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Election 2020: Kuriko 20.3%, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 18.8%, McMasterdonia 8.9%, Caelapes 8.0%, Jocospor 6.5%, The Bigtopia 4.9%, Valentine Z 4.5%, The Salaxalans 2.3%, Giovanniland 2.2%, Auralia 2.0%, Dekks 1.6%

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Brother you can just edit messages

Indian Genius wrote:Indian Genius takes back its name for the PM election. I can't fight in the PM elections anymore because, right now, I am typing with only one hand because my other hand has been severely injured by broken-window-glass pieces of my car because of an accident. I tried to protect my head with one hand when the accident occurred. So, I don't know when I will be completely active again. One of my friends also have been severely injured, in the brain. And, I also quit from the Unity Party chairmanship. I will be a member of the Unity Party though, and there will be an election between my two deputies, Duras and Zon island. And, I endorse Korsinia for this PM election.

Terentiland, please note that.

Oh no! Have a speedy recovery and I wish you all the best.

I am so confused, what is happening?

Androxidus wrote:I am so confused, what is happening?

Take a look back a page or two.

Zanaana wrote:They will soon I hope

It's never really been necessary because anyone who wants to submit a bill can usually find a member of Congress willing to sponsor it. It would only be relevant if there was some issue that a lot of members of public were concerned about but Congress was choosing to ignore. This has never happened because Congress is usually very receptive to the concerns of the people (not surprising, given they rely on them to be re-elected). It would only likely be an issue if we had a corrupt majority ruling Congress who were deliberately suppressing certain bills. Fortunately that's never happened, so we've not had to worry and the petitions system has never had to be used.

On this trail of thought, I would like to propose a bill to take some power away from the Speaker/Chairman when it comes to agenda setting. At the moment, they have total control over which bills are brought to the floor for debate. Opposition MPs/Senators and even backbenchers from the ruling coalition should be able to influence this. Definitely something I'll work on if you guys elect me to the Senate!

Brototh wrote:Brother you can just edit messages

I've noticed brother

Korsinia wrote:Diz my boi
I'm a registered sex offender 😎


Saint Alban Islands wrote:Don‘t trust the issue where your nation produces superior meat that capitalists from other nations want to exploit guys...

I accidentally banned meat

Damn Capitalists.


This is fake news!

The Absolute Jerks of
NationStates Moderators: Korsinia warned for being a sex offender
seconds ago

Brototh wrote:The Absolute Jerks of
NationStates Moderators: Korsinia warned for being a sex offender
seconds ago

Mods possess no humor

=> Booo! ⚜

Elections are near and two candidates are running for the Presidency. I'm running on the basis of reforming the executive, redefining the political gameplay, bringing more fun to this Thaecia game and of course, opposing bad things like everyone. My campaign is listed down below. If you have any question/critic/comment/whatever, I'm only one TG/Discord DM away! And of course, remember to vote for me (or Titanne, but more me) #Avance #TeamIslonia #AvanceWithIslonia #IsloniaPourLaPrésidence !

Islonia for President

Some words
Most of you already know me. Either as Roleplay Secretary, Associate Justice, Member of any of the Thaecian Ministries or just little rant guy. I'm Islonia, here since March-April 2019. I've stood for a long time outside Thaecian Politics, joining the dramas and RMB fires to either stop them or point some facts that seemed completly idiotic and impossible for a healthy democracy this region wishes to achieve.
I am and will be an independent in this region for long, as I see the need for political parties useless because of how they function and how this democracy gives them a place. I openly and several times said I hate the idea of a political party. And here I am, standing as a candidate for the Thaecian Presidency! 🙂
Campaign Platform


I'm running on several points that are important to me and my partners. Some are important reforms I'd like to keep to a certain moment if I win this election. But I hope I will be able to make all of them pass. If not, you'll see me running for another term. :P

1. Removing the official recognition of Political Parties. I define a political party as a group of people centered around a similar view on various subjects. Problem is that political parties now Represent more themselves than the citizens (In general). Here in Thaecia, we fixed this by going back on Individual Voting. Problem is that the Executive still has the power to recognize or not a political party as an arbitrary tradition. This is not the PM or the President's job to recognize any group as a political party. The only person that can recognize political parties in the Electoral Commissioner for its fancy graphics during elections. Because don't say you don't like Terentius' pictures or I personally take a trip to your home and remove your nation.

Political parties may exist, but they must be independent of government. This means that the political affiliation of all members of the executive must be removed from the government factbook and the "List of Political Parties" must be deleted. The only person who has the right to recognize a group as a political party is the electoral commissioner.

The executive exists to keep the region running, growing and having fun. Its work is not based on a specific ideology, but on a mix of ideas from all sides. On the contrary, the legislature has a myriad of ideologies fighting over which law and why it is good or not for the region.

2. Removing the WA Center & the President Office Staffs. The WA Centre and the staff of the President's Office were established by Xernon as the presidential administration and were entrusted with several tasks. Both of these programs died under Xernon's inactivity. And, since I have my own idea of the presidential administration that will be explained under this paragraph, I do not intend to keep the old system set up by our President.

3. Merging the Prime Minister and President's Administration. I do not see the point of the Prime Minister and the President, two executive posts acting as Head of Government and Head of State, having different administrations. Of course, the President is in charge of the affairs of the WA, but this can be done by a sub-section of the same administration. Furthermore, we need a united executive and not two "governments" acting as the executive. Because at present, the Prime Minister and the President are only what we criticize the bicameral legislature for.

4. Reforming the Executive into a Semi-Presidential / Presidential System. It's a sensitive issue. Be sure to read it several times if necessary.

I want to reform the executive into a system where the president has more power. Because at present our President with few sovereign powers, we could compare this position with that of the President of Germany. Apart from that, it is a symbolic position with influence and respect. That is all.
That's why I want to change our executive system in two (or more, our working group has just thought about it, so it's a new idea subject to change) possibilities :

- A semi-presidential system: The president is elected, and the prime minister will be chosen by the president and then confirmed by Congress. This is a variation of the French S-P system where the President chooses the Prime Minister by a majority of Congress, which we cannot do here because of our bicameral system where our two chambers have very similar functions and powers.

- A presidential system: The President and the Prime Minister are elected on the basis of a ticket. This means that instead of having two elections, we only have two in one.

In both systems, the President accepts/rejects the ministerial appointments of the Prime Minister, has the power to appoint judges and represents Thaecia internationally as a true head of state.

5. Opposition to Interregional Organisations. Interregional organizations are not something Thaecia is interested in. After the failure of the AoR and the current thinking on interregional organizations, I hardly see the region joining another type of organization like this one. However, I do support embassies that communicate with the regions, that have people we know or with whom we have cultural and historical ties. For the same reason, I am opposed to the idea of "friendship treaties", which I find silly. If you want a region to be your friend, all you have to do is exchange cultures and organize events together. The Force& N-Day are perfect examples of this.


It takes time to debate a law. To read and debate its amendments, to vote on it. Sometimes Congress can spend a lot of time on a single bill for a number of reasons. That's normal, we need time to make sure we have the best possible bill before we vote on it. Our Congress is not fast and usually because one chamber is much faster than the other. We have seen this many times before.
A Legislative Commissions is a commission created to read and debate all proposed amendments to the law before the law itself passes through a chamber. This can lead to debates where the amendment is either discarded, modified or remains unchanged.

The way I think it would work is that 3-4 members of the Chamber come together and discuss the amendments and the law itself. If they wish, they could be joined by citizens who would like to have a say in this legislation. At the end of the discussion, one of those present will act as rapporteur and will give the chamber debating the said law a brief summary of the discussion between the parties.

Therefore, the chamber debating this law will obtain any consensus-amendment or agreement between the partners before debating it. Citizens will even be able to express their ideas if any of them wish to participate in the discussion. In this way, the legislator will take less time to debate on NationStates (which takes a lot of time) something debated before the session.

The commissions would meet on discord in a channel that every resident can see but where only commission members can speak.

7. Terentiland for the Electoral Commission. Our current electoral commissioner has proven his ability to manage our elections. It is a job he has done to perfection. I am pretty sure that the majority of citizens agree with this appointment, so I do not need to explain this argument any further. :)

My Working Group

Islonia's working group walking down the street

These are the people I worked with for my platform and ideas. I'd like to thank them for accepting to work together to find policies for the future of our region!

Special Mentions to these two who went AFK but are in the group:

And Special Special Mention to Terentiland for the grammar & wording.

Why am-I running?
Thaecia needs an active president. Whoever he is. However, we can't have anyone as president. The presidency is an influential and respected position in Thaecia. Because of its lack of sovereign powers, it has a tiny and huge range of functions that it can have, which means that it depends only on what the elected individual wishes to do. I wish to be a president who will work closely with the Prime Minister's administration, which will not hesitate to crack down on any poisonous politics as I have done in the past. I hope to represent Thaecia internationally as I have done in the past in a private capacity. Finally, I wish to revive the aggressive recruitment program that we had in the past; but, in order to do so, I will need your help.

Why choosing these reforms?
NationStates is a game. That means we're supposed to have fun playing it. Keep doing the same thing and you'll find the game boring. That's why I'm not against unicameralism and even for it. We have tested bicameralism, so why not try unicameralism? Same system for the executive. We have tested an elected PM and president, so why not try something new?

Read factbook

✂ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

=> Islonia & Co's Regional Census: Results

Saint Ryvern, Aexodius, Korsinia, The Bigtopia & I made this census to know more about the region's residents on both NationStates & IRL. We thank everyone who participated in this Census and hope that even more will in the future one! In this Google Slide, a missclick that I kept as an answer was made an easter egg. Will you be able to find it? 😋

Here it is:

News from the CM:

First off before we start off today I would like to announce that I am making a CM sponsored and ran news station called the Culture Ministry News Network, purely for announcements of CM Related activities and More! I am also personally running the VAN (Vessel of Actual News). This is where we take serious and in depth article of political power holes in Thaecia that dismantles the entire thing not. So Yeah a CMNN and a VAN Factbook will be made later tonight (CST).

ALSO, to those who didn't reply to my TG that is essentially a 5 question Interview do it before Tomorrow at 9:00pm. Applications are also open until 9:00pm TODAY. so be sure you apply if you are interested!

Finally, The Stadium will be finished this weekend, if anyone sent a puppet state to the Stadium manager be sure to do so and contact the manager.

That wraps up today's News report! I will keep you all posted about future ideas! See y'all and talk to y'all later!

Zanaana wrote:Mods possess no humor

They need to be serious as many would say, lol.

just found out how to use nationstates in my nintendo switch, I feel like a pro now

Cerdenia wrote:just found out how to use nationstates in my nintendo switch, I feel like a pro now

The future is here

Also go ahead and endorse me please.

Hulldom wrote:Also go ahead and endorse me please.


Cerdenia wrote:just found out how to use nationstates in my nintendo switch, I feel like a pro now

Still waiting for that NS Mobile App.

Hulldom wrote:Still waiting for that NS Mobile App.

Ooh I have a trick for that (iOS only):

1. Hit the upload / options button (the one you’d use to text the website to someone)

2. Scroll until you see “add to home screen”

3. Click

4. Give it a name, like “NS” or “NationStates”

5. Voila, it appears on your mobile device so home screen immediately!

Titanne wrote:Ooh I have a trick for that (iOS only):

1. Hit the upload / options button (the one you’d use to text the website to someone)

2. Scroll until you see “add to home screen”

3. Click

4. Give it a name, like “NS” or “NationStates”

5. Voila, it appears on your mobile device so home screen immediately!

Now, to get the youngs interested.

Hulldom wrote:Now, to get the youngs interested.


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