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1.The Councilship of CeloniaeCivil Rights Lovefest“For profit, for honor, for science”
2.The Colony of CapraAnarchy“Pillagers... in SPACE!”
3.The Monetary Union of Corporate EuropeCompulsory Consumerist State“The Best Or Nothing”
4.The Republic of Jap HityanAnarchy“Pride and Industry”
5.The Federal Republic of AndonetskCivil Rights Lovefest“In unity, we forge a brighter future”
6.The Most Serene Republic of New BloodstoneCompulsory Consumerist State“Busy Hands or Broken Fingers”
7.The Colony of Haalisran ClansCapitalist Paradise“The Way Forward At Any Cost!”
8.The Federal Republic of AustreniaCivil Rights Lovefest“Speramus Meliora.”
9.The Integrated Machine Authority of ServothDemocratic Socialists“The sun shines bright upon an nation of Steel.”
10.The Kingdom of The BiscuitsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Cookies shall tremble by the biscuits”
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Sorry it is late, I was away on Sunday.

Adrary fills in an indentation.

Andestria connects his halves.

Celoniae begins the long process of consuming Idginkers, like a python or something. A miracle of consumption and fat storage, he will not need to eat again until the winter is over.

Vanhania plops down another base.

Ruzalka fills in a hole.

Signs of Trouble Part II

At the intersection between the First Street and the Revolution Avenue stood a massive ominous-looking government complex. Recently constructed entirely out of concrete, and surrounded by high concrete walls and barbed wires, the building stood out from the others along the street, looking a lot more like a prison rather than a government building. Two armored vehicles and several soldiers fully armed stood guard in front of the building's entrance. Inside the walls, the Andestrian flag and the flag of the Andestrian Populist Party flew side by side, looking down upon any unfortunate soul entering this building.

This was the headquarters of the Central Anti-Revolutionary Activities Bureau, a recently established government agency that reported directly to the Chairman. The level of concentration of power under CARAB was unprecedented in the formerly democratic nation. The bureau had been authorized by the Chairman to "defend the revolution against any counter-revolutionary plot, through any means necessary," essentially giving them carte blanche over the entire nation. There were claims that CARAB was being used to suppress any dissident against Chairman Lehman, but of course anyone who claimed such things soon became unheard of.

Blake Chandler, general secretary of the moderate-left Labor Party, had been summoned to appear at the CARAB headquarters for a special tribunal. He had heard some rumors about this facility, and about the horrible human rights violations that occurred regularly within its walls. It's just a tribunal, it's going to be okay he told himself, besides, the Assembly Members are granted immunity. Even they won't dare to do anything to an Assembly member.

He stepped out of his car and walked into the building. The interior was just as grim as the exterior, with almost no windows and only very dim lighting, and barred doors and armed soldiers at every corner. He approached the man sitting behind the desk at the lobby of the building.

"Excuse me, comrade. I'm General Secretary Blake Chandler, scheduled to appear here today at noon for a special tribunal. Can you please tell me where to go?"

The man looked up from his desk and gave Chandler look of such hate and disgust that it made Chandler step back in surprise. He said in a low voice, "Report to Room 153, down the corridor 5." He immediately returned to his work after answering, leaving Chandler awkwardly standing there, trying to figure out which was the corridor 5.

With some difficulty, he was able to find the correct room, and knocked loudly on the door. A soldier opened the door, and after checking Chandler's name, allowed him to enter. Room 315 looked more like a prison cell than a tribunal building. There were about twenty people sitting on concrete benches at the center of the room. To his surprise, he noticed several of the people sitting there. The General Secretaries for the Andestrian Communist Party, United Andestrian Party, and several other small moderate-left parties aligned with APP were present. Along with them were several politicians of the old Conservative Coalition, many of whom had been removed from their position after the revolution. Even more surprisingly, all of them were in handcuffs and chained to the bench, as if they were prisoners.

Chandler approached the politicians he knew, trying to ask why they were here. But before he could, two soldiers tackled Chandler to the ground. Chandler let out a scream, but the guards began beating Chandler mercilessly with their clubs as if they had not heard anything. After a minute of beating, he was allowed to get up, and then promptly chained to the bench as well.

"Shut up, you filthy anti-revolutionary scums!" yelled one of the guards. Chandler thought about protesting, but thought better of it after experiencing the beating.

For the next thirty minutes, Chandler waited silently at the bench, watching a few more people brought in and undergo the same treatment as he did. No one dared to protest or assert their rights. Everyone waited in grim silence, apprehensive about the tribunal they were supposed to face.

After a while, seven soldiers, armed with submachine guns, entered the room, followed by another soldier dressed in officer's uniform and carrying a clipboard. The officer proceeded to call out name of each individual in the room from the clipboard, shouting each name with the harshness of an army training officer. Each person called answered meekly, as the presence of the soldiers and the fact that they were chained took all the courage they had in them. He went through the entire list, while the soldiers lined up behind him, their weapons pointed at the prisoners.

"Resolution 4013 of the Special Tribunal of the Central Anti-Revolutionary Activities Bureau:" read the officer in a loud, booming voice that filled the entire room, "The Special Tribunal finds the said individuals guilty of anti-revolutionary activities, and hereby sentences them to death. The sentence will be carried out immediately." The officer turned around and walked behind the line of officers as seven submachine guns clicked in uniform. The group of prisoners erupted in outcry against this verdict.

"What do you mean!"
"There must be a mistake! I'm supposed to face a trial here today!"
"I demand a due process!"
"This is outrageous!"

Their protests turned to hellish screams as the guns opened fire, showering the prisoners with a hailstorm of bullets. Within thirty seconds, the room was silent again, filled with gunsmoke and bloodstains all over the walls and the floor.

"Hose the room down, and remove the bodies," ordered the officer. "Truck 5 is set to depart the premise in twenty minutes for Cremation Facility 2. Get these bodies loaded up." He turned around and left the room, as the soldiers began loading the bloodied bodies onto carts to take them outside to be loaded onto trucks.

First Committee of Vanhanian Imperial Populists

Aldorg Arena

Black Ash National Park

Morehv Province, Northern Vanhania]

Amidst the sprawling pine forests of Black Ash National Park lay Aldorg Arena, a large round building in the scenic mountains of Morehv Province. Nearly a dozen of the most prominent members of the Imperial Populist Party (IPP) convened here to have a meeting to discuss the upcoming election for High Chairman of the Imperial Senate while thousands filled the amphitheater seats to listen to the politicians speak. This meeting was led by Korzahn Dromek, the chairman of the party and the man currently running for the seat.

Korzahn was a large burly man with a smooth shaven head. He grew up in a small farming village on the west coast and constantly talked about how the nation needed to remember the agrarians and that the farmer, laborer, and machinists should be held higher in society. He went to a state university and studied political science for years, an event that molded his ideology and views. He served for four years in the Imperial Army and saw combat in the Vahric War on Terror in Arpalia and was highly decorated. He walked with a heavy limp, a result of being shot in the lower back near the end of his deployment.

”Hello, I am Korzahn Dromek, welcome to the First Committee of Vanhanian National Populists!”

The crowd clapped and the camera zoomed out. Behind Korzahn was the imperial flag flanked by two flags on each side. A red one with a ring of golden wheat representing the farmers, a golden one with a black hammer representing the laborer, a white one with a golden gear representing the machinist, and a red flag with a hammer over a gear flanked by wheat representing the party.

“As you all know I am currently a candidate to the office of the High Chairman of the Imperial Senate. The Emperor may not agree with our views but I will ensure our ideals, our beliefs, and our goals are pushed through the Imperial Senate and I will make sure the Emperor hears our words! We will not be quiet, we will not be forgotten, and we will be the voice of the citizens of our glorious empire!”

The crowd erupted in a roar of applause. A second man walked out from the back curtain of the stage, the entire crowd recognized him as the Emperor’s youngest son. The applause slowed to a halt as he stood next to Korzahn and shook his hand and then the two turned and saluted the flag.

“The Emperor’s youngest son, Norahn Vanahee, has come here to express his support for us! Not all of the Imperial Family have grown weak!”

The sound of laughter and applause roared through the arena as Norahn reached for the microphone and began to talk.

“National Populism has revitalized and breathed a new vigor of life into so many countries around Lerodas while the Vahric Empire has grown weak. Our forefathers would have been national populists if they we alive today. This empire was built for and by the Vahric race with the rifle, sickle, and the hammer. If you would show your ancestors who fought in the Gravolic Wars what the Empire looks like today I am sure they would be ashamed and dismayed to see how our society has changed.

Today we stand as friends with the scale backs to the east. We see them, and other races, moving into our cities due to the agreements made in the flawed Estoran Economic Union which has hurt the Empire’s economy and continues to do so more and more every year. We see more and more of our young men fighting and dying for the ‘freedom’ of sand dwelling savages in Arpalia and for what? They come home damaged, physically and mentally, and they gain nothing from the Empire except a new cybernetic arm or leg. Our wars no longer procure more land four our children, they only weaken us here and abroad.

The Estoran Economic Union is a liberal stain on our nation which has made us weak and dependent on foreign goods. Remember the days where everything said ‘Made in Vanhania’ on it? We need those days back. Remember the days where Vahric men fought and died for our country? For our way of life? For our race?

When I rise to the Imperial Throne I will not forget the way our forefathers lived. I will not forget the farmer, the laborer, the machinist. We are a country built on the backs of those who work hard for their way of life and they deserve better. We must reject the modern state of our nation! We must eliminate the heavy taxes our workers suffer under. “

The applause was deafening as Norahn paused to take a sip of water and motioned Korzahn forward to speak.

“Tradition is what unites all of the Empire together and the Emperor is the symbol of tradition, the people, and our way of life. We need an Emperor for the people, the workers, and the party! When I become the High Chairman of the Imperial Senate after the election I will do everything in my power to make sure Norahn becomes the next Emperor at the end of Emperor Dorehv’s reign!”

The two men saluted the flag one last time before Norahn turned to leave the stage. Dorehv stood waiting on his wife, Korsa, to make her way to the podium with him. She represented the traditional Vahric woman, she was strong yet beautiful and was a faithful wife to her husband whom with she had seven children who sat close to the podium steps. As she finished walking and stepped closely to his Dorehv’s side she grabbed the microphone.

“As you all know I am Dorehv’s wife and the mother of our seven children. My dream for the Empire is to see a day where no child is left hungry because Vahric farms can be found on every rolling hill, super markets are stocked with local produce, and women aren’t afraid to embrace the traditional lifestyle our ancestors lived!”

She paused and looked into the crowd before handing the microphone to Dorehv.

“And my dream for the Empire is…”


There was a sudden flash of light below the stage before a fireball erupted beneath the wooden planks.
The loud explosion deafened and disoriented many in the crowd with the closest seats. Shards of metal and wood went flying all throughout the stadium as the massive explosion knocked spectators out of their seats. The smell of smoke began to fill the arena and panic began to take the crowd, screams filled the massive corridors as thousands tried to rush outside. As many rushed out the burning flags were the last things they saw.

Dios 25th, Theoxenios, Year 325 8th Era, Trident Stadium, Elaion


“Another momentous gathering of the nations of Lerodas come together again to compete in the grandest stage in all of Nerokhori. Regardless of the international politics going on, the 76th Annual Summer Games are wonderful to observe whether in the stadium or at the comfort of your homes. Oh, we have the beautiful Corybantos Sideris coming to the stage.” Said a TV commentator as she looked a bit tipsy from too much wine which a producer took the glass away from her. Though the camera did pan out to several mysterious figures in black clothing and backpacks walking in front of the camera menacingly, though none of the audience took notice. After she was cut out for a more sober commentator, the arena went dark and the crowd went wild with their cheers as they awaited for the ceremonies to begin, then it went silent as the sound of melancholic music began to play after the booming sound of drums. Then it went silent as a shrill laughter loomed over the stadium. A shadow of the goddess, Lethani takes shape on the stadium floor. A beautiful young woman in her early 20’s, long braided hair, the color black as midnight. Her pale skin contrasts that of her ‘brother’, Hinon. Where eyes should be is nothing but black smoky vapor escapes from her eyes. Her chiton swirls inky black and with swirling souls of the damned try to escape from their fate but unable to. Moaning for freedom beyond the subtle cloth. The image of the goddess then spoke in a menacing yet soothing voice.

“When does a hero’s journey begin? The moment you step outside the safety of your homes, or when you realize that the fight has just begun?”

Then light of Hinon made the goddess vanish though shown a phalanx of men locking their shields together in arms, spears jutting out from the formation, they were located at the center of the stadium still in formation. The leader of the group screamed orders in ancient Elian, the phalanx locked up again and three shields rose up. Awaiting something as some of the audience members rose from their seats on edge as to what the phalanx was doing. Their answers were soon called up as an army of red figures stormed the stadium stairs, black-hooded archers of a long dead nation. The archers than rang a storm of arrows as the whistling was deafening in the stadium. They all landed against the shields and towards the ground. The Leader screamed orders again and switched its formation into a circle, it was then the audience native to Nerokhori began to roar loudly with approval as they realized that they 10 men in the phalanx were none other than the Ikraen Princes, then went silent as the goddess herself made an appearance again.

”Is it when you comprehend how small you are compared to the vastness of what threatens to destroy it? When did you learn that the journey isn’t a lonely road, you didn’t have to face the darkness alone?


An audible finger snap caused the black hooded figures to charge at the phalanx and some audience members gasp in shock as the figures scream and hoot as they close in for the kill, leaping over the barriers as security guards not part of the play move around frantically as if something was going wrong. Yet the audience was still enthralled with the story being played out. Just as the figures were almost upon the princes, they all of a sudden dropped, weapons clattering against the ground as the princes broke away from each other but still looked in battle position The figures were slowly melting into the ground but in reality. The one with the twin suns was Phrixus, the Living Flame looked towards where the goddess stood, who was now walking eerily towards them.

”Lesser souls lose heart, and lay down their swords. But a champion risks everything for the greater good. Take comfort in this, true heroes never die.”

”Or do they?” Another subtle voice rang out as Lethani continued to walk towards the princes who stood ready to face her. Only for the goddess to sink into the ground.


The suns rises, the suns set. But we all have to cross the river someday, even you. As the princes looked around only for the stage to rearrange itself. Rising from the ground as the audience roared of approval as the underworld came to life. Obsidian-black, jagged cliffs and fire the color of green thanks to special effects. Twenty demonic looking creatures swing around the stadium harassing the princes as they passed the border between the living and the restless dead. As the princes, Kephalos, Lord of Shades & Alketas, the Whispering Harvest flew into the air to combat the demons as an animatronic serpent rose from the shadows. Coiling around dark throne of bone and glittering gems. Where the goddess was sitting. The Serpent roared at the remaining princes as it lunged at them, shattering the floor and causing the princes to scatter from the goddess. The music was slowly becoming more erratic and with a thundering crescendo, the oily black vapor began to envelop the entire stadium.


”Resign yourself to your glorious fate. I am coming to claim my prize.” Lethani’s voice was baritone deep and echoing in a tone that creeped out most of the audience but some still cheered on as the story was reaching its climax. It was then a large flash of bright light from the center where Phrixus unleashed his powers. Causing the black vapor to illuminate the entire stadium, in which people roared in approval as the smoke made the fight more fluid. The light died off until Phrixus continued to throw fire at the serpent, causing the serpent to lash out at the Prince who was keeping it distracted from his brothers. It was when the last plume of fire saw the serpent biting Phrixus but also decapitated it. Causing an audible gasp as the living flame’s brothers looked on in horror as he was killed. The last of the flames flickering, and fading as the demons that harassed the other princes flew away, fulfilling their part in the death of Phrixus. The black smoke faded away to reveal the fallen prince and his brothers gather around him to mourn in anguish.


As if on cue, a large marbled hand raises itself from the stage below as it lays itself around the fallen prince and drags him into the ground. Ending the story of the great Phrixus, the Living Flame and his tragic end. The actors who played as the princes then bowed before leaving the stage as the stage rearranged itself to make way for the parade of nations. The audience giving a thunderous applause as the music slowly ended in somber tone of the tragedy of Phrixus, whose story reminds the people of Nerokhori and Marossia that great leaders can be brought down by a single mistake and will haunt them forever. The audience continued to clap and cheer as the walls began to lower itself into the floor of the stadium. A ramp was then built towards the big exit where the athletes will be entering. Despite world tensions with the rise of NatPop gaining traction in most nations, the National Council has explicitly stated that those participating in the games are to have a ceasefire in the name of the games.


“The Populist Republic of Aatelisia” MC Phiobe, the actress who played the role Lethani from earlier announced the arrival of the first nation who sent a 100 athletes sent to the games. The Aatelisians gain several medals the likes of which were unheard of in a nation locked in eternal winter. These athletes look eager to obtain more medals for their nation, despite being a member of the Compact, Nerokhorian athletes look eager to compete against them as the camera panned towards a packed row of Aatelisians cheering on.

“The People’s National Republic of Adrary Phiobe announced to the Vidali dominant athletes who only sent 50 athletes to the games as it is their first ever to attend Nerokhorian Olympics. Despite being a populist nation, Nerokhorians of Elaion invited the athletes to compete despite that Nerokhori is a part of SFA.

“The Democratic Republic of Akansi.” The next nation to arrive and a relatively young nation to appear in the world stage. In the eyes of the Council, there isn’t really much to go on but the government in Akansi did send its delegation to the summer games and the Nerokhorians welcomed the 50 athletes in attendance.

“The Democratic Republic of Andestria.” The 50 Andestrian athletes were welcomed with a thunderous applause as the walked into the stadium as its flagbear was waving its national flag with pride. The relatively new nation below Nerokhori has caught its attention by the National Council, and the games will put their athletes to the test.


“The Councilship of Celoniae.” The Celoniaen delegation of 247 athletes were highly cheered on as the Celoniaen athletes were a major powerhouse in the last summer games. Catching the attention of several City-States as they dominated much of the events. The athletes of the host nation looked even more eager to have a rematch with the Celoniaens.

“The Republic of Dalmat.” The Dalmatians of a 100 athletes came toward the stadium entrance with anticipation of the beginning of the games as they gained a few medals from the last summer games. Dalmatian athletes are hoping to gain more medals than last time.

“The Federal Authority of Ghera.” Another delegation of 50 athletes were sent to Elaion to participate for the first time and they were welcomed with a roar of approval. Nerokhorian citizens are expecting a lot from these athletes in the coming days.

“The United State of Great Ba.” The nation sent 100 athletes to participate into the 76th annual games and were welcomed with applause and cheer. The nation was relatively popular in the last summer games as they grabbed a few medals as well and are hoping to steal more from Elaion.


“The Federation of Iltaakwenusih.” Another popular nation in the summer games as the 100 Iltanyu athletes gather again to compete against the other nations. Another roar of approval from the stadium as they entered into the arena.

“The Republic of Banyang Jawanesia.” Another nation of 50 athletes sent to Elaion to participate for the first time as well, the roar of approval was deafening as they entered the stadium as all nations are treated equally in the games as the Jawanesians continue to enter the stage. Eager to show off their competitiveness in the upcoming games.

“The Iron Dominion of Katha.” 100 athletes were in attendance as they grabbed few medals as well in the last games in Nea Roumatta. The Kathan athletes were well celebrated due to the amount of medals they took in two days, putting the powerhouse of Celoniae to shame.

“The Federation of Krakheim.” The 100 Athletes from Krakheim were applauded and cheered on for as both nations were former colonies of Marossia as they marched into the stadium with an aura of authority that commanded respect from Elaion as they continued to clap at the delegation.

“The Ghost Empire of Locuval.” The 50 athletes sent to Elaion was met with admiration as the people of Locuval were participating for the first time in the Olympics as it was their best to give an impression to the Nerokhorians.


“The Kingdom of Mandawai.” With a 100 athletes, the athletes who hailed from Mandawai waved their flag with pride as they walked into the stadium with open applause and celebratory cheering, the people of Elaion were impressed with the athletes as they a force to be reckoned with in soccer and in rugby. Nerokhorians are expecting another rematch against Mandawai soon enough in the coming days.

“The Democratic Republic of Manzig.” Another 50 athlete delegation was sent to games for the first time. The athletes were proud to be in an international event that promoted fairness and cooperation in a world full of bleakness and the Nerokhorians were happy to see what the delegation would do.

“The Stratocratic Republic of Marossia.” The entire stadium went up in uproar as the Marossian delegation arrived as the people were entirely rooting and hooting for the Marossian beach volleyball women team. Who took their beauty to their advantage as much of the stadium was cheering loudly at the delegation. Marossian athletes were another strong contender in the Olympics as they snagged several medals during the time at the games.

“The United Social-Populist Empire of Mediastrum. Consists of The Archduchy of Atlexil & the Social-Populist Empire of Soviet Petroburg. A combination of 274 athletes sent to the games as the nations will be competing underneath one flag. Both nations won medals and will be sent to gathering more.


“The Democratic Republic of Netyaawis.” A nation created out of the Usdo-TRAMEC Treaty that ended the Netyaawis Crisis in year 321 during the time of the Olympics. The nation will be sending 50 athletes as the Nerokhorians welcomed the athletes with a thunderous applause for the nation could not participate during the crisis.

“The Micropolis of Paixao.” A 100 athletes were sent to the games as the Paixans relatively gained few medals and were third to dead last with no medals until they came back midway through the 321 Summer Games.

“The Commonwealth of Pekoganta.” Another new nation that sent 50 athletes to the games as they were welcomed by the other participating nations and the roaring applause of the audience in attendance of the Opening Ceremonies.

“The Unified Unitary State of Ruzalka.” At first, the 100 athletes weren’t exactly celebrated but the people turned to applause the athletes who came to Elaion as not all people follow their government blindly, these athletes had an authority of respect as despite Nerokhori and Ruzalka not getting along, the people still go out of their way to welcome foreigners especially from brutal regimes. The athletes were known to dominate the diving and water polo events that surprised much of the world watching the games.

“The Integrated Machine Authority of Servoth.” The 250 athletes of the Servothinyi were celebrated as well as the rugby national team were exactly dreaded after the thrashing they gave to both Nerokhorians and Ruzalkans, leaving much of the people to be left in hospitals for the rest of the games but it didn’t stop both teams to keep participate still despite the odds of their injuries.

“The Social State of The United Roman Reich.” Another uproar of approval from everyone in the stadium as the entire building went up in uproar for the 200 Roman athletes were as beautiful as the Marossians and their athletes were no slouches in the games as well, nabbing several athletes and claiming gold medals in wrestling, archery, swimming, athletics, and tennis. Despite their tendencies for being the most promiscuous of the entire world, their people are force to be reckoned with.

“The Grand Duchy of Uthent.” 50 Athletes from this nation came to the games as well and were applauded as they came into the games as they were another nation that could be a major powerhouse in the summer games.

“Representing the former Valyrian freeholds.” The 100 Valyrian Athletes who chose freedom than bow down to the populist regime of Ruzalka who took over the nation by force and was strongly condemned by the National Council. Thus athletes from the last game who were displaced was given their expenses and hotel room paid for as they walked through. All of the entire stadium and the nations participating except for some from the Ruzalkan delegation. were applauding and cheering for them as hard as they can. Seeing that several athletes were seen crying, not seeing this much love before.

“The Vahric Empire of Vanhania. Sending 250 Athletes as well to the games as Nerokhori is starting to warm up to its powerful neighbor. Much of the citizens welcomed the Vahr with a roar of cheering and applause as the red flag was held high. It was then that cheering started to grow louder and louder as the last nation to enter was none other the host nation of the Summer Games.


“And at last, the City States of Nerokhori!” The stadium was threatening to riot as the 250 athletes sent to the games were being celebrated as many of the Nerokhorian athletes wore their ancient armor to show a rainbow of colors that heralded of the Ten City-States as they were celebrated by the Elians. They walked towards the flagpoles where two large fans were blowing the flags of the nations of Lerodas. They were standing triumphiantly as the rest of the athletes awaited for the High Councilor to declare the games to be open, unaware of sick twist of fate that these unfortunate souls will be sent to Lethani herself.


1. The Ikraen Princes were 10 sons of a priestess raped by the god of war. To avoid retaliation from the gods, the priestess fled from Iraklta to give birth to 10 sons, though it costed it her life, the princes were raised by a she-wolf who took them in as her pups and raised them to adulthood, it was when the Ikraen King at the time took them back and trained them to be civilized soldiers though at the cost of the entire wolf pack who were needlessly slaughtered. This caused an intense rage from the princes as they killed their king and wandered around the known world and were heroes before their fated battle with the serpent of Lethani. Much of the Vorkiath Warrior Paths were created as of the Princes. In short, they are like jedi but without the force and more like the Eldar Aspect Warriors in 40k minus those who excel in melee combat.

OOC: Adrary, I will leave it to you.

Servoth-Nerokhori General Treaty

For the purpose of generating further friendship and defense between Nerokhori and Servoth, though already officially allied, these states shall endeavor to commit to the following terms as outlined in this treaty.

1.) Military bases in Servoth and Nerokhori shall be opened to both party's forces, movement shall be allied freely between them by either states' military. Resources shall be transferred as required.

2.) A joint strategic command shall be established in the case of war as a result of foreign attack on either state. Additionally, Nerokhori and Servoth shall exchange embassies thereby maintain permeant diplomatic missions.

3.) Free trade shall be opened between the states. Resources traded between them as necessary.

4.) A general policy of openness, honesty, and trust shall be established by both parties. Special forces and espionage operatives shall be allowed in either from state, from the other, so long as either parties interests remain without interference. Safehouses shall be built for special forces and operatives as well.

5.) Nerokhori shall receive assistance from Servoth in establishing a more permeant presence in space. Servoth shall provide Nerokhori access to all Servothinyi cosmic ships as well as other space facilities.

6.) Nerokhori will take on at least one Vita Tree Seed and raise a Zevron population. Nerokhori may raise and instruct the resultant population as they deem fit.

Just letting everyone know that this nation is a puppet of Nerokhori


Nyamira Municipal Police Headquarters

“Excuse me!” A man called from behind the office door followed by three knocks.

Captain Jana Boinett of the Nyamira Municipal police and Captain Robert Omamo; a personal acquaintance of hers and the head of a nearby precinct looked up from the piles of evidence and reports related to the recent bridge bombing.

A young police officer opened the door and peered in. “There's a guest here to see the chief.”

“For which one of us?” Robert asked.

“Well..” The policeman muttered, obviously not knowing how to answer.

Robert raised an eyebrow. “Who is it?”

“Erh..” the policeman muttered again before passively bowing his head and opening the door up wider to reveal a gaunt man in a suit who casually invited himself into the office.

The man shook both their hands before handing them plain calling cards. He sat himself down across from the two and slipped a laptop out from a bag and onto the low table between them.

Jana read off her card. “Langata of the RMAF Joint Staff Internal Investigation Bureau?”

The man nodded.

“No address or phone number?”

“It's not convenient for me to give those out.” Langata spoke with a coarse and deliberate voice.

“And what exactly can we do for you?” Jana put the card down on the table.

“Before I get to that I'd like to show you something.” He opened up the laptop and flipped the screen over to their side, showing them what appeared to be the start of a generic videoke background reel entitled ‘Bay Bridge Memories.’ A cheesy Tanba love song started to play as its lyrics came up on screen, scrolling through various short clips centered around the Nyamira bay bridge before it was bombed.

“What is this about?” Jana demanded. Clearly annoyed at the prospect of a military intelligence officer coming all the way to her office just to sing karaoke.

“Most of the footage was shot on the day of the bombing. You'll see.” Said Langata.

Robert squinted at the screen. “I can sing this song.”

“This is not the important part, would you like to sing?” The intelligence officer asked in a plain monotone.

“I don't have a mic.”

“Then I'll skip to the relevant portion.” Langata skipped to the halfway point of the video.

“”Falling for you and crying for you?”” Robert read off the screen.

“No the next line. “Ah the rain is falling on me.” Look.”

Jana and Robert shuffled closer to the screen. “Where?”

“The upper right corner, at the edge of the cloud. To the thing shaped like a bird.”

They got even closer and saw it, a tiny silhouette of a plane off in the corner of the screen.

“So? We know it was a fighter jet, this isn't relevant.” Jana snapped.

Langata wordlessly took the laptop and clicked a few times before turning it back around. A screenshot from the video of the jet was juxtaposed on the screen next to the plane silhouette. “The one on the left is the one from the video, the other from the news. If you would take note of the difference in the design of the wings; this one on the left being more typical of recent Celoniaen designs. The engines as well, a bit harder to make out but the design on these ones suggest thrust vectoring capability, notably something our T-12s don't have.”

“Just a minute, before you go any further why are you telling us this?” Robert asked.

“Because I want your cooperation to uncover the truth of course. Also because I want to establish connections with police on the ground in case of a worst-case scenario. We’re willing to share all the info we’ve gathered thus far.”

The two police officers nodded silently.

“On the night the bay bridge was bombed a Celoniaen fighter practicing night time maneuvers off the coast of Idginkers disappeared.”

“That's the plane in the video you mean?” Jana asked.

“The Celoniaen military came forward and reported this to us, officially we've cut lots of ties over the years but the intelligence services keep a line open. An unofficial one of course. It might surprise you to hear this but some of them believe that it's not in their best interests to let our defense forces fall into disarray by withholding facts from us.”

“But they still bombed the bay bridge?”

“Obviously they didn't intend for this attack to happen. Frankly both the Celoniaen military and even the pilot who fired the missile were probably just victims in all this.”

“I hope you'll explain what you mean by that.” Robert piped up.

“We've been secretly tracking a certain group for the last year or so. Old councilship politicians, former Air Force staff officers, elements of the Celoniaen defense industry, and a growing faction within the military itself. Basically a loose coalition of people like that. They feel threatened by Mandawai’s anti-Dathedian attitude, especially with the growing threat of Internationale-Axis war. So they decided to stage a military spectacle and shake everyone’s confidence in the military to jolt us back into the fold — or to replace our current government with one that will. They snuck up to the front gate of our capital at low altitude, branded a lock-on signal onto its door and went home.” Langata took out a pack of cigarettes. “May I?” He asked as he lit one up.

“Go ahead.” She murmured as Langata took a long drag.

“Their plan was a resounding success.” He continued, smoke streaming from his nostrils. “Except for the part where a real missile was launched.”

“It was an accident?” Jana belted out.

“It’s possible.” Langata spoke between puffs of smoke. “..but until we can prove otherwise, it would make sense to assume that someone made it happen. For one thing, that jet still hasn’t returned to base.”

“So someone used that farce for their own purposes, but what for?” Robert leaned back in his seat as he spoke.

“Just a minute.” Jana said. “If you already know all this why not go public with it to clear up all the allegations against the air force? Doesn’t the Defense Ministry..”

“Of course the Ministry knows. The staff officers are pressuring the government to go public, but cabinet is still wavering. The idea that this was a crime by a third party is just speculation. There’s not a single piece of hard evidence and if they just tell the public it was an accident it might become a huge scandal they can’t control. It’s standard operating procedure; press ahead with the investigation while keeping a close eye on the situation. You know the drill. Truth be told they’re a bunch of fools, because that’s exactly what the culprit wants. If the top brass keep on ignoring people in the field like this, then..”

“They might dig themselves into a deeper hole.” Robert cut in.

“Yes, I want to take down the culprit before it comes to that. I assume I can count on your cooperation?”

Robert cleared his throat. “Langata, right? This story is fascinating and all but it’s just guesswork and circumstantial evidence. You don’t have any solid proof. And even with that footage you showed us.. Who’s to say it wasn’t just edited that way I’m sorry but I don’t think I can buy this story of yours.”

Langata shook his head. “Captain Omamo you certainly live up to your reputation, I was right to come to you. But, even if I assume that the video was faked it’s a cold hard fact that the Bay Bridge was blown to bits… Am I right?”
He handed them a file.

Jana opened it up, her eyes widening. Staring at the face glaring back at her.

“Woduno Mosoti.” Langata continued. “One of the founding members of the group I mentioned, completely off the map as of now—we’re doing all we can to find him, he’s our prime suspect. Since you were working in the same precinct a few years ago I expect you’ve heard of him, Captain Boinett. Finding people isn’t our strong suit, our expertise lies elsewhere. And since this is a delicate matter, we couldn’t directly involve the police.”

“In case you hadn’t noticed we’re cops too.” Robert smiled.

“I’ve heard that Captain Boinett has powerful connections considering the high status of her co-graduates at the academy, not to mention her role in stopping the 323 riots.. And then there’s Nyamira Municipal’s extralegal activities, or should I say ‘accomplishments’ involving the National Democratic Front..”

“We’re plain old public servants, same as you.”

Langata’s phone suddenly rang. “Excuse me.” He said as he took the call. “Yes? What?” He put the phone down and stood straight up, taking the laptop. “Our man has made his move sooner than we anticipated. Three KP-4s armed with bombs just launched from Mauza. They’ll enter Kibhasa airspace in 20 minutes.”


The road to Imperialism

This is Petroburg news bringing the latest updates from inside Soviet Petroburg and the outside world.

‘Good evening, I’m Gustav and this is Petroburg News. Last week general elections for new lower and upper houses were held, with a voter turnout of 96% it was very tense.

The Parties running in the elections all have a form of populism. The following parties ran in the elections:

- The Workers-Populist Party; a far-left party, usually linked with communism
- The Republican Party; a left wing party, advocating for the abolishment of the monarchy and installing a republic
- The Social-Democratic Party; a left wing party, a socialist party and pro-monarchy. Favours expanding the borders as much as possible.
- The Democratic Party; a centre party, it’s social policies tend to be left-wing while it’s economic policies are more right-wing. It is the only centre-wing party.
- The Conservative Party; a right wing party, it advocates for smaller government and implementing less regulations on the economy
- The Priesthood; a right wing religious party, it advocates for laws to follow religious guidelines and a theocratic government.
- The Petroburg First Party; a far-right wing party, it follows the views of national-populism.
- The National-Democratic Party; an extreme-right wing party, it follows the most extreme version of national-populism and advocates isolationism. They want the dissolution of Mediastrum and incorporating Atlexil directly into Petroburg.

With the ballots being counted here are the results;

For the Riksdagen (lowerhouse) 750 seats were up for taken with 375 needed for an absolute majority:

The Social-Democratic Party: 379 seats
The Democratic Party: 167 seats
The Conservative Party: 126 seats
The Republican Party: 29 seats
The Workers-Populist Party: 28 seats
The Petroburg First Party: 19 seats
The Priesthood: 1 seat
The National-Democratic Party: 1 seat

The Social-Democratic Party has won an absolute majority in the Riksdagen.

In the Storting (upper-house) 315 seats were up for the taken:

The Social-Democratic Party: 160 seats
The Democratic Party: 75 seats
The Conservative Party: 40 seats
The Republican Party: 29 seats
The Workers-Populist Party: 11 seats
The Petroburg First Party: 0 seats
The Priesthood: 0 seats
The National-Democratic Party: 0 seats.

With the new government installed the new Chancellor Harold Ollafson has called for expansion westward and declaring that; ”As long as the island Soviet Petroburg is on isn’t fully controlled by the Petroburgians we shall never find peace.”

According to the parties members the Chancellor views does not reflect those of the party itself.

In other news, the Celoniaen government has begun the reconquest of the United Idginkers. Mediastrum has declared support for Celoniae and is able to help in any way.

Emperor Martinus Trødhæm has received word from Ruzalka about opening communications between Mediastrum and Ruzalka. The Emperor has informed the new government that he has send an invitation to Director Pollux to come to Saint Petroburg to being talks between the nations.’

Imperial Palace, Saint Petroburg

‘Chancellor Ollafson, you wanted to see me?’ Martinus asked as the Chancellor entered a small room.

‘Yes your majesty. Thank you for meeting with me in such a short notice. I would like to discuss the matter of expansion with you.’ Ollafson said.
‘And what is it about Chancellor?’ Martinus asked

‘Well, you see my cabinet has, with support of both houses, pushed for bills and laws that allow us to expand our borders and hopefully control the entire island. But there is the matter of the imperialism and colonialism. Many MPs are seeing that the people want us to extend the borders beyond the island and start colonizing new parts. But I wanted to discuss it with you first.’ Ollafson replied.

‘If that is what the people want, who can stop them. Discuss this with Cabinet and then go with it threw parliament.’

‘Thank your majesty, it seems our time is up. Until next time.’ Ollafson said while leaving.

A Late Delivery from Avalon
RRS Benzai. Exercise Mission at the edge of the Novan Star System

Co-written with Haalisran Clans

The cramped bridgelike room known as the Combat Information Center, CIC for short, and acted as the heart and head of the military space vessel was a silent place. Gently lit with a pale almost yellowish light the bright colored buttons and lamps on the room’s many consoles stuck out like shining stars in the night. The night shift, for whatever use the term was in the depth of space and vacuum, had just been replaced by the morning crew.

Leutnant David McIntyre was silently staring at his instruments. His right index finger tapping slowly on the side of the main screen that depicted a steady flow of numbers.

“You do know that no amount of tapping will change the things on screen right?” asked the crewman to his right, his face hidden behind the featureless visor of his skinsuit and his voice carrying over the suits internal com system.

David laughed dryly, the idea of whacking electronics until they worked belonged in old children’s cartoons. “I’m just picking up on… something… I think.” he said absentmindedly, his focus still on the screen yet he was unable to determine what it was that the numbers were showing him.

“A sensor ghost?” asked the other man as he drew closer and leaned over to get a view of David’s screen.

“It’s too repetitious, I think” David answered. “Could be a glitch in transferring the data from the sensors to digital but it doesn’t feel right. It’s too close to the last overhaul and too long for it to not have been discovered previously.”

“Any problem, Leutnant?” asked suddenly the crisp voice of Lieutenant Commander Dominicia Santos, acting Commanding Officer for the morning shift. The woman had walked over seeing the two crewmen leaning over David’s station with uncertain body language.

“I’m getting a strange disturbance in my sensory readings, ma’am.” David replied professionally. “Somethings looks to be skirting just outside our optimal sensory range and I’m not getting a clear picture, optics doesn’t work, it’s too faint to be any craft under power but the sensory data is too repetitious for there not to be anything.”

The Commander listened closely before nodding and saying, “Ping the Eidolons and have em take a look.”

“Ma’am, we’re half an hour out by laser, it will be over an hour until we get any data back.”

“Then you’ll have something to look forward to.” smiled Dominicia behind her visor and turned away to attend her other duties.

David shrugged and put in the codes to signal for sensory assistance from the eidolon network of satellites.

96 minutes later….
Seven of the Roman Eidolon satellites scattered at the farthest reaches of the star system had automatically turned their position to focus in on the requested ping from the RRS Benzai. A flow of raw data started to steadily flow into David’s systems once the first satellite had realigned its sensors but he had wanted to be absolutely sure before bothering the Commander once more.
The thing was that even after all the reliaable data had started to flow in and be interpreted by his systems he still didn’t really get what he was looking at. The Eidolons had identified an object through faint heat radiation and thanks to the many overlapping satellites they had calculated a course for the object that appeared to indicated that it was showing signs of a eccentric orbit, possibly moving in accordance with a stellar capture.

This is Leutnant McIntyre, Sensory Station One.” David said pinging the commander through his suits internal com system.
The reply came instantly, “Yes, Leutnant?
We have a positive reading on my sensory ghost, it’s an unknown object with a heat signature, too faint to be powered but strong enough to definitively be artificial.
Put together everything you got, Leutnant. I’m assembling the flag staff in twenty.
Yes, Ma’am.

Two weeks later...
The RRS Benzai had finished its deceleration from the trip that had had it change course to intercept the unknown object. Once close enough that the darkness of space no longer impeded the optic sensors the Roman crew had gotten an impressive visual on what was clearly some kind of spacecraft. A rough cylindrical shape, yet angular in its overall appearance and with a girthier protrusion just past the craft’s midsection.
Radio messages at an attempt to hail the craft had been conducted but to no avail and once more detailed visuals were up one could see what appeared to be damages to the front section of the craft. The damages didn’t appear to be from combat at first glance but rather looked similar to that of impacts from micrometeoroid or other kinds of space debri.

Alignment with the unidentified craft’s course had been completed at a distance of three light seconds from where the Benzai had continued to slowly decrease the range gap down to half a light second. Probing drones had been sent out and shown that the craft appeared to be completely out of any kind of propulsion or engine power. Given the visual damages it could easily be believed that mechanical error was the reason.

No contact could be established after hours of radio signaling. The result was the same when the automated drones tried to use light signals towards the craft. Even having the probes bump into the hull to produce knocking turned out to be in vain.

Ultimately the pointless attempt at provoking some kind of response from the craft continued for 36 hours until it was decided that a boarding action should commence. Being a ship of war the Benzai carried with it a complement of eight marines trained in close quarters combat. Ultimately their duties were to deal with handling and recovering prisoners of war when enemy crafts were disabled in combat as true boarding operations during combat situations were never considered feasible in military terms.

Sergeant Major Cecilia Hammond of the marine unit assigned to the Benzai was studying her seven man crew as they were all gearing up for the boarding action. They were four human males and four kiyonari females with her included. Kiyonari males were usually disqualified for marine service in the IDF due to their bulkier build, although she knew of at least two guys that did serve, but they were stunted for their species.

“We don’t know what we’ll find inside nor how it will look.” Cecilia stated. “Mark and Iris you’ll take the back sweep carrying Gremlin mags, and fingers off the trigger!”

The two addressed soldiers saluted with jovial body language and hit each other over the shoulders, their facial expressions hidden behind their visors. A loud metallic clanking and suction sound filled the room as red light blinked.
The marines readied up and silence settled moments before the coms crackled to life.
Docking completed, decompression successful.”
The door leading into the Benzai opened and two engineers entered and greeted the marines before proceeding to the airlock.
Cecilia gave them the all clear and the two engineers opened the airlock to reveal a long tunnel leading up to where the Benzai had managed to identify and attach to what appeared to be an airlock hatch on the unidentified craft.

The engineers were quick at the new hatch and with a number of instruments in cases they had carried with them they started to examine the hull material of the unknown craft with a great number of tests. Scans and material tests were done to examine the material and if it contained any unknown or obviously hazardous materials that hadn’t already been revealed by the drones.

The engineers tried to discover any kind of manual controls for the hatch but it appears that it could only be opened from the inside, either that or any possible manual control had to be outside the dockinging clamp. They had to cut it open with a plasma torch but before they started to cut into the hatch they used a low powered drill to painstakingly slow, over the course of an hour, drill themselves through the hatch to identify what awaited them on the other side.
Once the drill breached through the hatch sensors identified a surprisingly normal atmosphere containing oxygen and slightly elevated trace amounts of carbon dioxide. All in all the interior atmosphere of the unknown craft appears to be surprisingly similar to the Lerodan atmosphere, although unlike the heated air of the Benzai the unknown crafts air revealed an interior temperature close to freezing.

The engineers proceeded to cut open the hatch and thus made it possible to enter the alien vessel. Cecilia and her marines were first in and found themselves inside what appeared to be something like an elevator shaft. There were no lights on inside the craft so the marines had to rely on their shoulder and chest mounted flashlights that revealed the interior to be clad in some kind of dark material that wasn’t metallic but appeared to be strong and sturdy nonetheless.

Directly across from theri point of entry was another door and after some check up on the elevator shaft they decided to cut through the new door. The same basic procedure as with the airlock was repeated and the engineers cut through the door to reveal some kind of atrium.

“We got lights.” stated the marine in the lead as the group entered the atrium. The floor contained some kind of rail system and faint blue lights flickered across the floor.
“Looks like the lights only work for a specific stretch.” Cecilia concluded as she saw a series of lights follow one of the doors out from the atrium and down another dark corridor.

“Some kind of emergency lightning?” asked one of the engineers that had knelt before one of the lights.

“Or a trap.” muttered another marine.

“I hear a volunteer for pointman!” Cecilia quipped and the marine that had just spoken laughed dryly.

The group advanced slowly down the dark corridor containing the only visible functioning lightsource onboard. By the end of the corridor they encountered another door that they had to make way through but once past it they all stopped.

“What the...” muttered a marine as the group started to light up the room they had entered. As their light traveled across the new room the saw rows and rows of coffin sized constructs that lined every square inch of the room and continued deep down into the ship.

Marines and engineers alike walked up to inspect the coffins to get a closer look.

“It’s a colony ship!” exclaimed one of the engineers who grew excited at the prospect of an alien encounter.

“What? Are these like... cryopods?” asked Cecilia as she quickly tried to do a head count and estimate the number of possible pods in the ship.

“Our little VBSS just turned into a meet and greet, boss?” quipped one the marines that stood next to Cecilia.

“This is so above my paygrade.” she muttered.

“Damn!” hissed one of the marines and jerked away from one of the pods. The marine had however managed to touch some significant part or function as the the thing started to light up. The lights spread and soon the main lights of the room came online and rendered their flashlights redundant in an instant.

“I’ll thank you for turning on the lights… but remind me who to strangle if this goes down south later.” Cecilia quipped to the marine that had accidentally found the lightswitch.

The pod the marine touched began to hum and the soft blue light it emitted pulsed to its rhythmic vibration. With an almost explosive hiss the pod split lengthwise and a clear viscous liquid spilled out onto the floor in fat globules. From within the pod a claw-like hand slid out, grasping at the lower half of the cryopod. Ever so slowly the gap between the upper and lower pod widened until a creature pulled itself out, falling to the floor where it wretched and heaved.

“How… Long....” it spoke in its native tongue.

It grunted as it stood, shaking off the fluids that still clung to it. In its naked form
It was covered from head to foot in white plates that gave the impression it was wearing a suit of armor. As imposing as its raw physique may have been, it showed no sign of aggression when it took notice of the strange beings before it. Keeping its large, round, amber eyes on the aliens it side-stepped toward a console protruding from a wall. Grazing the sleek surface with its a swipe of it’s hand, a blue screen popped into existence above the console.

“I am Patriarch Ik’Mn Gor, I am requesting the following information: How many cycles have passed since departure, Have we made planetfall, and what are the beings before me?”

The console chimed.

“Vocal and genetic identification confirmed. Greetings Patriarch. I am Seed Ship Tol’s Assistant Virtual intelligence. You may call me Polmek. Regarding your inquiry, 396,045 cycles have passed since departing the Homeworld. Currently, Seed Ship Tol is caught in an eccentric orbit of a binary system catalogued as “2-14-400-088”; planetfall could not be achieved as damage Seed Ship Tol sustained approximately 3,433.25 cycles lead to catastrophic failure to our navigation systems. The Ships fuel supply was also depleted in an attempt to avoid imminent collision with one of this system’s planets.”

Over a quarter-million cycles had passed. This troubled the Patriarch greatly.

“And what of the aliens?” he pressed.

“One moment” it chimed again.

The room was bathed in the same blue light that lined followed the tracks in the floors. The Console beeped twice.

“Unknown bipedal lifeforms. My programming allows for auditory and visual communicative learning in the event of an encounter. Should I proceed to attempt communications?”

Gor sighed as he gazed at the endless rows of cryopods.

“In the interest of the Haalisran Clans, I Patriarch Ik’mn Gor accept all responsibility. Proceed.”

The Console beeped.

“As you wish, Patriarch.”

Gor faced the aliens. These beings would either be the Saviour of his species… or their destroyers...

One month later...
Once it was clear that the colony ship had live passengers onboard the Romans called for backup and clarification on how to proceed. Help came in the form of the RRS Hotei which arrived carrying a political staff from the space stations at Skrakoa.

Leading the talks from the Roman side was Commissioner Raimund Dressler with Rear Admiral Charline Shriver sitting in as the military advisor. In the time leading up to their arrival the aliens had been kept onboard their colony ship and communications had been able to be established as the alien VI managed to translate their two languages. The engineering staff of the Benzai had also tried to assist in making sure that the damaged colony ship would not degrade further.

The Roman delegation entered the colony ship to seek out the designated place for the meeting that would aim to unveil how the Union and the shipwrecked aliens would proceed from this point onward.

In the time that had passed, Patriarch Ik’mn Gor had revived the other clan Patriarchs and Matriarchs, explaining the situation. First contact had been a relatively calm event, but the impending talks had the Clan heads on edge. Together they had agreed unanimously to let Patriarch Ik’mn Gor speak for the Haalisran as he had been the first to meet the foreigners. All eight of them waited patiently in the ship’s lounge, a secluded room situated behind the cryopod storage module. The room was a cool 25c, brightly lit and large enough to accommodate several dozen with plenty of seats. Patriarch Ik’mn Gor sat patiently on a large semi-circular couch that had an empty counterpart for their visitors. He quietly skimmed through the ship’s diagnostics from a holopad. He sighed as he passed over an alert concerning power fluctuations in the energy grid.

“Patriarchs, Matriarchs, the Roman delegation is awaiting entry.” beeped Polmek.

“Let them in.” replied the Patriarch who was now standing.

“As you wish, Patriarch.” it chimed.

The circular door opened with a hiss, revealing the delegation. Commissioner Dressler were the first to enter. He like the people following hem wore their skin suits mandated for shipboard space travel but they all carried their helmets in a strap behind their backs. Dressler lead the way into the room stopping to greet the gathered patriarchs with an customary slight bow before proceeding to the seating arrangement. The commissioner scanned the room with black eyes. Upon a second glance it was obvious that they were artificial and were in no way designed to hide the fact. The Romans did employ prosthetics that could appear natural to hide a disability but they were uncommon and outright banned during military operations or jobs with an increased level of danger.

“Patriarchs,” Dressler greeted, “I’m sorry that this meeting have taken as long as it has to arrange. I am Commissioner Raimund Dressler representing the nation of the United Roman Reich, my colleague here beside me is Rear Admiral Charline Shriver of the military. As you can see I am a human while the Rear Admiral is a Kiyonari although I understand that you have already been introduced to our two species. Two of many that are coexisting within our nation.”

The Patriarchs and Matriarchs listened to the translation silently. Patriarch Ik’mn Gor looked back and forth between the Rear Admiral and the Commissioner with his large eyes.

“You honour us with your presence, Commissioner. You as well Rear Admiral.” he motioned to himself then other clan heads. “I am Patriarch Ik’mn Gor, you may refer to me as On’ko if you desire. Beside me is the Matriarch of Clan Gor, Im’ga. The others are Patriarch Ik’mn Romat and Matriarch Ik’amn Romat, Patriarch Ik’mn Ma’gul and Matriarch Ik’amn Ma’gul, finally we have Patriarch Ik’mn Ko’hn and Matriarch Ik’amn Ko’hn. Together we represent The Haalisran Clans.”

He motioned to the seating and sat down himself.

“Please, sit. Let us not stand around on ceremony. Polmek, have the diagnostic data on standby please.”

“Of course, Patriarch.” it chimed.

Returning his focus on the Romans, he took a quick sip of warm water.

“We are grateful for the mishap that lead to my awakening… however we find ourselves in a precarious situation. A… lot of time has passed since we departed from out homeworld. Our supplies are low and those who remain sleeping are still without a home. Our predicament is only going to become more dire.”

He waved his claw-like hand, a hologram blinked into existence between the two parties showing a simple diagram showing multiple blinking icons.

“We’re running out of time and we fear for our future. In under four years our oxygen reserves will be depleted and our other resources will be on the verge of depletion… and that is just based on the eight of us who’ve been awoken.”

Polmek chimed.

“Patriarch, The ship’s power core will fail long before oxygen reserves deplete. The core will deplete within a year as I cannot undo the programming that was initiated manually when your pod was opened. The ship’s systems are in a state of preparation for our colonists to be awoken and I cannot override it as it would violate my directives.”

Ik’mn Gor clicked his hidden beak.

“Commissioner, what does your nation desire from us?”

Dressler met Ik’mn Gor with his cold, dark and artificial eyes. His face looked calm, his mouth a thin relaxed line, it all came together in an eerie way.

“That’s a rather philosophical question - don’t you think, Patriarch?” Dressler finally stated after having thought on if for a few seconds. “Nation’s desire so very much and so many different things and for the most part the nature of the desire is ever changing.”

Rear Admiral Shriver rolled her eyes and despite sitting more laid back than her college Dressler seemed to have noticed it as he smiled and shook his head ever so gently.

“I’m sorry, a bad jest” Dressler addressed the representatives of the clans. “You want to know what we intend to do with you, and logically you are concerned that our intentions may be less than beneficial to you, you who currently are in a rather stressed material situation. But I can easy your fears by saying that your current troubles are limited to the status of your vessel.” Dressler paused and took a moment to look at each of the individual aliens. “My nation do not have any ill will towards your people at this moment in time. You are no threat to us and we are no threat to you. We can offer you assistance in return we would only want to know more about you. In that sense I suppose that the answer to your question is that we desire information, should you be willing to give it. My people… puts a creat emphasis on knowledge you see. We are a curious people.”

The Patriarch sat silently, his claw-like hands balled and unballed into fists and cracked as he did so. With a sudden wave of his hand, a blue hologram of a solar system filled the air above them. In it was a single star with three planets. Second from the sun came into view a world with numerous inland seas and massive lakes, vast stretches of savannah with a handful of scattered rainforests. The image shifted to a great city nestled in a crater with high sloping hills.

“My people originated from a world of stretching plains and wicked storms. Life was short and difficult until relatively recently. We were little more than mere animals almost two-thousand years before we departed our homes; our current being we owe to the Ilmar.”

An image of a four-armed reptilian that measured no taller than three feet.

“That is until their day of reckoning came, you see… their species was long-lived and slow to breed but they were intelligent beyond Haalisran reckoning. In the last years the Haalisran inhabited Sil, the Ilmar thought to push their luck and use us for purposes and means we would not wish upon any. It was then we realized the Clans had been brought to life only to suffer slavery. Ilmar society hinged on the scientific successes of their great city-states while we were traded like common cattle, eager to serve the Enlightened Ones. Their betrayal of our loyalty became known when an Ilmar sympathetic to us leaked videos and images of horrific experiments involving missing members of the many Clans…”

The Patriarch leaned back in his seat.

“We fought their petty wars, pitting brother against brother in fevered battle in hopes to one day repay them for our realization, not knowing that they attributed such little value to the very lives they gave us. No. Enough of our precious blood had been spilt for their amusement and pursuit of advancement. We found allies and became the single greatest threat they ever faced. Hundreds of thousands of our people crushed their defenses in mere months, slaughtering only those who fought back. With our Ilmar sympathizers, we had won a brief but bloody war… or so we had thought. Our enemies thought defeated merely bided their time to unleash the most fiendish weapons against us, killing not only we, but their own people as well. Their weapons too great to fight our Ilmar allies gave us a chance to thrive where they would not. That is, they built for us this very ship. Though we few were able to leave, those who remained to their fate did so without resignation to their fate…”

The Patriarch paused in his reminiscing.

“I can offer you full access to our ship’s archives. In it you will find everything from our anatomy to schematics of all kinds.We have nothing to hide but we do require this knowledge if we are to rebuild our civilization. Is this acceptable?”

Shriver’s eyes narrowed as Ik’mn Gor spoke of the fate of their world. Dressler sat as if frozen in time. Only the lenses behind his artificial eyes moved in its dark sockets.

“Those terms are acceptable, naturally. We do not desire to rob you of your knowledge, only to partake in it.” Dressler stated.

“These fiendish weapons you mentioned, supposedly capable of dooming all but yourselves...” Shriver spoke up for the first time, here eye intensely locked on to the Patriarch. “ you carry information on that as well?”

“The admiral asks a curious question.” Dressler continued. “I would naturally assume that that such information falls under the term full access to ship archives. Would they not?”

The patriarch eyed Dressler curiously.

“The war we fought was little more than a riot to our former masters. Not all Ilmar were on friendly terms with another and so they jealously guarded their greatest secrets. While we would like to make the case that sympathy was the sole reason we had help, it was not so. Those who aided us lusted after what they couldn’t obtain through influence or money alone - no. Had we one the war perhaps we would have acquired the knowledge… then again we would not be in this current cycle.”

Not breaking eye contact with Dressler, the Patriarch clicked his beak from his impatience.

“What weapons technology we have with us paled in comparison to the Masters, and it is a good thing. Such power in the hands of mere mortals… is playing with fire.” he snorted.

A warm smile spread across Dressler’s lips and he shook his head gently. “No need to fret, Patriarch.” he ensured. “I’m sure that the Admiral is simply interested in understanding the threat level that we’re talking about here.” Shriver grunted with a shrug in the background as Dressler continued. “As I said previously, we are a curious people, but fear not, malicious doomsday devices is of no real interest to us, at least when it come sto using them. That’s not how we wage war.”

“That’s right.” grunted Shriver under her breath, a hint of offence carried with her voice.

“I suppose the question was poorly worded. We wouldn’t want you to believe us to be no different from the Ilmar. That wouldn’t have been a good start now would it?” Dressler smiled, his body language apologetic but the smile remained.

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