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How do I get to the map request thread?
Sorry about this, I'm kinda a noob to this stuff

Jatchia wrote:How do I get to the map request thread?
Sorry about this, I'm kinda a noob to this stuff

Just read and follow the links in the World Factbook Entry above this message board.

Post by Jatchia suppressed by Vanhania.

I think I'm gonna leave.
It's not your fault or anything, this place just isn't for me.

[Location Classified], Southern Celoniae
The night outside was dark, even more so within the mountain confines of the dimly-lit concrete defense facility. From the exterior, the facility would appear only as a road, railroad, and single runway coming out of a mountain, but underneath the mountain was a hive of activity. Though the facility was running on a skeleton crew for the night, it was still active enough for simulations to be run. One such simulation was about to occur…
“Right, scenario 045 has positive outcome. Move to 046.” said a voice to a technician’s radio, currently in a server farm even deeper within the mountain.
Hearing this was Allan McNabb, a low-level technician working for the Celoniaen Imperial Defense Agency. He set down his laptop to respond via radio.
“That’s the standard nightly test, correct?” asked McNabb.
“Scenario 046. You can read the labels. Remember to set the computational quarantine beforehand, as per checklist W8.X.” said the voice.
“We run forty-six every night, shouldn’t we put the system to something more rigorous? One-seventy-two comes to mind. Desertion by allies, nuclear from Ruzalka, traditional from the Mandawai C.R. That would be a true test of our capabilities.” said McNabb.
“McNabb, that’s above your pay grade. Spool up 046, please and thank you.” said the voice, with an edge of anger.
McNabb sighed. “Running 046 with established quarantines, CLs W8 and F2 are complete, standby for execution.” he said in monotone, like most other nights.
“There’s a good lad. Execution authorized from command.” said the voice.

Centraelis Air Force Base, two minutes later

All was quiet at the air force base, save for the few personnel staffed with security and overnight maintenance crews. The planes sat in their hangars, the pilots slept in their bunks, and the officers were home with their families. Tensions were high between nations, of course, but all was as it should be. A message arrived from CIDA, this one at an unscheduled time. Reports usually came in every eight hours. If it were on time, Commander Arvel wouldn’t have even opened the message. But this was unusual, and rules were rules.

Nuclear launch detected. 56 warheads. Originated Arx, targeting anywhere in greater Celoniae. Impact in 24 minutes from message receipt. Offensive action not authorized, stand by.

Arvel’s eyes went wide. Stunned, he reached over to the side of his desk, flipped up a panel, and pressed a button he had hoped to never press. Immediately, sirens began to wail across the base, and flood lights flashed on over the various runways. Soon, he could hear boots running en masse to the hangars, and jet engines being warmed up. Arvel then sent a message to Celoniaen High Command, his hands trembling as he typed.

Requesting authorization for deployment of strategic assets, for use in retaliation to Ruzalkan aggression.

As he read the message, another flashed in. High Command was faster than he was.

Use of all strategic assets is authorized. Consult activation and launch keys. Assets should be deployed within ten minutes of receipt.

[Location Classified], Southern Celoniae, three minutes later
The underground hive of activity was even busier, now that alarms had shattered the once-still night. Workers ran to and from computers, consulting maps and messages. High Command reported a nuclear attack, and authorized retaliation. The embassy reported no change in diplomatic status. The computer system reported detection of 56 missiles. The space navy reported no such thing. Central Officer Patterson had the final decision of what to do. The Directoral Council was en route to [Location Classified], and people had been urged to rush to bunkers. Interceptor squadrons were en route to meet the missiles. He contemplated his power for a while, but was snapped back to reality when another officer asked for the final authorization key to activate the nation’s WMD system.

“And so I am become death…” quoted Patterson. “It’s not a glitch, threat is real. Proceed to enter authorization key.” he said, cracking open the casing for the authorization key.

At the silos surrounding Centraelis Air Force Base, umbilicals dropped away from missiles.

“Alpha. Seven. Tango.”

Bombers screamed off runways, taking flight into the pitch-black sky. They were weighted with thousands of kilograms of explosives, hungry for Axis industry.

“Foxtrot. Six. Whiskey.”

Dozens of families huddled in bomb shelters, with nothing but the clothes on their backs and the collections of items in their hands. Thousands more pounded on the depleted uranium doors, begging to be let in.

“Lima. Five. Bravo.”

A mother cradled her crying son, wrapping him in a blanket. She stared longingly at a picture of her husband, slowly accepting she would never see either of them again.

“One. Echo. Z-”

A technician swung a right hook at Patterson, causing him to drop the code. The officer typing the code looked up at the technician, and stood abruptly. The technician, anticipating the response, threw a transcript in the officer’s face.

Celoniaen External Diplomatic Service, Arx: No nuclear attack on homeland. Do not deploy strategic assets. False alarm, computer bug. Corroborate with scheduled test description.

The technician then presented the flash drive containing the scheduled simulation. A sticker on it read: “Situation 046- Ruzalkan Nuclear Assault.” The Central Officer sighed.

The Next Day
Centraelis Sentinel: Scheduled “90% Test” of National Defenses Completed
What is being described as the “Ninety-Percent Test”, in which Celoniaen defense assets were brought within ninety percent of deployment against an enemy, has been executed to the satisfaction of High Command. Though this required the rapid decommissioning of several assets, it proved an invaluable exercise of the extreme dexterity of the Celoniaen Imperial Defence Agency. High Command issued an apology and financial compensation for those affected by last night’s test, which can be claimed by providing photographic evidence of correlation to the event. Foreign heads of state have been alerted by the Diplomatic Service that there is no cause for alarm. Future incidents of… See TEST, A2

OOC: I'm back, with some good old-fashioned Celoniaen paranoia!

The Means of Life in Yechia

It was a relatively mild day in Ketamayi. Where usual hot weather patterns worked their way across the city and the islands of Masalaya and smothered the land in the familiar “hot soup feeling” that every local was accustomed to. Today was cool with only a soft breeze. It was a gentle and lazy day and people took advantage of it with renewed activity. Adults who were fortunate to have the day off worked around their houses, maintaining their gardens and committing to housework which normally would be aggravating in the heat. Others went out on the town, making reservations for dinner in the evening and spent the day watching movies or shopping; often with friends and family to take full advantage of the occasion.

For the underage, however, it was much more orderly and pre-planned for the day. As the academies and schools let out for the day, the youth took to the streets in their residential neighborhoods. Soccer games were set up across the blocks and there seemed to be a much more lively atmosphere all around. In good spirits children went on walks around to visit friends of their own, and spent most of the day outside as it was an occasion indeed.

Yet that was for the younger youth, and as the older children were released, there was much less in the way of games and freedom and instead a certain expectation to finish duties and study for coming class days. Exams were coming and even knowing that most students did well, it didn’t stop some from needlessly stressing over every note and detail.

Walking down the sidewalk to his home, Chen Masuama, a student from the local secondary school, carried only a single geometry textbook with him. He was still dressed in his school uniform—a white shirt fixed with a red puffy cravat around the neck and soft carmine colored pants—but since class had let out for the evening he rolled up his sleeves. He walked with a casual gait and exchanged a glance with his friend at his side, both of them smirking.

Beside him was Matesuya Kamasanii, a woman his age that shared two classes with him, but otherwise they were seperated by performance and desire. Whereas Chen lacked most ambition in his schooling and performed with average marks, Matesuya was a top class student who regularly placed highest in her grade, and dreamed up a life for herself of entering into the universities and becoming an engineer for the state.

“So you think you’re going to be ready for Masumane’s test?”

Chen said awkwardly, trying to make conversation since the two of them hadn’t ushered even a word since they walked off of the school grounds together. Masumane was the teacher of one of the two classes they shared together; musical history being something of a class that the student body could elect to take on their own. The teacher was good, Chen thought, although he often ranked teachers by how friendly they seemed and the ones who gave out less coursework in class were the best in his eyes.

Their unit of revolutionary music history wasn’t exactly interesting to him, but Masumane spent most of the course playing old songs from the Epesepo Revolution and up to the reformations after the Second Gravolic War, and lecturing on them while trying to instill an understanding of the power of music in building a community. Naturally he segued that into a discussion on the value of history and how music reflected that, and often went on tangents revolving around the impact that revolutionary culture and music has on modern Yechian society. It was interesting in some ways, Chen supposed, but it wasn’t really his thing.

“Oh yes,” Matesuya said with a nod, “I know I’ll do quite fine on that. My father’s got an old collection of music from that period, maybe I should show Masumane them sometime?”

“I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of it.” Chen conceded.

“I’m not—well I’m not really worried about that course at all. There’s a chemistry exam in two days that’s going to cover everything up to—and including—what we’ve learned so far.”

Matesuya continued, a look of annoyance and slight worry on her face as she gestured to her chemistry notes that she kept neatly bound together and labled.

“Patakeachinei said that he was going to release a last minute study guide online to accompany the regular readings that we do. I’m a little nervous about it all.”

“That sounds like a lot of work.”

Chen said with a laugh, his friend smiling in agreement.

“It is. Yet it… it’s quite rewarding I think.”

“How do you mean?”

“To put in the work and get something back in return. Like spending time working towards something and getting rewarded at the end?”

Chen supposed he understood what she was getting at, although studying seemed a lot less like a noble goal and more like laboring for a chance at getting good grades. He was comfortable in the classes he was already in and couldn’t really imagine such demanding effort to even pass a single exam.

“Yeah. I’ve got a test of my own next week as well. Geometry.”

“You should really study for it. You said you have trouble with that class, right?”

“Kind of,” Chen said while glancing over at her. “It’s not exactly something I’m interested in. I suppose I will if I find time though.”

“Find time?”

Matesuya asked curiously, pausing as she looked at him.

“What do you mean ‘find time’? You’d have plenty of it if you chose to stay home for a day and actually put your mind on it.”

“Yeah, well…” He said with a chuckle. “I suppose I’ve got no argument there.”

The two of them remained quiet for the rest of the walk home, which by this point was only a few minutes since Matesuya lived relatively close to the school. Her family home was a two bedroom house with a picket fence drawn up around the front yard, where some vegetables were growing. It was a pretty common sight that the city government encouraged in the residential areas, and something of a spirit of individualism was alive in the gardens. Like the days of yore when people labored on farms for their families and did not have the luxuries of modern populist living.

Matesuya stopped at the door, turning to say goodbye to her friend before she entered since Chen still had a few streets’ walk ahead of him.

“I’ll see you at the camp tomorrow then,” Chen said in return, since it was a weekly thing that their precinct did.

“Oh!” She exclaimed as she remembered what she meant to tell him earlier, then sheepishly apologized.

“Actually I won’t be there this time. My parents got me a pass since I’m going to tour the K.U.”

Chen seemed quite surprised with the news, especially since it was routine that the two of them went to camp together, but the years had pressed on and his friend was much more forward-facing than he was. That he knew clearly.

“Okay,” he said with a smile to change the mood. “Well that’s no worry then. I’ll see you at camp next week.”

The two of them said their goodbyes and Chen continued on down the sidewalk. Now that he was alone he let his mind trail a bit on his conversation with Matesuya and in a way it kind of upset him. Soon she would be moving on to her own dreams, whereas Chen felt more attachment to where he had grown up alongside his other friends and family.

Oh well, he thought as he looked up at the clear sky and felt a breeze on his bare arms. Might as well make the best of the day.

Naturalisation of The Armaments and Domestic Industry Act

Director Pollux's black car pulled up to the steps of the rebuilt Ruzalkan senate building. His motorcade had drove through the many streets of Arx for this important day. Only the Directorate knew what was going to happen today, and RNN was prepping to run spin coverage throughout the network.

Exiting his luxury black car, adorned with a Ruzalkan eagle hood ornament, Pollux cracked no smile as the flash of cameras flurried. A stoic expression was what they got, which caused a sinking feeling of dread in some of the journalists. Making his way up the steps to the Senate, he quickly disappeared from view, entering the doors which had now been closed and members of the Iron Guard standing outside.

Within minutess, televisions across Ruzalka switched to view the interior of the Senate. Pollux, with his head held high, strode down the blue carpeted walkway towards the main podium. All senators, all of whom were members of the Ruzalkan National Front,gave the Ruzalkan Salute, and stood at attention while the anthem played. The Iron Guard stood at both sides of the speaker Podium. Pollux lifted his hand to salute before the anthem came to a halt. The Senators remained standing, as per the requirement when in the presence of the Director.

"Today is an important day." Pollux began, his voice booming. "We stand on this site, the Ruzalkan Senate anniversary of the Red Spectre terrorist attack. The attack had shown us that our democracy had grown weak. That the concepts of liberty and toleration were to lead us to ruin. The truth became clear to Ruzalkans all over our great nation, that men are tired of liberty. A new order emerged from the ashes of the Ruzalkan Civil War. One which has shaken the very foundation of the world!"

Applause came from members of the Sneate before Pollux continued. "We have stood strong against the adversity of other nations, and we have created a true and better Ruzalka. No longer do we tolerate the reds or those who seek to divide Ruzalka with reactionary politics. The Blood of our people, has gave us hope for a better world, which we have laid the foundations for. But in order to achieve this world, we must seize it."

Whispers began to be heard from the RNF senators. "That is why today, I have issued a decree called the Naturalisation of the Armamanets and Domestic Industry Act. No longer shall we be at the mercy of Romans, Krakians or even Machinists. As of now, members of the Iron Guard are being deployed throughout the country to seize factories, machinery and individuals in order to ensure the transition which is necessary occurs with ease. The Alert Level too has been raised, and we stand ready to deal with any response that comes. All said industries shall be handed over to loyal members of the Ruzalkan National Front, to reward them for the service they have done to our country. "

"Final victory is upon us. The People of Ruzalka continue to carry the Torch of Liberation to our goal. Our destination is greatness. Let us move together as one people into the future."

Applauding came from the senators as Pollux finished his speech. They quickly stopped as the Anthem once again played.

The cry of engines fills the sky,
The Eagle blazes from on high!
To Ruzalka! Our great land!
The beast currently in lie!

Our Fatherland! How long we’ve praised!
Our Fatherland! Our Banners raised!
Firm and as true as steel,
We’ll save our land!
Firm and as true as steel,
We’ll save our land!

When blood still flows from heroes bold,
And through the veins of young and old!
Then all shall hear the valiant cry,
And iron will fall from the sky!

The foe will count his untold dead,
As fire fills his soul with dread!
With heart and pride we shall proclaim:
The blood of Ruzalkans knows no shame!

From Arx, Seladi, and Prosperity!
We shall march with unrivalled parity!
We’ll fight as fearlessly as we must,
Until our foes lie in dust!

The way is clear, the storm recedes,
Our eagle soars through the breeze!
From the Chombusei to Arx's foam,
We shall die for our home!

With the Anthem ending, Pollux left with the Iron Guard before being followed by the senators. As trucks of Iron Guard members began storming factories all over Arx, the Televisions switched back to their normal programing. The events to follow, were not going to be mentioned on the nightly news however.

UniNet News
Unbridled shock today in the financial sector as paramilitary units in Ruzalka storms and seizes Roman economical assets in the nation.

Earlier today the Ruzalkan head of state, Director Lucius Pollux, announced through a press conference the enforcement of the so called ‘Naturalisation of The Armaments and Domestic Industry Act’, in which the Ruzalkan government seizes control of major industries deemed essential to the nation.

The political paramilitary organization known as the Iron Guard enforced Pollux’s orders by occupying private and foreign industries within the nation.

Since the Ruzalkan Civil War the Union have granted major financial aid to Ruzalka and multiple Roman companies have invested heavily in the previously war torn nation. Among the major Roman companies that have been affected are among others: Sunrise Incorporated, Ihrsack Manufacturing, Voltcan Heavy Industries, Dreihasen Motor Company and SinWaldt Engineering.

The political reacting did not let itself go expected. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs have issued a strongly worded denouncement of the Ruzalkan actions and warns that such unprovoked and unforwarned acts of transgression will be detrimental to bilateral relations.

The MFA demands that Ruzalka return all seized private property, real property is not mentioned.
Furthermore it is demanded that all Roman citizens either working with said companies or that are otherwise affected by the seizures be allowed free exit from the nation.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Response to Roman MFA Demands

Under the authority of the Office of Director of the New Ruzalka, Director Lucius Pollux has used the Naturalisation of The Armaments and Domestic Industry Act to rectify a mistake made decades ago by incompetent army officers in their attempt to line their own pockets at the expense of the people of Ruzalka. We answer to our own people, not a foreign government, and their will shall not be subverted by bureaucrats in New Geneve or anywhere outside Ruzalka ever again. Millions of Ruzalkans paid the price during the Civil War for the greed of foreign interests. This is our recompense.

No longer do we bow to any order but our own. Our people are no longer slaves to foreign industrialists, who seek to rob free men of their labour, and detrimental to our economic independence of our great nation. The property seized shall not be returned under any circumstances.

However we agree that Roman Citizens whom have been apprehended and held in protective custody should be released. They have since begun being released from protective custody, and provided free temporary accommodation as well as transportation back to the United Roman Reich.

Such transportation will be taking place via air and sea, and shall come in civilian aircraft and ships.

Hopefully this brings the affair to a satisfactory conclusion.

Disciples of Sisyphus III
URR Central Military Commission HQ. New Genéve

Reichsmarschall Tactia Dienes was seated in her office going through a series of reports displayed on the screen that were built into her desk’s tabletop. A quick bleep alerted her to a short message appearing in the corner of the tablescreen. ‘Incoming’, was all it said beside the profile picture belonging to the Vice Chairman of the CMC.
Moments later the door to her office slid open as Feldmarschall Marko Egger walked in with bored expression. He was holding to tea cups in his hands placing one before Tactia and as she looked at it she saw that it contained a dash a milk. Her favorite when wanting to relax.

After Egger stormed Feldmarschall Hemi with his brows in a frown and Flexi paper in his hand. Marko quietly seated himself, taking a sip from his cup of tea in one of the armchairs opposing Tactia’s table. Hemi in turn spun around as if looking for something to chew off before placing the Flexi paper on Tactia’s table as he sank down into a second armchair.

“Have you read this?” Hemi asks while pointing with his whole arm at the Flexi. Tactia looks down to see it displaying a news article from earlier this morning with the headline ‘Ruzalka Releases Roman Citizens’. “Literally hundreds of thousands of man hours in term sof hardware have been illegale apprehended by these popheads and the MFA just folds.” Hemi exclaims as he raises a scolding finger. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs have stated, and I quote, that We commend the Ruzalkan authorities on their graceful decision to allow our Roman citizens to return home safely.

“Their main concern is the welfare of our citizens.” Egger interjected from behind his tea cup, “They are laying low as to not provoke any rash reactions from the Ruzalkan authorities while we still have civilians in the crossfire.”

“I do get that.” Hemi replied sharply. “But. We’re talking over four years of invested industrial capital in this that have frankly just been stolen. Industrial capital, I might add, that directly fuels the Ruzalkan War Economy.”

“Machines and factories can be rebuilt, Hemi.” Tactia interjected. “This was a risk we took when we decided to allow the industry to remain in Ruzalka. Given the geopolitical situation it was a scheme played out on borrowed time from the beginning.”

“She’s right you know.” Egger stated with a raised eyebrow directed at Hemi.

“I’m not saying that it is wrong of us to prioritize the retrieval of our citizens.” Hemi declared. “I agree that it is the right course of action. However! I fear that this is the next development in an escalation of tension that will lock us onto the road to war. I mean just listen to that pophead Pollux’s response to the MFA concerning our demands. There was so much jingoistic drivel going on there that I be he creamed his pants think of sticking it to us!”

“Thank you, Hemi. That was a mental image that we all needed.” Tactia muttered dryly.

“It is an escalation though,” Egger admitted. “The Ruzalkans gotta know this would ruffle our feathers and subsequently they didn’t care.”

“Which is why I have prepared a request for the government to agree to a military exercise.”

“Circumventing the Readiness Level.” Egger stated to no one in particular. “What’s in it?”

“A mobilization test on naval personnel. It’s mainly so that we can reactive the reserve workers and crunch through our scheduled maintenance on our submarines in particular.”

“Small scale and efficient.” Egger nodded approvingly. “I approve.”

“I bet you do given that I got the idea from one of your old contingencies.” Tactia quipped.

Egger smiled softly and shrugged. “It’s easy to overlook the importance of the maintenance schedule to come out on top. And it’s wonderfully discrete in comparison to what it gives in return. Do you think the gov will sign it?”

Tactia nodded. “I’ve already sent a heads up on what’s coming their way. It should just be a rubber stamp. The OKM got the memo yesterday.”

“And when where we supposed to be informed?” Hemi asked in a confused tone.

Tactia smiled and glanced over at Egger before answering Hemi. “We just wanted to see your reaction from the papers first.”

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