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Most Avoided: 524th Most Nations: 618th Fattest Citizens: 672nd+24
Largest Black Market: 738th Most Corrupt Governments: 787th Highest Disposable Incomes: 882nd Most Devout: 936th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 990th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,167th Most Armed: 1,179th Largest Mining Sector: 1,199th Highest Economic Output: 1,247th Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry: 1,308th Largest Retail Industry: 1,711th Most Politically Apathetic Citizens: 1,745th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,863rd Highest Average Incomes: 1,875th Rudest Citizens: 1,907th Largest Soda Pop Sector: 1,917th Largest Information Technology Sector: 2,039th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 2,196th Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector: 2,259th Most Scientifically Advanced: 2,287th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 2,383rd Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 2,504th Smartest Citizens: 2,561st Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 2,619th
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Welcome to The Allied States!
We are an active political simulation region based on a Parliamentary Democracy. We also have a discord where you can chat with people, and government simulation so you can engage in politics and debate. Take the initiative to join our fun-loving community!

For more active inclusion and access to our community specific events! Please also look forward to regional updates and RMB specific activities!

Please endorse the interim regional delegate:
The American Empire
as we await the return of the true delegate, TNR

Link to regional discord is Linkhere

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Embassies: The Allied Republics, The Allied Republic, The Commonwealth of Crowns, New Warsaw Pact, Right to Life, Equinox, Conservative League, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, and Capitalist Paradise.

Tags: Casual, Democratic, Founderless, LGBT, Map, Medium, National Sovereigntist, Offsite Forums, Password, Regional Government, Role Player, Snarky, and 3 others.Social, Surreal, and Totalitarian.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Allied States contains 27 nations, the 618th most in the world.

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A measure of the general physical health of citizens in each nation.

As a region, The Allied States is ranked 7,329th in the world for Healthiest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Utopia of The American EmpireLeft-Leaning College State“E pluribus unum”
2.The Empire of House of GreeboScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Aliquando et insanire iucundum est”
3.The Dictatorship of Disea AsterlaPsychotic Dictatorship“We are order! We are power! We are Disea Asterla!”
4.The Bright and Shiny Promise of Always the SunFather Knows Best State“The brightest star”
5.The Federated Isles of GalactaCorrupt Dictatorship“Alea jacta est!”
6.The Titans of UngolaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Remember the titans”
7.The Federation of 5PlanetsCapitalist Paradise“Here I stay.”
8.The Dutch Kingdom of JantyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Seeing is believing”
9.The People's Republic of PyntoAnarchy“By The People For The People”
10.The Confederacy of ZoetermeerDemocratic Socialists“History of liberty is a history of resistance.”

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The Allied States Regional Message Board

Our planet will soon perish if we are to do nothing to save it. It is imperative that we establish and manifest a law that mandates all citizens of race, class, or criminal history to but trash in the bins properly, and to use the recyclable items in a new way. Those who fail to abide by this law will be fined, and, if caught again, will serve two years in one of their nation's penitentiaries after forgoing a trial to find out if the law-breaching was intentional. Those who are imprisoned for this reason will be required to perform community service on Monday to Thursday every week. The majority of the service requirements are to pick up trash throughout their city of residence, invent products useful to the world out of the reusable materials, and help to install security cameras along the trash cans and recycling bins to ensure that this misdeed will not go unpunished.
If a former prisoner of litter is once again found littering, another trial will take place and, if found guilty, the citizen will serve four years in prison under the same conditions. If found littering again and being found guilty, the citizen's sentence will double again. This process will continue if the citizen is not to stop littering.
No sole individual is to use their money, status of class, past criminal activity, race, or politically involvement to defend themselves in court, and the evidence will be analyzed by engineer software. This will ensure that everyone has an equal chance of being found innocent or guilty in court. Whether or not the convict is allowed parole will be determined by the extent of their crime.

I am working on a lot of WA proposal drafts at the moment. If anyone would like to help, please jump in the respective threads on the forum.

Stellonia wrote:I am working on a lot of WA proposal drafts at the moment. If anyone would like to help, please jump in the respective threads on the forum.

I would like to help, if you would let me. What is the proposal draft about?

Post self-deleted by Dorsla.

Dorsla wrote:I would like to help, if you would let me. What is the proposal draft about?

I have about five at the moment. Perhaps the best one is the on pertaining to birth control.

Stellonia wrote:I have about five at the moment. Perhaps the best one is the on pertaining to birth control.

What is your view upon that issue?

Dorsla wrote:What is your view upon that issue?

I think it should be legalized by the World Assembly.

I agree.

I made a Forum post. I would also like to make a civic organisation in Right to Life promoting this movement within the region. It's not clear how to do that, but if anyone would be interested to join the pro-roleplay civic organisation then please telegram me.

If you do not want to join, then please don't discourage others from joining.

Hello nations of The Allied States.

I'm here from the embassy region of Enadia wishing you a wonderful Friday and updating you on a fun project going on in our region.

The Enadian Morning Post is our new regional newspaper that focuses on the fun events and happening of our region. I on behalf of the staff of The Enadian Morning Post would like to share our first issue with your region! We are a private news source in Enadia and our mission is to be a factual but fun news source that showcases Enadian writers and events to our region and embassy regions. I hope you all enjoy the first issue of The Enadian Morning Post.

July 30 || Thursday || Issue 1

Enadia's Activity Elevated Through Government and Social Initiatives

Enadians Gather for Round Table meeting on Sunday, July 26.

Topic: Politics
By: The United Australian States

Enadians and foreign visitors alike experienced a new take on
government procedure this Sunday when the Enadian Parliament
hosted its first public round-table meeting. The event, which
Enadia hosted on a specially designed discord channel, included
socialization between participants, a time for question and
answers, presentation, and lots of dancing and cookies. Because
of the open agenda for the week, the Speaker of the House and
WA Delegate God-King Rorschach presented on the
possibility of new global initiatives for the region which included
increasing access to the Enadian server, foreign ambassador
strategies and improving internal activity. Rorschach emphasized
that despite the declining interest in NationStates as an online
platform, Enadia can reach further to provide unique and exciting
user experiences to individuals across the globe.

After the video-streamed presentation concluded,
various government members discussed their plans for Enadiaís
future. Foreign Secretary Aexodius was put on the
spot by Prime Minister Ontario and the Speaker regarding his foreign
ambassador initiative. Although real-life matters were keeping him
busy, he stated that he would further develop this initiative in the
coming weeks. Other notable events at the round table included the
introduction of Paxicordia, a nation focusing on researching the
culture and structure of the Enadian way of life. Various citizens
expressed their opinion that Paxicordia should remain in Enadia
after completing
the research because of the nationís remarkable first impression on
the region. The Enadian Monarch Craiggy land was also a
hit after creating the usual exciting and vibrant ambiance throughout
the duration of the meeting.

Overall, the
welcoming and goal-driven event alluded to the long-term plans
of the region which are to have a global reach and continue to
improve user experience by implementing and carrying out
new government, technological, and social initiatives.

Topic: Technology/Social
By: God-King Rorschach

Arcade Global is a project created by an Enadian development team that focuses on using digital platforms and gaming to connect members of the NationStates community online. Although the Arcade Global development team will announce Arcade Globalís release later this year, it hasnít stopped them from offering exclusive alpha-access to several arcaders from Enadia and partner regions.
The team has been working hard to create a Minecraft server, where the Arcade Global community will welcome new players in Minecraft. The development team has granted creative access to Arcaders in specific days where they can speed up the creation of their personal buildings and more plots are being determined and set by the developer team, where players from foreign regions will create their homes.
For large regions, Arcade Global will provide a predetermined land plot, where they will build their regional settlement and further ahead join the Arcade Market areas. Enadian members and partner regions that have agreed to Arcade Globalís terms and conditions are eligible to join the alpha Arcade release.

Rorschach Focuses on the World Assembly
Topic: World Assembly
By: The United Australian States

WA Delegates meet in the General Assembly.__

After being re-elected as Speaker of the House with a majority of 11-2 against Hon. Cheshire, Mr. Rorschach took the role of both Speaker of the House and WA Delegate for Enadia. While in these two positions, he has increased his personal activity in the region and improved Enadiaís involvement in the World Assembly.
Mr. Rorschach has used his WA Delegate position to create new exciting initiatives for Enadians interested in WA affairs. Within the regional Discord server, Rorschach provided access to a private WA communication channel where nations can raise questions, provide feedback, write pieces of legislation and have them submitted for review. Delegate Rorschach has also drafted his own WA proposal, which was edited and discussed by users in the WA communication channel.
As Speaker of the House, Hon. Rorschach will continue to devote his time to providing a voice to all House Members. During his second term, he is aiming to merge his WA initiatives with his position as speaker to increase the Enadian member participation through the World Assembly. Interested Enadians wishing to ask questions about the World Assembly or the Unionís focus towards the general WA can direct their questions directly to the Speakerís inbox.

Under the Cypresses
Topic: Opinion
By: La Republique Louisianaise

Essential workers in the U.S.A. practice Covid-19 medical response procedures.

If the coronavirus has taught The United States of America anything, it is that we need to slow down as a society. In this modern age, time is not only money, but everything. If we are not doing anything for one second, we consider ourselves lazy and unproductive. I am sure that is how many people felt when the U.S.ís stay-at-home order went into effect. I felt emptiness and a lack of purpose when I was not in a class or walking around campus looking for something to occupy my time like I used to. But I eventually got used to it and even enjoyed it.
But it is not just about slowing down and savoring some unintended rest and relaxation in the confinement of our homes. It is also about taking things slow once we come out of our homes. As you no doubt have heard in the news, the United States is experiencing another growth trend in coronavirus cases. The culprit is not just people refusing to wear masks or lack of social distancing. Once coronavirus numbers showed the slightest hints of reopening, we like impatient children on Christmas Day all rushed out like things were normal again. However, things were not normal and if we do not slow down and take the precautions necessary, they probably never will be for a long time.
I donít blame leadership like President Trump or governors of either Republican or Democrat states for the current state of affairs. Regardless of coronavirus, President Trump and our leadership are the product of a society that rushes greedily from fame to fame and fortune to fortune without slowing down to reflect or really savor the moment.
So, go out if youíre allowed to, but please, wear a mask, donít ride my (or otherís) rump in the checkout line (seriously, give me space, as a part-time introvert I definitely need it), and wash your stinking hands! That last one escapes me why in a country that prides (or prided) itself on being the peak of human civilization in 2020 we have to remind grown adults to wash their hands like little children.
Anyway, nobody wants to go back to step one after all the progress we made the first go-around because people didnít follow guidelines and suggestions. Remember, slow-and-steady wins the race. Here, a slow and cautious opening might help us win the fight against the black plague of our times.

Topic: Roleplay
By: South Bengal

Enadiaís Season Two roleplay, a world where Napoleon won and took over Britain, a world where the United States never rebelled, a world rolling into the 21st century. Multiple orders fighting for dominance govern this world. So, dear reader, welcome to Enadiaís official discord based RolePlay. Here you, yes YOU, can lead your nations to riches or choose the path to glory by waging epic wars, crushing enemies with your economic might or maybe just wiping them off the face of the planet.
Beginning in the 21st century tensions are cooling around the world, and the North Ontarian continent led by the United States, Australia and Canada is one of the safest places in the world. South Ontario, led by the Union of Roma Kingdoms (Brazil), Argentina and United Arab Emirates, is a safe, middle income region marching towards prosperity. The region of Europe with the great powers of Aexodius (France), Germany and Cintria (Italy) live in relative peace with each other.The smaller nations are richer than the larger ones, and all of them boast mighty militaries, France is the particular superpower in the continent. Also, there the the powerful coalition of the Austrian states, the Spanish monarchy and the Portuguese monarchy in the region. Several Asian nations are also rising and are marching towards progress such as Zhongguo (China), Sikh Empire (India), Cydonia (Japan) and Jaeji (South Korea) all seem keen to be a dominating force in global geopolitics. There are also the nations of Craiggay Shogunate, Iowa and New South Wales (the British Royalist government in exile in Australia) with an expanding military keen on defending their nations and project power across the world.
But soon the world starts militarising itself, and several nations have placed orders or have produced armaments to bolster their armed forces. The Austrians allocate vast sums of resources to build a Navy for themselves while the Zhongguans reveal a new class of destroyers in the aftermath of a perceived violation of territorial waters by the USO. These increased budgets are seen in other nations too, such as South Korea and India, who are pouring money into their militaries. India makes the biggest arms purchase in history, and this rapid militarisation inevitably led to a war between the nations of Craiggay (Israel) and Imperial Southern States (Portugal). Because of heightened tensions between the nations, the Craiggay forces easily defeated the ISS forces and damaged many of their ships. This also led to an inevitable breakdown between the Imperial Economic Community led by ISS and Community of Common Karma led by Craiggay. The tumultuous relation between these nations has led to the formation of economic and mutual defence blocs called the South Ontarius Organisation. This bloc is based in South Ontario and seeks to defend member states against outside aggression and promote free trade among other nations. With this series of grandiose and exciting events we reach September 2001, where a fateful warm morning in New York, an event that changes everything.

NationStates National Happenings
Topic: In-Character Happenings
National Politics - Discover current events in fellow Enadian Nations!
All content is edited for clarity
By: Simbaardhi

The national flag of Simbaardhi____

Protests broke out across the Simbaardhian city of Rois this Tuesday as citizens took advantage of their newly declared Ďright to protestí. The Simbaardhian Parliament met on the prior Sunday to discuss public demonstration, as a protest a week before saw the death of a well-respected police sheriff. After much public outcry and intense debate, Parliament ruled that all citizens within Simbaardhi held the right to protest in manners deemed Ďpeaceful and lawfulíunder the nationís extensive constitution. The amendment was approved and backed by Simbaardhian Prime Minister Jin Suezo, who stated in an interview that ďthere is no voice as beautiful as the peopleís.Ē However, the initial celebration soon turned to disaster, as citizens of Royis City took to the streets to protest low flying Mallard Ducks, who are infamously active at Royis beaches. Citizens and media articles accused the protestors of being petty and abusive of the new ruling. The small minority against Parliamentís ruling became highly vocal because of the demonstration, appealing for the Government to revoke their ruling. However, Simbaardhian lawmakers stated that the protests in question kept ďwithin the rules and restrictions established and enforced by Parliament on Sunday, and were therefore perfectly legal and dependable.Ē MPís have pointed to the protests, proving it as a mark of success, stating that without the ruling the protest would have most likely turned violent, such as before. As of now, the Royis City Council has not tried to address the bird issue.

Weekly Announcements, Advertisements, and About Us
Meet our Talented Staff and Writers!

Editor-In-Chief: The United Australian States
Freelance Writer: God-King Rorschach
Freelance Writer: South Bengal
Opinion Columnist: La Republique Louisianaise
This Week's Featured Writer: Simbaardhi

It is my great pleasure to announce the reopening of Enadia's private news source called The Enadian Morning Post. This month-long initiative started off as an idea to revitalize Enadia's news and information sector back when the nation Aztopiand founded What's Up Enadia? This news company unfortunately never made it past the first issue and the project ended prematurely due to inactivity from its staff. However, The United Australian States did not give up on the idea that Enadia should have a private non-government source of news. Teaming up with Enadia's founder and La Republique Louisianaise, Australian States created a new staff of independent contract writers specializing in roleplay, social, world assembly, political, and opinion writing. This project could not be completed without the dedicated efforts of each writer whose work you see and the Enadians whose regional activity gave us something to write about. The Enadian Morning Post was named after Louisianaise's original news source, which was discontinued a year ago. Altogether, the work you see is a culmination of various minds working together committed to sharing important Enadian events to the public.

Thank you for reading.
The United Australian States

Updates and Ads

Interested in featuring your important announcements, advertisements or notices on The Enadian Morning Post? Simply contact any member of our staff or join our Linkdiscord to get more information. We at The Enadian Morning Post are thrilled to showcase all regional happenings and the talent in our region. Stories and article submissions are accepted by private residents and citizens through our discord. Please contact the Editor-in-Chief The United Australian States for more information.


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Disclaimer: Our regional newspaper is a private non-government source of news and we do not intend to solicit to embassy regions. Our goal is to share the events of Enadia and talented nations of Enadia to our embassy network.

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