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Cavenuya wrote:И вам тоже добра

Здравствуйте и добро пожаловать в talonia, вам нравится сайт до сих пор?


И вам тоже добра


Да, нравится

Cavenuya wrote:Да, нравится


Talonia cartographers


The Republic of Oskules

Oskules, officially known as the Republic of Oskules is a nation in the tundras and forests of northern Usea in Talonia. It was formed in 1449 AD as the Kingdom of Oskules by the Oskul peoples, who had been separated into different warring states for millennia. Oskules is divided into 15 provinces, which are in turn divided into 54 districts. Oskules is led by President Dina Ferhatović and Prime Minister Aleksandar Gavranić.

(much more information once Talopedia is released)


Post self-deleted by Astriya.

Talonia cartographers

Providing you with the latest world news

Terrorist organization attacks in Tarzinda!
The Al-Majd commerce centre situated in the city of Ancrya has been attacked by terrorists. The belligerents had disguised themselves as mall staff, planting multiple high-grade explosives around the centre before sweeping in with armed shooters. The horror arrived in episode bursts of chilling disbelief. Tarzindan authorities were able to lock the facility down, though they weren’t able to save the shoppers who were trapped in the mall. In total, 1,382 people were killed in the tragedy. The Tarzindan military is currently investigating the scene to find out more about the organization. The Talonia Sun extends its warmest condolences to those who lost their families.

Tension at the Pustynyan-Samepan border
Pustynya and Samepo, two nations who have historically been at each others’ throats, have had the tension between them escalated by a border skirmish. Allegedly, it was caused by border fences which had been incorrectly set up. Boris Kalasinov, a Pustynyan soldier who had lived to tell the tale, informed us: “We were arguing about the positions of the border because we were trying to set up guard posts. Someone threw a rock, which hit someone in the Samepan regiment. All hell was let loose after that.”

Attacks in Constanta!

Constanta, the capital city of Krijkhoek, has been attacked by multiple groups of armed militants. The town hall, West End shopping mall, and St. Kallen train station were all attacked, with bombs going off simultaneously as shooters clear off survivors.

“These attacks are suspiciously similar to those in Tarzinda. We were able to capture the terrorists alive, but they refuse to give us any information. I do not know how the coordination of these attacks slipped under our eyelids. I give my sincerest apologies to those to lost their loved ones,” says Constanta police chief Ruud-Jan van der Sar.

Following these events, surveillance cameras will be installed in major Astriyan cities and an additional force of police officers will begin patrolling the streets. Relations have been opened with Tarzinda to discuss a way to stop the terrorist organization from making any further advances.

Farokand, Oskules, Molovar, and Talonia cartographers

South nateraeldust

Molovarian Elections place Liberal Party in Control

This week, the Molovarian elections have taken place, with citizens of the nation voting for their next president, prime minister, and members of the Rodal. Elections have also taken place in all of the Autonomous Republics of Molovar.

Results have been released, and it is apparent that the Liberal Party of Molovar is the new ruling party. President Ivani Kaldarov and Prime Minister Sizova Larionova have been elected into office, and the Socialist Party, the former ruling party, has lost nearly all of its seats in the Rodal.

The first act passed during this party's reign has also taken place: the changing of the Molovarian flag back to its previous form.

Oskules and Talonia cartographers




Oskules and Voslavia


Lotoarea wrote:Hello


How do i get started?

Lotoarea wrote:How do i get started?

I recommend that you join the discord and make a claim on the map.

Talonia cartographers

Providing you with the latest world news

Coup d’etat in Southern Dataran
The government of the Republic of Southern Dataran has been forcibly removed from office and arrested today. The coup happened while the leader Ngô Thành Khiêm was on a diplomatic visit to Dalinovia. Analysts have deduced that the coup was motivated by years of widespread corruption and suppression of human rights. The new government, led by former Minister of Defense Chu Quốc Mạnh, shall be democratic and plans to eliminate all forms of corruption within the government. The Talonia Sun hopes that this promise will be kept.

Pustynyan forces were spotted crossing the Pustynyan-Samepan border today. Samepan forces opened fire on sight, starting a gunfight near the city of Yagublu. Pustynyan premier Aleksandar Sharkov has denied all allegations, ignoring the many videos local residents had taken of the battle with drones. Samepo is now appealing to the international community for assistance.

Astriya to militarize borders

Astriya, as a fellow democratic nation alongside Samepo, has decided to militarize its borders with Pustynya. The commander of the Astriyan army has not yet stated his intentions, though locals living near the border have seen military outposts being set up. Judging by how harsh the climate of Eastern Astriya is, they can’t be staying long.

Molovar announces support of Samepo

Molovar has announced its support of the nation of Samepo as fighting breaks out between Samepan and Pustynyan soldiers in border cities. Molovar will supply equipment to Samepo and has cut off all trade with Pustynya, encouraging the international community to do the same.

Molovarian president Ivani Kaldarov had this to say about the situation: “Molovar will not tolerate the surprise war started by Pustynya! Samepo’s sovereignty is being threatened here, for no clear reasoning whatsoever! Molovar will supply Samepo with Molovarian weapons and goods, and cut off Pustynya from valuable Molovarian trade until they retreat from Samepo and cease all hostilities.”

Welcome Calelaren


Revolts escalate in Alzand

The Alzandian people have long revolted against the Kingdom of Saltana’s rule over the region. However, recent revolts have escalated to a point not seen before in the region. Sultan Mazari El-Remira has ordered the Saltanan military to restore peace in the region. The military has since launched massive crackdowns on the protestors, injuring and killing many and only further escalating the riots.

Saltana announces support for Pustynya

Sultan Mazari El-Remira has announced his full support of Pustynya’s invasion of Samepo and has authorized the lease of Saltanan equipment to Pustynya and the ceasing of all trade with Samepo, cutting Samepo off from valuable Saltanan oil. Saltana’s motives are likely based off of tensions between Saltana and Tarzinda over the Hezzir Territory, as Samepo is an ally of Tarzinda.


Mass terrorist attacks uncovered to be Pustynyan
During a raid on a terrorist-held supermarket today in Misherabad, 3 terrorists were captured alive. 2 eventually succumbed to injuries sustained during the raid, but the survivor revealed that their operations were being funded by Pustynya in order to weaken Tarzinda.
Both Tarzinda and Astriya will now be declaring war on Pustynya, citing their actions.

Sound the horns of the rebellion
The Hezzir peoples, an ethnicity separate from the Tarzindans, have declared the Republic of Hezzir with the help of the Pustynyan terrorist organization. This may escalate the tensions between Tarzinda and Saltana and could be the powder keg to a world war.

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