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4.The Daamurii Czechowitz of United States of MediciPsychotic Dictatorship“We serve no one but ourselves”
5.The United Socialist States of Soviet AraratPsychotic Dictatorship“God is indeed not a Serb”
6.The Colony of CapraAnarchy“Pillagers... in SPACE!”
7.The Dominion of MarkantonPsychotic Dictatorship“Glory to the Homeland”
8.The Community of CoG Welcome WagonCorrupt Dictatorship“Welcome to the CoG! I'll be your guide for today!”
9.The Democratic Republic of NetyaawisIron Fist Socialists“Forwards and Onwards”
10.The Federal Republic of ZuvoniaIron Fist Consumerists“You Can't Stop Progress”

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here's a rough map of what the mandawaian civil war more or less looks like.

rough maps of the civil war

As of 8E 325 (January 3, 2019)

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The first of the new year.

Celoniae has C̨̲̝̲̪̱̥̱̽͂̏̉̍͒̒͑ͪ͑ͤ͂ͫͭͬ́͠O̧̠͔̗̖̺̤̦̦͈͈̱͕ͣ͛̋ͩͤ͑̿̎ͪ̐̕͡ͅN̡͈͈͚̙̥̭̰̰͔͓̞̦̯̽̿̌ͧ̑̑̄̂̅ͣ̌͑ͦ͘͡͡S̢̖̗̩̦͚̾̂ͫͭ͆̔ͩͥ͌͒ͪ̒̎͆̚̕͝U̴̢̟̞̭̱͈͉̲̰̜͎̯̰̟͓͙͉̹̎̈ͤ̃̾̈́ͯ́̉̀̓M̷̷̯̱̲̩̟̠̤̺͚͉̦͕̥̯̰͚̓ͧ̈́̇̎̋͒̀̑̾͡ͅEͬͣ̂ͫ͌̆̓ͫͪ̅́̇ͫ̚̚҉̶́͏̲̳̪͕̯͕̭̬̫͓͕̞̰͕͙̞̲̜D̛ͫͩ̌̿̍҉͔̦̜̜̭̮̹̰̝ Idginkers, and gains a large name has a reward.

Ghera manifests his destiny east.

Andestria manifests his destiny west and expands ever wider

Fortunate Cel: Part I
Dustin Ross, a Celoniaen pilot, sat in his tent typing an email back to Celoniae while the airfield around him was disassembled. His stint in Idginkers had just finished, and he had is soon-to-be wife to return to back in Tramore. Outside, the desert sand blasted the corrugated steel hangars and tents, but to him it might as well have been a storybook-style perfect day. By his count, it had been 93 days since the Air Force called upon him for the Idginkers campaign. That meant 93 days without seeing his fiance, but all that was about to change. He had heard countless planes lift off in his time in “the sandbox” as it was called, but these filled him with excitement. Every time one of the gargantuan transport jets roared to life, it meant his flight home got closer. And the jets were coming in on the hour. After telling his fiance that he was coming home, he turned on the radio to listen to some music.

”...Military Director about this new order for forces in the Idginkerian C.R.”

Disappointed that his favorite station was broadcasting news, Ross reached over to change the station- but then stopped, processing what the host had said.

”As many of you know, the Mandawaian C.R. is on the brink of civil war, potentially readying it for its eventual return to the Councilship. If any of our Mandawaian brothers and sisters are receiving this message, we will welcome you back into the Councilship when the time comes. But I did not create this order simply to wish the Mandawaian C.R. well. The island of Liwawa, off the northern coast of Mandawai and close to Marossia, has split from the rebel government that has poisoned Mandawaian society ever since they spurned our glorious Councilship. They wish to return democratic values and processes to Mandawaian government, and wish to return capitalist values and processes to the struggling Mandawaian economy. To this, I say that there is no task more noble. But they cannot do this alone; according to informal communications made by several officials on the Liwawa side of the Mandawai conflict, the Liwawan Air Force lacks pilots and advanced equipment. Now, while many of our brave pilots wish nothing but a swift return home, I am certain that all can understand that a good pilot is an experienced pilot. Recognizing that nothing can simulate true combat, it is therefore resolved by the Office of the Military that pilots of little experience will be stationed in Liwawa to support our allies and to gain experience for use in future times of need.”
“Now, back to the music.”

Ross stared at his laptop screen. On the top of his email page, a banner displayed his most recent message.

To: Lauren
Subject: Honey, I’m home!

A deep sense of dread filled him as he closed the tab, only to be strengthened as he saw his background: a picture of him with Lauren on a date. Another transport plane landed on the runway, marking the hour. But now, the roar of the engines no longer filled him with hope. His captain entered the tent shortly afterwards.
“Airman Ross, you have been reassigned to the Liwawa campaign. Pack your things and head to the KD-190 on the field, we’re wheels up in 40.” he said curtly, then left.
Ross sighed and moved to his cot. On the other side of the tent, his laptop pinged for a notification.

Mail from: Lauren
Subject: I can’t wait!

~2 Hours Later~
Mail from: Lauren
Subject: We need to talk.
Honey, you can’t do this to me. I’ve been waiting far too long for you to come home for you to dash my hopes like that. It’s been 93 days now. I get it, as a fighter pilot you have to serve your country, but you also have obligations to me- and as your fiance, you shouldn’t be playing these emotional games with me. You told me that you were coming home, and I believed you. But then fvcking DIRECTOR LEIGHTON comes on the air and lists divisions of the Air Force to be sent to the fvcking JUNGLE SAVAGES of Mandawai, and your division was one of them. You knew, didn’t you? You knew and didn’t tell me, because they sure as hell told you before they told the entire fvcking Councilship. I can’t believe you would do this. All I can say is you’re…
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Ross glanced at the notification on his phone. He didn’t have it in him to reply. As upset as she was to have him in the jungle for another campaign, he was even more upset. He tuned out and listened to the radio on the plane.

Some folks are born made to wave the flag
Ooh, they're blue, white and gold
And when the band plays "Hail to the chief"
Ooh, they point the cannon at you, Lord
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no Director’s son, son
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one, no…

Cancellation of International Congress Written for the Empire of Mediastrum

Due to recent events and with the nation of Nerokhori being ejected from the SFA. The Mediastrum parliament has decided to officially cancel the Congress in Saint Petroburg. The Parliament also would like to state that it no longer can garuantee the safety of the delagations attending the Congress, MP's are concerned that extremists groups will take this opportunity to stage an attack.

Henceforth Saint Petroburg will no longer host the Congress and advices all nations that planned on participating to keep their delagations home.

Double Deception (expansion post, sector 0722)

"And this room is a historic place," said President Hamash Koraib of Republic of Qadarif to a foreign man walking alongside him. "Here our last king was dethroned five centuries ago, paving the way for our Republic. This room has been preserved in its original state as a testament to our everlasting democracy."

"I'm impressed by your people's commitment to democracy, Mr. President. My nation has only recently overthrown the dictatorial power that has corrupted our democracy, so we admire our neighboring states defending the precious jewel that is the government by the people," answered the foreign man in Andestrian language. A translator immediately translated what he said to Qadarifi language.

The foreign man was Isaac Dillion, a high-ranking member of the Department of Diplomacy of Andestria and part of the diplomatic convoy sent to the neighboring republic of Qadarif to sign free trade agreements. He and his delegation has been invited to the extravagent presidential palace to dine with the president of the republic and was given an extensive tour of the historic building. Along with Dillion and the president were ten security agents of the president, two members of Dillion's delegation, and five ministers of the president's cabinet. The large group was walking through the hallowed halls of the palace, examining each artifact and paintings as the president attempted to show off the rich history of his nation.

"I must say, Mr. Dillion, we were all quite surprised when Andestria offered to sign the free trade agreement with us," said the president as the group moved onto the next room. "Andestria has only recently annexed our neighboring kingdom. Why have you suddenly made a 180 turn on your foreign policy?"

"There was no change, Mr. President. Andestria only annexed nations that voluntarily wanted to join our populist revolution. It was clear that your people would much rather have a profitable and friendly relations with our nation rather than fully merge our nations into one, and Andestria would never violate the desires of an independent people," answered Dillion. The president gave Dillion a smile, and let out a laugh.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that we have such civilized neighbors," said the president.

The group moved into the next room. The hallway that stretched along the outer wall of the building and therefore had plenty of windows suddenly made a sharp turn toward the interior of the building. The hallway was still very well lit and was extravagant, but there were no more windows as the group walked deeper and deeper into the building.

After walking for a minute, President Koraib motioned the group to enter a large room to their right. The room was large, but was rather simply decorated. There was a large desk in the center with several chairs around it. The president made almost imperceptible motion to one of the security agents, then turned to face the foreign delegation.

"And welcome, my Andestrian friends, to our official conference room. It may not look like it, but this room also has historic significance," said President Koraib. Looking around the room, he continued his story. "Our republic, throughout our centuries of existence, had our fair share of troubles with neighboring states. But it is one of our greatest prides that throughout all that, we have never lost our independence, not once. Our republic is small, but we have managed this feat through cunning and shrewd tactics by our talented leadership. And this room is where we have stood our ground against those aggressors several times in our history."

President Koraib looked around the room. The Andestrian delegation was standing near the desk together looking around the room. His cabinet members were near the far corner of the room, far away from the Andestrian delegation. And his security agents were slowly walking around the room, but always surrounding the Andestrians.

"You see, victory isn't always about numbers. It's about whether you can outsmart your enemies. We may look weak, but our intelligence agencies are one of the most capable in the world. Once you know your enemies' tactics, strengths, and plans, you can always outmaneuver them. In all our struggles for independence, our soldiers always knew more than our enemies, and that allowed us to triumph over the superior foe. This is how our republic survived to this day," said Koraib.

"Then how might we gather intelligence, you might ask? Well, you are about to see, my friends," said the president. He lifted his hand and made a clearly visible motion. At that, all the ten security agents quickly locked their automatic rifles and pointed them at the Andestrians. One of them approached the three Andestrians who now had their hands in the air, and grabbed something from underneath the collar of Dillion's shirt. The two other members of the delegation were looking horrified, their faces completely pale and frozen in shock. Dillion, however, appeared unnerved.

"Surely you didn't think we would be stupid enough to believe in all your free trade and alliance crap? We know that your only goal is to spread your disgusting ideology to all corners of Shiados. You were never planning on having an alliance, you always wanted complete subjugation of our nation. Isn't that right, Ambassador Dillion, or should I say, Agent Alex Pattington of the People's Revolutionary Guard?" said the president with a sly smile. "Oh don't be foolish. My intelligence agency already figured out who you were before your flight even landed. I'll give you and your Revolutionary Guard some credit. Your intelligence service is good, but you cannot outsmart us. You see, we've taken away your cyanide pills. Now, you'll tell us some information about what exactly your nation is planning. Agent Pattington, I'm impressed by your nerves of steel, but trust me, our interrogators will have you screaming and begging us for mercy in no time while you babble to us all your military secrets."

Agent Pattington stood still for a few seconds, looking at President Koraib's delighted face with a face devoid of any expression. He cracked a small smile, then lowered his arms. While the president watched with a look of disbelief, Pattington snapped his fingers, then all the security agents who was pointing their weapons at Andestrians suddenly turned their weapons to the president and the members of the cabinet. One of the security agents approached Pattington and handed him a pistol.

"Mr. President, you underestimate the People's Revolutionary Guard," said Pattington in a fluent local language, with a slow and clear voice that was neither mocking nor angry, but was completely lacking any emotion. "Now, if you will excuse me, these imbeciles from the Department of Diplomacy will need to be silenced so they don't go blabbing on about this to anyone else."

With that, Pattington cocked his pistol and turned to the two members of his own delegation standing petrified with fear at the sudden change in situation. Without a second of hesitation, he fired a bullet through the forehead of each delegate, and watched as they collapsed onto the red carpet floor. Then he turned toward the group of cabinet members who were huddled in fear in the far corner.

"Minister of Defence, please step forward," said Pattington. The sound of his voice made any attempt at resistance by the ministers shrivel up. An old man stepped forward hesitatingly, and the security agent brought the man close to Pattington.

"Now, Minister, you will order your entire troops to permit Andestrian forces to enter Qadarif. They will be at the border within three hours. If you refuse, or if you say anything other than that, I will have to resort to rather extreme tactics," said Pattington as he handed the minister a phone. He cocked his pistol and placed the barrel on the minister's forehead. The minister looked up with fierce defiance, as if daring Pattington to fire the gun and make him a martyr.

At this, Pattington snapped his fingers again. The door to the room burst open, and more security agents dragged in an old woman, a young man, and two young women, who collapsed onto the floor sobbing. The minister's eyes opened wide, then he lowered his eyes in defeat.

"This is Minister Nefas Ibnat. This is an urgent order to all troops. Do not engage the Andestrian military and permit them to pass the border," said the minister in a quiet voice into the phone. The voice over the phone confirmed the order, then the transmission was cut. The security agent took away the phone from the minister who was now on the verge of collapse.

"Excellent," said Pattington. He motioned at the security agents standing near the minister's family. The agent fired one shot into the heads of each person, as each sobbing captive became silent and motionless. The scream of pain and anguish of the minister of defense pierced the room, then went silent again after Pattington pulled the trigger and the minister collapsed onto the floor like the rest of his family.

"Finish them off, and place the palace on lockdown. Cut all communications and make sure the minister's orders are carried out," said Pattington. He cocked his pistol again and fired one more shot directly into President Koraib's head, who fell backwards into the carpeted floor and lay there motionless. Pattington walked out as the palatial guards closed the door to the room behind him, and soon gunshots and screams were heard inside the room.

The Adrarian New Army

"National defense is the most important task of any government that represents the desires of the people. The government must ward off the evil influences of the world; the perverse monopolist and his rogue band of individualists and capitalists, anti-social actors who will carve a nation into tribes and turn them against themselves. To prevent this a nation must have a military, and they must give all to this military since the institution is the only means of protection for the people and the nation against internationalist exploitation." ~ The Rasa Dzeria, On the Military and its National Purpose

The address before the Party’s assembly in Seladi was tremendously successful, with Dzeria acting as the role of Rasa extolling the virtues and necessities of a modernized armed forces that could withstand domestic and international threats. Her reputation as the effective dictator of the nation could have seen the proposition through without a peep of resistance from the party members, but Dzeria chose to speak on matters at the assembly. The public broadcasting across the now nationalized news stations showed the speech and vote to many, and Dzeria’s rhetoric of ‘acting now to prevent the conquest of Adrary’ was successful in turning the public towards the new military efforts.

Consequently, Vanhania, Servoth and Nerokhori were decried as the wicked gang of internationalists and monopolist backers seeking to pillage and have their way with the Adrarian people. Vanhania’s imperial existence was the point of much criticism towards them, with Dzeria’s words echoing with others in the Party that considered them the symptom of illness and national decay that affected world society. Their existence on Shiados was pointed at as proof of an international conspiracy to invade and destroy Adrary. Servoth was similarly seen as an international issue, and Dzeria described their entrance into the SFA as an act of betrayal to Adrary and a sign that the Servothinyi state was weak and without national awakening—a consequence of their Project-16—the Rasa declared.

Lastly she leveled harsh criticism against the Nerkohorian government, decrying their attempts to embargo Adrary and thanking the Ruzalkan nation for assisting in preventing such an action in the first place. As the terrorist attempt in Nerokhori had turned favorably to the Adrarian position, since the government denied involvement in any capacity, Dzeria spoke little on it. Instead she focused on the fact that the Nerokhorians shared their continent, and had willingly made themselves the enemy of Adrary. Even their supposed reformation into a new state was not enough to clear suspicions regarding them, and Dzeria had no issue rallying up conspiratorial support against the Nerokhorians as liars and deceivers.

The military act was passed unanimously by the Party, and the government under Dzeria and Huraq, the Minister of War, was empowered legally to reform the armed forces of Adrary. Quickly they disbanded the former clan-lead militaries and army general staff, instead appointing many loyal military officials to positions of authority in the new ‘Witanquwa’—the armed forces of Adrary. Many former generals and commissioned officers did not find a job in the organization; Dzeria and Huraq knowing it would be controversial to fire them directly, but those that questioned the Party or whose loyalties could not be known were unconsidered. Volunteers were called for to shore up the ranks alongside the already serving soldiers, although the cabinet understood that conscription would eventually need to be enacted to fulfill the Party’s obligations towards national defense.

Crowds of men from the loyal clans were quick to sign up at the announcement and broadcasting of the full speech, identifying Dzeria’s defensive rhetoric with their own historical mistrust and animosity of their fellow clansmen taken to its logical conclusion: a rabid xenophobia and fear of all that comes from beyond their borders. The military—the Witanquwa—had effectively shedded off the past relations of the former clans, and instead as many proclaimed, was reaching forward to a new reality where every Adrarian was united in the defense of the state. From there, many had already began the dream of a Pan-Vidali State, although Dzeria herself had yet to espouse the idea.

For now the new Adrarian Armed Forces was still in a period of reorganization, with the Ruzalkan military advisors proving to be instrumental in modernizing the fighting capabilities of the nation. Initial exercises in the east were considered a tremendous success, and the Adrarian people were once again united in vision and purpose.

Post self-deleted by Hion Norld.

Hion Norld claims plot 1627

In the times before the the uniting of Hion Norld, the 4 tribes would compete and battle. The first tribe, Hi, was lead by a calm, cool, and collected leader Edward the thoughtful. Although his tribe was the most prosperous of the area, was the least active in intertribal relations, but had a close alliance with one of the other tribes, On, On’s leader was Laura the cunning. Although they wanted peace, they had a tendency to engage in wars against No and Rld, both of defense, and aggression (presumably pre-emptive action). The culture of both Hi and On where ones of art and literature, although those in the lower classes tended to be looked down apon, causing some tensions between the lower and upper class in these places. Both nations have a tendancy to be taller than the other two. The tribe of No, is lead by Anthony the Vicious. In the more tribial culture of No, cruelty and war are more admired and respected, Millitary service for 2 years was mandatory before the assimilation, and still is to this day. And Rld lead by Joseph the Young, the Rld was always a semi mix between the other tribes, so it was only natural that they be the ones to unite them. A major war had not been declared in decades and the lines where already starting to blur, leading to the founding of the nation Hion Norld, about 5 years ago. The kingdom is relitively peaceful with all of the monarchs of the respective tribes meeting at the Tribal Table, to discuss issues of the Kingdom. The head monarch being voted on democracy by the dukes and duchesses of the land. But Hopi Norld is not entirely peaceful, not by a long shot. The fact is, that the populous is more and more divided, some cling to the ways of the old Nationalistic tribes, while others embrace and celebrate the new Kingdom. The chances of a full out civil war are low, but political manipulation, blackmailing, and back room deals are sure to happen. Not only facing the political strife, but the now 20 year old King Joseph’s nation is opening to the outside world due to lack of trade and a stunted economy. Nevertheless, this small, new, fragile nation is about to enter the world. As King Joseph sits on his throne, he finishes typing the first international decree of Hopi Norld.

“Hello people and nations of the world, this is King Joseph, leader of the Kingdom of Hopi Norld. We hope to have a prosperous future by your side, we are a friendly nation, and a relitively new one. Our main concern is trade relations and boosting our economy, so we will welcome any trade relations. We will welcome any diplomats, embassies, and letters with open arms. We hope that our future with the international community is one of peace and brightness. Thank you.”

And with that, Hopi Norld had said it’s first international words. The announcement had already been made that the Nation was opening up to people from outside the nation. Ports and markets where being set up eagerly, the merchants happy to have more customers. One such merchant is Ki Edwardo. He is a humble seller of fruit in the Newport Market, with Newport being the nations capital, and on the coastline, made it an ideal spot for setting up a merchant stand, but hundreds of fruit sellers, along with thousands of other merchants, had already thought the same thing. Hopefully he could stand out, such is the life of a merchant.

Hello United States of Medici (Nation name) here, I claim 2720 for a nation called the "Daamurii Czechowitz

"Daamur. A name that means the "forsaken ones" which is true, for the Daamurii seem to have forsaken themselves in this harsh terrible world, known to them as the Aeschii.
- Unknown writer

The Daamurii Czechowitz as it is called, was established after the principles of its founder, Dan'ne Czechowitz, where it recieved its title. A collective on 27 states, Daamur is a diverse "Empire" (or Eschii in Daamurii) comprised of not humans alone, but other species as well, all known as "Daamurii" (this is to pursue an idea that brotherhood and unification is a nations true path to survival as a state). These morals and ideals are what created the concept of "Inmul" and its practice. To further understand the Daamurii and their beliefs, one must know what Inmul is. Inmul refers to the sacred texts of Daamurii that raise points on how one should live, and how the state should operate on behalf of the people, almost like a contract. These texts are a part of the state itself, and are considered a main factor in the development of Daamur into the modern world, such as the establishment of the "Pillars of Culture", which established the constitutional Pillars that would establish what the Daamurii state should pursue (Such as "Brotherhood", "Communities", "Families", "Nationalism"). To further elaborate on the state, the Daamurii leader has held a title known as the "Monitor" (Current one is named Monitor Kriista) or the leader who oversees all, and has full access over the nations militaristic forces, and beneath him is a council from 27 states, and "Courts" that oversee topics such as commerce, and enviromental concerns. But there is a catch, when one runs for these offices of power, which is the rule of "Maeisch". This means that in order to serve under the Monitor, one must be a veteran of the DCDF (Daamurii Czechowitz Armed Forces) and be a citizen, which is earned after one conscripts or one passes the DCTE (Daamurii Czechowitz Total Exam). The current state of Daamur, is focused on a matter of topics that aim to alter the world. The establishment of space infrastructure for space missions, the expansion of the DCDF, the expansion of the Daamurii trade and commerce, and the improvement of the state itself. As for the reason Daamur was isolated for a while? Daamur was ruled at one point, and under the last leaders rule (Yascha, and Ga'ame) was in a state of isolation due to the dissolution of the Czechowitz, which has been re-assembled after the Frontiersmen (Elite warriors of the Czechowitz) took back the territories lost.

This news is not a surprise for the Daamurii.

Ever since the ancestors of the Daamurii, the Ascellians, came to found Illian (Capital of the Czechowitz), wars have been a part of the Daamurii life, and the Daamurii have faced all sorts of issues. From disease, the constant threat of war, famine, lack of food, etc. The Daamurii have become hardened and have come from a culture of warriors and a population of the survivors. As the modern era came over them, the Daamurii have learned to be less violent, and now to focus on peace and innovation, and hope to outmatch the world in those aspects, and have come from the shells of isolationism. The future is for the Daamurii to seize, if the Daamurii can avoid the fatal repeats of their forefathers. Daamur seeks to lead the world into areas of advancement, and has started to improve on their educational and innovational aspects, with focuses on research into "Quantum Satellites", "Fusion tech", AI warfare and commercial use, and the exploration and colonization of space.

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