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“Liberalism itself has failed, and for a pretty good reason. It has been too often compromised by the people who represented it.” ― Hunter S. Thompson

If liberals really cared about Muslims they would have demanded that Obama not bomb them to death and not occupy their countries.

"Illegal Alien": A slur used by foreign colonizers to insult indigenous people.

The United States of America is the Root of All Evil

America's first Black president bombed Africa

For-profit health care is fascism

Leonard Peltier was framed

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1.The Interplanetary Skychurch of The Test-Tube MessiahLeft-wing Utopia“May All Awaken. May All Be Free”
2.The Revolutionary League of CommunistsLeft-wing Utopia“10-02-68 Tlatelolco”
3.The New Riders of The Purple SageLeft-wing Utopia“America's first Black president bombed Africa”
4.The Mothers of InventionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Echidna's arf, of you”
5.The Holy Ghost of Hot Buttered ToastCorrupt Dictatorship“It's real butter”
6.The Hot Buttered Toast of The Holy GhostFather Knows Best State“It's real butter”
7.The Absolute Certainty of Going Straight to HellScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Viva Fidel, pinches gusanos”
8.The Dorothy Day Commune of ChristiansLeft-wing Utopia“The only good Theology is Liberation Theology”
9.The Spirit of Crazy HorseLeft-wing Utopia“US out of North America. And Latin America, too”
10.The Damascene Microdot of The Steady Diet of NothingCivil Rights Lovefest“Capitalism is losing, the bourgeoisie chooses fascism”

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Your Borders are Disappearing 09/06/2010

Border: An arbitrarily imposed artificial line of demarcation variously policed by aircraft, armed guards, deputized canines, laws, taboos, dogmas, demagogues, religious tenets, ideologies, cult-think, precepts, traditions, and our own whispering internal voice, the voice that tells us not only who and what we are, but where we belong.
All human beings cross borders. Borders are obviously not only national and geographic divisions. Borders are also cultural, political, sexual, moral, ideological, psychological, emotional and spiritual. Every member of the human family, all of us, cross a handful or more during our life journey, often reversing course and backtracking to a previously familiar internal or external location which during our absence has astonishingly mutated into something unrecognizable. We may stop, evaluate, adapt, gain a measure of satisfaction, and elect to temporarily tread water. Or we may without pause or hesitation choose to cross and re-cross and cross again, wide-eyed and breathless in our ardent search for that thing which calls to us. Whatever that may be.
During our personal pilgrimage we may lose track of the number and nature of the borders we have crossed. Traveling from one side of a given border to another we may be met with unconditional tenderness and unspeakable cruelty, with bland indifference and restless curiosity, with love and acceptance, with ruthless violence, and sometimes with transcendent panoramas of volcanic ecstasy. I imagine that this experience is in some ways, to one degree or another, one that many of us share. But ultimately what shapes us are the myriad details unique to each individual itinerary.
We live in a world where the laws of even self-professed "democratic" nation-states are deliberately crafted to restrict the freedom of struggling majorities and to perpetuate the existence of a privileged minority which fiercely monopolizes economic, judicial, and military power. Living in such a world, as one of the nameless billions subject to the inhumane mandates of corrupt courts, robotic bureaucrats, autocratic despots, coercive governments, totalitarian police agencies, violent private armies and terrorist military organizations which enforce the interests of the corporate leadership class and their tyrannical private conglomerates, I hereby proclaim that in the face of this injustice I will rebel.
I will resist.
I will not obey.
I declare my personal autonomy. I claim the right to determine my own destiny and the legitimacy of any and all borders, unconstrained by xenophobic nationalists and unjust authoritarian institutions of any description. I will defend the rights and dignity of my like-minded brothers and sisters everywhere and I will do this with great love and with a heart that pumps rivers of compassion. And even as I soundly reject the doomed and degenerate path of unprovoked violent aggression, I hereby declare that if ever the need should arise, I also reserve the right to act in self-defense. In the words of Brother Malcolm: By any means necessary.
This I also proclaim: as long as to do so inflicts no harm on my human brothers and sisters nor to the non-human creatures of this Earth, rules are made to be broken, authority must be questioned, stereotypes are to be challenged, injustice demands confrontation, and borders exist to be crossed, ignored, violated, and destroyed.
Because I demand a level playing field. I demand that if a mouse-click on Wall St can move a factory, thousands of jobs, and billions of dollars from New York to Mexico or China or Honduras or Bangladesh and tens of billions in profit moved back again, those borders are open to working men and women, to the poor, the marginalized, to all victims of predatory global capitalism. Your laws restricting my physical movement exist for me, but exist only to be ignored and subverted. By any means necessary.
Many quaint and crumbling constructs are already going the way of the dinosaurs: "national identity", "western democracy", "traditional values", and "original languages" have become phrases virtually empty of all meaning. The only "others", "aliens", and "illegals" will be the stubborn cliques of hyper-nationalist fascists, fanatics who will ultimately disappear down the drain of history as they attempt to scratch and claw and kill and pray their way back into the mythical utopia of their imagined racial purity.
But despite the predictable racist blowback and cacophony of tantrums, lamentations, and denial, the train, as they say, has left the station. We are on a one-way rocketride to a borderless future, to a pancultural, polyracial, transethnic, omnilingual New World; a perpetually evolving, organically interconnected, self-transformational fusion of kaleidoscopic multi-hybrid communities. A trans-global Unicontinent, where there are no Borders and there is no Center.


The USA is the number one supplier of weapons on the planet. The US military is the world’s largest employer. Violence is the central pillar of American society around which all else rotates. Violence passes on to the next generation through a poisoned cultural bloodstream. Throughout their early years American children are saturated with violent images and language: First person shooter games, action heroes, military heroes, superheroes. Heroes with guns. Men with guns. Men using guns on other men and women and children and animals. They are taught the paths of aggression, supremacy, and the joy of humiliating their adversaries. And they grow up to act predictably.

Thermonuclear war

Thermonuclear war

The US leave Iraq? It's unthinkable. You don't spend over 1 billion dollars building the largest "embassy" in the world, a city-within-a-city in the form of a gigantic walled fortress featuring everything from movie theaters to missile launchers to McDonald's because you intend to leave.
The US continues to work night and day to establish in Iraq a political system of its own design, one which will permanently transform Iraq into a compliant client state that exists to meet US "interests". The US drafted the Iraqi constitution and wrote the election laws. You don't do this because you intend to leave; you do it because if you are successful, "leaving" and "staying forever" mean the same thing.
It is also unthinkable that the US intends to allow anything resembling a free, autonomous, and democratic Iraq to exist in the first place. Iraq sits square in the middle of a region with petroleum resources described by US planners as "the greatest material prize in history". What would a free Iraq look like? A dominant Shia majority in Iraq would naturally forge close ties with Shia Iran, nations whose people are acutely aware that the US armed Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war while Israel supplied Hawk missiles to Iran because the US plan was to make sure Iran and Iraq killed as many of each other's people as possible. A united Iraqi-Iranian Shia majority would radicalize and embolden Shia minorities in Saudi Arabia. Iraq would seek to rearm with major weapons systems in order to deter it's regional Israeli enemy. To think that the US would allow this to occur is laughable. The US never will allow democratic, independent nationalist Shia majorities to assume power in Iraq. And that means that as long as American soldiers are willing to kill and die for an imperialist plutocracy, the illegal occupation of Iraq and the US war against the Iraqi people will continue indefinitely.


Why do some folks hate us so much they would crash planes into buildings, blow up or gun down people on holiday, and crash vehicles into innocent citizens just taking a stroll? Could it have something to do with our foreign policy which has been destroying nations and slaughtering people in the Middle East for nearly 17 years - most recently - because they are terrorists acting in revenge for the policy which has been slaughtering and destroying them since long before? In fact, the one thing most Middle East people can agree on whether religious, agnostic, sectarian, diplomatic or every day folk, is that Palestinians have been abused and mistreated by the west since long before 1948, though things got much worse since then and are at the root of all the present problems presented as somehow arising out of a vacuum labeled “islamic terrorism”.

Rather than focus on that, we are manipulated into accepting “refugees” from places we have destroyed or are still in process of destroying, and calling one another names for being in favor or opposed to such sanctuaries provided, instead of ending our vicious, thoughtless, anti-human policies of treating an entire portion of humanity as lower life forms until our master race of self chosen people rulers convince us to take pity on some of their pain, inflicted by us.

This is not a problem to be solved by taking meds or seeing a therapist, but by radical transformation of a political economic system that is the root cause of the problem. Which is why we are made to focus on individual identity groups and minorities other than the one most important, which is global capitalist billionaires and their professional lackeys who are not just a “deep state” in america but operate as such for the entire world.

It appears that by murdering Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 and subsequently bombing Libya back to the stone age, the US effectively destroyed the society and created the conditions that led to the rise of slave auctions. The USA is if anything predictable; all it touches turns to $#!+.

American liberal Democrat: person who is strongly opposed to all forms of violence unless carried out by the US military.

Acid wrote:American liberal Democrat: person who is strongly opposed to all forms of violence unless carried out by the US military.

Put a uniform on a white man, give him a gun, and he is worshiped like a god in a nation of moral cripples. Twas ever thus.

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