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The Coalition of Democratic Nations contains 63 nations, the 210th most in the world.

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As a region, The Coalition of Democratic Nations is ranked 8,560th in the world for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of PanamaCapitalist Paradise“Pro Mundi Beneficio”
2.The Grand Federation of BrechalhtCapitalizt“Liberty and Fidelity”
3.The Unified Provinces of QuevolaCivil Rights Lovefest“Wo die Berge das Meer treffen”
4.The Nuclear Republic of CermaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God our father, man our brother.”
5.The Nationalist State of Mexico of NordamyCapitalist Paradise“The Homeland is First”
6.The Constitutional Monarchy of CoDN CartographyCivil Rights Lovefest“Motto...”
7.The Confederate Borderlands of Neptunium UnionCivil Rights Lovefest“Surrender to Hope”
8.The Thanatopsis of The Special AngelCorporate Police State“To Die, To Sleep”
9.The Grand Republic of VersailPsychotic Dictatorship“Бог с нами.”
10.The Federal Republic of PeacockiaNew York Times Democracy“By the People for the People”
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The Britannia Broadcast

The Seliatown Riots

A riot broke out in Seliatown earlier this week. Seliatown, the enclave of London where many immigrants from Ephyra gather, is a tourist destination in the city. There, British citizens and citizens from nations all over the world experience all things Selian. People mill about in traditional Selian dress and authentic Selian food restaurants dot the landscape. Perhaps the biggest attraction, though, is the street of bars. One of the few places where you can find snake blood liquor, Seliatown's bar street is famed for its great nights and vibrant atmosphere.

This atmosphere was shattered last Saturday night as a mob of angry British citizens tore through the street. The mob seemed to target ethnic Selians in particular, but many others who looked foreign in origin were also subject to violence. Beatings, gunfire, and firebombs pervaded the affair, with a group of Selians eventually being mustered to protect the victims. Violent clashes between the mob and foreigners left several dead and many more injured. Police were called out and eventually the mob was dispersed, with many arrests being made. Investigators are still attempting to figure out what sparked the mob, what their goals were, and who all was involved.

Seliatown remains on lockdown, with police roaming the streets day and night to prevent any further violence. The mayor of London, as well as its 8 MPs (OOC- London is split into 4 districts, each district sends 2 MPs to Parliament) all appeared on television the next day, pledging support for justice and pleading for a return to peace and unity.

Updates are expected in the investigation shortly, as the full weight of the London Police force is on the case.

National Mexican News
Pursuing The Truth

Libertad Declares Independence
The Special Collectivity of Libertad officially declared themselves independent from who they called "Nationalist Mexico". They declared themselves "The Free State of Mexico" and raised their flag over Libertad's Council Hall. The group claims to be the true government of Mexico.

The group of rebels are ideologically similar to the defunct Conservative Libertarian Party only they hold to the dangerous ideas of:Voluntaryism, Privadoygenteismo and Agorism. Some members have taken up arms to protect "our national sovereignty as the true government of Mexico".

The National Army has been deployed to keep the peace in the area.

New Paramilitary Group Set Up
The Ministry of Defense organized a paramilitary group of civilians. The group calls itself "The Home Guard". They have also been called "The Black Shirts" due to their black uniforms.

The Home Guard first saw action at breaking up the "Occupy Tenochitlan" movement along with the police.

Economy Picks Up
President Ramon is credited with fixing the economy. His recent bailouts have stimulated the economy. Wages are still low but are expected to rise in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, the money supply is still low but the Federal Bank and Reserve have set out to print more Reis despite criticism from capitalists. Ramon reassured the people that "Mexico will survive. Our economy is doing much better than before with my Keynesian and Socialist policies"

Healthcare Issue
Parliament will vote on Bill #45H0 also called " The National Healthcare Bill". The Bill will make it mandatory that all citizens are covered by the state with physical and mental healthcare. The Bill is very popular and is expected to pass.

Telhárr Nasjonal
(An article translated from Allyrian)
Larathael defends her new Defence Policy
In the traditional Allyrian fashion, when a seismic shift occurs within the politics of our nation there is not one party which refrains from jumping upon it to tot up their own gains at the ballot box. Such a change occurred today when Prime Minister and leader of the Bálth Nasjonal (National Front) Kristina Larathael shifted the policy of both her and her party from one of the traditional policy of Allyria being a well armed, militarised but neutral power to one of 'pooling' military power with similarly aligned nations through her called vote in Parliament to bring Allyria into the EDP or European Defensive Pact.

Whilst this may have represented a seismic shift in policy for both the Prime Minister's party and her coalition partners it seems to have gone down well with both their members and the military members who voted overwhelmingly in favour of the nation's entry today. However, such a move was a dangerous one. By breaking with the traditional strategy of armed neutrality, the Prime Minister has opened herself up to what could be a total evaporation of nationalist support at next year's election and whether or not this gamble will crush or galvanise nationalist support remains to be seen in the polls.

But, as always with this Prime Minister, she is putting the well being of our nation and the future of our people before any petty political gain. The geographic situation of our nation forces a necessity to either crush or befriend our neighbours and by making this move she has turned two potential enemies into close friends. What the nation awaits to see is whether the nationalist party, who are ever more fatigued by 20 years of government and 5 leaders in that time, will be crushed or strengthened by this.

Wilwatikta's Telegraph
Est. 1918


The "Dog War"?:Tensions rise between Namibia and South Africa

The Kingdom of Namibia, a former German colony in Africa known for its segregation policies against the indigenous African majority, now finds itself at the precipice of war against the much larger South Africa.

Tensions had long been rising between the two nations. But what started the current crisis was a shooting at the border. Which led to both nations to send a large amount of troops the already highly militarised frontier between the two nations. Afterwards, Namibia sent an ultimatum to South Africa, give back a strip of land it claims from South Africa, or risk conflict.

A much larger South Africa called Namibia's bluff, and sent even more troops towards the border. Denying the ultimatum. As a response, Namibia also further reinforced the border, but did not declare war. The two nations stood at a standstill, as both Paglaum and The Batavia Colony made a general call for peace.

Then, in a most ridiculous turn of events, tensions rose to a breaking point. By a Namibian guard dog, a Dutch-German Shepherd dog by the name of "Loki", ran into the South African border. The Namibian soldier, who was the dog's caretaker, quickly ran after him. To get the dog.

The South African soldiers, already wary, mistook the armed man chasing after his dog for a combatant, and shoot him dead. This caused the Namibian soldiers are their own quarters to shoot back. Initiating a firefight, that left many dead. The dog itself was taken by the South African authorities, noted as remarkably obedient.

Then, Namibian government sent a last ultimatum. Give compensation for its lost soldiers, and give Bruno back to Namibia, or it'd mean war.

The South African government, emboldened by generalised international outrage at Namibia's "apartheid" (as dubbed, by the Dutch-speaking world), and outraged at its own casualties. Demanded monetary compensation for their own dead soldiers', and their families. On top of this, South Africa demanded unprecedented access to investigate and capute those responsible (a similar demand also made by Namibia). Along with this ultimatum, a video of Bruno having a walk with the South African Prime Minister, and actually following orders in Afrikaans (indeed, the dog had learnt rather quickly, and was apparently adopted by the PM), was made public.

Namibia energetically refused, and South Africa actually followed through its ultimatum and declared war.

Now, the conflict dubbed as the "Dog War", rages on. With no clear end in sight. Many predict the fall of Namibia, due to it being diplomatically isolated of its neighbours due to its racial segregation and disenfranchisement policies.

August 13th - 2012


    The Britannia Broadcast reported on an incident in an ethnic enclave of the Britannian capital London, known as "Seliatown" for its high density of Selians, either expats from Ephyra or descendants of such. The area, known for being a hub of Selian culture in the form of dress, food, entertainment, and the national alcoholic drink, was subject to an invasion of British citizens on August 11th, Saturday.

    The citizens of Britain entered the bar district of Seliatown and engaged in acts of violence against foreigners altogether, though specifically Selians. The targeted nature of the attack was likely assisted by Selian physiological distinctiveness, allowing the citizens to racially identify Selians on sight if unclear by clothing, and subject them to a violent assault. Gunshots were heard during the riots, and firebombs were detonated, whilst beatings occurred consistently. A group of Selians were able to muster some form of defence to protect and assist those wounded.

    Due to the area of the attack, no children are believed injured, though a number of predominantly young women are not spared from violence. The mob was dispersed by the arrival of police with many arrests, and medical services arrived to tend to those injured.

    Archon Laerthos gave an announcement at a conference this morning calling on the British law enforcement to "bring to account those responsible", and lamenting the "targeted and deliberate vandalism of a Selian ethnic enclave and assault of its law-abiding inhabitants" by the citizens of a long-time ally.

    The unexpected event was received similarly in the Senate, with former Archons Lysaron Kessathios Velareon and Aethion Dekios Arnaris echoing the sentiments of Archon Laerthos. Velareon in particular gave the comment. "Though living beyond the Freehold, there has for millennia been a common sense of collective identity between all Selians when threatened from without. The citizens of the Freehold feel the pain of their brothers and sisters in Britain, and we implore the British government to act accordingly."


    In the first execution of its kind since its reintroduction, Awad al-Nasser, the Assyrian National Front member and terrorist who murdered Elynea Kalia Beraleos and wounded several other cities in the Mesopotamian colony of Babylon. The attack, deemed politically motivated against the presence of Ephyral citizens in Babylon, and the status of the region as a province of the Freehold, was declared an act of terrorism, and some years ago al-Nasser was sentenced to death.

    With no new evidence to counter the overwhelming proof of the attack, as al-Nasser was apprehended at the scene, his sentence of crucifixion was carried out at noon today in Babylon's central plaza. Al-Nasser, not yet deceased as the sentence is only deemed completed upon death, which may take several days, was secured to the cross and raised up to be left to die. The raising of al-Nasser was witnessed by the family of Beraleos, as well as many other citizens of the colony.

    The representatives of Babylon have been calling for greater military action against the Assyrian National Front and other terror groups, and a greater number of men from the province who have completed national service have since re-enlisted.

The Britannia Broadcast

Update to the Seliatown Riots Investigation

Officers and Investigators ahve been working day and night to try and figure out just how the Riots happened, why they happened, and how they can be avoided. It it through that investigation and the interrogations that have occurred in it that some new things have come to light.

Out of 30 arrests made, almost all are white and in their 20s and 30s. They are all British citizens, and most of their families have been here for at least 10 generations. The vast majority of those arrested lost their jobs due to the recession. At least half are card carrying members of the Nationalist party. It is highly suspected that many of them are members of TFM. (OOC: The Federalist Movement, an underground, rarely mentioned movement for the reduction of federal government power and the establishment of regional governments to allow for greater autonomy. Particularly popular in Ireland, growing in popularity in Scotland)

A list of charges is being drawn up by prosecutors, with the surely to be popular trial likely to be taken all the way to the Supreme Court. The investigation is still ongoing, but it appears that instigating members of the riot will be charged with disturbing the peace, rioting, domestic terrorism, and hate crimes.

The death count rose to 12 today, as some people remain in critical condition in the hospital. In total, about 93 persons of foreign origin were injured in the riots, along with around 15 injured British citizens.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Telhárr Nasjonal
Wednesday the 12th of September, 2012
30 years of Sindlanil I, Allyria's transformation

Our nation, whilst having deep roots in our small part of the world, is young and was younger still when our ageing King Sindlanil I ascended to the Charred Throne. Despite his Father's attempts at modernising the country, the nation was still an impoverished backwater due to, what I try to say as respectfully as possible, the incompetence of his Father.

Noticing the risk of royal incompetence, the new King drafted for the nation a new Constitution, and brought back the old Assembly of nobles which used to help the Monarch in the task of running the nation except this time it was not an assembly of nobles but a parliament elected by every eligible Allyrian. Since then, every Allyrian has seen their quality of life improve. Our population has expanded rapidly, and despite the recession currently gripping the world, as have our cities, businesses and industries; flooding our nation with the wealth of the world.

Whilst the transformation of Allyria from a Despotic Monarchy into a Constitutional Monarchy and Representative Democracy, from an impoverished backwater into a growing power is indeed an impressive one, the question has been raised; what is the future of our Monarchy?

Of course, those on the Left will tell you that there is no future and, whilst deeply as damaging to our national identity that would be, it is their right to hold such an opinion. But that is not what I mean to discuss. The King, with all due respect, is no longer in his youth and, at best, has another 10 years left. He has produced a growing power but not married or had children. This, in itself, is not a problem. The King's niece, the young Thyra Athaine, has been named as the Crown Princess and heir apparent but this in itself still raises a problem. At the age of 20 she remains unmarried and an unmarried heir is almost as bad as no heir at all.

I urge the Monarch, as a writer in a paper which does nought but support them and the nation, to ensure a strategic but fruitful marriage is found for the young princess to secure the future of the linchpin of our culture, to secure the future of the Monarchy.

Well, this is the end for me guys. I shall leave the region. I will remain on the discord though. Good luck everyone.

Actually. On second thought, I may as well stay till I... CTE.

I have resigned as press officer.

National Mexican News
Pursuing The Truth

Bill Passed
The Universal Healthcare Bill has been passed unanimously in Parliament. Following the passing a new program, the Näcional Helsevesen Ministerium or National Healthcare Ministry(NHM) was created to enforce this bill. All private insurance agencies will be dissolved upon this bill going into effect next week.

Unemployment Mutual Aid Set Up
The Bureau of Labor created a new program based on Mutualism. The program will build off of the current unemployment and welfare system where a person receives a check from the government. This new program will now implement the aspect of service hours to receive free housing, free food and a stipen of money. This has met with some criticism due to the shaky economy. The critics have beem dismissed.

Libertad Situation
The situation in Libertad continues to sour by the day. This morning the rebel government drafted a constitution and official declaration of independence. The military has arrived on the scene and have sealed off the border.

New Taxes
The state has introduced new taxes to recuperate loses. The taxes will be listed below:
1. Coffee Tax: 2%
2. Molasses Tax:2%
3. Alcohol Tax:5%
4. Cannabis Tax(in countries where it's legal:2%)
5. Soda Tax:3%
6. Farmers Tax:10% on all farmers goods
7. Lottery Tax: 10% on winnings and purchase of lottery tickets.

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