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The Constitution of the SSS Regional Message Board

Constitutional guard
2 years 81 days ago
The Constitution of the Sovereign Socialist States

ARTICLE 1 -Name and Purpose/Motto 

ARTICLE 2 -Regional Emblem/Flag 

ARTICLE 3 -Membership

ARTICLE 4 -Rights and Duties of Members

ARTICLE 5 -Structure 

ARTICLE 6 -Elections

ARTICLE 7 -Disciplinary Procedure

ARTICAL 8 -Foreign Policy


a)The name of the region is The Sovereign Socialist States 

b)Our Purpose is to establish a Nationstates region devoted to the actual abolishment of capitalism and the introduction of "people over profits policies" the world over. We see ending capitalism as the primary attribute in overcoming the problems that face humanity today. From environmental destruction to imperialist wars, all can be traced back to the same corrupt system. In demanding the end of finance capital, private property and exploitation as well as offering a valid replacement namely "Socialism" we differ ourselves from the other regions. Nations who are members of the S.S.S. are real engines for change in a society that seems to accept the norm and we strive to use education and social networking to raise the revolutionary class consciousness of our members “and the Nation States community” 
The regional motto of the S.S.S. is "The youth are the future the future is socialism!"

Article 2

a) The regional Emblem/Flag of the S.S.S. is the black flag with 2 red chevrons touching at the left and separated on the right by a circle of stars (representing the 30 members) at the time of design and in the center the fist of our founders flag and branches of the olive tree to represent our demand of peace

Article 3 

a) All revolutionary nations of the NS community are welcome to reside in the S.S.S. A member is one who accepts and works to carry out the program and policies of the S.S.S. as determined by this constitution. 
b)A member, reads, supports and spreads the regions press and literature and 
Works to build the region to the best of his or her ability.

Article 4

Rights and duties of Members are as follows. 
All nations have the right to free and open discussion on the rmb. 
Every member of the S.S.S. in good standing has the right and 
duty to participate in formulating and carrying out the policies of the S.S.S, 
including the right and duty to discuss any and all policies and tactics within 
the region and in designated regional publications, the right to 
reserve their opinion in the event of disagreement with a decision or submit 
it to a leading committee, at the same time unconditionally carrying it out. 
Every regional member in good standing has the right to elect the regions 
leading chair (W.A.D.) and to criticize their work and composition. Every S.S.S. member in good standing has the right to be nominated and elected to all offices and committees as provided for by the Constitution. A S.S.S. member has the right to be present whenever decisions are taken regarding his or her activity or conduct, and the right to address any question or statement to any S.S.S. body, including the Founder and W.A.D. and receive full information pertaining to the question.

Article 5 

a)The primary structure of the S.S.S. is the ruling government. 

b)The government is appointed by the W.A.D. upon election.

c)All W.A.D.’s must have a government of at least 2 other members other than the elected W.A.D. this rule is to stand against the "rule of one". The government’s main function is the day to day running of the S.S.S. and duties are defined as the appointed tittles imply/W.A.D. sees fit.

Article 6

Elections for W.A.D. are to take place every “60 days”. All nations may participate in elections. All "running" nations should supply a practical platform at the beginning of the 10 day election period. This platform should be aimed towards the policies found in this constitution and the overall advancement of a revolutionary socialist region on Nationstates. 
The election process takes place over 10 days (day “60 to day 70” of old delegate) and when the election results have been announced all nations are expected to respect the democratic centralism of the region and endorse the democratic outcome.

Article 7 

The disciplinary procedures of the S.S.S. should include ejection and possible banning. These should be implemented by the regions "commissar for justice" if the current government has no such post, disciplinary action should be debated by both founder and W.A.D. to come to a reasonable response. If the founder or W.A.D. is found in conflict with this document by the government vote or vote of majority then the masses of the region are encouraged to elect a new official from the current government or “incite a revolution”.

Article 8

The foreign policy of the S.S.S. should be determined by the prevailing conditions of foreign relations with fraternal regions. As a communist region it is the duty of the S.S.S. and its members to uphold the standard of professional revolutionaries, ideologically and socially in interregional affairs. S.S.S. members must use every opportunity to infiltrate “leftist” regions to fight opportunism, lies and reactionary elements. It is the overall goal of the S.S.S. to abolish capitalism in real life this starts with unity in the left and a class consciousness capable of understanding the need for the socialist revolution.

Constitutional guard
2 years 81 days ago

Welcome to the The Sovereign Socialist States

The Sovereign Socialist States is a region in the game Nationstates. Founded September 13th 2010 by members of the Communist Party of Greece and Communist Party of Canada, the Sovereign Socialist States or "S.S.S." is a region for the education and collective action of revolutionary youth worldwide on Nationstates and in real life. The region includes members from the worlds Communist Party’s and revolutionary youth organizations including the Communist Party of Canada (C.P.C.) Young Communist League Canada (Y.C.L), The Communist Party U.S.A (C.P.U.S.A.), The Communist Party of Greece (K.K.E.), Communist Party Denmark (K.P.), The Communist Party of Great Britain (C.P.G.B.), The Communist Party of Sweden (K.P.M.L.).

History and development

The S.S.S. began as the revolutionary wing of the Workers International League. The Workers International League was a medium sized region with 11-15 members who knew each other from various left wing groups on Facebook. 
During September of 2010 the W.I.L. went through a long period of inactivity, Comrades;" The Class Dictatorship of The_Proletarian_State", "The Workers paradise of A Risen East Germany" and" The Revolutionary Thirdworld of The Maoist Rebels" created a region called "The Sovereign Socialist States" and left the inactive W.I.L. Unlike the W.I.L. the S.S.S. was formed by Marxist Leninists and pursued an active policy of traveling to other regions to recruit other revolutionary youth and spread Scientific Socialism. Gaining notoriety as a reality region, the S.S.S. smashed into several "communist" regions dispelled myths and called out "armchair revolutionaries" and fake communists upholding racist, misogynist or violent beliefs.

The fist elected World Assembly Delegate to the S.S.S. was Power and stability he ruled for 50 days. During this time the regions flag was created and voted into existence (Flag created by Sovetsky Europe) as well as the 50 day World Assembly Delegate rule for elections. Our second elected delegate "Timpetotia" stepped down from the delegate position after only 25 days due to admitted difficulty in being active. Our third Delegate "Confederacy of joint phalansteries"(Undying revolution) added much to the S.S.S. from a "regional map" ,"regional forum", and added "role playing" features, to creating a broader front on the interregional scene and "softening relations" with some of the hostile reformist socialist regions. A hostile invasion by an aggressor in a region called "New Union for Socialist Nations or NUSN led to many nations leaving the NUSN and joining the S.S.S. Towards the end of Undying revolution’s(C.J.P.) rule there was a split in the S.S.S. due to "undemocratic actions by the founder "the proletarian state"/revisionist actions by the W.A.D "Confederation of Joint Phalansteries"(Undying revolution). C.J.P. formed his own region called the "United Peoples Front for Socialism" and the NUSN refugee's joined him.

Meanwhile in the S.S.S. the first female W.A.D. was elected, comrade The National Liberation Movement of Marxist-Feminists was elected on the platform to "bring the S.S.S. back to basics". Dissolving the "game" aspects of the S.S.S. installed by C.J.P. she began to hammer the S.S.S. back to its original purpose of an educational and revolutionary reality based region devoted to the expansion of scientific socialist theory and action. The creation of a "regional constitution" also came to be to prevent future opportunism/revisionism.Again a small division appeared in the S.S.S. as there became a small minority of Maoist nations. The Maoists headed by "The Revolutionary Thirdworld of The Maoist Rebels" went off to form their own region called "The Maoist Rebels" however under W.A.D. "The National Liberation Movement of Marxist-Feminists" direction the Maoists came back to the S.S.S. and formed a "Sovereign Region within the S.S.S." "The S.S.S. Maoists" continued to run their region with total autonomy from the S.S.S. other than sharing the "space".

On May 13th 2011 The Class Dictatorship of The_Proletarian_State, our heroic founder repelled an invasion from the Greater German Reich. Several Nazi nations breached the password and wrote all kinds of slander on the regional message board. Before they could do any further damage they were banned and ejected. In the defensive actions by the founder a few harmless though inactive nations were also removed unintentionaly. The S.S.S only benefited from the actions that day as it acted as an "unintentional purge" of inactive elements within the S.S.S. Such a purge creates conditions for only the most active revolutionaries to participate in the region.

In a very close election The Peoples Revolutionaries of Anastan (puppet of The Class Dictatorship of The_Proletarian_State) beat The National Liberation Movement of Marxist-Feminists in a close 8-7 votes. The Peoples Revolutionaries of Anastan won on the platform of bringing more comrades to government, and expanding the large and multi tasking S.S.S.. Regional Maps were brought back as well as R.P simulations and a larger focus on interregional affairs. The S.S.S. was now actively involved in several regions including but not limited to "USSR"(The Democratic Dictatorship of The Communist party NS), "North Korea(The People's Republic of A Unified Korea)" and "Leftist Interregional(SSS Representative)" Once again the Maoists feel the need to separate and the ultra left breaks off the S.S.S. to form "Maoism Third Worldism" a region focused on people’s war and focoism in the third world.

On August 1st 2011 comrade The National Liberation Movement of Marxist-Feminists (The Marxist-Feminists of V Ming) was again elected to serve as W.A.D. under the title of "Political Commissar" abolishing the "General Secretary" post and winning on a platform of "Refinement". Regional work was to continue in "USSR" and "North Korea" regions but comrades made the collective choice not to participate in the "Leftist Interregional" because of lack of interest in the S.S.S, lack of activity in the L.I. and poor class consciousness of many member regions of the L.I. (Liberalism, Social Democracy, Ultra leftism, Bureaucracy, ECT). More "Work Regions" were opened up in "Socialist" (The Armed Republic of Leninist Discipline) and "The Proletariat Coalition"(Alexandra kollontai). 
On August 20th 2011 constitutional reform was implemented under the direction of the Political Commissar, such amendments included moving the "Term Limit" for W.A.D.'s from 50 days to 60, and a change in language in article 1 and 8 to reflect inter-regional policy.

Year 2

The Sovereign Socialist States celebrated its one year anniversary on September 13th 2011.
The “Work Regions” became unstable in the first month or two after our 1 year and on September 10th 2011 the proletariat coalition was raided by unknown . The S.S.S. was helpless as over 75 W.A. nations stormed the Proletariat coalition and elected a raider delegate, comrade alexandra kollontai was ejected. North Korea too became unstable! The Great founder comrade Kim Yong Il ceased to exist on Sept 10th 2011. During the middle of comrade The Guiding Red Light of Marxist-Feminist W.A.D. mandate The Class Dictatorship of The_Proletarian_State requested for W.A. nations to leave the S.S.S. and protect [region]North Korea[/nation] from invasion. Political Commissar The National Liberation Movement of Marxist-Feminists was elected as W.A.D. of North Korea on September 13 and comrades The Socialist Federation of SlavicRepublics, Thecommunistjade, The Vanguard Party of Ruzslava and Kingdom-democracy stormed in to support North Korea In its most vulnerable of times. At the very same time as the comrades from the sovereign socialist states stormed into North Korea NationStates The Red Fleet also came to support our cause. The Red Fleet (An interregional organization of nations devoted to the protection of NationStates "Leftist regions") was much help in securing the region and worked with the sovereign socialist states to make sure North Korea remained in safe hands.

After success with North Korea the inexperienced revolutionaries went on to secure DPRK also. Soon a region was created to be the armed wing of the S.S.S. 
This region called The Peoples Army also became the armed wing of Revolutionary Vietnam created by The Marxist-Feminists of V Ming as The Marxist-Feminists of The Viet Minh. 
The Peoples Army is a volunteer group of liberation fighters who are given orders from The Red Fleet and the inter-regional Anti-fascist movement.

The history of the Sovereign Socialist States is constantly updated and recorded for the future of the region.

Constitutional guard
2 years 25 days ago

January 2012

The Sovereign Socialist States went through a quiet period between the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012. The communist jade has been W.A.D. for an extraordinary period of time from September 13th 2011 until early February 2012. Elections were held off due to lack of interest. The Sovereign Socialist States is still involved in The Peoples Army though North Korea was lost to a botched attempt at re-founding by comrade The Revolutionary Dictatorship of Marxism-Feminism aside from the single loss The Peoples Army has grown to include over 6 regions of membership and 10 victories about half saving socialist regions and about half tearing down fascist ones.
Much activity in the "work regions" has ceased to exist due to poor activity in the S.S.S. members as of late, though many efforts are still being attended to through The Peoples Army. USSR is still rarely attended and the activity in Socialist and [region]The Proletariat Coalition[region] has pretty much ended. Comrade Revolutionary KKE ceased to exist, he was an important player in the region as well as Comrade The Revolutionary Dictatorship of Marxism-Feminism ended her activity here in the S.S.S. to pursue further work with The Peoples Army and her own creation Revolutionary Vietnam.

A final addition to the The Revolutionary Dictatorship of Marxism-Feminism and The Class Dictatorship of The_Proletarian_State's work together was implemented on Jan 15th with the creation of The Bolsheviks the region serves as another avenue to expose a Marxist-Leninist Agenda on Nation States.
Constitutional guard was handed over to The Class Dictatorship of The_Proletarian_State for further upkeep with the resignation of Marxism-Feminism from membership of the S.S.S. on January 22 2012.

Constitutional guard
1 year 276 days ago

In February 2012 a new Leftist Interregional was created and the S.S.S were one of the first regions to sign up to become members, mass infighting between member regions and inactivity led to the dissolving of the region into “The Left Interregional”, the new interregional still seems to hold limited success at the time of my writing this history (May 15th 2012) and the S.S.S. plays a leading role.

The continued leadership of comrade Burkia as our W.A.D. has kept the region stable through bad infighting with Communist International and The Internationale once former comrades and friends the regions began to become completely incompatible with the S.S.S. embassies were broken and friendships dissolved over the Trotskyist and Anarchist factions of the Internationale, International socialists and Communist International.

Though these losses were sad in an already divided NationStates Left, many new regions were found to become allies through The Leftist Interregional , regions like Leftist Commoners and The League of Leftist Nations.

Also the great divide between the United Peoples Front for Socialism and the S.s.S. began to close, the former founder had relinquished power and the founder nation being controlled democratically by the leadership there. The U.P.F.S. showed great solidarity in joining the Leftist Interregional and this was the first joint project for the two regions since the fallout almost a year and a half ago.

The National Liberation Movement of Marxist-Feminists or The Marxist-Feminists of V Ming left a puppet in the S.S.S. but she now resides in Revolutionary North Korea and Revolutionary Vietnam full time.
Comrade The Red Withering State of Marx, the educational commissar under the Burkia regime has proven to be well educated and a good political advisor to follow, Kingdom-democracy is still active periodically and The communist jade remains quiet as our former W.A.D. previous to Burkia.

The work regions through the period of January 2012 – May 2012 have held moderate success. USSR Military Application | NAZI EUROPE is frequented by the revolutionaries of the S.S.S. to keep it in political line [hahaha!], The Bolsheviks still exists though remains quite inactive. The Black Panthers, Maoism Third Worldism, The First Nations, Revolutionary Vientnam, Revolutiuonary North Korea, The Communist Party of NationStates and The Democratic Republic of Afghanistan all exist and are open however mostly inactive.

In general the work regions have been a success both in exporting ideology and influence in the inter-regional left but also as ways to have the name of the S.S.S. reach far and wide through embassies and political doctrine. While the work regions are not always puppets or “colonies” off the S.S.S. they certainly adhere to, and work to the political will of Marxism-Leninism and are in awe of the old and large S.S.S.

The Peoples Army began to break down in January 2012 and members were encouraged to go and support the Regional Defense Committee, the military wing of The Leftist Interregional.

The Peoples Army records stand that it took part in 14 missions of antifascist nature and currently (on its own) holds 4 regions captive. The Regional Defense Committee is much smaller though it has more member regions, currently the RDC has been involved in 2 antifascist missions one a success another a failure. At the time of writing comrade Burkia is our longest elected W.A.D. in the S.S.S. serving day 101 of his two conservative 60 day terms.

Thanks for the chuckles, commies.

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