empire of Stolkland (elected )

Founder: The Top-notch Nation of Skundi

Last WA Update:

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 273rd Most Nations: 459th Best Weather: 1,338th+5
Nicest Citizens: 1,418th Most Compassionate Citizens: 1,461st Most Inclusive: 1,643rd Most Cheerful Citizens: 1,908th Most Cultured: 2,003rd
World Factbook Entry

Prime Minister: Excalian Puppet One
Deputy Prime Minister: Lynttyn
Regional Motto: Just Do Something
Founded: 2nd May 2018
Welcome to The Democratic Republic of Freedom, or DRF, a region that favours freedom, equality and democracy, where everyone can have a say. We hope to become a hub for democracy. We encourage democratic values, but any type of nation is welcome! Our recent Regional Happenings include:

  • We have a map and an RP, so speak with our RP Minister, The Co-Prosperity-Puppet, if you want to join!

  • The people have spoken in our most recent election and have voted Excalian Puppet One and the Clovic Party into power!

      Regional Year: 1962 1 RL Week = 1 RP Year

Embassies: The Clover Confederation, The Embassy, The Democratic Republic, Dauiland, The NewsStand, Bus Stop, Union of Allied States, True Land, Lardyland, United Independent states of Nerdaria, The Sands, The Union of Imperials, The united nations of liberalia, International Debating Area, The Twitter, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, and 13 others.The Independent Newspaper, The Moderate Alliance, NSDF, democratic union of free states, The North Eastern Federation of States, The Great Universe, The Bar on the corner of every region, The Free Alliance, Hollow Point, The Gordo Alliance of Got Beef, Nationstates Football World, Universal Pact, and Federation of Conservative Nations.

Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Capitalist, Casual, Defender, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Game Player, General Assembly, Independent, International Federalist, Medium, and 6 others.Regional Government, Role Player, Security Council, Serious, Social, and World Assembly.

The Democratic Republic of Freedom contains 31 nations, the 459th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Overall Tax Burden in The Democratic Republic of Freedom

World Census financial experts assessed nations across a range of direct and indirect measures in order to determine which placed the lowest tax burden on their citizens.

As a region, The Democratic Republic of Freedom is ranked 20,849th in the world for Lowest Overall Tax Burden.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Sixth French Republic of The Co-Prosperity-PuppetCorporate Bordello“It's A Puppet”
2.The Wild Investment Corporation of CervelatAnarchy“Contented with little yet wishing for more.”
3.The Republic of HorketCorporate Bordello“Death to the Deathless”
4.The United States of LecialiaCorporate Bordello“In God We Trust”
5.The Republic of CrastineInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Work as one”
6.The United States of El AmericInoffensive Centrist Democracy“You Can't Stop Progress”
7.The Commonwealth of AlsantaniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“If its Alsantania its amazing!”
8.The Theocracy of Lyton XernineMoralistic Democracy“Strength Through Freedom”
9.The Federal Republic of Germany of Zweites PreussenNew York Times Democracy“Germany, United and Free”
10.The Kingdom of OperrossiaDemocratic Socialists“Tynytoogit mm Määtit”

Regional Happenings


The Democratic Republic of Freedom Regional Message Board

Abbots wrote:
then who has control


What does ninja'd mean in forums?

Arstotzzkka wrote:What does ninja'd mean in forums?

Someone said the answer they wanted to say there before them.

Zweites Preussen wrote:People.

Hahahahahahah. Hahahahahah. Hahahahah. Hahahah.

If only.

Excalian Puppet One wrote:
Hahahahahahah. Hahahahahah. Hahahahah. Hahahah.

If only.

Not the people, some people.

Zweites Preussen wrote:Not the people, some people.

I feel like all the pacfic Leaders are in some kind of consipraicy or something

Matroyska wrote:really excellent, amazing job Lynttyn. only a few comments:
• why should a nation not be allowed to be in jeopardy of punishment for a crime twice, if they were acquitted the first time but then new evidence comes to light?
• it feels like the chief justice has a little too much power, and could in theory control the region somewhat. maybe tone down the justice’s power slightly?
on the whole though, absolutely amazing, i thoroughly applaud you for the time and effort that went into that.

I've updated it based on your suggestions, and I also added an article for the WA Delegate.

Constitution of The Democratic Republic of Freedom


We, the independent sovereign nations that constitute the region known as the The Democratic Republic of Freedom, having resolved to better our Republic, secure our rights and freedoms, uphold democracy as the tantamount value of the region and govern the Republic in the interests of the people and the nations, hereby adopts this second Constitution as the supreme law of the Republic

Article I - Citizenship

1) All member nations that have resided in the region for seven (7) days shall be considered a citizen.

2) Member nations may have vassal nations residing in the region. However, the vassal nations shall not be considered citizens.

3) A member nation that has not satisfied the above requirements for citizenship can be granted citizenship by unanimous decision from the Founder, Prime Minister, and Home Secretary.

4) Citizenship may be revoked if a nation is convicted of treason in the Regional Court, or by a unanimous decision by the Founder, Prime Minister and Home Secretary, in which case the nation shall have the right to appeal the decision in the Regional Court.

Article II - Rights of Nations

1) Each nation shall have the right to exercise its sovereignty and independence regarding its domestic policies

2) Each nation's right to exercise the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and free expression of religion, shall not be infringed.

3) No nation shall be convicted of a crime not prescribed by the Constitution or any law. Any nation charged with a crime shall have the right to a fair, impartial, public trial before a neutral judge. No Nation shall be twice put in jeopardy of punishment for the same offense, unless new evidence was uncovered.

4) Each citizen shall be entitled to vote in any lawful manner without coercion.

5) Each nation shall be subject to equal treatment and protection under the Constitution.

Article III - Executive

1) The Executive Branch shall be headed by the Prime Minister, and be responsible for governing the region and executing the laws.

2) The Prime Minister shall be elected directly by the citizens of the region with a simple majority of over 50% from those voting.

4) All citizens shall have the right to be candidate for Prime Minister, but no candidate shall vote for himself.

3) The Prime Minister shall be given all authorities in the region, except for Executive authority, but the Prime Minister may direct the Founder to appoint any citizen to an office to assist in the running of the Executive Branch.

4) The Prime Minister must name a Home Secretary, responsible for regional affairs and security, and a Foreign Secretary, responsible for external relations with other nations and regions.

5) The Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary shall form the Cabinet, but the Prime Minister may appoint any other officeholder to the Cabinet.

6) The Prime Minister and Founder can veto any law by a joint decision, which may be overturned by the Legislative Assembly by a majority of 60%.

7) The Prime Minister and Founder can grant a pardon to any resident convicted of a criminal offense by a joint decision.

8) If the Prime Minister resigns, becomes incapacitated, or is removed from office, the Deputy Prime Minister shall become Acting Prime Minister until a new election is held.

Article IV - Legislative

1) The Legislative Assembly shall have the sole authority to create laws for the Republic

2) All citizens of the Republic shall be part of the Legislative Assembly, and shall have the right to present bills to the Assembly.

3) A bill shall become law if approved by a simple majority of over 50% from members voting.

4) Amendments to the Constitution shall become law if approved by a majority of over 60% from members voting.

Article V - Judicial

1) The Judicial Power of the region shall be vested in the Chief Justice of the Regional Court.

2) The Chief Justice shall be nominated by the Prime Minister and approved by a simple majority of over 50% from members voting in the Legislative Assembly.

3) The Chief Justice shall not hold any Executive offices or be part of the Legislative Assembly.

4) The Chief Justice shall have the power to revoke citizenship, eject, or ban any nation only if the nation is convicted of treason, and may overturn any of those actions by the Founder, Prime Minister and Home Secretary.

5) The Chief Justice shall try any civil and criminal cases as well as conduct judicial review of any law, where they can be declared unconstitutional.

Article VI - The World Assembly Delegate

1) The World Assembly Delegate shall be elected by all citizens by a simple majority of over 50% from those voting.

2) The World Assembly Delegate shall have the power to approve and vote on World Assembly Resolutions independently from the Government.

3) No additional powers shall be conferred to the position of the World Assembly Delegate.

Article VII - Impeachment and Removal of Regional officers

1) All government officials and regional officers may be impeached and removed from office by the Legislative Assembly for treason, abuse of power, and other high crimes. The impeachments shall be passed by a 2/3rds majority of members voting.

2) The Prime Minister may dismiss any government officials, except for the Chief Justice.

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Excalian Puppet One wrote:dear max barry,

make ns better lol

& matroyska

"What's so special about the DRF?"

um... we have a meme?

Excalian Puppet One wrote:dear max barry,

make ns better lol

& zweites preussen

Welcome Kazakh Astana! I hope you enjoy your stay

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