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Soviet Democracy ● Советская Демократия
Founded March 2nd, 2018

1970. Spite between East and West is at boiling point. Disregard what actually happened. Now, you decide the history of the world.


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  • Elections for Premier and all Commissar positions have been scheduled for June 20th.

  • People's Soviet Act 3 is signed into law by the Chairman of the Executive Committee.

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Regional Power: High

Soviet Democracy contains 75 nations, the 224th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Average Incomes in Soviet Democracy

The World Census carefully compared the average spending power of citizens in each nation.

As a region, Soviet Democracy is ranked 3,294th in the world for Highest Average Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Peoples Republic of PolitianiaFather Knows Best State“For better Politiania!”
2.The Dubčekist peoples state of Of Marxist Russian RepublicsIron Fist Consumerists“слава родине, слава россии”
3.The Federation of Eartlines EderAuthoritarian Democracy“Izi pici te carreo en bici xd”
4.The Socialist Federation of SurvaekScandinavian Liberal Paradise“The revolution is complete”
5.The Empire of YerrrrNew York Times Democracy“Behave Or Else Yeet Sir Daddy Is Always Watching”
6.The People's Republic of Tra XhiaCorrupt Dictatorship“Truth, Justice, Strength, Equality and Socialism”
7.The South East Asian Union of Socialist EuraisaIron Fist Consumerists“Earth is man’s cradle, but remaining in it he will not.”
8.The Confederacy of VIIRRInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace and Justice”
9.The Great nation of True Democratic SocialismLiberal Democratic Socialists“Glory Greatest!”
10.The Soviet Socialist Republic of Free KrymIron Fist Consumerists“No.”
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Orange Borders: National Borders
Black Borders: State Borders
Green: Nationalist
Blue: Republican
Red: Communist
Purple: Loyalist
Light Green: Yemen
Orange: Uganda
Yellow: Burundi

Current War goals for all factions except Separatists:
Capture the capital Addis Adaba and major city Asmara to have all Loyalist defect to the conqueror's side.

Current War goals for all Separatists:
Fully control their claim to be recognized in the world.

Major Powers from 1 to 7 in different categories

Note: The points aren't based off of anything.

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October 3, 1970

Construction of the Russian Wall accelerates the massive exodus of Poles and Lithuanians from Russia to Luperca
The Marxist Russian Government announced that, to prevent the migration of Poles and Lithuanians from Russian Poland and East Lithuania to Lupercan territory, a great wall will be built that will serve to cut off the migratory flow and at the same time as a defense against a theoretical aggression from Luperca.
Government sources claim that they knew of this initiative through reports from the LIA, so the Federal Home Office was speeding up the immigration procedures for exiled Poles and Lithuanians to avoid a saturation of the system.
Federal Chancellor Victoria Neumann publicly condemned the Russian initiative and said that "the wall is an obstacle to the freedom of peoples."

Intervention in the Abyssinian Civil War
Foreign Minister Björn Bambach and Federal Defense Minister Axel Werner announced that Luperca will support the Republican side in the Civil War that has just started in The Abyssinian Warzone of Nova Ivoruim.

Supreme Congress approves federal intervention in the border republics
After several days of debate, in which left-wing legislators vehemently protested the President's initiative, both houses of the Supreme Congress approved the application of Article 6 of the Federal Constitution to intervene the regional governments of Pomerania, West Prussia, East Prussia, Czechia and Norway. In the next days, President Brownlow will appoint federal governors in agreement with Chancellor Neumann and Minister Frank Gerst of the Federal Home Office. The new governors will respond directly to the Federal Cabinet and to the Congress.

Conflict in Eastern Europe

As the Marxist Russian Republics advance further into Eastern Europe, as agreed upon in Rubingrade, resistance has started forming.

Extremists and Nationalists from Poland. Ukraine, former Luksengton, and some stubborn Polish-Lupercans have formed the European National Front, a far-right group who's purpose is to destroy the Marxist Russian influence in all of Europe.
Knowing that they would never be able to defeat the Marxist-Russian Red Army in open battle, they are using guerilla tactics and sabotage.
It has been found that dead militiamen have carried weapons made in The United Republics of Luperca.
This find comes in the midst of immense tensions between the two powers, and will not help their relations to recover any time soon.
Casualties are already piling up on both sides, and this resistance may be the final blow to armed resistance against the Marxist Russian Republics.One last, grand fight.
In a recent battle near our current location, the Marxist Russian troops have lost quite some soldiers and vehicles.
However it seems the "European National Front" has lost much more.

A soldier stated:
"When we tried to enter the town, we were shot at from the church tower behind us.
We lost one BMP-1 along with most of its crew. We returned fire and we must have killed the shooters in the church tower.
They tried hiding in building but we have caught them all. We have lost 11 men while the European National Front has lost 36.
They have surrendered mostly. Some have fled, or tried to at least. There is no sign of the inhabitants, they must have left before we arrived here."

The Marxist Russian Republics' government has stated:
"We are concerned regarding the Lupercan weapons found on the battlefield. Regarding the recent events, this is a very provocative and concerning find. An investigation is underway as we speak."

We are still waiting for the response from The United Republics of Luperca.

The European National Front is reported to have lynched and massacred Russians and MRR sympathizers in regions under their control.
This provoked a more active strategy from the Russian side.
It is clear that the previous strategy will never work in the zones controlled by the European National Front (ENF).
A new strategy is being developed by regional High Command at the moment. The High Command aims to neutralize and trial the members of the European National Front

In other News:
The Marxist Russian Republics have urged members of the Transcontinental Prosperity Treaty Organization to take action against the United Republics of Luperca, however, no real action has come from the alliance at the moment.

A Luksengton Extremist has thrown a Molotov Cocktail at Marxist Russian troops in a Ukrainian Town yesterday.
3 soldiers suffered severe injuries with one suffering light injuries.
The perpetrator has been shot during the commotion by nearby troops.

A mysterious Death riddles the Moscow Police as a low ranking party official has been found dead, presumably killed by daggers.
The Marxist Russian Republics have started investigating the "Black Aryana" group which is believed to have originated in The Lightning Rod Federation. This case comes days after a dead body was discovered with identical wounds in Capetown, Korpar.
The Secret Services have started reviewing recent approved entries into the Marxist Russian Republics.

In a observation.made by the New Administration of the former Lupercan Polish Zones, it has been noted than many of them emigrated to Luperca. Quite a population has stayed, but many went with their neighbors and family to Luperca in hopes of avoiding the Marxist Russians.

The Civil War in Abyssinia has sent shockwaves across the international community with many nations supporting some of the many factions vowing for power.
Marxist Russia and Korpar have decided to support the Communist faction with equipment, volunteers, training, supplies, and food.
It is unsure if the TPTO will intervene as an alliance at the moment, but shipments of Humanitarian aid are suggested.
Other TPTO nations have decided to support the other factions. It is unknown but likely this might cause some controversy and debate in the near or far future, depending on how the situation escalates.

The Daily worker

The Dithmarsian assembly have today expressed her concerns for peace and stability concerning the recent events that took place in the The Abyssinian Warzone of Nova Ivoruim. The brutal murder of his higness Hailé Sélassié, a conservative, some might say a defender of the bourgeoisie, by bloodthirsty reactionnaries forces, have shocked the peacelovers dithmarsians. The Emperor might not have been a fervent defensor of socialism, but he was nonetheless a patriot, who loved his country, and did everything he could to defend it against the fascist and the imperialist italians, trying to defend his people to the bitter end.
His death, to this regard, is a tragedy, and we convey our most sincere feelings to his people, now thrown away to a turmoil. The Dithmarsian assembly urge the diverse factions of the region to put an end to the bloody actions of the terrorists, calling themselves "nationalist".
We urge the communist, the republicans, the loyalist and the different separatist to come together to the negociation table and come to an acceptable agreement for all the parties, to ensure the stability and the security of this disputed and important region.
As such, Dithmarse offered to the legitimate government of The Abyssinian Warzone of Nova Ivoruim to welcome said conference between all the actors of the civil war, before this one reach such an importance that it would lead to the destruction and ravage of the region. Millions of war refugiees is the last thing that the international community wish to see.

On another account, the Republic of Dithmarse is ready to help to send humanitarian help, if it can be assured of the security of the goods and the willingless of its partners to make in sort that said help reach the people of the land...

October 4, 1970

From Braunland to Nordelbien
The Regional Assembly of the Republic of Braunland has passed a bill to rename itself using a historical-geographic term that best represents the territory and its people. Until now the territory made up of the historical regions of Hamburg, Schleswig, Holstein and Mecklenburg was named Braunia or Braunland in tribute to Ernst Braun, leader of the Western Partisans in the Lupercan Civil War (1938-1940). The name chosen by the Regional Historical Commission was Northern Elbia (German: Nordelbien), referring to the geographical position of the Republic respect the Elbe river and the medieval territory of Northern Albingia.

Nova Ivoruim wrote:Factions being supported by foreign nations!

Nationalist forces are being supported by the great The Lightning Rod Federation with advanced American weapons.

Republican forces are being supported by both Lupercan and American weapons.

Communist Forces are being supported by The Dubčekist peoples state of Of Marxist Russian Republics though the three factions stated already haven't received any support yet due to their distance.

Royalist Forces are being supported by Panhist Turkey, quickly receiving weapons due to their short distance. Stopping Nationalist forces moving towards Asmara and slowly being pushed back.

Separatist forces are not being fully supported at all. With Yemen only receiving small support from The Justinian Horde.

The Union openly supports the Communists.

We will provide arms, training, and political leverage.

October 4, 1970
Renaming and unity of the nationalist right-wing
The Lupercan National Front and the ethnic and regional nationalist parties that govern the Republics of Götaland, Denmark and Alsace-Lorraine in coalition as the National and Regional Front, after holding a joint congress of that coalition in the city of Copenhagen, will constitute from now on one political party called the European National Front of Luperca, a name that better reflects the identity of this party. In the congress that modified the structure of the coalition it was also established "a symbol of unity of the national right", the Arrow Cross, in the colors of the Lupercan flag. Also in November the new party authorities will be elected in open elections.

October 5, 1970
Arms Contraband to Russia
In an investigation of this newspaper, it has been confirmed that the National and Regional Front, now called the European National Front of Luperca, has financed its armed counterpart in Marxist Russia. It was also confirmed that there was arms smuggling carried out by officers of the Federal Defense Forces affiliated with said far-right party. The Federal Police Department and the LIA are investigating the officers and arms businessmen who were part of the smuggling into Russia. Federal Home Office Minister Frank Gerst assured this newspaper that "the National Front is endangering the country they claim to defend."

Int’l Radio - 7/10/1970

Greetings listeners. This is another broadcast of Radio Internationale, live from Hanoi.

In the recent weeks, our Himalayan neighbor has mysteriously and quickly collapsed, much to everyone’s surprise. Information is sparse, so we cannot tell you a whole lot.

Switching continents, East Africa has broken up in flames. The Abyssinians have turned on one another in a civil war.

The Union openly supports the Communist faction of the war. Another major power, Marxist Russia has also sent aid to them. With this much help, we expect a quick victory.

(Sekrit: 5 Cargo ships carrying advisors, vehicles and civilian aid has left Singapore to Mogadishu. They’ll arrive in 12 days.)

The Fall of Rubinja

Our neighbor both north and east of us has fallen, we cant let the chaos that consumes other lands that fall take hold of the domain of our brothers. So a decision has been made to conquer the area of our fallen friend and create an autonomous zone.

The first province of Rubinja

An Ambassador has been sent to the province. Home to a million souls and a million ways of life, the most southern province of Rubinja is divided between the mainland and an island. The mainland is filled with cities that show clear turkish influences, while the Island is more influenced by Justinian and Italian cultures. Convincing this province to join the proposed autonomous zone requires assuring them that the local mix of cultures will be allowed to exist and thrive as it always has.

The second province of Rubinja

An Ambassador has been sent to the province.

The third province of Rubinja

An Ambassador has been sent to the province.

The fourth province of Rubinja

An Ambassador has been sent to the province.

The fifth province of Rubinja

An Ambassador has been sent to the province.

The first province of Greater Rubinja

200 troops have been sent to the province.

The second province of Greater Rubinja

300 troops have been sent to the province

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