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The Democratic Commonwealth RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Empire of Burussica (elected )

Founder: The Hawkian Nationalist Republic of New Velonia

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Most Nations: 257th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 350th Largest Black Market: 1,163rd
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Welcome to the Democratic Commonwealth!

A community founded on principles of easyliving, good fun and peace.

If you want to be a part of an active and engaging political life, a deep and creative Roleplay scene, a Linkclose and friendly community, or maybe all of the above, TDC is your place to shine!

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  • Never forget, TDC is where you come to lead and not be led!

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The Democratic Commonwealth contains 56 nations, the 257th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Mining Sector in The Democratic Commonwealth

World Census experts measured the volume of stuff removed from the ground to determine which nations have the largest mining industries.

As a region, The Democratic Commonwealth is ranked 5,259th in the world for Largest Mining Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Stupidly Militarized State of DuckzchwhitzPsychotic Dictatorship“Through Servitude to the Cause, Freedom is Achieved”
2.The Dominion of The Greater Rhine NationIron Fist Consumerists“Non Ministrari, Sed Ministrare.”
3.The People's Covenant of SECPFather Knows Best State“De sanguine testamenti nostri sit super nos lumen”
4.The Undefined of CratoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“undefined”
5.The Federation of Saami-Finnic NationsCapitalizt“Unity of Brothers”
6.The Empire of The Equalist ImperiumMoralistic Democracy“If dreams come true, what's to say nightmares can't?”
7.The Dictatorship of Roma NuovaCorporate Police State“Il Duce ha sempre ragione!”
8.The Confederacy of AdderiaFree-Market Paradise“Death is preferable then life without freedom”
9.The Constitutional Monarchy of DorportCivil Rights Lovefest“Yeet, or be yeeted”
10.The Federal Republic of ArminikCorporate Bordello“Arminik Forever”

Regional Poll • Tournament of Presidents!

The Republic of Taoiseach Federalist Unions wrote:Which of these more modern Presidents is your favourite?

Voting opened 15 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Democratic Primary Poll”

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The Democratic Commonwealth Regional Message Board


Read about a man getting brutally executed in this latest issue of Prussian War Stories! Remember to join the discord and the Nation-RP if you want to partake in such great fun!

Perfecting the advanced BM systems


Taoiseach Federalist Unions wrote:It's tudor!

Indeed, I have returned

Roleplay Members! Ladies and gentlemen!

The Second RP Week begins!

War rumbles to the commonwealth! Shocking movements by nations such as Monati, Prussia, and Federalist in response to the invasion of Gibraltar by New Velonia are setting all-out armed conflict into motion!
Stay tuned and watch out ....

Another event is on the way! Some of the strongest nations have teamed up in an attempt to wipe New Velonia from off the face of the map! For the first time in modern history, there may even be a world war! The fighting will occur, but the question is when will it stop?

Will you and your nation join the fight? Can your side muster the courage to win?

The Second RP Week begins!

War rumbles to the commonwealth! Shocking movements by nations such as Monati, Prussia, and Federalist in response to the invasion of Gibraltar by New Velonia are setting all-out armed conflict into motion!

Stay tuned and watch out ....

Another event is on the way! Some of the strongest nations have teamed up in an attempt to wipe New Velonia from off the face of the map! For the first time in modern history, there may even be a world war! The fighting will occur, but the question is when will it stop?

Will you and your nation join the fight? Can your side muster the courage to win?

RPers of the world unite! Participants will go head to head in a battle to determine who'll rule Velonia. Points will be given out for how long your text is. 50 words will give you 50 points, 100 words for 100 points and so on! Unless there is an extremely unfair amount of nations on one side, the group of nations who write the most will be given special assistance every 5,000 points!

Special awards will be given out like "bringer of peace", "aint no crime like a war crime", "bloodshedder" etc.

To be in with a chance to participate make sure you're on the map!

World War V




The Velonian Alliance



The Anti-Velonian League



Neutral Gang


Making Peace

Read dispatch

This will begin tomorrow and last for a week!

Western Unification

Read about the western unification of the United Monatian Asian Federation, where diplomacy and willingness to help now greatly overwhelm the urge of aggression. Join the TDC discord and take part into the fun roleplay!


Awakening a Sleeping Giant

Though their sleep had been long and their nation fell into chaos as an armed uprising beginning in Volgograd in the year 2022 kicked off events which would change the political landscape of Russia. Vladimir Putin who had led Russia for a decade responded in force, what he did not count on was an ambush of his forces who had been diverted from the war in Crimea by their own forces. Why was this happening? Why would loyal soldiers turn on their own? Perhaps they had grown tired of the leadership of Putin or perhaps a military officer had decided to let his ambition come to pass by his own will.

As it is said the will of a single man can change the world, whether it is for the good is for the man to decide, the soldiers who were ambushed surrendered soon enough unable to withstand the ambushers. When news reached the president he was less than pleased of the news that his own soldiers would turn on their own. And orders were sent to seek out and destroy the will of these rebels and their compatriots, however, word had already gotten out and soon St. Petersburg had risen up as well as Moscow and smaller uprisings within major cities west of the Ural mountains.

When briefed on this the old leader realized that this action had likely been planed in secret for several years right under his very nose and he and his inner circle had failed to catch it. However once this was realized..other military commanders who were also a part of this uprising were already breaking in the door of the Kremlin and coming for him. Afterword had reached other military commanders who were not in the know they had already been surrounded by those loyal to the Coup forces and were forced to surrender.

Many people feared that this meant the rise of a new tyrannical government and protested against the rise for many weeks while those loyal to Army General Vadimovich met within the Kremlin to discuss their next steps. Vladimir Putin was placed in prison to answer for his many crimes in the meantime while the men discussed the future of the land west of the Ural. Each one knew that the east would no doubt try and counter this action however they possessed the vast Russian armories and means of production and knew that only a fool would even attempt to take the land back for the old regime.

A week later the men came out announcing the creation of a new nation that would call itself the People's Republic of Ozerstine and that this was a new era for Russia one of integrity and justice and free and open elections were opened with Army General Vadimovich running alongside many other former opposition leaders of the now-former president. It was, however, easy to tell who would win the election as Baranov Vadimovich's popularity soared as many people saw him as a liberator. On May 7, 2023 Vadimovich was sworn into office and served the large Republic for six years as one of the first acts was to enact a six-year term limit on presidents within the new republic.

While the world dealt with its own concerns the PRO was building up its forces again and its arsenals to catch up and stay ahead of many of its competitors in the world. the PRO now going into 2070 the PRO rejoins the global field among many other political opponents who seem hellbent on world domination it seems.

During which time they have secured their lands around the Black and Caspian seas as their military expansion's for the past Presidents has grown the size of the PRO's forces immensely along with their arsenals. And holds vigilant guard over their side of the Ural's and in their sections of the Baltic and Barents Seas.

A Nation of One People

The struggles of the white race throughout history have mainly accomplished victory. But, very suddenly, an era of anti-White sentiment was ushered in. Thousands of years of glorious history and culture were threatened by the efforts of a single, small, world-controlling group; the Jews. It was this people, who for whatever reason, most likely power and profit, intended to bring about the destruction of the white race, both by internal and external means. Their plan was 300 years of trickery, banking, and corruption in the making, and it was in the 1960s, 70s and 80s that it's first major phase would go into action.

Three things would play a major role in the Jewish plan to degrade and destroy the white race. First, internal destruction; whites themselves, indoctrinated into the idea of liberalism, communism, and multiculturalism, would be used to speak out against their own race and its history and heritage and to help vilify those who supported it. Secondly, immigration. By importing millions of foreigners, the Jews would succeed in diluting both national and racial identities. By considering a foreigner as one of one's own nation, the real people of that nation and the traits that defined them would evaporate. Finally, the Jews would create a system fiercely suppressing the love of one's own nation, ethnicity and heritage via indoctrination. By this, all those who understood and opposed the Jewish plan would be vilified and discarded from society.

It was these factors that brought about a growing sentiment of societal revanchism by whites. The knowledge of the Jewish plan was rapidly spreading, and despite the efforts of Jew-run media and education, this rising movement could not be quelled. The idea of multiculturalism had failed, and the divide between races was growing. Despite the obvious divisions and factors across the board the Jewish elite continued to try and promote multiculturalism, and they tried new ways of eliminating the white race. They came up with another idea; race-mixing. Mix the races together to eliminate any trace of racial or cultural identity. The idea began to pick up steam and succeed, especially among white women. This however only amplified the anger of un-indoctrinated whites.

It was in the year 2021 that this anger finally boiled over. The recent, extremely narrow election of Elizabeth Warren as President of the United States had created enormous tensions, and now even conservatives, seeing the horrific immigration policies of Warren, began turning further right, and embracing their racial identity. In April 2021, President Warren attempted to pass a bill through Congress banning all guns for civilian ownership. This resulted in armed risings in almost every state, although in many states the National Guard and police desserted and refused to follow the laws. Over the course of April, stability broke down, and far-right terrorists and militias took the opportunity. A violent campaign against liberals and the government occurred in the Northwest, which had long been pegged as the location of a White ethnostate. The groups took control of major cities and infrastrcture with the support of desserted police and military. A "temporary white ethnostate" was declared in Boise, Idaho, and whites were encouraged to migrate.

The government was in no position to oppose this state. Systems began to start deporting non-Whites, and exterminate whites with an anti-white sentiment. In Portland, Oregon, armed groups like Atomwaffen Division rounded up Antifa members and executed them. By September over 9,500 were dead. A functional government, lead by white nationalist leaders, was formed, and whites began to migrate to the area. Thousands of homes in cities like Portland and Seattle were left vacated, and were slowly filled up. By 2025 the state was fully functional, and had gained recognition from a handful of countries. The remainder of the U.S had collapsed in various ways. This new White ethnostate was governed by a system of eco-Fascism and National Socialism, and laws were put in place to protect whites, as well as fight degeneracy in all of its forms. The White ethnostate since then has only expanded in stability, economic power, and military force. What the future holds for the Nation of One People, is soon to be found out...

Med tech and Synthetic Biology Advancements

Read about UMAF'S progress to achieving one of the world's, if not the best medical industry in the world in terms of medicine, medical technologies, and genetic engineering. Join the TDC discord now and take part in the fun roleplay!

HVDNCS MD133i  Design:


The HVDNCS MD133i is Artol Core's newly manufactured nano-carbon schwarzite polymer used primarily for computers, energy storage, and other technologies. The manufactured MD133i is proven to be really versatile, lightweight, extremely durable, and stronger than its Artol Graphene counterparts and other nanocarbon shapes, such as curvatures and buckyballs. Its negative structure promotes an optimized balance of surface and interior volume. This shape could lead to supercapacitors and significantly increased energy capacity. The MD133i zeolites to manufacture the schwarzites. Md133i is the experimental prototype of the new HVDNCS, which are now reaching in the commercial-free market.

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