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The Soviet Union and other socialist nations failed to properly the enviorment....


Northfell wrote:

FITE MI!!1!!


As per the RMB policy, all debate shall take place in a calm, rational & civilised manner. Failure to comply with this will result in post suppression. Contained failure to comply will result in a trip to the rejected realms.

The Management.

Theria han

Happy Tuesday Comrades! Here's "This Day in History" for August 24!

Natural Disasters: Mt. Vesuvius Erupts, 79 A.D.

On August 24, after centuries of dormancy, Mount Vesuvius erupts in southern Italy, devastating the prosperous Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum and killing thousands. The cities, buried under a thick layer of volcanic material and mud, were never rebuilt and largely forgotten in the course of history. In the 18th century, Pompeii and Herculaneum were rediscovered and excavated, providing an unprecedented archaeological record of the everyday life of an ancient civilization, startlingly preserved in sudden death. The ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum thrived near the base of Mount Vesuvius at the Bay of Naples. In the time of the early Roman Empire, 20,000 people lived in Pompeii, including merchants, manufacturers, and farmers who exploited the rich soil of the region with numerous vineyards and orchards. None suspected that the black fertile earth was the legacy of earlier eruptions of Mount Vesuvius. Herculaneum was a city of 5,000 and a favorite summer destination for rich Romans. Named for the mythic hero Hercules, Herculaneum housed opulent villas and grand Roman baths. Gambling artifacts found in Herculaneum and a brothel unearthed in Pompeii attest to the decadent nature of the cities. There were smaller resort communities in the area as well, such as the quiet little town of Stabiae. At noon on August 24, 79 A.D., this pleasure and prosperity came to an end when the peak of Mount Vesuvius exploded, propelling a 10-mile mushroom cloud of ash and pumice into the stratosphere. For the next 12 hours, volcanic ash and a hail of pumice stones up to 3 inches in diameter showered Pompeii, forcing the city’s occupants to flee in terror. Some 2,000 people stayed in Pompeii, holed up in cellars or stone structures, hoping to wait out the eruption. A westerly wind protected Herculaneum from the initial stage of the eruption, but then a giant cloud of hot ash and gas surged down the western flank of Vesuvius, engulfing the city and burning or asphyxiating all who remained. This lethal cloud was followed by a flood of volcanic mud and rock, burying the city. The people who remained in Pompeii were killed on the morning of August 25 when a cloud of toxic gas poured into the city, suffocating all that remained. A flow of rock and ash followed, collapsing roofs and walls and burying the dead. Much of what we know about the eruption comes from an account by Pliny the Younger, who was staying west along the Bay of Naples when Vesuvius exploded. In two letters to the historian Tacitus, he told of how “people covered their heads with pillows, the only defense against a shower of stones,” and of how “a dark and horrible cloud charged with combustible matter suddenly broke and set forth. Some bewailed their own fate. Others prayed to die.” Pliny, only 17 at the time, escaped the catastrophe and later became a noted Roman writer and administrator. His uncle, Pliny the Elder, was less lucky. Pliny the Elder, a celebrated naturalist, at the time of the eruption was the commander of the Roman fleet in the Bay of Naples. After Vesuvius exploded, he took his boats across the bay to Stabiae, to investigate the eruption and reassure terrified citizens. After going ashore, he was overcome by toxic gas and died. According to Pliny the Younger’s account, the eruption lasted 18 hours. Pompeii was buried under 14 to 17 feet of ash and pumice, and the nearby seacoast was drastically changed. Herculaneum was buried under more than 60 feet of mud and volcanic material. Some residents of Pompeii later returned to dig out their destroyed homes and salvage their valuables, but many treasures were left and then forgotten. In the 18th century, a well digger unearthed a marble statue on the site of Herculaneum. The local government excavated some other valuable art objects, but the project was abandoned. In 1748, a farmer found traces of Pompeii beneath his vineyard. Since then, excavations have gone on nearly without interruption until the present. In 1927, the Italian government resumed the excavation of Herculaneum, retrieving numerous art treasures, including bronze and marble statues and paintings. The remains of 2,000 men, women, and children were found at Pompeii. After perishing from asphyxiation, their bodies were covered with ash that hardened and preserved the outline of their bodies. Later, their bodies decomposed to skeletal remains, leaving a kind of plaster mold behind. Archaeologists who found these molds filled the hollows with plaster, revealing in grim detail the death pose of the victims of Vesuvius. The rest of the city is likewise frozen in time, and ordinary objects that tell the story of everyday life in Pompeii are as valuable to archaeologists as the great unearthed statues and frescoes. It was not until 1982 that the first human remains were found at Herculaneum, and these hundreds of skeletons bear ghastly burn marks that testifies to horrifying deaths. Today, Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano on the European mainland. Its last eruption was in 1944 and its last major eruption was in 1631. Another eruption is expected in the near future, which could be devastating for the 700,000 people who live in the “death zones” around Vesuvius.

Independence: Ukraine Adopts its Declaration of Independence, 1991

On this day in 1991, The Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Акт проголошення незалежності України, translit. Akt proholoshennya nezalezhnosti Ukrayiny) was adopted by the Ukrainian parliament on 24 August 1991. The Act reestablished Ukraine's state independence. The same day (24 August), the parliament called for a referendum on support for the Declaration of Independence. The proposal for calling the national referendum came jointly from opposition leaders Ihor Yukhnovsky and Dmytro Pavlychko. The Parliament also voted for the creation of a national guard of Ukraine and turned jurisdiction over all the armed forces located on Ukrainian territory over to itself. Other than a noisy crowd that had gathered at the Parliament building, the streets of Kyiv were quiet that day, with few signs of open celebration. In the days that followed a number of resolutions and decrees were passed: nationalizing all CPU property and handing it over to the Supreme Soviet and local councils; issuing an amnesty for all political prisoners; suspending all CPU activities and freezing CPU assets and bank accounts pending official investigations into possible collaboration with the Moscow coup plotters; setting up a committee of inquiry into official behavior during the coup; and establishing a committee on military matters related to the creation of a Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. On 26 August 1991 the Permanent Representative of the Ukrainian SSR to the United Nations (the Ukrainian SSR was a founding member of the United Nations) Hennadiy Udovenko informed the office of the Secretary General of the United Nations that his permanent mission to this international assembly would officially be designated as representing Ukraine. That same day, the executive committee of Kyiv also voted to remove all the monuments of Communist heroes from public places, including the Lenin monument on the central October Revolution Square. The large square would be renamed Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) as would the central Metro station below it, the executive committee decided. Two days later, more than 200,000 Lviv and Lviv oblast residents declared their readiness to serve in the national guard. In the independence referendum on 1 December 1991, the people of Ukraine expressed widespread support for the Act of Declaration of Independence, with more than 90% voting in favor, and 82% of the electorate participating. The referendum took place on the same day as Ukraine's first direct presidential election; all six presidential candidates supported independence and campaigned for a "yes" vote. The referendum's passage ended any realistic chance of the Soviet Union staying together even on a limited scale; Ukraine had long been second only to Russia in economic and political power. A week after the election, newly elected president Leonid Kravchuk joined his Russian and Belarusian counterparts in signing the Belavezha Accords, which declared that the Soviet Union had ceased to exist. Since 1992, the 24th of August is celebrated in Ukraine as Independence Day.

Bombings: 2 Russian Planes Bombed, 2004

Also on this day in 2004, two Russian aircraft with explosives on board, detonated, killing all on the 2 planes. The first to crash was Volga-AviaExpress Flight 1353, a Tu-134 aircraft, registered RA-65080, which had been in service since 1977. The plane was flying from Moscow to Volgograd. It left Domodedovo International Airport at 10:30 P.M on 24 August 2004. Communication with the plane was lost at 10:56 P.M. while it was flying over Tula Oblast, 180 km south-east of Moscow. The remains of the aircraft were found on the ground several hours later. Thirty-four passengers and 9 crew members were on board the plane. All of them died in the crash. The flight recorders were recovered from the crash site. The flight data recorder showed that the plane was cruising uneventfully at 8100 metres, before indicating some type of high energy event likely originating near the right hand side of the aircraft at seat row 19. Both recorders stopped recording within 2–3 seconds of this event. This was followed by the separation of the fuselage at that location an undetermined amount of time afterward.

The second was Siberia Airlines Flight 1047, which had left Domodedovo International Airport at 9:35 P.M. on 24 August 2004, disappeared from the radar screens and crashed. The Tu-154 aircraft, registered RA-85556, which had been in service since 1982, was flying from Moscow to Sochi. According to an unnamed government source of the Russian news agency Interfax, the plane had broadcast a hijack warning while flying over Rostov Oblast at 10:59 P.M. However, it was later determined that this was the aircraft's Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT), and that the crew of flight 1047 were not aware of any danger prior to the aircraft disappearing from radar. The plane disappeared from radar screens shortly after that and crashed. 38 passengers and 8 crew members were on board the plane, and there were no survivors after the crash. The debris of the aircraft was found on the morning of 25 August 2004, 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) from the work settlement of Gluboky in Kamensky District of Rostov Oblast. The flight recorders were also recovered in this case; the flight data recorder along with wreckage analysis suggested an almost identical high-energy event to the one seen on flight 1353 took place near the right hand side of the aircraft at seat row 25, while the aircraft was cruising at 12100 metres. The blast resulted in a rapid decompression of the cabin, damage to the elevator and rudder controls, a substantial loss of electrical power, and severe damage to the fuselage and tail components. The ELT was triggered a half second after the event, either by a crew member or automatically. The data recorder stopped working shortly after the explosion, but the cockpit voice recorder continued recording until impact with the ground, during which most of the crew discussions were about the loss of cabin pressure and electrical systems. The crew were caught completely off guard by the event, and there is no evidence that the crew was aware of the detonation of an explosive device on board.

And Finally, 3 Birthdays

Birthdays: Marsha P. Johnson (1945-1992)

Marsha P. Johnson, born on this day in 1945, was a civil rights activist, founding member of the Gay Liberation Front and the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (S.T.A.R.), and participant in the Stonewall uprising of 1969. Johnson was one of the first drag queens to go to the Stonewall Inn, after they began allowing women and drag queens inside; it was previously a bar for only gay men. On the early morning hours of June 28th, 1969, the Stonewall uprising occurred. While the first two nights of rioting were the most intense, the clashes with police would result in a series of spontaneous demonstrations and marches through the gay neighborhoods of Greenwich Village for roughly a week afterwards. Shortly after a pride parade in 1992, Johnson's body was discovered floating in the Hudson River. Police initially ruled the death a suicide, but Johnson's friends and other members of the local community insisted Johnson was not suicidal and noted that the back of Johnson's head had a massive wound. Johnson was cremated and, following a funeral at a local church, friends released her ashes over the river.

"Darling, I want my gay rights now" - Marsha P. Johnson

Birthdays: Howard Zinn (1922-2010)

Howard Zinn, born on this day in 1922, was an American historian, playwright, civil rights activist, and socialist thinker most known for his work "A People's History of the United States", originally published in 1980. He was chair of the history and social sciences department at Spelman College, and a political science professor at Boston University. Zinn wrote over 20 books, including his best-selling and influential book "A People's History of the United States", which was the inspiration for making this calendar. In the 1960s, as a result of Zinn's campaigning against the Vietnam War and his influence on Martin Luther King Jr., the FBI designated him a high security risk to the country by adding him to the Security Index, a list of American citizens who could be summarily arrested if a state of emergency were to be declared. The FBI memos also show that they were concerned with Zinn's repeated criticism of the FBI for failing to protect black people against white mob violence. Zinn's daughter said she was not surprised by the files; "He always knew they had a file on him." Zinn described himself as "something of an anarchist, something of a socialist. Maybe a democratic socialist." He wrote extensively about the Civil Rights Movement, the anti-war movement and labor history of the United States. His memoir, You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train (Beacon Press, 2002), was also the title of a 2004 documentary about Zinn's life and work. Zinn died of a heart attack in 2010, at age 87.

"There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people." - Howard Zinn

Birthdays: John MacLean (1879-1923)

John Maclean, born on this day in 1879, was a Scottish schoolteacher and revolutionary socialist, sometimes referred to as "Scotland's Lenin". Maclean's revolutionary politics were well-known, and in 1915, he was arrested under the Defence of the Realm Act and fired from his job as a primary school teacher. As a consequence, he became a full-time Marxist lecturer and organizer, educating other Glaswegian workers in Marxist theory. Maclean was also noted for his outspoken opposition to World War I, and, in 1918, he was arrested for sedition. During the trial, Maclean gave the now legendary "speech from the dock", expounding on his position. He was sentenced to five years' penal servitude, but was released after the November armistice. Maclean supported Irish independence on an anti-imperialist basis, describing the Irish War of Independence as "The Irish fight for freedom" and even condoning the assassination of a magistrate, Alan Bell. He saw the war in Ireland as strengthening the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, arguing that "Irish Sinn Féiners, who make no profession of socialism or communism...are doing more to help Russia and the revolution than all we professed Marxian Bolsheviks in Britain". In captivity, Maclean had been on hunger strike, and prolonged force-feeding had permanently affected his health. He collapsed during a speech and died of pneumonia, aged forty-four.

"I have taken up unconstitutional action at this time because of the abnormal circumstances and because precedent has been given by the British government. I am a socialist, and have been fighting and will fight for an absolute reconstruction of society for the benefit of all. I am proud of my conduct. I have squared my conduct with my intellect, and if everyone had done so this war would not have taken place...

...I appeal exclusively to [the working class] because they and they only can bring about the time when the whole world will be in one brotherhood, on a sound economic foundation. That, and that alone, can be the means of bringing about a re-organisation of society. That can only be obtained when the people of the world get the world, and retain the world." - John MacLean, from the "Dock Speech"

Shamian wrote:No.

As per the RMB policy, all debate shall take place in a calm, rational & civilised manner. Failure to comply with this will result in post suppression. Contained failure to comply will result in a trip to the rejected realms.

The Management.

Oh, sorry. I was just joking around, I'll change.

Welcome to The Communist Bloc, comrades Sumelius prime, Kushagra kokande, Armarvenbowlegell Islands, Suvanistan, Zapad rossii, Zhonghua unitedprovince, Govierno del peru, and Kethoskaff!

To get started, check out these handy guides so that you can be sure to experience TCB at its fullest, and register as fellow citizens!

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Welcome to The Communist Bloc!!

Welcome to The Communist Bloc! You've probably come here either attracted by one of our recruitment telegrams, our leftist debates, or just the large population count under the socialist tag. No matter the reason, you are now home and you have now found your place! So what to do? I'm sure there are about a billion things rushing through your head right now, and no idea where to start in this massive place. So let's do a quick overview of the region first. The Communist Bloc (aka TCB or The Bloc) is a Pan-Left-wing region comprised of real-life socialists, communists, and anarchists. We welcome all people regardless of sexuality, identity, ethnic background, or religious creed.

The Bloc is a highly democratic region where anyone has every opportunity to join the community, bring their fresh new ideas, and contribute. We have roleplay, competitive elections, fun community activities, and even the ability for everyone to participate in making the law of the region through our directly democratic institutions. There's something for everyone here in TCB.

Newcomers Guide

So what should you do now that you've joined? Well, there's alot that's available:

  • Apply for Citizenship: Citizenship is your ultimate ticket here in The Bloc. Citizenship on the TCB forums allows you to vote in our regions directly democratic legislature, run for office, gain full access to the discord, and become a full-fledged member of the community. Anyone who wants to do more than answer issues should consider doing this.

  • LinkOur Regional Forum:
    Our regional forum is where most of the political scene of the region takes place. It’s very important for anyone who’s interested in participating in our region's government to join the forums. Making an account is very easy and simple. Should there be any problems, Comrade Kethania should be contacted.

  • LinkOur Regional Discord: Our regional discord is where most of our casual interaction takes place. Much of the active portion of the region’s community spend most of their time here than on the RMB debating. It's highly recommended that comrades join if they want to become active.

  • Our Government: The Bloc’s Government runs on the principles of socialism, equality, collective leadership, direct democracy, and freedom. It has a unique four-branch system. With an executive handling governmental affairs (such as activities, immigration, interaction with other regions), a democratic legislature that makes laws for the region, an elected Judicial Branch to interpret the constitution and the law, and an Administrative Branch which moderates the discord and the forums and acts in a policing capacity. The most important principle, however, is that the World Assembly Delegate is not the leader here. The people, in fact, influence the appointment the WAD through the popular will.

  • Why TCB?: Why TCB? Why join the Bloc and stay for your NS career? Well it’s quite simple, we're a tight-knit family that’s been together for half a decade now and we don’t plan on stopping :)

How Can I Get Involved in Regional Government?

To get involved, it’s important that you have citizenship. Without it, you cannot any of the activities below. If you have not already, please refer to the links above for newcomers to get started. For newcomers or older members who want to become members of our community, it is highly recommended to begin by gaining citizenship on the forums, and then joining the discord and gaining full access using said citizenship. Following that, the best thing to do is to volunteer for a ministry and then make yourself known in the community by being active and interacting with people (don't be shy, we don't bite).

  • Volunteering for the Civil Service: The first thing that every citizen should try and do is apply for a ministry. The regions ministries are the main bodies that carry out the governmental work in the region. Depending on who you are, you can become a diplomat, a reporter for the news, a activities organizer, a roleplay manger, or assist on the legal team! You can volunteer Linkhere.

  • Getting Involved in the Legislature: citizens in the bloc have the luxury of being exposed to a highly accessible and transparent legislative process. Everything is performed within sight of the citizens, and any citizen can propose and vote on bills.

  • Getting Involved in the a Government Office: getting elected or becoming a minister are probably the two biggest ways to make an impact in the region. The best part is, TCB has plenty of such positions for people to occupy! Ranging from appointed bodies to elected chairpeople, the region has different roles to fill, each with their own duties and responsibilities and competitive processes of attaining them.

  • LinkThe Constitution: Anyone who wishes to become more active ought to eventually read the Constitution. Yes, I understand that it is long, personally, it took me a few tries to fully finish it. But it's wise to have knowledge of the highest law of the land.

  • Join the Red Fleet: What now? Do we have a military? To many, this may seem confusing, but it is perfectly normal for NS. Our region lets The Red Fleet (TRF), the military of the Solidarity Pact of the NSLeft, defend its military interests. It actively assists in raiding right-wing regions, fascist regions, and other reactionary elements in the game. Their goal is to eradicate them completely and remove the ability of fascists to use this game as a real-life recruitment space for their toxic creed. LinkEnlist here today!

Other Useful Links Relating to TCB

Below are other links pertaining to the region and its interactions with other regions. It is recommended for people to look at these if they really want to get involved.

  • The RMB Rules: This is a must-read for any resident. The RMB Rules should be followed by everyone at all times. This ensures that the region's RMB is safe and reflective of our values.

  • LinkFamiliarize Yourself With Regional Law: As a Socialist Republic, The Communist Bloc is very dedicated to a democratic system with order and procedure to carry out government duties and policies more effectively. As a new member, feel free to familiarize yourself with a few basic documents.

  • Anti-Fascism and Why We Fight: Above all, TCB is a left-wing region eternally committed to fighting fascism. Right-wing thought, especially fascism, is not tolerated within this region. We do not believe that freedom of speech extends to those who's sole purpose is built on racism, death, and dictatorship. TCB as an NSLeft member participates in the interregional military alliance of Antifa, and helps them to destroy the influence of fascists in the game.

  • The NSLeft: The Solidarity Pact of the NationStates Left, or the NSLeft, is the largest and most influential leftist alliance in the game. TCB is a member of this important alliance. Formed of only leftist regions comprised of real-life leftists, NSLeft seeks to further interregional leftist solidarity and create a united front against right-wing reactionaries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Someone is misbehaving on the RMB! What do I do?:
    Please click this Big Report Button Thingie to send a telegram to our RMB moderators. You should include links to posts/pages containing improper material. Please also report to game moderators if applicable.

  • Why should I become a citizen?
    Many reasons. Citizenship is like a switch from "just hanging around" to "being a full-fledged part of the region". Citizenship allows one to vote in elections, run for positions in government, participate in the discussion on forums (which is where the most of it happens), and all that good stuff. If you are not yet a citizen - you're missing out.

    You may be suspicious of this whole bureaucracy, and wondering why can't we just allow the aforementioned freedoms to everyone. Well, there are good reasons. This world is dark and full of very very bad people doing all sorts of illegal and immoral activities. Citizenship allows us to prevent them from running for offices, spying on our region, etc. Unless you are one of those very very bad people, you have nothing to worry about.

    If you have any more questions, please, feel free to telegram Wascoitan, and she will answer to the best of her ability.

  • Who is actually in power in The Communist Bloc?

    The Head of State is the First Minister(FM), who is elected by the citizenry in the First Round of Ministerial Elections.
    The Head of Government is collectively the Council of Ministers(CoM), which is elected by the citizenry.
    The Head of Legislature is the Speaker of the Legislative Committee, who is internally selected by the Committee, which itself is elected by the citizenry.
    The Head of Military is the Minister of Defense(MoD), who is elected by the citizenry in the second round of Ministerial Elections.
    The Head of Judiciary is the Chief Justice of the People's Tribunal, who is internally selected by the Judiciary, itself elected by the people.
    The Head of Administration is the Head Administrator, internally selected by the Administrative Council, which also selects its own new members.
    The Head of On-Site Administration is the World Assembly Delegate(WAD), who is appointed by the First Minister with the consent and approval of the Council of Ministers.
    To see who currently occupies these roles and more, please view this dispatch..
    All elections are conducted on LinkThe Communist Bloc forums.

  • Why is my application not being processed?
    Sadly enough, processing applications take time and effort. It also gets pretty tedious after a while. A couple of days is a reasonable enough expectation of the processing time. We haven't forgotten about you, so just exercise patience.
    Oh, and if after a week your application is not yet processed, then we probably have forgotten about you, so feel free to complain to Wascoitan or another government official displayed in the regional page we will look at what can be done. If something is unclear, please, feel free to telegram Wascoitan, or another government official.

Read dispatch

How to apply for citizenship

Do you want to get involved in TCB? Do you want to do more than just answer issues all day? Do you want to have fun? If that’s the case, you probably want to apply for citizenship.

Requirements to be eligible for citizenship:

1. You must have a nation residing in The Communist Bloc

2. You must have a World Assembly nation on Nationstates (not necessarily in this region)

To apply for citizenship, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click Linkhere for our forums.

Step 2: Click the down arrow next to “Login”, as shown below.

Step 3: Click “register”, as shown below.

Step 4: Fill out the required information, and then click "register".

Step 5: Copy the application template provided Linkhere.

Step 6: Go to Linkthe Naturalisation Office and create a Linknew topic.

Step 7: Title the topic “Citizenship Application: [INSERT USERNAME HERE]” and paste the application template on the topic.

Step 8: Fill out the application. Make sure to be honest!

Step 9: Click "Post Topic".

Step 10: Wait for your application to be processed.

Once a citizen, you can partake in all the activities our region has to offer, including:

• Voting

• Regional politics

• The nation roleplay

• The regional military

• Games and contests created by the Ministry of Culture

• And much more!

As always, if you have any questions regarding citizenship or the registration/application process, please do feel free to contact me Wascoitan, via telegram or discord.

This dispatch is adapted from an older version created by Egaleca: page=dispatch/id=1067444/

Read dispatch

We recommend you check out the rest of the pinned dispatches in the region for much more interesting details about the Bloc, its laws, the programs we are running, our allies in NSLeft and much more!

Maogeji and Sumelius prime

Sumelius prime

I introduce myself as Sumelius Prime

Northfell wrote:The Soviet Union and other socialist nations failed to properly the enviorment....


The PDPA failed to keep the people together, the uprising of extremist islamic groups in Afghanistan were mostly from the rural and the most conservative regions, the PDPA too focused more on the urban regions for the development and all, it made the conservative and extremely religious people insecure that the new communist government will ban the practice of their religion and faith, it all started from there, PDPA then asked the Soviet Union for direct intervention because the party and Afghan army wasn't really able to control the stop the rising extremist groups. And the fact USSR didn't want to intervene directly because they didn't want to threaten the Afghan people, they knew if they directly intervene the Afghani people will not accept it. But when the situation really got concerning when the PDPA General Secretary Amin and his government was failed to solve the problem of the population revolting against them, and he tried to make friendly relations with US and pakistan, both countries funding and training the radical islamist groups..this dissatisfied Brezhnev, Andropov and Ustinov because they knew that if a radical Islamist regime came to power in Kabul, it would attempt to sponsor radical islam in Soviet Central Asia. This made the USSR to intervene by killing Amin and replacing him with Babrak Karmal to stabilize the situation, the war started from here..Karmal too was ineffective in keeping the radical islamist forces in control as US, Pakistan and China pushed the extremists more and more against the Soviets and the PDPA.

Northfell wrote:Doggo nation versus catgirl nation (Feyrisshire)

Find out in the First [region]The Communist Bloc /region] Proletarian Rumble!!!!

Tickets are 5 bucks, 10 for a total group.

Catgirl will win! Catgirl will pet the doggie and teach it to do tricks!

The Americans couldn't get much more out of Afghanistan, so they left.
The Taliban were locked in a standoff with the puppet government.Now they suddenly have the ability to hang many American officials, most likely with the help of someone behind them.

Anarchy-communists and Albatraoz

Maogeji wrote:The Americans couldn't get much more out of Afghanistan, so they left.
The Taliban were locked in a standoff with the puppet government.Now they suddenly have the ability to hang many American officials, most likely with the help of someone behind them.

China has become selfish on SCS and Taliban issue

As a chinese you can understand better. They were faulty in India-China standoff too.

Are there any successful social democratic countries where the issues faced under capitalism are not prevalent
(Excludes Nordic countries and "issues faced under capitalism" means lower class oppression and broad inequality, lack of universal healthcare)

Maogeji wrote:The Americans couldn't get much more out of Afghanistan, so they left.
The Taliban were locked in a standoff with the puppet government.Now they suddenly have the ability to hang many American officials, most likely with the help of someone behind them.

Panjshir resistance forces are doing a solid job

Bamana wrote:China has become selfish on SCS and Taliban issue

As a chinese you can understand better. They were faulty in India-China standoff too.

China didn't decide to get involved in this mess at very first, I think. So now China only need to give Afganistan money to support them in infrastructure development, no matter who's in charge.

Ink Cloud, compare policies Wascoitan

Kethania wrote:Ink Cloud, compare policies Wascoitan

Policies present in Kethania but missing in Wascoitan:
🏛 Devolution (government power is substantially delegated to local authorities)
🏛 Public Protest (the right to public protest is considered to be essential)
👥 No Smoking (smoking is prohibited, even in private)
👥 Parental Licensing (citizens must acquire a license in order to have children)
💰 Nuclear Power (the nation is nuclear powered)
💰 Universal Health Care (the state provides health care to all citizens)
🚓 No Prison (jails and prisons are not employed)

Policies present both in Kethania and in Wascoitan:
👥 Compulsory Organ Harvesting (citizens have no say in the medical use of their bodies after death)
👥 Marriage Equality (citizens of the same sex may marry)
👥 Polygamy (citizens may have multiple spouses)
💰 AI Planning (the nation runs an ai-backed planned economy)
💰 Cannabis (cannabis may be legally purchased)
💰 Maternity Leave (women receive paid leave from employment for childbirth)
💰 Metricism (the state mandates the use of the metric system)
💰 No Automobiles (cars are banned)
💰 No Gambling (gambling is illegal)
💰 Socialism (industry is owned and run by the government in a centrally planned economy)
💰 Space Program (the nation runs a space program)
🚓 Capital Punishment (citizens may be executed for crimes)
🤝 Weapons of Mass Destruction (the nation claims the legal right to use wmds)

Policies present in Wascoitan but missing in Kethania:
🏛 Autocracy (the nation does not hold democratic elections)
🏛 State Press (only state-controlled media is permitted)
👥 AI Personhood (artificial beings are legally recognized citizens)
👥 Euthanasia (citizens are legally entitled to end their lives)
👥 No Zoos (animals may not be kept in confinement)
👥 Vat-Produced Infants (biological reproduction is prohibited)
👥 Vegetarianism (vegetarianism is compulsory)
💰 Prohibition (alcohol is banned)
🚓 Gun Ownership (all citizens are required to own a firearm)
🤝 Climate Treaty (the nation is a signatory to an international climate treaty)

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Kethania, Shamian, Arsa, and Anarchy-communists

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Ink Cloud, compare policies Bamana

Arsa wrote:Ink Cloud, compare policies Bamana

Policies present in Arsa but missing in Bamana:
🏛 Autocracy (the nation does not hold democratic elections)
🏛 Pledge of Allegiance (the daily singing of an anthem or reciting of a pledge is compulsory in schools)
🏛 State Press (only state-controlled media is permitted)
👥 AI Personhood (artificial beings are legally recognized citizens)
👥 No Adultery (adultery is prohibited by law)
👥 No Smoking (smoking is prohibited, even in private)
👥 No Zoos (animals may not be kept in confinement)
👥 Parental Licensing (citizens must acquire a license in order to have children)
👥 Vegetarianism (vegetarianism is compulsory)
💰 AI Planning (the nation runs an ai-backed planned economy)
💰 Maternity Leave (women receive paid leave from employment for childbirth)
💰 Metricism (the state mandates the use of the metric system)
💰 No Gambling (gambling is illegal)
💰 Nuclear Power (the nation is nuclear powered)
🚓 Corporal Punishment (criminals may be ordered to undergo physical punishment)
🚓 ID Chips (citizens are administered an under-the-skin id chip)
🚓 No Prison (jails and prisons are not employed)
🤝 No Emigration (citizens are not permitted to leave)

Policies present both in Arsa and in Bamana:
👥 Compulsory Organ Harvesting (citizens have no say in the medical use of their bodies after death)
👥 Euthanasia (citizens are legally entitled to end their lives)
👥 Permanent Marriage (divorce is illegal)
👥 Sex Education (school-age children receive mandatory sex education)
💰 Prohibition (alcohol is banned)
💰 Socialism (industry is owned and run by the government in a centrally planned economy)
💰 Space Program (the nation runs a space program)
🚓 Capital Punishment (citizens may be executed for crimes)
🚓 Conscription (a period of military service is compulsory for all citizens)
🤝 Climate Treaty (the nation is a signatory to an international climate treaty)
🤝 Weapons of Mass Destruction (the nation claims the legal right to use wmds)

Policies present in Bamana but missing in Arsa:
🏛 Native Representation (only native-born citizens may hold elected office)
🏛 Proportional Representation (votes translate linearly to elected representation, with no seats or electoral college)
🚓 Gun Control (citizens are forbidden from owning firearms)

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I guess it doesn't work if you mess up and then edit it to correct(it works nvm)

Arsa wrote:I guess it doesn't work if you mess up and then edit it to correct(it works nvm)

Edited my previous message with a slightly better explanation. The edits will only get picked up if you manage to hit the window when the bot has not yet seen the message, which can be anywhere from 5 to 60 seconds.

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Kethania wrote:Edited my previous message with a slightly better explanation. The edits will only get picked up if you manage to hit the window when the bot has not yet seen the message, which can be anywhere from 5 to 60 seconds.

Yeah it took like 20 seconds, nice bot!

Forgot how many recruitment telegrams you get when you create a new nation.

Ink Cloud, compare policies Feyrisshire

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