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Breaking: Parliament still refusing to turn on Golden Cliffs' taps. Governor Shanty, the Empress, and the FDP signing an agreement to force stop the Franconian economy until taps are back on for the economy. For the first time in History, the Empire has stopped production. A "Send Home" order has been placed for ALL workers by the Empress. Anyone caught working will face a fine of 250 Astrons.

More on this later.

Breaking: The Empress is still not enthused at Parliament as she now knows what party drew up the "Law"... THE FCP!

(The Empress, alarmed): "The FCP is asking for political warfare, and that is not something the FE stands for. Consequences will be made and the FCP may fall from the roster as a party and held for trial for treason. Being guilty for treason will result in exile and will be stripped of Franconian citizenship, and will no longer be able to come back to the Empire. I, along with the House of Law, will decide legally how to take care of this business. For now, until we figure out what to do, the FCP is now suspended from making any effort to pass or propose any new form of legislation. Membership from Parliament for those found guilty will be stripped of membership from Parliament and will no longer be able to run for political office. Turn the taps on to Golden Cliffs NOW!"

-FENN News

Breaking: The Empress is still not happy even though Parliament is functionig with her again. There is now speculation of the Empress talking about banishing the FCP and having the Franconian Libertarian take their place. The Empress has also stated "We are not enacting new government or am I choosing what type of government the FE is running. It may seem that way, but Franconian Constitution allows the leader to unseat an entire party if acting unruly or treasonous. More on this later...

More Breaking News: Golden Cliffs is now back and functioning from the "Law" repeal. Governor Shanty, alongside Golden Cliffs' own elected lawmakers and the First Husband, Levi Xemptoworth, signed an Anti-Treason Act, thus bonding some laws the two lands have. This is the quickest come up to almost being a state that any colony has made. Our last colony didn't get accepted to statehood until 87 years after it's saving. Is the FE going to make Golden Cliffs a state because of how valuable it is? More later.

FDC Economic Strike: For the full day and a half the economy was forcefully stopped by the Empress for treasonous acts made by the FCP, the Franconian economy lost only 528 million Astrons. The Franconian Federal Reserve says that they may have to draw up a budget and it might take a while. Predictions of an federal shutdown may be correct if the Empress does not respond.

(Vice Head of State, Ruth McClanahan): Her main focus right now is making sure Golden Cliffs' economy gets going again and making a plan for Parliamentary elections while unseating 103 MP's. I am arranging meetings with the Federal Reserve and the existing 3 parties of Parliament to draw up a new budget to avoid shutdown by December 28th.

With the Vice Empress on board, there should not be an issue, right? Well because there is a surplus and a lot of the surplus is being used for the Co-Housing Mega Project, the Green Grid Project, the FEG&E Electricity and Eco-Gas Expansion Act, and the Land Reclaiming Project... there is a lot to rebudget...

We'll continue this news as is comes in.

-FENN News.

Breaking: With the Empress now on board with talks for rearranging the Franconian budget, all mega projects have been put on a temporary hold, with the exception of the FEG&E Electricity and Eco-Gas Expansion Project and the Green Grid Project.

(Former FCP MP, on phone): This day in history that she made is not a good one. Who does she think she is stopping an economy for an entire day just because she don't know how to run a Parliament!? Now they have to budget crunch to see how they can take that money and replace the money that was lost.

From the sound of it, the Empire is starting to have a lot of Federal issues and division. Who knows if things will be the same...

-FENN News

Breaking: Vice Empress McClanahan was at a campaign event last night for a fellow FDP Mayoral Candidate for Georgeington Park, West Franconian State and was shocked to hear what the Candidate for the FCP side of that race had to say...

(FCP Candidate Jeremy Grant): Georgeington Park is an all Franconian city and it needs to be that way. Franconian values are at stake and this will not be a thing if Kurk Zeplin is elected...

Vice Empress McClanahan: This is exactly why the FCP is not eligible to run for Parliament anymore. Their only problem is their racist values and remarks. Parliamentary rules say that all members have to stay true to the government and serve the people that register under their party. The FCP has not done that and will not participate with the ruling government, so therefore the Empress and I decided to unseat the FCP from Parliament. This party was also unseated and forced their way back in when they were called the Firestone Party. So the FCP is no stranger to causing issues. It might not be a permanent ban from Parliament, but they will not participate or be able to run.

-FENN News

Breaking: The Vice Empress has announced that she may run for Empress in FEY2424. Speculation seems to be on how active she is in major roles and issues of the Empire at the moment. Crunching numbers, reciting law in Parliament, rearranging major projects... And the Empress seems to be coaching her...

(The Empress): "Nothing is to worry about. My only question is when they see me and the Vice Empress, how come everyone thinks I'm going to commit treason and just appoint her as Empress? Legally, I cannot do that. No Leader is above law."

Obviously the Empress' intentions are there, but it makes it look bad on her and the Vice Empress always together in the same room. It has always looked that way in Franconian Politics. Here is First Gentleman Lars accompanied by Emperor Franco IV, then Lars abruptly leaves and is never to be seen, even in the audience.

For more news and events, go to our hypersite.

Breaking: 100 in hospital care tonight as a gas leak set fire to 8 buildings in Downtown San Juarez. Fire crews and investigators don't know what exactly embered the flame, but it was most likely a scented candle as people also reported the smell of patchouli, rose, and lavender. The unseasonably dry weather in Downtown San Juarez may have been to blame for spreading the fire. This region is usually in the news about floods and blizzards this time of year, but drought may continue to trend and super fires like this may happen more often.

FEG&E is temporarily shutting off gas in Downtown San Juarez due to this incident. Repairs to the line may be 4 days or longer depending on damage and source of rupture.

- More news later... FENN News

A Message from the Empress:

(Xemptoworth):"Good evening. The Emperial Executive Branch and many of the ruling parties in Parliament and the whole of the Franconian House of Electorates(Represenitives) wish all Franconians, on the mainland or abroad, a very Happy Giver's Day and a Merry Holiday Season. We will see you back on January 2nd."

Sartorian News Network
Giacomo Marini has been appointed Ambassador to Franconia Empire by President Leggièri. Mr Marini has served for 15 years in the Sartorian Foreign Service, and most recently served as Deputy Ambassador to the World Society.

Hello, this is Majassa and I am new here :)

Majassa wrote:Hello, this is Majassa and I am new here :)

Hello! Glad to have you around. ^^

Breaking: The flu season is exceptionally bad this year. With already 32,000 cases this year, it's time to start taking precautions.

With cases of the flu going up, the time for action is now. The Ministery of Health and Well-being is suggesting that farmers make oranges more available and pharmacists make vitamins more available so people can prevent the flu and so that people can get better quickly.

The Ministery of Health and Well-being asks everyone to take the flu seriously. Do not go out if you are sick and avoid all sick people if possible. Wash your hands every 30 minutes and distance yourself from others.

-FENN News.


The Empress released a public statement addressing rumors of "training" Vice Empress McClanahan for a potential bid on the FE2424 (SY2024) Emperial Election. The Empress said "Why would I break a law in the nation I run? That would cause international conflict and loss of trust in the nations electoral system, which we have seen with Emperor Alex and Dictator Greene. Vice Empress McClanahan and I have been close political partners and good friends since the beginning. I understand the concern because the Vice Leader is usually never seen with the HOS because they oversee international issues. The FE has not seen many issues outside of the mainland as of recent so the Vice Empress has had no choice but to help with political and internal issues the Empire has dealt with in the last two years."

Vice Empress McClanahan has been helping with the rearranging of the 4 nationwide megaprojects and the replanning of Central Capital, the new proposed center of San Juarez that will house the new Executive Mansion and the new building that will house both Parliament and the House of Representatives.

-FENN News.

Breaking: Food service and other workers are seeing a much needed tax break. The Empress announced today that most of the middle class and below will be relieved on March 3rd.

(Xemptoworth): "No other nation that we know of taxes their poor like we do. Too much of their time is spent wondering if they'll eat tomorrow. They don't know if their car will be towed, or if they'll get evicted. Not anymore. It is inhumane to fund the national government from those who don't have the funds to support themselves? It doesn't make sense. It is an Ancient American tactic that needs to be erased from the world completely..."

The Empress, very pleased with tripartisonship support, said that this is enacting a new Amendment. The Amendment will make it unconstitutional to tax middle and lower classes a certain percentage of their wage.

More news later.
This is FENN News.

Sartorian News Network

  • President Leggièri attended a ceremony to inaugurate the new building of the University of Roccia School of Medicine. Ms Leggièri, who herself comes from a family of physicians, spoke highly of the UR School of Medicine and highlighted the work of medical personnel during the 2073 Fantovirus Outbreak, remarking that ensuring the quality education of the future generations of doctors, nurses, and technicians is key to the health and wellbeing of all Sartorians.

Breaking: Billionaire Renaldo Ortiz has announced he is running as a candidate for the FCP stating "We will rule and we will win". The billionaire from the Southern Empire (just south of San Juarez's "spillover" districts in Southern Franconian State) promises to get the FCP back in Parliament and will make sure that all parties work with him...

More later.

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24 tobacco users arrested in police raid

Oxnvuri, 19/02/2074 | Several pubs in the capital were raided today in a series of police actions against the recent emerging of illegal tobacco trade. 24 suspects were arrested while a manhunt is being conducted to find three supposed dealers who were able to escape the police’s attention.

The smoking of tobacco, either in a contraption known as a pipe, or compressed in the form of the larger cigar and the smaller cigarette, was outlawed as a health hazard decades ago as the substance was found to be highly addictive and the negative effects to a person’s lungs that the smoking of tobacco causes were not only confirmed with smokers but also with surrounding people inhaling their smoke. A fringe group of young historians however, linked to the Imperial University of Oxnvuri, recultivated the practice some months ago and the smoking habit has been slowly spreading in the capital.

The Oxvnuri Police Department would like to remind the general public that the possession, use, and trade of illegal substances is punishable by incarceration of one year or a fine of 8500 Asi.

[SNN] Over 4,500 athletes have qualified to the 2074 Sartoria Games per the latest release from the National Sports Commission (NSC), the highest number since the multi-sport competition was first held.

First held in 2026 to celebrate the reforms that abolished the principality, the Sartoria Games is a quadrennial multi-sport competition for athletes from the various states. The first edition was inaugurated by Claudia Ostellari, who had just begun her first of two terms as President of Sartoria. In line with that tradition, the President always presides over the opening and closing ceremonies.

The coming edition will be held on September 5-19 and primarily in the City of Tedimia, though certain events will be held elsewhere. Tedimia, best known as the namesake of the treaty that brought an end to the Eastern Sea War, recently finished a massive project to bring its infrastructure up to standard for the event, building a new sports complex and other facilities to accommodate the athletes and visitors that will attend later this year.

Breaking: Administration officials have announced that Xemptoworth will be flying out to the Western City-States for the opening of the Empire's efforts to make cities more walkable.

(Xemptoworth): "Walkability and eco friendliness is what we are aiming for by SY2043. Net carbon emissions should be 3% by SY2055. The goal is to make communities happier by introducing more pathways and to close off inner streets from cars unless you live in that block. It takes 7 street crossings to get from Capital Center to San Juarez Federal Park. More than 200 people a year get ran over just on that path alone. By closing streets to all but residents on a block, you get less crossing injuries per year. The Western City-States have a combined 150 million people living within them, so crossing streets can be fatal."

FENN did a study and found out there are more crossing injuries in the City-States than in San Juarez by 315%. Most blame the compact spaces and lack of room Vexto, Lopex, and the others have to offer.

More later.

[SNN] 'Midnight: Strange Days' dominated at the recent Lando Awards, winning 9 awards including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. The most recent entry to the Midnight franchise, Strange Days recounts the early days of the conflict between Niccolo Faraldo and the Agency, and paves the way for the rebooted series that has been announced for next year. The film grossed $578 million and was met with critical acclaim, with critics praising the acting, special effects, and treatment of mature themes, namely corruption and trust in authority.

Midnight is a popular science fiction franchise created in 2027 by Fiorenzo Albricci, that revolves around the Midnight Society, led by Niccolo Faraldo and Valeria Monti, and their conflict with the mysterious Agency regarding a conspiracy to hide the presence of aliens in Vesta.

While the original series focused on the Midnight Society, particularly the struggles of Niccolo Faraldo, later entries have explored other characters and stories set within the same universe. A primer example of this is fan favourite 'Midnight: Undercover', which follows Filippa Carbone as she investigates the Cult of the Fang, a secret society that has an outsized influence over the Agency. Undercover was highly praised for its psychological thriller and horror components, while Vittoria Capitani was also praised for her portrayal of Filippa Carbone and to this day remains one of the more beloved characters in the franchise, alongside Faraldo and Monti.

Sirvnxei Urvacndi varossuluirei parenei xvourtuirovo avero uvre davranu
Magistrate Sirvnxei replaced following alleged affair with a goat

Oxnvuri, 05/03/2074 | Magistrate Vicnasi Sirvnxei, responsible for Finance and Budget, will be replaced by Brevo Tacndari with immediate effect. This was announced by Presiding Magistrate Rivnei Axva during an unexpected press conference this morning. She gave an “immediate need to look after his personal affairs” as the reason for Sirvnxei’s departure from the government, but didn’t want to comment the matter any further.

The unofficial reason that Sirvnxei is stepping down are increasing rumours that he has an extramarital affair; this in itself is not a career ending reason, but some news agencies have claimed to be in possession of footage of the Magistrate in the intimate company of a goat. Sirvnxei’s wife has allegedly left the capital in the meantime, taking their five children with her. If the rumours are confirmed, Sirvnxei has disgraced the public office, which counts as an insult to the Holy Emperor; he then may be stripped of his privileges by Imperial Decree and forced to accept e.g. a clerk’s job in Houhvndi in North Majassa.

Sirvnxei’s successor Brevo Tacndari was until today a member of the board of the Imperial Bank of Majassa and is known as a slightly boring but diligent man who is a ‘wizard with numbers’. He will assume the post of Magistrate for Finance and Budget only for a few months at least, as there will be parliamentary elections later this year.

Teachers' Pockets Empty:

The Empress has taken interest in walkability in cities recently and is spending tremendously on infrastructure, public transportation, and The Grid, but teachers are wondering if they will be getting the raise that the Empress promised back in her FEY2416 Election campaign. Teachers, now starting to speak out, are outraged.

(Candidate Xemptoworth [formerly known as Candidate Hazel]): "Teachers are not getting paid. Enough with having to pay for your own classroom items! We got it covered, and the rich are going to pay for that raise through the 'Teachers Deserve More' Tax..."

The Empress has been trying to get the bill passed, but has not attempted to bring it up to Parliament. The "Teachers Deserve More" Tax for the rich will help fund the 4.8 Million teachers that help our children become successful for the future. It will also jump start the "Extra Room for Learning" bill that will expand schools and allow for classes to be taught more efficiently by providing state of the art equipment to schools funded by the Art and Science Ministry through fundraising.

For more news, stay tuned.

FENN News...

Breaking: Mayor Victor Rain of San Juarez has resigned from his position as Mayor due to allegations of theft and a series of 12 misdemeanors. He was registered under the FCP, which is now comedicly dubbed the "Franconian Crime Party". The Empress has stated on Chirpr "Once again! I said lead by example."

Her Press Secretary, Chleo Marzipan, is here with us today. Chleo, what is the Empress to do with the FCP?

(Chleo): The Empress has a structured schedule and probably won't be getting there for at least three weeks, but I'm sure that she will discipline the Party just like she did barring them from running for Parliament under the FCP. From what it looks like, she may have no choice but to dissolve the FCP as a whole and replace it with another party.

(Newsroom): Any news on Deputy Empress Ruth's campaign for Empress?

(Chleo): Not at the moment, but she has recently stated that she is giving a special "gift" to the Empire, so many MP's on all sides are thinking that she will announce her candidacy when that event comes around.

(Newsroom): So much buzz coming out of San Juarez today! Press Secretary Chleo Marzipan, thank you...

This is FENN News.

Breaking: The Emperial Space Agency (ESA) has sent out a warning for the Planet Vesta. A Franconian satellite for telecommunications has fallen out of orbit. Astronomers and scientists are having trouble finding the trajectory and impact location. The ESA noted that communications between Vesta and the satellite were cut between the hours of 9 am and 9:15 am. Communications were briefly brought back when video from the satellite captures the left wing of solar panels being struck by a small piece of space material. It becomes quite confusing as to how it pushed the satellite into Vesta's atmosphere after impact. The satellite doesn't move any closer to the planet than it usually does, so there must have been another impact caused by bigger space debris or material after communications went down again. We'll have more as it develops.

-FENN News: Developing Story, live coverage.

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