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Well Hello There! And Welcome to the Assembly of United Nations. We are a welcoming region with an organized structure but plenty of room to have fun. There are lots of things to do here! If your the politcal type then run for President or butter up the President to get a top government post. Or you could make it rich by playing the random stock market and racking up our regional currency, RUNICS. Also play in our AUN Olympics held on the last Saturday of every month. Misery is banned and so are haters, have fun and prosper! .

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As a region, The Assembly of United Nations is ranked 23,207th in the world for Lowest Overall Tax Burden.

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1.The Atlantic Federal Republic of NorthwestinghamshireInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Deinceps Sub Caelum”
2.The Most Serene State of The Land of ApplesNew York Times Democracy“Mala Sunt Ssui”

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Episode Three, "Coup d'eat" will be published Tuesday the 25th.

Lower holland

and its the 27th...dont replie


I know I took a week off but Episode Three Premiers Tonight

Season 2 Episode 3
Coup d'etat
The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object. - Thomas Jefferson

A dark shadow is cast on the beautiful raised porch of the Istanbul Presidential Complex. A rope slithers over the balcony and hooks on one of the pillars. The grunts of men climbing 30 feet straight up interrupt the quiet night sounds in the Turkish Capital city. Alarms meant to alert to this sort of occasion are silent. This is because they have been disarmed. This inside job is over in a few hours. With few shots fired, General Muhammad Nuvad has seized control of the Turkish government. The sun that rose on President Amahri Kubari’s elected Turkish Government set on a military dictatorship.


“Mr. Fedweather?”
“ Mr.Flores?”
Pierre Turgeon waits with bated breath as he listens to the house of Representatives vote on whether to admit several new witnesses in the investigation into irregularities in the Democratic Primary of 2020. Then, Speaker Seawall reads the result.

“ The Yeas are 129 the nays are 142 the motion fails.”
Turgeon turns away from the TV and sighs. He knew convincing House Democrats to vote for more witnesses into an investigation of their own party primary would be hard. The phone rings and Peirre answers,
“ Turgeon here.”
“ Pierre this is Ronnie Snow there has been a coup.”
“Tell me about it.”
“ Oh so you’ve heard about the Turks.”
Turgeon pauses,
“ The Turks?”
“ Yeah haven't you heard, Istanbul was taken last night by some crazy hardline General named Nuvad or Nubad or something.”
“ Oh my goodness that’s terrible! Is the President on it?
“ Yeah Richmond is calling an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. Wait what did you mean?”
“Pierre when you said, ‘tell me about it,’ what did you mean if you hadn’t heard about the Turks.”
Turgeon looks at the TV screen where Democratic congressmen are shaking hands.
“It’s a long story.”

Brandy pours softly over the ice in Vice President Clemens’s glass.
“ Nothing like a little coup to get the attention of us eh Franky?”
Franky Capioni accepts the glass and smiles,
“ Nothing like it at all Mr. Vice President” Capioni takes a swig and stares at the flashing TV screen.
“What do we know about this guy anyway Mr.Vice President?”
“Not a lot other than the fact that he is not running a legitimate government.”
Capioni smiles,
“Are we?”
“ How could we not Franky? A Clemens and a Capioni are running it. There is nothing more legitimate than that.”

Two men sit quietly on a park bench together in Washington D.C. One is former attorney General Ronald Snow the other is former Chief of Staff Pierre Turgeon. Their conversation might seem to the average viewer, but it’s content is anything but.

“ Pierre how can we complain that this government could be illegitimate if we use illegal means to prove it?”
“ Oh for goodness sake Ronnie it’s just poking around. Look we know congress won’t find anything to prove Clemens has his fingers in corruption, congress is too full of democrats right now. I’m not saying we’re gonna Nicholas Cage this and steal the Declaration of Independence or anything.”
“ If these people are who you say they are, then this poking around could be quite dangerous.”
“Ronnie, the guy who we worked for almost nuked Russia, I think we know a thing or two about danger.”

Lower holland

Season 2 Episode 4
Things I don’t tell my Priest
"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power" -Abraham Lincoln

A man walks into a familiar confessional.
“It has been some time my child”
“Yes Father, I’ve been busy.”
“So I can imagine”
“Choose the wrong job for relaxment I suppose.”
“Yes Sir Mr.President.”
46 Days Earlier
“So what do you think of Turkey-Armenia”
Franky Capioni and Vice President Clemens are having their weekly meeting in the office of the Vice President. The Armenians are arming their border adjacent to Turkey because of the uncertainty surrounding the takeover of the Turkish government by Naveed and his rebels.
“ I think Mr.Vice President that we can’t have war.”
“Why?” comments Vice President Clemens, “a little war clarifies now and then.”
“Yes sir but if you want Capioni oil interests safe then you won’t get anywhere near war.”
Clemens leans back and sighs
“ You are a real piece of work, you know that? I support you for years and now that you did me one favour in the last election, which I might add has me being investigated by Congressional Republicans, you're willing to hold Turkish Oil over my head.”
“ What can I tell you Chris, I’m a Capioni that's the sort of thing I do.”
President Richmond listens to the hubbub of voices around him and touches his spoon to his glass.
“Ladies and Gentleman I would just like to notify everyone that the United States smiles on this motion and views it as an acceptable compromise that will lead us on a road to world peace.”
The compromise was a catch 22. Granting legitimate President Kubari and Turkey their demands means no immediate war. He had no choice but to accept this compromise. Vice President Clemens had assured him that if civil war broke out in Turkey between Kubari and Naveed, Russia and China could get involved and that was a no-go scenario. But this compromise gives military grade weapons to the Turks to suppress their insurrection.
“Well,” thought Richmond, “at least the worst has been avoided.”
Back to the Present Day

“What troubles you my child? I have never seen you so distraught.”
The most powerful man in the world weeps quietly in a Madison, Wisconsin confessional. His silent tears crack his voice when he speaks.
“ His name was Yousef Alibara, a ten year old boy. He was excited to see the confusion when the Turkish Federal army rolled into his home town, before his mother could pull him back into the house a soldier mistook him for a rebel and shot and killed him with a MK-16.”
Father David Dershowitz sighs and leans back,
“You think mistakenly my child that upon your shoulders lays the blame for all the evil in the world.”
“You don’t understand Father, the MK-16 was American,” Richmond sobs
“I killed him Father, I killed a 10 Year old Turk because I wasn’t strong enough.”

Lower holland

Season 2 Episode 5
Tips from Phyrus
“Another such victory and we are undone”
“Some countries just have very good intelligence gathering services Mr.President”
Deputy Chief of Staff and senior political advisor Barry Michaels is speaking to President Richmond.
“ That’s not good enough Barry! The Russians knew before I did that the Turks killed that kid with our guns.”
“ What's the National Security Council saying Mr.President?”
“ Ahh the NSC is siding with Clemens, they are saying that we should wait and see.”

“What are the possibilities of a Turkish civil war sir?”
“ Apparently quite low it appears that there are few casualties.”
“ Well Mr.President that seems like a victory.”
Richmond sighs and walks over to some leather encrusted books on the shelf of the oval office.
“ Barry, do you know the story of Pyrrhus King of Epirus?”
“No sir I don’t believe I do.”
“Phyrus was a King who defeated the mighty Roman empire yet his troops suffered such heavy losses that he said, ‘another such victory against the romans and we are undone.”
“Mr.President what makes you think that the peaceful situation in Turkey is a Pyrrhic Victory?”

Meanwhile in Istanbul, a meeting occurs that will shock the world.
Amhari Kubari, the rightful President of Turkey gleefully welcomes revolutionary Muhhamad Nuvad with open arms.
“General Nuvad it appears that the Americans were completely fooled. Now our conquest of the Armenian scum can begin.”

“It appears that the Turks have pulled one over our eyes!” says talk show host and loudmouth conservitave Mel Whitaker, who for once is right.
“ It is now obvious that the Turks created this phony “revolution” in order to trick the international community into thinking they needed military aid to crush the dissenters. All of this was clearly a ruse to get more supplies which it appears they are using to invade and conquer the republic of Armenia.”
2 Weeks Later

President Richmond is tired of losing. It’s time to know why his Vice President seems to know more about these situations then he’s letting on……...

Lower holland

Sorry about the time gap between episodes. I will try and begin the second half of the season today. The first five episodes have set up the real changes that are coming. Stay Tuned

Season 2 Episode 6: Argonaut
“Success is the ability to move from one failure to another without
loss of enthusiasm.”
-Winston Churchill

A jeep moves quietly across the deserted landscape. The glint of the moon shines off the Gun Turret on it’s top. Black markings mark it as Turkish vehicle. In the shadows of a rock escarpment several hundred meters away, two men crouch beside a mortar and talk in mortars.
“ Captain?”
“Is the target acquired Private?”
“ Yes Sir.”
“You may fire when ready.”

A muffled firing noise is heard. The Jeep explodes in a raging fiery inferno.


Applause smatters the Congress at the state of the union on January 20, 2023. President Richmond addresses the newly inaugurated more Republican body. News that he had been outmaneuvered on Turkey the Republicans surged back in control of the House and nearly took the Senate. Now the nation is embroiled in a war in Turkey. The Americans and Peacekeeping forces desperately tried to stop the Russians and Chinese from entering on the side of the Turks. But America had to have it’s revenge for being tricked in the UN Security Council. With the new arms provided by the Americans in the phony revolution, the Turks have been attacking Armenian army bases. The Russians and Chinese are voting against any UN intervention, but US Peace Corps forces in consort with EU peacemakers have been intervening in the region. President Richmond speaks,

“ We must act boldly towards preventing another such horrific loss of life as has been seen in Armenia before. The perils of the early 20th century, and the cries of innocent Armenian women and children shall not be heard again. Justice and honour shall prevail, and the disgraceful ideas of dictatorship and deceit shall be given their rich reward at the ends of the barrels of American guns.”


Gun barrels burst through the door of a quiet office and point at two men. Swat officers detain and hold two men.
“Ronald Snow and Pierre Turgeon you are under arrest for High Treason and espionage against the American government.”

Turgeon protests as he is being read his rights,
“Officers you are knocking down the pillars of democracy!”

A soft knocking is heard upon the door of the oval office.
“ Yes come in.”
Barry Michaels walks to the President
“Mr.President you summoned me?”

Richmond gets up from the resolute desk and walks around it.

“ Does the name Argonaut mean anything to you Barry?”
“Not particularly sir.”
“Argonaut was the code name of the Yalta conference held over 3/4s of a century ago. This was where Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt gamed out the map of Europe.”

Richmond pauses

“ But you know the funny thing about Yalta? Churchill went in helpless! Roosevelt and Stalin had the armies. The Soviets were going to get eastern Europe and the Americans were going to get Western Europe.”

Michaels shuffles his feet.

“Why do I feel like that every time I talk to my Vice President?”
“Oh incidentally” said Michaels trying to change the subject, “the Vice President wanted to inform you that two low level guys were arrested in federal archives. Digging through old election records. He said no terrorism, nothing to be worried about.”

Richmond slams a pile of binders on the desk.

“ Who gave the order!!”

“ The Vice President sir…..”

“This is it Barry. From now on I want tabs on him.”
“The Vice President sir?” said Michaels incredulously

“Yes. For once I want to know what he is up to.”


A Turkish jeep was blown up today by Armenian patriots just outside the border of Armenia. Turkey has said this is an act of aggression and has declared war on the Armenians.


Hey all sorry about the two week gap in posting. Easter last week. It's also slower cause i'm writing a book.

Season 2 Episode 7
The Story of Batman and the President
-Leo Tolstoy
The deafening whine of rockets is relieved for a moment before it is followed by the deafening sound of explosions. Boots run up and down the stairs of a Turkish barracks that is being attacked. Frantic words are exchanged in arabic. Some are not able to stand as the barracks doubles as a military hospital. Alarms blare warning of the danger, they cut through the humid air like screaming sirens. It is now August 2023. The Turks and Armenians have been fighting a bloody conflict for almost 7 months now. NATO troops aid Armenia to the best of their ability as they fend off the much larger Turkish army. The UN is helpless to stop the fighting as any aid motions have been vetoed by Russia or China. The US and Russia are now embroiled in a proxy war of enormous proportions. One wrong move and complicated alliances of nuclear powers will be at war.
“Court is in session, United States v Turgeon will now be heard. Opening statements of the plaintiff please.”
Chief Justice Hendrickson of the Supreme Court waits as the Attorney General Henry Branston brings his case against Pierre Turgeon and Ronald Snow for charges of espionage. Turgeon and Snow wait tense in their chairs realizing their fate is not what is truly on trial here. If they are indicted one of the biggest secrets of electoral history will have been lost. President Richmond won the 2020 democratic primary………. by cheating.

Rain drizzles softly outside Joe's diner. One man rounds the corner of Madison and George Avenues carrying a brown briefcase. He is walking briskly and glancing over his shoulder. His name is Congressman Tom Lesiak. He waits apprehensive at a crosswalk stop signal, his head on a swivel. The evening air is full of car horns and tension at Washington DC rush hour. Behind him by 20 yards, a man walks at a quick pace keeping his eyes on the congressman and his briefcase. Congressman Lesiak is the chief associate of Vice President Clemens. After the crosswalk he decides to make a test and ducks into a cartoon shop. The soft ding ding of the door and the sight of the short misshaven owner who gives him a suspicious glance greet him. At first Congressman Lesiak is confused at the look, then he realizes the middle aged comic book reader of an owner probably doesn't get many congressmen in full suits and briefcases in his store. Lesiak keeps a close eye on the street and sure enough the man he thought was following him stops at a newspaper stand right outside of the store and seems to be eyeing his briefcase.
“Is there a back door to this establishment?” asks Lesiak worridley
The owner, who is probably flattered at his shop being referred to as an establishment shakes his head no.
Lesiak thinks furiously and then grins, he ducks behind a shelf of comic books and begins to pull papers out of his case and shove them in his coat pockets.
“I’d like to make a purchase”
Hello I’m Kris Cooper and this is Just The Facts News. Today we have two huge stories. The arrest and indictment of former Presidential Chief of Staff Pierre Turgeon and former Attorney General Ronnie Snow for apparent treason has captivated the Washington DC scene. Turgeon and Snow, aided by their lawyer, former Attorney General Charlie Kent, are arguing they were arrested on false pretense and that this whole case is political. All of this was drowned out however by the news that Armenian forces, aided mainly by NATO and US troops have launched an offensive against the Turks.

“Mr.President we have got them!”
A confident and smiling Barry Michaels enters the Oval Office with a brown briefcase.
“I tailed Lesiak, he tried to hide in a comic book shop but I bumped into him and managed to switch briefcases in the scuffle. We will have all of Clemens’s papers!”
Michaels pours the briefcase’s contents out on the resolute desk.
Comic Books.
Pictures of Bruce Wayne cover the President’s desk.
As Michaels realizes the clever Lesiak had made a switch, the President calls the Attorney General. “I think I’ll do it my way, Barry.”

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