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the drug is rubbish

The last known leader of the New Juticalpa Philf Whif cartel has been arrested in a capture operation. while the main leader anton castle was found on a private island 1500 kilometers from khaledonia, he died during the shooting of the military forces.

The New Juticalpa cartel has been officially dissolved, the war on drugs is over The Prime Minister has issued a statement

(Prime Minister Gomez): Khaledians, my children, my people, the Nueva Juticalpa cartel has been defeated, its leaders imprisoned or dead as well as its members, the union of Ameriga is thanked for its help in this war, and I want to say to the ameriga union that we will return the favor sooner or later. people will think twice before joining the underworld, WE ARE KHALEDIANS AND WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS GARBAGE TO BE IN OUR STREETS, God watches over us and protects us, and we have to do the same, LONG LIVE KHALEDONIA.

Clandestine group attacks the subway

In the metro station of the city of Grestin, in the south of the country, an attack has occurred destroying the main subway tracks of the city destroyed, during the investigation a symbol of the Khaledian reindeer with a weapon was found and under the name there was a message "K will have his freedom, and he will have it by all means" the military are putting themselves under investigation and it is believed that it is a clandestine group that calls itself Freedom K or simply FK, it is not yet known what their next attack will be


LeeAnn Gordon-Sylvestir under fire

Energy Minister LeeAnn Gordon-Sylvestir is facing public backlash today as the complete Energy Mass Production and Grid Restoration Project was leaked online. The plan included phasing all nuclear power out of Emperial borders by 2076, less than 2 years away. To replace the nuclear energy loss, the Empire would place funding to build 300 wind turbines and close than 2 million solar panels for businesses and neighborhoods. LeeAnn Gordon-Sylvestir has only allowed Energy Production workers to build 30 turbines and a measly 44,000 solar panels. The money for the solar panels and turbines went directly to the opening of the 16 new (and only) hydroelectric plants, which were built incorrectly and opened with little to no funding left to run the plants. Because of these reasons, Gordon-Sylvestir has agreed to lift the ban on nuclear energy since she " see[s] the benefits and stability of nuclear energy and will propose 2 new nuclear plants to be built in the FE. It is clean and a viable solution to the energy crisis that plagued the Empire." People are not so happy that she was planning to phase out nuclear energy because after the surprise closing of the Westerhoff Plant in Coastal Heights, the rolling blackouts began. A win-lose situation for the LFP, but people are just happy that they can keep the lights on. Will LeeAnn Gordon-Sylvestir deliver on these new sets of promises, or will she leave everyone buzzing to get her out of office?

-FENN News.


anarchist scum

The clandestine group freedom KE, has begun to do public vandalism such as painting thousands of racist and fascist graffiti. A photo edited by this group also became very popular in which Prime Minister Gomez comes out kissing President Marcus dressed as a sheep as a mockery of the President saying that the Prime Minister is the one with the real power in Khaledonia, some small ones have been made shootings between members of the FK and the police. Due to this and the fear that the gangs would regain strength, the SK were deployed, they are well-trained elite police officers thanks to the state police.

FENN Breaking:

Parliament has agreed to pass a law unanimously agreeing to install air conditioning units paid by the government. After the heat bubble of last week, and more imminent ones coming next week and weeks after that, it seems as though grid restoration and unification with the Mydic grid is starting to bring up more important topics about energy efficiency and production in the Empire. The first of two proposed nuclear plants is set to break ground in April of 2075 and will be used to bring crisp air to the nation's residents and businesses for the heat of summer. For now, cooling centers and public pools are available from 10 am to 7:30 pm and will provide air conditioning to the public and water activities for the kids.

-FENN News.

Mydic Chronicle
1 January 2075

Happy New Years!
The streets of all major cities in the Empire were crammed with citizens preparing to usher in the new year. 2074 was a year of the Volcanic Disaster, the gang violence in Khaledonia and the first time in nearly a century that an Imperial Prince went to space. The economy was chugging along, the new grid connections were finished with Franconia, and the public was preparing to go into an election year where Archon Lydia Galanis was hoping to secure victory. 2074 was a year of good and bad but the Mydic Empire is prepared for the next year. With great celebrations expected, the mood throughout the Empire is one of pure jubilation.

Sartorian News Network
01 January 2075

Events were held in all major cities of Sartoria to celebrate the new year. The largest event was the Minor Carnival in Porto Verale, a three-day festival and masquerade that has been held continuously since 1834. The event had the presence of the Governor of Verale, who led the new year countdown and launched the fireworks spectacle that marks the official end of the festival.

There were celebrations in other major cities. There were major fireworks shows in Chiavere and Albricci and there were smaller carnivals in Regů and Tedimia, both carnivals themed after their respective state cultures. President Pellegrini hosted a party at the Casa Baglio, his official residence and workplace, which was attended by various federal officials, national public figures, and members of the public who had been randomly selected out of those who applied to receive an invitation.

News KNN

a sad celebration

During the New Year's celebration in Ceiba, the capital of the Federal Republic of Khaledonia, when several artists were on stage, a remote-controlled explosion placed under the stage was activated. 7 civilians died and the artist Etha Tanaka, a very famous dancer here in Khaledonia. After a brief investigation it was discovered that those responsible for this was the clandestine group Freedom K. Prime Minister Gomez announced that this group would be declared a national enemy while President Marcus has announced that a division of the Khaledian army will be created in the fight against terrorism


It's New Year's day! 2075 is going to be full of new ideas and projects for the Empire. FEG&E is now ChipCo Electric and will focus on keeping the grid secure and safe. Parliamentary Elections are in March and it looks as though we will see a new party lead Parliament as favorability for the Commoners Party skyrockets. Most importantly, 2075 marks the 60th anniversary of the Empire's founding. Happy New Year, Franconia.

Energy Usage:

The Empress has declared that electricity use no longer has to be limited here in the FE. The Empress said she will raise the limit from 84 million kilowatt-hours to a much more comfortable 3 Trillion kilowatt-hours. The Empress has declared that all electricity use will not be monitored (except grid checks at the power stations) and is even offering a 3,000 Astron incentive if residents fall below normal usage for 3 months straight. People will be able to claim this on their taxes. Senior citizens and children are not applicable for the tax credit.

2075 School Year:

Starting this year, schools will switch from online learning to a more early 2000s approach. Kids will have the option for in person learning and can switch back and forth at any point in the year. In person learning can increase the students' chance of getting into a University after Grade 14 due to hands on teaching and interaction between two people, which opens passageways for communication. The 2075 year will also have kids and teens in Grades 12 to 14 to learn about Cerulan History before the Empire was the FE. More education plans and interactive learning practices are going to be able to happen thanks to new funding from the Commoners Party. Education is their number one, but our children are our number ones. Have a great year.

-FENN News

FENN News: edition 02 Jan 2075

Electronics Boom

ChipCo, Macrohard, and Kiwi have started a competition on who can produce the most electronic devices. Already, Macrohard has released 3 new laptops, 6 new desktops, and 3 generations of Holographic televisions. ChipCo got a jump start on their solar panels, released 6 smartphones, and added 3 new EV's to their 18 EV lineup to release this year. Kiwi has released 27 new smartphones, 8 new tablet devices, 2 new desktops, 7 new wearbles, and a brand new EV. This has led to an influx of purchases from these companies and creating a new market for technology. This new boom is expected to bring new tech to homes with ChipCo even stating that they will start making home appliances by July.

Heat Returns

A heating trend will come back across the nation this week. Low visibility warnings will be issued due to high humidity, creating fog. After the next two days, visibility will clear and it will be hot! Temperatures bouncing back and forth from 80 to 90 across the nation, and no precipitation is expected.

Hunger Rate Nears Zero

The rate of hungry people in the Empire has declined to nearly 0% thanks to the progressive government policies in welfare. Last year, the rate was 1.8%, down from nearly 8% in 2073. Food banks are more readily available and donations have hit an all time high. Neighborly love in the Empire is also to thank. About 80% of people find their neighbors to be "like-family" or extended family in regular language.

-FENN News


national blackout

The clandestine group freedom K, caused a nationwide attack, destroying power lines throughout the country, "this is no longer a clandestine group, IT IS TERRORISM" affirms President Marcus. these alleged liberators are causing serious damage to Khaledian society, they are looking for a way to end them

News KNN

It is time to act

The first confrontations have begun between the members of the clandestine group that has been classified as a national enemy freedom K and the military. the clashes have taken place in the north of the country, the FK is acting clandestinely avoiding conflicts and causing damage from within the federal republic of khaledonia, due to this and that the national blackout is being solved thanks to the terrorists decided to activate the Khaledian Freedom and Democracy Defenders Unit or in its acronym KDFD.


the KDFD unit is a special unit of the Khaledonia Federal Army, founded in 2072, made up of elite members of the army, it was decided to reactivate the unit to fight against this national threat

FENN News: edition 05 Jan 2075

No Time for Golf

Billionaire Jorde Hauff has proposed a plan to build a 200 acre resort near Ft. Hazel. Due to time constraints of other matters in Parliament, he has taken it straight up to the Empress. The Empress, unhappy with the environmental disaster imminent if this project gets passed, gave a thumbs down on the idea. The resort would include 7 new 15 to 25 stories hotels, a jet ski lodge, space to fit multiple yachts, a scuba diving tour, an 18 hole golf course and wakeboarding. All the pollution and traffic it would bring to the surrounding area would start bleaching the surrounding reefs over time, something that the Minister of Environmental Protection Haagdaan Reklov is not too keen about. Until Jorde can redraw some plans that fit Franconia's strict environmental standards, the answer is no.

National Day of Peace

To honor those who passed away in the line of battle for the FE, there will be a broadcast played at 12pm to announce a moment of silence. For the moment of silence, you are to stop everything that makes noise for 15 minutes. This is optional, but respect is being wished upon by the public. At 1215pm you may return to your lives as normal. Rest easy, soldiers.

-FENN News

News KNN

foolish escape attempt

5 members of the terrorist group FK try to escape from khaledonia by boat, when questioned, 3 members said they were going to Burin Island south of Khaledonia as they had a contact that would give them sprinfilg class weapons, while the other 2 said they were going to the enchantment island also south of khaledonia, because they were going to meet a contact on the black market who was going to sell them 3 armored cars.


One of Insulae Cerula's deserted islands has a new resident. The "Isle of all Isles", as it was renamed by the new inhabitant, had a very funny image taken of a man on the island from above. In the sand, he wrote "This is Paradise" written in Simplified Freltic. Next to the message was the man chilling on the beach. He says no visitors are welcome without a one month notice, but he doesn't expect anyone to visit since it is the outermost island in the state with no major plans or developments. This guy is now known as "The Most Introverted Franconian" for his effort on leaving the busy life in the mainland.

-FENN News.


Heat Warnings are being placed today temperatures soar! Highs around 85 to about 92F are expected for today. With that small heat break we had a few days ago with slight drizzle, the dry air returns and starts to dry out the ground again. In the East, dry all around. 89 in Juarezville, 87 to 89 around the Capital City-States, high 80s around the Central East Coast, and around 80 in Ft. Franco and East Shore. Taking a look at the Central Empire: BC Onserf, you will see 90 today. 89 in Expedition Town, 91 in Aphrodites City, and about 90 in Halloway. Wyat will be at about 91 today with high humidity same story in Westville. Jollywood: 88 with sun. In the West: Verduzco, hot at 92 today. C of L (City of Lions), heavy heat today with 94, a potential record breaker. This is only some of the story, but we'll return for more news on the heat later.

-FENN News.

Wedding Bells
18 January 2075

The Salt Palace along the Aurigan Coast of Mydia played host to one of the most serene imperial weddings held in the Empire in decades. The truly decadent palace, covered in ivy blooms and flanked by hedges stands proudly along the coast. The white rock exterior stood in contrast to the blue tiled roof and green ivy climbing its side. The color though is the reason the palace bore the name “salt” as well as being home to the seat of the Basileus, the Salt Throne. Ancient Mydians known at the time as the Stygian Empire considered salt to be more valuable than even gold.

The guest list ran long with both imperial and celebrity names appearing on the 2,500 name long list. Foreign dignitaries had also been invited as per usual request of the civilian government. The Basileus’ granddaughter, Isybelle was getting married to her longtime sweetheart Alexios Saluja, son of Preston Saluja who founded and chaired Salcorp. The fact that the largest business conglomerate in the Empire was to have one of its’ founders’ son marry an Imperial Princess had some in the wider community concerned about the essentially marrying of the corporate elite to the imperial elite. Others defended the marriage, especially Archon Lydia Galanis, as one between two genuinely happy people wanting to spend their lives together.

A snap poll of the general public has found that the majority in 62% of respondents agree with the couple’s marriage and a further 24% say they don’t generally care about the marriage at all showing that those who are concerned make up a rather small minority of the imperial public.

Princess Isybelle Atronid (28), Daughter of Prince Georgios and Princess Charlene, Isybelle is also the Granddaughter of HIM Basileus Leto. She is cousin to Crown Prince Philip and Prince Alexandros. Her husband, Alexios Saluja (26) is son of Business Magnate Preston Saluja and is heir to the vast Saluja fortune and Salcorp. Following their marriage the couple will officially be known as the Duke and Duchess of Helicon, an old title long defunct but under Imperial right to be bestowed again.

Beneath Republic Palace in Columbia City, the Union
18. 01, 2075

President Martha Prescott was watching the holoscreen depicting various scenarios of Union attack against the Egia archipelago should the island group need to be neutralized in the event of the inevitable confrontation between the Commonwealth and the Alliance. Many to President Prescott’s political right both within her own Union Party and that of the Republicans called for the reincorporation of Egia into the Union and that Mydic ownership amounted to an illegal occupation of Union territory following the Great War’s aftermath in 2023. The Union had been the one to colonize the islands in the 1700s putting the first people on them and establishing Horizon City as the de facto island capital which today was known as Egion. Even though the Empire considers the islands a territory rather than a fully incorporated part of itself, the occupation of the islands had occurred in order to seize the strategically important archipelago and following the expulsion of occupation forces on the mainland Union in 2026 the islands were not returned.

The various strikes all ended up the same way, a ruinous war with the wider Alliance and not just Mydia. Relations were fairly stable anyways but Martha was being pushed hard to act and have those islands back under Union control. The left wing parties of the GreenLibertarians and the Democrats were absolutely smashed in the recent elections with Martha’s popularity buoying her party to majorities in both Houses of Congress. Her fellow rightwing party of the Republicans lost seats but retained enough to be a vocal critic but also sometimes necessary ally in Congress. The Supreme Court alone stood as a bastion of liberal thought in the government with all but two of the eleven justices being considered left wing or left leaning. It was entirely possible that the Court would see at least two or three vacancies among its ranks in the next half decade though many believed it would need to be considered a long term strategy of the Conservative Wing.

“As demonstrated we are not prepared at this time to seize the archipelago by force in regards to cost benefit. As such I am now ordering the military to withdraw plans for an invasion as well as to enter into a period of modernization and introspection. I’ll use the majorities in Congress to ensure a year over year increase of defense spending to compensate the armed forces for the likely expensive expansions of its capabilities. Furthermore I am going to instruct Commissioner Claire King to put a motion forward in the World Society to see about a legal return of the land to us rather than by force. We have a claim and we might as well see if the community feels it’s valid.” Following that the military brass departed to carry out the President’s orders. Though some wished she had proceeded against the odds, the majority of the officers were pleased to finally have an administration willing to seriously up the funding.

Sitting alone in the room, President Prescott grew annoyed that her party had trended towards the right as heavily as it had. Even though just twenty years ago during her husbands’ term as President, the Union party was centrist and the Republicans considered the conservative right. The 2060s really saw a huge shift politically as the center was decimated in that year’s election and to recover the party heaved right, Martha was Governor of Heartland at the time and unable to stem the rightward shift. When running in the 2070 primary, she shifted from solid centrist to a more right to win the core support, unfortunately that election was intensely polarizing as through a fluke the Democrat had been unable to secure enough to enter the second round and that meant a GreenLibertarian ran extreme left wing socialist views. There was violence in the streets as the election proved to be deeply scarring for the majority of the public. While Martha has been able to gain popularity through her generous socially progressive items she has been able to otherwise appease the right wing by defense increases and trimming regulation on corporations.

The high wire act had become increasingly difficult to maintain and since the new Congress was sworn in on the 5th of January, the large Union majorities meant the right had enough votes to override a veto if she attempted to use one, essentially forcing her to sign legislation that the majority in her party wanted. Her popularity had seemingly backfired against her.

What you can respond to (anyone) is your nation's response to whether they would support the Union in it's efforts to reform the Security Council to a seat of 3 (rather than 4) and that two of those would be permanent representatives of the two major alliances. The third seat would be open to rotation among non-aligned states (and if none shall exist) then to a third member state of the WS regardless of their alliance status.

The other agenda item they are proposing at the WS would be to have the Egia Archipelago (currently a Mydic territory) returned to the Union who held it prior to the Great War 2017 - 2023 (I'll be submitting actual resolutions to be debated on and voted upon in the coming days. Keep an eye out for that on discord.)

Majassa goridnu mexehisi garbvunareti Risnore Hauido
Majassa discussing potential membership of the Commonwealth of Nations

Oxnvuri, 18/01/2075 | The government has allegedly entered discussions with the Union of Ameriga about Majassa joining the Commonwealth of Nations, a proposed international organisation of which the Union is currently however the only member.

According to diplomatic analysts, it would make sense for our nation to join an alliance with other countries located in South Ameriga and benefit from and contribute to the development of a common security area and scientific progress. They warned however for the possibility that it would distance our country from the countries that are members of the two larger and more developed organisations, the Valentian Alliance and the Aerospace Community.

“As an outsider, Majassa is currently in the neutral position to do business with all three organisations”, former ambassador Xouduni Bastorcun claims. “Why put that in jeopardy by joining any of them, let alone the smallest of the three?”

A spokesperson of the Majassan National Party (MRB), which won the parliamentary elections in December last year and are currently part of the government, says however that Majassa can no longer afford to remain on its own. “Without confirming that talks are indeed ongoing, the MRB’s opinion is that the three alliances all work in their own interests, and that the crumbs they have left for the Holy Empire in recent years are not enough anymore for our nation to get by in terms of economic and scientific development. We need more intensive trade and share our knowledge and resources to remain competitive. The MRB believes that the Commonwealth of Nations is the most effective solution.”

The government, most specifically the Magistrate of Foreign Affairs Jauxu Leda, didn’t want to issue a statement at this point.

News KNN

The FK does not give up

The FK does not give up, no matter how many have died and how many of their plans have been defeated by the KDFD, they continue to fight for their quest for freedom. Several deputies from the Khaledian National Party (KNP) have confirmed that these liberators They will only bring anarchy and chaos in khaledonia.

Already 450 dead members of the FK have been recorded by military reports.

solution in light

the light in all of caledonia is returning, after the FK attack on the light in khaledonia, thousands of people were left without electricity, they are already starting to repair the rest of the networks damaged by the rebels, the light in khaledonia has reached 40% of the population. Due to this, it is planned to build other more ecological energy methods.

a suspicion

Lately, due to the situation in the union with the Aegean archipelago, some sources say that Khaledonia intends to secretly help the union diplomatically and some say that militarily.

Sartorian News Network
18 Jan 2075

Sartorian Ambassador Marco Vannelli refused to endorse the Union-sponsored draft resolution on the Egia Archipelago, arguing that the issue should be addressed via bilateral negotiations between Mydia and the Union where both sides could reach a mutually agreeable solution. Ambassador Vannelli expressed scepticism over the proposed resolution, saying that imposing a WS-led administration over the archipelago would be "less than ideal" at this point in the process.

Ambassador Vannelli also refused to comment on the proposal to alter the composition of the Security Council, saying that the issue is part of an ongoing discussion within the Sartorian Government that will also involve consultations within the Valentian Alliance.

:Mydic Chronicle:

Egia Question
The general public was stunned to learn that the Union was proposing a resolution before the World Society to essentially take control of the Egia Archipelago from the Empire regardless of any bilateral agreements or negotiations. There was a general sign though from the imperial public to the matter as there was not a significant desire to repeat the 2040s Egian War. Archon Lydia Galanis took to interrupting the standard press conference to state that the Empire would not recognize the authority of the World Society should it choose to intervene in the affairs of the Empire in such a way as to threaten its territorial integrity.

Adding to her red line, Archon Galanis highlighted that the strategic nature of the archipelago in the national interests of the Empire but also the VA itself was more important than long ago claims of ownership. While critics of the Archon stated that was tantamount to an endorsement of the old “might makes right” mentality thought to have been abandoned during the Great War. The Archon further pointed out that should the Archipelago be returned to the Union, it would potentially displace a large number of the 210,000 people that call the islands home should they find themselves unwelcome in a Union integration. Finally she noted that the islands gave the VA security in the southern half of the Valentian Ocean, while the Union would then essentially encircle via influence the VA should they gain the islands.

Notably absent in her rebuttal of the matter was legal basis as to the Empire’s claim on the archipelago. Rather than basing it in claim she had chosen to base it in a strategic national sense instead, likely to rally the public and the hawks in the legislature to the cause.

One aspect to the impromptu speech the Archon actually highlighted was the fact the Empire had in good faith actually endorsed the idea of a reorganization of the WSSC and that the resolution against the Archipelago had not represented a similar good faith act.

En Civoini Burda gojeivas gemaum Varparenixou mre en Xuvrdinu Civnunu
Imperial Council convenes to elect Successor to the Holy Emperor

Xuvrterxtu, 21/01/2075 | The Imperial Council has convened today on the island of Xuvrterxtu in the Southern Sea to elect a Successor to His Imperial Majesty Veixe I, the Holy Emperor of Majassa. Since the death of the previous Successor, the Holy Emperor’s son Prince Aurvna, in 2060, the Imperial Council has executed a certain procrastination as to the election of a successor to the Successor, possibly because the Holy Emperor still found himself grieving over the loss of his eldest son, but following the Holy Emperor’s illness and hospitalisation last year, the matter has become more urgent. The Holy Emperor is 66 years of age.

The Imperial Council consists of the senior male members of the Imperial Family, the members of the Scarlet Council (the main authority for religious affairs), and some other high placed citizens of the Holy Empire, most notably the Presiding Magistrate, the chairperson of Majassa’s parliament: the House of the Empire, the heads of parliament and government of the nation’s provinces, and the heads of the few remaining noble families of Majassa.

Currently there are only six senior male members of the Imperial Family left: apart from the Holy Emperor, there are his other son Prince Rivni (35 years old), Prince Tobvdxou (son of former Holy Emperor Aurvna IV, 98 years old), the latters nephews Princes Evnavi and Kisuri (sons of former Holy Emperor Vaxvivi I, 72 and 68 years old), and their nephew Prince Vicnasi (grandson of former Holy Emperor Vaxvivi I and son-in-law of Holy Emperor Veixe I, 48 years old). Although the position of Holy Emperor is officially elective and not restricted to gender, it has in practice always been a male member of the current Imperial Family to whom the throne has been offered. Lack of marriages has however severely thinned the Imperial Family, with Prince Vicnasi and Princess Kacmovoi’s son Prince Genvucnou being the only younger family member left; his older relatives are therefore pressuring him to marry and ensure the continuation of the Imperial Family. As the Imperial Family is too small to dominate the Imperial Council this time, it is possible that its deliberations will have a surprise outcome.

The Imperial Council usually takes several days to decide on a successor. The longest time to elect a Successor was the election of the later Holy Emperor Aurvna II, which took more than a month.

En Civoini Burda gemas Anvrajei Vaxvivei Varparenixei mre en Xuvrdinu Civnunu
Imperial Council elects Princess Vaxvivei as Successor to the Holy Emperor

Xuvrterxtu, 26/01/2075 | Her Imperial Highness Princess Vaxvivei, daughter of the late Prince Aurvna and granddaughter of former Holy Emperor Vaxvivi I, has been elected Successor to the Holy Emperor by the Imperial Council, it has emerged. It is the first time in the history of Majassa that the position befalls to a woman. A noteworthy detail is that the Princess is married to His Eminence Urcdu Saubaxne, the Archduke of the Scarlet Province of Ravmuxa. It is thought that the choice for the Princess has been influenced by the Scarlet Council.

Princess Vaxvivei was born in 2029 and together with her husband, she has one son, Prince Vaxvivi, who was born in 2063. The Princess hasn’t appeared in public that often, unlike her brother Prince Vicnasi, who is the brother-in-law of the current Holy Emperor Veixe I. She is said to be an astronomist and is rumoured to have travelled the world incognito to attend symposia and conferences and to visit the world’s giant telescopes. The Palace has never confirmed nor denied any of these claims. As Successor to the Holy Emperor, it is expected however that the Princess will increase her public appearances significantly in the near future. She will automatically succeed as Majassa’s first ruling Holy Empress upon the death of His Imperial Majesty the Holy Emperor, may He let Her wait!

Sartorian News Network
26 Jan 2075

Roberto Passerini has resigned as Minister of Scientific Research and Development after four years in office. Mr Passerini, who had served in the Privy Council since 2075, said that he was fulfilling a personal promise to serve no more than a single term and that he wished to devote more time to represent his state and engage in the legislative process. In a farewell address this morning Mr Passerini expressed gratitude for the opportunity to lead the ministry and further its existing initiatives.

In a press release today the First Minister announced the appointment of Flavia Polidori to succeed Mr Passerini. Ms Polidori is currently serving her second term in the House of Councillors, where she is a prominent advocate for space policy. Ms Polidori has said that she is "excited for the opportunity to lead this vital ministry" and expressed interest in bringing greater attention to the full scope of its activities beyond manned space exploration. While the Ministry of Scientific Research and Development is best known for its manned space programmes, such as Home One and Apollo City, it is also highly active in sending unmanned probes to the Outer Selenid System and for managing various Antarctic research stations.

Sartorian News Network
30 Jan 2075

Bercolle State Police -informally known as Finestreri- has confirmed the theft of the Claudio IX Crown from the Imperial Museum. Finestreri responded to a call form the museum and verified that the crown had been stolen overnight, though there was no clear evidence to suggest who was involved in the theft. Carabinieri have been called to play a supporting role in the investigation, as both agencies attempt to recover the crown. Nearby ports of entry have been placed on alert in case any individuals attempt to leave the state with the crown.

Used for the coronation of Emperor Claudio IX, the crown was used by subsequent Bercolle Emperors during much of the imperial period. It was retired from use by Emperor Lucio II in 1743 and remained in storage until it was added to the Imperial Museum in 1985, when the building was opened to the public as part of the unification process.

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