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Badivermeraed wrote:What are all PM candidates opinions on a public discord? Maybe a disc for goverment inquiries?

I donít endorse a public discord. While itís true that our government server has been safe, I feel itís only safe because itís private. If I am elected Prime Minister, I will discuss with Cormac and the Cabinet on a potential public discord. But at the time being, I support support remaking one. The Levellers still pose a security risk to us.

As for inquiries, you can just telegram me them. Or, you could DM my Discord. I may provide a list of contacts for inquiries. No need to make a separate server only for inquiries. Private message conversations are fine enough.

Did you people just get the telegram (you know what I'm talking about)?

Badivermeraed wrote:What are all PM candidates opinions on a public discord? Maybe a disc for goverment inquiries?

I do not believe that a public discord is needed badly enough that its need overcomes the potential security risk it poses for members of our region.

However, not only is it unnecessary, but it actually acts against the activity of our region. This is because not all nations here have Discord, and so allowing Discord to act as a platform for chat and roleplay will divide the community, diverting some activity to the Discord server and leaving the few nations who are unable to use Discord to talk rarely on the empty RMB, until they become so bored that they stop talking at all, potentially leaving the region.

Nationific wrote:Did you people just get the telegram (you know what I'm talking about)?

Yeah. I mean all you really need to do is just do a fact check and you'll realize it isn't true. But still, big brain moves.

Congratulations to Rockiberg on their election and to Wymondham for their new position in a GCR.

I back Sho's nominations for Prime Minister.

Also, happy birthday to Liruslau!

Rockiberg wrote:It's official! I have been elected the first President of Thalassia with a 53% majority.

Awkwardly, no it isn't official. It's official when the person administering the election counts the results and declares a winner.

Which I will be doing shortly.

Thalassia Founder wrote:Awkwardly, no it isn't official. It's official when the person administering the election counts the results and declares a winner.

Which I will be doing shortly.

Grabs the popcorn

Thalassia Founder wrote:Awkwardly, no it isn't official. It's official when the person administering the election counts the results and declares a winner.

Which I will be doing shortly.

Whoops, I apologize.

The official tally in the October 2019 presidential election is as follows:

Owl Archipelago - 4 (12.1%)
Rockiberg - 18 (54.6%)
Wymondham - 11 (33.3%)

No votes were discarded, as no one who voted moved to Thalassia after voting had begun.

Congratulations to Rockiberg, the new President of the Republic of Thalassia.

Yeah, sorry again. The prime ministerial election will proceed, the schedule hasn't changed.

I have a question for Czech Germania. Dino Thalassian Mission can answer too if he wants, but the question is tailored to Czech's answer regarding establishment of a public Discord server.

In the Cabinet channel on the government server today, I announced that I will be closing down the more social channels on the government Discord server, such as the music channels, because I believe it's inappropriate for government folks to have access to social opportunities for bonding, etc., that aren't open to the rest of the region. My question for you is if you believe a public server would detract from gameside regional activity, why have you been okay with the more social aspects of the government server? Don't you think they also encourage people to spend time off-site instead of interacting with the gameside community? Except it's worse really, isn't it, since the rest of the region doesn't actually have access?

Congratulations President Rocky!

While we are on the topic of elections:

I noticed I've received a few nominations for Prime Minister. I am, as always, grateful for the support I've been shown. I adore this region and I am beyond proud of it and I look forward to seeing it grow. I am willing to serve it in any way I can- but I believe it is time to explore its options and see what others can bring to the table. It is for that reason I must decline those nominations.

I encourage those of you who are considering running for Prime Minister, but are perhaps on the fence, to throw your hat into the ring. When I ran in Pacifica, I was a little fish in a big pond and I was so lucky to have people who were willing to take a chance on me. I thank you all for that and I can only hope that we see that happen again and that it will be all the better for Thalassia.

Cormactopia Prime Thank you for your query.

I firstly want to make it clear that I havenít been a big fan of making the Government discord into a private community discord. It defeats the purpose of having a private government Discord. When we first discussed making a private discord server, it had many opposition. Many people thought in general having a discord server would be bad. We agreed to have it only for Governor use. And now, we are trying to repurpose it slowly.

Many non-civil servants that are active onsite canít enjoy the same fun as our civil servants. Itís not fair. And while I enjoy the social side a bit, I donít think itís fair to only allow civil servants to be able to use it.

We must keep the government discord to government business only. Otherwise we may aswell open it to the public completely as a community discord (which would be a bad idea) or we should just close it.

It definitely does detract activity to the Gameside community of Thalassia. We closed the community discord due to security issues and to be more open to the more active Gameside community. As we have discussed before, one of our off site platforms, the Pacifica forums, only had 7 active people and they were all involved in Pacificaís government. I remember the RMB being more active and having more members.

In short, I support the closing of the social side of the discord. Itís long overdue, in fact, we should had never socialized the server.

Guys, I have decided. I will not run for PM (at least in this point of time; who knows?)

Dino Thalassian Mission wrote:<snip>

Well, just to be clear, the social side of the server was created with my consent as President at the time because Prime Minister Sho has openly been in favor of eventual creation of a public server. So I don't think it was inappropriate, because it was never her intent to perpetually limit the more social side of the server only to government, she intended for there to eventually be a public server with social opportunities available to the entire region. Now that the two candidates thus far are both opposed to a public server in the future, that whole situation has clearly changed, so I think it's important to make clear we're not going to allow social opportunities only open to some but not others.

So, long story short, no I actually don't think it was inappropriate to have those social aspects before, but it would be inappropriate now. The difference is the Prime Minister has been open to an eventual public server, but the candidates to replace her, at least the ones who have declared their candidacy thus far, aren't open to an eventual public server. So that changes things. But it doesn't mean what's inappropriate now was inappropriate before and of course I'd prefer not to see anyone cast aspersions on Sho's time as Prime Minister. I doubt this region would be here at all if not for her. So yeah, let's not act like any decisions made in the past under very different circumstances are at all relevant to the present or the future.

I'd just like to invite the newer members of the region who have had experience in other regions that have had discord to share their thoughts.

Cormactopia Prime wrote:snip

I never said that I supported that aspect of the government discord, and in fact, I donít. As part of maximizing the productivity of government, I hope to try limiting that sort of off-topic chat so that the government discord wouldnít be thought of so much as a social platform rather than a work platform.

Along with that, I plan to clear up some fog around the government discord in general. There isnít much regulation on its use, so during my term, I would work with other officials to establish a few ground rules to make sure that casual chat doesnít get out of hand.

As Shoalia has decided not to accept her nominations I am endorsing Czech Germania for PM

I'd also just like to invite everyone to share what they think NS is about, and how to best exemplify that. I'd like to know how they feel about the community and what they'll do to rejuvenate it, as these last few months it has been dying out, due to security concerns and the Thalassia move.

Additionally, I nominate Badivermeraed for Prime Minister.

Post self-deleted by Maritagnia.

Maritagnia wrote:I nominate Czech Germania for Prime Minister!

(sorry Baddy OWO)

He has literally already accepted his nomination for Prime Minister, and you don't need to keep pointing out you're not running.

Cormactopia Prime wrote:He has literally already accepted his nomination for Prime Minister, and you don't need to keep pointing out you're not running.

Ok sorry

I am officially releasing my campaign dispatch!

Hello, I am Dino. I am running for Prime Minister of Thalassia. For those who donít know me, I have been involved with Thalassia since itís creation and was apart of Thalassiaís predecessor region, Pacifica, since February. I am running to bring a revolutionary change to Thalassia. One that can benefit it greatly. For those curious, the following contains my conflict of interests.

Embassy Searching
As a High Commander of the Diplomatic Corps of Thalassia, I am seen as the most senior foreign affairs official other than the President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, and perhaps the Deputy Foreign Ministers. Nevertheless, my duty is to be seen as a senior official and help look for new embassies.

As Prime Minister, I will continue to do this. I have done a great job at opening embassies between Pacifica and Thalassia and keeping the embassy with The North Pacific. I have also helped the and open more embassies. As Prime Minister, I hope to increase our embassies by a lot, but only if they follow our policy and we deem them worthy.

I also want to make sure any future High Commissioners follow in my steps. Thalassia needs to get its name on the field now or never, and when I say we need to become well known, I mean it in a good way. I donít want Thalassia to be seen as the annoying successor region to a silly region that opposed the NPO.

I also want to make High Commissioners more into a mentor-like position. They are essentially a senior ambassador, with the permission of the Minister and PM, to seek new embassies and to mentor all new ambassadors.

Foreign Updates
I want to keep Thalassia in loop with all of our Embassy partners. I want to try and push out monthly updates. I will work with the Foreign Affairs Minister, the Information Minister, and Information Ministry staff members to write foreign updates for our embassies. I will then ask the Foreign Affairs Minister to let all ambassadors know to send them out.

Will they always be monthly? Perhaps not. Maybe by-weekly, maybe every month and a half, I donít know. But Iím open to suggestions on the topic.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, by Alliance, I mean an agreement between more than one region on a certain subject. I donít automatically mean a R/Ding alliance.

With that resolved, I am open to forming alliances with our currently existing embassy partners. When embassies opened with Tatenda, we intended to have a cultural, special pact. Unfortunately, that never came true because Tatenda right around then was transitioning into its merger stage (itís still in its merger stage) and Pacifica shut down. But I intend to make new alliances for Thalassia. Whether cultural, roleplay, military (though its safe to say that probably will never be discussed due to a lack of a R/Ding force), or something else.

Potential Minister nomination
I have no problem with keeping Ayeinc as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Iíve worked with Ayeinc many times before and he is a very good person to work with. Especially with his enthusiasm and experience.

At the moment all Culture really does is just act as a Roleplay Ministry. As Prime Minister, I will officially repurpose the Ministry. For now on, it will only serve as an ďEntrainmentĒ ministry aswell. I will continue keeping all roleplay matters to it but if thr only thing Culture does is roleplay, we may aswell rename it to ďMinistry of RoleplayĒ.

This new Culture Ministry will host community events and games. Most likely I will have the ministry sponsor a community event every week or maybe twice a week. It could be just a Jeopardy type of game, to .io/other games with everyone in the region online asked to come and join us, and etc.

I will also have the Culture Ministry officially encompass all graphics relating to regional affairs and government. It will want our regional members want to join Culture just to be involved.

Culture will handle both entrainment and roleplay. Making it an one stop ministry shop type of ministry. :P

Alternative route
Alternatively, I could break up Culture into two new ministries. Making having another Minister exist. I will consider this idea too but I mainly think that a mega-ministry is best. Iím open to all thoughts, though.

RolePlay reform
When I become Prime Minister, I will officially establish a Cartography staff and work with the Minister to form a ďWorldbuilding GuidesĒ team and expand our ďRolePlay ModerationĒ. I also think we should integrate our Roleplay into a mega Roleplay with another region. We tried that with Tatenda but never officially got released. I think having a mega roleplay map will lead to more roleplayers, bigger culture staff, and more room on the map (essentially a bigger map.)

Potential Minister
I think keeping Toer as Culture Minister is a wise option. Alternatively, other opinions could include Sho, Marit, and Rocky (if he hasnít the President.) I am open to other candidates, though!

Quick note
I wonít be releasing my full intelligence platform because of reasons. Weíre an intelligence ministry after all. :P But, I will disclose as much as I legally am able to.

Intelligence Pact
As I said, I canít disclose everything. But I will look into forming an intelligence corporation pact with one of our embassy regions. We attempted to make one with Tatenda but never got off the ground. Thatís all Iíll say.

Covert Operations Reform
The Ministry of Intelligence has a major issue with it comes to covert operations. I will work with the Minister to allow covert operations, but only with both Minister and PM approval and pose tons of rules when it comes to covert operations. I donít like the idea of covert ops. Especially since we havenít been the most resourceful when it came to considering them. But they might be helpful one day.

Confirmed Minister nomination
I will be keeping Bad as the Minister of Intelligence. As his Deputy, we have worked to slowly expand the ministry at the size required and helped promote security.

Row Lists
This is something I tried to establish back in the old days of Pacifica and even then-Prime Minister Wymond liked it. I will create ďinterior templatesĒ for Home Affairs ministry members to use. Then, in a channel, I will post a list of rows of nations you need to telegram. Each row will include 8 nations (the Max you can technically telegram without stamps.) Then, ministry members will claim a group of rows and will telegram those nations with the template.

I will release a full guide within due time and I will work with the Minister to make the templates. The templates will include ďJoin the World Assembly and endorse the DelegateĒ, ďjoin the civil serviceĒ, etc. You get the idea.

Regional Mentors
I will formally make a regional mentorship team. Every time a new nation comes to Thalassia, whether recruited, randomly found out about us, or found out by us by embassies or Pacifica, I or the Minister will assign a mentor to that person. They will telegram the new nation a template with information and every couple days for one month will continue being TGíd as a check up unless they asked to not get the telegrams anymore.

Gameside Moderation
I will remake the Gameside Moderation team. It will be timezone based. They will moderate the RMB with the Ministers and will promote government updates, events, etc.

Thalassia Republican Armanda?
Again, before anyone jumps to conclusions, this is only a consideration. Most likely this wonít happen, or at least under my term. But it will be considered.

Now, I might consider making a R/Ding military. The catch? It will be liberation/defender only if made. Iím a raider myself as an officer and Captain of the North Pacific Army. But, I donít think we should become a raider region. As a wise person once said, we donít want to align ourselves with the ideology of the region which exiled residents of St Abbaddon and caused the official start of Pacifica.

For example, if we have embassies with regions with executive delegates, we can help them in their Delegate transitions. We could act as ďfendasĒ and stop raiders from tagging small regions. Finally, we could in general assist in piles. But in no way should we become a raider army.

This is somewhat more of a Presidential issue so if we do try and make a TRA, I will discuss it with the Cabinet and President.

Potential Minister
I will considering either keeping Wymond as Minister or making The Giled Star the Minister.

Regional Newspaper
I want to work on forming an official regional newspaper. It will be done on images but I think also making a word-transcript one also works. Just put it in the spoiler with the newspaper article with images. Other than that, thereís not much I can expand upon in that area.

Press Secretary
I will establish the office of the Press Secretary. Every few days or every time I, the President, or the Cabinet announces a regional change, the Press Secretary will announce a region-wide telegram to all of the nationís of the change and link a dispatch of the change and press release.

Radio Broadcast
I think itís best if we form a regional radio broadcast network with Mixerr or another program. It will be a very interesting concept to implement. It can be used for getting Thalassia out there. The North Pacific does this and so does Europeia and they do very well. We may aswell dip into this field, too. It can also expand Information greatly.

Potential Minister
I am divided on making either Czech or Wisk my minister nominee. Both are very talented writers. I am open to other candidates, though.

The new ministry
To keep Thalassia running, we must grow! I am announcing that I will propose a Constitutional Amendment to have a mandatory recruitment ministry. Itís not mandatory to add a proposed ministry to the Constitution to become a Ministry but I want it to be a permanent Ministry for all PM leaderships. Itís needed to survive and grow.

Recruiter strategy
All ministry members will be added to the official recruiters list. Every 12 hours or every day, I will work with the Minister to have ministry members send out very informative and very attractive telegrams (you can have your own custom ones with Minister or mine approval) saying why you should join Thalassia.

They will send out telegrams the same way Home Affairs will do it. We will also have a row system. I can explain more at another time.

Bringing back the old guard
I like having new blood, but Thalassia needs itís old members back. I will work with the Recruitment Minister and a group of members if needed to recruit old members back one at a time.

Potential Minister
I am open to applications for Minister if elected.

Deputy Prime Minister
I will appoint the first Deputy PM upon my election. It will be one of the Cabinet ministers I trust. I wonít say who will be my Deputy PM until I confirm my full Cabinet, whether during or after the election.

Their only job is to be my main advisor, my back up in my absence, and to Chair cabinet meetings. Thatís right, I will be delegating meeting chairship to my Deputy. It will be similar to how the irl U.S. Vice President is the President of the Senate.

Chief of Staff
Probably my highest civil advisor will be the Chief of Staff job I am forming is to just be my main advisor excluding the Deputy PM and to schedule Cabinet meetings and Prime Minister questions. They most likely will be someone who used to be a long time Minister, former President/PM, or even a non governmental official thatís very active and someone I can trust.

Advisory Board
I will be forming an official advisory board. They most likely will be either very active residents or former ministers. They will advise me and the Cabinet on how to run this Administration.

Community Discord
Iím very wary on making a new community discord. The only reason why our government discord is safe is because itís private. Plus, we have proven to be a very active community onsite community instead of off site.

If people have any inquiries, I will make an official onsite pinned list of contacts or put the list of contacts in the welcome dispatch. It will include my and the ministersí discord contacts and maybe even Skype contacts if any of you still use Skype. :P

But anyways, I personally donít support bringing back the community discord. But once we get 200 or 300 members, become more active, more people ask for a community discord, and we can work on a new security system, then I might consider a community discord. But at the moment I donít support bringing it back and not a main worry at the moment.

Also, you can read my full stance on socializing the Government discord here.

I will add more to my platform over time. I am open to all suggestions and willing to compromise.

If you support this campaign, make this campaign banner your temporary nation banner:

Read dispatch

There might be a few grammar mistakes. I will be fixing those over the next day or two, so donít worry. Iím open to all ideas and inquires.
Edit: Oopsies. I didnít merge Intel and Home Affairs when making this. Oh well. I separate them because making them one large one would be difficult.

Cormactopia Prime wrote:Additionally, I nominate Badivermeraed for Prime Minister.

Sorry bout that, was trying to respond 😅. Anyways, I'll need to think about it, as I must say I don't think I'm ready yet. I am honored by your nomination, however.
Additionally, I will be leaving notes for the first MoS, and I'm sure Wymondham will be as well.

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