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Welcome to: Soterya

57th Grand Chancellor: Ezaro

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Illuminati Alliance
Ravana, Elysia, Argonia, Lavathia, Machina, and Soterya

Tags: Founderless and Minuscule.

Soterya contains 3 nations.

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The Most Advanced Public Transport in Soterya

World Census experts captured, tagged, and released trains in order to identify which nations have the most extensive, well-funded public transportation systems.

As a region, Soterya is ranked 20,122nd in the world for Most Advanced Public Transport.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dominion of TeraKnights097Iron Fist Consumerists“Emperor Protects”
2.The Republic of Ming TumNew York Times Democracy“By The People For The People”
3.The Free States of Liberal EuropeCapitalizt“Be free, be liberal”

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Soterya Regional Message Board

All who desire to be born in the bloodlines of Illuminati shall hold this creed above all else, as a sign unto the world of my faith, a sign unto the Grand Architect who created us, and a sign to our loyalty to the office of the Grand Chancellor, of which the Illuminati Conclave so selects.

The Illuminati Creed

I believe in one Illuminati;
- that this Alliance represents that Illuminati,
- that we shall eternally reside within,
- and it gives us our hope and salvation,

I believe that Illuminati is our birthright.
- that the GuideStones speak of,
- that we can one day return to,
- and rule as free people.

I believe in the Alliance which binds us together;
- that all people under this alliance are Illuminati,
- that we can rule ourselves in accordance with our will,
- that we can chose for ourselves just leaders.

I believe that the Conclave selects our Grand Chancellor righteously;
- that those chosen for the office are of the highest of standing,
- pure in their intentions,
- just in their resolve,
- and serve as an example to future generations.

I believe that the Grand Chancellor is the true one;
- that anyone else who claims the title is false,
- and should not be recognized,
- that the Grand Chancellor is the Guardian of the GuideStones eternally.

Similarly, I believe that the GuideStones are true;
- that they call out to us,
- and give us a pure understanding,
- that we should aspire to manifest in our lives.

I believe we have died;
- that Illuminati has been destroyed,
- by those with wrong beliefs,
- and false justifications,
- and that destruction was punishment for our transgressions against the Grand Architect.

I believe we have risen again;
- that the Grand Architect held pitty toward us,
- that we are now allowed to be reborn,
- that it is ordained that we shall return to Illuminati,
- yet for now the Illuminati Alliance serves as our home,
- that we can build greatness in any pace we reside.
- and the Grand Architect is pleased with us.

I believe this is our world;
- that we shape and form it in our image,
- that we can teach by tradition,
- that all can thrive within our Alliance.

I believe we shall be tested and tried;
- by the forces who seek our destruction,
- from those within who deny the Grand Architect,
or by those abroad who lack enlightenment,
- by whose hate blinds them,
- whose impurity leads them astray from what is righteous.

I believe we shall triumph;
- as it is ordained by the Grand Architect,
- and desired by the will of the people,
- and insured by the Grand Chancellor of Illuminati.

I believe in the Grand Architect;
- who guides us in our faith,
- and provides for us when we hunger,
- and builds us up when we are down,
- who leads, us through our hearts and desires,
- who will lead us home,
- who is unknowable by the unbeliever
- yet is felt by all true Illuminati citizens,
- who is omnipresent within Illuminati,
- who comforts our people,
- and gives hope in our will.

I believe we can know peace.

Vae Victis!

A Message from Ezaro to the Realms as it was originally posted in Abydos. It has been reposted here for your convenience.

May 7, 2017
The Rede of Abydos

In the Spring of 2017, the Council of Abydos convened to re-imagine and rebuild Illuminati, after the desolation imposed upon it by its own leaders, and by the armies of this world. In that destruction, we channeled the Zaxenberg Tradition which influenced our first Grand Chancellor Roma Qochasiva, to rebuild and rethink Illuminati, and advance it into a epoch of prosperity. With this council, open to any nation willing to expel the traditions which brought about ruin for a new doctrine, Abydos began one of the largest endeavors in NationStates history. Our goal is to simultaneously rebuild Illuminati, unite its citizens, and usher in an entire alliance competitive for the new world we now reside. While we remain exiles out of our homeland, the spirit of Illuminati now binds us and frees us in our aspirations.
We have fallen short. The cult of personality, the greed, the ego, the power which once divided us stands as a testament to our own folly and humanity. These things stand as a dire warning of how not to act if we desire unity. The traditions, of old, which we adhered to, failed our every motivation, and we paid a hefty price. We rejected the callings of our Grand Architect, and for that we walked through hell and death. And when we had died, the suffering continue with our people, as great armies lay waste to the city we called home. There was no mercy in our defeat.

Yet, the Grand Architect remembered us. Saw us wailing out for salvation, and had a pitty on us. Citizens who had taken shelter in Weishaupt began a new yearning to rebuild. Citizens in the Sovereign Imperial Realms, held hope that reconstruction could be achievable. Then, the Grand Architect commanded us to build, and the Council of Abydos was born. With the promise that one day, we would be delivered back and our birthright be restored unto us. We became nourished in the hope of a new Illuminati Alliance. Our Grand Chancellor would show us the way.

And with that, great work was underway. Six new cities would be plotted out, surrounding our occupied homeland on every side. The ruins of our mortality reminding us that we can defeat death under the Grand Architect who strengthens us and the Grand Chancellor who leads our people. Death, would be surrounded by life, and death would give us our reasoning to live once more. We can see the fate befallen on our generation out the very window that resists that fate.

To the Citizens of Ravana:
Live within our ways, live within our culture. Witness the ruins before you, and let that breathe into you the hope that you can overcome the death of the old Illuminati City. Absorb into you the spirit that those people lived and breathed. Call out to the other realms your convictions, and teach them why we are Illuminati.

To the Citizens of Elysia:
Establish your residence beside the residences of old. Build like they built. Be hospitable to foreigners, and conquer your house and keep it in order. Your home shall be surrounded both by the past which reminds you, and the future which calls out to you. Open your lands to the world, and to the rest of Illuminati, and allow them to enjoy your new harvest.

To the Citizens of Argonia:
As you plot the very lands in which we inhabit, leave alone our occupied capital. Set aside a place in which you can view our very birthright. Teach people to honor what was, and aspire to what could be. While the land is yours, the spirit that inhabits that land belongs to us all. Keep not this treasure locked up.

To the Citizens of Lavathia:
In the destruction that surrounds your institutions, you must teach. Let the people learn what was, and what is, and why. Let their mind flourish in new traditions which you create. Let the people learn the old ways as well, so that they may study and see first hand the fate that awaits if blindness should take hold.

To the Citizens of Machina:
Are you not reminded each day of the armies which overwhelmed your capital? These armies seek our destruction, because that destruction is their sin. You shall defend against them at all costs. Protect the realms which insure your livlihood. Protect the spirit of Illuminati as well as you stand, sword ready, and well trained. Our lives depend on you.

To the Citizens of Soterya:
The spirit of Illuminati flows in its works and various crafts. You not only protect the treasures that were saved from the rubble below and create relics for those after you. You are the purveyors of culture, which inspires us all. Display the spirit manifested within you to all.

I be off. This whole architect thing isn't gonna work for us.

Hello! It's good to be back home after the Abydos conference.
How is everyone?


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