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                         The Pitts City Weekly

Following the attempted Coup in the royal family has been evacuated to a safe zone by the Pittstican Royal Guard where Emperor Jordan I was nearly stabbed to death by a rogue guard in before the rogue was instantly shot on the spot, the Emperor has taken himself to his Hospital bunker, where he will hopefully recover, in the mean time his son and crown Prince Jordan II has taken an oath to govern as well as his father.

                                 News Update!

Within 20 hours of taking temporary power, the only ten year old Crown Prince has commanded the army to use Mustard and Chlorine Trifluoride gas attacks on the Communist Sympathizers, as the Emperor lays in his Hospital bed, and is currently in a coma state, the military advisers is attempting to convince the Prince from doing such an illegal, over all untactful move, as that would not just attack the rioters, but also the civilians of Pitts City itself, which would put possibly 4 billion people in danger of the gas attacks. The entire Empire is holding its breath, as the Prince grows ever more insane with his new found power. (This message was made by loyalist citizens for the recovery of Jordan I.)

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

1. Imperial Royal Union hopes that all parties to the evolving situation within Jordan Pitts will seek a calm and measured response and show restraint amidst instability. There should be nothing more important than support for the recovery of the rightful sovereign of the nation, and that further provocation will not only be unnecessary but also unhelpful.

2. The Department of Foreign Affairs and the Imperialean National Armed Forces will work closely to evacuate any Imperialeans still within Jordan Pitts. All Imperialeans are advised to seek immediate assistance at any Imperial Royal Union Diplomatic Mission.

Dear members of the federation, as the new leader of my father's dunghill which I plan to replace with a much stronger Utopian society even if I have to the nuclear stockpile to clear out my father's supporters, as of today, I did away with my Imperial Guard, and I'm currently trying to convince the citizens that I am their rightful ruler, even once my father awakens, also I have imprisoned my Mother, and 15 year old sister, and my uncle is scheduled for execution tomorrow, as I plan my glorious coronation under the ashes and corpses of the old Pittstican nation.
                      Sincerely, Crown Prince Jordan II

                                 News Flash!

After three grueling days under the tyranny of the Crown Prince, the Empire welcomes back a recovered Emperor with a huge military parade along with artillery barrages to celebrate his recovery, along with his daughter, and wife being released from a prison, as his own brother was nearly executed infront of him, just for Jordan I to stop the poison attacks, and nuclear threat to his glorious Empire.

Is this region still active?

Cinoth wrote:Is this region still active?

Activity-wise I don't think there's much to do here, but we are definitely not dead (at least most of the nations are still here, even if CTE still resurrected in time).

The Recon Empire and Cinoth


Ah....I must say....the Recon Empire will always have a special place in this nation's history. Cheers.

Welcome to the Republic of Minnia

Greater Banitia wrote:Ah....I must say....the Recon Empire will always have a special place in this nation's history. Cheers.

Getting a puppet to like your own post 👍 that's a first for me

Hello all! The King of Lemetia extends his welcoming embrace to all!

Emperor Re-Orders The Government
The Port Imperial Gazette, Tuesday, 4 June 2019

PORT IMPERIAL: In an unexpected move, the Grande Palais announced multiple changes in appointments to reforms made in December. Previously, half the positions announced in December had only been filled on a temporary basis. The latest change sees a major shift in the direction taken by the Emperor.

Where the Royal Family had previously maintained neutrality in terms if governance, taking up only royal duties and engaging in their own private careers, the changes see many members across the main house and cadet branches of the Royal Family brought to the political frontlines.

In the National Security Council, the Emperor had appointed HRH Princess Varenna from the Vermont branch to head the council in his place, assisted by former Deputy State Chancellor Hans Cheston. Prior to this, the Emperor was single-handedly in charge of the council. In the eyes of the Emperor, Princess Varenna had consistently held an important position, who had arguably been the person closest to a mother for the Emperor. While she had remained on the political sidelines, she was one of the first few members of the Royal Family to speak up in support of the Emperor upon the Emperor’s accession to the throne. It was even rumoured that she was so important that the Emperor refused to marry her to other royal families as was the tradition.

In the Sovereign Affairs Council, the Emperor had appointed HRH Prince Viktor from the Dowling branch to head the council. Former State Minister of Foreign Affairs Trina Nilsson became the first cabinet minister to retain her position as the new Secretary of Foreign Affairs in December when she was re-appointed. Until the Vice-Chairman of the council was appointed, Ms. Nilsson will assist the Prince in his duties. Prior to this, the Prince was a partner in the nation’s top law firm Grayden Associates, responsible for almost half of all merger and acquisition cases in the nation. Apart from merit, observers contend that the Prince, like HRH Princess Varenna, had played a critical role in securing the throne for the Emperor and that being married to HRH Princess-Consort Glenda, one of the Emperor’s tutors when the Emperor was younger, played an important role in cementing his place in the new administration.

In the Public Service Secretariat, the Emperor had appointed HRH Prince Charon from the Vermont branch to head the civil service. As an uncle to the Emperor, the Prince was also rumoured to be the Emperor’s headhunter. Working in the sidelines, it was through the Prince that some members of HIM Emperor Thales XII’s cabinet stayed on to serve the new Emperor, and that the majority of the members of the former cabinet that were re-appointed into the new administration were also headhunted by the Prince from corporations or recommended for promotion for those already from the civil service.

And then it appears that the Emperor has placed in the Senate the Emperor’s “least disliked” members of the Royal Family – HRH Prince-Consort Siegfried, HRH Princess Florina and HRH Prince-Consort Joel. Widely regarded by the public as the most vocal members of the Royal Family, their relationship with the Emperor had never been consistent – when they agreed with the Emperor they were the strongest supporters, where they disagreed they were often seen “sulking” in public, although the Emperor often remarked that, “given that they understand their place in the Royal Family, on account of being family we are obliged to forgive and forget.” As the more public figures of the Royal Family, they generally have popular appeal to the public.

The Grande Palais has confirmed that the appointments were to be effective immediately.

Professor Charles Braddell, head of the Political Sciences Faculty at the Imperialean Public College, commented that, “If we look back in time, such changes are almost certain. When the late Emperor Thales XII first took over the country, his first government comprised of mainly officials of the previous administration. Then came a dilution of power by introducing a lot of new officials, which survived for a relatively short period before there was this reconsolidation of power, in which only the favourites of the administration were placed into positions of power.”

Braddell, however, points out that while the changes were inevitable, the Emperor had finished the same process less than 10 years into his reign, and that the inclusion of the Royal Family is a reflection of the country’s underlying affluent aristocracy, which Emperor Thales XII had tried to abolish, yet His Imperial Majesty had just transformed it into his most powerful chess piece ever.

Corruption Allegations Against Former Cabinet Members
The Port Imperial Gazette, Wednesday, 5 June 2019

PORT IMPERIAL: Six months into the new administration after a series of fundamental reforms by HIM Emperor Thales XIII that saw the resignation, retirement and reassignment of the cabinet ministers of the old administration, the newly-merged HIM Special Inspectorate announced that an investigation had been opened into several former cabinet ministers, including former State Chancellor Sammi Soderlund.

The Grande Palais had earlier revealed that HRH Princess Thelia had uncovered multiple instances of irregularities upon taking over state fund IRU Holdings from the Cabinet. Aunt to the Emperor from the Vermont branch of the Royal Family and sister of HRH Prince Charon and HRH Princess Varenna, the Princess was previously the Chief Financial Officer and board member at Imperial Royal Union’s largest privately-owned firm SydCorp after the Royal Family’s Royal Thalean World Holdings, and was appointed by the Emperor to manage IRU Holdings following the dismissal of the cabinet.

According to the Grande Palais, preliminary investigations by both the Princess and the Inspectorate had uncovered a trail of shell companies numbering to the hundreds registered in the nation and also other nations in the Crown Federation of Recon with a great number in the overseas territories. Investigations also suggested that an extensive number of persons involved, notably former State Chancellor Sammi Soderlund, former State Secretary of Future Economy Ian Tan and former Secretary of Overseas Administration Clarisse Burleigh, although concerns whether there were more former cabinet ministers involved were not yet dismissed.

The Inspectorate also clarified that while investigations were still ongoing, there was already sufficient evidence and that proceedings had already been filed with the High Court. Interestingly, the Grande Palais revealed that the Solicitor-General, the Attorney-General’s direct deputy, and not the Attorney-General was in charge of criminal prosecutions for the case.

The move comes shortly after the new administration comprising of leading members of the Royal Family being installed in government. No further comment was provided by the Grande Palais on the Emperor’s personal view of the issue.

“Unprecedented Level Of Fraud And Deception” – Solicitor-General
The Port Imperial Gazette, Thursday, 6 June 2019

The High Court confirmed in the morning that owing to the nature of the case surrounding former State Chancellor Sammi Soderlund’s involvement with the fabricated accounts of state fund IRU Holdings that the first hearing was scheduled to take place tomorrow on Friday, 7 June 2019.

Since yesterday, convoys of vehicles from the HIM Special Inspectorate and local police have been seen raiding the offices and numerous residences of those involved, with all the subordinate staff and family members rounded up for interrogation.

The Inspectorate confirmed in a press release that the former State Chancellor had colluded with the Benjamin Bohr, Viceroy of Hagril of The Recon Empire, to set up shell companies and fake accounts within the Recon Commonwealth, with the main contact in Imperial Royal Union being Lord Ryan Quinton, who had received a large number of valuable gifts that were not passed on to the Queen, based on communications between the two governments. Vice Minister for Transport Peter Thurston was also named by the Inspectorate as a key engineer of the scheme, by fabricating false vessels within the registry of ships that were later bought by Soderlund’s shell companies in Imperial Royal Union’s overseas territories with the profit ending up in offshore accounts in Hagril.

Yet the Inspectorate maintained that investigations were still ongoing as to how wide the involvement of corrupt officials in the Imperialean government was. Two more former cabinet ministers, Peter Liu (Minister for Home Affairs) and Hugo Chelmsford (Secretary for International Trade), became the latest victims of the inquiry, with the former being accused of mobilizing the police force to persecute journalists on the trail while the latter using his position to request for state funds in the sale and purchase of the non-existent vessels.

Solicitor-General Glenn Sauber, the man leading the criminal prosecution, commented that, “The revelations are shocking, and we all believe that this is only the tip of the iceberg. It is an unprecedented level of fraud and deception that must be rooted out completely. For those involved but have not yet been detained, I strongly urge them to come forward in the sprit of cooperation and accountability.”

The Grande Palais revealed later in the afternoon that Secretary of Foreign Affairs Trina Nilsson was already in contact with Minister of Foreign Affairs Jane Watson of the Recon Empire regarding the possible extradition of those involved. Questions on whether the there had been any communication between the two privy councils of both nations were not dismissed but left unanswered.

Hello all! After a brief and brutal civil war has ravaged my once great empire, I have managed to reclaim my throne and the vast majority of my empire, only losing the provinces of the Le'monte peninsula to the Kingdom of Lemetia, and the provinces of Ridgensee and Southern Desszert to the now fully independent Kingdom of Grafenland. I now look to reestablishing contact with my former allies and to reaffirming and reestablishing my empires position of influence within the CFR.
The Tsardom is back! All hail the Kaiser!

Official Release from the Ministry of Supervision, Eisille Castle

Earlier today, we have been informed by our counterparts from Imperial Royal Union regarding issues of corruption by senior government officials. The Ministry of Supervision has begun its investigation across the government in light of the news from the Imperialean Special Inspectorate. While the investigation is going on, the following officials shall be suspended from their roles until further notice.

Mr Peter Thurston, Vice Minister of Transport, shall be suspended from duties. National Rail Commissioner, Janet Marshall, shall serve as Acting Vice Minister of Transport.

HE Viceroy Benjamin Bohr of Hagril, shall be suspended from duties. HE Resident Richard Meinhein of Bernade shall serve as Acting Viceroy of Hagril.

HE High Commissioner Ryan Quinton to the Imperial Royal Union, shall be suspended from duties. HE Sir Charlie Ardi, Deputy Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary shall serve as Acting High Commissioner.

The Ministry of Supervision has also identified the following senior officials for disciplinary action, which may include removal of office.

Jake Mellon, Inspector-General of Oceanic Vessels, Ministry of Maritime Affairs
Larry Pint, Superintendent, Naval Vessels Division, Ministry of Transport
Cade Marwheil, Deputy Viceroy of Hagril
Adam Pitsche, Commissioner for Finance, Hagril
Sitya Bersach, Commissioner for Trade, Hagril
Lains Gorymut, Provincial Governor of Gatesboog, Hagril
Kate Nierba, Chief of Staff to the Viceroy of Hagril
Commodore Allisone Jurries, Commanding Officer, 1458th Flotilla

In addition, 40 intermediate and junior officials have been identified for disciplinary action, which may include removal from office.

The Kingdom of Hagril, which is a territory of the Realm of Leloux Veterum, has been identified as an area with lax financial regulations due to its far distance from both the Recon Empire and the headquarters of the Governor-General of Leloux Veterum. However, the Ministry of Supervision will not allow any of Her Majesty's Officers of State to engage in any illicit activities.

We thank the timely notice from Secretary Nilsson. All officials are reminded to embody the spirit of Lelouxian Exceptionalism.

Dr. Joel Morrisson
Minister of Supervision
Ministry of Supervision
Eisille Castle


Secret In-Character

1. The Privy Secretary for Inspection, Herman Alvera calls a meeting at Zopheus Palace, where he reprimanded and internally censured top officials for lack of oversight. Secretary Alvera is ranked No. 8 on the Zopheus Privy Council. Those being internally censured included

Mary Winroe, Minister of Transport
Robert Ericsson, Minister of Maritime Affairs
Sir Isaac Juneous, Director, Commonwealth Office
Sir David Eden, Governor-General of Leloux Veterum
Gary Beuford, Director-General, Imperialean Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Also in attendance of the session included Vice Premier Stephen Castyria and Minister of Supervision, Dr. Joel Morrisson.

2. Vice Minister of Supervision, Ellen Albury flies to the Kingdom of Hagril to meet with incoming Hagril Viceroy, Resident Richard Meinhein of Bernade. As well as a meeting with Brigadier-General Dorothy Cornwell, Commander of the Leloux Veterum Corps.

3. Lady of the Federation, Dr. Lauren Ysaye, meets with the Empress of Recon at Forteral Palace to discuss potential retirement. Dr Ysaye is currently ranked No. 4 on the Zopheus Privy Council. The Zopheus Chief of Staff, Lady Lavender Corshire, the Empress's principal secretary, makes phonecalls to Kingfisher Lodge and Glendon World Institute to arrange retirement plans for Dr Ysaye.

4. The Privy Secretary of Law and Politics, Samuel Rosnan, who oversees political appointments across all aspects of government, is instructed by the Empress to plan for the change of appointments to succeed Dr Ysaye. Secretary Rosnan is ranked No. 6 on the Zopheus Privy Council. He subsequently calls for individual meetings with

Premier Arthur Roserade, who might succeed Dr Ysaye.
Vice Premier Diane Leighton, who might succeed Premier Roserade.
Vice Premier Stephen Castyria, who might succeed Vice Premier Leighton's 11th Privy Council seat, effectively becoming First Vice Premier.
Lady Eleanor Fleurmerit, Director of Crown Intelligence, who might succeed Vice Premier Leighton.
Clifford Venturi, Vice-President of the Royal Assembly, who is considered for succeeding Director Fleurmerit.
Vice Admiral Elaine Nascal, Director of Defence Intelligence Services, who is considered for succeeding Director Fleurmerit.

5. HRH Crown Prince George Darlange hosts a private dinner for Lady of the Federation, Dr Lauren Ysaye and her husband Sir Benedict Marbles at Indesten Palace, Turrensia, to thank her for her services. The Marbles Family is the richest family in the Recon Empire, owing to its pre-Reconian wealth. Sir Benedict Marbles is the 4th son of patriarch Alfred Marbles. Dr Lauren Ysaye assisted in Crown Prince George's promotion from Director of the Commonwealth Office to becoming Executive Crown Prince. Crown Prince George is currently ranked No. 2 on the Zopheus Privy Council.

Several years ago, I remember when this region was thriving and the RMB was constantly being filled with new RMB posts. There were 141 (if my memory is serving me correctly) nations. What happened? Perhaps if there was to be a position as minister of recruitment we might be able to revive our once great region.

Indeed, many of our nations have either moved on in real life (college, work), or just stayed here.

Also, the recruitment mechanisms back then had been changed, thus making it less favourable to our previous techniques.

If you'd like to take this position up, we'd love to have you. :)

The Most Serene and Supreme government of all the Gonngmantenes is in favour of the Tsardom of Texas 's appointment as the honourable Minister of Recruitment for the The Crown Federation of Recon and happy to hear that your most unfortunate conflict has been resolved. The High Potentate, Tekishime Gazzies-Idu wishes to extend a warm welcome back to the CFR and wishes for diplomatic and economic bonds to be created at first opportunity.
-Count Otto von Nachtheim, Lord Chancellor of the Free City of Gonngman City

I will accept this position with humble honor. It is the great joy of my people to once again rise in prominence!

***statement on the Kingdom of Lemetia from HIM Kaiser Alexander Von Roma I***
It has come to my attention that the Kingdom of Lemetia has come into existence, at our great empires expense, based on a treaty signed not by the late Kaiser Wilhelm Von Paul III, but by a pretender to the throne in a bid to gain allies in the civil war. Up until this discovery, it was believed that Kaiser Wilhelm had allowed the kingdom into being, attempting to relieve the building strife in the empire. But such is not the case! I have been crowned, I alone am the legitimate ruler of this nation, Kaiser Wilhelm was the legitimate ruler of this nation. As such I am tasked with, among many other things, preserving the integrity of he imperial borders, and of preserving imperial honor. The continued existence of the Kingdom of Lemetia violates imperial law, the imperial borders, and the imperial honor. I can not allow this travesty to continue. As such, I have issued an ultimatum to the Lemetian government. The Kingdom of Lemetia is to cease and desist any and all government activity immediately, and have approximately 1 week to properly hand over the reigns of government to my government. I have ordered the troops to the lemetian “border” and sent a naval fleet to blockade the straights of Le Pass de Falaise. In approximately 8 days if the Lemetian government has not responded, I have ordered hostilities to begin. God be with us all, and God bless our nation.

In just a matter of days the combined arms of the Imperial Navy, Army and air force have completely obliterated the Lemetian forces. The government of Lemetia has surrendered. Complete and total victory has been declared!

Beep beep! Congrats on being the featured region of the day! Anyone for some cake?

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