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1.The United Fascist Federation of SpiritualizaIron Fist Consumerists“ Он принимает храбрец быть трусом в духовныйиза !”
2.The Unified Federal Republic of RuzalkaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Order, Justice And Security, By Any Means Necessary.”
3.The United People's Republics of KraslaviaLeft-wing Utopia“Zyvie Revoluchija!”
4.The Federation of KrakheimDemocratic Socialists“ Oorwinning vir die getroue: Victory for the Faithful ”
5.The Rikúr of FelkesjudNew York Times Democracy“For the Glory and Strength of Felkesjud!”
6.The Dictatorship of ZengrenInoffensive Centrist Democracy“One in a Million”
7.The Democratic Republic of ZyrrLeft-Leaning College State“Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”
8.The Holy Republic of GandhianaPsychotic Dictatorship“For great justice, peace and freedom”
9.The Social State of The United Roman ReichInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Fiat justitia ruat caelum”
10.The Autonomous Colony of NagasLeft-wing Utopia“The snake will always bite back.”
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We got flooded with fvcking puppets and they unelected me

Looking to pierce the heavens

The CEO of Astria Portum Inc. Joseph Ulgert, age 23 Lerodan years, sat behind the table in the briefing room, where yet another press-conference was about to begin. This time it was about the new design of Aurora-II and the ambitions the corporation announced a few days prior.

Elisa Rovier - head of the PSA herself - sat to his right, scrolling through the documents on her tablet. Her posture was as stiff as a piece of wood - nothing surprising here. Joseph really should have given up trying to court her by this time - she was like ice even in the university - but alas... His thoughts were interrupted by the woman in question glancing at him then at the assembled journalists, then at his wrist watch. It was time to being.

"Good day, esteemed guests." Joseph said. "Welcome to yet another press-conference here, at Astria Portum Inc. But before we start answering your question, Ms. Rovier has an announcement to make."

"Yes, thank you, Mr. Ulgert, for inviting me here and giving me the opportunity to make a statement regarding Aurora-II line of spaceships.

The PSA has recently redesigned this class of spacecrafts from scratch. The previous design was flawed and irrational. Our new design will exploit every parameter of the vessel to our advantage.

Aurora-II will now have eight VASIMR engines and will weigh 50 tons with cargo and fuel. It will be capable of achieving and maintaining constant acceleration of 16 m/s^2. However for the benefit of the crew we decided that the ship will go with constant acceleration of 9.8 m/s^, which will create artificial gravity on board. For this we alligned decks perpendicularly to the line of motion of the craft.

According to our calculations this new Aurora-II will be capable of traversing 15 million kilometers in 23 hours, which will make manned missions to planets like Kerodan or Sohvarin reality. This is all, thank you."

"Very well, your questions, please." Joseph adressed the reporters.

"Does this mean the beginning of the age of manned missions across our star system?" one of the reporters asked.

"No, it does not." Elisa shook her head. "Aurora-II class spacecraffs will only have enough fuel space for trips not further than Kerodan. We can use the fuel more effectively by lowering constant acceleration, but this will mean the loss of artificial gravity, which is bad for the crew. We are developing Aurora-III and Clineas-I type spacecrafts that will be capable of travelling to other planets. For now though more distant planets are still destinations for unmanned crafts, like Sure-I only."

"Mr. Ulgert, how does this fit into the statement you released earlier?"

"Well, quite easily. Astria Portum Inc. will not use Auroras to carry cargo to the mine on Sindahri. The PSA developed Auroras with cargo transportation to other planets in mind. For transportation to Sindahri we will use five Celoniaean Dragoon spacecarfts. They are slower, but carry much more cargo." Joseph replied.

"How will the mines operate? Hardly many Polarisiumians will be willing to spend so much time away from home."
"With autonomous drones." Joseph said easily.

"How will Astria Portum get such drones? Polarisium doesn't have this kind of technology."

"We are not planning to create a mine or mines on Sindahri this year or the nest one. This project will commence in three years time. Hopefully we will not have to buy autonomous drones. It is after all estimated that by then we will have functioning quantum computers at our disposal. Such computers will be able to facilitate the kind of AI and AI network we need for autonomous drones network." Ulgert replied. "And even now Cyber-Tech already sell unautonomous mining drones for mining in areas that are not safe for people. So in three years building a mine on Sindahri will be quite real and quite easy."


"So you want a lunch tomorrow?" Joseph asked Elisa when the conference was over.

"You should really give up your patheric attempts at courting, Joseph." Elisa replied rolling her eyes. "But anyway, I will not be availible tomorrow. We're prepairing to launch Aurora-II "Geronimo" with twenty satelites on board."

"Ah, the largest cargo in history of the PSA you told me about the previous week." Joseph nodded knowingly.

"Yes." Elisa replied proudly. "Ten satelites for Lerodas, two probes for Sindahri and eight satelites for Kerodan."

Joseph whistled. "You sure don't waste time there in the PSA. But you spend too much time working, Liz, you need rest."

"Now that is amusing." Elisa chuckled. "CEO of Astria Portum telling me to work less."

"What can I say?" Joseph shrugged, a smile on his face. "So what, a dinner?"

"If that will get you off my shoulders." Elisa agreed. "Then yes, one dinner. But only one." she looked pointedly at the man in front of her.

"What more can I ask of you?" Joseph said rethorically.

"Oh, knowing you?" Elisa's eyebrows rose slightly. "A lot." she replied and walked away.

"That woman." Joseph shook his head.

Greater Mandira and Celoniae

Post self-deleted by Celoniae.

Post self-deleted by Polarisium.

Post self-deleted by Celoniae.

In the Den of the Dragoon
An experimental interceptor, the VT-7 Comet, landed on a runway and the cockpit popped open. Emery Henning, the CEO of Vicethorpe-Turboplane, stepped out and took off his flight helmet, somewhat disoriented after the test. He was a man that would not stand for anything less than perfection, so he tested all aircraft himself. His secretary, a young intern by the name of Percy Janne, waited at the side of the runway, adjusting his watch. Janne didn’t notice Henning until he spoke up:
“Percy, this better be good. I’ve got a speed record to shatter, you know, and these planes don’t fly themselves. They’re damn fun, too. What is it?”
Percy Janne pulled out his tablet to glance over the order one more time. After a moment, he summarized the order.
“Sir, looks like there’s a production order for Dragoons. Well, the engines at least. We need enough to build ten more of them, after five of the existing ones are sent to Polarisium. We’ll get a nice chunk of Polarisiumian Republican Marks for it, too.” said Janne.
Henning scoffed.
“Tell them to have the money wired over in good silver certificates, I’m tired of converting all these foreign currencies. First it’s Spiritualizan Rubles, now Republican Marks, what next? Anyway, this doesn’t concern me. Tell the guys in manufacturing and leave me be. You know I’m legally bound to accept federal orders, ever since we accepted the sponsorship.” said Henning.
Both of them were sad for a moment, then Henning continued.
“This means it’s going to take longer to roll out the Comets. I suppose the tax exemption helps us a little, and the government benefits are nice, but still. The Comets are nice planes, and I’d guess that the government wants us to get these out soon as well. That federal pension better be nice.”
Finally, papers were signed and Janne left for manufacturing. Being a government worker seemed a lot cushier on paper. He got into a company car- even the cars were powerful sports cars- and drove to the Dragoon Project Headquarters in New Auburn, to inform them in person that Vicethorpe-Turboplane would accept the deal. As he drove, he thought about his job. He had certainly gotten something a lot better than the coffee-fetching internships that his friends had told him to expect. He shifted and accelerated, speeding by a significant margin. As Janne parked in the lot outside the Dragoon Headquarters and walked in the building, he heard similar discussions to the one he had just taken part in.
“...Five Dragoons, eh? They clearly want to send something big up, that’s how they operate. They use those VASIMR engines just to go faster, you know, and those turn the toads gay…” was one of the snippets of conversation he heard.
“...Do you have any idea how many heat tiles that is? How many servos? How many MILES of wiring and tubing? We can’t just ‘make’ ten Dragoons, and sending five over is taking most of our fleet…” was another.
Finally, Percy Janne knocked on the door of the project manager, and began to speak.
“Sir, there’s been an order for-” He was cut off abruptly. The manager spun in his chair to face Janne, and clicked his pen.
“Do you think I don’t know? Are you deaf or something? You must be some unfortunate chap from Vicethorpe, aren’t ya? Well guess what? This is what it’s like to work for the government. We knew you lads over there would accept, ‘cuz you had to. No need to come all this way. We’re under orders to send the ships, so just batten down the hatches and ride out the storm of complaints from the lads in Manufacturing.” said the manager.
Janne sighed, then finally said “Understood, sir.” He left on a more scenic route than he came, riding along the north coast of Suter, with the skyline of New Auburn in the background and the crashing waves of the ocean below him. He stopped in his hometown and took his girlfriend out to lunch. There was going to be something good to come out of today, even if he wasn’t supposed to let it happen. When he arrived at work two hours later than expected, he told Henning that there was road construction along the way. He sat down at his secretary desk and opened a news website. Sure enough, headlines had exploded about the deal. But it had been executed, with the cargo ships already out of port carrying the Dragoons. All that anyone could hope was that they would be put to good use.

Post self-deleted by Polarisium.

Furthering NSP Integration: GAR#5

In one of the studios of Polarisium an immaculately dressed man sat in a chair, a view of night lights of Cole behind him. The man was checking himself for the last time before the air. He was suddenly interrupted:

"Air in 10 seconds!" Tossing the mirror into the general direction of his assistant the man staightened in his chair and smiled at the camera.

"3... 2... 1... Air!"

The ever annoying music of evening news started playing.

"Welcome, our viewers to Up-To-News!" the man said with a bright smile on his face. "With your faithful guide into the world of politics Mark Gerren. As usual, today we will discuss a topic that has attracted a lot of attention: NSP GA Resolution #5, ratified today by the NSP General Assembly. We'll remind all those who haven't heard yet: General Assembly Resolution #5 - also referred to as Transportation Priority Act - grants to cargo vessels from NSP member-srates priority docking and service in NSP ports and airports over any other vessels. Opinions rage across the internet and in our society on whether this resolution will benefit Polarisium or whether it will harm our country.

As usual, we have invited a guest, a very special guest to this program. Unfortunately he could not arrive to Cole in person, so a video connection will have to do. Ladies and gentlemen, today we have here the chairman of the NSP General Assembly Richard Mikkelsen!" As soon as the man finished speaking the screen behind him changed. Instead of the picture of Cole a video with Richard Mikkelsen appeared.

"Good evening, Mr. Mikkelsen!" Mark greeted the other man with a polite smile. "Welcome to Up-To-News!"

"Thank you for the invitation, Mr. Gerren." Mikkelsen smiled just as politely in return.

"Mr. Mikkelsen, we've actually called you to discuss a number of issues, but let's start with the one that is on the forefront of everyone's minds. There are talks about resolution #5 being an attempt at making a federation from the NSP, while completely disregarding interests of the peoples of member-states. How do you respond to these accusations?"

"Quite easily: we're not making a federation." Mikkelsen shook his head, chuckling. "If we created a joint ministry of finance and a joint minister of finance or a joint central bank - that would have been an attempt at creating a federation or at least a step towards federalization. What we did was merely grant crafts from member-states priority over crafts from non-NSP countries. We have merely expanded economic cooperation between member-states of the NSP. It is the belief of the General Assembly that such regulations will expand trade between member-states and make it easier. For example how many Polarisiumian citizens like Mandiran food? Now it will become cheaper, because cargo vessels will not have to wait for hours on end to unload their cargo - less risks, cheaper food."

"But what about the people?" Gerren asked. "If there is a vessel or an aircraft that cannot land because of the NSP vessel or aircraft that has priority... What about the discomfort of the people on board?"

"Well, the case you described will never happen. General Assembly Resolution #5 is about cargo vessels and aircrafts, not passenger vessels or aircrafts." Mikkelsen replied easily.

"It's certainly good to see that people aren't at risk." Gerren nodded. "But Mr. Mikkelsen, some are saying that resolution #5 is a "rude intrusion upon sovereignity of the state". What can you say about this?"

"Well, Mark, this topic was discussed in the General Assembly. We ceated "government priority status" for these purposes. This status can be aasigned to crafts that carry cargo, that is deemed important by the state. Thus we are not robbing member-states of their power to regulate traffic in their ports or airports."

"Mr. Mikkelsen, what can you say about other NSP projects, for example the Petaurum space station? Many believe it to be a waste of money with no payback whatsoever."

"This is a very complicated matter, Mark, consider scientific side of the question for example..."


A New Hyperloop
Centraelis Sentinel

Continued cooperation with Polarisium, Craft Technologies to improve productivity in Celoniae
For months, the Congress of the Interior had been held tightly in the clutches of legal deadlock on the issue of building a second hyperloop. Finally, international tensions had eased and national agendas had fallen quiet for a time long enough that it left many bored. One such congressman claimed that:
“Often times we would just sit at our desks, constantly refreshing our inboxes for any signs of an issue. Personally, I began to love the times when people would come in for tours, complaints, or anything similar to this, because it meant that I’d finally get to do something. There were, of course, the issues that constantly plagued the Congress, such as the continuation of the silver standard and it’s effects on the Celoniaen economy, but there weren’t any issues that truly stimulated the mind. When I finally got the notification of the second hyperloop decision, I was truly excited. Keep in mind, I’m a member of the collectivist party, so I should be firmly against this, but I acted just like any member of the industrialist party or Imperium National- I just wanted stuff to happen.”
Only one thing stood in the way of building this hyperloop: the mainland hadn’t been completely liberated yet. After certain international events, it was agreed that the nation should be put on a “Protocol V”, prioritizing the acquisition of rightfully Celoniaen land as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there was not much land left under Protocol V to take- the only areas with a majority Celoniaen presence were Norter and Suter, after all. The only bits of land keeping the nation on Protocol V were a bit of the south coast of Suter in sector 1812, and the land surrounding the newly purchased Nolehn base. The land was quickly and peacefully taken, with the peacekeeping forces sent reporting no resistance in the area. This was of no surprise to anyone- after all, any man foolish enough to live in the area around Nolehn would have been blown up, airstriked, shot, or otherwise forcibly removed by the Vahr while it was still under their control, and satellite imagery of Sector 1812 showed nothing but cliffs and rainforests, ripe for plunder. Economically this action is not expected to have any major effects, with the population rising only slightly. The nation’s GDP is projected to remain on the same trajectory as predicted for the remainder of the fiscal year.
On the construction site, people milled around like ants- Celoniaens and Polarisiumians alike. Massive trains on both islands arrived at equally colossal crane-filled offloading areas, bringing resources of all kinds. Mountains of nuts and bolts piled up under blue tarps, flapping in the wind. Miles of glass tubing stood on pallets, like an army standing at attention. Steel contraptions of all manner were stacked carefully by fleets of forklifts in warehouses, each piece spray painted with a designation code. Tunnel bores, backhoes, and other excavation equipment was sent to the area, all in preparation for construction to begin. Once the all-clear was given, construction started immediately. Engines roared to life as bores began to eat into the land. Surveyor submarines were deployed from the New Auburn harbor to examine the seafloor of the hyperloop route, and soon glass tubing would be set up on it’s supports, forming a portion of the hyperloop where one could look outside from the hyperloop pod and marvel at the wonders of the ocean on the daily commute. Certainly, this new hyperloop would do wonders for uniting the Celoniaen islands. The other hyperloop had already improved productivity tremendously, saving corporations hundreds of thousands of silver certificates in transporting personnel and small amounts of goods. Time, after all, is money, so…
OOC: I’ll say it again in tomorrow’s Sakuv post, but I’ll be on an international vacation until about August 6 or 7, without internet. If there’s anything international that requires my attention, Friday night is my last chance to react to it.
OOC 2: The Centraelis Sentinel, now feeling more newspaper-y than ever!

Where’d all the East Ossyrans go?
Part II: Further Northward, Sector 2103

With the establishment of a firm beachhead, Supplies and Soldiers could now steadily come in, if at a slow pace. While Aatelisia owned some of the east coast, it would be nearly impossible to run effectively. Colonization wasn’t an option, and the only people who could live there were a group of people completely different to Aatelisia, sharing nothing in common with them, Nationally, or Culturally. The only “Government” in power on Ossyrus was that of a Military Officer, whose only job was to make sure the Ossyrans didn’t rise up and try casting Aatelisia back into the sea. Many politicians still questioned why Aatelisia was even going to this abandoned destroyed continent, but to most people it was obvious: It was to establish a vassal capable of seeing itself, and Aatelisia, grow exponentially. And to do that, they needed to find a group, any that still exist, and have them help Aatelisia while helping themselves in the process.

Several reports from locals at the Ossyran Cities (reported to the soldiers) have said that there may be a group strong enough still to support, even minimally, an entire City, which could be exactly what Aatelisia is looking for. The Royal council once more gathered to discuss it. Many expressed their view that it could be a trap, but the majority believed that Ossyrus wasn’t strong enough to defend itself to any great level. Also, with the invasion of South Ruzalka, many have became afraid that Ascendancy may retaliate against Aatelisia in an act of revenge, and that in the final battle, every soldier may be needed. It was a legitimate concern, and made many of the Politicians stressed, but, it wasn’t clear on how open Ascendancy was to open another front: especially when they were now on the defensive in Southern Ruzalka. In the end, the issue was dropped, and 2 more Divisions were sent to help support the Mission further. The goal going forward was north, and inland expansion was off the table as of now.

2 Weeks later

After a great march across the land, the Divisions finally found their way Northward. However, they were slowed down due to heavy resistance in an underground city. Apparently, the city was slightly unscaved compared to most of the cities around it, and the Ossyrans were expecting a full on attack from the “Traitors”. The Ossyrans wouldn’t answer anymore, and many were killed in the initial battle. As the battle progressed however, it was easily to figure out that the Ossyrans knew these Cities far more than the Aatelisians, and many a soldier was led into deadly ambushes. In the end however, the Ossyrans surrendered. The Casualties on each side were terrible, but the Ossyrans definitely suffered heavily. The Army has made great progress, but still haven’t found the group. It appears though, that some cities were at least spared from entirely collapsing, meaning that these Ossyrans weren’t bluffing earlier.

All other cities in the land, however, were as destroyed as the ones weeks earlier. Most cities the Army discovered barely had a population worthwhile to take into account. Some cities were found completely empty, either being abandoned by Ossyrans fleeing for their lives, or because the population simply died off. Thankfully, most Cities were resupplied with food, this time, far more regulated and far more secured. They were then reorganized, and were handed under the control of a combined local/military government.

However, the Army couldn’t know if they could completely supply the scattered half shattered cities that dotted the territory. In the end, the 10 most depopulated cities picked straws, and 5 of the cities had to be completely abandoned. The population would find residence inside the other 5 remaining cities. The rest of the month was now spent on scouting the 5 abandoned cities. For Tech, information, and anything else the Aatelisians could get their hands on. While most of the stuff they found was minimal at best, they did find some useful info: they found out that most of the cities on the east coast were “Loyalists”, who supported the now deceased queen of Ossyrus. Including that, there were details about several areas targeted against the “Royalists” on the east coast, who supported the Princess. With this Info, the Aatelisian Government could now better figure out what to do with Ossyrus in the future.

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