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Trectomer National News

TSEA Budget Increased

The President has announced to the nation that the TSEA (Trectomer Space Exploration Agency) will be given an increase in budget. The Agency will be receiving a total of 4% of the GDP, doubling it's previous allotment of 2%. This, according to President Shizi Dailing is to " Catch up to other nations which are further ahead in development."

Chaozhe Xingxing, the head of the TSEA had this to say, " the budget increase will be a tremendous help in getting us caught up, we will most likely be able to launch much larger sounding rockets than before and help us to be able to accomodate larger vehicles in the future."

Of course, there are many critics of this decision, with many people calling the decision " a waste of taxpayer money" and "a waste of time" adding that Trectomer needs to focus on the problems on Vesta, not up in the skies.

All that is left to see is wether or not it will be worth the cost.


Zahedan Television News: Maryan hemp for a green future

Ëndemën aderu!

Although cannabis cultivation by farmers in northern Ralzawr has been implemented in a controlled manner since the beginning of the Second Technocracy to meet the demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly production of bioplastics implemented in the first batch of federal ordinances, the truth is that harvests have never been able to keep up and dependence on synthetic polymers has not been eliminated due in large part to the fear among the more conservative members of the governmental structure that its uncontrolled proliferation in the countryside will lead to an increase in the use of synthetic polymers, in large part, to the fear of the more conservative members of the governmental structure that its uncontrolled proliferation in the fields will lead to an increase in drug trafficking within the country's borders and, therefore, to a surplus of international black market profits through tetrahydrocannabinol-based psychoactive products.

For years, the genetic modification of plants has been contemplated to reduce the production of this compound to below 0.3%; however, the cost of these alterations would greatly reduce the economic profitability of the project, making it much easier to continue depending on hydrocarbons. It is for this reason that the Academic Council has given approval to the Grand Duchess Angela I to personally visit the islands of St. Marya on behalf of the State to agree, among other things, on a series of transactions by which this nation could begin to regularly deliver an annual percentage of its extensive hemp inventory to finally continue advancing the environmental objectives proposed for the next century by the last administration.

The decision was made after a general consultation of government institutions to consider the multiple applications that could be given to this product after its acquisition in the event that the negotiations prove favorable, since not only could a total eradication of inorganic polymers and a total exploitation of the capacity of our industrial infrastructure adapted to the treatment of the plants be achieved, but also the abandonment of wood pulp for paper manufacturing, the facilitation of de-sterilization processes of desert soils and the reduction of the use of synthetic chemical compounds in pesticides with only a few minimal investments that would put us at the forefront of the main global companies as an ecological alternative if the necessary numbers for exportation could be reached.

Adalet Zuheyla of ZTVN from Netanya's Great Library in Yiywa for the World... ¡T'eanast'ëllën!

Majassa, Mydic Empire, Vekkla, and San marya

Office of Extra Human Affairs of the Holy Empire of Christianity

We proudly inform that the holy empire of Christianity has successfully built 2 missiles carrying the cure for the zombie virus and we are already looking for a target to test these toys.

Volunteers welcome.

Test carried out successfully

The office of extra-human affairs of the Holy empire of Christianity successfully informs the people of Selene that a few hours ago multiple missiles with the cure have been launched on infected regions of the free republic of Montevedis and we have successfully cured 6 million of infected.

One less problem.

The Office of Extra Human Affairs of the Holy Empire of Christianity reports with great pride that the zombie plague of The Free Republic of
Montevedis has been completely eradicated.

Together for victory!

Tukuy Runa Raphi/全新本人の新聞 (Hansopolian People's News)
Unveiling of Public Sector 'Athena' on Cloud 1
Project 'Athena', a 5 billion joint project between Hansopol and The Union of Albany that planned the construction of a public sector on the Commonwealth of Nations' space station 'Cloud 1', which will provide leisure activity offers, finished the testing phase after 10 years of planning and 2 years of construction. The space station's second orbital ring includes a monorail railway, connecting the central plaza (Inti Plaza) with the arrival terminal, the freight terminal, a mall, a resort and several other amenity and private rest areas within Athena. Other features include Athena's retrofuturistic design. Athena will open Cloud 1 to the public and revolutionize space tourism in Vesta. Athena will represent Hansopol's technological progress in space and therefore sends HAXA's director and secretary of Hansopol's department of Space Adam Takeda to the unveiling, together with Albany's Minister of Space Affairs Wallace Hollbrooke, the director of ASA Evelyn McCallum, the director of the Commonwealth Space Program Henry Ward and William Hall, Cloud 1's Chief Administor, spending 3 days on board of Athena. Meanwhile advertising campaigns all around Hansopol are planned to promote Hansopol's new gem in space.

New automated railway system
Hansopol's high speed railway renovation project has been completed and reopened after 5 years, including 6 high speed maglev lines on Hansopol's 5 main islands. What makes Hansopol's railway system stand out is its use of automated rolling stock, reaching a speed of roughly 800km/h. The automatization project also renovated Hansopol's local regional railway and the monorail mass transit systems of Hansopolis, Hansan, Melco, Rimac, Holon, Merion, Nikyo and Tambo for passenger and freight transportation. This also generate more infrastructure projects in more rural areas on the coast for Hansopol's growing population. Inauguration ceremonies took place in all of Hansopol's prefectural capitals on June 29th. Hansopol was already known in the 20th century for its efficient bullet train network and therefore Hansopol's new network keeps the nation on top of maglev transportation technology.

[Sartoria] L'Osservatore

An investigative report published today alleges that state legislators from the People's Party took bribes from National Party officials in exchange for voting against the Restoration Amendment. The allegations, which were published by renowned local newspaper Willakuq, take particular relevance given that the amendment was recently defeated at the State Assembly after those same legislators unexpectedly switched their votes.

The claim has caused an uproar both within the state government and civil society. Governor Elisa Tacuri expressed serious concern, saying that the allegations should be thoroughly investigated by the State Assembly and the State Attorney. This revelation has also led to intensified protests across the state, as nationalist group PiQu has called on its supporters to demand the resignation of the offending legislators and, if necessary, an early election to let the people decide the future composition of the legislature.

Ralzawr, Mydic Empire, Vekkla, and Hansopol

Tukuy Runa Raphi/全新本人の新聞 (Hansopolian People's News)

Breaking News

Protests after Soltane bribery
In Hansopol, crowds of Hansopolians are taking part in protests and demonstrations, demanding an immediate renaming of the Soltane Islands in Sartoria to Quyllurkunasuyu, following the corruption scandal happening on the Sartorian state. Hansopolis and Hansan, the cities with the highest density of Runa people, Hansopol's indigenous population, became hotspots for protests, demonstrations and other crowds of mostly Runasimi speaking Hansopolians, though the Kondoji and mixed populations also expressed their outrage to the scandal. Throughout Hansopols social media Reputelligent, Runa activists are seemingly becoming notably privileged according to Reputelligent rankings, while bashing the Soltane legislators whose votes were changed and showing support to PiQu, a nationalist group in Soltane. For many, the failed amendment would oppress not only the indigenous Runa culture in Sartoria, but also Hansopolian culture, as it is strongly connected to Soltane culturally and historically. The Hansopolian government has not given any statement regarding this matter. Hansopolian outrage was caused due to Hansopol's strong cultural unity.


Tech Companies Expand Market

To avoid any overstock issues in the FE, devaluing the technology causing a possible struggle and decline in sales from overproduction. To avoid this, the Big Tech companies in the FE want to expand to Rousani territory. With Rousani permission, Kiwi, Macrohard, and Simsam all are building new factories in Rousania so Imports on Franconian smart technology could lower in cost.

Fjölden, a keen opponent to Big Tech, actually applauds this move.

(Fjölden): "It isn't just good for Franconia, but for the Rousani economy as well."

FENN asked Rousani officials about the expansion and they said "The remarkable collaboration the Franconian technological companies did will have a significant positive impact on the Rousani market."

Leemm Loses It...

Vekkeli President Orgo Leemm has been fairly active on the viral video sharing and creator app "ClikClak", with his most recent video shows him creating a cloth hat with a Franconian Flag. Many who viewed the video in the FE consider it to be a "hate crime" and are now questioning whether the FE should take this to the VA. Leemm talked about it on a popular Vekkeli TV morning show "Vekkla at Sunrise with Herrtnev Inveli...

(Herrtnev): "Why make the hat from a Franconian flag? Aren't we hurting them enough already?"

(Leemm): "You speak like one of those new-age believers. We have had issues with Franconia before you were even thought about. Why are you famous anyway? Is this show the reason your famous?"

(Herrtnev): "Let's not switch our attention on why I'm famous, Mr. President. The things is that you desicrated a flag of another nation that is so close in range and is allied with our neighbor, Mydia. If Vekkla causes anymore issues, they could meet to discus the situation?..."

The ignorance is uncanny...

Flu Update

The FE Health Department has issued a travel advisory to San Juarez as cases in the city surpass 15% of the city's population. Prime Minister Fjölden has issued a mask mandate and will issue all masks by mail and has "free mask" policy on all retailers. The Autumn Flu is ramping up as the winter months come upon us. Even though the FE has a pretty consistent climate, the gene pool of the virus has shown us that it loves a tropical climate. Doctors in San Juarez are gearing up to what can be an epidemic for the season and warn citizens to get their updated flu vaccine, which could slow down the virus if administered.

(Fjölden): "Please get your flu vaccine to help you prevent getting sick. It is important to not just your health, but the health of those around you."

There isn't enough data to show that the current flu vaccine can slow the spread, but doctors have said that this flu strain is pretty closely related to the Mangisik Flu from the last flu season that almost plunged the nation into epidemic. The high contagion rate might make it an issue for doctors to catch the disease in time, but they're working around the clock for people's safety and wellbeing.

We'll have more as it updates...

-FENN News.


Mydic Empire

Vaccine Notice

As Flu Season approaches, Dr Lee Hyung Sook, Head of the Taehunian Disease Control and Prevention Center, has begun urging civilians to get their vaccinations. Taehung’s cold climate in the North makes Taehung more vulnerable.

Pollution Levels on the Rise

Pollution levels in Taehung have begun a slow rise. A mask advisory has been issued, but is not mandatory. The Flu and Pollution have made masks very popular and in demand. As a result, stores are now providing them at a discounted rate. People with respiratory issues and the elderly have been advised to stay home unless ABSOLUTELY needed.

Seol Sun-Hee made a public appearance with a mask, announcing pollution control has been mobilized to deal with the issue, and is likely to be resolved soon.

En Xuvrdi Civa varossulus en laulire mei Civoinire Ucklumire avrmenixonon
Holy Empress replaces leaders of all eight Imperial Provinces

Oxnvuri, 6 amvlaivo / July 2076 | In an unusual move, Her Imperial Majesty Holy Empress Vaxvivei I has announced today the replacement of the leaders of all eight Imperial Provinces. While it is the Holy Emperor, or in this case: Empress’s prerogative to appoint and dismiss the heads of the executive bodies of the Imperial Provinces, it hasn’t happened in more than a century and a half that all of them were replaced at the same moment, although back then, almost all provinces were Imperial Provinces. Currently there are eight Imperial Provinces, twelve Public Provinces, and one Scarlet Province.

“Under the guidance of Ajoxnvou, the God of Renewal, to whom we owe our deepest gratitude, we have decided to replace the leaders of the Imperial Provinces”, a written declaration of the Holy Empress said as an introduction to the further legislation effectuating the change.

What is also new is that the Holy Empress has held consultations with the chairpersons of the parliaments of the Imperial Provinces and it is therefore believed that it was not only the guidance of Ajoxnvou that resulted in the appointment of the new Provincial leaders – for whom there is no official pump-and-circumstantial title by the way; they are just called ‘leaders’, or ‘avrmenixon’ in Majassan.

The newly appointed leaders are Mr Ouxnevu Bavlanau (Aubardi), Mr Mursu Atavarxna (Gacnrevorissa), Mr Ervixu Vrokoli (Kemi), Mr Tacbo Backuna (Lexenibxe), Ms Kaidxoi Pa-Dorne (Murniva), Mr Jauxu Moudeni (Peipala), Mr Xacnve Zovani (Porvtorissa), and Ms Vestai Posse (Tarkaveiri).

Trectomer Times

Riot Breaks Out After Football Game

Shortly after a match between FC Genju and
Zuqiu Athletic a small riot had broken out.

According to police reports, the fight had broken out around ten minutes after the final whistle. After losing 4-1, the Zuqiu Athletic fans were being taunted by FC Genju fans.The taunts persisted until one fan from the Zuqiu side had assualted an opposing fan, this triggered a chain reaction, leading to a small riot consisting of around 300 people. Police were already stationed near the stadium in case of events like these, however they were not able to contain the issue. Around 10 minutes later, riot police had arrived and had ended the riot within an hour. Around 50 people are reported to be injured with 5 hospitalised.

The two teams have had an intense rivalry since the 2040s often fighting for league titles and a few events like this have already occurred. However, not on this scale, with most of them being smaller fights.

Both teams have come out to distance themselves from their fans' behaviour. Trectomer department of justice has said that they will be assigning more police to be present during sporting events to prevent occurrences like these.

New Gate Herald
July 4, 2076

Extraordinary Session Convened
With the formal request made by the Menagerie to the Constitutional Court, an extraordinary session of Parliament convened in Augusta. The session opened with the King’s arrival as well as that of the Queen and the Prince of Tides. Also in procession were then all four sitting Princely holders, the Crown Governors and First Ministers of the various national subdivisions. Also in attendance were the nine magistrates of the Constitutional Court. All senior privy councilors were also present.

Speeches were delivered by the Prime Minister in favor of rescinding the autonomy of the Eirean Isles, while the First Minister of the Isles Alicent Burke delivered the rebuttal. FM Burke as well as the Isles’ Crown Governor had both resigned following attacks and issues between them and the central government of the Prime Minister but the King had refused to acknowledge the resignation of the Crown Governor and the Parliament of the Isles refused to accept the resignation of the First Minister. The mood was bitter and voices were tired by the end of the day.

The matter was serious as the situation teetered on the edge. All those present could agree on a few matters without any issues such as the authority of the Union’s central government based in New Gate to be supreme in governing the Union. Those present also consented to changes to the Constitutional Order that would formally remove the ability of the New Gate government to rescind autonomy from a political nation within the Union without the consent of the Sovereign, the Prime Minister, Parliament in New Gate as well as the consent of three of the four political nations within the Union.

The assembled First Ministers of Avalyon, the Dales and Lochlen watched on as the matter was debated and each then took their turns voicing their positions and noting with extreme frustration how the whole ordeal had been handled by the Prime Minister. That sentiment was echoed by the King, the Eirean delegation and all four of the sitting Princes of the Realms. When the Chief Magistrate issued the session’s ruling, it came with blistering condemnation of the actions by the Prime Minister, but it stopped short of ousting her from the Premiership. The session also determined that the Isles’ autonomy would remain in place and that the Union government would provide any and all assistance to the Isles in an effort to restore stability.

Following the session’s conclusion a dinner was held at Castle Augusta for which the town is named, the Royal Family hosted the dinner in honor of the common cause for mutual understanding between the political nations within the Union and that their shared goals would help to unite the people and ensure that Albany was prepared to meet its foes both at home and abroad.

Union backs Lemm
The Union has been dealing with internal matters at home, the Vekkeli President has found himself in a quarrel with the Franconia Empire and their Prime Minister and their Emperor over the subject of rights and freedoms in Vekkla. With Taehung’s own response into the situation nearly a month ago citing the lessening of rights as a way to then “flee” to the Kingdom of Taehung has caused a stir in the Foreign Ministry in Albany. With the domestic situation handled for now, the Prime Minister has instructed the Foreign Minister to set up a visit for the King to Vekkla to demonstrate the Union’s commitment to defending its chief ally from foreign interference.

Commonwealth Gathering Planned
In December the Commonwealth is expected to gather for an annual session of the Parliament and Commission in New Gate. The topics likely topping the agenda will be the Avalon III mission to Sorana, ongoing tensions outside the bloc, namely with Franconia and Taehung as well as noting the expansion of economic cohesion among the member nations. The session is also likely to see an expansion of budgets for the Commonwealth Space Program as well as the Commonwealth Armed Forces.

Vekkla and Franconia Empire
West Taehung

Vekkla News Now


Violence in Consreep

Riots are still continuing in Consreep after President Leemm made the announcement about water coupons, a coupon that gets you less than a weeks worth of water. President Leemm made this decision due to "budget cuts" and is trying to show that not everything he does costs money.

(Leemm): "The needy cannot complain. I'm still filtering their kidneys with water and putting food in their stomachs."

Vekkelis are upset and have destroyed the First Quarter of Consreep, the oldest and most historical part of the nation's capitol, last night. Statues of Leemm and Vekkeli congressmen were torn down, but Vekkeli spirits are still strong. Protestors claim they want to tear down other parts of the capitol until Leemm puts a stop to the ...*sigh*... "improvment of civil rights". Censorship and water coupons started it all, where will he go next to "improve the lifestyle of Vekkelis"?

Franconia Backlash

It isn't just Vekkelis that are protesting government actions. Franconians are protesting Vekkla right now as we speak. Vekkla News Now 10 affiliate, Franconia News Now (a popular conservative news network), has reported that protests are happening in San Juarez for VA intervention and Mydic assistance on the "so called issue". It is unclear whether or not the FE is sending any diplomats to Mydia to completely annihilate relations because Franconia is annoying.

The Albanese King has taken aim after him and Prescott settled their Constitutional Crisis, though it may be a brief moment of quiet, asking for a meeting with President Leemm, backing the president's claims. Leemm has said yes and will release details as soon as he gets them.

Tornado Update

The EF3 tornado that ripped through Beteresk now has 110 people hospitalized and 16 people no longer with us. One of Vekkla's biggest economic powers got ripped apart by the twister, citing major losses in money for Downtown Beteresk. Downtown Beteresk was damaged by the massive winds from the tornado slinging fencing, rocks, and even barbed wire to hold back cattle from roaming on farms. Total damages in Downtown Beteresk add up to 1.9 million Vekks in damage while the farms lost a total of 415,000 Vekks. Vice President Villk says he has a plan to help rebuild Beteresk, but it "...cannot be stated in public yet."

We'll have more as it develops.

-Vekkla News Now 10


Franconia Empire
The Union of Albany

Anniversary of the National Anthem

Today marks the anniversary of the adopting of Taehung’s National Anthem:
“We, the Kingdom of Taehung, the Beacon of Liberty
The victorious masters who will create a new century!
We are going further with free ingenuity
The wave of solidarity that has moved the whole world!

Taehunians, let’s hold together, for the future of our land!
Let’s lead a bright future for years to come!

Crossing the Cheongsong River, we will march forward!
Fighting the struggle for liberty for years
Go further through all difficulties and push to the goal!
Let’s build a new united Taehung together as one!

Taehunians, let’s hold together for the future of our land
Let’s lead a bright future for years to come


We, the Kingdom of Taehung, the Beacon of Liberty
The victorious masters who will create a new century!
We are going further with free ingenuity
The wave of solidarity that has moved the whole world!

Taehunians, let’s hold together for the future of our land!
Let’s lead a bright future for years to come!”

The anthem, written in the City of Hyesan, talks about the Taehunian Revolution against an oppressive Military Junta. The War lasted for years until the Junta was defeated by the Taehunian Liberation Army, who established a Monarch, Emperor Hyeong Jang-Il, a popular leader in the TLA.

Civil Rights improved dramatically when Emperor Hyeong ascended to power. The anthem sings about the victorious monarchists who created a new nation using their ingenuity. The chorus sings about uniting Taehunians together for the cause of a free country. It sings about the Battle of Hyesan, which put the Cheongsong River, a vital lifeline, in TLA hands, cutting the Junta in half.

Celebrations were smaller than usual due to the Flu and Pollution, but people still celebrated.

Prime Minister Kim made a statement at the Palace, saying

“Our National Anthem, our national pride, shall never be stripped away from us.”

Albany Tension

Warning: Part of this is Propaganda

As people began to believe tensions with Albany were beginning to lower, it seems things may ratchet up once more as Albany has decided to call out Taehung. Prime Minister Kim Hyo Soo has summoned the Albanese Ambassador. In a meeting, the Union stated that relations are tense, but the economic situation remains unchanged. The Ambassador also said the Union wishes to see Taehung be more proactive in containing the anti-Albany rhetoric in the future if it wants to maintain the status quo with Albany.

In a joint press conference with Empress Seol Sun-Hee and Prime Minister Kim Hyo Soo, Seol Sun-Hee stated that she “cannot just censor the people’s opinions and will not stop civilians from peacefully voicing their opinions, as rights such as freedom of speech is what our country was born on”, but she has also agreed that her own words were out of line for Taehunian Royalty and would “be more mature” with her words.

The Friss Report

Royal Loss

Queen consort Alexandra departed just a few hours ago for New Haven, where she will be meeting with the Albanese royal family and personally expressing her condolences for the loss of Helen Ghalen, duchess of Arrington, who was assassinated recently (June 16th). The duchess and queen consort were close friends in their younger years, studying together abroad.

Unfortunately, the royal family wasn't able to attend her funeral, hence why the Queen consort volunteered to make the trip herself and express her condolences. She also expressed solidarity with the Albanese royal family in relation to the recent instability within The Union of Albany.
She is expected to visit the duchess's grave before returning to Frissau tomorrow afternoon.

Frissau's ambassador to Albany, Pes looper will also be present.

Naval Enlistment

On a lighter note, The Department of the Navy announced that over the past month, they have received an all-time-high amount of enlistments into the navy, with 18,608 young men and women having stepped up to serve their country.

Admiral Ayay Visser, who has become famous for her recent efforts in modernizing the Friss Royal nayy, publicly thanked the new recruits, reminding them that their enlistment is "one of the highest honors our nation has to offer". She also congratulated the recruitment officers on their outstanding work.

As the new recruits left for basic training at Fort Fluister, they received a traditional 21-gun salute from the deck of the Friss Helicopter Carrier HFMS Kogel. We wish them the best of luck, and can't wait to see them come back from BCT no longer as civilians, but our nations finest sailors.

That's all, for today.

God Save the King!
Long live Frissau!

Brazilistan crisis

Official statement from the defense cabinet of Christianity.

Two weeks ago the country of Brasilistan began aggressive military maneuvers on the borders of our nation, last week Brasilistan forces took some Christian tourists as hostages and executed them in cold blood. Following that, the Brasilistan army began to invade our country. Their forces were bravely repulsed by our glorious Christian soldiers. This past morning our armed forces successfully entered the capital of Brasilistan successfully taking it and executing the Brsiliantan dictator.

Now Brasilistan is governed by chaos and anarchy with militias armed to the teeth roaming the streets, as a result of this event the government of the Holy empire of Christianity has decided to occupy Brasilistan to end the chaos and establish a safe and stable democracy led by a leader elected by the people of Brasilistan.

Stay tuned for more news.

The Death of an Honored Man

The nation’s people were going about their day as normal, heading to school, work, or whatever their daily routine included. Suddenly, at once, television channels and radio stations switched to Arirang News. News Sites began to blow up as a man wearing a black suit was displayed giving a statement on national television:

“It is with the greatest of displeasure that I must announce that Yong Tae-Shin, former Prime Minister of Taehung, has passed away at age 90. He passed away peacefully in his sleep in Hyesan Medical Center, surrounded by friends and family alike. He will be missed.”

This was followed by a playing of “No Motherland Without You.”

The Nation enters a state of National Mourning. Taehunian Flags across the country and at Taehunian Embassies across the planet are lowered to half-mast in respect to their fallen Prime Minister.

Yong Tae-Shin was the oldest Prime Minister in Taehunian History. He was known for being very liberal in his policies, and is famous for his work in things such as assisting in decriminalizing Gay Marriage and better access to healthcare.

A State Funeral will be held for Yong in 1 week.

The Christianity wrote:Brazilistan crisis

Official statement from the defense cabinet of Christianity.
Two weeks ago the country of Brasilistan began aggressive military maneuvers on the borders of our nation, last week Brasilistan forces took some Christian tourists as hostages and executed them in cold blood. Following that, the Brasilistan army began to invade our country. Their forces were bravely repulsed by our glorious Christian soldiers. This past morning our armed forces successfully entered the capital of Brasilistan successfully taking it and executing the Brsiliantan dictator.

Now Brasilistan is governed by chaos and anarchy with militias armed to the teeth roaming the streets, as a result of this event the government of the Holy empire of Christianity has decided to occupy Brasilistan to end the chaos and establish a safe and stable democracy led by a leader elected by the people of Brasilistan.

Stay tuned for more news.

Please cease messaging on the RMB until you have completed our regional application process after which your nation would become lore and allowed to partake in the RP. Any further In-character posts will be removed after this. If you have any questions feel free to respond to my TG or that from our Founder.

Chronikó tou Rítora
July 10, 2076

Astronauts Teach the Future
A teleconference was carried out with the Mydic astronauts on Janus by students from around the Empire who were treated to responses from the team that had been pre-recorded to help compensate for the time delay. A second video compilation will be distributed to the schools as further responses come in. The effort was made to further interest and promote awareness of the Empire’s space program and long history among the stars.

Some students expressed interest in attending one of the Empire’s astronaut academies, something that Archon Margot Xedes has vowed to make more accessible and open to the public and resident non-citizens. The Archon took the fanfare to announce a further increase of 1% to the Ministry for Astral Affairs which oversees the Mydic Empire’s space program and coordination with private entities abroad.

Soltane Passions
With the allegations of bribery against certain members in the legislature of the Soltane Islands (of Sartoria), the Mydic Empire has expressed shock at the blatant violations. Foreign Minister Angelos Venizelos expressed concern that the situation would lead to further unrest. The Foreign Minister expressed hope that those responsible would be dealt with by Sartorian law and that the situation would simmer down in the coming weeks. Some in the government were agitated that the situation on the other side of Vesta was rippling as there were protests by extreme leftists and extreme rightists outside the Sartorian Embassy in Mydare to protest the matter. Some were in favor of the name change and others against.

Taehunian Former PM Dead
It was announced that the former Taehunian Prime Minister Yong Tae-Shin has passed away at the age of 90. It was confirmed by the Foreign Ministry that the Ambassador to the Kingdom from the Empire would represent Mydia at the funeral in a week’s time but did not say that any further Mydic representatives would be present. Archon Xedes used her daily podcast to offer her condolences to the Taehunian people and to say that the fight for equality is never truly over. She offered her thoughts and prayers.

Imperial Pomp and Glamor
With all the glittering jewels, the tiaras and diadems were on full display at the annual Summer Gala held on the Attalonian Islands since the 1870s when they were taken from the Cambrian Empire in what would become the last war fought between the young Mydic Empire and the aged Cambrian. The War of the Isles was fought by Basileus Alexadros I of Mydia and both Philip II and Philippa I of the Cambrian Empire from 1865 - 1872. The war was absolutely brutal and bloody. At the time the Mydic Empire had only existed for just over three decades while the Cambrian Empire itself was preparing to enter its second solid century as a global power. The war’s campaign was primarily waged in two stages with the first being the Mydic invasion of the Attalonian Isles and then the Cambrian counterattack. The victory came when a stunning naval showdown at Iscaria in the Isles saw the Cambrian Thalassic fleet wiped out with the Mydic fleet emerging the stronger. Queen Philippa of the Cambrian Empire sued for peace and forfeited the Isles in return for certain economic compensation and recognition of the Cambrian minority there.

The Gala was held for the first time in 1876 by Alexandros I to celebrate the return of the Attalonian Isles to the successors of Stygia. Not since the 700s had the Islands been under the control of a mainland entity in Mydia. This year’s gala marked the 200th since the first and the glamor and pomp was on its merry way. The entirety of House Atronid was in attendance as were the King and Queen of Albany, invitees of the Basilissa herself. Crown Prince Philipos and Prince of Tides Lucan were seen chatting and having a good time together with their siblings. The mingling of the Imperial House and Royal House brought unease to the conservative right in both nations but neither sovereign seemed interested in straying into politics on this night. The presence of the Albanese King brought protestors from far and wide to the gates of the Attalonian Palace which was hosting the occasion.

New Gate Herald
July 10, 2076

Prime Minister Resigns and Snap Elections Called
Martha Prescott resigned the Premiership effective immediately but not resigned her seat in Parliament as MP for Avondale. The Conservative Party has named Foreign Secretary Oliver Cooper as acting Prime Minister until an election can be held on August 10th to elect a new Parliament and to act as a referendum on the direction of the Union as a whole. With former PM Prescott’s popularity in the doldrums and that of the Conservative Party there is an air of optimism in the opposition that they may seize the initiative and form a government after the election. Already the opposition leaders Percival Casrain of the Democratic Party and Fiona Baker of the Centrists United Party announced a Voting Alliance in an effort to ensure they would oversee the next government. Polls already suggest the Red-Yellow bloc could capture enough seats from the Blue bloc of the Conservatives if the National Party under its leader Emilia Anderson opt to not join the Conservatives.

The ripples were immediate, with the resignation of Martha Prescott, one of the most distinguished political dynasties rapidly found itself on the outside of power after having dominated Union politics since the end of the civil war with various members of the family being in one position or another in government, uninterrupted since 2036 till now. The markets took a dive, the corporations that were most integral to the Union’s economy all sent staff home for the day. Many braced for the possibility of protests, of an outpouring of anger or a show of defiance by the supporters of Martha Prescott, but none occurred.

The King accepted the appointment of Oliver Cooper to the position of caretaker Prime Minister until the elections could be held next month. The two held a three hour meeting at the Palace New Gate at which the King is said to have expressed his relief that the political crisis had for the most part been overcome and that now the Union appeared well on the path to recovery from two years of difficulty and disunity.

Death of a Statesmen
Former Prime Minister Yong Tae-Shin of the Kingdom of Taehung has passed away aged 90. The flag of the Kingdom was lowered at the embassy in New Gate. The media generally met the death with little more than ambivalence while the Foreign Ministry offered condolences to the family to the deceased. Meanwhile the Palace offered heartfelt condolences to the Taehunian people and the family of the deceased and confirmed that Prince Royal Stephen and his sister Princess Royal Elizabeth would be in attendance with their Uncle the Union’s ambassador to Taehung, Duke Richard Arrington who’s own wife was tragically assassinated just weeks ago.

Promised Investment
Caretaker Prime Minister Oliver Cooper, leaning on his former post as Foreign Secretary, has announced that the Union of Albany would be reaching out to several partners in an effort to further boost preparations for the launch of Avalon III in January. This boosted engagement is said to be to the tune of nearly $500 million to each of its Commonwealth partners in an effort to shore up any shortcomings in their own economies from the economic ripples in the markets from the instability in Albany. The Prime Minister framed the investments as ways to engage the Union’s partners while also ensuring a flow of economic capital into their economies to aid in the advancement of technologies beneficial to the Commonwealth and the nations within. The Prime Minister has assured the Commonwealth Chancellor and the Director of the ASA that the Union would meet all commitments to keep the Avalon missions on track.

Sovyonok State Speaker

Thanks to Frissau

With this missive, we have agreed and give our thanks to the government and good people of Frissau for allowing us to commence our archeological project upon their shore to find our forefather legacy. We hope that with this is a start of cooperation of both nation and people, to further enrich the history and identity of humanity as a whole in Vesta. Слава Frissau, Слава Sovyonok.

Stay Safe, Stay Calm

With report of massive unrest occurring in the northern territory, we would proclaim that it was false and no such thing has occurred. To avoid another mass hysteria of old 1960s, we are urging every loyal citizen of Sovyonok to stay at home today, as our military and police are trying to ascertain the culprit of this claim. This missive are directed too for our citizen in foreign land, to make sure that they are not deceived by outside influence and our allies and friendly nation to ensure that they are not affected by lies of terrorist and illegitimate power.

Free Sovyonok Republic News
Down with the Tyrant!
Rise the flag where our martyr stand!

Over in Western Continent
Before our main news, we would like to give thanks again for all true Sovyonokian and it allies that help us to stand again to bring the news of real truth over what happen in Sovyonok that currently under the Red Tyrant Chain.

Massive Inhumane Crackdown upon our northern brother, from religious repression to freedom of speech and right to life.
Over the course of our silent, we are watching over our homeland with fervour as we see the chain of the red strengthen it neck. When we heard the Touristic program and Liberalization of the market albeit limited, we thought that the Red chain has slipped or the Head Director are actually dead and replaced by a more sane person. But apparently it all are not and merely just a cover for them to enact the horrendous act currently occuring.

The massive silent over several month this year has been found to be the work of the State. With the help of their corrupt union, they have enact systematic genocide and displacement over the religious monk of owl god temple in the north. Over the course of it time, the state working closely with the trader and merchant union has create a false and unfair situation where the monk are the one in the wrong. In return a systematic search and destroy has been done upon it own populace, our brother in land that anyone found to own and being religious are being taken and sent to the infamous Labour Camp.

Our story as of now end here, and this is brought by survivor and refugee of the hidden crisis that has just arrived last night.

Investigation (Secret)

Upon hearing the reports of Labor Camps in Sovyonok from the Free Sovyonok Republic News, Taehung has taken great concern in this. The Government has devised a plan to conduct an investigation. A group of spies who are of Sovyonok descent have been sent into Northern Sovyonok on a passenger jet. They are tasked with discovering if the reports of labor camps are true, and if so, what are the conditions of them.

Taehung will also be using their satellites to determine if there are labor camps present.

Vekkla News Now


Albany's New Prime Minister

Beloved friend to Vekkla, Martha Prescott, made the announcement that she will be stepping down as the Prime Minister and called for snap elections. Her reasoning was because her approval rating was in the gutters. Until snap elections, the Albanese King appointed Oliver Cooper as caretaker Prime Minister. We look forward to working with Mr. Cooper. Cooper had announced a 500 million Vekks donation to all CN Nations to prevent any economic backlash and ripples from the sudden change in Albany. Leemm has said that he is going to use those 500 million Vekks to focus on the space program and to catch up with environmental cleanup at Lake Derrkinor Mountain.

Liquified Natural Gas Explosion

A barge containing liquified natural gas has exploded at terminal, leaving 500 severely injured and approximately 50 people dead. The ship was en route to Franconia. When the captain sparked up the engine, a crack in the fuel line didn't mix well with faulty wiring.

(VP Villk): "It is a sad day for us all. 50 people lost their lives today due to inadequate wiring and hosing. We should start ramping up production to not rely on a foreign power for materials for these barges."

(Leemm): "We have already contacted Franconia and addressed the situation. They are aware that their natural gas will be more expensive, but so will Vekkla's prices. I'm already working it out with economists and construction crews. It will take 250 million Vekks to rebuild the terminal with the time stamp of 4 and a half years."

Franconia said they will set aside differences for a moment to help rebuild the terminal. Using their tech companies, Kiwi and Macrohard, the FE said they will donate technology to help monitor the health of the new station and for future ships being built in the near future.

Taehunian Embassy Posts Sign

In news that was just approved to read, Taehung has put a sign on their embassy calling Leemm a "Tyrant". President Leemm doesn't seem to care.

(Leemm): "It is common to see those signs since everyone has caught the neo-liberalism virus nowadays."

Vekkeli officials say the sign is welcome since it is from a foreign embassy. However, the Vekkeli government does seem to care about the sign when it comes to Leemm supporters. The Leemm administration said this on Chirpr (social media) today...

"The sign from Taehung is welcome, but it is a little bit intervening into Vekkeli situations. The sign can stay, but any more intervention will lead to consequences". It is unclear what consequences the Leemm administration is speaking about, but we'll have more as it develops.

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West Taehung

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