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Auragora wrote:hello

Hello, How are you doing?

Auragora wrote:hello


United Trev wrote:On Behalf of all people who don’t care about a party, don’t care about a political ally, but care about their region. I hereby announce my candidacy for the Consulship of TDR!

Don't forget to declare who your candidate is on RMB

Democratic-Republican Party
Senate list

America JB, (Matt Land), (Timjoa), Vigoriths, New-German Republic, Firefox15

Porto Verde., this is me

Post self-deleted by Basel-Alsace.

I am announcing my run for Senate under the Regional Libertarian Party.

**RLP Senate list**
1. John lennon
2. Gabrielus69

America JB claims New Jersey and Delaware

After rebuilding for a devastating earthquake, it is now election time in America JB. The President, eager to remain in control and keep the obtuse opponent from the office, has now set foot for a extraordinary event. President Tyler plans to meet with the leaders of Delaware, New Jersey and Southern New York State in person. He makes his way out from Spring field at around 4 am. He get's on a train and quietly makes his way to New York Station. From there he goes to a convention center where the other leaders are waiting for him. This is a risky move that will surely shake things up. President Tyler arrives at the meeting five minutes later and makes his round of greetings. He quickly then sits down and get's straight to work. He tries to convince the other leaders that their nation's are safer and their positions are safer under America JBian rule. The leader of the rebel opposition in southern New York State responds by saying, "This surly is an attractive proposal, Mr. President. Only problem is that this will bring America JB into a war with North half of New York State." The President smirk's and responds by saying, "Let them come naught." The leaders all laugh.

Sir Abraham Ronald of Delaware makes his case to become a State and so does the leader of New Jersey. President Tyler likes this, but wants something in return, something he needs their forces for. President Tyler asks those leaders if he can use their army to close the General Assembly of America JB, they all agree. The leaders make their way to their respective lands, Tyler brings tanks with him. President Tyler arrives at the doors of the General Assembly and stamps a note to it, ordering the facility to shut down for further notice. Tyler in the note calls the Speaker a traitor and that he deserves the death penalty. Within four hours the General Assembly start arriving and so does the Speaker. The Speaker steps out of his vehicle and sees hundreds of assemblymen pondering outside wondering what to do. The Speaker says, "No no, this can't be". He runs to the door and tears down the note to read it. He is surprised and freighted. He tries running for his car, but a couple of soldiers grabbed him and pulled him into their van. With a blind fold on he has no idea where he is going. After some time, they take the blind fold off and the Speaker realizes where he is, New Jersey. He is tied up in a chair in a warehouse that so happens to have a window.

President Tyler makes his way to the General Assembly to open the doors. His coalition army makes their way to help him. Tyler unlocks the door and demands that any member that enters those doors must agree to the terms of the proposed treaty that would, in effect, make southern New York, New Jersey and Delaware States of America JB. As well put America JB into a war with Northern New York State. Something that would have prevented this from ever passing, if Tyler wasn't so..... persuasive in his methods. All the members enter and they agree to the terms. The treaty is passed and they are now approved States. War has officially begun with the Northern New York legislature passing motion to declare one once they heard the news of this preposterous actions taken by the America JBian leader. The legislators in their Congress state, "We can not be terrorized by dictator who threatens and kidnap's his own Speaker. We must stand up for our misguided brethren of the South and our neighbors therefore. As the good book says, the gates of hell shall not prevail. Let us go with that in our hearts that the evil man, Tyler, will have his day in court." With that, there was a loud and violent cheer in the Congress of North New York State. Something is coming and America JB, their friends, their enemies know it. But when?

The President woke up the next day and read of the terrible things the North New York Congress said about him. He shrugs it off and continues to work. Though, not for long as an aid grabs him and turns on the TV. The leader of new Jersey has been assassinated by North New York spies. This is news that has rattled the newly formed alliance and nation in which was founded as of. President Tyler wastes no time and orders for the national guard to close and secure the border with Northern New York. The President, oh so wisely (not), decides to order a special session of the General Assembly. Behind the scenes, rebel assemblyman, around a group of 8 who already disliked the President, order for a "special gift to be brought to him". The President arrives at the steps of the General Assembly and things are about to get very.... interesting to say the least.

President Tyler steps out of his limo and enters the Assembly grounds. He makes his way to the podium and shouts angrily for the Assemblyman to sit the heck down. While ranting on about how awful they are and how we need to defeat North New York State enemy, two men makes their way to the podium and open fire. The President is down, his soldiers that were guarding him rush and tackle the two assassins and another group of soldiers that was waiting outside, storm the building and grab the President out. Time is running out to save him, but they try anything. They hook up the blood diffusion machine in his limo and begin CPR. He has a pulse but a weak one. The Limo takes off to the Executive mansion where a group of Doctors in the medical hall are waiting for him.

The President arrives to his mansion within five minutes, the soldiers haul him out of the limo and put him on a gurney. They roll him to the operation room and the surgeons get to work. The surgery lasts for about eight hours, but news has been published that the President has survived. Tyler, still popular with the people, garner their support and prayers throughout this whole ordeal. The General Assembly mean while is forced to resign, with exemption of Speaker because Tyler thinks he no longer is a threat or face death penalty for treason or negligence to report treason. So, new General Assembly elections are scheduled to take place.

All this is happening while the Vice-President is leading battles in South New York to divert the advancements of enemy state. The Vice-President, while flying in a helicopter has a heart attack and there is nowhere to land as of now. He is pronounced dead on the scene. This news makes it's way to President Tyler, in which he weeps for his friends departure, while serving his country nonetheless. The Speaker is now the new acting President, and the America JBian army orders for him to be set free from his captivity. The Speaker makes his way back home and things are about to go down. The Speaker orders immediately for the cease aggression with the Northern army and demands for negotiations of peace to be held. Within three days, a peace agreement has been signed and brought into affect.

The actual prize, the end of the war and long lasting peace is still the Speakers goal as acting President. He negotiates with the North New York States leader on the phone. They agree to terms of America JB backing out of southern New York, and war ends just then. Both sides agree and the final document is faxed over to the respective leaders for signing. With this signature, blood was spilled for nothing in this awful war and the final claims are for Delaware and New Jersey. After all is said and done, President Tyler recovers and is devastated by this news, what else can be done but ponder what could be?

(A) Republic Division (5 teams)
(B) Democratic Division (5 teams)
(C) Central Division (5 teams)
Most Championships:
Cutroajan (15 Championships)

Welcome to the Regional League Baseball (RLB)
In this league there shall be three divisions named the Republic, Democratic and Central divisions, marked by A, B or C. Which will make up a League with a total of thirty games being played in the regular season. The top team with the best record in the division shall win the divisional crown. The top two teams in each division shall advance to the Playoffs, where they shall verse each other in the Divisional Series, advancing to the League and hopefully World Series.
Check out the LinkLeague Song.

Each game in the League will be decided through an official league simulator each season. In the Regional League Baseball there shall be a limit of fifteen total teams, with teams being evenly distributed into three separate divisions. If a member nation of The Democratic Republic, leaves the region then either their team shall be transferred to a new player or will be an independent team until transferred to other player.

Regional League Baseball

League Information-
LinkStandings & Matches | LinkPlayoffs

Divisional makeup

[A] Republic Division
Matt Land
America OG
Capital AL
America JB

[B] Democratic Division
The Wrekin
Porto Verde

[C] Central Division
United Trev

Past Champions
America JB Seasons 01, 06, 08, 11, 12, 16, 17, 34, 42, 90
FireFox15 Seasons 02, 21
Timjoa Seasons 03, 07, 13, 37, 50, 57, 66, 76, 88
Capital AL Seasons 04, 19, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 32, 58
Cutroajan Seasons 05, 09, 10, 14, 15, 20, 54, 56, 69, 70, 72, 74, 80, 85, 89
Fifj Seasons 18, 25, 55, 62, 68, 86
OoferGangz Seasons 23, 31, 33, 35, 41, 44, 64, 67, 71, 73
Porto Verde Seasons 30, 38, 39, 40, 65, 81, 82
United Trev Seasons 36, 51
Vevera Seasons 43, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 87
The Wrekin Seasons 52, 78, 83
Vigoriths Seasons 53, 59, 63, 75, 79
Matt Land Seasons 60, 84, 91
Vulshine Seasons 61, 77

Teams rivalries-
Teams that are competitive against each other and face each other in the post season on a fairly regular basis. Teams that also fight against each other for the divisional crown on a regular basis. A team can only have one real rival. Rivalries may change.
America JB VS Capital AL
America OG VS Timjoa
The Wrekin VS Matt Land
Porto Verde VS Timjoa
Cutroajan VS FireFox15
Vajrayanah VS Vevera
United Trev VS Vulshine
Fifj VS Vigoriths

Read factbook

Cutroajan has won the World Series in Season 80

How is everyone doing?

America JB wrote:How is everyone doing?

Very well, thank you

A RolePlay revision is being passed by the Senate. I encourage all nations to join the RP.

America JB wrote:How is everyone doing?

Hey, I have been doing good.

Potatolandias wrote:Hey, I have been doing good.

hey, join the discord server

America JB and Lae dudinesai

Response to NPC: A new age in America JBian politics

The America JBian President has recovered from the assassination's attempt and is fully back in the job. With the heart break of having forces leave New York, one thing that did come out of this is sympathy for his position and for the joy of peace while expanding our territories at the same time. So with that, the President takes joy. One thing is forgotten though, the Presidential election is only a month away and a debate is scheduled for tonight. This news very much startles the President while he tries to finish his breakfast, but he tells his advisors that he has it all under control.

The President get's on the phone and calls the new Governors of New Jersey and Delaware to do the usual rounds of greeting them and asking if they need anything. After this, he get's into his limo and heads straight to the General Assembly, empty of course since all them had to resign, with exemption to the Speaker. So he arrives and enters the building. It is empty and the President is wondering why. At that moment, a top advisor runs to him and reminds him of what happened. The President collapses and weeps for some time. He then goes onto say, "We must not let the Vice-President's death go in vain nor have this government collapse." With that, he leaves the building with a mission to take down his opponent, the current Speaker of the House.

So, with ten minutes to go till the debate starts, the President goes over his notes and is pumped up. He heads to the debate hall and is met with a crowed that is eager to see what he has to say. Some of the highlights from the debate was that President Tyler reveled all the flaws in the Speakers policies and showed the public how idiotic the Speaker actually was. This was a tremendous victory for President Tyler, but this isn't the end. The election is yet to come.

So, it is now election time in America JB. Voters are eager to get out and make their voices known. They will be electing the new President and General Assembly this year, due to the events that unfolded. 34% of the totals are in and President Tyler is trailing the Speaker by 7%. Now, 60% of the totals are in and Tyler is trailing the Speaker by 2%. Finally, good news. With 98% in, President Tyler leads the Speaker by 0.5%, his first lead of the night. 100% of the votes are in and it's big. President Tyler wins by a 0.8% lead and the Speaker drops out of the race. This is a giant victory for the President and it get's even better when he learns that the Republicans have gained control of both chambers of the General Assembly.

Survey results
19 Participants

Who do you support for Consul?
OG/Fifj (Progressive)- %
Trev/Timjoa (Ind.)- %
JB/AL (Democratic-Republican)- %
Judge Moore/ The Jong Regime- %

Who do you support for Senate?
Democratic-Republican Party- %
Regional Libertarian Party- %
Progressive Party- %
Legion of Conservatives Party- %
Undecided- %

Do you think TDR is headed in the right direction?
Yes- %
No- %

Do you approve of the Senate?
Yes- %
No- %

Do you approve of the Supreme Court?
Yes- %
No- %

Do you approve of the current Consul?
Yes- %
No- %

How are you handling the stay at home orders?
Good- %
Bad, Online classes are terrible- %
Good, Online classes are great- %
I don't care- %
I'm slowly going insane, it's worse than bad- %
Bad- 0%

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Survey results are up!

World Cup of Football (Soccer)

Here in lies the regional World Cup tournament of The Democratic Republic. The official LinkWorld Cup promo video.
Current Teams
Matt Land
Capital AL
America JB
Porto Verde
America OG
United Trev
Digital Union
The Wrekin

World Cup Winner: TIMJOA

World Cup Champions

Title Month


December 2018


January 2019


February 2019


March 2019


April 2019


May 2019


June 2019


July 2019


August 2019


September 2019


October 2019


November 2019


December 2019


January 2020


February 2020


March 2020


April 2020


May 2020


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Timjoa has won the March 2020 World Cup!

The force of the jedi

The force of the jedi wrote:hi


Regional Announcement

Hello Citizens of The Democratic Republic! Today is Founding day, 2 years ago this region was formed. Later today the Consul will be delivering a State of the Region address to the Senate.

The Union of Wafflehouses of America wrote:Can I run for senate?

join the discord server


Lae dudinesai


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