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The Clover Confederation RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Rescue Ranger of New Excalibus

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Largest Agricultural Sector: 1,067th Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector: 2,446th Largest Gambling Industry: 2,447th
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How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman? Zero.
Founded on St. Patrick's Day 2019, Laid to rest on the 17th of June, 2020

For just over one year, The Clover Confederation was the home of many nations. It was the successor region to Hegiroth, and in turn, a successor to The VALTIC.
On the seventeenth of June, two thousand and twenty, the region's founder, New Excalibus, retired.
The region's co-founder, The Greater Low Countries, launched a new home for the former residents of The Clover Confederation.

Thank you all for being part of TCC's journey. The RMB will remain, for all to see.

Bye, bye, Ms. American Pie.

Tags: Casual, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Libertarian, Minuscule, Neutral, Password, and Regional Government.

The Clover Confederation is home to a single nation.

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The Best Weather in The Clover Confederation

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, The Clover Confederation is ranked 5,119th in the world for Best Weather.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Protectorate of RMB Preservation PuppetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Preserving RMBs since two-thousand twenty!”

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The Clover Confederation Regional Message Board

The Greater Low Countries wrote:RMB activity is lacking.

Favorite movie you've watched during quarantine?

Mine is probably Revenge of the Sith.

Waiting for Hamilton to come out.

My benevolence

The Greater Low Countries wrote:RMB activity is lacking.

Favorite movie you've watched during quarantine?

Mine is probably Revenge of the Sith.

Robocop, what a classic

Slutsk horde

The Greater Low Countries wrote:RMB activity is lacking.

Favorite movie you've watched during quarantine?

Mine is probably Revenge of the Sith.

Probably Suicide Club. My parents tried to stop me from watching it on the TV.

Lol im too much of a zoomer to know any of these movies except revenge of the sith.

Hey Clovers, I have bittersweet news to share.
Today I will be retiring as founder of The Clover Confederation. The Greater Low Countries will be taking over as founder of your community. Now, let me explain exactly what this means for you.

In the interest of protecting the region from raiders and such, me and The Greater Low Countries have agreed that it would be best if he founded a new region. GLC has already taken care of this and founded a new region, Aramos.
I highly recommend you move to Aramos very quickly. Exactly 48 hours from now, I will officially retire this region and eject all remaining members.

Now, what about the regionís RMB? Well, I have accounted for this and created an RMB Preservation Puppet for this. The entirety of the regional message board will remain here for your own viewing pleasure.

Thank you for having me as your founder. Its been a wild ride, but now I must move on to another chapter of my NS career.

Thank you,
The Rescue Ranger of New Excalibus
Founder of The Clover Confederation
Co-Founder of Hegiroth
Former Home Secretary of Lorania
The New Kid on the Block

New Excalibus wrote:snip snip

Hi there Clovers,

Unfortunately, I will not be opening the TCC successor region Aramos within this time. I cannot with good conscience open the region up to you all as an unfinished project.

Please move to Lorania. Our friends over there would love to entertain your presence, even if it's just for a little while.

It is so painful to leave this place - I hope I can create an even better one in the future.

Excal is the man. Respect him. He has been my longest and best friend on here. I'll never forget him. I do hope you all remember him as well.


Friendly reminder to move to Lorania. We can't make you, but you'll end up somewhere not of your free will otherwise.

What happend

Abbots wrote:What happend

Excal's retiring, I'm trying to make a new region too but that hasn't really come to fruition yet.

Goodbye TCC.

I have spent the past 15 months of my NS career working on this region. It represents an amazing amount of growth and accomplishment. Through it I've learned how to be more secure and reach out to a larger community I was hardly aware was there.

I also developed an extremely great friendship with New Excalibus and boy oh boy am I so happy that happened. Excal is literally the best. He's sympathetic and caring, he's got a sharp wit, he loves music (albeit music from 40 years ago :) you know I didn't mind that much), and most importantly, he saw something in me when we founded this region.

You may know TCC was originally a four-nation partnership, but two of those partners eventually left the project. Excal was able to convince me to stick with it, and I often did the same with him. Our combined perseverance kept this region from ending many times. I am so thankful for that; it's gotten me to where I am today, to be honest. Now, we have protection and guidance from some of the most well-versed NationStatesers as well as loads of experience I can reuse in my new region.

Excal is retiring, and so I'd like to thank him for all he's done for us as a region and for me in particular. I've already made a speech on Discord, so I'll reuse it here.


Hi guys, I want you all to know about my best friend New Excalibus, better known as Excal.

Excal and I met in the VALTIC, a former region, being founded within two to three days of each other. This experience solidified our bond together. We learned from each other (Excal was the first person I ever mentioned) and grew.

Little fun fact: Excal decided he wanted to leave at one point and make a new region. I told him I didn't want to. He told me I'd be sorry.

Look where I am now, eh?

The VALTIC crumbled from neglect so we moved on to separate lives.
But not for long!
Excal invited me to a new region, Hegiroth. We had an amazing time there, I slowly climbed the ranks to become third in command while Excal was second. We reunited old friends, talked about everything, were quite active, involved ourselves with new friends in the Democratic Republic of Freedom, and more.

At this point, things were going wonderfully. But this last year was more about lessons than amazing experiences.

Our founder betrayed us in Hegiroth, so we moved here.
Through pain and loss we lost other old friends.
Our region was threatened, mocked, and decrepit.
And yet, despite this past year showing different challenges due to us growing up on NationStates, Excal was able to keep the initiative going to have our region stay.

We could have given up so many times, but we chose to stick together. And through the power of two guys putting their heads together, we persevered.
We made ourselves relevant and in good standing with larger regions, like the AA.
We confronted those who oppressed us.
What has it all led to? A bright future.

Now, let me talk about Excal as a friend.
I cannot count how many times we have been so honest with each other and helped each other out of difficult circumstances.
(90% of that is him helping me by the way)
Excal has taught me to love myself and find the best way to do things.
To be an amazing person, one must always reach for what is greater. And I believe wholeheartedly that Excal fits this definition.

I love you like a best friend, mate. Thank you so much. Don't go too far.


Well that was bittersweet.

The first region I ever left I chose to leave with a bit of salt. They air Lawrence Welk Show reruns on PBS every Saturday night and every now and then I tune in. It always astounds me how even though it's 60 years old, the talent still holds up. But that's not the point. The point is the last act. They sing this great song to end off the show. "So long, farewell, until we meet again." I used it initially as a way of poking fun at whatever malformed perceptions I had of those in charge at that time. Now I'm using it to express the sad truth: what we have done is now over. It's finished. We will never experience it again.

Ending this message off with this song is hard. I hope this region never truly dies. I hope it never sees the second death, where we fail to remember. And yet, I know such a thing will happen. And I think that is okay. It's not ideal, but it's okay. I'll accept that.

Well, here we go.


Goodnight, goodnight, until we meet again
Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehn 'til then
And though it's always sweet sorrow to part
You know you'll always remain in my heart
Goodnight, sleep tight, and pleasant dreams to you
Here's a wish and a prayer that every dream comes true
And now 'til we meet again
Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehn

Good night!

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