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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United People's Republics of KraslaviaLeft-wing Utopia“Zyvie Revoluchija!”
2.The Democratic Republic of ZyrrLeft-Leaning College State“Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”
3.The Rikúr of FelkesjudNew York Times Democracy“For the Glory and Strength of Felkesjud!”
4.The Dictatorship of ZengrenFather Knows Best State“One in a Million”
5.The Autonomous Colony of NagasLeft-wing Utopia“The snake will always bite back.”
6.The Place-less incarnation of KisyriNew York Times Democracy“ ”
7.The Secretly Cybercratic Nation of PaixaoLeft-wing Utopia“DipCorps in the Front, GenPop out back”
8.The Community of Mechanical SocietyLeft-wing Utopia“To the future!”
9.The Free Land of AnarchronLiberal Democratic Socialists“To become better, we must stop trying to be good.”
10.The Vahric Empire of VanhaniaCivil Rights Lovefest“For the strength of every child of the Crimson Dawn”
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Outside Kanagawa City, Mekkadon Sovaji
The air was quiet, silent, like the hot, thick air of the summer jungles in the south of the Empire. But this was no jungle, rather, a thick layer of cool fog sat squat above the ground. The fog was dense like milk and washed over everything, seemingly slowing movement to a standstill with its infinite volume. Through the fog, one could make out the hazy shape of a hulking building, replete with towers, and issuing the quiet buzz of activity, and, more noticeably, the thrum of heavy-duty electrical equipment. Wrapped around the building was an electrified razor-wire fence, several meters high. Behind that, a thick concrete wall that concealed the inner layer of the complex. On the roof of the complex sat several defense, including massive multi-spectral arrays for tracking, massive electromagnets to deflect projectiles, and several dozen railguns and lasers. None of this, of course, could been seen on this day, as the thick fog smothered the view and kept the defenses shrouded in darkness and mystery.

Contrary to the quiet, peaceful fog on the outside, the inside of the building was alight with activity. It seemed every person had a place to scramble to or from, carrying some important thing or another. Many of them wore the plain, unnotable garb of servants or general staff, but, among those rushing around, were also men and women wearing military dress uniform, and, even more notably, those who wore the fine, regal clothing of royalty.

Today was a very important day for everyone in the building. It was the coronation of Lucius Tullus Franzcian IV, a member of the House Mekkado, but, also, a direct descendant of the legendary 7 kings of the first Kingdom of Franzcia. They were all known by heart among the Mekkadons, as the founders of what they today knew as civilization. In some ways, Lucius’ name held more prestige than even the emperor, who, while a direct male descendant of the first Mekkadons, had only minor lineage from the Franzcians. Lucis, as a direct descendent under all male lineage, could’ve been, in another time, a king or an emperor, one of which he would become today. However, instead of a high royal birth, he was born into the Franzcian branch of House Mekkado, and dedicated his life to serving the emperor, who had now asked him to serve in Sovaji.

So today was his coronation as the king of Mekkadon Sovaji, a prestigious title fit for a man of his lineage. He personally, sat in a small antechamber behind the newly-built throne room of his new castle (the building wore the term loosely), and waiting patiently for the preparations to be completed. At that point, he would begin donning traditional Franzcian coronation garb, another special event, as, while all royal families in the Empire took inspiration from Franzcian coronations, no pure-blooded Franzcian had been coronated in 500 years. The dress was truly magnificent. Every inch of the clothing was hand-made, with the absolute highest quality fabrics and materials. It had been made 800 years ago, for the man from whom he got his name, and, coincidentally, the last Franzcian emperor beloved by the people. He wore layers of silks and fabrics, beneath which was a plain, military-style outfit, and all of it covered by a fine fur coat that was more the size of a blanket that a cape. All in all, the clothes expressed the epitome of clout and affluence.

A runner came to tell him it was time for him to start dressing. His coronation was about to begin.

The United Roman Reich

The Imperial Kingdom of Ausruni wrote:The Czar's Palace Part 1

A Royal Salute - Part 2

The motorcade drove through Enthorr city, passing through large marble statues of the nine divines that stood erect, cultivated by renown Vaegir artists, the sun’s light shone its light bright over them, a testament to the angelic Vaegir pantheonic Gods. The cityscapes’ most captivating feature are the four gold-domed white spiral towers of which a red hue illuminated from, gleaming onto the ancient stone architecture that the masons have cultivated by hand several hundred years ago.

The people on the street carried on, tending to their daily menial tasks. The streets of Enthorr were clean, safe, and everyone looked to have a smile on their face. Coffee shops, restaurants, and bakeries lined the streets, it’s aroma attracted customers young and old. Passing by Saint Alissa’s grand Cathedral, it’s architectural beauty outranked by heavenly hymns being sung from within it’s large doors.

Soon enough, they drove into a road that led towards a bridge that crossed a river. From there, they could see Winter Palace amidst the darkness that had loomed over Vaetoria, it’s bright lights asif a beacon, meshing well with the palace. The three story tall and well over two-hundred meters long palace has the shape of an elongated rectangle, colored white, gilded with golden ornament, containing 1,786 doors, 1,945 windows, 1,500 rooms and 117 staircases.

Once the car pulled up infront of the palace, a member of the Imperial Guard pulled the car door open. It had just begun to lightly snow, a light breeze carried flakes every now and then. But the courtyard in front of the palace was lined with reporters and news vans, cameras flash as the car door opened, “Your Imperial Highnesses,” a man said, approaching the Empress as she exited the vehicle following the family members traveling with her. He was adorn in a classic peak lapel tail tuxedo followed by a blue sash and a single medal, he had a traditional handlebar mustache and well-kept hair, the man himself being in his early fifties.

He lowers his head respectively before rising and speaking “I am the Comptroller for the royal household, please, follow me. The Czar and his family would like to meet you.”

Meanwhile, within the palace, “Mother!” echoed throughout the long corridors of the palace. Two pairs of feet came thundering down the isle, “Catch me if you can!” shouted the boy, the boy being Alexei Kasmirin, prince of Vaetoria, son to Czar Anton Kasmirin, brother to the heir. He was but seventeen years old, he was being chased after one of the Princess’s, Anastasia Kasmirin, Alexei’s twin.

“Mother! Alexei took my tiara!” she cried out, chasing after her twin brother, his brother then turned into the room and shut the door behind him before Anastasia was able to reach out and grab him. “Ugh! Alexei, you are so childish!” she fussed, stomping her foot.

Behind Anastasia came one of her handmaidens, she attempte to catch her breath before speaking, “Your… majesty… please,” her handmaiden was among the young in the palace staff, Anna Kosmanov, a hazel-eyed pale faced woman in her early twenties. Adorn in a black-and-white maid’s dress, with long black hair pinned up in a bun, though now messy from chasing the pair around the palace, “So fast…” she attempted to wheeze out, putting her hands on her knees, sweating ever so slightly.

Anastasia twisted her head and pointed at the door, “Anna, you have to get my tiara back, guests are coming soon!” she said.

“Maybe you should’ve run faster and you might have caught me!” said the boy behind the door, followed by a snicker.

The ‘twin boyars’, as they came to be known throughout the Czardom, were black haired, blue eyed identical twins. Known throughout the noble families as mischievous little runts, renown for being two-faced. At times they played tricks on each other, which is what they’re doing now. Anna was their gullible and ever so obedient servant that promised to look after the pair.

Anna caught her breath and adjusted herself, “Your imperial majesties, guests will be arriving at any minute now-- oh, Anastasia, I have to redo your hair!”

“Well, Alexei took my tiara!” she snapped, “Piss off!” Alexei shouted back through the door.

Indeed, this was a trivial matter that had to be handled soon, “Ana, you have plenty of other tiaras you could wear,” she started, “But Alexei took my favorite de’Vaqualine tiara!” Anastasia interrupted in a whiny tone.

Anna closed her eyes and inhaled through her nose before exhaling, “Okay,” she said, opening her eyes. “If you both behave yourself, i’ll give you both a bar of chocolate.”

The door to the room opened before Alexei poked his head through, eyeballing Anna, “Really?” both replying at the same time. Asif it were their whole plan all along.

“Uh, Yes..” she said hesitantly.

They both grew a wide grin on their faces, Alexei pushed the door open completely and faced each-other, “Here you go, dear sister.” he said handing the tiara over to Anastasia, “Why, thank you dearest brother.” they both exchanged in a sarcastic manner, ending the facade with a hug.

Anna’s eyebrows twitched, knowing she got duped. “We expect the milk-chocolate bars to be in our rooms by tomorrow morning.” Alexei said, “Oh, and they just have to be Rousseau's Chocolatier, that's our favorite.” added Anastasia.

“Oh, would you look at the time? The foreign royals will be here any moment, excuse us, but we must prepare ourselves to receive them.” remarked Alexei before they both skipped off down the corridor. As fast as they brushed her off, they left, Anna could only release a hopeless sigh and return to her duties.

At the Czar’s dressing room, the Czar stood in front of a mirror, staring at himself with his piercing blue eyes, studying himself. He wore a uniform that matched his status, the Czar of Vaetoria, Khrestilune, and Azaeriah, father to the Vaegir people, and the head of the church. A navy blue dress uniform piped with white, with two columns of gold buttons lining his red chest-piece of which is piped with gold, upon his shoulders, he wears silk gold colored epaulettes with tassles, and a grand gold and silver aiguillettes with a white sash going across his chest, god ornate cufflinks, and a distinctive white ornate ceremonial sword belt. Upon his chest he wears a line of different medals of all shapes and sizes, aswell as two large ones pinned below the line of medals. Finally, dark blue slacks and mirror-black leather shoes. His handlebar mustache and short beard are brown and well-kept, his short hair parted to the right neatly.

“I think we’re overdoing the Uniform.” spoke the Czar, his voice deep, affirming, yet soothing. Asif an opium to one's mind.

Behind him stood his personal secretary, Dmitry Fedorov wearing his black tux with a medal and blue sash three-piece suit, “Your highness, it is important that we make a good first impression.” he said, in a deep and slow matter-of-fact tone.

“Mhm, of course, I’ve been reading up on the Imperial Kingdom of Ausruni since we accepted their request to come here.” the Czar remarked, “They are significantly large, and indeed powerful. They shall make a great ally for Vaetoria in the future.”

“Indeed, the children are eager to meet them.”

“Indeed they are.”

The doors to his dressing room then opened before a servant walked in, bowing before announcing “The Ausruni Imperial family has arrived, your Imperial Highness.”

The Czar nodded, before tugging on the bottom edge of the coat of his dress uniform, he then strode out of the room, his shoes clacking against the patterned polished wooden floors, the guards and servants that stood a the large doorways clacked their heels and made way for the Czar.

A young adult awaited near a crowd of uniformed and dressed men and women that congregated in the man hall, just behind the grand doors to receive the Ausruni royals, “Ah, father, there you are.” the young man was Boyar Peter Kasmirin, his heir to the throne. He was adorn in a casual royal uniform similar to his father’s, but far less decorated.

His words echoed throughout the hall, the people turned to bow towards the Czar as he approached to face the door. He acknowledged his son by giving a smile and a nod, “My boy, all grown up.” he said with a chuckle, and those around him chuckled too, with spotted murmurs and comments of “how charming” and the such.

“Open the doors,” the Czar commanded, the palace servants did just that, the large, decorated doors opened to the outside courtyard of which was packed with a sea of journalists and reports that stood behind red rope, Imperial Guards stood at arms length, saluting the Czar as he walked forth onto the red carpet that led towards the Ausruni royals that approached at a same pace.

The Czar and the Empress both bow to each other, “Your Imperial Majesty,” the Czar addressed, followed by “Your Imperial Highness,” address from the Empress. Several camera’s flash, capturing every moment. They are then led back into the palace before the large palace doors close behind them.

Nahull, Atlexil
The mood in Nahull was lively and energetic as thousands of its citizens roamed the streets in either grandiose costumes, or plain clothes spinning noisemakers and waving miniature versions of the nation’s noble flag. Massive colorful floats made their way towards the Chancellery while passing by the joyful revelers. As the floats made their way closer and closer towards the Chancellery already a grand crowd had assembled below the towering yet benevolent structure waiting, for the Chancellor to make his appearance.

Sweat was dribbling down the forehead; of Chancellor Neville Stanhope as he mentally prepared himself to address the crowd that had gathered below the Chancellery. He heard their barely muffled cheering and chanting as he stepped closer to the ornate balcony doors. ’Well, no time like the present.’ he thought nervously while hesitantly pulling the knobs of Rothe pine before stepping onto the balcony.

The crowd below him roared joyously as he made his way towards the microphone-laden balustrade. He waved briefly before politely making a gesture of silence towards the crowd and began to speak. “My fellow Atlexilians! We have gathered here on this most joyous, and historic day to mark the beginning of a new chapter in our history. Today is the day that we end our isolation and open our borders to the entirety of Lerodas! This day will be remembered as the beginning, of a greater and powerful Atlexil! Future generations will savor the fruits of an open nation, and relish prosperity that will be given to them!” He punctuated the last sentence with a slammed fist, and the once roaring crowd soon became akin to a grand thunderstorm which then intensified after a firework exploded into the sky becoming a sparkling flag of the republic. It slowly faded away leaving nothing, but a trace of faint shimmering glitter.

(OOC: This thing was a bear to write, yet it was fun. Also quick question how does one link an RMB post?)

The Republic of Atlexil wrote:Nahull, Atlexil
Also quick question how does one link an RMB post?)

Here you go :) nation=verteidigung_der_urr/detail=factbook/id=541160

The Social State of The United Roman Reich wrote:Here you go :) nation=verteidigung_der_urr/detail=factbook/id=541160

Thank you very much, Augustus. How is day going by way?

Radio Free Mandira: Freedom and Order Party makes gains
The shocking and stunning rise of Mill Door’s Freedom and Order Party has been the centerpiece of the past three weeks. He’s been campaigning mainly in and around the capital and its satellite cities of Mandeir and Madeira, and his signature crest of the phoenix and crescent have spread across the cities.

Winning tremendous support from the working poor and slum dwellers, Mr. Door has promised to reduce ties between the Franz Mekkadon Empire, the Roman Reich, and the Commonwealth, claiming that Mandira has fallen under too much influence by the Empire. He is also lambasting the “elite” for not doing enough to care for the poor. Many are doubting his strategy of usually uncouth remarks and vague statements. Then again, many politicians have resorted to this in years past.
Initial polling puts Mr. Door at 35% in poor families (those making less than MB20,000 a year). The Freedom and Order Party is now collecting donations, and already many slum dwellers are giving up what little they have, for Mr. Door gives them something very valuable, very underestimated, very powerful: Hope.

Mrs. Metternich, who is now nearing the end of her second term, has announced she will be running again, and will be running for the Mandiran Economic Change Party, as she has for the past ten years. The NPP and Syndicalist Parties have not announced their candidates, but there is a strong indication that Syndicalist candidates will do particularly well in the impoverished areas of cities, and so their candidate will have to compete against Mr. Door. Syndicalist communes have been set up in districts in most major cities. Officials, with the crackdown on corruption looming over their heads, have lost some incentive to actually collect taxes from these communes. Some city officials and especially dockyard overseers are seething against Franz-Mekkado, as their jobs are replaced by cleaner people.
Mrs. Metternich is now twenty-seven years old. If she runs another term, she will be thirty seven, or 74 in short years. She has announced that she plans to campaign on stressing the benefits of globalisation, industrialisation, mechanisation, and strong alliances.

In other news, Mentira corporation has released a statement saying that it plans to begin purchasing its distribution contractors to vertically integrate. It hopes to ensure stable supply…

OOC Relationship Map Created! See what Mandira thinks of your sniveling little nation: nation=greater_mandira/detail=factbook/id=546452

The United Roman Reich and Atlexil

The Most Glorious Commonwealth of Greater Mandira wrote:Hostile to all my present nation(s) on Lero? By Fraser's Beard, what have I done to you?! A Plague on your tato Crops; A plague I say! nation=greater_mandira/detail=factbook/id=546452

Post self-deleted by Outpost Sandstorm.

Post self-deleted by Outpost Sandstorm.

OOC: It has came to my attention from the administation team that the backstory of my nation rather violates many rules held in this fine Region. As I'm sorry to say but I will take my leave now. I hope all of you a good day and good future RP.

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