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Post by Cordonshur suppressed by Oksadya.

Updates From The Third Russian Civil War:
ⓘ at this point in time we can give no clear messages on whether or not these reports are true, and many may be rumor's.

Western Russia:
- videos have emerged of forces loyal to the National Duma and Anadyr Taboritsky gunning down civilians in the Penza Oblast. remains unconfirmed, but the uniforms and patches point towards this being true.
- as the civil war enters into its first weeks, it is clear that splinter groups of the Russian General Staff, combined with a myriad of student groups have professed their support to Yury Belyaev, the opposition activist and former foreign affairs minister in hiding in the middle east. elements of mechanized forces move through moscow and towards the growing frontline against Taboritsky.
- Leninist forces in Perm and Syktyvkar have overrun the local garrisons, proclaiming a socialist republic.

The Urals:
-forces of the Homeland Front have descended from the Urals, taking much of Tomsk and Western Siberia to little resistance as it seems, with videos of Russian forces surrendering and defecting en masse. the democratic rebels have received much needed mechanized equipment but lacks any form of training or extended fuel supplies.

Artic Russia
-the armed wings of the National Duma and the Secret Police led by the open Esoteric Nazi Alexy Spiridonov have seemingly completely taken the Nenets region, with their base of operations at the former gulag city of Vorkuta.

in other news, Leninist forces are engaging in a brutal street fight in Vladivostok and Tsedenbal Khorloogiin has declared a neutral state in Magadan.

Great korean empire, Yaamitan, Thelaria and tiberia, and Union Australasia

Post by Islahh suppressed by Oksadya.

Baghdad, Ministry of Propaganda

Convention organized by government in a small market for a speech to be given by Khaled Al-Asad's spouse

Rayhanna Waleed (Minister of Propaganda):Good morning and may Allah bless you all. Most of you may wonder where your fathers, Sons and brothers are being sent to, I'm here to comfort you, And to get you to understand this crucial moment in Iraqi history. Perhaps even the *most* crucial in the last 50 years. You see.. This all began a few months ago when rumors were heard of the Russian government committing atrocities against our brothers and sisters, The Christians. While we hid this information to not panic you and hoping it was false, But further evidence was presented and other nations have taken notice. That is why Al-Asad, Your fearless leader has decided that enough is enough, It is our duty given to us from Allah to protect everyone and anyone from any oppressiveness. It is our mission. It is our destiny. This disgusting act has been directed and controlled by an individual Taboritsky. A vile pathetic excuse of a human being, Which will be brought to justice swiftly and soon. His time is limited on this earth and he shall no longer taint it with his presence. This is why we have now moved a motion to allow our women to serve by volunteering, So i must implore you, If you are able bodied, Join the cause of a permanent Jihad.

The crowds begin cheering and chanting in favor of the possible upcoming war. The propaganda ministry begins airing military adverts and other anti-russian propaganda videos while spreading posters all over Iraq with "Join the cause!" written on it with Khaled Al-Asad in the background.

Military Transfer, Cross into Don and Volga River

12 Infantry divisions

4 Armor Divisions

Helicopter brigade (Attack & Support)


Total Infantry D: 18

Total Tank D: 7

Republican Guard: 3

Engineer company

Total Military Personnel: 450,000 Active/ 40,000 Reserve

Cordonshur, Yaamitan, Thelaria and tiberia, and Union Australasia

Post by Islahh suppressed by Oksadya.

Mosul Grand Mosque

When Iraq was crippled by global embargoes after the invasion of Kuwait, The construction of the biggest Mosque in Iraq was halted, Now after some decades and the country is enjoying a new age of economic wealth, Construction has been given a grant to continue and even enlarge it to be bigger than planned before. It is to be renamed "The Peoples' Mosque" and is expected to be finished in 1 year.

Post by Iranian Commonwealths suppressed by Oksadya.

One large Step

3 Days ago Iran held its first-ever fully democratic Elections.
Hundreds of thousands of voters filled the streets of Tehran.
At least 400-and-still-counting have been reported dead in the trampling events.


73% -Irani Peoples' Leauge (A movement based on the Idea That Iran and its people should be a priority above foreign Allies and Nations)
15% -Peoples' Federation of Iran (A group that believe all groups big and small should have a say in the nation, Unity and Justice they say)
10% -Unitary Iran (A movement that merges around the Idea Iran should become a 'Melting Pot' a mix and a perfect blend of people and race)
2%- Irani Republic (A group that wants for a more open and less government-controlled State, they believe the people have more a say than the leaders)

With the victory of the IPA We introduce the new leader of Iran; Bedisa Kapanadze, she's an optimistic leader, entire family originates from Georgia, believes that Iran has for far too long leeched on foreign nations to further her development, she now furthers for the more 'Independent' Iran and has ordered her attack on Russian Separatist groups.

Border Forces have extended their boundary of defense and will enter Russia on the Orders of Bedisa.

Irani Expeditionary Forces:
T-72 S (Tank)
BMP-2 (Anti-Infantry)
BTR-60 (Armoured Personnel Carrier)
2S1 Gvozdika (Self-Propelled Artillery)
Fajr-3 (Rocket System)
Shaher (Anti-Material Rifle)
Ak-103 (Assault Rifle)

At the Ready:
Fateh-110 (Ballistic Missile)
Noor (Anti-Ship Missile)
HESA Shahed (Light Helicopter)
Hamaseh (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

Troops (Active):
Troops (Reserve):

Vehicles (Active):

120 (Tanks)
310 (Anti-Infantry)
570 (Armoured Personnel Carrier)
15 (Self Propelled Artillery)
97 (Rocket Systems)

Vehicles (Reserve):
2,500 (Ballistic Missile Lauchers)
55 (Anti-Ship Missiles)
40 (Light Helicopters)
25 (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

The troops have begun to take transportation Through Yaamitan into Georgia.

Tag(s): Yaamitan, Cordonshur, and Great korean empire

Great korean empire, Cordonshur, Yaamitan, Thelaria and tiberia, and 2 othersIslahh, and Union Australasia

Post by Cordonshur suppressed by Oksadya.

Updates From The Third Russian Civil War: Second Update
ⓘ many of these points may be false, rumor's or otherwise biased information. do not take everything as fact on the current situation.

- Tsedenbal Khorloogiin has reportedly seized large parts of the russian far east, and is openly waging war against the Leninist revolutionaries of Vladivostok and Primorsky Krai. this rapid and sudden bloating in size is suspected to be the result of the mass use of helicopters in conjuction with light mechanized forces alongside the large amount of mercenaries, led by Second Civil War veteran and mercenary legend Andries Robert Hertzog

- forces under the banner of General Spiridonov seize Ukhta and seem en route to put down the communist uprising in Syktyvar. he has also led numerous armored spearheads into Yamalo Nenets, receiving masses of deserting and surrendering garrisons.

- forces loyal to exiled minister Belyaev have achieved minor victories in clashes with the National Duma led by Taboritsky. he has not skirmished with General Spiridonov and there is leaked evidence pointing to the fact that Lt. General Chukovsky (in place of Belyaev) has met with Spiridonov, and have possibly agreed to a ceasefire, which length is unbeknown to us.

- Taboritsky is pressed on all fronts, having to pull back against Belyaev. he has managed to encircle a large pocket of leninist vanguard forces. he is also engaged in a heavily armed staring contest with the intervention forces from the MESDP, whom he denouces as an "invasion of Russia," which was "clearly a premeditated conspiracy to attack the Russian people while we had our backs turned in order to get their dirty hands on our oil fields.". he promises "that with one step over the rivers Don and Volga" will come "swift and crushing strikes"

- 'Svobodnyye Russikye' have integrated a rouge tank division into their forces, pressing north into Yamalo-Nenets. The Politburo have stressed their concern regarding the one eyed fascist menace of General Spiridonov. they also promised to take in any forces from the Leninist revolution in Syktyvar.

War Crimes have been extensively reported throughout this period. most of them fall onto General Spiridonov, whose blitz has left burning villages and looted cities behind them, with gas and oil stations and other fuel storages being strong armed (if not outright killed) into giving up their resources to fuel the demanding rampage, to which his fuel storages can barely keep up with.
Taboritsky has seemingly given up (for the time being) on Operation Skadi (the extermination of religion's, primarily Christianity). still, his forces have engaged in looting and have forced minorities into shackles. several mass graves have been discovered across his territory. Belyaev seemingly has no blood on his hands, but time will tell regarding that matter.

the middle-eastern intervention has been received well, with local administrators eager to cooperate with the military occupation. resistance is minimal, only stemming from nationalist groups stirred on by Taboritsky's militia, the Andrey Vlasov Brigades.

Great korean empire, Yaamitan, Thelaria and tiberia, Islahh, and 2 othersUnion Australasia, and Iranian Commonwealths

Post by Iranian Commonwealths suppressed by Oksadya.

Operation Rostov-on-Don & Volgograd

With the passing of time, Irani Troops will have reached The ranges of Georgia, The battalions would've begun splitting up to take on their new objectives.

Capture Volgograd and Seige Rostov.
With the help of a few major highways, Irani troops will leave humanitarian aid and begun opening 'safehouses' to ensure civilian protection.

10,000 men would been sent towards Rostov to block-off Russian Separatist from escape to Ukraine, and the other 23,000 would either have Orders to approach Volgograd or enlist the help of 'friendly' Separatist Groups willing to fight for their cause.
The operations will reach full-readyness, and will be able to launch on the 3rd of October.

Great korean empire and Yaamitan

Post by Cordonshur suppressed by Oksadya.

Updates From The Third Russian Civil War: Third Update
ⓘ many of these points may be false, rumor's or otherwise biased information. do not take everything as fact on the current situation.|

- The Buryat Mercenaries have completely taken over the Chita Republic, and are allegedly opting to be annexed by the Free State of Siberia in the coming months.

- The Forces of General Spiridonov seem poised to completely defeated the Leninists in Syktyvar, having taken the city, and now the tank fleet of Spiridonov violently roll across the country in order to pacify the rebellion. in other news, Spiridonov has disappeared from the public eye.

- The Pacific SSR also seem on the edge of defeat, with their lines routing at the advance of the highly mechanized Siberian mercenaries.

- MESDP involvement in the war are bearing little to no fruits, as Operation Rostov-on-Don & Volgograd has failed in a tactical loss for the MESDP, but strategically, Taboritsky cannot afford to keep his forces stuck in the south as Belyaev presses him to the north.

- Lt. General Chukovsky, the general who was the representative of Belyaev in Russia, has died in a surgical bombing strike. Taboritsky has claimed responsibility, calling it "a victory against the puppet of the effeminate liberal democracies of the west"

- The New Russian Republic has signed a friendship treaty with the Free State of Siberia for "a future of mutual co-operation and a fraternal comradeship."

Post by Iranian Commonwealths suppressed by Oksadya.

Operation 'Daylight'

After the horrid defeat of Operation Rostov-on-Don & Volgograd Iranian Generals and Military Advisors have been planing for a plausible Invasion route to threaten Volgograd and force for enemy forces to devote more attention Southward.

An invasion force has been planned around the area of The Gorgan gulf, a force of 20,000 Men and Women have planned to embark and land at Astrakhan and hold out for Heavy Military Vehicles to arrive.

Recruitment of Mercenaries and other Organizations have been enlisted by the Iranian Armed forces to avoid the recruitment of the Iranian Population.
Aerial Vehicles would and will assist in the attack on Volgograd and strain Enemy supply lines.

List of Equipment: Unknown

Post by Yaamitan suppressed by Oksadya.

Operation "Ruy Lopez"

The staring contest between Yaamese and Taboritsky's forces comes to an abrupt halt, by a series of air-strikes on AVB forces.

The Yaamese Army-corps Yerevan and Army-corps Karin conduct a large assault over the eastern side of the front.
No doubt, to secure a link with the Irani invasion further east.

Total men and equipment joining the operation:
88000 personnel
2331 BMP-3 IFVs
625 9K38 Igla MANPADs
441 2K22 Tunguska SPAAs
698 9M133 Kornet ATGMs
196 2S19 Msta-S SP-ARTs
2061 T90 MBTs
123 BTR-80 APCs
146 Ka-52 Attack HELOs
293 Mi-24 Attack HELOs
439 Mi-17 Multi-Role HELOs
48 Buk-M3 Ant-Air Missile systems
32 Gripen-E in air-superiority role.
60 Su-30 in swing role.
20 Su-25 in ground-support role.

Post by Free Keltia suppressed by Oksadya.

Free Keltia News and Radio

8pm news

"After the establishment of our government, and Prime Minister Ciarán O'Connell's revolutionairy message abroad,
masses of working people have taken to the streets across the British Isles.
From peaceful protests by students in Oxford and Leeds to a general strike, involving tens of thousands of workers in Birmingham, it seems that the Keltian call for change has been heard all over Britain."

Glasgow, Scotland:
Large crowds gathered in Glasgow wave Scottish flags while listening to a speech.
"Proud workers of Scotland! Now that our comrades in Keltia have liberated themselves from their English opressors, now it is time for us to follow in their footsteps. It is time for the rich and opressors to see what happens if you stand in the way of the united Scottish working class. So, comrades, do what must be done.
Do what must be done for our future. Do what must be done for our Scottish Socialist Republic"

London, England.
A mass of protesters stand on a bridge, stopped by militarised police.
After tensions rising, the police starts beating on the crowd with batons, leading to a massive riot.
By nightfall, barricades have erupted throughout the city.
Susan Williams, chairman of the London General Union gives a speech standing on a makeshift stage by a barricade.

"Friends, I know today has been hard for many of us. When I look around, I see wounds, bruises, bleeding faces. But that is not all I see. When I look into your eyes, I see fire. When I look at your hands, I see strenght. When I look into your hearts, I see pride. It is that fire, that strenght, that pride that those coppers can never beat out of us! So take care of your wounds, heal alongside eachother. Heal, so we may fight another day!"

"Similar events have occured all throughout the isles. Now that Minister of War, Cillian Byrne, has announced military aid for the English and Scottish revolutionaires, it is only a matter of time until this conflict unfolds into the liberation of Britain.

This has been Free Keltia News, goodnight."

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