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Flight to union

Latest news Khaledians, Prime Minister Martinez Gomez has confirmed that he will go to the Ameriga union for a 2-day conference on a financial investment that Khaledonia is willing to make in the union, according to some sources on the internet this conference that will give the first minister is an invitation from president prescott after the congratulations of the prime minister after his victory in the elections.

End getting closer

The gangs and drug traffickers are getting closer to their end, thanks to the help of the union, the improvement in security, and more capable police thanks to the training of the state police the different gangs and drug cartels are weakening Increasingly, the number of prisoners for drug use was also reduced thanks to the investment in a rehabilitation program.

New Haven Gazette
Nov 2074

Khaledonian PM's Visit
Prime Minister Gomez of Khaledonia has arrived in the Union capital of Columbia for a two day trip. The Office of President Prescott confirmed that a state dinner will be held this evening at Republic Palace, the President's residence. Guests are said to include many of the political elite of the Union as well as some celebrities seen as close to President Prescott. Also invitations were sent to the Ambassadors of fellow CN nations well as a personal invitation from the President to the Ambassador of Mydia. With the ongoing drama regarding the possible missing submarine of the Union Fleet, the President really needed a PR victory at home to quell the calls for further investigations since the news first broke.

The Office of the President also confirmed that the two day visit is in fact to discuss further security cooperation between the Union and Khaledonia so as to allow the Union to better aid Khaledonia in what is sure to be a long and arduous fight against the Cartels. The spokeswoman for the President also reiterated her commitment to the long term fight that was sure to ensue both in Khaledonia and in the Union's own state of Deseret where the cartels were also known to operate out of. President Prescott also confirmed that she intends to invest more financing into Project Goldeneye which is aimed at eliminating all organized criminal presence in the State of Deseret.

In addition to further security cooperation the talks will also center around how both the Union government and private Union corporations are wanting to invest in Khaledonian businesses and government projects so as to allow Khaledonia to achieve a higher standard of living and hopefully make inroads against the cartel and criminal influence by lifting the public out of poverty. The investment is likely to be seen over the course of a decade or more and there has even been expressed interest in whether or not this visit could mark the start of a process to allow Khaledonia entrance into the Commonwealth of Nations. The Alliance is known to be open to any nation willing to join it as well as providing immense financial and security investment from the alliance as a whole. While that remains speculation on behalf of those in the Union, there is a genuine hope that within a year the CN could include Khaledonia.

Sartorian News Network
Sun, 25 Nov 2074

  • Foreign Minister Croce has released a statement to congratulate Union President Martha Prescott on her re-election to a second term in office. The statement cited the importance of democratic elections as a way for the people to make their voice heard, and expressed a hope that Sartoria and the Union will find common ground as they work together to make the world a safer and more peaceful place for all. The statement notably did not address the Union's expressed desire to obtain a permanent seat on the World Society Security Council or the ongoing controversy of a confrontation that may have occurred between Mydic and Unioner naval forces near the Egian Archipelago.

  • President Pellegrini is scheduled to deliver an address tomorrow at the University of Terento (UT), after which he will visit the various buildings on campus and meet with students. President Pellegrini is a graduate from UT, where he studied history, and has often cited his five years of tertiary studies as a particularly joyous time in his life.

FENN News: edition 27 Nov 2074

Heat Wave

A sudden burst of heat has shown up across the nation this week as the midst of summer is upon us. Record breaking heat today for Capitilian San Juarez: a striking and uncomfortable 91 today. With the humidity it will feel even hotter, say upward of about 98F.

Cornucopia Island
Heat is a concern for Hourglass Isle as this is where 18% of the nation's fruit farms are located. Too much heat can cause these crops to dry up Cornucopia for example will see 88F with Sun. It sounds nice, but the 78% humidity will make if feel like 94 or 95. Air Quality Alerts have been issued due to the heavy machinery present on the island and it being harvest season, CO2 emissions are going to stick around with the stagnant air.

Hourglass Isle
Heckle seeing some slightly cooler air, but the heat rolls in tomorrow. Today, high temperature will only be around 77 to 80F. Expect breezy conditions to slow down at around 3 pm today and the heat will start to build as the wind slows. Stagnant air will replace that tomorrow with afternoon high temperatures around 89 to 94F.

West Coast
Heat warnings are scattered all around today. Drier air is to be expected out here as well prompting red flag warnings. Fire danger level is at a 5 out of 6.


out of role

guys tell you something about the history of oscarlandian. Before I start, I want to tell you that Oscarlandian, who is my cousin, may connect this weekend since he is very busy.

(year 2034) Oscarlandian used to be called Wexter, a democratic and free republic, until General Oscar J. Simpsons staged a coup, creating a dictatorship of the proletariat and a cult of personality, changing the name of the nation to Oscarlandian. (year 2041) in the north of the country there were rumors of rebel activity, the government did not take importance until the year 2042 A group of rebels formed the Wexter Independence League or WIL in its acronym, the rebels procured the independence of the old republic of wexter beginning a war of independence, although for the oscarlandian government it is a war of collapse since general oscar took the priority of making the majority of the population be on his side, they basically washed their heads, except in the north

Khaledonia wrote:guys tell you something about the history of oscarlandian. Before I start, I want to tell you that Oscarlandian, who is my cousin, may connect this weekend since he is very busy.

[OOC] I would like to remind you that participation in roleplay is limited to those whose GIS has been approved. As of today Oscarlandian has had their GIS declined twice, and the second time we provided a very detailed list of the issues that would need to be rectified before their entry could be approved. The fact that you are claiming that Oscarlandian is your cousin does make it more unlikely that their entry would be approved, since we have no way of knowing if you are saying the truth or if you are trying to obtain a second plot under a separate account. In any case, Oscarlandian cannot participate in roleplay until and unless their GIS is approved.

For reference, this is the section of our regional laws that deals with participation in roleplay:

Selene Artemis wrote:III. Conditions for Participation

  1. Participation in roleplay is permitted for all members of Selene with an approved entry to the Global Information Survey (GIS) who are not otherwise impeded by law.

  2. Members who submit a GIS entry must select a plot out of those available on the world map and provide additional national information that is required.

  3. Members who submit a GIS entry must collaborate with the Roleplay Councillor to adjust their GIS entry to standard before the same is approved.

  4. Members may only control one nation at a time unless they receive special dispensation from the Privy Council.

Justinian Kalominos
Founder of Selene


The Empress has declared a Power Conserve Advisory for all of the Empire. Power usage has skyrocketed since the extreme heat wave has started. FEG&E has opened cooling centers for those dealing with power supply issues. Back up generators are being regulated on emergency legislation lowering the average cost of a generator to 16 Astrons. Stagnant air has led to many wind turbines to not generate enough power to supply energy to surrounding areas. One thing the Empire is not used to is dry air. Usually, the Western Empire has ample humidity. Not even mosquitoes are liking these conditions. Governors of the Western states are meeting with the Department of Environmental Protection and leaders of the Franconian Meteorlogical Society to issue proper restrictions and water conservation in case of long-term drought. That means if water is lost, hydroelectric plants in the Empire can lose power due to drought-like conditions. Farmers are especially scared of this. Crops could fail and cause famine as the trees can catch disease from not enough precipitation or humidity. No rain is expected in the forecast except maybe along the southern coast of the Cobran Reserve. Chances of that happening are at least 40% on Friday. Conservation hours are from 9pm to 8am. Scheduled blackouts will be issued to help conserve the grid's power. More on this later.

-FENN News

:Mydic Chronicle:
1 December 2074

At the receiving destination known as the Iskander Facility, various government ministers and the Archon as well as the Basileus were all gathered to celebrate the connection of the first of the power cables between Franconia and the Empire. The project had been rushed through in order to provide immediate relief to the beleaguered Franconian power grid. The grid had been beset by less ideal conditions for both their wind based and hydro based energy systems. Following rolling blackouts that had unfortunately become more common place in recent years, the expansion of the Mydic energy market provided a unique opportunity for the Empire to connect to Franconia and thus act as a supplier of energy across international lines so as to ensure a new market for domestic energy production as well as providing energy security to millions of Franconians. The completion of the grid project will remain on track to finish sometime in the spring of 2075. The rapid investment by both governments as well as the groundswell of support has led to the project being able to cut through much of the red tape any project similar to this would have taken via private companies.

The Secretary of Energy, Evangelis Helicides also announced the unveiling of Project Heliocea, a new desalination plant to be constructed adjacent to the Iskander Facility. The Heliocea will draw in ocean water to be purified in one of seventeen solar domes meant to separate out the briny aftermath and pure steam to be condensed into fresh water. That fresh water will then be carried deeper into the Empire's heartlands and agricultural fields by a new national aqueduct system. The new massive aqueduct system will span the entirety of the Empire's north and east as well as spurs deeper into the growing areas within the landlocked realms. Further facilities will be constructed at other locations and also connected to the national aqueduct in time.

FENN News: edition 01 December 2074:

Power Grid:

In an effort to connect Mydic energy to the FE, the Minister of Energy, LeeAnn Gordon-Sylvestir, has stated "We can celebrate today as the first cable has been connected to the western part of the grid. This has prompted the Empress to lower energy use restrictions by nearly half. From now until further notice, Rolling Blackout Alerts will be issued from 4pm to 6pm Monday through Wednesday." Though the rolling blackouts will be less common and Mydic Empire's Energy Minister, Evangelis Helicides, says there is a surplus energy supply in Mydic, the Empress has expressed that we don't want to strain the new grid. The grid project will be complete by around next spring, and will hopefully inspire new energy infrastructure in the Empire and other VA nations.

Unusual Dry Spell

You're gonna need your fans, a/c units, and water parks today, dry heat continuing as it seems the bubble of dry air over the western part of Vesta's largest rainforest doesn't want to move. Small fires have sparked near Equality. Though small, they are expanding at a rate of .8 acres per hour. Stagnant air is helping fire crews to contain the area of the fire so it should be of no concern. Air Quality Alerts have been issued in and around Equality County for drifting smoke. Wind speed is about light and variable, meaning very little. Heat Alerts have also been issued. Expect the western region of the Empire to reach record highs of about 95 to 101 degrees. The last time the Empire reached over 100 degrees was in 1998 during the "Oven Cycle" heat wave in November. Please stay hydrated.

-FENN News


Due to partial power conservation, people seem to be less annoyed. For only 2 hours a day for 4 days, the power will be scheduled to shut off and on which is far better than last summer when the grid completely failed and the power was out for 5 days across the Empire. The summer of 2072 was also just as bad, leaving not only heat, but humidity to be an issue. Dew drops from fog and mist gathered on power cables causing exposed lines to explode. However it may look, people seem to not mind only 2 hours a day until more of the grid is connected to Mydic Empire's grid and agree that we shouldn't overextend our power usage on a new energy grid. LeeAnn Gordon-Sylvestir led a talk today about the new agreement in Downtown San Juarez.

(Gordon-Sylvestir): "It is starting to occur to me that we have it all wrong. We invested in the right kind of energy at the wrong time. Nuclear energy is far superior to wind. FEG&E is going to meet with the Empress to get a stance on building a nuclear plant in a newly developing town called Jollywood in the state of Opal. Jollywood's own Mayor Patrick Yucking is in favor of the project and thinks his town will benefit from the New power plant. The power plant is proposed in Jollywood because it would help sustain the Franconian side of the grid and will hopefully one day purpose as a substation to the PVPA.

-FENN News

FENN News: edition 03 Dec 2074

Hot Air

Dry air continues for much of the west today and boy will it be a scorcher. Around 90 in and around the City-States, Equality sitting at an uncomfortable 93 today. Some humidity is making its way back thou as a small system of storms will be rolling through the Eastern part of the Central Empire. The dry air making it nearly impossible for any of that to push west. It will move northwest though, eventually hitting the southeast corner of Golden Cliffs. High Humidity warnings and Air Quality Alerts are expected within the next few days. Looking at the night time low temperatures for tonight: 77 to 73F across the board. Heat relief is to be expected in a couple of weeks though as we are tracking a hurricane developing east of the Empire. More on that later.

Travel Advisories

Flights have been delayed going west from San Juarez or anywhere East of the Great Heat Bubble for dry conditions and spotty wildfires, reducing visibility by 6 miles in front of the airplane. Travel advisories are being issued to let the people know to be prepared for heat. Doctors are recommending sunblock of SPF 75 or higher when traveling that way and to be careful for smoke inhalation.

-FENN News.


gang extermination

After much effort the gangs have been completely exterminated, the streets are safe and gang-free again, gang graffiti is being removed

separate drug

the drug mafias have been exterminated as well as the gangs, the new juticalpa cartel is weakened and fragmented throughout the country, its leaders are being sought

union investment in khaledonia

After a long talk between prime minister gomez and president prescott, it has come out that the union is going to invest in the department of public health and public education, after the prime minister returned, some people say that prime minister gomez flew to the union for fear of gang members

FENN News: edition 06 Dec 2074

Scared to watch

A newly released Franconian film, "Cursed" (a movie about a family who get chased by evil spirits) is being asked to be taken our of theaters. There is one scene in the movie where the CGI animation looked a little too real and people are happy about it. The horror film is making record box office numbers though for film junkies and is even being seen as a new modern classic and should be taken from theaters and placed on streaming services.

December Heat

Hazy skies over parts of the west today, almost as if clouds are rolling in on a misty day. It isn't mist from fog though. That's right. Another small, containable fire is burning near Equality, making it our 7th fire this week. Heat will continue as well, but the heat bubble seems to be dwindling away as a passing hurricane to our southeast fizzles out into just a tropical depression, returning the call for wanted rain and heat relief.

Taurus Festival

The Taurus Season Festival starts tomorrow as it is celebrating Taurus' bullheadedness, charm, class, craziness, and love for food. Franconian BBQ will be served, champagne, dancing, everything. This festival will be located in Juarezville and will last for 2 weeks. Admission is 10 Astrons, 25 for a 1 week pass.

-FENN News.

:Mydic Chronicle:
6 December 2074

Astronaut Prince
With new years preparations throughout the Empire well underway, a special interview was conducted from Home Two, the Mydic run station in orbit around Apollo on board is the second grandson of the Basileus who is the first member of the Imperial Family to go to space since the 1992 mission involving the current Basileus' cousin Duke Stefanos. Prince Alexandros said that he was enjoying working alongside his fellow astronauts and he was looking forward to further missions in the coming years. Prince Alexandros is the 24 year old grandson of Basileus Leto. The young prince has long been seen as somewhat of a genius who graduated high school at 15 and joined the Space Force at 18 before being flight certified at 22. This is Prince Alexandros' third mission but first to Apollo. The young prince is the younger brother of Prince Philip (28) who is the heir apparent to the Leviathan Throne of the Empire.

Khaledonia Drug War
Due to the statements by the of completing their crackdown, the Foreign Affairs Department has released a statement condemning the violence while also suggesting a travel ban for the Archon's consideration due to the impossibility that such a large crackdown, even with Union support, would be unlikely to have so neatly been wrapped up. The Ministry has also stated that there is a high chance for strikes against security forces in Khaledonia from those cartels that are now more scattered and desperate. The Empire cited it's won multi-decade crackdown to reign in the former Zamoi Cartel that was wiped out through social programs, investment in local infrastructure and the removal of key persons involved in the cartel's leadership throughout the 2030s-2060s. Periodically violence related to the former Zamoi Cartel flares up though is usually limited in scope and periodic raids continue to ensure that the cartel is unable to rebuild its former influence in the Empire. Drug wars and crackdowns against organized crime rarely are capable of being carried out to conclusion within a year of their beginning and as such the Empire will maintain its opinion that the situation in Khaledonia could possibly be ongoing despite what the Khaledonian government's official line is.

6 December 2074

The room was silent as everyone was gathered around looking at the holoscreen showing the events that happened between the pair of Mydic submarines and the Union submarine USV Tiger. The engagement was short and resulted in implosions within the Tiger resulting in catastrophic depressurization and total loss of the vessel. The incident had been logged and the Union was informed of the matters as soon as Archon Galanis was informed. The whole situation ended up being an agreement between the two leaders that the public should not be informed for a slew of various reasons and as such the Union was planning on reporting the Tiger missing and instead here everyone was having to defend what was going on to their respective publics due to internal leaks in the cover up.

President Prescott sighed and looked at Space Marshal Stevenson. His uniform stood out from the rest due to being gray rather than the typical blue that had been the Space Departments’ standard for nearly a century now. Marshal Stevenson had personally requested that the officer corp be refitted into Grays while the standard non-commissioned officers and others would be wearing black or white depending on the role. It was a minor detail but in her three weeks since her victory over Governor Benbrooke, she had a new majority coming into Congress in January and that meant a renewal of her Union First policies.

“Options for retaliation are limited, the Empire is a part of the Valentian Alliance and seen as the main counterweight to our navy in the Southern Valentian Ocean. We can’t just strike back. The diplomacy the administration undertook in the immediate aftermath also can be se-” Another figure in the room, Dr. Lawrence Mallory, the lead expert on Astral Affairs cut off the Fleet Admiral who had been speaking.

“Options aren’t just limited to our capabilities here on Vesta.” He said. The room was absolutely dead silent at the notion.

“Arming our people in space would start a new cold war, if not an actual war. We are bound by the Space Treaties, not only as a member of the World Society but also as part of the Commonwealth.” Marshal Stevenson quipped.

“Yes, yes it would. Without the fear of MAD we could potentially come through this without the fear that some had in the Last War.” Dr. Mallory continued, “What if we reevaluate the necessity of Project Helios?”

“Look into it.” President Prescott stated without adding anything else. “Julian, summon the Mydic Ambassador to my residence this evening. I think dinner with John and I would do well to help appear that things are more normal and the Tiger incident is behind us. Basileus Leto has a grandson on Home Two right now after all.” She said with a slight uptick of her lip.

The meeting lasted for another hour as the various figures departed, President Prescott remained. She studied the various information she had been given by the Joint Chiefs as well as by Dr. Mallory. The old man was a coot from a bygone age of Union supremacy, he was bearing down on his upper nineties and was potentially the only person left working for the Union government who had worked for the government of President Johnson in 2017.

The lights of the cities of the Union, the various installations, satellites and the fleets on the move were all marked. Even around Apollo one could make out the various elements of Union presence.

Standing alone in the room, Martha Prescott, President of the Union of Ameriga felt small. A second term and a guarantee of her place in Union history as The time was rapidly approaching for her mission to be achieved. A Prescott in office was a sign of stability and the voters had backed her en masse, further weakening the other parties, notably the GreenLibertarians and Democrats.

Drug War in Khaledonia
Following the support and involvement of the Union in the ongoing drug war in Khaledonia, the Union has seen support within its own public ebb and flow. President Prescott was adamant to reign in the lawlessness that was beginning to erupt in Khaledonia but was also having to walk the tight rope of the Cold War which the world had found itself more rapidly drifting into over the last couple decades. While Union support for Khaledonia's government was deep and of great strategic interest it also meant the Union would have to ensure that the remaining phases of the crackdown were carried out without so much flare and more discretion. As well as reaffirming that anyone displaced by the violence in Khaledonia was welcome to apply for Asylum or Immigration to the Union at the various consulates in Khaledonia as well as at the Embassy in the capital.

Sartorian News Network
Fri, 07 Dec 2074

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a statement to express continued concern over the ongoing drug war in Khaledonia and call for an end to what it called a "violent repression that is inconsistent with the tenets of democratic governance". The Ministry also expressed scepticism over Khaledian reports that violence has ceased, arguing that an independent WS-led team should oversee anti-drug efforts and ensure that Khaledonia is acting consistent with international human rights law. Later a spokesperson for the Ministry added that the Sartorian Government has a "low degree of confidence in the accuracy of Khaledian statements" regarding anti-drug efforts.

  • President Pellegrini has featured on the entertainment section of news sites as he played lead guitar in an impromptu concert with a student rock band during his recent visit to the University of Terento. President Pellegrini, who was a musician and a writer before his appointment to the Senate, played for roughly 30 minutes for an audience of students and faculty that grew as word spread of his involvement. Videos of the concert were soon posted online and have since gone viral.

En Xuvrdi Civnu Povneh Gugxanih (MRB) ourus en abcoudevohi mandati
Holy Emperor gives government mandate to Povne Gugxani (MRB)

Oxnvuri, 10/12/2074 | Majassa will probably have a coalition government again, after none of the parties managed to score an abolute majority in yesterday’s elections of the House of the Empire. As predicted, the ruling socialdemocratic Constitutional Party (OB) of Presiding Magistrate Rivnei Axva lost a dramatic amount of 150 seats and will end up as the third party behind the conservative Imperial Party (CB) and the big winner of these elections, the religious conservative Majassan National Party (MRB) of Povne Gugxani. Already after the first results were announced, an official message from the Imperial Palace issued congratulations to Gugxani, which was widely interpreted as the Holy Emperor’s endorsement of Gugxani to become the next Presiding Magistrate. Axva thereupon addressed her party, acknowledging the OB’s loss and announcing her resignation as leader of the OB.

Despite ending up as the second party, the Imperial Party lost 120 seats as well. Party leader Koxu Vournvi Sau didn’t however announce his resignation, but emphasised on the fact that the winning party MRB was 118 seats short of a majority in the House, and therefore offered his party’s services as coalition partner, something which is indeed widely expected to be the likely outcome of the government negotiations. The fact that for the first time in a century, the Presiding Magistrate will not be of a CB or OB signature, has come as a shock to both parties. Several CB members have therefore announced that this significant fact should lead to a thorough investigation and that they are not necessarily of the opinion that Koxu Vournvi Sau should be the one conducting the coalition talks with the MRB.

“We have won, but we are not there yet”, Povne Gugxani said to his followers. “I thank His Imperial Majesty the Holy Emperor, but also you, the voters, for your support in the Majassan National Party. The time has now come to restore this nation’s decency, its power, and its reputation, with a focus on Majassan values in education, on modernisation of our armed forces, and on increased international dialogue.” Gugxani is expected to start talks with Vournvi Sau (or his successor) about the creation of a coalition government as soon as possible.

The upcoming House of the Empire will consist of the following parties:
- MRB (religious conservatives) : 254 seats of 741 (+225)
- CB (conservatives) : 183 seats (-120)
- OB (socialdemocrats) : 149 seats (-150)
- IGB (green party) : 61 seats (+6)
- KG (liberal party) : 42 seats (+27)
- PB (authoritarian conservatives) : 27 seats (+4)
- MM (populists) : 17 seats (+9)
- MSO (socialists) : 6 seats (+2)
- MT (libertarians) : 2 seats (-3)

News KNN

pigeon festival

today in the city of uribil a strange festivity is being celebrated in which s

Freedom K
This channel was hacked by freedom K, We
are the truth This rehabilitation program for drug
addicts, IS A LIE, it's only 3 months in jail full of
beatings and emotional manipulation.

The State Police of the Union of America train
police officers to kill and beat up innocent people
for alleged drug use.

Our name is freedom K, We are the truth, We are
News KNN

And that's today's news now we'll go with the sports section

FENN Breaking

A law was passed in Northern Emperial State banning all gasoline vehicles before the Federal ban day of 01 June 2080. The Northern Emperial State Ecological Board is aiming for them to he the first state to be net zero carbon and banning all gasoline powered vehicles in the state is where they are starting. ChipCo: the leader of computer chips, cellphones, hologram, and now EV technology, is selling their EV Computer chip at low prices due to demand hike and they are excited about this new policy. The gasoline powered vehicle ban includes gasoline powered lawn mowers, cars, motorcycles, and even scooters. The ban in NES starts as soon as 25 April 2077 and ChipCo plans to make a "special EV announcement" later this week to unveil a potential new Franconian Smart Car, the first of its kind made by Franconian manufacturers. How convenient...

License Revoked

A mother had her license revoked after she was found driving drunk with her teenage son in the passenger seat. This happened on the corner of the 22000 block of Victory and Visalia Streets in San Juarez. Police say they spoke to the mother and asked why she had drank so much. With permission, we are able to tell her story. Her father and two adult sons were involved in a series of robberies which killed all three of them. This family has a long history of violent tendencies and domestic abuse. No motive was found as to why their home was robbed but she does believe it has to do with her two adult sons and an unpaid loan. Police didn't arrest the woman because she had been a victim to a tragedy. The 15 year old passenger had a drivers license, so he drove the mother home safe and sound.

-FENN News.

FENN News: edition 13 Dec 2074

Cooling Trend

A break in the heat is leaving people happy. Dry air is pushing out of the Empire and is being replaced by misty conditions as humidity starts to rise. A small, subtropical system is pushing thunderstorms up from the south for much needed relief in the west. Later this week, expect humidity to continue as monsoons keep rolling in. This will only last another few days or so because after Friday, sunshine and highs from 80 to 86F will be expected.

Parliament Protest

MPs of Northern Emperial State have been split over the state's new law banning gasoline vehicles by 2077. Some of the MPs feel as though the state wants to go over Federal government and start passing their own laws. But fear not. It isn't an insurrection or a government overthrow because the constitution states that "subdivisional governments may pass their own laws about the same topic being discussed at federal level, effective at least 5 to 10 years before federal law is effective." Taking advantage of this phrase in the constitution, Northern Emperial State is politically correct on the gasoline powered vehicle ban. Golden Cliffs, now joining them but it won't be until 2078. The Commoners Party, praising the two subgovernments for speeding up the process to get the Empire to Carbon Neutral by 2080. A potential walkout of some MPs is possible when Parliament gets to this topic. A total of 50 MPs disapprove of this bill by the NES.

-FENN News


A magnitude 5.1 has rocked Lopex and the surrounding areas awake this morning. It happened at around 445 am this morning. The epicenter was about 3 miles outside of Lopex city limits and was about 13 km deep. No damage was reported.

Pop Culture

Superstar Jack Michaels has shown he has the talent on the contest show "Franconian Singer" after he broke in tears at his own rendition of "Ave Maria". Leaving the judges completely awestruck, the contestant passed the final elimination round and will be moving on to the finals, airing next week. The winner of the show gets a 4 year, 5 album contract worth 2.9 million Astrons.


ChipCo made a purchase of a company today. FEG&E, the leading power company in the FE, for a total of 400 Million Astrons. FEG&E says that with the stress of the grid has put a financial strain on the company and agreed to stay open under the name ChipCo Electric. ChipCo promises to continue to help the Emperial Government strengthen the grid and offer new technologies that everyday Franconians may need in the coming future. FEG&E says they will begin billing as ChipCo Electric by 01 January 2075.

-FENN News


pop sickness

Lately pop music has become popular in Khaledonia, this brought a new fashion for young people, some adults say that they are things of the devil, those responsible for this is the pop band STT. made up of 6 members they are becoming famous very quickly and their music is heard by millions, it is believed that they are planning a national tour.


a national tour

The famous pop band STT began their national tour, they will give concerts in the main cities of Khaledonia such as Uribil, Ceiba, Chiches, ect.

STT fans are crazy to get their tickets which cost from 340 florines in a cheap ticket, while a front row ticket costs from 12,120 florines.

FENN News: edition 15 Dec 2074


ChipCo announced they will be investing in technology to develop solar panels for rooftop gardens and just plain ol' rooftops. This announcement just days after the purchase of FEG&E. ChipCo Electric will be putting their names in those panels and will be the first supplier within the FE borders to provide solar panels at cheap costs. These panels are being 3D printed and will be made with self cleaning glass to ensure that Franconian customers are getting close to maximum energy charge per day. ChipCo and ChipCo Electric are expected to start selling these panels by February.

Coffee Prices to Spike

If you have been to your local grocery store recently, you'll have noticed that Franconian blend coffee is skyrocketing. Just last week, the heat bubble fried a lot of the coffee crops leaving a temporary shortage on coffee until at least December of 2077, when the new crops are ready. The Consumer Board has advised stores to limit this item to about 2, 1 pound bags of coffee per purchase. This coffee blend used to cost 4 Astrons a bag, but today the national average price of coffee is 6.75 Astrons per pound! A near 75% increase from last week. The Consumers Board says keep the shopping habits you have right now and do not panic. There are other coffee brands that have similar rich, Franconian flavors for less.

-FENN News.

FENN News: edition 16 Dec 2074

Grid Update

With help from Mydic Empire, the connection of the two grids is complete. The last of the wires were laid early this morning while it was pitch black out. At around 642 am Franconian Time: FEG&E, LeeAnn Gordon-Sylvestir, and Mydic Minister of Energy Johannah Eliocantis celebrated by flipping the Mydic-Franconia Super Grid on forever. The ceremony took place in Coastal Heights. Empress Xemptoworth says to still conserve energy even though there is a surplus.

No more Blackouts

Energy security for the FE means that there will be no need for scheduled blackouts. There is also no more fear of sudden blackouts during the days when it is hottest. Energy security is now out of the forefront and everyone is now at ease knowing they can have their lights on and know they will not turn off. This is now leaving LeeAnn Gordon-Sylvestir wondering what went wrong with the Energy Plan the FE had before the securing the grid. What ever the problem may be, the answer was clear... it failed. Now people are starting to wonder whether or not the government reads the documents they're handed or just skim through them like a websites terms and conditions. Is this going to be good, or will it short out and leave the LFP in the dark?

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