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I think my last mid-term was in 1989 :)

'89 Really? We think you meant '79 oldtimer! ¦ž

New american nations

im against the CPS act one im the friendly dictator of my ppl so no go:)

**** New WA Resolution Notification *****

There is currently a new General Assembly Resolution at vote. When expressing your opinion, please note which Resolution it is for. And remember Texans, your individual vote does count!

The new Resolution is called:
"Consumer Product Safety
A resolution to reduce income inequality and increase basic welfare.

Category: Social Justice Strength: Mild Proposed by: Cool Egg Sandwich

Description: The World Assembly,

ACKNOWLEDGING that a predominant role of this body is"...

<see WA for full text>

And, the Repeals are taking a break, so we get to decide if we want the World Assembly guaranteeing protection from consumer products or whether we leave that up to ourselves. This one, despite being labeled "Mild" in strength, seems to be pretty strong governing not only imports, but exports as well. The NewTexas Incendiary Corp's EZ-Bake Home Flamethrower would definitely never make it out of our nation to eager consumers around The World ever again. The question is, do we want to give the WA the right to regulate our imports and exports? We are a very supply-and-demand-oriented nation made up of many mega-corporations united to form a nation (hence the "Incorporated NationStates of NewTexas designation). Imports and exports are our lifeblood. We do not think we can let the WA get away with this one. NewTexas will go on record as AGAINST on this Resolution. This is only the opinion of NewTexas. We look forward to other Texans' opinions and comments on this Resolution. If good arguments to the contrary are made, we will reconsider our position.

The Texas response rate was way up again on the last GA vote [Repeal "Space Research Station Program"], which passed easily with 70.75% of the vote. As a reminder, all we are looking for is a simple 10% of Texans to say one way or another. We are a force for change in the WA. Every vote counts! There were 12 opinions expressed on the last Resolution with the final Texas tally running 7 FOR and 5 AGAINST and 0 ABSTAIN and 0 UNDECIDED. Like the last one, Texans were totally split on that one.

NewTexas is open to suggestions on how we should vote on this Resolution to most accurately reflect opinion of the populace. All comments are welcome from all nations, both WA Members as well as those who are not. *As always, the WA Delegate vote will be based on popular opinion.*

Please make your voice heard on the current issue either on this message board or on our offsite message board. But, by all means, please vote on the WA Page!

If you would like to take part in shaping the world you live in, please vote. Voting is a right and a privilege, please consider using it.

All WA Member nations please vote. Please make your opinions known by 11:00pm Sunday as voting ends at 11:00pm Texas Time on Monday the 7th. Current voting in The World is running - Votes FOR: 2097 Votes AGAINST: 1059

Big Tex

PS: Don't forget to vote!

DEFINES an “unsafe consumer product” as any consumer product that can pose a fire, electrical, chemical, or mechanical hazard or can injure a consumer while used properly and according to age / training / safety requirements;

Ummm... as Tex said a flamethrower could potentially be banned due to this resolution as could most weapons.




Cerberion minor

Glad I popped in for a view of Texas. I'd been viewing this as purely a method of keeping folks safe, but now that I re-read it it could certainly be used to ban items which are intended to harm.

*runs off to change vote*

"We think you meant '79 oldtimer!"

I was a "gradual" student for a long time. After I squeezed four years as an undergrad into seven!

Against the resolution.

Homo sapien sapiens

I seceded from region: the United States
And joined Texas

We will throw up a Texas Pancake Buffet today for your Texas Breakfast pleasure compliments of the Texas House of Pancakes. All pancakes are made to order - flying saucer size, silver dollar size, blueberry, apple, strawberry, chocolate chip, whole wheat, bran, granola, pecan, walnut and the new butterscotch chip. Also, for the internationally-inclined, we have crepes, blintzes, crespelle, pannenkoeken, lettu and a Texas favorite - French Toast made with Texas Toast. As a public service reminder, THOP wishes to remind all that Texas is still bigger than France. You can wash it all down with free, hot, black Texas coffee. The Never Ending Urn of Coffee is officially full and ready. Come on down and and get a short stack or a full stack of some great pancakes. You know you want to!

***** Texas Election Reminder *****

In Texas Election News, First Quarter 2011 Texas Elections Nominations Week are winding down. Speech & Campaign Week starts Sunday, March 6, 2011 at High Noon Texas Time (GMT -6). So you only have about 1¼ days if you have any more Texans to nominate for the Texas Government Cabinet and Texas Representative Council positions. If you would like to make some Constitutional Amendments, Repeals to offer and or would like to propose new Articles, then you have until Sunday, March 13th! Or, if you just have questions on how this works, there is a link to the forum at the top of this page and a link to more information at the top of the page on the offsite forum! Just to be clear: Let's go Texas! Speech & Campaign Week begins SUNDAY, shortly after noon. Get out there and Nominate some fellow Texans, nominate yourself, nominate your neighbor, see if you are nominated or make changes to the Constitution. Threads are up and waiting!

***** Texas Chat Reminder *****

The Texas Weekly Chat Session will be Saturday (TODAY) at High Noon Texas Time (CDT) ***Saturday*** in the Chat Forum on the offsite forum. If you are already registered, just show up! (reason #12 to register). This is a great opportunity for nations new to Texas to find out what is going on! We chat, we debate, we talk about the weather, we talk about stuff we like, stuff we hate, random stuff and more stuff. But, it is never stuffy. Sometimes we talk about the World Assembly, but not often. Usually, it is about meeting your fellow Texans. Sometimes we talk about the latest and most interesting stuff in NationStates at the moment. Some things we could talk about are the Texas Defense Forces, the Texas Ambassador Corps, Texas Sports, the Texas Zoo, the Texas Land Commission, the Texas Representative Council, the Texas Store, and the Texas Elections. Those topics don't come up often, but could. General gossip is a popular topic. So, if you want to see what is up in general, chat about Texas, find out secret stuff or just have fun, come on down and check it out! 328 weeks and running! We are open to talking about practically anything. You should come on down. You can meet your fellow nations, both old and new. Texas's Chat! Check it out! Good stuff! For the forum, head on over: There is also a link at the top of the front page while Chat is active.

Today's Topics, brought to you by the Letters SS, may include:
Assassin - Just another job or Double S bliss?
Eelgrass - Vital member of the ecosystem or boating nuisance?
Expressionlessness - Wow, three sets - doesn't that just leave you, well, expressionless?
Glasses - What is your first thought on that term - drinking receptacle or eyewear?

South greenspoint

Why do the yayhoos in this game think that every little aspect of daily life and national government needs an INTERNATIONAL WA issued piece of legislation???

I really should propose new legislation: mandatory soft cheese fights at the WA, on Fridays, at 3 PM PST.

I'd vote for that resolution. Problem is it would never reach Queue.

LOL! We got the "Color" Easter Egg issue for changing our nation name yesterday! Who says the only good redneck is a dead redneck now? ;>

Ripened cheeses or fresh? You only need 65 delegates to approve cheese fights, it should be doable. Dealing with the "the WA is a serious thing" crowd is another matter. One of the argumemnts would be using a real time zone is branding.

***** State of The Region Address *****

March 6, 2011

Greetings Citizens of Texas!

It is our great pleasure to announce that the nomination process is over for the First Quarter 2011 Texas Elections. The following is the slate the new Government of Texas. This week will be a time for candidates to campaign, debate and make speeches on the offsite forum. Next Sunday we will begin the elections. Join all the fun on the offsite forum at: Election Notes are in that forum as well.

There is another light slate of candidates this quarter. All of the incumbents are running again with the exception of Secretary of State. First time candidate, A Mysterious Vagabond, is up uncontested for this vital Cabinet position. The office of the VP of Texas is between a couple of perennial powerhouses of Texas politics. In a strange twist, the SecDef nominated himself a couple of opponents at the Eleventh Hour - simply competitive or cocky? Only time will tell. The Office of the Secretary of Health has been reopened with Maryginia making a pitch to Texans for the need to reopen it. Unlike previous Elections where that pesky No Confidence only ran in uncontested races, they will be running in every race from now on. This will eliminate having to "settle on" candidates. There was a very light turnout for Nominations Week.

We have a nice slate for Texas Representative Council! There are 18 nominees for 10 positions! A well-drafted speech, a small pot of gold or well-placed sling of mud may make it or break it for a couple of these candidates. It will be good! Texas salutes all our Secretaries and Representatives!

Congratulations to all the Candidates!

President (non-elected)

Vice President
Richard I

Secretary of State
A mysterious vagabond

Secretary of Defense
Richard I
Independent Planets

Secretary of WA Affairs
Cielos negros

Secretary of Space

Secretary of Health

Texas Representative Council (10 to be elected)
A mysterious vagabond
Crazy hell for war
Darth Kermit
Eric the first
Gig em Aggies
Independent Planets
Mimes guild
No tv and no beer
Ole Dixieland
Thessadorian catgirls
Wolf macleod

Let the Speeches and Campaigns begin!

Long Live The Great Region of Texas!

Big Tex
President of Texas

After a good year a horrible event happens, Asian carp invade your rivers!

The Texan ecosystem is being destroyed, all rivers are home to the infamous fish! You must choose what to do!

(Please i am spreading awareness of this issue.)

Why you little...

That my flag son.

Bearistotle and hebert

Dropping off kingcake and cafe au lait to celebrate the Mardi Gras season!

The Klingons declared tribbles an economic menace and hunted them almost to extinction. I'm sure we can get them to hunt the Asian carp in a similar fashion.

You attempt hunting, but there are too many and people are dyeing from the fish flying out of the water at break neck speeds, ironically breaking their necks.

You must decide again, the situation is escalating into a regional disaster.

I doubt there are too many, the Tribbles are more prolific breeders than any other creature we have yet to encounter.

Either way, freezing the rivers should get rid of the carp.

New american nations

Nice my gdp is going up and tax going down......

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