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New provedence wrote:All states should be abolished.

Touche. But there are priorities.

Vatinland wrote:Your economy so jacked that it dwarfs every other currency system, essentially making 1 unit of your currency a lot of another

is that good or bad lol?

People State Of AnTonk wrote:Probably because you did something to it... like a reform to the economy

i don't remember doing that

New provedence

Vandensia wrote:Touche. But there are priorities.

In my opinion, there are no priorities. All states means all states, it doesn't mean "Well ok but look, this state is not THAT bad so we can leave it around right? Right?" And since I don't believe that there will be a revolution to come or something like a "revolutionary movement that will go around abolishing state after state", I am more inclined to just go with the idea of small communities of revolutionary and insurrectionary people, rather than a "mass movement" that will most likely not happen or will be more liberal than what we are supposed to be.
Sorry if I might come off as bold here, given it is kind of hard for me to still really agree on a lot of ideas that are around in the "mainstream left"


New provedence wrote:snip

It was a joke, my person.

Maxuus wrote:is that good or bad lol?

Well good for your citizens, but for anyone using a foreign currency? God no. This basically means your poorest are billionaires in other countries

Vatinland wrote:Well good for your citizens, but for anyone using a foreign currency? God no. This basically means your poorest are billionaires in other countries

ah crap lol how do i fix this? I'm alreadt having trouble trying to raise my civil rights and now this

Welcome to The Communist Bloc, comrades Ohpistan, Great czechia, Ginarcerberchou, Castelland, News orn, Zishenxhl, United communist anarchic republics, Moucret, Kaljukla, South American People, Sagatan, Yoongi, Abolis, Japixese empire, and Qeka!

To get started, check out these handy guides so that you can be sure to experience TCB at its fullest, and register as fellow citizens!

The Ultimate TCB Handbook: The All-Expansive Guide to Life in The Communist Bloc

The Revolutionary Republic of
The Communist Bloc

Motto: "Equality, Freedom, Liberation!"


State Flag

State Emblem





TCBer or TCB Citizen


Socialist Republic

Welcome to The Communist Bloc!!

Welcome to The Communist Bloc! You've probably come here either attracted by one of our recruitment telegrams, our leftist debates, or just the large population count under the socialist tag. No matter the reason, you are now home and you have now found your place! So what to do? I'm sure there are about a billion things rushing through your head right now, and no idea where to start in this massive place. So let's do a quick overview of the region first. The Communist Bloc (aka TCB or The Bloc) is a Pan-Left-wing region comprised of real-life socialists, communists, and anarchists. We welcome all people regardless of sexuality, identity, ethnic background, or religious creed.

The Bloc is a highly democratic region where anyone has every opportunity to join the community, bring their fresh new ideas, and contribute. We have roleplay, competitive elections, fun community activities, and even the ability for everyone to participate in making the law of the region through our directly democratic institutions. There's something for everyone here in TCB.

Newcomers Guide

So what should you do now that you've joined? Well, there's alot that's available:

  • Apply for Citizenship: Citizenship is your ultimate ticket here in The Bloc. Citizenship on the TCB forums allows you to vote in our regions directly democratic legislature, run for office, gain full access to the discord, and become a full-fledged member of the community. Anyone who wants to do more than answer issues should consider doing this.

  • LinkOur Regional Forum:
    Our regional forum is where most of the political scene of the region takes place. It’s very important for anyone who’s interested in participating in our region's government to join the forums. Making an account is very easy and simple. Should there be any problems, Comrade Kethania should be contacted.

  • LinkOur Regional Discord: Our regional discord is where most of our casual interaction takes place. Much of the active portion of the region’s community spend most of their time here than on the RMB debating. It's highly recommended that comrades join if they want to become active.

  • Our Government: The Bloc’s Government runs on the principles of socialism, equality, collective leadership, direct democracy, and freedom. It has a unique four-branch system. With an executive handling governmental affairs (such as activities, immigration, interaction with other regions), a democratic legislature that makes laws for the region, an elected Judicial Branch to interpret the constitution and the law, and an Administrative Branch which moderates the discord and the forums and acts in a policing capacity. The most important principle, however, is that the World Assembly Delegate is not the leader here. The people, in fact, influence the appointment the WAD through the popular will.

  • Why TCB?: Why TCB? Why join the Bloc and stay for your NS career? Well it’s quite simple, we're a tight-knit family that’s been together for half a decade now and we don’t plan on stopping :)

How Can I Get Involved in Regional Government?

To get involved, it’s important that you have citizenship. Without it, you cannot any of the activities below. If you have not already, please refer to the links above for newcomers to get started. For newcomers or older members who want to become members of our community, it is highly recommended to begin by gaining citizenship on the forums, and then joining the discord and gaining full access using said citizenship. Following that, the best thing to do is to volunteer for a ministry and then make yourself known in the community by being active and interacting with people (don't be shy, we don't bite).

  • Volunteering for the Civil Service: The first thing that every citizen should try and do is apply for a ministry. The regions ministries are the main bodies that carry out the governmental work in the region. Depending on who you are, you can become a diplomat, a reporter for the news, a activities organizer, a roleplay manger, or assist on the legal team! You can volunteer Linkhere.

  • Getting Involved in the Legislature: citizens in the bloc have the luxury of being exposed to a highly accessible and transparent legislative process. Everything is performed within sight of the citizens, and any citizen can propose and vote on bills.

  • Getting Involved in the a Government Office: getting elected or becoming a minister are probably the two biggest ways to make an impact in the region. The best part is, TCB has plenty of such positions for people to occupy! Ranging from appointed bodies to elected chairpeople, the region has different roles to fill, each with their own duties and responsibilities and competitive processes of attaining them.

  • LinkThe Constitution: Anyone who wishes to become more active ought to eventually read the Constitution. Yes, I understand that it is long, personally, it took me a few tries to fully finish it. But it's wise to have knowledge of the highest law of the land.

  • Join the Red Fleet: What now? Do we have a military? To many, this may seem confusing, but it is perfectly normal for NS. Our region lets The Red Fleet (TRF), the military of the Solidarity Pact of the NSLeft, defend its military interests. It actively assists in raiding right-wing regions, fascist regions, and other reactionary elements in the game. Their goal is to eradicate them completely and remove the ability of fascists to use this game as a real-life recruitment space for their toxic creed. LinkEnlist here today!

Other Useful Links Relating to TCB

Below are other links pertaining to the region and its interactions with other regions. It is recommended for people to look at these if they really want to get involved.

  • The RMB Rules: This is a must-read for any resident. The RMB Rules should be followed by everyone at all times. This ensures that the region's RMB is safe and reflective of our values.

  • LinkFamiliarize Yourself With Regional Law: As a Socialist Republic, The Communist Bloc is very dedicated to a democratic system with order and procedure to carry out government duties and policies more effectively. As a new member, feel free to familiarize yourself with a few basic documents.

  • Anti-Fascism and Why We Fight: Above all, TCB is a left-wing region eternally committed to fighting fascism. Right-wing thought, especially fascism, is not tolerated within this region. We do not believe that freedom of speech extends to those who's sole purpose is built on racism, death, and dictatorship. TCB as an NSLeft member participates in the interregional military alliance of Antifa, and helps them to destroy the influence of fascists in the game.

  • The NSLeft: The Solidarity Pact of the NationStates Left, or the NSLeft, is the largest and most influential leftist alliance in the game. TCB is a member of this important alliance. Formed of only leftist regions comprised of real-life leftists, NSLeft seeks to further interregional leftist solidarity and create a united front against right-wing reactionaries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Someone is misbehaving on the RMB! What do I do?:
    Please click this Big Report Button Thingie to send a telegram to our RMB moderators. You should include links to posts/pages containing improper material. Please also report to game moderators if applicable.

  • Why should I become a citizen?
    Many reasons. Citizenship is like a switch from "just hanging around" to "being a full-fledged part of the region". Citizenship allows one to vote in elections, run for positions in government, participate in the discussion on forums (which is where the most of it happens), and all that good stuff. If you are not yet a citizen - you're missing out.

    You may be suspicious of this whole bureaucracy, and wondering why can't we just allow the aforementioned freedoms to everyone. Well, there are good reasons. This world is dark and full of very very bad people doing all sorts of illegal and immoral activities. Citizenship allows us to prevent them from running for offices, spying on our region, etc. Unless you are one of those very very bad people, you have nothing to worry about.

    If you have any more questions, please, feel free to telegram Wascoitan, and she will answer to the best of her ability.

  • Who is actually in power in The Communist Bloc?

    The Head of State is the First Minister(FM), who is elected by the citizenry in the First Round of Ministerial Elections.
    The Head of Government is collectively the Council of Ministers(CoM), which is elected by the citizenry.
    The Head of Legislature is the Speaker of the Legislative Committee, who is internally selected by the Committee, which itself is elected by the citizenry.
    The Head of Military is the Minister of Defense(MoD), who is elected by the citizenry in the second round of Ministerial Elections.
    The Head of Judiciary is the Chief Justice of the People's Tribunal, who is internally selected by the Judiciary, itself elected by the people.
    The Head of Administration is the Head Administrator, internally selected by the Administrative Council, which also selects its own new members.
    The Head of On-Site Administration is the World Assembly Delegate(WAD), who is appointed by the First Minister with the consent and approval of the Council of Ministers.
    To see who currently occupies these roles and more, please view this dispatch..
    All elections are conducted on LinkThe Communist Bloc forums.

  • Why is my application not being processed?
    Sadly enough, processing applications take time and effort. It also gets pretty tedious after a while. A couple of days is a reasonable enough expectation of the processing time. We haven't forgotten about you, so just exercise patience.
    Oh, and if after a week your application is not yet processed, then we probably have forgotten about you, so feel free to complain to Wascoitan or another government official displayed in the regional page we will look at what can be done. If something is unclear, please, feel free to telegram Wascoitan, or another government official.

Read dispatch

How to apply for citizenship

Do you want to get involved in TCB? Do you want to do more than just answer issues all day? Do you want to have fun? If that’s the case, you probably want to apply for citizenship.

Requirements to be eligible for citizenship:

1. You must have a nation residing in The Communist Bloc

2. You must have a World Assembly nation on Nationstates (not necessarily in this region)

To apply for citizenship, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click Linkhere for our forums.

Step 2: Click the down arrow next to “Login”, as shown below.

Step 3: Click “register”, as shown below.

Step 4: Fill out the required information, and then click "register".

Step 5: Copy the application template provided Linkhere.

Step 6: Go to Linkthe Naturalisation Office and create a Linknew topic.

Step 7: Title the topic “Citizenship Application: [INSERT USERNAME HERE]” and paste the application template on the topic.

Step 8: Fill out the application. Make sure to be honest!

Step 9: Click "Post Topic".

Step 10: Wait for your application to be processed.

Once a citizen, you can partake in all the activities our region has to offer, including:

• Voting

• Regional politics

• The nation roleplay

• The regional military

• Games and contests created by the Ministry of Culture

• And much more!

As always, if you have any questions regarding citizenship or the registration/application process, please do feel free to contact either of us, Socialist Heronia or Renjeva, via telegram or discord.

This dispatch is adapted from an older version created by Egaleca: page=dispatch/id=1067444/

Read dispatch

We recommend you check out the rest of the pinned dispatches in the region for much more interesting details about the Bloc, its laws, the programs we are running, our allies in NSLeft and much more!

Maxuus wrote:ah crap lol how do i fix this? I'm alreadt having trouble trying to raise my civil rights and now this

No need for it to be fixed. A strong economy is signs you’re doing development well. As for civil rights, it’s a bit funky. Whilst mines may say “Very Good”, it only fell from Superb because I banned cars and guns. Increasing this just means allowing the public to do more stuff, like access to recreational drugs, freedom of expression, e.t.c

In short, strong economy=everyone doing well, bad economy = everyone is starving

Post self-deleted by People State Of AnTonk.

Comrades, here is a late edition of the Daily News:

Good morning/afternoon/evening!

Give a warm welcome to our newest comrades: Ohpistan, Great czechia, Ginarcerberchou, Castelland, News orn, Zishenxhl, United communist anarchic republics, Moucret, Kaljukla, South American People, Sagatan, Yoongi, Abolis, Japixese empire, and Qeka

Here is today's news:

Executive Affairs

  • The third round of the Chess Tournament has been announced. Here are the matchups:

    Wඞsc vs Karl Kuznetsov von Habsburg
    Martyn Sealgaìr Kiryu VS Trabardia Kuznetsov
    WhoAmIToDisagree VS Ant Kuznetsov
    Kolya VS Socialist Heronia
    Kඞvඞ Dඞrkstඞr [TLA] VS Vor

  • The TCB Card Factory is open and churning out cards! This program includes regional giveaways, a regional art museum, card requests, and of course, shiny 1% International Artwork badges. TCBs Card Factory is asking for a team of volunteers to help operate card farms to ensure a steady supply of cards are being printed. Think you can help? Sign up today.

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Information are recruiting volunteers. Sign up here:

Legislative Affairs


  • The Admin Council has just announced that we are moving forums. In the announcement, you can read about why it is imperative that we move, and what our options are. Read the post carefully and discuss. After we have had some discussion and debate the decision will be put to vote. This is a very important decision, so make sure to clear up any questions or concerns you may have on the forum post itself or the People's Assembly channel in the Regional Discord.

    Read the announcement here:

  • A music night is being held in our regional Discord Wednesday night at 19:00 GMT/UTC (12:00 PST/14:00 CST/15:00 EST/21:00 CET). We are also holding a joint game night with TLA this weekend, so make sure to join the Discord to catch the fun!

  • Check out the Law Archive! It is an easy way to navigate and keep track of all our laws. This document is updated as new laws get passed.

  • Want some endorsements? Run the Revolutionary Endorsement Program! It's simple and doesn't take very much time. Endorse comrades, get endorsed back.

While run by the Ministry of Information, the Daily News does not necessarily reflect the stance of the current administration. Please contact the Minister of Information Pajonia on NationStates or Ant(Pajonia) in the Regional Discord for any corrections, suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns.

This article was authored by Pajonia. "This Day in History" is authored by volunteer of the MoI, Theria han

Read dispatch

Bibliophilius wrote:Comrades. Today is my birthday. I started it off in the emergency room with a sprained foot. Fortunately I live in the US so my hospital bill will cost as much as my masters degree :(

I do hope you heal quickly!

Aletea wrote:it was something like "the worst thing i've done on this channel is platform a ML" when he's platformed actual fascists

"I support freedom of speech, but only for fascists, not people actually trying to make the world better."

but have you considered that making the world better means youre an evul authoritarien redfash tankie????

Aletea wrote:but have you considered that making the world better means youre an evul authoritarien redfash tankie????

why are you here?

Why there isn't a choice or policy to completely outlaw gestational surrogacy? I HATE this action.


Orasad wrote:why are you here?

Most likely an Anarcho-Communist or an Anarcho-Syndicalist.


Vinaxeta wrote:

Most likely an Anarcho-Communist or an Anarcho-Syndicalist.

I see that i'm ancom myself, but with capitalist and child labor in the policies then went saying evil auth tankie? i don't know if this serious or not, sorry not sorry, death to capitalist states


Piemania wrote:Hi

good day comrade


Hi! I can't sleep and I'm new

What is everyone’s thoughts on the Corporal Punishment Ban proposed in the World Assembly?

Vatinland wrote:What is everyone’s thoughts on the Corporal Punishment Ban proposed in the World Assembly?

I agree with the principle, but the title of the proposal suggests a general ban, while the text only mentions corporal punishment in schools (which would have the duty to inform students and teachers), while it does not explicitly prohibit corporal punishment towards criminals.
Furthermore, the definition of "corporal punishment" in this proposal should protect BDSM practices from people who enjoy it, but would also include punishments of "consenting people" belonging to groups that accept such punishment (eg ultra-religious communities or schools) or with strong internal hierarchies (martial artists, armed forces).


Vatinland wrote:What is everyone’s thoughts on the Corporal Punishment Ban proposed in the World Assembly?

I think it's going to be repealed quickly if it passes. As the comrade above mentioned, there are a lot of holes and faults in it.

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