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Welcome to The Coalition of Governments, a place for all nations to prosper!

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The Coalition of Governments contains 27 nations, the 593rd most in the world.

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The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in The Coalition of Governments

World Census analysts extensively tested concept muscle cars in empty parking lots in order to estimate which nations have the largest auto industries.

As a region, The Coalition of Governments is ranked 11,536th in the world for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic States of Neo-TekMoralistic Democracy“Endless discovery”
2.The Holy Empire of BiblicaiIron Fist Consumerists“God above all”
3.The Federal Republic of AustreniaCivil Rights Lovefest“Speramus Meliora.”
4.The Empire of VokrestiaFather Knows Best State“Ever vigilant”
5.The Republic of Jap HityanAnarchy“Pride and Industry”
6.The Absolute Monarchy of CancoryFather Knows Best State“For one we must untie For as one we Succeed”
7.The Holy Empire of Red SquirreliaCorporate Police State“For Life, For Future”
8.The Stratocratic Republic of MarossiaPsychotic Dictatorship“Ad Gloriam Patriae”
9.The Federation of AleckiNew York Times Democracy“Pride and Industry”
10.The Democratic Republic of Hammer-FellFather Knows Best State“We Will Endure”

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The Coalition of Governments Regional Message Board

Just Another Day

Elliot groaned as he collected his jacket under his arm while balancing his coffee and briefcase in the other. He knew he should’ve grabbed the small instead, might’ve been easier to carry, and by The Father it’d have been better for his cholesterol. He shook his head slightly as he collected himself, self-assured that the coat and his briefcase were secure under his arms. With a small ding, the elevator doors finally opened, and he was able to walk into the clean modern-looking elevator. Maneuvering himself, he managed to jab at the floor 56 button with his elbow, pressing it on his second try. Smiling contently, he waited for the doors to close, until he heard a voice call out from further down in the lobby. “ Hold the door! Hold the damn door!” Elliot quickly jabbed his foot into the way of the elevator doors, recognizing the voice almost immediately. Turning the corner and entering the elevator was a short man, balding on top, with a pair of large spectacles just barely still sitting on the tip of his nose.
He entered the elevator and nodded his head at Elliot, as he breathed heavily, attempting to catch his breath. As the doors slid closed, he recovered and looked up at Elliot, who was a good foot taller than him. “ Thanks kid, you saved my bacon. The President would kill me if I was late to a session again.” Looking at Elliot’s full hands, he smiled. “ I’d shake your hands, but it looks like they’re full. Either way, my name’s—“
“ Alexander Masser, of course. I know who you are! You were the commander of Tipathica’s military during the closing days of the Reunification War!” Elliot interrupted frantically, as he attempted to shift the objects in his arms to free up his right hand.
Masser smiled at the younger man, “ So you know me, well, then what’s your name son?”
Finally freeing his hand, Elliot reached out and vigorously shook Masser’s hand, grinning like a loon the entire time. “ My name is Elliot, I’m one of the aides to Senator Descho. I had no idea I’d meet someone as important as you when I signed up for this internship.”
Masser chuckled sheepishly, “ I don’t know how important I am, I’m just a general, it’s the Senators who do the real work. After all, they’re the ones who’re voting on the isolation act today, not me.” The elevator doors slid open as it reached floor 56, exposing the grand marble foyer which led to the Senate Hall. Masser and Elliot walked into the foyer, and Messer held out his hand to shake Elliot’s. “ It was good to meet you Son, and well, I suppose I owe you for the door, you need anything, you come find me.”
Elliot smiled and babbled as Masser shook his hand and began to walk away, “ Of course, Sir. Absolutely, thank you Sir. I will, sir.” After standing for a moment, watching as Masser headed off into one of the numerous ancillary corridors in the lobby, he seemed to remember that he was in a rush and dashed into the Senate Hall.
Masser entered into the meeting room, nodding at the heads of State from Dromchi, Petroburg and Drammer, as he worked his way to his seat. President Devrae shot him a glance as he entered, taking note of his lateness, but didn’t pause in his report to draw attention to it. “ As you know gentlemen, the Senate is voting now whether to reopen our borders, and declare ourselves a sovereign nation. We’ve been working towards this for a long time, ever since the Reunification wars ripped us apart so long ago. We’ve moved from colony of a failed state, to a functional country of our own. It’s time for us to introduce ourselves to the world, and to finally remove ourselves from being confined to this pathetic island.” He turned back to look out the massive window which covered the easternmost wall of the meeting room, and gazed out across Capitol City, where the celebrations celebrating Dervesh’s newfound public identity had already begun.

Autochthonia Introduction:

Rising from the Darkness

"It was told, in the times of old, that a terrible calamity would cover the world in ice, fire and lightning. So, our ancestors, in the fear of such prophecy, abandoned the surface, for only in the bowels of the earth would we be safe.."

The Proceptor, guiding the class of the Infants in the crèche, used a 3d Hologram to exhibit to the young ones an artistical concept of the Exile, the time where an ancient catastrophe would devour the world, and the only means to escape this event was to hide beneath the earth, and wait for the terror to pass.

"We then begun to see that life underground was not more safe then in the surface - much by the contrary: cave-ins, inundations, gas build-ups, lack of oxigen, lack of heat dispersal... the dangers only piled one over the other."

The image of the 3d Hologram changed, showing the diferent dangers cited by him, and much more.

"But, after long praying and claiming for someone to hear our pleas for help, we had been heard: Autochthon, The Engine-Father and Lord of Gears heard us, and by the means of his Prophet, Agnes Sonnedottir, that we begun to have the means to guard ourselves against danger."

Then the image changed, showing the Jàrnalfar on their knees, crying in despair and pleading, and from above, a beautiful female appeared, carrying a book, a torch, and a hammer.

"The First Tools granted us much:
The Book allowed us to never forget and never become too dependent on our own memories or points of view, and from them to learn from people who are not in front of us or long dead;
The Flame allowed us to face the darkness without fear, giving us courage and guiding us to safety;
The Hammer allowed us to forge tools, incredible things, and the means to guard ourselves against the vagaries of Fate;

It showed then the image of an elder individual writing in a gigantic tome; a female carrying a torch and pointing it against shadow-like shapes; and a muscular man, with his hammer ready to fall upon a piece of metal.

"But it was necessary much more for us to thrive in the darkness. We still needed more tools, and more means to garantee that, one day, we could withstand the Exile, and finaly walk beneath the sun.
So, by the blessings of the Book, we had found a way to change our own bodies: an alchemical concoction allowed us to see better in the dark, and to shield our bodies against the oppressive heat. The enhancement, however, was primitive, and many of us died. But the ones who survived the process from that day onwards were guarded against much of the dangers that exist underground"

The image changed again, now showing a group of Proceptors offering to the people and one another a vial of liquid, drinking it, and while some fell ill and died, some begun to change: their skin darkened, but walking beneath waves of heat without complain or pain; and their eyes glowing red like glowing coals, allowing him to see in complete darkness.

"And from that day onwards, we continued to grow and prosper: the Book allowed us to carrying our accumulated knowledge onwards, learning more and recording more, until we developed computers to store this knowledge, and developing the caretaker of our people, Armored Mother."

The image changed to the Proceptors first in an apothecary, writing in books, and then changing to a university library with a printing press, then to a computer center, then to modern Proceptors bent down in veneration, with tears falling from their eyes but with expressions of happy beatitude, to a huge holographic image of a female that was extending her hands over them in blessing.

"The Flame allowed us to face the darkness without fear, and face the horrors that long ago the forgotten Creators had made and send them away beneath the ground;"

The image showed armored knights - the first Protectors - with torches and swords facing indefinite and inhuman shadow-like shapes, then the warriors were then using flintlocks and halberds, then modern rifles and war machines, and then marching with full uniforms, with smiles of pride, lauded by the people.

"The Hammer allowed us to build our City, our farms, our homes, and many other things of beauty and utility, so that we can make life worthwhile and good"

The image changed to a blacksmith in a humble forge - the original Proletarian - and then many others, building, farming, crafting, forging and constructing, until a mighty bastion was seen at the corner, while a Proletarian, with a smile of joy, look upon this wonder in the distance.

"But the final Tool came to allow us to withstand the underground - Panacea, the nanomachine all-healing medicine that not only would allow to heal without scars, but also fortify our bodies beyond anything imagined"

The it showed a female injecting a vial upon a couple of newborn Jàrnálfar, then the babies reaching puberty, eating an impossible amount of food for someone of his age, and commiting themselves to exercises that would be impossible to be achieved by a mere human, until showed them - a male and a female, now adults - with bodies akin to olympic gods.

"And now, after thousands of years of hidding in the darkness, it is time to return to the World Above, to walk once again beneath the sun, and to shout a cry against Fate"

The Proceptor then turned off the hologram, and then said:

"Come, children. Time to challenge Fate."

The Proceptos and the Infants leave the room, followed by other groups of children accompanied by their Proceptors, leaving the crèche grounds and walking the streets of a city that was not only monolithic in size, but also in shape and form, with each building looking like it was sculpted from the rock itself in place of being built. Accompaning the children, there where others, from the three castes walking towards the outside of the walls of their capital, Metallica.

The energy in the air was electrifying, with a happy tension in the enviroment. People were talking animatedly about the great event of, after thousands of years, leaving underground.

They all then received a message in their NanoCom Systems to don ther dark glasses, and as one, they lowered their dark tinted googles upon their eyes.

It was then that the population came towards a show stage, where the famous Metal group Rammstein where preparing themselves to play for them, the people screaming in joy and recognition.

But behind them there was an immense wall, where Proletarian miners where positioned, hammers and pickaxes in their hands.

It was so that silence fell upon all, lights where turned off, with darkness covering everything.

Then the song begun...


It was a song of excitment, a song of joy, a song of freedom...

A song of Wrath.

And when the weight of the song came, the Proletaran workers begun to hammer and dig the wall following the rhythm of the song.

And the singer, a tank of a male, in a gutural voice, begun to sing

Translation of Novalingua

"Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, aus

(One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Out)

Alle warten auf das Licht
Fürchtet euch, fürchtet euch nicht
Die Sonne scheint mir aus den Augen
Sie wird heut Nacht nicht untergeh'n
Und die Welt zählt laut bis zehn

(All are waiting for the light
Fear it, don't be afraid
The sun's light is shining from my eyes
It will not set tonight
While the world counts loudly to ten)

Eins - hier kommt die Sonne
Zwei - hier kommt die Sonne
Drei - sie ist der hellste Stern von allen
Vier, hier kommt die Sonne

(One - Here comes the Sun
Two - Here comes the Sun
Three - It is the brightest star of all
Four - Here comes the Sun)

Die Sonne scheint mir aus den Händen
Kann verbrennen, kann euch blenden
Wenn sie aus den Fäusten bricht
Legt sich heiß auf das Gesicht
Sie wird heut Nacht nicht untergeh'n
Und die Welt zählt laut bis zehn

(The Sun is shining in my hands
It can burn, it can blind you
When it breaks out of your hold
It will scour down on your face
It will not set tonight
And the world loudly counts to ten)

Eins, hier kommt die Sonne
Zwei, hier kommt die Sonne
Drei, sie ist der hellste Stern von allen
Vier, hier kommt die Sonne
Fünf, hier kommt die Sonne
Sechs, hier kommt die Sonne
Sieben, sie ist der hellste Stern von allen
Acht, Neun, hier kommt die Sonne

(One - Here comes the Sun
Two - Here comes the Sun
Three - It is the brightest star of all
Four - Here comes the Sun
Five - Here comes the Sun
Six - Here comes the Sun
Seven - It is the brightest star of all
Eight, Nine - Here comes the Sun)

Die Sonne scheint mir aus den Händen
Kann verbrennen, kann dich blenden
Wenn sie aus den Fäusten bricht
Legt sich heiß auf dein Gesicht
Legt sich schmerzend auf die Brust
Das Gleichgewicht wird zum Verlust
Lässt dich hart zu Boden gehen
Und die Welt zählt laut bis zehn

(The Sun is shining in my hands
It can burn, it can blind you
When it breaks out of your hold
It will scour down on your face
It falls painfully on your chest
And all balance is lost
It lets you fall hard on the floor
And all the world loudly counts to ten)

Eins, hier kommt die Sonne
Zwei, hier kommt die Sonne
Drei, sie ist der hellste Stern von allen
Vier, und wird nie vom Himmel fallen
Fünf, hier kommt die Sonne
Sechs, hier kommt die Sonne
Sieben, sie ist der hellste Stern von allen
Acht, Neun, hier kommt die Sonne(x2)

(One - Here comes the Sun
Two - Here comes the Sun
Three - It is the brightest of all stars
Four - and from the Heavens will never fall
Five - Here comes the Sun
Six - Here comes the Sun
Seven - it is the brightest star of all
Eight, Nine - Here comes the Sun) (x2)"

With the last beat, and the choir sung by a female dressed to represent the Prophet, the cave wall finally falls, revealing to the Jàrnálfar the surface for the first time in 3000 years, showing the eastern sky, and the sun rising on the horizon, the Jàrnálfar crying and screaming in joy and wonder.

It was said that, on that day, on distant places, it could be heard a distant bellow of a multitude that was akin to legions of rebels finaly achieving freedom, and now challenging the universe itself to dare put them back in chains.

Autochthonia is now back to a very different world that they left, a world that they barely remember, and now is an alien thing.

And with that, the sun once again rises.

The United Roman Reich, Nerokhori, and Yechia

Map Update March 29, 2020

Maps of CoG

by Yechia

Nation Map

Hex Map
Read dispatch

Autochthonia joins us, our first caveman

The United Roman Reich and Nerokhori

After over 4 years as head admin time has finally come to step down. I will be leaving the region to join another with a new setting and premise.

CoG have been good to me thoughout the years and I've found good friends here.

You've all meant a lot to me, both those that are still here and those that are no longer with us.

To those that won't be seeing me again, I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.
For no matter who we are, no matter how small, how estranged, how rich or how poor, we all deserve to be happy and I wish you all the best.

//Yours truly, RU


Ello' Chaps.


What happened Fraserstone?

Is this region still alive?


Vokrestia wrote:Is this region still alive?

Reichtv wrote:Really

Just barely. If you're looking for its spiritual sucessor/where all the RP went have a look at Lerodas.

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