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As we all know, we have just discovered extraterrestrial beings on Io. It’s time for them to interact with us humans. As a nation, it is our duty to allow that by voting “Yes” on Act EI. Development of technology and building more green cities will come from swapping of tech to more develop us and them as a civilization in peace. We will prevail alongside of them. Vote “Yes“ on Act EI.

LATE BREAKING: A 5.4 magnitude earthquake woke the people of Anderson, West Lopex City-State, FE. The quake struck this morning at around 11:30 and cause little to no structural damage thanks to new building codes the City-State passed late last year. Gas lines were not broken, but there was one water main the broke. Anderson Water and Solar has announced that they will be shutting off the water until 5 o’clock this evening.

It is 3:14 PM, this is FENN.

Election News: Phase One of the election is almost here. Nearly 645 Million people have registered to vote. Candidates rallying and fundraising their campaigns off. So far, Xemptoworth’s chance of getting re-elected for Empress is 78%, and those numbers have not been seen since Emperor Franco V. His was 82% though. Still a pretty high chance.

Coming up: Election Parties? We’ll get to that new trend in the empire after this.

Phase One Election: Today marks the day that Phase One of the Election begins. Voters have until 9 pm tonight in Zone One, which is already showing great support for Xemptoworth, Tomorrow, Zone Two will open at 8 am and will last until 9 pm. We have some breaking news here...

Breaking: Xemptoworth has just been declared the winner of Vexto City-State: West, East, Central, and South. Polling for the northern part has not been announced just yet.

Current numbers for the candidates in City-States:

Fontain: 35%
Xemptoworth: 63%
Amazonia: 2%

Election News: Sector One votes have been counted and The Empress leads by a whopping 7.1 million votes. Electorally, she has 212 of the needed 634 to be elected.

Sector Two is currently voting, at the moment we see Xemptoworth at 72% of the popular vote. They loved how the Vice Leader got fired by Xemptoworth. They thought that was the highlight of the year last year. It showed strength, which the South and Central Empires are all about. Everything lines up for here here.

ELECTION News: Candidates look as they don’t stand a chance to Empress Xemptoworth. She swept Phase 1 with a lead of 71%. She is very popular, very Left winged, and very levelheaded with her campaign.

Fontain has announced that he will drop out because there is no way for him to win even though he is in second place at 13%

The Unity Party is down but not out as Amazonia continues campaigning during the week voter break for phase 2.

BREAKING: After a tense and heated election season, the People of the Franconia Empire have spoken. In Phase One of elections, Xemptoworth won by landslide with 542 Electoral Votes. Phase Two had Xemptoworth win by a very narrow margin with 500 electoral votes and Fontain with 498. All together, Xemptoworth won with 1,042 Electoral Votes making the incumbent, and first Empress, Leader of the FE for another 4 years.

Congratulations to the Empress, from the Government of Sartoria!

just passing through. i remember this place.

Breaking: Amazonia has confessed that she dropped out of the race due to disqualification from her party. Her party announced yesterday that “Amazonia had donated some of her campaign funds to her own personal account to pay a man that she owed money too.” Luckily, her party stopped her in that grace period between phases.

The Sartorian Embassy in Franconia has opened an exhibition of ancient Sartorian art. It will be open until August 15.

Justinian Kalominos wrote:The Sartorian Embassy in Franconia has opened an exhibition of ancient Sartorian art. It will be open until August 15.

Hi! Jorgina Andrews, FENN International News. Sartorian Art is one of the most loved in the Empire. Why is it a limited time?

"The pieces being exhibited are on temporary loan from the Museum of National History, back in Sartoria. However, I would be very eager to discuss with any Franconian museums about the prospect of Sartorian art wings." - Carlos Bassolio, Sartorian Ambassador

Justinian Kalominos wrote:"The pieces being exhibited are on temporary loan from the Museum of National History, back in Sartoria. However, I would be very eager to discuss with any Franconian museums about the prospect of Sartorian art wings." - Carlos Bassolio, Sartorian Ambassador

*Empress Xemptoworth walks in* Sartorian Art Societies are looking on behalf of me. I have already sent a request to the some 400 museums in the art capital of the FE, Lopex City. Trust me, there is bound to be some openings there.

Breaking: Xemptoworth has announced that air travel will now be considered a public service. Airlines like Emperial Air, Selenian Airlines, and Granger-Smith Int. will be bought out by the government and will now be called “Franconian Public Skyways”. Other airlines like Slipstream, Mobile Air, and Skyway 13 will continue to privatize their services. For those who are concerned whether or not your flight has changed to a FPS flight, go to WWW.FSP.INFO

==Sartorian News Service==
President Scavino participated in a ceremony today to inaugurate the new diplomatic quarter in Messelia. In her remarks, the president said that "this quarter reaffirms Sartoria's commitment to ensuring that all diplomatic and consular missions can discharge their duties in a safe and adequate environment".

Good News: Due to high economic output, there is a very large economic surplus. This is getting Empress Xemptoworth and Franconian economists thinking about rewarding the people back. Rumors around Parliament is that you can soon be receiving Å (Astrons) 3,000 in your bank account. Surplus checks have not been given since the late 20th Century when the UNITED STATES had money and didn’t collapse on itself because the FE was better than it. *laughs*

More news in a bit.

==Sartorian News Service==
Space Councillor Salvini spoke this morning on the Senate floor about the need to increase funding for Home Station One, the global space station designed by Sartoria and jointly managed with the World Society. In her remarks, Salvini said that Sartoria will continue to benefit from the ability to lead the global effort to inhabit space and facilitate contact with humanity's offworld partners.

The Senate is due to vote tomorrow on an increased budget for Home Station One and other space exploration initiatives.

Rumbling: Civil Officers are now looking underground for the cause of a rumbling that does not feel like earthquake tremors. Parts of San Juarez are starting to shake and rumble now every day. Some residents have evacuated, but nobody knows what it is.

Ground Liquification is starting to hurt the Empire on the completely opposite side of the country this morning. After the Minuscule Canton Quake, the ground has been bubbling and slouching under peoples’ feet. So far, Vexto Coty has to spend Å30,000 to fix the issue.

==Sartorian News Service==
Carlo Filippo, Mayor of Città Lunare, has arrived to Sartoria to begin a 5-day working visit, part of the government's efforts to secure an increase in funding for Home Station One and other space exploration initiatives. Città Lunare was established by the Space Office in 2047 as a scientific outpost but eventually grew to a city and forward operation base for deep space missions, and remains the largest lunar settlement in existence.

==Sartorian News Service==
Seven people have been arrested in Regù for displaying Sacuri symbols at a small protest in front of the Legislative Building. They will be tried under the Anti-Terrorism Act for display of terrorist imagery. Sacuri Thought is a cult established in the 10th century and banned in the early 20th century, following three major wars between Sartoria and Securi theocratic states.

BREAKING: 4 people from the Southern Empire have been shot and killed by police for possession of illegal controlled substances. Southville PD smelt something funny nearby and found the 4 citizens in the car. The car drove off and police chased it for 10 miles. More News later.

==Sartorian News Service==
Three people with Sacuri tattoos were detained at Regù Spaceport attempting to board flights to Città Lunare. This event, along with the arrest of seven Sacuri outside the Tavoletro Legislative Building, is prompting a debate on the resurgence of Sacuri Thought after decades of absence.

==Sartorian News Service==
Giuliana Ventresca, Governor of Luna called on the House of Councillors to consider the budget approved by the Senate last week, part of an effort by authorities onworld and offworld to secure an increased budget for space operations. Luna is Sartoria's largest offworld realm, consisting of all lunar cities and operations under Sartorian administration.

Check it Out: Welcome back to Check it Out. Today we take a look at what’s trending in the FE. I have one, you have one, it seems like everyone does now. The top spot for the tech category is AI Robots. Robotic Assistant Units (RAU’s) can cost roughly Å2,300. Is it worth it? It is. We’ll show you right after this break.

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